Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Bhaidooj OS: A day of promises NOTE page 7 (Page 4)

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loved it !!

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Translation for Bhaidooj OS: A Day of Promises
About 15 minutes after Arnav & Akash wished each other goodnight..
Arnav got up & switched on the bedside lamp.
Arnav: Akash,niether r u able to sleep nor am I... There's no point lying awake like this.. We need to do something!
Akash: What bhai?
Arnav thinks for a minute or so before answering his question with a question.
Arnav: What do u think,Paayal would have locked the door of ur room from inside or not?
Akash: I.. dont know..
Arnav: Come,we'll find out!
Akash(surprised): Bhai..?
Arnav: If the door is locked,we'll come back.And if it isnt,u'll get to sleep in ur room with ur wife & I'll get to sleep in my room with mine!
Akash: Nice idea but.. u think Khushiji will agree?
Arnav: Dont worry.If she doesnt agree,I will get her to agree! Or pick her up & bring her over here!
Akash: Okay..
Arnav: U leave the rest to me.For now,lets go n check!
Akash: As u say,bhai!
To say that they were disappointed to find the door locked from inside would clearly be an understatement.
As they came back to ArHi's bedroom,Arnav directed the anger,meant for Khushi, at Akash.
Arnav: Damn!I dont know what Khushi told u both that u agreed for this useless sleeping arrangement?!
Akash: Bhai she just said plz agree to sleep separately tonight,for my sake.Kuch poochhta usse pehle Paayal ne ha keh diya.Before I could ask anything, Paayal agreed..
Arnav: Next time Khushi says something like that, promise me Akash,u will not agree!
Akash: I promise bhai:Niether will I agree nor will I allow Paayal to agree!
Arnav(pats his shoulder): That's the spirit!
Akash asked the million dollar question: What do we do now?..
Arnav(shrugs): I dont know.. try to sleep?
Akash nodded & they made another unsuccessful attempt to catch some sleep.
Arnav rubbed his eyes as a bright light flashed on his face.
Arnav: Khushi,what the hell!?
Anjali: Its not Khushiji,its me!
Arnav opened his eyes to see Anjali opening the curtains.
Arnav: Di,where is Khushi?
Anjali: Khushiji & Paayalji r getting ready in her room.Now u both get up & get ready,fast!
Arnav(confused): Both?
Anjali pointed to the other side of the bed.
Arnav turned to see Akash sleeping on his front with a pillow covering his face.
Anjali: I've kept ur clothes over here.
Arnav swore under his breath as he saw the embroidered kurta-pyjama.
Anjali: Chhotey!
Arnav: Sorry! Di,u carry on,we'll join u shortly.
Anjali: Ok,but make it fast!Everyone is waiting for u.Poor NKbhai! He got ready first and is now waiting impatiently for the pooja.
Arnav(mutters): What work does he have?He isnt married like us! He must've slept well throughout the night,hence he got up early & got ready first!
Anjali: Did u say something?
Arnav: No di..
Anjali: Ok.I'm leaving as I have some work in the kitchen.U both hurry up!
Arnav: Yup!
Half an hour later..
Nani: Chhotey,plz come here..
Arnav went towards nani's room.
Arnav: Ji nani?
Nani: I need to tell u something important.Come inside..
Arnav: 1 minute nani,I'll meet Khushi & then come back.
Nani: U can meet her later.Right now,u come over here.I need to talk to u about something very important.
Arnav: Fine.
He half heartedly followed nani inside her room.
Later at the mandir area of shantivan..
Anjali: Come here Chhotey,I'll do ur pooja first!
Arnav: Di,where is Khushi?
Anjali: I forgot ur gift in my room.Khushiji went to bring it,she'll b here soon.
Khushi(from behind Arnav): I am here,di!
Arnav turned around even before she finished her sentence.
The sight in front of him took his breath away.
Khushi was looking every bit like an enchantress in a red & black lacy,see through saree & a miniscule red lace blouse.
To rub salt on his painful wounds,she'd curled her hair & left it open & smeared her delicious pout with red lipstick.
Arnav gulped several times as his eyes scanned her from top to toe.
He thought of a poem he'd read when he was in high school.
