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Swaron fairytale:: I LIVE TILL U LIVE IN ME

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heyloo people this is my first ever attempt plzz bare me n do tell how u liked it Embarrassed

SITUATION : Everyone is enjoying and chatting in the canteen . swayam is not present at the momemt and now he enters.

Swayam : guyz guyz guyz guyz guyz, listen ajj sabko canteen me mere taraf se pastry treat.

Bharat : kyu Sharon ne haan bol diya kya ?

Amar : accha to tu aul shalon shaadi kal lahe hai.

Vicky: teri shaadi par khane ka menu kya hoga ?

Nilesh : menu ye thodi decide karage vo toh Sharon decide karegi .

Swayam : STOP ! ye kya bake ja rahe ho?

Vicky : arre tune hi to bola canteen mein treat hai .

Swayam :toh iska matlab hai Sharon ne haan kar di

Nilesh : toh kya Sharon ne naa kar di

Swayam : no guyz aaisa nahi hai

Bharat : toh kaisa hai ;p

Swayam : its just that Sharon delhi se vapas aarahi hai.

Everyone : ohhh''''' toh ye baat hai ;}

[every thing turns black and white and song is played "baharo phool barsao mere mehboob aaya hai mera mehboob aaya hai" and everyone is showering flowers on swayam ,and his face is like what on earth is going on? Later everything comes back to normal]

Neha : swayam ke face pe spark toh dekho

Vishka : yaa he seems to be so happy naa

Nilesh : tu badi info rakhne laga hai Sharon ki , sirf tughe kaise pata ki Sharon is coming back. Humm kuch toh gadbad zaroor hai [shaking his hand like ACP of CID]

Swayam:[hesitating] nahi guyz its just that voh CS hai mai A-CS hoon toh usne mujhe inform kiya hai nothing else. [everyone watches swayam wid narrow lids, thinking something is fishybetween them]

Swayam : guyz aaise kya dekh rahe ho sacchi yahi reason hai ki usne mujhe pehle bataya . [rey tries to divert the situation as he knows Sharon wants swaron to be a secret ]

Rey : aare voh chod tu ye bata ki kab aarahi hai voh.

Swayam : kal shaam ko .

Rey : great ! toh hum sab use pick karne jayenge .

Swayam : nahi maine use pucha tha ,toh usne kaha ki uske dad ne already driver ko instruct kar diya hai toh voh use pick karenge .

Rey : ok fine lekin hum uske liye college mein surprise toh plan kar sakte hai.

Simmi : kaise remember dance ban :x

Rinni : mai toh ye sochkar daar rahi hun ki Sharon ko jab ye baat pata chalegi toh vo usse kaise handle kar payegi Pehle se hi voh itni sensitive hai upar se uske health problems.

Rey : Don't worry guyz hum hai na usse handle karne ke liye aur swayam hai na uska AC-S usse special feel karane ke liye .

Simmi : ya guyz remember dance camp.

Swayam : ok then kal mai surprise ki strategi plan karke laata hoon .

Bharat : haan tuhi karle tere se aacha aur kaun kar sakta hai [swayam hesitatingly takes his hand over his head in typical boyz style]

Scene ends hope u guyz find it interesting till now theres lot more unthinkable twists and turns to come up soo plz continue reading and please comment...Thank you

                              SCENE II

In the rehearsal hall swayam and sharon are dancing on there tango music piece and at last drowned in each others eyes after that marvelous lift they come closer and closer but there is a big bang and swayam realizes he is in his memories . [Sharon is yet to come]

Swayam : [phumbling to himself] yaar ye doori ke pal kab khatam honge tum kab aaogi sharonkab me tumhe firse dekh paaonga tumhare bina mai kitna lost rehta hoon kab hum phirse dance kar paenge . kab ? ahhh love u Sharon jaldi aajao .

Rey : swayam tujhe ghar nahi jaana hai its quite late .

Swayam : ghar jakar bhi kya karoonga nind toh aane wali nahi hai yaha rehearsal hall mai baithkar atleast hamari memories toh cherish kar paaonga.

Rey : voh sab thik hai mai janta hoon tu Sharon ko lekar super exited hai lekin aab collage band ho gaya hai .chal mai tujhe ghar drop kar deta hoon .

Swayam : nahi mai cycle par chala jaaonga and I need to be alone for some time.

Rey : thik hai as u wish chal than ii'l take a leave.

Swayam : yup bye .

