Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

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BB6 LIVE STREAM UPDATES - 18th November '12

** Times converted to India Time.
** Bold bits are important
** Red bits are spoilers.

Note: I will NOT be updating for the village house.

Earlier morning updates:

10:58am - Urvashi saying do you guys know what cold meds do. They block the flow and cause congestion in the lungs. Then she tells Niketan to say if he knows. Niketan says maine keh to diya. Mink at the sink washing dishes. She calls Niketan to come over to her for a minute. She tells him to pick up a vessel from the sink and keep it elsewhere. Vrajesh now washing dishes.

11:03am - Rajev still talking to Delnaaz saying that why is Sapna saying I wronged my friend. I would not have tried to get Sana to become captain. If Sana had to go inside, I would have never gone inside in the first place. Del saying even Sana wanted to be a captain. 

*back to village house*

11:08am - Urvashi in the kitchen retelling about Sana seeing something on the bed and she was wondering what she saw. Then they show Mink sitting on her bed.

*back to village house*

11:15am - Rajev just noticed hot water is coming in the shower and he decides to tell Delnaaz and go for a shower and BB makes an announcement and muted. Rajev seems to be running to take a shower for a 2 min shower. And Sapna gets in the other shower. Niketan telling Vrajesh in the bathroom that if the hot water doesn't remain after the announcement then we'll bathe tomorrow. Stay positive. LOL Urvashi runs to the bathroom as does Mink coz she wants to do "susu". Delnaaz asks permission enter captain's room and Sana says like this you can come in. Delnaaz asking her what she puts before prayer? She says itr. At the dining table, Vishal and Niketan eating and Vishal singing "thande thande paani se nahana chahiye...". Vrajesh seated there too and looking tensed.

*back to the village house*

11:22am - Urvashi talking about some problem she had in her abdomen. Extreme pain. When the dr. came the pain was better and he said something to do with the liver. Then by the time he left, the pain restarted and then he called her to the clinic and she was delirious with pain even after 11 injections and an IV line. Then he suggested she go to the hospital so she went to nanvati. In red bedroom, Sapna saying that you can go to the bathroom and Del says the blinds must be closed so Sapna is saying no because they are waiting on Rajev who is showering. I wouldn't have gone to shower but he went so I went. Mink comes in saying I didn't even take a bath. Del says you usually bathe early in the morning but I didn't want to leave Urvashi alone for breakfast. Del saying a task will come now. Mink saying yes I know. I'll keep my clothes out and will get ready quickly. Del saying she's having terrible neck pain. Mink saying oh coz of how you slept (on the sofa for the task). In the kitchen saying that did you know that when you take a tetanus shot then you have to take another next month which then protects you for 10 yrs (for adults, you only need 1 shot every 7 yrs).

11:29am - Urvashi says that task's planning is taking place outside. Then she requests for BB for 3 - 4 ladles. 

11:33am - Rajev saying that they usually tell us of the task and then close the blinds. Sana and Mink sitting in the red bedroom on their respective beds getting ready/doing make up.

11:35am - There's a lizard inside Mink's bag and Mink is scared. It came out and now the tail can be seen under Karishma's bag and she calls Niketan and he lets it run away. Outside Urvashi is telling Rajev to catch it and he's saying it's black and he's afraid it'll bite him. Urvashi saying no it's a regular lizard. Then she tells Vishal to catch it. Rajev says if you want to catch it catch it or if you want to eat it, that's fine, we aren't fussy. Dead Then Urvashi says that Rajev once caught a lizard on the front door's mat. He caught it in the mat itself and threw the lizard with the mat. The mat flew and landed on the wire. Neither did the mat come back nor the lizard. Rajev saying I was trying to throw the lizard but the mat also went flying. LOL

*back to village house.

11:45am - Sana in captain's room. Niketan in yellow bedroom lying down. Vishal sleeping somewhere. Rajev helping Urva chop onions. Mink saying her energy level is down. Jago jago is playing. Vishal walking into the kitchen. Sana getting off her bed. Karishma checking her suitcases for clothes. Sana is asking Del if she should take allegra and Del says no. Now Vrajesh in yellow bedroom talking to Niketan saying outside a lot of work is being done "full thokam thak".

