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***Teri Meri Kahani*** An SS on Shahid & Priyanka

sweetangelpayal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 10:52am | IP Logged

*** This Banner has been made by me solely for the purpose of this work of fiction. Not to be used elsewhere without my permissiom***

Guys, AM here with a new SS/FF! on Shahid Kapur and Priyanka Chopra.
I know its a different concept, but do give it a try.

This SS was written by me as a gift to a friend, and had come up with the title a year back, actually i completed this in May.
ANyway, The Title, as the banner says is (Oh and yes, I have a logical reason for having that title.)

Teri Meri Kahani

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sweetangelpayal IF-Dazzler

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NOTE: For pm's add me to your buddy list.
1)This fiction does not have Shahid and Priyanka playing any roles.
they are the individuals we all know. bollywood actors.

2)Some obvious facts would appear here. I would prefer not mentioning names of any persons, other than those I DO mention so if you have queries in an update regarding any person i talk about, PM me.

3) all parts in Italics from now on will be the past, so the epilogue is in the past, whereas the Part 1 is current track. I will mention in the updates when flashback starts and ends.

4) this work of fiction is solely for the members of IF! not to be copied anywhere, strictly.

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sweetangelpayal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 10:54am | IP Logged
Prologue: Page 1 (scroll down)
Part 1: Page 1 (Scroll Down)

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Prologue. (this is of the past) The current situation is different you will realise. Basically, the story keeps switching over from present to past and back to present, as it progesses.


The shoot was stalled due to some technical glitch. He looked at her trying to decipher wad was happening. This was not a part of the act. He saw her eyes were moist. Suddenly realization struck him. He approached her but she ran off from there and went towards her vanity van. He ran after her. This was supposed to be the most memorable night for him, wasn't it? He had decided dat he would confess his love for her. And now…he came out of his thoughts…nothing was going to stop him…he was determined to say it and he would and she would HAVE to listen to him. She entered her van and was about to shut the door wen he placed his hand at the door. She tried with all her might to shut it. She DID NOT want to talk to him…at least not now! She was hurt. She gave up trying wen his strength overpowered hers'. He forced open the door and she was pushed back a few steps. She looked at him and stormed off inside. He locked the door behind himself and followed her in. He spoke softly…

Shahid: Pranks…

She put her hand forward gesturing him to stop

Shahid: listen to me…

Priyanka: leave…

 she said shaking her head.

Shahid: please…It's a misunderstanding…it's not what you...

Priyanka: just leave…

Shahid: but why…

Priyanka: don't you know?

It was more of a statement than a question.

Shahid: it's really not wad you are thinking…his eyes started to well up

Priyanka: it won't make a difference….

She cut him off again

Shahid: oh really? It won't?

Priyanka: y- yes it w- wont…

She stuttered

Shahid: then tell me one thing...y are you crying?

She just looked down and didn't say anything…

Shahid was losing his calm…

Shahid: for god's sake answer me…

he said banging his hand on the table, not realizing that there was a knife there and it cut his hand..he winced in pain and looked at his bleeding hand…she immediately got the first aid box and started dressing it up…he hissed a little but wen he saw the concern in her eyes, the pain vanished…he kept looking at her...she got up wen she was done and stood there crossing her arms across her chest…he came out of the trance and got up..

Shahid: it makes a difference…

Priyanka: no!

Shahid: atleast don't lie to yourself…

Priyanka: I am not lying! You, or for that matter anything you do doesn't even make the slightest difference to me.

Shahid grabbed her by her hands and brought her closer…

Shahid: does this make a difference?

He said looking deep at her…his tiny eyes piercing her big ones.

Shahid: does this make a difference?

He said moving a strand of her from across her face and tucking it behind her ear… he spoke in an almost inaudible voice

They both were breathing heavily…she hated him…she really really hated him…but the biggest problem was that she loved him!! The closeness was melting her but she was determined not to lose control...she managed to shake her head without looking at him. He pulled her even closer. Their faces were inches apart, their hot breaths' hitting the other's face.

Shahid: why are you doing this? Y is it dat wen I am hurt, you feel the pain… he said showing her the wound…wen I am this close your heartbeats race...wen I am around, you know it…

She looked down

Unable to control his temper he shouted…

Shahid: I am not going away without knowing your answer…so u better answer me DAMMIT!!!!

He said the last words literally shaking her…


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sweetangelpayal IF-Dazzler

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Part 1 + Character Sketch


Shahid Kapur: one of d highest paid actors in bollywood today and also very successful…has worked with almost all big directors…married to priyanka.