He could'nt remember the whole poem but he clearly remembered the title- La Belle Dame Sans Merci.
The title was perfect for his wife!
If torturing him throughout the night by keeping herself away from him wasnt enough,she tortured him further by dressing up like a nymph.
To top it all up,the third torture came into his mind-Shart-ae-Diwali.
He himself had signed up for it two days ago!
How he wished he could go back in time & undo his major wrong doing!
Anjali had to clear her throat to catch her Chhotey's attention.
Anjali: If u done admiring Khushiji,can I start the pooja?
Arnav hardly payed any attention to what his di said.
His eyes were on Khushi's face.
She'd blushed & lowered her gaze.
Anjali was shocked to see Arnav's response.Rather the lack of response from him.
Anjali(kept a hand on his shoulder): Chhotey!?
Arnav(turned to her): Ya di?
Anjali giggled at her clueless brother.
Arnav looked around & saw the family,barring Khushi,PaYash smiling/laughing.
Arnav: What happened?Y r u all?..
Anjali: Nothing.Now look here,I need to do ur pooja!
After she gave the gift she'd got for Arnav,she extended her hand towards him.
Anjali: Now its my turn! Give me my gift!
Arnav kept his hand in hers.
Anjali(confused): Chhotey...what is this?
Arnav: Promise di-that I'll give u all the joys of the world & protect u from sadness!
Anjali smiled through her tears.
Arnav: I agree with nani,di-u should think about settling down once again..
Anjali looked at nani with a "why did u tell him?" expression.
Arnav: Di,u need a  life partner..
Anjali: I dont need anyone,Chhotey.I have u,my ther two brothers,this family.I have everything I need! I dont need anyone else in my life! I cant subject myself to it all... for the third time.. (shakes her head)No Chhotey! I wnt b able to do this..
Arnav: Y not di? Twice u had bad experiences,but that doesnt mean that history will repeat itself the third time. I can understand.. I know why u r not keen on this.. But history wont repeat itself,di.I promise! I will find the best groom for u! (squeezes her hand)U have faith in ur Chhotey,right di?
Anjali placed her hand lovingly on his head.
Anjali: I have full faith in u,Chhotey.. But how do I trust that unknown person,tell me? What if he turns  out to b like.. Shyam? What if he uses me as a way to get to ur property?
Arnav noticed a tear rolling down her face & immediately wiped it.
Arnav: Di.. plz dont cry..
Anjali: I tolerated it twice but.. if the same thing happens for the third time,I wont b able to bear it!
Arnav hugged her.
The whole family came towards them.
Arnav: Di,I can understand ur fears..I will not make any mistakes this time around, I assure u.I will not get u married to any Tom,Dick or Harry. U keep ur faith in me & try once. Noone will force u! If u still dont agree,no issues!
Nani: What r u saying,Chhotey? Without getting married..
Arnav: Nani,its not mandatory to marry in order to live. There r so many people who do not marry.Its not like they're unhappy or anything!
Nani: I can tell u from my experience,its not easy to live alone!
Arnav: I know,nani! And I agree with u. I also dont want my di to stay alone. Plus,di deserves a loving husband! The one who marries di will b the luckiest man on Earth!
Anjali gave a tiny smile.
Arnav:I want di to consider remarriage.And just bcoz her past experiences havent been nice,she should not fear getting married again.. But I will never force her to get married! This house is as much hers as it is mine! I have no problems if she stays here permanently with me! (to Anjali)Di,I'm nt trying to drive u away..
Anjali: I know,Chhotey.. U're doing this for my betterment. But.. I need some time..
Arnav: Sure di! Take as much time as u would like to! No hurry!
Anjali: Now come on,let me do Akash & NKbhai's pooja before the mahurat ends. We can talk about all this later..
Arnav: 1 minute di..
He gave her a huge,wrapped box.
Arnav: Here's ur second gift!
Anjali smiled & hugged him.
Khushi sat next to Arnav for breakfast.
Arnav focused all his attention on his plate.
Never before had he admired the roundness of a puri or noticed the extra oil in  the dum aaloo!