11:50am - Vrajesh saying if I go out I'll have to tweet a namaste. Niketan says why? Vrajesh - for people. Niketan says twitter is stupid. It's fine if you are following big celebs and they are tweeting sensibly. Niketan saying even if I'm following you, I may not read what you are tweeting. What do you tweet? Vrajesh says, No, I'll just tweet a namaste. Delnaaz in red bedroom singing bach ke rehna re baba. Silence in yellow bedroom. Niketan asks Vrajesh, what do you mean? Vrajesh yawns. LOL Sana in kitchen with Urvashi saying she only puts moisturiser morning and night. She's not had acne problem till now. Urvashi says do thoo thoo. Then Sana says she just finished a 3 week antibiotic problem, you can't tell but I had a lot of acne problem and all her open pores were a result of cleaning her face for the acne. To close them she had 3 sessions of laser but she doesnt see a difference. Rajev singing tu haan kar ya na kar tu hai meri kiran in the background. Sana drinking tea. Vishal in red bedroom singing. Niketan n vraj still in yellow bedroom. Vrajesh talking about a movie he just did. It was a 10 day work which he finished in 5 days and dubbing is remaining.

12:02pm - Mink saying I like a guy with a good body not too many muscles. Sana agrees. Urvashi says Vishal jaise?Wink Sana says no, Salman jaise. Salman jaisa milega nahi aur Salmaan se zada chalega nahi. In red bedroom, Vishal and Del singing "duniya mein logo ko dhoka kabhi ho jata hai" with bored expression on their faces. Confused Del goes to give something to Karishma and Vishal walks out. Vrajesh walks in and says lag araha hai ki 300kg ka task aane wala hai and Karishma says aisa mat bolo. Vrajesh sings "keh doon tumhe" and Del picks it up and Vrajesh commenting on each line of the lyrics. Vrajesh suggests they have a conversation but he talks about something and she talks about something else. And then Del laughs and then they continue. In the kitchen, Urvashi is talking about the task coming and then Niketan going for a shower and Rajeev saying, will he bathe or postpone till tomorrow? Because he bathed during diwali the poor guy. Niketan just staring. Rajev saying, I'm joking, don't mind. Then he starts pacing singing and Urvashi and Niketan working on tea. Sana sitting with Vishal at the dining table and asking Rajev if he's going to mop now. He says yes. 

12:09pm - In red bedroom, Vraj teasing Sapna by calling her Barbie Bhavnani. Sapna saying I never knew people find it so difficult a task to sweep. Mink saying she's going to bathe in Sana's bathroom. And Del asks her what about your towel so Mink saying she'll wipe with her t-shirt. Del laughs. Vrajesh says what desperation. Del and Vraj discussing chores if he leaves on friday and if he doesn't. She's saying he wont go. He says he will. At dining table. Urvashi eating and talking to Sana and Vishal resting his head on the table. Outside hammering sounds can be heard. Urvashi saying they've hung a black cloth. Sana saying thats coz of us peeping out last time and BB even announced not to peep and sit inside. Niketan saying Urvashi, if the spoon doesn't work then you can flip it with the pan.LOL Urvashi says, yes yes masterchef. Sana talking about how chefs flips huge naans. Niketan talking about some best restaurant and how they make naans. Niketan showing his paratha flipping skills by bringing the pan over to the table. Urvashi says next time, you can only make it. Niketan saying dont mind but I used a wooden spoon. Urvashi says I have my way and you have mine. I dont think yours works because this paratha is not cooked from the inside so Niketan takes it to cook it more. Now Urvashi talking about Nihari with Sana and Sana talking about Moharram celebrations and food. And Baroda and Mohammad Ali road. Sana saying everyone's different khoja, bohris. Memons and Sunnis are similar. Memons are the most rich category of people. Niketan asking who lives in France, bohri leaders. Sana - I don't know. Khoja's leader. Niketan saying his house is in malabar hills. Niketan asking what's the difference between khoja and bohri? Sana saying khoja dont pray namaaz until they want to learn. They have their own jamaat khana and they consider everyone else non-Muslims even though we are all Muslims and they pray silently and they dont even share their duas. They'll never tell you what their prayers and duas are like. Niketan says that the khoja leader's base is in Paris.

