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RASIA OS: Letter From Overseas

sakura_bb IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 7:52am | IP Logged
~ I am really busy these days and so could not update my SS, but still wanted to share this OS with you all. I wrote this long time ago, sometime just after Raghav left. The concept is a bit different from my other works...and I hope you guys like it. Smile ~
Letter from Overseas



The school was almost over. And thankfully her Gym practice was scheduled for morning. Sia was free for now. And she rushed through the corridors. Did someone call her? Who cares….she can't afford to lose time right now……she had much more important thing to attend to.

Wait a second! Wasn't she supposed to meet Arjun after class? She had some problems with the calculus chapter and Arjun said he would help her after class…but then…..NO! She can't go now! Calculus can wait! She will call Arjun and make some other arrangements……he will understand for sure. Yes of all the persons he will understand the most.

As she crossed the ground and headed towards the Hostel….she could feel that she was almost running. Yes she now ran towards the Girls Hostel!

This day had begun like her any usual day in Elite…….it was cold in the morning…and she wished that she didn't have to go to Gym! But of course she had to! Coach was in one of his moods today and of course the result was that she had to practice till she could not anymore!!

Wah!….what a beginning….she had thought at that time. She felt very weak and grumpy at breakfast! And before she could even eat and take a proper shower…….the alarm for the classes went on!

She had taken a shower in haste and put on her uniform and then hurried down the hostel stairs…..and almost like running in a marathon……she had arrived in the classroom just in time…..But…….it had seemed that there was something wrong…….all the students had gathered around a particular desk…..and were busy doing something.

The desk belonged to Arjun. She peeped over the students…to see what was going on……

All she could see was…there were many gift packets……..small boxes wrapped in colorful paper actually……placed on Arjun's desk. She didn't know what they contained…and at that time she didn't care either….cause her eyes had already got stuck by a name written on a particular box……. 'Pushpa'.

Sia entered her room and closed the door and locked it securely. She wanted complete aloofness for a while. She also closed the windows which opened to the hostel verandah. She sat on her bed and removed her bag…she put it aside. She took out her cell phone first and put it in silent mode… would not hurt if she doesn't answer to it for a while.

Slowly she took out the box from her bag and put it in front of her. She sat silently for a second….looking at it. It was a small box…..about 20cm in length and about 15cm in breadth. It was wrapped in a beautiful greenish blue colored paper. Even looking at it was giving her goose bumps.

Her heart beats were getting faster…her breathing was getting heavier. She couldn't even gather enough courage to open and look inside the box. Why would he have sent them gifts like this? She took a deep breath…and then finally picked up the packet.


This name was written in clear handwriting over the wrapper…on a small card. She removed the card first and then opened the wrapper carefully. The paper was glossy…she put aside the wrapper. The cover of the box was also of greenish-blue color.

She finally removed the cover…….her heart pounding…trying to guess what could be inside?

Paper…….there were some papers inside.

Her heart sank. Of all the things……Raghav sent her papers? 5 months have passed since he had left for America and now….after all this time…he sent her papers? And that too wrapped as a gift? Why? Did others also get similar things?

She now took out one paper……and sighed. What could be in it? She unfolded it……and…

She was such an idiot!!! It was not just a paper!!


Sia could not believe at first……that Raghav….he has written her a letter! But yes…it was indeed a letter!

Sia inhaled deeply….taking in all the smell from the piece of paper…hoping that there would be Raghav's smell mixed in that somewhere…….perhaps there was………

This felt so weird…this was so not like Raghav……a letter? What could he have written? Was everything okay with his mother? Did something happen? Or maybe……things were getting better…..what could be in it? She wished she could know what's in it immediately…but then she wanted to enjoy reading every detail in that letter……slowly…..

She started reading……….



The moment you have got it…you must be wondering why on earth would have Raghav wrote me a letter……right? Well I myself could not believe it at first that I decided to write you a letter. And then I could not believe more that I actually completed it! It's a new achievement from my side I must say! Don't laugh Pushpa……do you know how difficult it is to write a sensible letter to someone? And especially for me? Cause I have always bunked those literature classes and have never written one letter except for in the exams! It was always Juno who used to do my assignments later…..