Just when he thought he was doing a good job,his wife did something she'd never done,in public.
She placed a hand,rather seductively,on his thigh.
Arnav nearly jumped at the touch.
Nani: What happened Chhotey?
NK: Nannav,mere bhai,what happened?
Arnav: a.. nothing..
Khushi(feigning ignorance): R u alright?
Arnav: Of course! What were u doing?I mean... what were u.. saying?
Khushi(smiles): I was saying that gaajar ka halwa is sugarfree.Do try it!
Arnav: Sure!
He gulped down a glass of water.
Mamiji: Hello hi bye bye! Arnav bitwa,aal ij bell aar naat? (all is well or not?)
Arnav: It is,mamiji!
Mamiji: It dajant (doesnt) look like that!
Arnav: I'm fine! U all plz.. carry on..
The family turned their faces to their respective plates.
Arnav(thinks): Focus Arnav,focus!
When Arnav came back to his bedroom post breakfast,he found Khushi standing in front of the mirror,reapplying her lipstick.
Arnav: Khushi..
Khushi(without turning to him): Ji?
Arnav: Y r u doing this to me?
Khushi(looks at him):  What did I do?I was just reapplying my lipstick.. It faded bcoz of eating..
She went back to applying her lipstick.
Arnav: Khushi,stop the nonsense! U know very well what I'm talking about.
Khushi closed the lid of the lipstick & then threw it on the dresser.
Arnav was clearly not expecting that.
Khushi: First u tell me:Despite knowing that Diwali  party was going on,which required our presence,y didnt u control urself? When u knew I was tired from all the pre Diwali cleaning,y did u.. do.. all that in the bathroom that night? Could u not wait till I came to the room after dinner?
Arnav(takes a step towards her): Look Khushi..
Khushi(shows her hand): No! All I know right now is that I have to win this bet! And I will win it! Coz u know what? U wont b able to control urself for a long time. U dont have it in u to do that!
That said,she stomped out of the room,right in front of Arnav's eyes.
He didnt stop her.
After she left,he went & plopped down on the recliner.
Arnav(thinks):I dnt know what Khushi will make me do if she wins this bet? What if she.. puts a ban on sex?
He brushes away that thought.
Arnav: No! She wont do that!
But when the thought resurfaced,he felt worried..
Arnav: She can always put a temporary ban! I dont know what is goin on in her head right now? She's upset and angry..
He came to a decision.
Arnav: I have to win this bet! According to the bet,the winner will have to celebrate the next Diwali according to the looser. Diwali comes only once in a year.I can easily celebrate it according to her wishes! But if she wins this bet,who knows,what I'll have to do for her? I cant take sucha big risk. She will tempt me,but I will have to resist! No matter what happens,I am winning this bet!
After lunch,Khushi came back to the room to find Arnav busy with his laptop.
She went up to him and cleared her throat.
Arnav(looks up): What happened?
Khushi: I wanted to.. say something..
Arnav: I'm listening.
Khushi: Will u close ur laptop for a while?
Arnav: As u wish!
He shut down his laptop and waited for her to continue.
Khushi went & sat on his lap.
Arnav,instinctively,put an arm around her waist.
Arnav: What is the matter?
Khushi: I'm sorry! I shouldnt have.. talked to u like that.. today morning..
Arnav: Its okay. I'm sorry too! I.. I should've controlled myself..
Khushi: Thats okay!(holds his hands)I hope u r not angry?
Arnav: Nope! And u?
Khushi(smiles): No!
She puts his arms around his neck.
Khushi: I loved what u told di this morning! I agree with u! Di should take the ultimate decision! And no matter what she decides,we both will b with her!
Arnav: I know! Khushi.. I have some work,so if u'll excuse me now?
Khushi: Ya,sure!
She got up from his lap & lay down on the bed.
Khushi: Suniye..
Arnav: hmm?
Khushi: Plz wake me up an hour later.I have some work in the kitchen..
Arnav: Done!
Arnav felt heat rising in his body as he looked at Khushi's sleeping form from a distance.
His hungry eyes roamed all over her body.
His hands itched to touch & caress her.
He licked his dry lips,which were dying to taste her sweetness.