*back to village house*

12:23pm - Urvashi saying in Juhu in 9jvpd main bachchan saab ko mana kar diya tha, no media, press or publicity. Sana saying about the green park and first when she said she's Muslim, they said ok but then they didnt allow because khoja's prayer happens behind and they didn't want anyone to listen. Millat nagar is only for Muslims. Urvashi but why?

*back to village house*

12:25pm - Urvashi - ...overnight club is shut down. (no idea what is going on). When they found out Dubai locals are staying at rent. Sana saying the rules are very different. Abu Dhabi is very boring, no day life or night life. Niketan saying have you been to Bahrain. Saudi and Bahrain has a similar. Bahrain is called europe of the east where everything is open, bars, drinking, no strictness. Sana saying Saudi and Jeddah are most strict. Niketan saying max caucasians in Bahrain. They've made a bridge over the sea so overnight people can go to Bahrain (60 km), party all night even ladies remove their abayas and can go drive back after partying thursday/friday. Niketan saying in Burj Khalifa, there's no chance you can stay there. I've seen the penthouse and I've seen it and it's for 20 million dollars and you wouldnt want to stay there. It was still unsold. Urvashi saying appreciate the property around Burj since that will grow. Sana talking about Marina bay. Niketan saying India main banne se pehle bik jata hai. Niketan saying the India island had already sold before the island was made. (he's talking about the worlds island off shore from dubai). The islands are in the shape of the world atlas. Niketan saying that the new year's fireworks, 50 times bigger fireworks for Atlantis. Nakheel said that I wanted fireworks 5 times bigger than the world's best fireworks for the Atlantis opening. Niketan describing the atlantis fireworks and went on for 15 mins. Niketan saying the fireworks pictures are in my phone. I'll show you. Niketan explaining how the fireworks took place, Each firework 100s going on were the same. Sana saying that New Yorks is also good. Niketan saying Burj Khalifa fireworks are also good. Urvashi saying every fornight kosa yaam.

12:35pm - Mink's hair after curling are looking weird and she's laughing. Confused Urvashi saying, washroom kholo. Sana saying that glass is so transparent that I thought I'd fall down. Niketan is saying Burj Khalifa aprtments windows cant be opened. Armani hotel is there. It's beautiful. Sana saying that she was very excited looking at Burj Al Arab. Urvashi saying a friend has a flat in khalifa and they gave it on rent. The tenant had gone they went and then they couldn't see. They went down and taking pics of a lobby. My friend in the meantime was talking to a sheikh and he knows about - he's the right hand man of Sheikh Mohammad. So the man took us right to the top and coffee was served and we acted very royal but I wore the worst clothes and they clicked pics with us and I feel embarrassed looking at those pics. Then the man showed us library and this and that and were calling him sheikh and my friend is not able to say he's not a sheikj. Then he was talking about cars and we went down and then I said kaash he had shown us our bentley so my friend called him and he brought the bentley and otu front and all the security were like come come and I was like no no and was taking a photo and he said come come and then she was sitting in and thers were taking photos. Her friend kept shooting photos of everything inside the bentley and people taking photos from outside After that security are standing outside and they are standing to wait to click pics with Urvashi and She doesn;t know how to pose with the car. So she was changing poses and then they said lets go to her friend that he wants to go home and friend said I took all the photos. Sana saying that they sat in a ferrari and the friend started to drive and we were very scared and as soon as we got out for a round and went there to the set straight away and the set production of the south indian fraternity wanted to take pics of her friend's ferrari. (sorry about any mistakes)

12:45pm - urashi talking about a london shooting and BB keeps shifting to the village. Ouch

*village house*

12:50pm - Sapna sleeping with her monkey. Vrajesh still on Delnaaz's bed. Rajev on bed in yellow bedroom. Back to dining table. Delnaaz has joined them and Niketan has left. Urvashi saying that they need to give us new bedsheets at least. Karishma taking allegra. Urvashi saying that we should never keep the clothes drying stand out for 24hrs. As soon as it gets dark, let it inside or insects come in with it and they must have bitten Karishma. More banging heard outside.

