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PSH Express #3

daffodil81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 2:49am | IP Logged

Phir Subah Hogi Express # 3

Welcome all to the 3rd Newsletter of our forum Titled as
PSH Express.


Most Romantic Scene of the Week - Vinnie
Dialogue of the Week - Ash_arti
Disappointment of the Week - Julie
Rating of the week - Omaramdas
Emotional Scene of the Week - Sandy
High & low points of the Week - Julie
Pic of the Week - Omaramdas
Best Dressed Male & Female -Seemasr
Scene of the Week - Ash_arti
Summary of the week - Chalhov

Most Romantic Scene of the Week by Vinnie Heart

This  week the focus being on Karva Chauth, Aditya and Sugni  shared some light romantic moments. One of the most romantic  scenes  worth mentioning, was Aditya  trying to cheer up Sugni  and granting her wish to apply mehendi. The way he clumsily mixed the paste, which  Sugni had to finish..awww so cute, then he diligently  made the design on her hand. He  succeeded in his task of making her feel better. Also afterward when she wanted the water and he gave it to her, and when she lied down to sleep  he removed the hair from her face. All he while thinking how much he loves her and he knows she will learn to love him one day as well.

Dialogue of the week by Ash_arti


This week's best dialogues came from karvachauth scenes by Vikram.

" Iss raja ke jaan uss thote ke jaan mein hain. baap re baap tumharein haath mein diya channa dekh kar chaand bhi sogaya"

Disappointments of the Week by Julie


Kuhu and Digvijay had only had 3 scenes together since they returned to the village but already they are claiming to be in love and want to take their relationship to next stage(marriage.)

All were waiting for this jodi since the grapevine let loose the story of Kuhu-Digvijay to get married. But we haven't actually seen how their relationship has developed to the status of love and whether Kuhu will actually decide to marry Digvijay knowing the history between the two families. A little more time could have been spent showing how and when Kuhu's gratitude to him for saving her turned into love.


Ever since they got married, Adini have been claiming that they did it this to save ReVik marriage and for the family, but we haven't seen any actual attempts to regain the  family's love and trust . It is only spoken of in private between Adini but no action has taken place. Instead, we have the usual saas-bahu dramas going on and the story of Adini against the family is very mundane and predictable.

Ratings of the Week by Omaramdas

This week's rating was Star


This week we saw a determined Sugni who not only wants to prove that a Bedini can be a good wife,daughter inlaw but she also vowed to win back Maa saheb's trust. Adini performed their first karvachauth puja and Adi for the first time in his life worked as a ordinary baniya and brought gift to Sugni from his own money. Vikram refused to break Reva's karvachauth knowing very well that she cares a damn for his life or his safety.

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daffodil81 IF-Rockerz

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Emotional Scene of the Week by Sandy

Scene 1:

Sugni entered the kitchen with the intention of making a special breakfast for Adi and Maa Thakur, everyone looked at her with anger and hatred. Maa Thakur came and grabbed the pot of the stove and throw the tea away, she was extremely angry at Sugni for entering her kitchen and making it impure/contaminated with her presence. She further humiliated by taking away the Family Heirloom Bangles, and throw pots and pans on the floor for Sugni
to prepared food elsewhere, but not in her kitchen. Sugni was heartbroken and sad about the way Maa Thakur treated her.

Scene 2:

Sugni was praying to Sita Maiyaa in the Puja Room, when Suman screamed for everyone for come and see who has entered in it,Maa Thakur was furious seeing Sugni there. She grabbed and shoved Sugni out, telling to leave the Haveli, cause her presence is not welcome there. Sugni weeping and pleading to Maa Thakur to forgive her, and look beyond her background status (Bedni) and treat her as a "Human Being".

Scene 3:
Sugni looking longing at all the women of the house & other Thakurains applying Mehendi, she approached them and asks if she can also apply Mehandi, as she too is observing the Karva Chauti Vrat. Rewa insults and humiliates her to get lost, before Maa Thakur comes. Maa Thakur is upset and angrily tells Sugni that she will never be accepted as the daughter-in-law of this Haveli. Sugni is hurt by Maa Thakur's words and leaves feeling sad and heartbroken

Scene 4:
Sugni notices the Vrat Puja is about to begin and is hoping that Maa Thakur will allow her to participate. Maa Thakur angrily tells Sugni, that she was told to stay away from the place numerous times, still she keeps violating it. Other Thakurains humiliate Sugni, inviting her to do Rai dance at her childbirth, giving her money, because her presence is auspicious for the Puja. Maa Thakur further humiliates Sugni, telling her Adi married her only because she is Bedni & dancer.
Sugni who is extremely sad, heartbroken, and dejected, weeps bitterly in her room, for being humiliated and insulted by everyone.

High Points of the Week by Julie

TVS has not man-handled Sugni for the week and that is a huge relief as no one wants to see a woman being physically violated. Instead, he is using words to deliver some home truths to her and that is far more effective.

Aditya has kept his promise to Gulabiya by protecting Sugni. Even if it is  at the eleventh hour, he is there to save her from TVS.

The new developments on the Kuhu-Digvijay jodi { Kuhu aksing him to seek her family's permission to marry her}  is giving us some expectations of having TJS and Saroj thakurain back in the show to add the missing spice.


Low Points of the Week by Julie


Even though TVS is supposed to be evil, we are yet to see him succeed in twarting Adini plans.

The attempt to murder TVS, has reached a standstill, with no one in his family trying to find out who did it and if he is still in danger. Aditya has done nothing with the evidence he found and so Reva is spared once more.