Priyanka Chopra Kapur: she was bollywood's number 1 actress for 5 consecutive years...still one of the most sought after actresses but she has devoted all her time to their kids and interior designing…happily married to shahid.

Priyansh Kapur: he is 6 yrs old…very quiet child, he's very obedient, sweet and soft spoken but can be really mischievous at times…studies in school…a total mama's boy.

Shayanka Kapur: she is 3 yrs old n is her daddy's princess…pampered a lot but gets scolded by her mom due to her naughtiness…not yet admitted to any school.



The early morning sun rays enter d room through the window…shahid enters the room n smiles to himself on seeing the scene in front of him…his wife's face is slightly lit due to d sun's rays…priyanka is in deep sleep when d rays hit her eyes…she turns towards the other side so that her back is facing the sun…she opens her eyes lil n luks at him smiling…she gestures him to come near her n again dozes off to sleep…he walks towards her n sits next to her…she gets up n places her head on his lap…he softly kisses her on her forehead and she blushes a lil…

Shahid: good morning….

Priyanka: good morning…aaj itna jaldi kyu uth gaye tum…aaj toh hum dono ko koi shoot pe nahi jana na…

Shahid: ya..dats y I am up..tum to janti ho dat I don't like u wakin up early on your days off…already u get so tired shooting and handling the kids…so I made the breakfast..And ur bed tea is also here (points towards the table next to the bed)

Priyanka: awww sooo sweet…

she quickly places a kiss on his cheek…

Shahid: arre where's my good morning kiss?

Priyanka: abhi toh di (laughs)

Shahid: nooo I want the other one… (Makes a puppy face)

Priyanka: subah subah you started with your romance (giggles)

Shahid: now is there a fixed time for that?

She blushes slightly…

He comes near her….just then they hear shayanka crying…they both roll their eyes…the kids have started with their mischief…they get up n walk towards the kids' room…

Priyansh is still sleepin n shayanka is on the floor crying…

Shahid runs n picks her up…

Shahid: kya ho gaya meri angel ko?

Shayanka: (in her kiddish tone) bhiyya ne muje giladiya

Priyanka walks towards them..

Shahid: ab rona band karo...aur bhaiyya ne kyu giraya tumhe??

Shayanka: who main bhiyya ko school ke liye utha lahi thi toh unhone mude dhakka de diya…(and cries)

Priyanka takes her in her arms…

Priyanka: ab rote nahi hain…aap toh good girl hona…she kisses her on her cheek…

Shayanka loves the attention she is getting and suddenly forgetting she was crying she says in a cheerful voice

Shayanka: gooodd monin

They both laugh…the junior drama queen of the house changes her moods so quickly!! Yes junior drama queen…senior drama queen is her mom!!

Shayanka runs out of the room n goes on the ground floor of their sea facing pent house..she starts playing with her toys…shahid n priyanka wake priyansh up n then come down…they smile on seeing shayanka….this girl is ever so energetic…jus like her mom…

Priyanka picks her up and they sit on the table where shahid and priyansh are waiting for them…

Priyanka sits with shayanka on her lap…she knows that this girl will spoil all her clothes if she is made to eat on her own.

After breakfast the kids and shahid go to the lawn outside to play football…its gonna be a fun filled day…Priyanka just watches them play…she doesn't like to get all messy…she watches them and can't help but giggle..shayanka is just running around clueless…shahid can become a real kid with the children...after the game the kids go swimming in the pool and shahid goes to priyanka…

He sits next to her…and smiles extra sweetly..

Priyanka:  no, don't even think about it…

Shahid: chalo na please….

Priyanka: no I will get all wet

Shahid: arre par… (Makes a puppy dog face)

Priyanka: haha this won't work…now go!

He gets up and walks ahead

Priyanka thinks to herself while picking up a magazine "ek do baar aur puch lete…"

He overhears this…he turns and swiftly picks her up…runs towards the pool and throws her in and then jumps in

All this while priyanka was just giggling and laughing…as soon as they are in the pool she starts with her drama..

Priyanka: arre I told you na I did not wanna come…look now I am all wet…

He moves towards her just looking at her eyes…

She notices this and just freezes…she also luks into his eyes…

He holds her by her waist and moves a strand of hair from over her face…she closely her eyes..

Shahid: toh tumhe nahi ana tha?

Priyanka: woh main..

Shahid: woh main kya?