*village house*

12:56pm - Mink talking to someone in red bedroom saying she's very nice and never said I dont want to this or that. Sapna asleep with her monkey. Niketan in yellow bedroom. Rajev asking what's the chance of Sapna going home. Niketan 60% but we'll have to continue this conversation later because I have better things to do in life. LOL Niketan going for a shower. Rajev singing again.

*village house*
*taking a break - watching Oh My God on colors Embarrassed*

3:10pm - They got a task and some are animals in cages (zoo?) and some are safari hunters with guns. Urvashi is a hunter keep track on the animals ensuring they don't misbehave. Mink seems to be dressed as an ape. Vishal and Sana are tigers. Sapna and Vrajesh are bears. Sapna saying "isse sust sher maine kabhi nahi dekha. Apna costume pehen ke rakhna hai. Upar nahi chad raha?" LOL

*back to the village*

3:30pm - Delnaaz is also a safari hunter/zoo keeper. She and Urvash are in the kitchen now preparing food. Delnaaz is day dreaming while looking at the rice and daal.

3:35pm - Urvashi says to Delnaaz that Vrajesh is saying he has a bathroom ka problem so why didn't he call a dr.? Abhi tak kyun intezaar kar raha tha? Delnaaz saying that no bread and eggs rashan came today right? Urvashi said no, nothing. Back to cooking.


3:50pm - Delaaz and Urvashi working on some palak and cooking food.

3:58pm - Seems the daal and chawal are ready.

*back to village*

4:07pm - Urva telling Del to keep doodi for tomorrow.

4:11pm - Karishma is leopard and Mink is ape and both are asleep. 

4:16pm - Delnaaz asking if she should ask Sana to eat. Urvashi is saying that during the task she's not captain right? Then she says, kaunsa rule kab erase ho gaye pata nahi. Del and Urva eating a little food from one plate. Rajev is also a hunter/zoo keeper. Apparently he was asking for a scissor and Urvashi said, scissor ya knife? Delnaaz left the kitchen. Urva yelling after her to get their plates as well.

4:21pm - Niketan is an elephant lying under a tree in front of Mink's cage and Mink is making monkey/ape sounds. Rajev is talking to Urvashi in the kitchen and asking about the task and Urvashi saying we have to be strict with them. We can't give them pillows, blankets and all. I asked BB ki haati ko gale main baandoon ya per main and BB told me ki kaise yeh hamere upar hain magar we have to be strict. Rajev saying bahar sab so rahe hain. Urva - wo so nahi sakte, jagao unko, hum shikari hain, they have to do something. Then Sapna was saying kya haati aise leta hi rahega? She says baaloo so Vrajesh corrects her and says baaloo nahi re bhaaloo. Then someone (Rajev) saying this is a luxury budget task, take it seriously. Vishal only wearing the head costume and not the body. Sana sitting right against the bars up front and staring out. Delnaaz with a whip talking to Niketan. Inside the kitchen, Urvashi cooking and Rajev washing dishes. Urvashi saying they HAVE to do it. Rajev suggesting we can start with giving food to Vrajesh since he has to eat with his hands. Urvashi saying no one can eat with spoons. Urvashi saying we have to give it to Sana first since she's the captain of the house no matter what.