But…..things change……right? I who have hated writing those stupid letters in classrooms……I have taken time to think and present you with this letter.

It is almost twilight here…….I don't know when you will get a hand on this gift and I wonder what will be the time there…when you will be finally reading this?

Sia took one moment to shift her eyes from the letter and looked outside……yes it was afternoon there at Dehradun also……she could see the Sun retiring for the day. She touched the letter once….although they were miles apart…..yet strangely they were experiencing the same moments………when he was writing this……the sun was setting there….and now…when she was reading the same……the evening was slowly crawling in……

They were connected….by some wizard's magic….they were connected somehow.


But whenever you will be reading this…I hope you have enough patience to bear with my spelling mistakes…although I have checked…but still if there is any…do ignore them…this is my first time! I hope it is not after a tiring Boxing practice….then you will all be grumpy and tired!

Ok sorry sorry….you must now be seriously getting in a bad mood…reading these stupid stuffs for so long……but Pushpa….this is the introduction….the Body of the letter will come a bit later. Isn't that the way we were taught to write letters at school??

Her lips almost broke into a smile…..a real smile…….after a long time…reading this. Stupid, irritating Raghav! If you are writing according to the book…then you were supposed to ask how am I at the beginning…before writing so much down!

Hmm… you must be thinking…if I am following the rules…then I should have asked how are you at the beginning….right? But I have not……intentionally.

Sia again smiled. He is so far from me…and yet he can anticipate my gestures and my thoughts so perfectly! How can you do so Raghav?

I have not asked how are you…………cause I know that already.

You are happy Pushpa….very happy….and very excited for your Boxing Tournament……you hate it when you have to get up early morning for exercises……and then you sleep through most classes…cause coach is going very hard on you these days……and of course as a result….you are relying on Juno for extra tutions in your free time……so finally…when you get to bed…you just can't think about anything else… sleep like a log!


Sia folded the letter and held it in her palms……she let out a deep sigh……

Yes her life had become like this….she was always overworking. She practices till she could not anymore….she studies till she gets tired…..she chats with her friends in any spare moment. She just tries to keep herself busy in whatever work possible…cause whenever she gets alone……..his thoughts fill her mind, her soul. It gets difficult for her to breathe even……let alone live…..

Sia opened the letter again and read what was written next…..

But I know…you are already complaining in your mind, that yeah Raghav what do you know about my life… you it seems very nice but I only know how much troubles I have to face every day. But dear Pushpa……..everyone has their own problems and troubles, right? Each one has sadness in their life….yet there is always something in our lives which gives us sheer happiness…..

It is always there in front of us…we just have to see it…..

For me that source of happiness has always been my Elite Family……when my parents neglected me…I turned to my friends like Juno, Sama, Wadda, Nikka…. I miss them all so much!!

And then you became that source……

When the train left Dehradun…….after a few stations passed….I felt like I will not be able to go through this anymore. My world was getting crushed. I didn't know what to do?

But strangely……..when I met my mother after such a long time….none of us could speak much……but then the next night….both of us cried a lot holding each other. I could not believe that I still craved for her care so much.

Sia's throat had got dry. Her eyes were getting moistened….she couldn't properly see what was written in the letter. She rubbed her eyes….but again the words were getting blurred. Sia wiped her eyes hard 2, 3 times and then was reading again.

I cried for the whole night but then the next morning I promised myself to stay by my mother's side……and that too with a smiling face. And once you find the smile in you… matter what the situation is you will feel contented.

Are you crying Pushpa…? Hey…please don't cry…because you know na I Hate Tears!!

Let me tell you something that will make you smile. Mom's 1st chemotherapy went really well. In fact Doctors are saying that there are positive signs of her being completely cured.

She is a lot better now. But that's not the best part……..the best part is that we talk a lot these days…….and both of us enjoy those discussions.

Sia could feel that she was crying. But they were not tears of sorrow….they were tears of joy. Raghav's mom was getting better? What could be more pleasant than that? Oh yes….Raghav is finally getting close to his mom!! This is even more big news!!

I told you na there are always some things in our lives which gives us sheer pleasure?

