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Sira SS/OS - The Rock-star's Back (Part 3-Pg 14) (Page 6)

-Nimmi- IF-Rockerz

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Hey guys thanks a lot for all ur encouraging wordsHug
Here is the next part of the OS/SS and this is the last but one partSmile

Recap:Just then they heard music playing as they went closer to the destination. It lead to the amphi theatre. Everyone's enthusiasm now increased. Sia by now sensed that all this was done by Raghav. She too was excited. Her heart beat raced now as she went closer. As they went closer the music got louder. Juno at once recognized this


PART - 2

"Raghav's back guys, Raghav's back!!!"Arjun said unable to control his emotions. His face was filled with happiness and joy to know that is best buddy is back. He had missed his best buddy all these days. HE turned to Sia,

"Sia Raghav wapas aa gaya hai!!!"he exclaimed.

"Haan Arjun!" Sia said nodding her head. And tears came in her eyes. She tried to control but she could not. But she immediately wiped her tears. She had tried to keep her promise all these days and she did not want to break now when Raghav is back.

And then the song begins...

"Buddy. Badi Batein..."

Everyone gasped with joy listening to the song. The others had not yet realized, hearing this they knew thier rockstar, their cool dudeshwar is back. Everyone screamed

"Yooo.Raghav!!!Raghav's back!!!"

Kabir and Aliya were taken aback by this sudden hooting and cheers and whistles. They had never come across such thing from the time they were here. The school had looked boring and simple with no much excitement. Poor they, what did they know that the entertainer was not there and everyone loved him. No person was like him. No one could take his place in their hearts. They all missed him and all had no interest in anything without the Rockstar of Elite. 

They both had just heard stories about him. They of course wondered what is it about him that everyone praised him so much. Well they could now see that he is indeed truely a 'rockstar'. He was indeed a 'crowd puller'. The students just go crazy when he is there, just like how a rockstar makes the fans go crazy. They both looked at each other amazed and flabbergasted.

Well even Vishal was happy. Yes this is something not believable but Vishal. Ironically when Raghav was there he could hatch a plan, something against him and when he was not there he had nothing to do just listen to Saloni. So he too missed him that way Wink

Everyone took to their heels towards the amphi theatre. Sia too ran behind them. But she was at the back. She also did it on purpose. She thought of having some fun with Raghav. Well he deserved it for making her wait so long. Waise Sia bhi kam nahi hai...akhir Raghav ki asar us par zaroor padega na.

Raghav had played the song from the cd which he had recorded it once. He switched off the music player as he saw everyone coming. Well his timings had been just perfect...everything went on as he had planned.

Arjun almost jumped on Raghav with the force he come rushing towards Raghav.

"Raghav. My Buddy!!!" and they both embraced each other.

"Juno!! mere bhai!!!Missed u yaar"

There was wide grin on both their faces. The smile and happiness stuck on their faces like fevicol.

"Kasia hai tu?"Arjun asked 

"Just the way I am looking like to you."Raghav said with a smirk.

"Missed you like hell."Arjun said.

"How is hell?" he kept raising his eyebrows in a teasing way. Arjun just shook his head smiling.

"Kabhi nahi sudrega"he thought.

By then the rest of them came.

"Raghav! Raghav!"all came shouting his name. Raghav looked away from Arjun. And looking at everyone coming towards him he smiled wider. All girls went gaga all over again seeing his smile. They all had obviously missed this smile of his. But of course they knew that Raghav can't be their man anymore. He was somebody else's already. Yes Pushpa! 
And Of course he first searched for his Pushpa in the crowd...but she was not to be seen. There was disappointment in his face. But soon smiled back like he was happy.

"Raghav! Bohut intezaar karwaya yaar."Wadda and Nikka bro said and cutting his train of thoughts and hugged him.They then made a sad face.

"Ab kya hua? Mein aa gaya hoon to muh kyun  ladkeke rakha hai?"Raghav said put his arms on both of their shoulders.

"Aaj tak hum aise the elite pe. Tumhare bina school soona soona tha."