She is now melting but manages not to show this to him…

He loves the way she is reacting…suddenly their moment is disturbed when the kids at the other end call out to them…he doesn't let her go off..

Priyanka: shaks leave me..the kids are watchin..

Shahid: so..?

Priyanka: so wad…wad will they think?

Shahid: yahi ki our parents are so romantic…(smiles mischievously)

Priyanka laughs n hits him on his hand and pushes him away and swims towards the kids..

Shahid also goes there and they all start playing…splashing water on each other…later they all go n freshen up and shahid makes some lunch…gosh how much he pampers her!

After dinner the kids play around in their house. Shahid priyanaka decide that since he is home after so long they should all go out for a ride…and off they go…on their way back they pick up some food as everyone was tired…after dinner they both go to put the kids to bed…after the kids sleep they both just sit there smiling..they wanna live every moment together to the fullest…priyanka looks at shayanka and smiles...he see's her and knows what she is thinking..


When priyanka was pregnant for the 1st time they both had argued day in and day out over the names they wanted the baby to have...priyanka wanted to name the kid sasha if it is a boy and he wanted a girl and would name her priya…eventually after a lot of bickering they decided that the girl would be called shayanka and the boy would be called priyansh…both the names were thus formed taking a part of their parents name..

End of flashback



Priyanka:  she looks just like you….

Shahid: and priyansh looks like you…(he continues) but he is so innocent whereas shayanka is so naughty and her drama…just like you!!

Priyanaka: main drama karti hun? (in her dramatic tone)

Shahid: lemme think…..ha...he laughs..

Priyanka throws a pillow at him…they both laugh…he picks her up and takes her in their room..she places her head on her chest and just dozes off to sleep..

He puts her on the bed n switches off the lights…it was a beautiful day!

Next morning…shocking that priyanka is already up..she goes down to make breakfast…in the kids room shayanka gets up and runs towards her parents room…she see's her mom is not there so she jumps on the bed and starts to wake her dad up..she sits on him…

Shayanka: papa uthooo

Shahid: sone do na angel

Shaynaka: nooo uhtooo…

He doesn't reply…she keeps hitting him but he doesn't wake up…eventually she gets tired but still not the one to give up she decided to give one last try

Shayanka: oye shaid kapuuulll uthhh…

First he smiles at her "shaid kapuuulll" den he gets up with a start

He holds her and tries being angry

Shahid: apne papa ko naam se bulati hain badmash…

Shayanka makes an innocent face and he melts on seeing her lyk that...he smiles and they both go to wake up priyansh…after he is awake they all have a pillow fight…

Priyanka hears all the noise and wonders what all the commotion is all about…she goes up and smiles to herself on seeing the scene in front of her but suddenly her drama takes over…

Priyanka: yeh kya halat bana rakhi hain tum logo ne room ki subah subah…

All of them sit on the bed quietly…

Priyanka: aur itna shor kyu kar rahe ho…

All 3 of them: sorry mummy…

She looks at shahid and says: mummy?????

He realized his folly n bites his tongue…

She continues: now all 3 of u get up…shayanka tum niche chalo...priyansh go get ready for school…aur tum( looking at shahid) tumhe shoot pe nahi jana?? Time dekha hain?

All three of them get up and at once do as they are told…while she was leaving the room they giggle…

She turns again and says: ab kya hua??? Has kyu rahe ho??

They all put their hands behind their backs like innocent kids and look down and she gives them a look and walks off

Everyone comes down for breakfast...they all try not to irritate priyanka any more not knowin wad she was thinking…

Priyanka thinks to herself: ek baar chila kya diya yeh sab darr gaye...achha hain ab roz aisa kiya toh mere ghar mein shanti toh bani rahegi…she laughs…

All 3 of them look up at her and she just gets up n puts her plate still smiling…

Shahid calls the kids near him n slowly whispers: aaj tumhari mom ko kuch ho gaya hain thoda sambhal ke rehna…

All 3 of them laugh…then they see her and shut up while she wonders what all 3 of them r upto…

Shahid then gets up to leave...he takes his car keys n is going towards the door when shayanka comes running towards him…she stretches out her arms so he picks her up…

Shahid: kya hua angel?

Shayanka whispers something in her ear and he laughs…

Meanwhile priyanka n priyansh also come there…

Priyanka: kya bol rahi hain yeh?

Shahid: kuch nahi…this is between me and my daughter… (looks at her) right??

