The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College

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Next chapter ki no guarantee. 

Chapter 7

The air was cold. Summer finally felt like it was bidding us good-bye as monsoon started to kick in. The air was damp and I felt a sudden urge to wrap my hands around my arms. Ayush didn't stop typing; it was as if me standing here being analyzed by these young spies made no difference to him. But again, knowing Ayush--of what I know--it probably didn't. Mr. Saxena turned and started drawing arrows on the board. My eyes stared at them, unknowingly cracking the codes.

I wanted to come out straight and ask what's going on, and the same time it felt like I was being nosy. But then I thought back to my eventful night, and I stood a bit straighter.


"So--" I started, and Mr. Saxena turned to look at me. Ayush stopped typing and looked up at me with a condescending look. "Where am I?"


"You're safe." Mr. Saxena said slowly turning back to the board, drawing yet another arrow. "Ayush will drop you off."


"What?" Ayush asked startled, but then he turned to look at me with a smirk.


"I am perfectly capable of finding my way back to my room." I snapped. They turned to me. Ayush rolled his eyes. Did I tell you? Being a spy and all that, I am allowed few murders.


"No offence Neesha," Ranveer said. "But you don't even know where you are."


"I will go back the way I came from." I turned to go towards the tunnel, but then a thought struck me. I walked over to the old chalkboard. Picking up a white, powdery piece of chalk, I scribbled an equation in a corner. "Your algorithm."


I turned on my heels, not sparing even a glance.


I didn't think about anything until I was back at my room. It was 5:12 when I barged in; the clock was ticking my head furiously. I have no idea why I was furious. I mean, I know I was being impulsive and I have no right to be angry at a bunch of male hormones, but I was! Because they weren't there for a bachelor party, they were there with a purpose. They though I was an idiot, and won't figure it out.


But I did see it. I couldn't help but see it.


They were cracking codes from my father's last mission.


Ayush's laptop was the same one I had last seen five years ago. My dad always kept it around himself. The codes Mr. Saxena had scribbled all over the board were the numbers matching those on my dad's sketchpad back in Delhi's apartment. That was his last mission before he went missing.


"We have some work to do!" I said as I stepped in to see my friends rubbing their eyes, already awake due to my sudden barging.






The most exciting words and so far my favorite are "Covert Operation class!" Really. I love CoveOps. So as we rushed towards the elevator that took us one level lower, I felt my adrenaline pumping in. We halted before the elevator door, as Mr. Saxena stepped out in all glory, wearing another of his black leather jacket. He was completely shaved, but there was a little fresh cut on his left cheek. His eyes shined in the reflection of the sunlight. Can our teacher get any hotter?

We followed him through the halls, and out the school. We didn't stop until we reached the white van with Royal Institute crest on it.


I don't know if Ashvamedh boys often take days off to travel in van with a bunch of girls or not, but Royal Girls are definitely not used to sharing sits with boys. Usually, the girls were quiet and calculating during a ride to covert operation exercise, but as Mr. Desh turned on the familiar road of Kishori, I couldn't help but notice how that had changed. Really, flirting is contagious.


Sitting with six of my sisters was very much relaxing than sitting with...boys.


"Mr. Saxena!" Mr. Desh said loudly, his voice laughing. "You have done excellent job with ladies! Just excellent!"


Mr. Saxena had lectured us about rolling exits last week. I wondered if he brought us here to roll people out of a moving vehicle. But then I remembered Mr. Desh was driving.


"You should learn a lot from this man ladies!" Mr. Desh quipped. "Girls and boys, this man is a living legend..."


"Just as long as they remember the most important part of that is living."


"Ladies and Gentlemen," Mr. Saxena said as if the latter had always been there. "The technology gets smarter, and people gets dumber. There are few techniques that takes smartness, and today you will be tested on it."


"So right! I was telling Headmistress Rai just that--"


"You will be roaming the places you know very well, and with friends you know very well." He continued as if Mr. Desh had never uttered a word.


"What are we really?" Gen asked beside me.