Arnav(thinks): Control Arnav,control! I have to win this bet! And for that,I need to keep myself away from Khushi!
His body refused to listen to his mind.
His legs carried him to the bed,where he sat down next to Khushi.
His fingers tucked her hair behind her ear.
It was perhaps his touch that woke Khushi from slumber.
She opened her eyes & smiled.
Khushi: U also lie down..
Arnav obeyed as though he were hypnotised.
A sharp knock on the door broke Arnav's spell.
Anjali: Khushiji..!
Arnav immediately sat up and Khushi followed suit.
There had been several moments when Arnav & Khushi had been interrupted by Anjali.
Never before had Khushi felt angry like she felt now.
Khushi(thinks): Y did di have to come at this moment?
Arnav on the other hand,was thankful that his sister had brought him back to reality and saved him from loosing the bet.
Getting the perfect opportunity,Arnav excused himself and went out of the room.
Khushi(Called after him):Where r u going?
Arnav: To get a gift for mamaji...! I'll b back in an hour..!
Khushi: di.. plz come..
In the kitchen..
SP: Bhabhiji,I'll make this..
Khushi: No thanks,SPji!Tonight mamaji is going back naa..So he asked me to make all his favourite dishes for dinner.So I alone will make it! U can do some other work.. 
SP: Ok bhabhiji.I'll go & ask naniji if she has some work for me.
Khushi: Ji..
Arnav entered the house at about 5 in the evening.
He was welcomed by appetising aroma coming from the kitchen.
He didnt even need to enter the kitchen to tell that his wife was inside,cooking up delicacies.
Arnav longed to catch a glimpse of her.
Arnav(thinks): I wont enter the kitchen.I'll watch her from outside!
He went and stood outside the kitchen to find Khushi busy frying something.
His eyes rested on her waist,where she had tucked the pallu of her saree inside her saree skirt.
Arnav(thinks): Has this goddamn bet not stopped me,I swear.. by now we'd have been in r room..
He closed his eyes.
Arnav(thinks): Dont think about her,Arnav! Just think that Khushi is having her.. periods! Sex is strictly forbidden!Think like that! Think!
His heart asked a valid question.
Arnav: Assuming she's having her period... So what?! I can always kiss her!
And besides,the bet was to prove if I can control myself or not once Khushi asks me to stop..So I must give her a chance to stop me!
His eyes roamed around the kitchen.
Arnav(thinks): Theres nobody around.This is my best chance to win Sharta-ae- Diwali!Grab it,Arnav! Just grab it!
Khushi gasped when she felt the Lard governer's breath on the crook of her neck.
Arnav(in his husky voice): What r u doing?
Khushi: Mm..mal.. malai.. kofta..
Arnav: I see! So,u're frying the koftas?
Khushi managed to nod.
Arnav shifted her hair to the front of her right shoulder.
Arnav: Need any help?
Khushi: nn.. no..
Arnav: Okay!
He kissed the crook of her neck.
Khushi shuddered and the ladle fell from her hand.
Khushi: Wh.. what r u.. doing?
Arnav: U said u didnt need my help so I thought of doing something else!But.. it seems that u will need my help. So..
He held her hand and made her hold the ladle.
Then he helped her shifting the koftas from the pan to the plate.
Khushi mechanically did whatever he made her do.
Arnav: Khushi..
Khushi: Ji..?
Arnav: Turn off the gas..
Khushi barely managed to do that.
Arnav: Work over?
Khushi shook her head.
Arnav enveloped his arms around her waist.
Khushi shivered as his warm fingers brushed her cold waist.
Arnav: What is left now?
Khushi: I nneed... to.. put the.. koftas.. in the.. gravy..
Arnav: Do that later!
He nuzzled the crook of her neck.
Khushi closed her eyes & placed her hands on Arnav's hands,which were resting on her waist.
Arnav: I missed u,Khushi!
He whispered in her ear.
Arnav: Didnt u miss me?
Khushi: I dd.. did..
Arnav smiled as he heard what he was waiting to hear.
Arnav: Come!
Before Khushi could react,he dipped his fingers inside her saree skirt and took out the pallu which she'd tucked there.
Khushi gasped louder.
Next,he turned her around and pinned her to the platform.
He pulled Khushi closer by her neck.
Khushi: Arr... navv..jjji...
Arnav: Hmm?