[ following rey swayam leaves the collage gate wid his cycle . he sits on his cycle and makes his way to a gift shop . he buys a opening diamond studded locket wid both there photos inside, he takes a white and pink teddy, some chocolates(5-star) and lastly a card and writes something inside it .he packs it all in a white paper bag . next he comes out of the shop and again sits on his cycle handling the paper bag on the on the handles of the cycle and starts moving .suddenly he stops on the midway and gets down from the cycle .]

Swayam : tumhare hone ka sabse khubsoorat ahesas tab hota hai jab hum eksaath dance karte hai.

[ swayam starts dancing on the empty road wid  stars in

the sky and the moon on high on mere paas hai tu .

(reader do u remember swayam has earlier also performed on this song on roller skates and bench as prop, personally this song is my fav and the AR.rehman music give me goose bumps .) he jumps on the benches drools on the lamp poles slides down the hand car and imagines Sharon giving him a close company for a couple dance . the dance ends and Sharon vanishes away like a divine angle and again he sits on his cycle to move as the last music of the song continues to end mere pass hai tu, mere paas hai tu mere saath hai tu'''''''''

PEEE DHOOFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SCENE II END HERE  hope u like the way I write need your comments to continue writing plzzz.


                              SCENE III

[Swayam in his own dreams does not notice the car coming from front and meets a huge accident .[shit I am sorry] .Scene shifts to delhi airport where sharon is leaving for Mumbai .

Sharon : hah! Finally mai sab ko milne vali hun specially swayam ko bhi apne dil ki baat kehni hai and best part is ye flight jaldi hone ke vajaha se mai kal subaha college bhi attend kar sakti hoon .[just imagine sharon ki collage mein entry and swayam in hospital OMG!]

Scene changes to swayam being stretched to hospital. The hospital people get in contact with rey and he further informs other guyz. Rey is in hospital.

Rey : kaha mera dost wheres swayam???????

Doc : he is in a very critical condition and uske bachne ke chances bohot kam hai . hum puri koshish kar rahe hai par operation ka result nahi bata sakte L

Rey : kya'''

He is totally shocked hearing this, it is difficult for him to belive that a couple of hours agohe was so fine and exited for sharon and now ! by the time oters come in and start questioning him ]

Bharat : abey tujhe kuch chadvad gayi hai kya, kuch bhi bol raha tha phone pe .

Nil : hua kya hai ?

Vicky: aye bhai jaldi batana swayam kaha hai

Neha : neha's heart fearing kuch ashubh toh not happening with swayam naa'.

Vishaka : aye yaar don't talk stupid and you, rey will u speakout wats going on.

Simmi : please rey jaldi bolo kya hua hai

Rey conveys the bitter truth to them and no one is ready to listen to him

Bharat :aye mai bol raha than a isko sacchi mai chad gayi hai .

Amar : ley tu such bol raha hai

Vicky : amar tu pagal ho gaya hai kya rey kuch bhi bolega aur tu usspe vishvas karlega

Nil : aye rey stop joking haan and tell us the truth

Rey : YAAHI SACH HAI ! [tears in his eyes]

Taani : ye sach nahi ho sakta , bhai aap hamesha mere suppor banke khade hue ho aur abb yunhi bina kuch kahe app mera saath chodke nahi ja sakte [she stars sobbing loudly while rey comes to give her shoulder.]hey Krishna ji aap mujhse bhai ko ayese nahi le jaa sakte aur unke bina sharon bhabi unke bara mein toh aapne socha hi nahi .ye aap kaise khel khel rahe ho[sorry guyz thoda zyada drama ho gaya par jaha taani hai vaha melodrama toh banta hai bhai ]

Hospital staff requests them that only two people can stay back

Rey: guyz mai aur taani yaha rukte hai tum sab kal college mai jakar VP sir ko inform kar do as u know swayam AC-S hai toh some one has to take the charge.

Neha: par '

Rey : mai janta hun ki har koi yaha rukna chata hai par this task is also important and after all ajj hume rules follow karne padhenge ye hospital hai hamara collage nahi so plz guyz.

Scene shifts next morning in collage every one is so quite and in deep sorrow sitting in canteen .[just imagine ye log aur quiet that too in canteen ]


Sharon : hey guyz surprise! Mai kal ka wait nahi kar sakti thi issliye aaj hi aagai so how it?


Sharon : ajj suraj kaunse direction se uuga hai coz I have never seen u guyz so deperessed. '''''will u all open your mouth and tell me wats going on ''''''' speakup guyz.

Rinni : voh'..

Sharon : voh kya ??

Simmi : sharon voh yesterday night swayam ka accident ho gaya tha and he is in very critical condition. Uske bachne ke chances bohot kam hai ''''.