"Brush pass." Mr. Saxena took out a coin from his jacket's pocket and balanced it on his thumb and finger. With a swift movement he flicked the thumb and the coin rolled in perfect rotations. "You're bunch of private school girls playing tag."


I felt my nervous heart start beating. I like to think it was because I was excited about the CoveOps exercise, and not because Ayush had leaned over me to take the coin from Mr. Saxena. He then gave it to KD.


"Define Brush Pass Ms. Raman." Mr. Saxena said, turning away again.


"The act of covertly passing object between two agents."


"Correct." Mr. Saxena said. I expected boys to roll their eyes. After all, this was the most basic exercise of being a covert spy. But it must be important, because Mr. Saxena sounded serious. "It's you and the streets today. Little things matter. Step out in pairs."


Then he brought out the familiar bag of coms unit. We put the tiny pieces in our ears, and pinned the cameras fixed in rectangular Indian flags.


"Listen and watch." Mr. Saxena said. "Remember to communicate. Observe."


The van stopped and we started stepping out. I looked at Gen and started to step out but Mr. Saxena's voice stopped me.


"Oh no Ms. Rai." He said. "I think you already have a partner."





The air was warm and windy. My hair was out of control and my bangs tingled against my forehead. . I tried hard to not worry about how I looked or how I walked. Brush pass should be really easy. As long as you don't get caught, you're safe. If you do get caught, however, it can lead to death.


And of course, there was another thing that your partner id your lifeline during covert operations. And at that moment, my partner was Ayush.


"Come on Princess, this should be fun!" He said. I didn't reply. Mr. Saxena asked a question every minute, and I kept my eyes on my objectives.


This shouldn't be fun at all. I was in the streets where I had met, hugged and broken up with the sweetest boy in the world. And now I am on the same streets, participating in a clandestine service with another boy. Who is not sweet at all!

So Instead, I asked him a much simpler question.


"Why do you call me that?" I asked, watching the empty park we were walking towards.


"You surely know, Princess." He stated. We were standing in the park now. Ayush reached out towards the swings and curled his palms around its bars. I walked around and sat on the swing instead, feeling the weight of last year's events with Kartik pressing down on me. I was just four feet away from the broken brick behind a pillar that had all our letters hidden.


"Come here often?" Ayush asked, taking a sit on the swing next to mine.


"Ms. Sharma, you passed three cars twenty seconds ago. Name their number plates." Mr. Saxena's voice was clear against my ears. Shakshi rolled off numbers and letters off her tongue. I put my head against the thick iron chain and gazed off into the distance past Ayush, at Gen and Kush. They were walking down the footpath, Gen jumping over line of the footpath every other step while Kush walked behind her with an amused smile. His voice was soft, as he talked to her in low murmurs.


"I used to, until Research and Analysis Wing's deputy director made me promise I will never come here again."


Ayush's laugh was low, as if I did cracked a joke. Which, let me clear, I didn't.


"Okay Ms. Gujral, you're next. Make sure you make your pass quick, and observe your surrounding." Mr. Saxena said. I put a fringe of my hair behind my ear and pushed my feet against ground, floating in the air. In a far distance I could see KD and Kiya walking down the road. Kiya and Gen passed, their palms brushing for a split of second. I couldn't help but smile. She belonged. "Very good Ms. Gujral."


"So, what about you?" I turned to Ayush. "Where exactly is this Ashvamedh Institute?"


"Academy." He corrected me. "And that is classified."


"Right!" I said annoyed. "You can sleep inside the walls of my school, but I cannot even know where your walls are?"


"Trust me, Princess." He said softly. "You don't want to sleep inside my school."


"Ms. Raman, two man are playing chess in the corner caf. How many moves till the checkmate for the man playing black?"


"Four." Gen said, never breaking her stride.


"Why can't you tell me?" I asked Ayush.


"Just trust me, Princess." He said, walking over to the slide and sitting at its edge. He fixed me with an intense gaze, and I felt more than a quarter pass between us. His voice was as soft as he can, but I heard it clear. "Can you trust me?"