Khushi could feel his breath on her lips.
She wanted him to kiss her.
But what if somene saw them?
They were,afterall,standing in the kitchen.
and it was close to tea time.
Her mind warned her & she felt it was best to stop Arnav,or atleast,direct him to the bedroom.
Khushi: Arr.. navv..jjji...
Arnav: Hmm?
Arnav was about to capture her lips when she pushed him.
Khushi: Nn.. no.
Arnav pulled her even closer.
Arnav: Y not?
Khushi: Ss.. someone.. will.. come..
Arnav: I dont care!
He again attempted to kiss her.
Khushi(nearly screams):Ss.. stopp!
Arnav(shrugs): Okay!
He let go of her & coolly walked out of the kitchen.
Khushi watched him leave with her mouth hung open.
Arnav(smirks): I stopped when u asked me to!Which means.. I won the bet!
Khushi's eyes widened in shock & surprise as she realized that it was all a ploy of her shaatir husband.
Khushi(grits her teeth): Lard governer!!!
Arnav(smiles): Come to the room,now!
She had to follow him,since she had lost the bet.
And she did that,muttering all the way from the kitchen to their room about her stupidity & his shaatir dimaag.
Arnav: So,Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada?U lost the bet!
Khushi(with her head held high): I still won it! Coz u will have to spend ur next Diwali according to my wishes!
Arnav: Agreed! But u will have to do what I want u to do right now!
Khushi(makes a face): What is it?
Arnav: Promise me..
Khushi was shocked to hear that.
Arnav: Promise me that u will never do anything henceforth,which will keep me away from u! Be it a bet like this one or avoiding me in a party..
He walks up to her.
Arnav: U were right- this bet did create a distance between us.Niether could I sleep last night nor could u!
Khushi(shocked): How do u know that..?
Arnav:  Ur face tells me that.What did u think.that u will lock the door from inside n turn of the lights n pretend that u're asleep & I will believe it?
Khushi turned her gaze to the floor.
Arnav:  Bcoz of u Paayal & Akash had to stay away from each other!
Khushi realizes her fault.
Khushi:  I'm sorry! I promise,I will never do anything which will create a distance between us,in future!
Arnav(kissed her forehead): Thank u!
Khushi: What else do I need to do?
Arnav: Go n put the koftas in the gravy!
Khushi: What?!
Arnav: U heard me!
She threw her arms around him & hugged him.
Arnav wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his face in her hair.
They both sighed deeply.
Khushi: I troubled u a lot,didnt I?
Arnav: Yes,u did! Dont worry,I'll punish u for that later on! For now,go n cmplete ur work.I wont stop u..
Khushi: But I will stop! I'll leave only after kissing u!
To Arnav's utter surprise,she pulled him closer and kissed him.
The kiss was probably the longest kiss of their lives,or so thought Arnav!
Later that night,the family bid a tearful goodbye to mamaji at the airport.
Mamaji: I must take ur leave now,amma. Take care of Mannu..Dont scold her too much.
Nani: Dont worry,bitwa. Manorama is my responsibility.I will take very good care of her!
Mamaji hugged Arnav and placed a hand on his head.
Mamaji: Thank u,Arnav bitwa!I could spend this Diwali with my family,all thanks to u!
Arnav: U dont need to thank me,mamaji! I called u here coz I didnt want to celebrate Diwali without u!
Mamaji: Be happy! Take care of Khushi bitiya.And take care of Akash bitwa as well. In my absence,u r the father figure for him.
Arnav: Dont worry mamaji.. I promise,I'll take care of Khushi,Akash,mami,nani,di,Paayal & NK!
Mamaji(smiles): What about Lakshmi?
Arnav(smiles): Hari Prakash is coming back tomorrow to take care of her!
Mamaji smiled and patted his back.
Mamaji: Had jiji been alive today,she would have been.. extremely proud of u,bitwa! Be happy!
Khushi noticed the change in Arnav's expressions.
Mamaji: I remember her every other day.But since today is bhaiyyadooj.. I..
He wiped his eyes.
Mamaji: Once I promised jiji on bhaiyyadooj,that I will always take care of her children! And look amma,today Arnav bitwa is taking care of us!
Naniji comforted him by placing a hand on his shoulder.
She hugged both Arnav & mamaji together.