Sharon is stunnedfor a second ,she could not think of this in her worst fictions and its happening for real ! she comes back to she sencesand suddenly trembles down on the canteen chair. every one is shocked coz they still fell sharon is not affected by swayam .

Neha : what happening to sharon

[Sharon in stunned phase ]

Sharon : kaha haii voh ?

Nil :He is in city hospital

[sharon gets up and starts running from the canteen eventually she breaks her heels on the stairs, she throws her sandal away and runs bare feet out of the college towards her car she sits in the car and rushes to the city hospital . gets down and runs upstairs the hospital and finds rey and taani.

Sharon : kaha hai swayam ?

[rey's ficticious horros come true when ets to know that sharon is aware of the bitter fact. Sharon watches swayam through the glass partition . her heart pales down in strong aggression . she walks back and shows her frustration by snitching her hair backwards and trembling on the hospital bench .

Sharon : kyu ,kyu mai usse itna nahi bata payi ki mai usse kitna pyar karti hun, kyu mai hamesha use apne aap se push karti rahi aur aaj jab mai apni galti ko rectify karna chati hunt oh you are going away from me swayam

[rey understands that she has lost herself ,so he sits beside her and covers her with his friendly arm for the support . sharon cries bitterly leaning towards him.

Sharon : I love him rey , I really ''.really love him [sobbing in pain]

Taani : kuch nahi hoga bhai ko.

Doctor comes out of the operation room and all of them stand up to ask swayams health.]

Doc : he is still in a critical state and uske bachna uske heartbeat par depend karta hai . aap me se koi ek andar jaa sakta hai .[ it had to be sharon ]

She patiently opens the door and sees swayam lying on the bed . she starts walking towards him as if walking towards a ray of light, walking towards a ray of hope , walking towards a ray of love awaitning to brighten her life.she sits near his bed holding his hand between both her palms .

Sharon : swayam ajj mujhe phirse ye ahesas hua hai ki tumhare bina meri life kitni incomplete hai .kyu ayesa kar rahe ho mere saath abb jab mai tumse itna pyar karne lagi hoon aur hamesha se karti thi par '''''''.. [her eyes fall on a white bag kept aside wid some red blood spots on it . she takes it near and takes the teddy out, a soft smile arises on her face secondly she pulls the locket  and opens it ,her heart question again that how someone can love u soo much. Lastly she takes the card out and opens it to read the best phrases of her life !!!!!!!!!!!!                                                             

Tumhare aankho ke peeche tumhai muskan hai chipi

Kisi ne naa dekhi sirf mujko hai voh dikhti

Voh tumhara gussa ho guroor ho ya ho tumhari naarazgi

Tumhai har uss ada mein chipi hai saadgi

Shikayat sirf itnisi hai ki tumne apneaap ko naa hai jana

Jab janoi tab mujhe pehchanne ka milega tumhe bahana

Tears start escaping her eyes to praise the  phrase of this supercilious lover boy. Sharon could not stop herself and starts confessing at once

Sharon : jaan gai hun mai swayam jaan gai hun ,ki mai tumhare sivay nahi reh sakti coz 'I LIVE TILL U LIVE IN ME' and after making me fall in love with u ,you just cant go away [cries] swayam kyat um apni sharon ko akela chodkar jaoge , bolo swayam kuch toh bolo apni aakhe kholo and mere question ka answer do mujhe .

When she does not see him walking up her hopes break and she cries putting her head on hi hand .for last she feels to express her feeling and gives a last approach .she moves towards his face in affection and her rosily lips find their destination to the cheeks of her beloved one. All of a sudden swayams hear beats faster and he moves his finger placed between her plams .sharon arises to notice his movements and fill with emense joy and happiness. Swayam blinks his eyes and opens them slowly to gaze at his only fairy .[hava hava look look wid swaron music].he tries to get up but sharon stops him.

Swayam : aab mujhe mat rook sharon

He tries to sit upright and as soon as he is comfortable sitting sharon surrounds him suddenly with her cuddly arms and swayam is like is this really happening for us. His arms are still open in shock.he comes out of his thoughts and coves sharon with his long protective but calm armsat once [ kya scene hai yaar][with addicted music naa na na na nana]

Pearls with spark of love, affection and pain for her beloved one start rolling down sharon's eyes but there is someone to catch them and make her understand that these are not just some ordinary pearls but the pearls of his precious treasure of his life .a special comfort and a feeling of security is seen on sharon's face when she is between his arms and resting her head over his chest ,she feels ,she feels as if she has got him for her life and is never gonna leave him again.the care and affection for her is shown in swayam's surroundance of arms . for them the world is around but not on the ground ,coz they are in there own fairytales, overcomming their pasts and forming a new world THE SWARON DREAM WORLD''''''..

