Nadheswaram 19 - 23 Nov updates on pg-1

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Monday Updates
episode 656

Rajesh thangachi has told the whole story to his mother. Mother is worried as if hubby comes to know about this, he will kill Rajesh. She is also worried about Ragini family. She wonders what to do and panics.

Both Rajesh and kirthi meets up .. He tells her how much he loves her and cant live without her. He is willing to divorce Ragini and marry her Dead Kirthi gives him a piece of her mind. Ask him if his stupid to do this?? She is not the type of girl who will spoil another girl's life. She ask Rajesh to forget about her and have a good life with Ragini. Rajesh says its impossible as he loves Krithi nu. But Kriti tells him she will never agree to marry Rajesh and leaves after saying a firm good bye ClapClap

Gopi and gang on the way but their car broke down. He calls his father and says they will arrive late there nu. Meenash opens her thiruvai Confused but Sokku shuts her off. Meenashi later ask Rajesh mother if they can take Ragini back as Rajesh will be away for 4 days but Rajesh mother says not to worry, they will take care of Ragini nu. She then calls Rajesh and forces him to talk something to sokku and gives the phone to him. This panni Dead talks in english and pavam sokku does not understand a word and finalla Rajesh says bye.

Sokku and gang going back ..Meenashi starts her polambals about Gopi not coming D'oh Sokku calls Gopi and informs him they have left and ask him to come back home straight. Sokku also said that Ragini missed him nu. Gopi tells his father they almost nearing Rajesh home.. might as well he see Ragini and come too. Sokku agrees. Jegan takes the phones and ask for Meenashi Shocked who answers " enna sollunga.." Jegan explains about the car break down... Meenashi rombha sarcastica replies "ahh pavam nengalum enna pannuvenga.." Sokku immediately takes the phone from her and ask Jega not to worry and to go meet Ragini and come nu. Malar scolds her father.. Gopi ask her why tension, they are now going to see Ragini tannae after all.

At Rajesh house. Both his parents need to go out.. they ask both girls to be careful and will be back soon. Rajesh calls his sister and ask her for the envelope as he needs the address. Sister says the envelope is at her house and she cant go there now leaving Ragini here alone. Rajesh threatens her he will tell Ragini why he came to Banglore now and this will solve all issues.. Sister ask him not to do such and she will go and get the envelope Ouch  She informs Ragini she needs to go back to her house a while.. Ragini first hesitate but then says ok.

Its late night and Ragini is all alone ... thodarum

Promo this week

Umr Ermm seem like Ragini suspected something already pola..?



Ragini walks in and out of the house and gets dark.  She stays inside and current goes off gets dark. Scared and goes outside and stis and cries. zcar comes, Gopi and co arrive and Ragini runs to Gopi and cries. She tells no one is home and I am scared of darkness so I got scred. Gopi consoles, Jegan makes a statement saying how can they do it. Exactly Rajesh parents arrive and sister also comes running. Current comes back as well.

Rajesh mom asks Jegan to be quiet as she knoew what he did with his daughter. Jegan keeps quiet. They go inside takes coffee and ready to leave, Jegan tells lets leave Malar to give company to Ragini, Gopi calls Sokku and Sokku agrees and they leavehere there.

Rajesh mom doesn't like the idea of Malar staying there. Dad shuts her.

Sokku sits in the bed and thinks sadly. Meenu asks him what are thinkingnnu. She assumes Sokku is upset because Ragini is married and left. He tells I am not worried because Ragini is married but I see Ragini seems upset. She is not telling anything atll. Meenu praises Rajesh saying Rajesh saying he is the best of all the Mappillais. No one else had such an alliance. 

Gopi and co arrive they inform Meenakshi they left Malar to talk to Ragini. Meenakshi doesn't like it. Jegan an Ashok were about to leave and Insp calls Jegan and informs him that Gokuls father informed to SP and SP is giving pressure to close the case. So you better get a mun jameen. Jegan tells this to all and everyone shocked.