Shayanka: yess

Priyanka rolls her eyes: kuch shaitani ki na toh…

Shahid: kya tum bhi har baar…hum toh itne sweet and innocent hain…

Priyanka: sab pata hain mujhe…ab jana bhi hain ya nahi?

Shahid: main subah se dekh raha hun tum mujhe bhaga rahi ho…kahi mere jane ke baad…(smiles naughtily)

She spanks him on his arm…he laughs and leaves…

A while later priyansh also leaves for school and priyanka gets back with her work…shayanka keeps interrupting her work again and again…

Priyanka: arre bacha mumma is working na …please don't disturb me...go play with your toys…

Shayanka goes up and starts playing…

It was afternoon by now and time for priyansh to come back.

Priyanka goes up to see shayanka sleeping on the floor and the toys are scattered on the floor. she picks shayanka up and puts her on the bed..she then goes down and waits outside the gate for priyansh…as soon as he comes she hugs him…

Priyanka: hi bacha school kaisa tha?

Priyansh: achha tha mom…thak gaya hun…

Priyanka takes his bags and holds his hand and they go inside…

Then she asks him to wake shayanka up and they all have lunch…

Its evening…

Priyanka is helping priyansh with his homework…

Shahid was supposed to be back early today…he had promised them he would so shayanka's eyes are fixed on the door…she is just like her mother who is also doing the same thing…as soon as they hear a car entering the gate they both scream "he's here…."

Then they both run towards the door of the house…

Shahid smiles on seeing his 2 angels. he quickly hugs priyanka and then picks up shayanka…

Shayanka: papa mele liye kya laye?

Shahid: kuch nahi…

Shayanka starts checking his pockets…

Shahid: arre beta isme kuch nahi hain…

Priyanka: arre u leave all this go freshen up and come down fast

He puts shayanka down and is going up…priyansh stops him

Priyansh: dad aaj dinner ke baad?? (winks)

Shahid understands and nods smiling and goes up.

He enters the room and turns to close the door when he see's shayanka standing there…he smiles…she knew he had to bring something for her.

He picks her up n gives her a peck on her cheek: kya hua?

Shayanka: (with her drama) aap mele liye kuch nahi laye?

Shahid: arre aisa kabhi hua hain ki meri angel mujhse kuch mange aur main na lau?

She smiles and puts her hand forward and closes her eyes

He removes the chocolate he had got and places it in her hand…she quickly opens her eyes and smiles on seeing it

Shayanka: chockkatte….thank you papa…

she hugs him…then opens the wrapper

Shahid: arre abhi nahi…mummy ne dekha toh chillayegi

So she puts it in her pocket and runs out

After a while shahid comes down to see shayanka hiding under the table and crying…he gets worried and is about to approach her when he hears priyanka shouting…

Priyanka: subah se itni baar kapde change kiye hain fir bhi masti masti…ab kaha chali gayi…

Shayanka runs and hides behind priyansh…

Priyanka see's her

Priyanka: waha kya kar rahi ho? Main tumse baat kar rahi hun toh yaha aao…priyansh knows she is scared so he holds her tiny hands and takes her towards their mom…

Priyanka: kya zaroorat thi pani ka glass leke bhagne ki…ab tod diya na? pani toh giraya hi par lag jati toh?

Shayanka is still sobbing

Priyansh: mom dato mat na use please…dekho already she's crying…

Just then priyanka notices shahid

Priyanka: tum logo ke lad pyaar ke wajah se hi itna sar pe chad gayi hain…ab chalo upar change karne

Shayanka: noo..i will go with papa(she says in between her crying)

Before priyanka can say anything shahid comes and takes shayanka away n pretends to not noticing the angry looks priyanka was giving him…he knows she needs to calm down…when they leave priyansh approaches priyanka

Priyansh: mom kuch bolu?

Priyanka: ya bachha say

Priyansh: aapne shayanka pe bahut zyada chillaya

Priyanka knows this was coming and tries to control the tears from falling down her cheeks and fakes a smile

Priyanka: I know…main bas bahut thak gayi thi and then this happened and I removed my frustration on her

Priyansh: its ok mom…aap uspe abhi mat chilana toh who theek ho jaygei…he hugs her…he just knew she needed this…she smiles…her son understands her so well at such a young age…

At the dinner table everyone is quiet…shahid tries his best to lighten up the mood but nothing has worked so far…shayanka is sitting on his lap today…she is still scared to go near her mom…priyanka knows what she has to do…