Pushpa…'s alright to cry sometimes….even to stay sad and aloof from others sometimes…..but then it is necessary to wipe your eyes and live……

 Look at the world with eager eyes and smiling face Pushpa! And you will see that soon that smile will be returned to you by life itself!

See that's why I didn't call or mail you Pushpa. Certain stuffs, certain words, certain emotions can't be expressed anywhere else except on a piece of paper.

Ms. Sen was right…….there is a totally different feeling about a letter…..that no other communication system has……

Sia knew what he was saying……..yes SAYING. It didn't feel like it was his writing anymore…it was like Raghav was saying these things to her…..personally.
I wish I could see your reactions after reading each and every sentence of this letter….but for now I can only imagine it.

 I miss you a lot Pushpa. I don't know if we would be able to meet each other again someday. But we can always hope for the best right? May be one day…..just out of the blue…we will see each other again…..


 Let's gamble with our fate then…..what say?

After you have read this letter if it rains there at Dehradun…..then definitely we will meet again!

So keeping my fingers crossed!

You must be rolling your eyes and saying Raghav and his weird ways!! But let's see Pushpa…..who knows it may come true!!

And yeah…coming to the place where I am staying….it's actually quite nice. It's in the countryside…..about half an hour from the city. I spend most of my time with my Mom…so I haven't made any new friends. But must say you something….there is a hot girl who stays nearby!! The other day she was wearing a……….SORRY can't say more!! The fumes from your nose will burn the rest of the letter otherwise!!!

Sia was actually laughing instead of being angry!! She knew why Raghav have written this….just to irritate her!! But dear Raghav…..your Pushpa has also become cunning now…you can't fool her or get her mad so easily!!

Gussa utra Pushpaji??  You get mad so easily Pushpa!! But must mention something…. the weather here is really nice. It's autumn here now….and the whole neighborhood has turned red and yellow……it's beautiful. I wish I could show it to you……but wait I can!

There is a pic in the box…see it….you will love it!



Sia saw that there was a picture in the box. She put it aside. She read the letter again.

I have told you what I felt like saying….Pushpa.  But I won't end this letter by something…that will make you feel sad again…..because you know 'I HATE TEARS'

Just want to say you this…..that I love you so much. Even more than you love me and don't argue with me on this point!

I am not present there……but my heart will be with you dear.

Wow! Poem bhi ban gaya!!

Jokes apart Pushpa…..take care and smile always……

I will be waiting for your reply Pushpa……





Sia let out a sigh. Sia smiled and nodded her head.

What a day and what a gift!

She looked at the picture that Raghav has sent to her. It was the picture of the neighborhood where Raghav lives now.


And he was right…it was beautiful. Why didn't he send a pic of him also along with it?


 Sia turned the picture and was surprised. There was a picture of hers and Raghav attached on the other side.





When was this picture taken…she didn't remember. But both of them were smiling in it. She now knew why Raghav have not sent her a  single pic of him……he wanted to say that they are still with each other…although they were miles apart….

Sia took the letter and the picture and held them close to her heart for a while. Yes she had to write him back a letter soon….giving him every details of her life.

And just like he said she will find her source of happiness soon.

Sia got up from her bed and opened the windows to her room again. She stood by the window…holding the letter in her hand…..closing her eyes.

 Raghav……… I will smile and face the world once again…….

Sia knew she was crying again…..she could feel the touch of water on her face and her hand.. She wiped her eyes…but strangely they were dry.

Sia opened her eyes confusedly.

She was not crying……..then how come?

She looked outside…could it be…..?? Her heart had stopped beating……..

……..she opened the letter and read that part again hurriedly……and then looked out……

Sia watched with wide eyes ….as the drops of water fell on her hand and sprinkled on her face…..

A soft smile appeared on her lips…….

 One drop…2 drops….3 drops….and then the rain came pouring down heavily…….