Wednesday (brief update stepping in for Laksh)
Every one decides to go hide,  and figure Selva went to Savari and  didn't have cell. Gopi goes to Ragini house. They decide to send Selva off as well as soon as he comes back.

At ragini house Gopi explains to malar Ragini why he is there nnu and tells them not to inform Rajesh parents now.

Rajesh mother doesn't like his presence there.

Jegan and Ashok goes to get mun jameen but lawyer says court strike, need to wait for few days and never get caught prior to that. He also scolds them for not filing a complaint against Gokul before. Jegan vera vazhi illama agrees to hide and inform everyone.

While they are away Ragini does some sleuthing and calls Rajesh office and realizes he is not working. She suspects some thing.




Thursday 22nd nov 2012

Ragini vaching oppari in her room...Gopi and malar comes there and gopi asks why ur eyes so teary??...Rags says i was sleeping...Gopi says they r going out for shopping...Ragini says she wants two suitcases big and one small...Gopi says then we should go to pattukottai...Ragini's MIL calls her and rags leaves ...

Malar and gopi comes out...malar says police ungala u r saying u want to go out for shopping??..Gopi kadupagi starts shouting...u r treating me like a serial killer...line aa kolai pannittu inga vandhu olinjurukka maadhiri u are talkin?...Iam here only for appa and mama...naan thappae pannala...

I feel very bad for appa...says gopi...He says...Gokul ...wherever he is...he should be fine...illainna ...naan,jegan,ashok and selvarangam ellarum ambo...Police will arrest us...Malar says gokul knows swimming very well...avan saagamattan...Malar consoles gopi...god nammalakai vida mattaru...

Dipti andher friend...Friend asks abt rajesh...Dipti says rajesh oorukku poiruppan...DIPTI nnu sollikitte rajesh comes ther...Friend leaves them alone..>DIpti shouts at rajesh...why r u here?...nmmadhiya vida maatiya??...Rajesh says i need ur darisanam daily...u go...i will come here daily to see u...

Dipti tellsrajeshto go back to ragini...Rajesh says i dont want her...i want u...i will come here and wait for u daily...Dipti yosiching...and says so...u love me sincerely??...Rajesh says aaammma...Then go and give divorce to ragini and come...Rajesh vaayellam pallu...says i will divorce her tomorrow itself..(avanga maama judge polarukku)...Rajesh leaves happily...

Dipti's friend comes there and asks ...why di appadi sonnadi??...Dipti says i dont know any other way to get rid of that rajesh...Dipti says he will go and ask divorce...they will mothufy him...Friend says enakku ennavo thappa thonudhu...>Dipti says she will change her house,and mobile number...and go away from this loosu rajesh...

Police station...Gokul's parents comes and fights wih inspector...tells him ti file a case against jegan and co...Ins says he will take action immediatley...Gokul's dad says he will also come ...lets go to  jegan's house...Ins leaves with gokul's parents...

Sokku's house...Mahesu poojai panning to Selvarangam...Mayil supports Selvarangam...mahesu extends her archanai to mayil and deivanai...Meenu,Selvarangam tellsmahesu to stop...Meenu tells SR to leave immediatley...

Police and gokul's parents aajar...Meenu and co super shcoked...Ins asks for gopi...meenu says gopi where??...we dont know...Gokul's dadtell ins to arrest SR immediatley...mahesu kaattu kathal kathing...She says ur son gokul aathula vizhundhuttan...Ins and gokul's dad shocked...mahesu,meenu and co thiru thiru...

Ins takes SR to policestation...says jegan,ashok and gopi absconding...only SR iam taking him...Ins warns mahesu...pombalai nnu iam leaving u...stay away...Amidst kathal and koochal inspector takes SR ...

