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Ariya ff : HUM-TUM(PART 49 PG 153 OCT 5) PM LATER

M.V.Kohli007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 12:38pm | IP Logged
Sameer Rathod : ETF Chief , Brother of two sis , Best Frnd Of Arjun.
Married with Suhani. Newely married.
Roshni Rathod : Sameer Rathod Sister , Teacher by Profession Secreatly love wit Arjun. Sameer knows abt it.Calm & Mature girl by nature, After her brother's marraige bcome best frnd & supportive her Bhahi.
Riya Rathod : Sameer Rathod & Roshni Rathod little sis , Clg gng student , 1st yr of clg. full on bubbly & childshish by nature. Have a secret Boyfrnd. No one knows abt him. She meet him in Dehradun during her hostel's last yr.
 Sarah Khan
Suhani Rathod :Sameer Rathod wife. Software Engineer by Profession. Morden girl. Rathod fall for her during case , thy dated 1yr. Newly married couple. Still wrking.
Shaleen Malhotra has taken his reel life role too seriously!
ACP Arjun Raute : Same as a show , Best frnd of Sameer Rathod , Still Bachlor & no past, Love with someone. Bt in ETF on one knows abt it.
Shree & Chotu r same in d show.
Let me clear.
Little case & mre family drama Romance & rona dhona.

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angelicdeepti Senior Member

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 2:20pm | IP Logged
nice...plz continue...i would like to read

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M.V.Kohli007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 2:29pm | IP Logged


Character Sketch : 
Part 8 :                     page 20
        (contiue part 23 d)
               page 79   page 80 (continue aprt 27)

Part 45 :  ( Page 127 )

 ( page 128 )


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Sneha113 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 2:35pm | IP Logged
wud like to read d story

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Mdmadona IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 3:22pm | IP Logged
liked that he s still bachelor
nice pls continue
want ariya

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M.V.Kohli007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 3:44pm | IP Logged
Part 1
She sing loudly on d empthy road. , "Sona mat , jagate raho... sona mat... " & smiled herself. She walk wit her two large suitcases & one big bag. She got vry tired after long journey , Though her brother asked her for Plane Ticktes , bt she simply refuse it. Actually she want to enjy her frnds , who travelled by train. She cme near home & found locked. "Ohhh nooo , whats wrong wit thm?" She dialed her sis-in - law's no. , after 3-4 rings she received & inform her take keys frm thr neghbours. She take a  keys & entered d house. She open her suitcase & take a her fav Cheese Pizza frm it & started eating. After eating 3 piece , she put remaing Pizza on her side table. She take her mobile & sends a msg to her brother & sister "Reach home , bt nt talking to you.. " After 10mins. she got reply frm her brother , "Sry , jaan on duty , meet u tom. gnsd. "
She also msgs her bf " Reach safely , miss u ... , want to meet u . " She throw herself on bed & close her eyes , bt her sleep disturbs whn her cell receives msg. She read msg " Good , It's 1pm nw , go to sleep . Miss u badly. Sure , w"ll meet soon. "
She fastly typed somthing & again send msg to him " Sweet , damn tired , baby need massage. "
Within a seconds he send reply, " Ohh , my jaan , dn't try to mess wit me. Nw cn't talk , busy right now. "  She pouted her face & again throw herself on bed.
Somone called her , "Riya , Riya ... "  someone also shakes her , She get irritated & try to give slap on tht person. Bt person quickly hold her hand. "Just open your eyes , its 9:00am nw. " She recongnizes voice & slowly open her eyes, " Bhai , let me sleep na , plz... "
Rathod  : No way jaan. See Roshni is nt here , your bhabhi also nt cmg yet , and i have to go office (Rathod try to inform his sis)
Riya : (Wake - up & stand on her knees & goes to her brother who standing coner of d bed. Places a kiss on his bth cheeks & hugs him tightly) I Miss You Bro.
Rathod : Miss u my jaan (Kisses her forehead.)
She saw her brother leaving frm room . Riya climbed down frm bed & directly goes to her Pizza & take a piece , open her mouth to eat. "First Brush your teeth " Her brother yelled frm another room.
Riya check her room to see if thr is any hidden caemears r thr, bt she cn't find anything. After 20 mins she join her brother to break-fast table. "Woow bro, i luv you.. " while looking her break-fast. "I know , i know "Rathod smilely ans her. Thy ate thr break-fast. Suddenely door bell rings , Riya run & open d door & found her sweet bhabhi standing thr. " Suhani Bhabhi... " Riya yelled & hugs her. Suhani also hugs her back. Bth entered house. (Suhani comes frm wrk , ths is her last day for night shift, Actually Rathod tld her to wrk on day shifts like 5am-to 9pm, bt late night wrk. ) Riya gives Suhani water , Rathod came thr frm his room & inform thm , "Chal Riya bye , meet u @ night , " (hugs his wife & kiss her forehead ) " Su , tke a rest , u luking damn tired , Chal bye "  "Bye Sam. have a gud day" Suhani replied loudly on her husbands back. Suhani goes to her room , Riya also comes to her room. & sends a msgs to him "Gud Mrng , have a nyc day , love u."
After 5 mins she received msg , " Itni jaldi gud mrng ??? whats happend ??? r u k ?? "  "ys im " She sent reply to him. Riya reads some books & magzines. Suhani busy in kitchen  cooking  Riya's fav food as per her husbands instruction.
Riya suddenely remeber someone & call somone. after two rings tht person receives d call..
Riya : Roshi Di , whr r u ? Dn't u knw im cmg ? U knw Sam bro is mad , Di whn u cme ? Di miss u...
Roshni : (Smile herself ) Jaan im fine , miss u too. Bt kya kare school trip thi. Sameer bhai informed me just abt your arrival. Returned tonight.
Riya : ( Nw walking in room ) Ths great ... @ wht time . im thr to pick you.
Roshni : No Sameer bhai w"ll pick me.
Riya : No . tell him im also cmg wit him to pick you.
Roshni : Why i ???? U want to cme , so u have to inform me..
Riya : Di , u knw na ...he  dn't listen me... U knw early mrng he wakes me... (She complain her)
Roshni : Ohhh , really . early mrng means???
Riya : 9am Rosh Di... he must be jelous on me , bcoz he had to wake up early na.. (she childshishly informed her)
Roshni : (smiled loudly) K. Baby , nw i have to off d phn. meet u night. 

