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MG SS Friends In Love#2 *epi @ pg_44 / note pg_48* (Page 26)

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Updating Part 18 in few hours ..
any1 thr ..??  EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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hi all,
kaise hu sab ..
me hell struck here with studies ...DeadDead
medical leave par hoon 3din ki ..
so finished the half written part n now posted it ..

sorry i don't know when ill be giving the next update ...Ouch

hope u all will enjoy this one ..
i tried my best to make it as good as possible ...Confused
hopefully it is a successive one ..Ouch

Thank u all 4 all ur likes n comments ..
plss conti. supporting me like this always ..

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jasmeen64,  custodian75,  sheetalvasa,  nehavashi,  kabslocks,  

n yes i am demanding special comments over Mathew n Geet's talks

enjoy reading n plss leave ur reviews ...

i am in need of them as u all know long gap makes  a writer lazy ..tou its in ur hand to boast me up for next one ...Wink TongueTongue

so please hit like button n leave ur comments..

luv ya all
Sobia ..

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he will have to prepare himself for the upcoming days without geet '.thinking about the same ..he slept on the window itself gazing the moon imagining her laughter 'her smiling face in it '


Every body was lost enjoying the big fat Indian sangeet party whr each n every person from Indian community was present thr 'the whole house was echoing with the traditional Indian songs 'n the voices of DHOL '
But all he could listen was her enchanting laughter blessing his ears 'its been 1 n day only he was trying hard to avoid her ..n be away from her preparing his mind n heart for the up coming events but failed miserably as every time leaving her alone was too much to ask from his mind which had lost its control over his body which always followed her every whr without her acknowledgement '.n yet again he failed to complete his resolution to avoid looking at her when she appeared in that breath taking hot red gown .. 

Breath taking ' nothing other than that got define her 'her rich embroided gown ..n the red color complimenting her white shinning skin 'but that smile of her was making it difficult for him to resist him self from looking at her loosing his senses in her serene beauty .. 

But soon his eyes lost his object of interest when Pari (relative to geet n nichol) stood in front of him ..asking him to pick his dare from the ball as they were playing spin the bottle '

Pari : common Mr.dreamy its ur turn get up n take ur dare chit from that bowl ..

Maan : but I told u all ..i am not in this game ..

Pari : then u shouldn't have been sitting in this circle dreamy . ..

Maan : but ..//

Manvi : common maan bro 'don't be spoilt sport ..ek dare hi tou hai 'n don't worry we wont ask u to do a poll dance 'so chill

Geet (elbowing manvi saying in a hush tone) : will mind ur words mannu ..

Manvi (slowly) : kyun r u getting disappointed that this is not included in the dare chits ..

Geet : manvii ..!!

Maan : I am sorry guys I am not in a mood to play ..

Pari : but how could u '

Geet : maan plss ..c every one is playing the game aap akele kyun dusht (bitting her tongue seeing the widen eyees of maan) ..i mean khelo na bottle ruki hai aap par tou 'sirf ek bari then we'll not say u ..plss

Maan (with a with drown face) : geet u know I ..

Geet ..Vicky ..Manvi : please '.

Maan : fine but just once ..

Oppsii but the dare was to sing a song 'n maan straight away refused to sing any song even after the plead of Vicky n Nichol ..

Nichol (with a puppy face) : geet do one thing ..propose him now only .. n his mood will be good then we can enjoy a romantic duet ..Embarrassed  Shocked

Geet (totally shy) : didu plss '(n looked at him with a lost confused look) maan sach mien kisi baat ko lekar pareshan hai I can see it 'kal subha se hi dekh rahi hoon 'dekha tha na aapne restaurant mien bhi planning ke time kaise ek call aayi n he went somewhr else leaving us all ..

Manvi : plss yrr geet try once na ..only u can make him agree ..

Geet : but ..

Mathew : por favor geet .. para nosotros .. como nuestro regalo de bodas .. cantar viendo MSK ser el mejor regalo ever ..
( please geet ..for us our wedding gift ..seeing MSK singing  will be the best gift ever .. )

Geet : ok voy a tratar .. pero no lo esperaba como un s ... 
ok I will try ..but do not expect it as a yes '

Vicky : what the hell r u people saying 'for god sake stop this language torture now ..