"Ms. Sharma, there is an ATM behind you. ATM means cameras, careful!" Mr. Saxena said. "Good job. Now, Ms. Rastogi, it's your turn."


I got up from the swing and turned around, walking into the direction Panchi was walking down at me. I felt Ayush's steps shuffle behind me.


"Saxena's good." He said after a moment. I nodded.


"Yeah, he is."


Panchi lifted her left hand and pointed at something in the sky to Ranveer. But Ranveer made a face because apparently, Panchi was holding an ice cream in her hand. The top cream toppled over and they both were looking away as we passed them. I felt a little brush against my palm, and the silver coin was cold against my palms.


"Very good Ms. Rastogi." Mr. Saxena said, and now I felt his eyes following me. I heard Panchi and Ranveer laughing behind me, joking about the ice cream.


"Ayush, there is a building next to the park." Mr. Saxena said. "How many windows did it have facing east?"


"Thirteen." Ayush said, not pausing to think even for a heartbeat.


I walked around the corner, only to realize Ayush wasn't following me anymore. I turned around in confusion, but then a voice made me turn back again.




Oh my bloody god!

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RES! :)

-- UN-RES--

Busy with practicals & exams Prach so this time chotu sa comment Embarrassed

They were cracking codes from my father's last mission. WOAH! so this is the reasons why they are here!...we are so hooked to this FF.

"Oh no Ms. Rai." He said. "I think you already have a partner." 
Wink Embarrassed

Who Called her? whoo??!!! Btao na Sleepy LOL

Gotta go now,sorry is barr itna hi chota comment. But the chapter was awesome!. Embarrassed

And yes, as you have said ki you are leaving I-F, would love it if you continue this FF, try if you can. Simply Love this FF. And Love you!.Smile

-Shreya and Kanishtha

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Alright, so have I mentioned how much I love you? Because I do. I love, love, LOVE you for this. I mean it. You've got so much on your plate and yet, you updated this. It's commendable and I really appreciate it! Embarrassed

I love the way you've opened the chapter. It's brilliant! You were right, you DO go more for surroundings! LOL

'Being a spy and all that, I'm allowed a few murders' - Now now Neesh, you won't harm Ayush in any way, and we both know it so don't threaten! Wink

'They were cracking codes from my father's last mission' - OOOHMYGOD! Her dad's mission!? They're still working on it? That's why the boys are here? Shocked Damn you Prachi, this is SO bloody interesting. LOL  And yes, she's a spy but MAN, she's good! She remembers EVERYTHING! 

'We have some work to do' - Uh-oh. LOL I can't WAIT to see where this leads. And CoveOps IS really amazing. That's how we met Ayush! Isn't that right? Wink

'Mr. Saxena stepped out in all glory, wearing another of his black leather jacket. He was completely shaved, but there was a little fresh cut on his left cheek. His eyes shined in the reflection of the sunlight. Can our teacher get any hotter?'

Yes, so wherever this person is, TAKE ME TO HIM NOW! Day Dreaming I've named him correctly. SEXY-NA Embarrassed Haayyyeee. I can't believe you've made me moon over TWO fictional guys. I dislike you SO much! LOL 

I swear, Mr. Dev seems to be obsessed with the whole 'excellent' business. I still giggle at that 'excellence at Ashvamedh' line! LOL

'Just as long as they remember the most important part of that is living' - Could Sexyna get ANY better? He's sarcastic too! I LOVE HIM! LOL

Oh Neesha, you're fooling yourself. OF COURSE your hear was beating faster because Ayush leaned over you. Haayyyee, TWO hot guys, in one chapter? I'm telling you, Ayush is MINE. Back off Prachi! LOL

I KNEW Neesha-Ayush will be paired. I just knew it. Fate isn't on her side, is it? Wink Or maybe it is, and she doesn't know it! LOL Ayush is going to become more than your lifeline, m'dear! You just WAIT! But you better not do anything hanky-panky with MY man, okay? LOL

And you're right Neesha. Ayush isn't sweet. He's CHOCOLATE! LOL (P.S - There's Zach instead of Ayush there, you might wanna change that) 