Mahesu sings en purushan en purushan song...Meenu consoles her...Sokku arrives and meenu says our maappu arrested...Sokku shocked...Sokku shouts at mahesu...unnai yaaru gokul aathula vizhundha storya solla sonnadhu??...mahesu's en purushan oppari in full flow...Sokku and velu goes to police station...

Srima ma...vaanga...vandhu continue pannunga...all the best...


Friday - going to play Nadaswaram after a long break. Abaswarama vasicha don't get angry please.

Friday 23.11.2012

Police station. Inspector 2 thappat maarke asking Selva to speak out the truth. Selva pleads innocence. Gokul appa jumps up & down. Says selva is telling a lie. Jags family & Sokku family are hand in glove in teerthu katting his son. Poor Selva repeatedly pleads innocence. Inspector asks him about Gopi'r whereabout. Selva says he is visiting his newly wed sis Ragini. Selva tries to contact Gopi – switched off message. Second round of monkey jump by Gokul's father. Inspector asks Selva to contact Gopi  on Ragin's land line. No idea says Selva  but give Rajesh's cell number. Inspector contacts rajesh on his cell & updates the matter. Rajesh maapu super happy , now have a valid reason for talak talak talak of Pappu #2

Gopi/ Malr ready to go for shopping, ask Ragini to accompany. Ragini avoids citing headache as reason. Gopi gets worried , over pasa mazhai pozhinjing , offers to take her to the doctor. Get her tablets so on. Ragini somehow convinces them & send them off. Later confronts MIL , informs about her jasoosi work , Rajesh's blatant lie out in the open,  tells MIL  how her rosakkara kudumbam would react to this cheating . MIL is petrified & worried. Rajesh calls her. Mother shouts at him for his  behaviour , tells him about rags detective work. Suspicion has creeped in to ragini's mind. . Rajesh not bothered , updates her about Gokul matter & police suspecting Gopi & family in Gokul murder case & tells he has a sharper weapon to tackle Ragini. Rajesh mom is relieved, goes to ragini  & makes sarcastic comments about her pasakkara kolakara  kudumbam.

Sokku comes to the police station along with Mr. Karasev [ name marandhu pochu]. Gokul's father araiching the same maavu once more. Sokku tries to plead with the inspector for Selva's innocence &  release. Inspector says he is helpless. Sokku asks for a private talk with Selva. Gokul's dad interferes  once again , inspector gets irritated with him & puts him in his place. Sokku gets few moments with  Selva  , sad Sokku  apologises. Gentleman Selva gives him confidence, says he has no regrets. Sokku for his part assures to get his bail asap. Relax  till Monday as  Sokku watches Selva taken away in police vehicle with  moist eyes.

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Thanks Hopper. 

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Thanks for the updates Ratna.
At least that girl Keerthi [ or Deepthi ?? Confused ] is pretty sensible . She must marry someone else or at least pretend that she is engaged to somebody, so that this maanga madayan Rajesh will stop pestering her.

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Originally posted by srima

Friday - going to play Nadaswaram after a long break. Abaswarama vasicha don't get angry please.

welcome back srima ma.
abasawarama mattumdhaan vaasikka mudiyum ji...
nalla swarama vaasikanumna episode nallarukanum...
adhu 7,14,21 jenmam eduthalum nadakadhu...

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Thanks for the updates ratna.
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Late ah vandhu Wednesday seat pottachu..Wink.. Konjam late than update tum yeluthuvean
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Thanks Ratna for the update. This girl Kirthi or Deepti what ever it is [ once I heard rajesh calling her Deepti & once Keerthi - problem with my ears ??] , I am going to refer Pappu No. 1 & Ragini Pappu No. 2
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Originally posted by srima

Thanks Ratna for the update. This girl Kirthi or Deepti what ever it is [ once I heard rajesh calling her Deepti & once Keerthi - problem with my ears ??] , I am going to refer Pappu No. 1 & Ragini Pappu No. 2

Her name is Dipti.

Thansk Ratna for the update.

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