Kuhu and Digvijay has reached the point of marriage much too soon. There was only one scene where he gifted her the earrings and then in the next they are confessing love and marriage. It would have been great to see how they fell in love with each other, scenes of Kuhu sneaking out the house to meet Digvijay. These are scenes that are crucial to this relationship bearing in mind the history of the families.

 Sugni is just shown to be spying on the families activities and then getting humilated when she is caught. That is the only interactions with the family for the entire week.

Adini is not speaking to Jiji at all and that is weird since Aditya was shown to love his mother alot in the beginning. Now no attempts to seek her forgiveness is on either of their minds.

Picture of the week by Omaramdas


This week's best picture was Vicky trying to break Sugni's fast by offering her water.

Another picture was Adi finally breaking Sugni's fast and sugni completing her karvachauth puja.

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daffodil81 IF-Rockerz

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Best Dressed Male Character by Seemasr

 This week best dressed male is Vikram Singh

With a formal dress he looked more handsome than his repetitive uniform. However I choose to ignore the color of shirt here .Later during Karvachauth he looked quite handsome in a pink sherwani.

Best Dressed Female Character by Seemasr.


This week's best looking actress was indeed Sugni. She looks  traditional in the 6 yard drape.After many days she got a fresh look ,adorned by saree and a new hairdo. During karvachauth she looked very beautiful and elegant in the red saree.

Special thanks to Ronshaan who helped me in sending some of the pictures.

Scene of the Week by Ash_arti

 This week there were few powerful and impactful scenes.

1st Scene

 Sugni comes to the kitchen to make breakfast for Adi while Maa Saheb comes and throws her out of the kitchen saying Bedinis like her are fit for bedroom pleasures and not to mingle with the Bahu Betis of the house. Sugni is rudely shown that she will not be accepted and forgiven so easily by Maa saheb and the others. Sugni is later doing puja when Maa Saheb again accuses her of polluting the entire  puja room with her presence, Adi comes to her rescue and decides to leave the haveli while Sugni decides to stay back and win everyone's trust.

2nd Scene

 The karvachauth scene had lot of drama, Sugni waited eagerly for Aditya while Vikram confident that Adi will not come tries to break Sugni's fast but Adi reaches on time and a happy Sugni completes her puja while Vikram looks on. Reva who was waiting for Vikram for puja is shown a mirror by Vikram who says Reva is only concerned about money & her status in the family and its tough to believe that she can fast for him and Vikram leaves without breaking her fast.

Summary of the Week by Chalhov

MS and all family members insult Sugni don't let her come to the kitchen and puja room and give her utensils to cook outside. meanwhile G is buying all things to give Sugni for KC vrat other Bedni's are jealous and talk in a condensing way and G shuts them up with her talk.  Digvijay tries to take advantage of Champa and G saves her for which he gets annoyed with her. Adi wants to leave haveli and go away but Sugni insists she will slowly win over everyone with her behavior. Adi tries to help Sugni and they bond closer by trying to face hardships together.

Meanwhile G comes with the KC things and MS insults her for bringing them and throws gold coins at G for being a dancing girl which G picks up and gives them back to MS to keep them for a rainy day and saying that she is capable of doing hard work.She leaves and finds Sugni outside cooking and then Sugni placates her mother meanwhile Reva also comes and insults both of them Adi comes and stops her and says Sugni is his wife and she has the right to keep KC fast for his long life. He then apologizes to G for the behavior of his family. G is happy and blesses both of them and leaves. Adi also goes out.


Suman is pleased with the way MS was told off by G but her husband makes fun of her and she goes away. Sugni comes inside and finds everything decorated with a slip written to wear the jewelry and clothes which she thiks are given by Adi but it is by TVS who says he will break her fast on KC day she runs away from there and collides with Adi who has laid out dinner for her from the things he brought they share the dinner. All ladies of the house are putting mehendi but all and MS insult her and send Sugni away. Adi notices this and brings her mehendi which he himself puts and they get closer.

Sugni listens to the Significance of KC vrat hiding and as Ms wont let her take her blessings she touches the footprints of MS and takes blessing.Adi feeds her early in the morning and as she is doing some work TVS comes and gives her new clothes to wear which she refuses Adi comes and tells him he will buy Sugni clothes.TVS says he does not have nor own anything but Adi says he will work hard and buy for his wife TVS says if he is unable to she will have to wear the clothes he gave.

Digvijay proposes to Kuhu who asks him to come home and ask for her hand. All women come and Ms gets an asthama attack when she sees Sugni Reva insults Sugni that Adi brought her and that she will do Rai and earn some money. Sugni refuses and tells Reva she will pray for her married life she leaves as MS tells her she will not be respected. She goes to her room and cries where TVs comes and asks her to come to him and when she scolds him he accuses her of trying to kill him. She refuses to have done so .Adi could not get work but finally as he changes to labor clothes and he gets one. Evening Adi wants money for the work he had done and go home but the owners asks him to complete and then go otherwise he wont get any money. Sugni is waiting but Adi does not come and all women break their fast and go away and only she and Reva are there on the terrace.TVS wants to feed her water but Adi comes and pushes away the water vessel and he gives to Sugni and then also gives her a saree from his hard earned money. TVS looks on and then ignores Reva and goes. Sugni wants to give MS kheer and take her blessings before eating..


Thanks a lot Vinnie, Julie, Oma, Sandy, Seema,Ronshaan &Chal for your contribution. Feels great !!!


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Great job on another fab newsletter.  Clap

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SmileAwesome job everyone on the PSH Newsletter Express:#3Clap
Everyone contributions were excellently done.Thumbs Up. Thanks Aarathi, 
outstanding editingHug

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Congratulations NL teamClap

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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Great Job every one!

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Thumbs Up Thumbs Up great job everyone

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