"Cheer up guys. Ragav Oberoi is back. Everything will be back to normal."he winked. 

"Raghavji. Aap aagaye ji. Mujhe bohut kushi ho raha ji."

"Mujhe bhi bohut bohut kushi kushi ho raha hai Gurmeet ji." Raghav put his arms on his shoulders too. As he spoke with everyone, his eyes kept scannning the crowd in search of his Pushpa.

"Ye Pushpa kaha chali gayi hai? Kahi dikh nahi rahi hai?"he wonedered.

"Raghav, tu itna badal gaya hai yaar?"Tanya said.

"Long hair and all haan?"Sama teased. 

"Chill guys. Don't feel sad. Tum log bhi ye sab karenege. US ke trends ab Elite school mein hoga. Trendsetter is here."

"Yaayyy." Everyone cheered.

"This is Raghav!" Miss Sen told to Kabir and Aliya who were watching all this dumbstruck.

"A most wonderful student I've ever met. He is just so adorable. Even his mistakes are forgiven easily. Hai to badmaash lekin dil se acha hai. Always there to cheer up people. Sabke dil jeeth leta hai."Miss Sen continued

"Haan.. diktha hai. pehele kabhi Elite mein is tarah ki josh kisi maien bhi nahi dekha," KAbir said.

"He is so handsome." Aliya admired.

"Shut up Aliya. Tum Arjun se pyar karthi ho." Kabir scolded.

"Pata hai. To iska matlab doosron ko appreciate karna band nahi karthe hai."

"TIkh hai tikh hai."Kabir said looking away.

Miss Sen went to Raghav.

"Hello Raghav. Its great to have you back."

"Hello Miss Sen
You are still the same.
Who drives me insane." 

he winked. The crowd oooed.

"Thank you Raghav." Miss Sen put her hair lock behind her ears and looked down and laughed.

Now all of his friends had greeted him. His not so close friends came forward. Raghav could not wait more to see Pushpa. He wanted to talk to her. He wanted to be with her now. He wanted to see his Pushpa's reactions. He wanted to hear her lovely voice. But she was not to be seen.

"Guys wait. Pehle ye batao, Pushpa kaha hai?" Raghav asked everyone in a serious tone. When it came to Pushpa, he always cared about it.

"Pushpa??"Aliya asked confusedly.

"Haan ye Pushpa kaun hai. Maine bhi nahi suna hai uske baare mein." Kabir added of course Raghav could not hear them as they were a bit far from where Raghav was standing. Miss Sen chuckled,

"Pushpa is none other than Sia. He calls her Pushpa."

"Woh yahi thi ab tak."Arjun said looking around.

"Haan woh juno ke side pe hi thi yaha aane se pehle."Sama said.

"Haan ye parjayji kaha gayab ho gayi?" Wadda bro wondered. Now that Raghav was back he again started to call Sia parjayji.

The other students fell apart so that Raghav could see his Pushpa standing there. They all gave way like how in ceremony's the guests walked in that open space. Bas ek ki kami thi a red carpet to adorn that path. The distance of thousands of miles that had kept Raghav and his Pushpa away from each other was now cut down. They were 
probably just thousand centimeters away. 

Pushpa stood straight in front of Raghav. But seeing her Raghav did not expect this kind of reaction from his Pushpa. He had thought she would be very happy and 
was waiting to see that lovely, cute smile of hers on her face. But instead he found her there with her arms folded across her chest. This was one plan that did not happen as he had planned. She seemed to be angry. 

Must say, Sia put up a good acting that Raghav als believed it. Now Raghav was a bit nervous. Look who is nervous Wink

"Pushpa!!!" saying Raghav jogged upto her unsure for the first time ever about his Pushpa. 

He held her hands they both looked into each other's eyes with all love, concern, pain for some moments. There was sudden rush in blood for Sia when he held her. The touch was electrifying. Raghav understood that she still had feelings for him. That still his closeness matters to her. So he thought it is not going to be that hard.

