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Sira SS/OS - The Rock-star's Back (Part 3-Pg 14) (Page 14)

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Thanks a lot everyone for all ur encouraging wordsHug
So here is the next update. Actuall now this is the last but one update...kya karoon when i started writing it went on and on n now i have to make another partLOL

Well in this update i have a request...u have to imagine some things. This part has a song sequence which I have tried to describe. But i don't think I was able to do it completely as i have imagined. So sorry for giving work to ur brainsWinkLOL plese do try to recall some song sequences that we have seen on Sira. 

I think when the song sequence part comes, u'll first read the description that i have given after each song line and then listen to music and so that u'll will be able to imagine better. Thank you Smile
Okay I wont say much. Here goes the update Smile

Recap: Sia acts as if she is angry. Raghv call everyone and they plan something and everyone is ready.


Elite was in action now. Kabir, Aliya stood as spectators.

This is the link for the song if you would like to hear. It is jaane  bhi de from heyy babySmile

Raghav signals to one of the students to on the music. 

Music part

Raghav goes to where Sia was sitting. She gets up and goes. He catches her hand and pulls her towards him. Sia collides into his hard warm chest. They are in that position for a brief moment. Sia releases his hold and turns away with her angry expression still put.

I wanna make it up to you, pretty baby   

he touched her nose playfully. Pushpa looks away.

Make it up to you.
I wanna see you smile 

He smiles and shows the sign of smile. Sia looks in the other direction. Raghav goes to that side and again repeats his action of smiling.

I wanna see you smile
I wanna make it up to you.  

He puts forward both his arms on his shoulders.

He runs behind her in a dramatic style. He catches up to her and and continues his dramatic running beside her as she keeps moving.

O meri jaan na lele ke meri jaan (2)
Teri ada (2)  

he spread his hand in front of her thus blocking her way. Sia glares at him and puts down his hand and moves ahead. He continues to run by her side.

Jaan jala na tujhe pe deewana (2)
Mein hoon fida (2)

He came and stood in front of her and spread out his hands. Sia turned to her right and strides away

Gusstaki maaf karde   

Sia stops. She reminds herself not to give in so fast. But she keeps looking at Raghav from the corner of her eye.

Abb tho insaaf karde

Raghav joins both his palms and makes an expression of please. 

Apna dil saaf karde  

He places his fisted hand close to his heart and tilts his head.

Kehna tho maan le

he goes to her and cups her face.

Jaane bhi de jo bhi hua
jaane bhi de (4) 

Raghav puts light dance steps once (imagine the step Raghav n Arjun did during Valentine's day Tongue)

Then the whole school gather up behind Raghav and do the same steps. Arjun, Sama, Amber, Akash right behind him. Sia puts her back to them and secretly enjoys all this and smiles widely and she again faces them with her composed expression.

(When the music part comes)
Dingy dingy...(lol I don't know what exactlyLOLI heard it like that)

They all scatter. Raghav goes behind Pushpa and gave her roses one by one and she ignores that and turns in the opposite direction. 

Come on smile now

But she ends up facing the other students who are all holding roses in their hands. Thus, stopping her from going ahead. Some were holding the placards with smiley faces. She held her breath looking at this with surprise she remembers her act and sighs. She somehow struggles to make way out of the group.

Dingi dingy...

Raghav gives her chocolate in one hand, she rejects it.

Raghav gives her a soft toy in the other hand, se rejects it too.

Raghav then gives her ice cream. Sia for once almost took it, she eyes it and then rejects it and walked away. But again she was stopped by other students who said in unison,

Come on smile now..(2)

Gussa tera jhootha  

he says it from the back near her right ear

Jhoothi moothi berukhi hai  

He goes to her left and says near her ears. 

Jaanu main to jaanu   

He holds her shoulders and turns her to face him.

Teri naa mein  
he lifts his head towards her 

haan chupi hai  
he winks at her and flashes his killer smile. Sia looks here and there and tried to keep up with her expressions. She again walks away.