'Can you trust me?' - OH DEAR GOD. I've gone to heaven. I can just imagine how he sounded and all that. His voice all soft and husky and I'm going mental. I just know it. My brain is SUCH a weird place to be in. ROFL

HOW do these people NOTICE these things?! Yes, they're spies, but STILL!!! I wanna be able to do that. It's SO cool! I can't even PLAY chess! Ouch

Oh MY GOD! It's Kartik isn't it? It's GOT to be. WHY would you stop there? You know I don't like cliffies! LOL

So, you know what's coming next, isn't it? NIKE, PRACH, NIKE!!!! LOLEmbarrassed

Kudos woman! Embarrassed

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Originally posted by CutielovesChocs

I am SO flattered. Another chapter in my name! WHOOOPPPIEEE!!! 

Uh…Yeah! ROFL Sorry for reply late!



Okay, can I just say...HOLYSMACKREL!?!!!!!!  Eeep! Thank you! Your Holysmakrel is like Madhuri's purrfect! ROFL


Let's begin: Ahem. LOL


OMG, yes Ayush, yes you're VERY special! I honestly don't know what Neesha's problem is. I'd HAPPILY dance with Ayush. Yes, HE'S MINE! I don't care if he's your creation okay? He's mine and that's it!  Our lives are SO sad. We do IB and fantasize over boys that don't exist. *sighs* That being said, Ayush is still mine! 

ROFL AYUSH IS MINE! I think I made that clear! I am ready to fall on my knees to dance with him! LOL HAHA! YES! We are such sadistics! *Shakes head*

Whenever I hear Mr. Kashyap, I think of Aditya!  But I don't mind. Ayush Kashyap is just as hot and dashing and charming and great! EEEK! They're dancing! *squeals like a phangirl* 


HAHA! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Aditya. I don't know why. But he is just so geeky Sexy!Shahid *Sighs*



Honestly, her PROs are CONs and her CONs are PROs. Some of them anyway. Except the one where she says 'Your partner is very cute (and hot). That's not a maybe pro, Neesha darling, that's a DEFINITE pro. 


ROFL that was my whole reason for doing Pros and Cons. It tells us a lot about Neesha's mentality. ;) Uh, one realizes how special something is until they are gone *Wink wink*


Oh damn, I love Gen too! She seems so bloody fed up of Kush (I have a feeeling he's pretty hot too)


You love Gen because she is fed up with Kush? What the! ROFL And yes, in my eyes—Kush is the hottest and cutest. With his Hrithik Roshany eyes and all. But Ayush's character is my favorite! :P


I wonder WHY she didn't try and get rid of Ayush.  AND YES! I was right! KD-Kiya have a super-star famous waala connection!  OOOh and I LOVE the description of the uniforms. It fits perfectly. 'Neesha is beautiful, as a night can be' YES! That means he's referring to me too, since my name means night! DAMMIT, why wasn't that Ayush's dialogue? Oh well, I"ll just pretend it was! 


You know everything! I HATE YOU! *Throws sade huye tamatars* I described uniforms? I don't even remember! I describe like…EVERYTHING! ROFL Spy in making xD


And as I said…Kush is the hottest. Cheer up ;)

SEXYNA! He's back!  I missed him. OOOH, what does he need to meet the boys for? This is SO intriguing!! I have a feeling it's a mission. Related to the girls  More specifically, I think that the last time Ayush trailed Neesha wouldn't be the ONLY time he'd be watching over her! 


Haha! Hamara Sexynaa! xD He won't go anywhere, he is the second male lead after all ;)


Well, THAT is a secret. And your last line is just a very minor part of what this is all about! :P


She's SO nosey! I LOVE IT!  I loved her thought process to be honest.  The questions, she had SO many! But she settled for none. Brilliant! It's just subtly put how much she hides her feelings and relies on observing things around her. 