*back to village*

4:37pm - Delnaaz saying that she's in pain. Urvashi still cutting something. Delnaaz is taking food to Sapna's cage. Urvashi saying ask them if they need salt or onions or anything. Delnaaz taking food and onions out to the "animals". Rajev was saying that you can go, I'll stay here. Urvashi says, yes I'm coming. Now she's peeling another onion.

4:40pm - Urvashi is saying to Rajev "wo robe nahi chala sakte. Unko hamara hukum manna hai". Rajev comes over and says they are sitting on the ground and eating and Urvashi says, really? Rajev says it's a physically challenging thing. Urvashi saying that you are filling water in bottles so Rajev is saying that mugs hold more water than bottles so I'm filling them and then I'll fill the mugs outside so they can drink water. Apparently Mink asking for a spoon and Urvashi says no, she has to behave like a monkey or animals like they are. Rajev is saying please go out and tell them once what they have to do. Then she carries some dishes out. Outside Delnaaz is asking if anything wants salt, pepper or onion. Everyone eating lunch in the cage. Sapna is eating standing up. Vrajesh is sitting down. Their water is in mugs. Sapna is asking for tissues and Vrajesh is saying in an ape voice "yelo". Delnaaz is asking if they want anything "bhaaloo Sapna?". Cam zooms to Elephant Niketan sitting and talking to Urvashi standing in front of him. Delnaaz eating in the kitchen. She walks out eating holding her plate.

4:50pm - Mink is saying to someone that hers is also tight and he (Vishal) should take his hands out of a costume and behave like a lion. Sana is handing her plate back. Rajev saying to someone "tumne itne mehenge pyaaz waste kiye". Inside Urvashi talking to Delnaaz saying that she always says very nice in English. Urvashi serving herself. And asking if Rajev ate. Del is saying when we finish he'll come. Someone or the other has to stay there right? Urvashi says yes, under every circumstances. She tells Delnaaz to send Rajev in to eat food and she'll feed him and come out but be strict with them. Rajev talking about tea and she's saying no one will get tea. Animals don't drink tea. Animals will stay like animals only. Delnaaz going after Niketan (not seen). Vrajesh ape is talking to Sana lion in animal voices. Sana sounds like she's woofing. LOL

4:55pm - Mink still eating and looking every now and then at everyone. Now she's making a few monkey noises but mostly looking at others. Vrajesh beating his chest like an ape. Delnaaz is laughing. I think Vrajesh said he needs to go to the toilet so Delnaaz is saying when Shikari Rajev will come, he will take him. Mink swaying from side to side. Delnaaz carrying a plate of food. Vishal says Mink's name. She smiles and makes some monkey noises. Delnaaz saying that you aren;t allowed to chat.

4:59pm - Vishal talking to someone and saying have you seen the movie zoo keeper? No response. Sana and Vishal sitting very far apart. Niketan elephant still lying under a tree. Seems he's chained by his feet. Sana looks bored. Niketan trying not to let his eyes close.

5:05pm - Rajev asking who wants to go to the toilet. Urvashi is forcing Sana to move around the cage like a lion. Rajev opens Mink's door and has to chain her neck so she says laughs and he puchkaros her and asks her to come. She says dont do that. Rajev says I know its stupid but come na baba. Mink comes closer to the door and she allows him to chain her neck. She says dont pull it. Then she comes out making monkey noises and climbs Delnaaz. Urvashi is forcing Elephant Niketan to walk and move around and after a minute she goes to Vrajesh's cage who is standing against the bars up front. Urvashi says that yeh to badi confidently khada hai. And Vrajesh turns around and rubs his butt against the barsLOL so Urvashi takes out her whip to whip his butt. LOL Sana sticking her head out through the bars and Urvashi commenting ki yeh to poori bahar aa gayi. Vishal looks mega bored. Delnaaz is getting Mink back and she escapes. Delnaaz or Mink screaming. And Sana is laughing. Urvashi says no more bathroom breaks. Sana and Vishal laughing. Niketan elephant bored and sitting on the ground. Urvashi forcing to make 3 rounds in the cage.