Priyanka: shayanka come here

Shayanka gets scared…she tightens her grip on shahid's hand

Shahid: baccha mumma is calling you…

Shayanka: nahi jana mude…

Priyanka: kyu (she fights back her tears)

Shayanka: aap muje maloge

Priyansh interrupts: no shayanka mumma aapko nahi marenge…he smiles…so she gets up and slowly walks around the table still holding shahid's hand…she now even holds priyansh's hand…priyanka bends down and picks her up and places her on her lap…shayanka unwillingly lets go of the hands she was holding so firmly

Priyanka: bachha mumma ne aapko bahut data na…(shayanka nods)…I am sorry

Shayanka at once smiles and hugs her mom…not being able to hold back the tears ther both sob a little and shahid and priyansh look at each other and smile.

Shahid knows something is up wid his pranks…its somethin else botherin her…

Dey were done with their dinner n shahid n priyansh decide its not the right time for any nonsense today so d kids are sent up to sleep…

D door bell suddenly rings n priyanka opens the door to see the watchman…shahid too comes from inside the house

Watchman: madam woh koi apse milna chahta hain…

Priyanka: is waqt? Kaun hain?

Watchman: pata nahi madam aapka fan lagta hain….do mahine se roz ata hain maine bahut baar mana kiya par aaj janeko tayar nahi hain…aap ek baar mil lijiye…

Shahid: usse bolo kal aane ko

Priyanka: no I think I'l go….

Shahid gives her a stern look…

Priyanka: oh common agar woh do mahine se roz ata hain I cant turn him away…she steps outta the house leaving a glaring shahid behind…

Priyanka meets the fan..a guy in his early 20's. shahid too comes out after a while. The fan greets him. Shahid ignores him and turns to priyanka

Shahid: ab chale? Its getting late

He glares at the guy with an obvious intention to taunt him n priyanka manages a fake smile.

The fan: I am sorry I dint wanna disturb you.

Shahid: yeah you should be…

Priyanka: he is just kidding n its fine…she luks at shahid with a wad-the-hell-was-that- look

The fan: uhm I'l leave..uhm can I get a hug plzzz

Priyanka laughs n hugs him sayin ofcourse

Shahid is real pissed n starts yelling at him

Shahid: wad the hell…ek toh itni der raat ko kisi ke ghar pe aao and then…

Priyanka: its ok shaks

Shahid: no pranks its not….tum janti nahi ho aise…

Priyanka: let me handle this…go inside…now…she says tryin not to scream and jus stares at him..

Shahid kicks a stone nearby glares at the guy again n walks off

The fan: I am sorry..i'l leave

Priyanka: noo…I am sorry he was a lil tired…she smiles not knowin wad to do…

The guy steps back

Priyanka: it was nice meetin you

The fan: thank you..i mean yeah same here…bye…

They wave n he leaves…she smiles wen she see's him leavin through the amuses her..the fact dat he was so nice wen dey spoke…she heads back to the house smiling..

No one is der in the lounge so she goes up to her room…

Shahid is standing there at the window…she doesn't say anythin…he knows she is back coz he can feel her presence..still staring out he says..

Shahid: so you are back!!

Priyanka: hmmm

Shahid turns to face her…she can see he's angry but she doesn't say a word…it was a hectic day n all she needs is some sleep

Shahid: you asked me to front of a nobody? He shouts

Priyanka is shocked

Priyanka: he was a fan…

Shahid interrupts… he was a nobody to me

Priyanka also loses her temper

Priyanka: what is up wid you??

Shahid: I should ask you that…

Priyanka: y the hell are u makin an issue ouuta dis…

Shahid: I am makin an issue? Haaa??? Me??? Now you are fighting with me for a nobody

Priyanka yells at him: I told you he is a fan…respect him…I don't say anythin wen u get all the attention from your female fans n even you shouldn't say anythin…

Shahid: I cant belive dis…

Priyanka: so cant i…now plz if u don't mind (she stresses on dat) I am sleepy…

Shahid: fine….

He lies down on the bed n switches off the lights…she stands der shocked…it wasn't her fault at all…she too hops on the bed n pulls her blanket over n sleeps…their backs facing each other

PS: ok that is it for part 1. Plz do like and commentSmile

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nice part...

thanx for the pm...
update it soon...SmileSmileSmile
kuhu_Arsha IF-Sizzlerz

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amazinggg ss,,,,,,
i luv it ...

thnkx 4pm

ps, sry mera lyk bottom kam nhi kar rha
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Wow, nice partBig smile
Update soon plzzSmileSmileSmile

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