HAHAHHA! YOU LOVE IT??? ROFL Yes, Neesha's character is kind of..normal. She isn't perfect. She isn't total rebel, she isn't total sweet and nice. She is bittersweet..normal. Well, as normal as a spy can get! LOL

JAYYY!  And awww, 'Neeshu'! That's adorable. WHAT THE HELL happened to her DAD!? Gah, this is SO interesting, it's got me hooked! Damn you Prach! 


Neeshu <3 Her Dad is a Dead protagonist ROFL Wait, I shouldn't laugh at that. Sorry. But her dad plays an important role. He is MAYBE dead, MAYBE not. :P



YOU jUST HAD to leave it at that point, didn't you!? I can't wait to know what's next. NIKE Prach, NIKE! 


LOL Next part updated mam! And saw your comment. Replyingg! :P



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Originally posted by muzzy_sk

RES will Un-res ASAP..maybe a few days busy with exams right now. :)


Firstly typed a LONG comment but net crashed, seriously like, KILL ME!.  so typing everything again, at least the things we remember.


Oh damn! :( That is so not fair! Thank you for retyping!! Honestly, if I were you, I did just throw my laptop and walk away ROFL

and yeah, we are supposed to be studying right now, but studies can wait right?!

was going to remind you about this FF y'day but here we come and voila! have already updated!. We SO love you Prach!

Aww!! You guys are so sweet <3 Love you guys! Thank you so much! And no, I did rather you study than read my nonsensical FFs! LOL Studies are more imp. Experience! ;)
Coming to the FF, awesome update 

Thank you !

"Did you hear that? I am special!" Ayush whispered in my ear. Neesha's face man, when he would have said this!

Haha! Annoyance, for sure! I did blush to death if he whispered that in my ear! ROFL

Loved the list of Pros and Cons, esp this one: Your partner is very cute. (And hot) --PRO (Maybe.) You seriously doubt Neesha??!!.. We don't!.

Haha! Thanks! And yes we don't! Everyone loves cute and hot Ayush! ;)

By the time for lunch, I had thought seven different ways to get rid of Ayush  BUT why din't she get rid of him?! hmmm 

Aww! Neeshu is fallin'…xD

Okay so mystery revealed, Kiya know KD through Chudail. Hmm nice.

*Cough* Yes! :P

okay,now, WHAT THE HELL is going on, in Royal Insti man!. Boys and Saxena what are they up to?!. Looks like a mission* ah! intelligent people we are  * seriously what is it?!!.


Haha! Mission…Well! You will have to wait an watch. All I could say is..The REAL story has just begin! ;) And yes, you girls are very intelligent <3

Loved the detailing of how she the mysterious place.

okay so,What exactly happened to her Dad?!!.. :O

Thank you =D And that is a mystery! :P

"Neeshu has a very bad habit of exploring at odd hours." firstly, Awww Neeshu sucha cute name!. Secondly, that's a LOL statement.

See? Even the super studious and serious Mr. Sexyna err Saxena can make sarcastic comments! ROFL

Loved the face that she didn't ask anything about her Dad, with all confusions going in her mind, that was smart move. Good one.

Thank you :D

"This wasn't planned, was it?" Kush was the first one to break the silence.


"No shit Sherlock!" Ranveer whispered. 

The endings are the best part in your updates. Bas, bhut jaldi aa jati hai.*now don't throw a chappal for this  *


LMFAO! I would write a 4000 worded essay, [Which is A LOT! Considering the 4000 worded essay I have pending for IB!]and you will still find it short! Kya karu kya na karu yeh kaisi mushkil haye? LOL

so you're not updating this till next week, hmm..okay..but update this ASAP!. and Sabse phele!


Err, already updated! ROFL

and no worries with replies yaar, when you get free do it. BUT Update this!.

-Shreya and Kanishtha


Thank you so much both of you <3 specially for retyping all of this! Love you! Mwahs! <3


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Prach - You're also calling him 'Sexyna' ab! Big smile
RKDramebaaz IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by CutielovesChocs

Prach - You're also calling him 'Sexyna' ab! Big smile

ROFL You're contagious! YES!! After all, he IS sexy ;)

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