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SS: Keeping Khushi: Th5: Part 51 Pg 130

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"Payalji is so beautiful, isn't she?", asked Khushi.

"Haan, bilkul like Garima.", Mami smiled, slurping tea from the saucer. "How can the daater (daughter) of a suaaan (swan) be a crow?"

"So well-behaved.", added Nani with a smile.

"The whole family is very nice.", said Anjali.

Akash listened to them silently. He could hear his heart beat very loudly.

"I am sure they are searching for a groom for her, Naniji. It will be a lucky man and a fortunate family that get Payalji. So beautiful! Such a kind heart!", said Khushi.

Nani, Mami, & Di nodded.

"It will be a lucky man who becomes the damad of such a nice family.", added Khushi, desperately praying that Mami would jump in to claim Payal for Akash.

"Haan.", said Mami with a smile. Suddenly, she turned to Naniji. "Saasumma, why should this good fortune go to another house when we have two boys here?"

Nani & Di smiled widely.

Nani said, "I wanted to mention this earlier, Manorama. But as you were determined to get Akash married to Miss Universe with rich parents..."

"She is Garima's daughter!", Mami said. "Nothing else matterjj."

"This is a wonderful idea, Mami.", said Di.

"It is a brilliant idea, Mami!", said Khushi, hugging her.

"But should it be Akash or NK?", asked Mami.

Akash felt his breath stop. Khushi took one look at a pale Akash, and hurried to say, "Don't you think NK is too young for Payalji, Naniji? Payalji is so used to taking on responsibilty, and our NK Bhai is only starting out..."

"Haan, haan.", Nani, Mami, & Di nodded and agreed.

"Our Akash Bhai will be perfect for Payalji.", Khushi smiled at Akash, and pulled his cheek. All laughed at Akash's blushing visage.

Nani asked him, "Akash Bitwaa, shall we take your proposal to the Sinhas?"

Akash nodded.

"What did you say, Akash Bhai? I didn't hear you clearly.", Anjali teased him.

"Hamre Bitwaa ijj bery shy!", Mami laughed. "Payaliyaa ijj bery shy too. Saasumma, just imagine, after marrijj, both of them..." She was laughing too hard to complete her sentence.

All laughed, and continued teasing Akash till he raced out of the house to go to the office, just to escape his female relations. On his way out, he touched his Khushi Bhabi's feet, and whispered, "Thank you, Bhabi."

She kissed his forehead.

"You will look wonderful in a bridegroom's sherwani and a turban on your head!", Khushi said, thrilled to bits.

Akash smiled, and left the house.

Mami said, "I have to informs Akash Bitwaa's father. He has to comes home for hijj son's bedding (wedding)!"



Khushi phoned Arnav immediately.

"Arnavji, I have laid out the cream kurta for you."


"You have to wear it and go to Laxmi Nagar today evening. You can't go there in your coat and tie and scare them."

"Them? Who? Laxmi Nagar? What's happening in Laxmi Nagar?", he asked, totally clueless.

"Arre! Arnavji, aap bhi na! Your new sister lives there."

"Khushi, what the!"

"What the nahin, Arnavji! Akash's bride. Payalji! You have to go in the evening with Nani, Mami, & Di to fix Akash & Payalji's wedding."

"Khushi!", Arnav was shocked. "How did you manage all this? In such a short time?"

"What do you think of your wife, Arnavji?", Khushi teased him.

"A lot! But I can't tell you all that over the phone. Koi sun lega to..." His voice was downright wicked, reminding her of his love-filled whispers and dark, long nights of loving.

Khushi blushed.

She said softly, "I didn't do anything, Arnavji. Devi Maiyya did everything. Mamiji and Garimaji, Payalji's mother were classmates. Now Mamiji wants ony Payalji as her bahu, not a rich, fashionable bride."

Arnav laughed loudly. Aman peeped in at the sound. Boss must be talking to Bhabiji, he thought wih a smile. The production team waiting outside to meet him wouldn't have their skins singed by Boss's anger today.

"You need to make Devi Maiyya a partner in your marriage bureau, Khushi!"

"Just because I want my devars to be happy, you are teasing me, Arnavji!", she pouted.

"Khushi! My Khushi! Whom else can I tease except you?", his honey-filled words and husky voice touched her heart that was very, very susceptible to him.

Khushi smiled.

"Hum phone rakhte hein, Arnavji.", she said. "Please come home early this evening."

"I will."



All of them went to Laxmi Nagar in the evening, and shocked the Sinhas with their second visit on the same day and their proposal.

Buaji, Prakash Sinha, & Garima looked at each other and Payal. They were speechless. Payal blushed and left the room. Garima went after her to ask her if she liked Akash, and soon returned with a smile on her face.

Dr. Prakash Sinha told the Raizadas, speaking with great difficulty, "You should look for a more well-to-do family."