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M.V.Kohli007 IF-Rockerz

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Part 2
It's 6pm nw. Riya calls her bro, & inform him she want to come wit him  to pick Roshni .
Sameer :K. comes in my ofc. Sharp 8. Dn't be late k?
Riya : Ys...
Riya off d phn. Suddenely her phn rings , she sees caller id. "its him" . She hurridly goes to hall to see what her bhabhi dng. Suhani watching T.V. She came to room & close d door & goes to batroom , starts d tap , & ans phn , She knows he is angry ,
Riya's bf : What is ths , i called u 5 times , u dn't receive ? (he angrily ask her )
Riya :Sry , jaan  , plz dn't angry on me baby.. just talked wit my bro .
Riya's bf : K. just want to inform you , im gng  out of town for week .
Riya : Hey , thts nt fair , i want to meet u baby , how many days passed whn w last meet ?
Riya's bf : Abt 3 weeks .
Riya : So , & again one week , (she complained him) I want to meet you now.
Riya's bf : Hw ?? means im just gng to hme , to pack my things , after 4 hrs i"ll in flight jaan ...
Riya : (just cut d call)
He again call her , bt Riya dn't receives his call. After she sees a msg , she open s it & reads. " Jaan , come @ my place  send u address , & plz be quick. " Riya smiles to herself. & immedatly get ready in black pant & baby pink top . She informed Suhani tht she goes to her frnds home . Riya catches taxi &  reach his home. He open door in one ring , he talking on d phn , he signals Riya dn't make noise.& singnal her to follow him .He goes to his room. Riya notices bed occupied wit his cloths & bag. She seats on chair. After 5 mins he end his covo, & put phn aside . Riya just waited for ths moment , Riya smile to him & runningly goes in his open arms. He kissed her hair & smell it.
Riya's bf : So , Hws u Mumbai?
Riya :Its tooo hot... like you.
Riya's bf : (Smile naughtly & carsseing his nose wit hers)
Riya : Thank god , w meet tod, otherwise one week. is gng to be vry tough na baby.
Riya's bf : Hmmm. U make me mad , Riya. I cn't live witout you nw.
Riya : (Just smiles ) sme here shona .
Riya's bf : Give me somthing so i cn survive for one week.
Riya : (Just look @ him & lift her feets to adjust his height , he hold her by waist , so she cn't fall . He bent down little . Riya just claim his lips & kiss him madly . He just enjy her passion & love for him. Thy broke apart because his cell rings again. He talks on d phn & also pack his bags , Riya also help him.) She checks d time thy still have a time for each other.
Riya's bf : Coffee
Riya :Just seat wit me , i dn't need anything.
He seats besides her on bed & take her in his arms & thy start to talke.
Riya's bf : So , someone gng to be study here , Wht abt your admission process ?
Riya :Bhai ll tke care of tht.
Riya's bf : Thx jaan for being here , otherwise it very tough for me to cme to meet u thr , my boss will be douted me.
Riya : Oh really?
Riya's bf :Ya. Actually he vry gud by heart , bt he is boss na...
Riya : Hmmm... Whr u gng ?
Riya's bf : Banglore ...
Riya : Promise me , whn u got time call me...
Riya's bf : Ys. my lord...
Riya : (smiled @ him & pulls his cheecks )
Riya's bf : Awww. Riya ki bacchi... ab to tu gyi...
Riya : (run frm thr , bt he is sharp enough to catch her) (he cathches her by his right hand , he put his right hand hand around her delicate waist & lift her. she is so light weight , like feather) (Riya hit him wit her hands & wiggling here & there , bt he hold her tightly)
Riya's bf : (He come in his bedroom & put her on bed & lay top on her , he hold her hands & look @ her. Riya close her eyes tightly. He smiled @ her & kiss her hair , thn kiss her forehead & her nose. & look @ Riya , she slowly open her eyes & look @ him . He knows wht she want now , bt he wake-up & goes to baathroom for frshen up. After 15 mins he come thr wearing blue denims & wips his face wit towel. Riya angryli throw pillow on him
Riya : you... i hate you... (She is weak now , he leave her , hw cn ??? he have to complete his wrk..)
Riya's bf : (Just signal her  to see d clock) Jaan , i have to go nw... (he meeckly informed her. , he knows she is angry on him , he just smiled , he loved & surprises to see his effect on her , she is disturb bcoz of him)
Riya : (Climbed down d bed & goes hall & wearing her sandals) (He also cmg thr wit his luggage ) (He hold her hand & pulled her ) (She hit his chest ) Leave me
Riya's bf : ( Just give a small peck on her lips & leave her )
Riya : (Hugs him ) Miss u ... (& goes frm thr )

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Radhika Shah

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Great start...
Continue soon

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