~ Hope you liked the OS...waiting for your commentsSmile ~

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Miss_Anonymous Senior Member

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 7:57am | IP Logged
  HugHugHug HugHugHug HugHugHugHugHug

Millions Of Words Will Fall Short In Front Of Dis OS Of Urs... 
It was just beautiful...i am just in love with u'r ff's os's and ss's...loved the way u expressed each and every feeling of SIA...and the letter by raghav was lovely..amazing...raghav was like raghav was there standing and speaking...Just loved it too the core...!!..
wow!! raghav knew so much about his pushpa...every feeling gesture he cud easily make out. loved the way he said I love you so much. Even more than you love me and don't argue with me on this point!...WinkEmbarrassedSmile...and the way he said "there's a hot girl in my make her jealous was too good!!
Both the picture are adorable!!Day Dreaming

  In expectations of more writings from uTongue...thanks for posting though u were busy...
Lovely and Beautiful updateEmbarrassed

ps : Yay Yay i'm the first to comment...!!LOL...Btw can't the second pic i.e the rasia pic...pls check itEmbarrassedTongueSmile

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-Ocean.eyes- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 8:04am | IP Logged

Riku tum ek bhi mauka nai chodti na muje surprise karne ka...

Everytime u come up with a new concept...and all i do is stick to the screen like an idiot...grin widely...never noticing what going around...and just gawking at ur update...

M never satified reading it one time...u know bar read karti hu...and is chakkar me comment karna bhul jati hu kabhi kabhi...

Ok cuming to the os


i loved it like hell...

The letter was of the best i have read till now...

First evn i thought gift me paper kyu bheja...idiot me...wo ek letter tha...

Hehe so typical raghav...he can very well predicts his pushpa's reactions to his words...

I loved the amazing...

And i knew it will surely rain...and it did...

Fabulous work dear...

do write such stuff more...and ha dnt forget about ur ff...

thanx for the pm...

-Love Kinjal

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-Nimmi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 8:04am | IP Logged
Wow was such a beauuutifuuul update!!!!!
Loved it to the core.
Raghav sent such a wonderful letter to his Pushpa!!!
The way he explained to her about life, like very knowledged!!
The way he gave her encouraging words. The way he tried to irritate her even in the letter.
It was all just so wonderful and to top it all, it rained!!!
Wonderful OS riku!!!
Love u for this!!
please update soon Smile

ps: the raghav sia pic is not to be seen...

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moonlitnisha Goldie

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 8:59am | IP Logged
Your writtings always makes me cry oye khushi ke aansu yaar samjha karo
dat was such a wonderful OS Kash sia wud have got a letter lyk dis 4rm Rags awesum piece of writing thanx a ton 4 d Pm

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pia.raha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 8:59am | IP Logged
sakuu,itne dino tak ye post kyun nehi kiyaaa!!!!!! and like kya,i to totally am in love wit ur writng!!!!
now cuming to ur update,it wass jusstt awesomestt,mndblwoingg,outstanding(i need a dictionary now) u soo beautifully descrbe thee feelings and scenes,dat i can completely visualise the scenes,aisa lagta hai episode tv pe dkh rahi hu!!!!!! raghav ne leeter lkha wo bhi saare lecture classes bunk karke,dat was soo soo sweeett!!!!!!! and mein bhi smile kar rahi thi raghav ka antics dkh ke!!!!raghav is trying to make sia jealous by his lettr alsoWink raghav jo bhi karta hai bohut special ho jata hai!!!!! and my most fav line of dis update is  I love you so much. Even more than you love me and don't argue with me on this point! anddd ye ye barriish hui,matlab they will meet!!!!!!! 
p.s-saku i also couldnt see the 2nd pic...

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Bhavikakosambia IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 9:10am | IP Logged
saku first of all welcome bck! Yar I missed u Cry
As always the os was jst out of this world ...ab tak post kyu nai kiya tha? Ouch
Well I wanted tell u something ...u r rite letters have their own importance and I do write letters ! It feels gr8 ...
Saku actually the thing is my papa gifted me a cell phone ...a,tually its my 1st one...and its really nice ..its far better than my mom's boring phone I can loggin this cell..ok I know u must be either smiling or rolling ur eyes after reading
this stupid post of mine ...but ur the 1st person jisko maine ye bataya :P well he gifted me this cell and so I love it as u see this was gift!

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-Nimmi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 9:20am | IP Logged
riku i read it thrice many ever times i read...i feel like to keep reading...
please please continue soon.Smile
waiting for ur update...

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