"We are not worried about that, Prakashji.", said Naniji. "We love Payal Bitiyaa, and want her as our bahuriya."

"Akash Bhai has no bad habits, and will be a son to you, Uncle.", added Anjali.

"And I will be the besht mother-in-laaa in Delhi.", said Mami.

The Sinhas smiled.


The Raizadas left Laxmi Nagar one hour later, having fixed the date for the shagun. As the ladies seated themselves in the car, Arnav said, "Akash, take them with you. I will be home a bit later."

"OK, Bhai.", said Akash, and drove away.

Arnav could see Khushi's eyes twinkling at him. He couldn't hide anything from her. He smiled.


He returned to the Sinhas, and asked to see Payal.

He told her, "Akash told you that he helps me in my business. It is not my business. It is a family concern. I just happened to start it. Mamaji, Akash, & now NK do their share. They own the firm, just as I do."

Payal smiled at him, thinking how wrong she had been to think of Arnav Singh Raizada as a cold man the first moment she had seen his closed face. His love for his wife, his love for his brother... She was lucky to be marrying Akashji, who was so loved by his dadi, mother, di, 2 bhais, and one bhabi.

"Akash is one of the nicest human beings I have been fortunate to meet in my entire life. He will never hurt you or your family. He will be a good husband to you, a good father if and when you have children, and a good son to your family."

Payal nodded, smiling.

Arnav said, dead serious. "And nothing will ever hurt Akash. Not as long as I am alive."

Payal looked into his determined eyes.

"He is my family. I look after my own. Now you and your family are part of my family. If there is any help, anything you need, call Khushi. Don't hesitate."

Payal lowered her tear-filled eyes, and nodded. She had been shouldering huge responsibilities all her life. Alone.

"Our family has been through hell in the past. It is only now that..." Arnav swallowed. "We had forgotten what it meant to be happy. Before Khushi came to our house...". He could not complete the sentence.

Payal and her Jetji sat silently for some time. Payal wiped away a tear.

Then Arnav said, "Our firm gives huge amounts every year to charities. From this year onwards, that amount is going to be divided between Omkar and your clinic. I know you are doing excellent work, but this will help you pay the staff better, employ more people, help more people in need... After you expand your infrastructure, I want you to conduct medical check-ups for our employees. I will ask Akash to see to all that."

Payal stared at him.

"This is not charity. It is just commonsense to give money where we know good work is being done."

Payal nodded slowly.

Arnav stood up to leave. Payal followed him to the door. "As I said, if you need anything, call Khushi. Or Akash."

"Ji.", said Payal.

"You are not alone anymore.", Arnav said curtly, as he left the house.

Payal stood at the doorway, watching her Jetji drive away. So this was how it felt to have a big brother., she thought.



"So, Arnavji, you set Payalji's mind at rest about our Akash Bhai, didn't you?", asked Khushi.

"I... I just talked to her. That's all.", Arnav tried to escape the interrogation.

"You must have said, Akash Bhai is the best human being you know. That he is not a employee, but an owner. That he is your brother."

Arnav looked at Khushi in shock.

"That you will protect him with your life."

Arnav swallowed.

"That now Payalji is your sister, you will protect her and her family too.", Khushi's voice was soft, loving.

Arnav stared at her.

"That she is not alone anymore. That if she needs help, she should contact us.", Khushi's smile contained a world of love for her husband.

"Contact you. Or Akash. How did you know?", asked Arnav, his voice a mere thread.

"I know you, Arnavji!". Khushi cupped his face and kissed his moist eyes. She pulled him close to her to rest his face against her bosom.

Part 43:

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YAAAYYY Dancing Party

am the first to comment on tis thread !!!!

totally wonderful update !!!!

loved it...Akash and Payal shaadi fixed !!!!

loved Arnav-Payal convo...also loved hw Khushi knew what Arnav spoke !!!!

waiting for more ARSHI romance !!!!

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First time I've been so early to an update! Big smile 
Haha, loved everyone teasing Akaash! But but. the highlight of the update has to be the conversation between Arnav and Payal! I loved his way of welcoming her into the family.  Arnav's just getting more and more perfect with every update! Embarrassed

Oh Oh! Congrats on thread 5! Party

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Hey Smita, Congrats on the new thread.

That was such a wonderful update.

"I know you Arnavji". This one line beautifully describes the relationship and bond between ARHI. Loved it.

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Oh my God!!! What a beautiful line 'I know you, Arnavji!'...This one line holds a world of love! They both surely know each other!!! Day Dreaming
Arnav is such a strong character. How he shoulders responsibility and protects his family! His presence speaks security! No one could feel worried or uncertain/insecure if they have Arnav with them. Embarrassed
I love how you portrayed Payal and the new relationships building in the story. Absolutely adorable!!!
Way to go!!!!

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Awww...khushi shooo cute

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Loved the update Clap

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Loved it.

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