Geet : uhh Vicky just shut up ..


Maan was standing at a lone corner ..trying to make himself normal ..but the thought of confronting geet with the disastrous news ..n her reaction was making it difficult to even breath 'her smile was always a soothing experience for him but today it only makes him realize that in next 2 days he will be  a soul reason 4 her tears ..n he hated himself for this feeling  covering his mind n heart ..
But she like a cold breeze came thr ..n filled him with her warmth ..

Geet : maan kya huya hai ..?

Maan (looking away) : kuch bhi nahi geet ..mujhe kya hona hai ..bas aaj mood nahi hai '

Geet (serious) : trying to fool me or ur self maan ..?

Maan (confused) : what '??

Geet : aap jante hain na 'aap mujh se jhoot nahi bol sakte ..LOL
Tou try hi kyun karte hain 'Angry ab saaf saaf bataye kya problem huyi hai jo itne pareshaan ho aap 'Ouch

Maan (with hurtful voice) : kuch nai geet ..bas kuch riddles hain solve hi nahi hu rahe ..Ouch

Geet (holding his hand ..intertwining thr fingers) : tou un riddle to saath mien solve kardenge hum '.us mien itna kya soch rahe hu  ..Big smile

Maan : janta hoon ..saath solve karsakte hain ..but darr lag raha hai ..

Geet (confused) :  kaisa darr ..

Maan : kahin hum hi un riddles mien humari dosti khoo na jayen '

Geet (smiling) : mien aisa kabhi hone hi nahi dongi 'aap batao tou sahi ..

Maan (smiled faintly) : hmm ..bataonga but abhi nahi ..

Geet (frowned) : fir kab 'dadi ki tarha yeh baat bhi sab solve karne ke baad bologe aap '

Maan (looking away) :  nahi tumhari help iss baar mera b,day gift ..okiee

Geet (lost smiling) : hmm ..aapka b,day

Maan (looking at her hopefully) : doogi na mujhe mera gift ..

Geet (looking at his eyes) : aaj tak kisi baat ko mana kiya hai mene '

Maan (looked away 'fearing she may read his eyes) : nahi ..kabhi nahi kiya 
Acha abb jao 'n play sab tumhara wait kar rahe hain ..

Geet (loosing her hand..) : nahi sab aapka wait kar rahe hain ..chalo na maan plss 'hum yeh sab riddle solve kar lenge but abhi tou

Maan (moved away) : nahi geet 'plss I am really sorry but aaj mien nahi gaa sakta ..

Geet : maan u remember mien humare singing teacher kehte thay music is the best way to express n pour out our feelings n miseries ' tou lets try it today ..

Maan : geet yeh sab kehna asaan hai ..i can't do all this pls yrr ..

Geet : okiee chalo ill start 'aap ka mann hu tou join karna or ill complete ur dare ' fine enough ..

Maan : u r trying for nothing geet ..

Geet : lets just say I know u better than ur own self '

Maan : I know that 

Geet : than just trust me ..jab tak zinda hoon ill never let u feel low ..

Maan : its only u who can make me good ..

Geet : then lets go back '(n went away smiling leaving a guilty maan behind with a mist eyes seeing her enthusiasm )

Geet left from thr thinking what nichol said about the hesitation she was feeling to confess her feeling for maan is also thr in maan is true ..
His line ..
  • kahin hum hi un riddles mien humari dosti khoo na jayen '

made her belief  even more strong that he also love her but is fearing to confess fearing her rejection ' she was the happiest person on earth with this new found revelation 'least she know about his thought about her reaction when he will give his word to leave for London without him ..

strange it was .. one heart was filled with miseries n fear for the future ..while other one was full with happiness n joy ..her mind making new imagination for the future in every second ' somewhere his eyes made her believe that he loves her 'but she mistook his pain to be for the fear of her rejection '
planning his b,day night how she will confess her feeling in front of him ..she came back in the middle of the guest ..when his words played back in her mind '
  • nahi tumhari help iss baar mera b,day gift

Geet (st) : oh my god ..that means maan bhi mujhe ape dil ki baat apne b,day wale din hi batane wale hain ..
Babaji sapna nahi dekha na mene '.
Agar hai bhi tou mujhe kabhi iss neend se mat uthana ' coz agar yeh sapna toot gaya na tou pata nahi mien kya karoon gi '
Hayee yeh kya kara Mr.Casanova Singh Khurana gi kaise intezaar huga b,day tak ka ' its still 2 days left for ur b,day '