"Pushpa!! Kaisi ho?" He said in a soft musical voice. 

"Oops sorry." he stuck his tongue out like a cute kid. 

"I don't have the right to ask you how u are when I am the reason for causing you so much of pain. I'm sorry Pushpa. Please mujhe maaf kardo. Meine tumhe bohut dukh diy hoon. I promise agay se aisa kabhi nahi hoga."

Hearing this Sia's heart melt. She found it hard to be angry with him. From his words she knew how hurt Raghav was at the moment and that he was truely sorry. 

She was hurt seeing Raghav hurt. But she did not want to give in right now. So tried to keep her act. She had to fight with her feelings for some more time.

"Sia bas kuch hi waqt. Zyada dher nahi hogi. Please thodi si sabr karo." She made up her mind.

"Mujhe tumse koi baat nahi karni hai."saying she looked away from him.

"Pehle tum itne din baad wapas aaye ho aur mujhse mile bina baaki sabko milne chala." Sia regretted immediately for saying the second part. Raghav had come to see her first last night. But because of her stupidity she had hurt him already and now again.

"Lekin Pushpa, mein to..." he was about to say that he had come. But he realized that everyone was watching them. So he left it there.

He held her chin tenderly and turned her face towards him. He could not stand to see Pushpa not looking at him. He wanted to see her, her beautiful face, her soft innocent eyes which spoke a thousand words.


Sia knew that she would fall in the trap of his intense gaze of love which radiated from Raghav. Raghav was all set to convince her. She knew that another word from him her tears would give in. And if she looked into his eyes she would not be able to concentrate. So,

"Chodo Raghav!" Saying she went away towards the sitting place. 

She was partly enjoying irritating Raghav. He had been irritating her and now it was her chance to do it. She always loved the way how Raghav used to convince her. The way he bestowed love. But half unhappy that she could not show him how happy she was at the moment. How much she wanted to be in his arms.

Raghav of course knew what has to be done. After all he was doing it for his love. He considered as his duty rather than just considering that she is angry. He signalled to his friends and the others. They all formed a round circle away from Sia and bent down like the teams do before going for a match with all their arms over each others shoulders. Raghav said something in whispers. And everyone's face lit up with excitement. 

"Ready guys??" Raghav said putting forward his palm facing upward.

"Ready!!!" all said in unison and placed their palms downwards on Raghav's and they all lifted it up cheering lightly. 

Precap: Raghav apni Pushpa ko manana (through a song sequence)

So that's all for now guysSmile Ya I know it is a short update but next one will give u all a lamba wala updateTongueLOL Sorry if there are any mistakesEmbarrassed
Hope you all liked the update. Please do leave in ur precious comments. Both good and bad are welcome Smile And don't forget to hit the like button if u have liked itEmbarrassed


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Wow !! Superb ..mindblowing update!!Smile
Love it!!Clap
It was too good...raghav's entry and the buddy was obvious how kabir ans aaliya stood with open mouths!!WinkLOL...miss Sen just gave the correct definition of raghav.and the way raghav was flirting with miss sen was amazing..." miss sen u still drive me insane "TongueWink
haan sia ne surely raghav se bohot kuch sikha was the too good...jaise woh itna bhav kha rahi's really gonna be awesome furtherWink...waiting for the song sequence!! Update sooon!!Smile and a lamba wala pls!!WinkTongue
.Ps : Yay yay i'm the first!!

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hi..the update was awesome...u have written it very beautifulyClap...and plzzz update soon..

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Nimmi im in love with ur updates...

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Yaar fantabulous update each and every word u wrote 4 Raghav is True he is d real RockStar and yeah no one can take his place
eagerly waiting 4 d next update actually its hard 4 me 2 wait now.,..
thanx 4 d pm

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Yr mere sare words e katam o gaye hain update k was jst out of dis world. I loved it.

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Originally posted by angel...s

hi..the update was awesome...u have written it very beautifulyClap...and plzzz update soon..

thanks a lot swetha Smile
will update it soon Smile

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