Nani: Ratna bitiya must be very happy wherever she is today. She must b so proud of u both!
Mamaji(breaking the hug): I must leave now..
Nani: Take care,bitwa.Keep calling us frequently..
Khushi held Arnav's hand as the family waved their goodbyes.
Arnav held her hand tightly as he held back his tears.
When Khushi came out of the bathroom after changing into her night dress, she found Arnav at the poolside,looking at the sky.
She hugged him from behind.
Arnav: Khushi..
He turned around & cupped her face.
Arnav: U r with me,arent u?
Khushi: Always!
She kissed his hands.
Khushi: Someone else is also with u,always(points to the sky)Mamma..
Arnav looked towards the sky.His eyes fell on the brightest star.
Arnav(points to the star): There she is..
Khushi: Hmm.She was with u earlier,she's with u right now & she'll always b with u! When the sky is covered with clouds,we r unable to see the stars & the moon. But they're always there in the sky!(sighs)Mamma.. isnt here with us today, but her soul is still here,with her children n her family!
Arnav nods.
Khushi: Arnavji,shall we go inside now?IF we keep standing here for long,we might catch a cold,thanks to the cool breeze! And u need to rest.
Arnav(holds her hand): I need u!
Khushi: I am here n I will always b there,with u! But tonight u need to sleep well.
Arnav: Khushi...
Khushi: No arguments! So what if I didnt win the bet?I am not listening to u in this matter!
Arnav: Lady governess!
Khushi(smiles): Nice name,I like it! Now come inside..
She pulls Arnav inside the room & closes the poolside French windows.
Arnav: U need to wake up early tomorrow?
Khushi: No. I've told di that.. I'll come down later than usual tomorrow..
Arnav(surprised): What did u say?!
Khushi(imitates him): U heard me!
Arnav: Wow! R u sure u're Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada?
Khushi: Should I prove it by frying jilebis?
Arnav: No need!Go to sleep!
Khushi: I've been saying the same thing since so long-go to sleep!
Khushi lies down on her back & extends her arms towards him.
Arnav rests his head on her chest & wraps his arms around her waist.
Arnav(sighs): The torture is over,finally!
Khushi(caresses his cheek): U will never have to go through sucha torture again!
Arnav: Promise?
Khushi: Pakka wala promise!
Arnav: Great! Remember what u promised,cz I wont forget it!
Khushi: I know! Will I have to sing a lullaby for u to sleep?
Arnav: Why not?!
Khushi: Fine! Listen: (sings) Jiji,tere jethji deewane!
                                       Kya kare?
                                      Yeh sona bhi na jane!
Arnav smiles and closes his eyes.
By the time Khushi's song ends,Arnav is fast asleep.
Khushi: Devi Maiyya,plz forgive me! I tortured him knowingly! And I admit.. I had fun while doing so! But I wont do it ever,again! Plz make sure that he doesnt trouble me as much as he did earlier.. (kisses his hair) He's undoubtedly the world's best husband! Now I will become the world's best wife! This is my promise,to U & him!
She closes her eyes & drifts off to sleep in the next minute.
Kindly ignore typos & mistakes.
P.S.I'm extremely sorry for writing this OS so late!
The last OS of this series will be up on Dev Diwali i.e. 28th November.

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awesome os

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Amazing !!!!!
Loved it...continue soon.

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MeraCheekuVirat 58 12547 23 October 2012 at 1:05am by MeraCheekuVirat
OS- Red Lengha Note On Pg. 6

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Author: AquaBluez17   Replies: 104   Views: 19023

AquaBluez17 104 19023 29 July 2012 at 8:36pm by -Hope-
Removed...Link PG1

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Author: .Lina.   Replies: 307   Views: 177642

.Lina. 307 177642 21 April 2012 at 9:03am by imran78
ARHI New VM..Are Re Are on page 21

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Author: -Deepali-   Replies: 186   Views: 22926

-Deepali- 186 22926 04 March 2012 at 9:07am by -Deepali-

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