Maan after few minutes came back to whr the guest was seating n saw geet talking with the music band 'he felt light at heart remembering her words ..
  • aaj tak kisi baat ko mana kiya hai mene '

but then 'he felt utterly guilty for doing this to her ..
she was looking soo happy ..her face was glittering with the smile ..mano hasi ruk hi nahi rahi thi 'who ehsaas ..uski khushi har had paar kar gayi ho jaise '

he stood thr lost in her smile 'as always ..n the music played covering the whole gathering with a beautiful heart soothing melody ..n her angelic voice gaining the attention '

coming towards the center of the crowd with a smile she sang bring Nichol n Methew leading them to have a couple dance ..followed by many others ..

Pal Pal Pal Pal Har Pal Har Pal
Kaise Katega Pal Har Pal Har Pal ) (2)

Singing she came onfront of maan looking straight in his eyes ...her eyes full of love n expectation making him restless ..he sang going away from her ...

Dil Dil Dil Dil Mein Machi Hain Machi
Machi Hain Hulchul Hulchul Hulchul

She stood thr smiling with her own thoughts 'n Vicky came thr knowing what maan is going through 'n involved geet with him n manvi ..

Kaise Katega Pal Har Pal Har Pal... (2)

Pal Pal Pal Pal Har Pal Har Pal
Kaise Katega Pal Har Pal Har Pal

While maan stood thr ..watching her smiling ..laughing with manvi n Vicky 'wishing the moment of truth will never arrive for him to see geet in tears ..

O Humsafar Lagta Hain Dar
Raat Kate Na Kabhie Ho Sehar

While geet glanced at maan dancing with Vicky n manvi shabbily 'only to see maan facing his back towards her ..n remembered the way she was captivated in his embrace last night 'smiling she felt her facing getting warm with the blush ..
Iss Pal Mein Simte Umar

N maan stood facing his back 2wards her sensing her eyes on him '

Raat Kate Na Kabhie Ho Sehar

Be4 he could understand he found himself standing with geet dancing on a slow beat 'n her smile made him forget all for few second ..

( Tu Jo Hain Saath Mere Toh Yeh Dagar
Lage Ke Jaise Khoobsurat Ghar ) (2)

Placing his hand on her waist ..he traced her face from the back of his palm ..removing the free hair strand ..n said with a soothing smile ..

Tu Jo Hain Saath Toh Yeh Ambar
Lage Ke Jaise Saaya Ho Sar Par

Tere Kaandhe Par Rakhkar Sar
Yun Hi Kat Jaaye Saari Umar

N next manvi came thr 'breaking his trance ..n he moved away a step from a blushing geet 'who stood with a beautiful serene glow ..singing while having a swinging dance step with manvi '

Pal Pal Pal Pal Har Pal Har Pal
Kaise Katega Pal Har Pal Har Pal

He moved away without maing anyone notice him 'n walked away ..looked back n saw geet laughing 'her face was showing how much she is happy 'but he was fearing for the future '

Kal Kya Ho Kisko Khabar
Lagta Hain Dar Lagta Hain Dar

While geet came thr in front of maan ..cupping his face in her soft palm n placed a gentle kiss on his cheeks ..making him close his eyes to feel that magical touch '

Iss Pal Mein Simte Umar
Raat Kate Na Kabhie Ho Seher

With a waiter colliding with him ..maan opened his eyes n saw himself standing alone 'realizing he was imagining 'looking back he saw geet pacing some paper from Mathews hand which he was going to give to Nichol n she sang with a mischievious grin on her face '

Accha Batao
Dil Ki Itni Saari Baatein
Kaise Likhoge Iss Chote Khat Par ) (2)

Running away from a chasing Mathew 'geet hide herself behind maan ..while he stood rooted with his own miseries ..feeling choked with his emotions ' 

Dil Par Toota Hain Yeh Kaisa Keher
Tumko Paakar Khone Ka Hain Dar

She peeped up over maan's shoulder seeing Mathew standing thr ' n sang ever so softly that maan didin't realized if it was for him or Mathew ..