*back to village*

5:20pmNiketan dipping his trunk in the water and splashing on Delnaaz from behind and she doesn't notice. BB announces that for sometime all housemates should come out of the house and go into the garden area. Niketan lying under the tree and holding up his trunk. All the animals are lazy. Mink monkey is sleeping.

*back to village*

5:30pm - Urvashi is forcing Vishal to do stuff and now she's forcing Vrajesh to do stuff. Sapna bear is lazy. Sana lion is squeeling so Urvashi says, are you a cat? She says no. Then make noises of a lion! So she makes grunting sounds and then starts squeeling again and giggling. She drinks water by sipping from a mug while it's on the ground.

*back to village*

5:41pm - Delnaaz taking back Sapna bear from the toilet and told her to be in character so she sticks to Mink's cage and starts jumping. Delnaaz drags her to her cage and Sapna goes hopping and as they put them in the cage, Vrajesh tries to come out. Now both Urvashi and Delnaaz trying to lock up the cage. Niketan sitting near the tree completely bored. Urvashi is yelling for Shikari Delnaaz to make haati walk so Niketan tells Delnaaz when she approaches that his knees are hurting on the hard ground. Del says to walk them but bent. So Rajev says how is this elephant walking on 2 legs. Niketan giving explanation. Now Mink fighting with Rajev that his whip hurt her. Rajev saying how can it hit you on the inside. She's saying am I mad that I'm telling you that it hurt me? Rajev saying please someone show her on the cameras. Mink still yelling that it hit her and Rajev saying it's not possible. Mics muted.

*back to village*

6:24pm - Mink is asleep in her cage but moving her toes. Vrajesh and Sapna are lying in their cages. Vishal is lying down and Sana is giggling after Del went away. Sana saying Niketan is looking cute! Shocked Rajev and Delnaaz are sitting at a desk and chair watching everyone. Niketan is telling Urvashi to go to Karishma leopard and ask her to talk, she'll meow so Urvashi goes laughing and tells her make sounds and walk around. Then she looks at Niketan and says put your hands down and Niketan says shoond upar kaise rakhoon? Urvashi says soond upar rakhne ki zaroorat nahi hai. And then laughs. LOL Sapna makes sounds in her cage while rolling about. Delnaaz checking on her and laughing Sapna stands up and makes ape sounds so Vrajesh says wait, we are not gorillas, first decide what you are. Identity Crisis. ROFL Niketan playing with his trunk and trying to sniff Rajev's leg. He seems to be annoyed and sits down to talk to Niketan.

*back to village*

6:40pm - *by ShahZur4Cruiser* Delnaaz complaining about Urvashi, "APNAY TASK MEIN KHUD HI APNAY ROLES BANATI HAY. RAJEV BE POLITICAL AND SARCASTIC  JUST SAY WITH POLITENESS NOT SHOUTING" *by enigmatic_zephy* " Wo to har task mein apna hi rule banati hai"  ( delu in chida hua tone for urvashi to rajeev... rajeev said urva has said not to give tea to others. Delu very angry with urva. n both bitching abt her rude, screaming behavior). *by ablazedmelody* Delu and Rajeev in the kitchen ! Rajeev saying he wont be nice to all anymore because they take advantage of it ! Delu told him not to stop being nice ..she is also saying always try to be diplomatic be diplomatic and if someone tries to fight be sarcastic no need to scream !!   

6:47pm - Overhead cam. Muted. Delu walking back and forth.

*back to village*

7pm - Delnaaz in kitchen mixing a pot full of food. She's emptying the cooked food into a bowl. Now Delnaaz making tea and pouring into 3 cups.

*back to village*

7:17pm - Delnaaz cooking something. Maybe it's daal. She gave it to Rajev saying it's his daal. Rajev saying he'll come and do bartan and tells her to make more daal. She says she'll make it after cleaning the platform. Sounds of fake animals coming from outside. Urvashi comes in saying bhaloovon ko meetha khana hai. Delnaaz saying badi wali barfi. Urvashi saying iske to tukde karne padegein. Urvashi saying is there an extra mug because Vrajesh was asking for it. Del saying that let's do something simple with potatoes.