And suddenly theres a BANG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End of scene 3 hoof a long one thank you for following till now but the last part is yet to come so stay tunned and plzzz do comment. 

sorry for the delay guyz i will try my best to upload it till latest tommorow night and plz do continue reading thanks and sorry once again


The room door opens wide and there stand : Vicky, nilesh, amar, bharat ,simmi ,rinni, neha ,vishakha ,taani and rey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All stunned looking at this scene .

Simmi : yeh kaise ho sakta hai ?

Nil : are guyz sharon aur swayam ke beech mein kuch bhi ho sakta hai .

Neha : sharon swayam so happy looking naa

Bharat : aree koi inhe jagao lagta he gale lagakar mast me so rahe hai.

Nilesh makes a sound from his throat [usually made by people when someone is caught .]

It has no effect on any of the both .they are still in the same posture.

Nil clears his throat louder and swayam gets into the real world and is shocked after opening his eyes and dosent know what to say .he unwillingly removes his hand aroud sharon.[sharon dosent make a move still in dreams ]

Vicky : ye kya ho raha hai ???? ;)

Swayam : kuch nahi guyz just a friendly hug , vo meri CS hai mai uska A-CS hoon ,issi liye gale lagrahi hai .

Bharat : lekin aayese gale lag rahi hai ki uuthne ka naam hi nahi le rahi .

Swayam tries to wake sharon up ,he gently  pats her on her arms with his hand.sharon denies this gesture of his by giving a slight jerk as if not ready to come out of her swaron dreams ,as if not ready to leave him uulta she catches him more firmly like a small baby catches its pillow to go into deeper comforts and dreams .a small smile falls on swayams face , but then he realizes everyone is standing around.nil makes even louder noise from his throat and suddenly her eyes open and she notices everyone . sharon too unwillingly removes her hand from his arms and makes a quick distance and slides her flicks behind her ears in typical sharon blushing style.

Rinni :sharon you are fine naa ,collagese tumhe aayse daudte  huye dekhar that too bare feet hum sab tumhe follow karte huye aagaye .

Swayam: sharon tum bare feet aayi ho ;/

Sharon: tumhe iss halat me sunkar mujhe kuch yaad he nahi raha .[they look into each others eyes hava hava look look ]

Bharat : aye bhai ye romeo Julliet khatam ho gaya ho toh aasli baat batao .

Swayam : kaisi baat maine tumse kaha na aaisa kuch nahi hai.

Sharon : stop swayam, remember swayam maine tumse kaha tha ki jab tak hum ek doosre ke liye commited nahi ho jaate tab tak hum iss trial relationship ko secret rakhenge but now that I love u soo much and specially I know it then why not reveal it .[swayam is on his cloud nine to hear sharons commitment ]

Simmi : aur ye sab kabse chal raha hai

Rinni : she means abhi kitne ghanto se chal raha hai '

Sharon: from past 5 months .

[rinni starts counting hours for past five months , simmi pats her on her head for her sillyness.]

Simmi : aur tumne ye hume batana jaroori nahi samjha .how could u sharon ,that means u don't trust us .

She walks out in anger and sharon follows her.

Sharon : plz simmi maine kaha na ki jab tak mai iss relationsip ko lekar commited nahi thi mai ye baat kisi ko nahi batana chati thi. I am sorry .

Simmi : its alright sharon

Vicky : ok then sab kuch thik ho gaya hai that means '

Everyone : PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nil : aur party matlab''''..

Everyone : DANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rinni : but guyz dance ban xxx

Bharat : "Are hum jaha khade hote hai dance vahi se shuru hota hai "

[and everyone start dancing in hospital itself on the best beats of the show the very own title track '

' Hai ek zindagi do issko ek chance ,

Deke dekho deke dekho dil aur jaan ,

Life is fun its full of masti ''''''

Dil se karte hai hum sabse dosti ,

A one thing which is our life

Its salsa bhangda hip-hop jive

Dii di dil se dosti di di dil se dance

Deke dekho life ko ek aur chance


 Hope u guyz loved it and that's the dancetastic end of

I LIVE TILL U LIVE IN ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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next scene ?
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Next scene please!
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Nicely done, do continue ;)
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Nice continue soon
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Awesome story and do continue soon!!!!!!!!!
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Update next scene..
U write in a diff style ..
Good work
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It was awesome where is next one dear please update karo na yaar

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