Pyar Ka Yeh Dhai Aakhar
Kaise Likhoge Iss Chotte Khat Par. ..

Dragging maan with her ..she made her way towards all the other guest n they sang 'she was lost in her world of happiness ..while he was lost in her never ending smile '

Pal Pal Pal Pal Har Pal Har Pal
Kaise Katega Pal Har Pal Har Pal ) (2)

Dil Dil Dil Dil Mein Machi Hain Machi
Machi Hain Hulchul Hulchul Hulchul

She lost laughing with Vicky n manvi ..while he was standing paralyzed watching her 'but suddenly the fear on her face made him notice the surrounding n followed her gaze he found her DAD's lawyer speaking with her mama ji Vineet '

( Kaise Katega Pal Har Pal Har Pal )(2)

He was alert knowing if that lawyer recognized geet will not be good for her safety ' but what shocked her was the amount of fear he saw in geet's eyes 'he was taking slow trembling steps 'n hide herself behind maan .. shivering in fear 'geet stood behind him clutching his arm tight 'hiding thr ' 

Geet (shivery ..scared voice) : maan that ..that man 'wohh ..wohh dad ke law 'lawyer hain ..woh yahan ..maan plss kuch karo na ko pata chal gaya tou ..

This was the very moment after so many days when maan actually realized that geet won't be able to stand that torture ever again 'what she has faced in those 2 days of being hostage was enough for his innocent jangli billi ' n he was sure more than ever that he can't be getting off his decision ' n he will have to send geet far away from all this ..


Standing in the hall of the house 'geet was still clutching maan's hand in her tight grip with fear '.her eyes full of tears n mind covered with fear .. seeing below 'confusion was what was written on every face present thr .. but no one was able to listen to the uneven heart beats of maan 'dreading for the worst 'what ever it is he never wanted geet to know about his dad's evil deeds that will definitely going to hurt her big time n he never wanted that 'he knew even she got angry with him listening to his decision he will manofy her 'but her dad's evilness will always remain in her mind as a scare ..n he will never let that happen '.every one was thr anticipating the next moment 'n then vineet uncle gave his final words ..

Vineet : geet u r not going back to India '

Words were failing to come out of her mouth ..the pain with the thought of living away from her love her maan made her dead cold 'n she stood thr clutching maan's arm ..looking at him expectantly with tears spilling out of her hazel eyes '

but the maan was also experiencing the same 'the red agonized eyes was telling its own tale 'the tight jaw n blank face was all for everybody else 'but he can't hide his pain from her 'looking at the blood red eyes 'not sure if it was her heart being stabbed or its the pain in his eyes causing her tears ...a gasp left her mouth .

Geet : maan ..

Kaisa Ishq ye kaisa Junoon hai Maahi
Beqarari mein tu hi karar'

But he was furious with his helplessness ..n shoved his hand away n asked her to go up with a cold demeanor 'not at all wanting her to witness that pain n helplessness he was carrying in his eyes '

Tu reh ke bhi door, mujh mein hai rabba
Jaane yeh kaisa hai pyar

Maan : go to ur geet NOW ..

Hum hai deewane, tere Deewane
Hum hai deewane, tere Deewane

Least he knew that was all she needed to know about his inner turmoil .. she was still looking at him with her slight blur vision 'looking at him helplessly 'her single word n he knew she '

Maan : NOW geet ..

Tujhse hai hasi, tujhse udasi ..
Kashmakash hai rabba ..
Roothi hoon phir bhi raazi

Least he knew that was all she needed to know about his inner turmoil .. she was still looking at him with her slight blur vision 'looking at him helplessly 'her single word the way she placed her hand on his shoulder n he knew she got the hint to his pain ..the last thing he wanted '

Tu hi hai maula, tu hi hai qaazi ..

Geet : raat ko bahar mat jana '

Tu hi hai maula, tu hi hai qaazi
Kya karoon, mein bayayn
Tere ishq pe jaan Kurbaan

He looked away cursing his fate 'n then closed his eyes knowing she guessed he will be doing this ..even though he never thought of anything but she knew the end result will be this 'seeing his back she walked up to her room leaving a Vicky with a dejected look 'n Nichol n Manvi confused departed to thr respective rooms leaving vineet ..maan ..n.. vickt behind ..