7:25pm - Del cleaning the stove.

7:28pm - Rajev comes in and says as the task goes on and gets more difficult then everyone will be irritated. And then Delu saying that madam (Urva) will come and make khidchi. Rajev is saying that if she's only making khichdi then I'm not doing the dishes. She can make it. Delnaaz saying, yeah she's been cooking for the last 40 days. And as soon as she was asked to clean, she said she didn't want to do this and that. Rajev is saying that you are not going to start the food. Let her do it. She's again starting to dominate and if she does it with me, then I'll give it to her. Del saying as soon as task starts, her domination starts. Very conveniently she found a support system right in the last 2 weeks. Rajev saying that she now has Mink's support. *muted* Urvashi forcing Vrajesh back in his cage and locking it. Urvashi screaming for Shikari Delnaaz as Vrajesh is trying to escape. She manages to force him back in the cage and Delnaaz comes walking slowly and then walks faster grabs her gun and Vrajesh jumping around in his cage. Back to Rajev washing dishes.

7:35pm - Delnaaz in the bathroom. Urvashi can still be heard yelling at the "animal" contestants. Rajev washing dishes.

7:38pm - Delnaaz taking Mink to the bathroom. Rajev still washing dishes. Urvashi sitting and talking to Niketan who seems to be asking her if he can lie on his side. And she's asking him how on the side? Delnaaz waiting in the bathroom for Mink. Mink is out. Delnaaz zip her up from the back and they walk out. Karishma seems to be getting bored in her cage. Rajev still washing dishes.

7:41pm - Sapna and Vrajesh lying in their cage. Sapna tapping her foot on the floor. Vrajesh sits up and then lies back down. Someone is meowing. Muted.  Rajev still washing. Urvashi walks in and he tells her he's done all and last one is remaining and the others she can do. She stares, keeps a cup and goes back out.

7:58pm - Rajev finally finished washing the dishes and walking out. MUTED and cam stuck at the entrance. Urvashi walks in. Her turn to wash dishes. Ouch

8pm - Delnaaz walking in and wiping the kitchen counter and says "main topi pehen ke yeh kyun kar rahi hoon?". No response from Urvashi. She gives Urvashi a clean tray to place the cups she's washing. *boring convo about utensils and drying*

8:09pm - Urvashi still cleaning and Delnaaz hanging around. Urvashi saying people are getting rashes. Delnaaz saying we should ask them about food. Urvashi saying that people don't understand the task and are going on asking for pillows and blankets and BB has sternly told me not to provide those. I have already explained it 3 times and I've told Rajev this. I'm not going to talk to Rajev. I'll keep my distance. He will only look bad screaming at women. If I say anything he says I don't need your advice. Why are you raising your voice? Outside Rajev telling Vishal, talking to you "khatre se khali nahi hota". Vishal says why? Rajev says because kabhi main captain tha aur ab main shikari. Sana saying they do good putting a captain in the cage. Rajev is now telling Vishal sabr sabr sabr dhairya. Rajev saying at least you guys will sleep but I'll have to stay up. Sana saying that the animals have already slept. You can sleep at the desk and I will call if we have to use the bathroom. Rajev saying yeah you are crazy. Inside, Del and Urva filling mugs with water. Urvashi saying that if you want to behave like a child, then behave, It doesn't matter to me. If your existence only doesn't matter then what will this matter. Del asking if anyone wants water. Vrajesh making sounds. Sapna drinking and Del saying bas bas bas. Vishal singing in his cage "sajna tere bina". Rajev taking Vrajesh to the toilet. Delnaaz is saying don't sing to Vishal and Vishal says "aap kya jaano janwaron ki zubaan".LOL Sana says gana gane ka bahana chahiye. Delnaaz standing there. Sana talking and muted. rajev talking to Vrajesh and saying I cant sit all night in shorts. And it's so cold that all the more people would want to go to the toilets. There's no scope for baghiri. If you say your back is hurting, we just say chup. And they leave the bathroom. Overhead cam and muted.

8:27pm - Vishal singing again. Del and Urva standing near Karishma's cage. Vrajesh making weird sounds. Sana making noises. Vishal saying to Vrajesh bear to attack the hunter and Vrajesh pretending around. Delnaaz asking Vishal if they have to sleep out all night and Del says yes. Rajev is saying you guys are sleeping nicely and we have to wash dishes, cook food. Del saying aur potty karane leke jao.  Now Delnaaz is talking to Vrajesh and Sapna. Sapna saying cheeta karishma. Delnaaz saying that Vishal said 3 people are will be resting and actually it's the opposite. I could have easily been a bhaaloo. Urvashi comes in and asks whats happening. Sapna asking Del if she heads to the bathroom to get baby oil, her lips are getting chapped. Del saying bear wants baby oil? Sana asking Urvashi if she can make potato sabzi. Del heads to the bathroom. Vrajesh singing now. Urvashi saying Karishma ki halat kharaam hai. Vrajesh is saying lips pe baby oil. Delnaaz is getting it. Rajev talking to Sana. Iska abhi sirf bees hazaar. Sana saying only if I stay 2 more weeks. He's telling her that the prize money for her with also be total under 19. Niketan snoring. LOL

8:38pm - Sana wanting to go to the bathroom so she calls shikari delnaaz. Del puts a collar around her neck and starts running on all 4s and says jaldi chalo shikari.  Rajev - very good very good sana khan. Sana - shut up. LOL Vishal alone in the cage. He said to Rajev ..usko zada bura laga kya? and then starts singing jeena yahan, marna yahan. Rajev in yellow bedroom saying to BB he's going to wear khaki pants coz he's feeling cold on his legs and starts changing in the room itselfConfused. BB shifts to outside cam. Urva saying she'll make potato curry. Sana done using the bathroom and using mouth wash. She applies lipstick and Delnaaz says Oh God sherni lipstick laga rahi hai. Sana says lets go. Rajev comes in and elbows Sana. Vishal singing and Del says ja apne sher ke paas. Sana saying she'd rather be a puppy. Urva saying wow what a sher who sings. Sana telling Urvashi to dance. Then asks Urva where she's going and she says to cook food. Sana saying if everyone sleeps now how will they sleep at night? Urva del seem to have gone to the kitchen.

8:51pm - Del filling mugs or bottles with water. Urva looking for a yellow knife which rajev gave to mink n mink said she kept inside. Del n Urva peeling potatoes with their hands. Urvashi is saying that these people are lazy. How can the task be only this? So we have to be strict with them. Del saying how many times do we say don't sleep, keep roaming in the cage. Urva saying unse bada task to hamara task nikal gaya. Task actually hamara hain. We have to keep an eye on them. Del saying that take them here and there, cook for them. Urva saying, There has to be a catch but no one is listening to me.

8:58pm - Urva saying that these potatoes won't mash so del says, we won't make too much.

*will continue after tv telecast*

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Sunshine797 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 8:27pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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bhunilu Senior Member

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 9:56pm | IP Logged
Nik-Karishma Love story kab suru hoga???CryLOL

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minihashu Goldie

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 9:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by bhunilu

Nik-Karishma Love story kab suru hoga???CryLOL

Karish and nik are in the girls bedroom talking but stupid bb not showing 
bhunilu Senior Member

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Originally posted by minihashu

Originally posted by bhunilu

Nik-Karishma Love story kab suru hoga???CryLOL

Karish and nik are in the girls bedroom talking but stupid bb not showing 

STUPID BBAngry Ek Love story toh banta hai

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susan29 IF-Sizzlerz

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actually if the others also walked to house 2 it must be close...also once niketan said he felt he heard BB announcement...then he said no aur koi avaaz hoga...

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shaf13 IF-Dazzler

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ye village house ka idea kiska tha naam batao laash uthwao AngryAngry

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