Hum hai deewane, tere Deewane
Hum hai deewane, tere Deewane

Vicky : bhai abb kya ..

Vineet : dekh liya tum dono ne 'yahan tak aagaye yeh log ..kal India mien kuch hugay'//

Maan (interrupted with raged filled voice) : enough 'kuch nahi huga ..samjhe aap 'jab tak mien zinda hoon geet ko kuch nahi huga '


Its been 2 hours since maan was standing thr facing the harsh cold winds blowing 'n Vicky came rushing towards the terrace ..n told him about geet's room unusually being locked from inside 'panicked ran through his whole existence expecting the worst 'n he ran towards the garden ..climbing up to her room's window '

Tera Ishq he mera junoon hai mahi
Beqarari mein hai tu hi karar ..

entered only to see geet sleeping in an awkward position with a tear stricken face n a scrap book beside her with a pen in her hand '

Leaving a big sigh of relief he made his way towards her n adjusted her head on the pillow properly 'but saw some odd lines written over her scrap book ..beside the picture of them together '

Bujh ken a bujhe yeh pyaas oo rabba ..
Jaane yeh kaisa hai pyaar

Maan (in a surprising hush tone) : aaj bhi likh rahi hai geet '

Yeh kis Mor Pe Zindagi Lai Hai Humien ..
Ke Aaj Na Dost rahe Hum ..
Na hi Ajnabi Keh Sakti hain Unhe ..
Par phir bhi yeh Gham ke Woh apne bhi tou nahi ..
Lafz kum hain Gazbaat ziada ..
Kiya bolien Lub jab Ankhien bolti hain Dastaan ..
Magar yeh zamana kiya samjhe dharkano ki zuban ...
Najane kiya mor legi Dosti humari ...
Ke abb Waqt ke hath mien hai Dor humari ...Ouch
(Embarrassed..poem by me ..Embarrassed)

Hum hain deewane tere deewane
Hum hain deewane tere deewane
Hum hain deewane tere deewane
Hum hain deewane tere deewane

His eyes turned mist reading it 'wondering if she actually got to recognize that love in his eyes along with his pain ' he will never be able to guess her he thought gazing her face which was glowing in the moon light 'removing the single wet tear below her eye ..he stood covering her with the duvet ..

Kitni baar hum milke bhicde
Tu he jaane rabba
Duniya se hum hai begaane

Maan : geet pata tou mujhe bhi nahi hai ke abb yeh dosti kis mor par jayegi .. but I promise iss ko bachane ki har mumkin kushish mien karonga ' I promise geet .. hum kabhi iss rishte ki dor se alag nahi hunge 'Big smile

Tu hai Sirf meri 
Phir bhi najane
Tu hai Sirf meriPhir bhi najane
Mujhko to yeh to bata
Dooriyan hai kyun darmiyan

Opening the lock carefully without making much noice he assured manvi 'nichol n Vicky about her being in sleep n all went 2wards thr room seeing her once ..but maan didn't missed the confusing look Nichol was having in her eyes for him 'may be she wanted to say something ..but be4 she could maan's mbl buzzed n he moved away '

Hum hain deewane tere deewane
Hum hain deewane tere deewane
Hum hain deewane tere deewane
Hum hain deewane tere deewane


Precap :-
Read maan's last dialogue ull get it 'Wink

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Posted: 16 January 2013 at 5:03am | IP Logged

lovesia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2013 at 5:04am | IP Logged
Love it graphics

P.S  from now onward my comment will be of one or two words
        as i will be busy in cousins marraige then my tests will start nd after that in march my exams will start
so plz cooperate with me Smile 

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kiran_rati IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2013 at 5:08am | IP Logged
nice update
song is superb
loved it
thanx for the pm dear
cont soon 

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SnehaMaaneet Goldie

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Posted: 16 January 2013 at 5:35am | IP Logged
Superb update
hope dey wont separate

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-misty--love- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2013 at 5:36am | IP Logged
awesome update sobi...
geet weaving dreams of maan's confession...
and maan thinking of...ufffCry
poor geet..
but maan singing song..Tongue
soo sweet and cute...
madhubala wala songLOL
i really love this song...
kitna soulful lagta hai yehEmbarrassed
eagerly waiting for next update sobiii

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