Gussa tera jhootha
Jhoothi moothi beruki hai
Jaanu main to jaanu
Teri naa mein haan chupi hai

He keeps going round her with some light dance steps. Sometimes to her left and sometimes to her right.

Aye sanaam na kar sitam  
Raghav who is behind her stretches out one of his hands with his palm facing up like calling out to her,

Tujhko khuda ka vasta 
He points his fingers to her and and then up indicating God.

All through this below para...

Sia keeps walking but every now and  then each one of them Sama, & Gurmeet,  Tanya, Amber & Akash,  Aliya & Kabir  and Arjun, one after the other come in front of her stop her and give expressions to forgive him, to let it go, not to be angry and to smile.

Gusstaki maaf karde  (Sama & Gurmeet)
Abb to insaaf karde    (Tanya, AMber, Akash)
Apna dil saaf karde    (Aliya & Kabir)
Kehna to maan le        (Arjun)

Everyone again join behind Sama, dance for the step previously done. Raghav joins in too of course.

Jaane bhi de jo bhi hua
jaane bhi de (2)

Sia watches them all. She then runs away from the place suddenly and disappears.

Jaane bhi de jo bhi hua
jaane bhi de (2)

Music part

Raghav is asking everyone where she went, the others are asking each other too. Meanwhile Sia is now in a classroom with the doors closed behind her. She is very happy and she turns round with happiness. She is smiling and imagining 2 steps of Salsa with Raghav (Like in Pehla Nasha song)

Dingy dingy...
Everyone start looking for her in all classrooms. One of them sees and calls everyone. All come there and scream 

Come on smile now. 

Sia turns to see them because of the sudden interruption of her imagination. Raghav goes upto her 

Tanha na kategi zindgani jaanle tu
and sits on a chair close to hers with his hands on his chin, 

Meri bhi zarurat tujhko hogi maanle tu  
He catches hold of both her hands and kisses them. She released her hand and sat on a chair far from his. 

Tanha na kategi zindgani jaanle tu    
Of course the lover boy got up and went to her again and sat on the chair next to hers. She gets up and sits on the next adjacent chair. Raghav did the same. Sia got up.

Meri bhi zarurat tujhko hogi maanle tu   
Raghav pulls her hand. This made Sia to fall on his lap and her hands are immediately round his neck. He holds her at her waist.

Mar ke bhi na chodunga teri baahien tera raasta  
Sia immediately puts her hand on his mouth so that he does not say such things. Raghav was happy and he smiles. They both get up together. They walk side by side with Raghav's arms around Pushpa's shoulders.

All through the below para...

Everyone is standing one behind the other holding placards. As they walk, they turned the placards to reveal what is written and gave way for them to go front so that they can see what the next person is holding.
Y maaf karde
Abb to insaaf karde
Apna dil saaf karde
Kehna to maan le

Sia was elated by seeing this. 

Jaane bhi de jo bhi hua
jaane bhi de  (2) 

All of them again joined to dance except Raghav. He was with his Pushpa smiling down at her closely observing her emotions and expressions and the color on her face that was changing to red. It had been ages he had seen those soft eyes, beautiful face, the color of red behind her soft delicate smooth skin. They both watched the school dance together. 

Jaane bhi de jo bhi hua
jaane bhi de (2)

They both looked at each other. And they forgot everything. They were lost in each other's eyes. Unknowingly their position had shifted such that they were now facing each other.

Dingy dingy'.
All of them were happy now. They all jogged towards the cute adorable couple of Elite. They all formed a circle around them and they sang

Come on smile now

Raghav and Sia came back to the real world. They looked around at everyone, wondering when they came and formed a circle with embarrassment clear on their faces.. Both of them were slightly blushing.

Come on smile now'

Raghav then looked at Sia.

"Pushpa smiiile..please..."Raghav asked cutely.

Sia had of course melted completely by this. Raghav was ever charming. No one could stay angry with him for long. She had forgiven at the very beginning. She could not stay like this longer. She instantly smiled her 100 watt smile. Raghav's heart skipped a beat and he gave back an equally killer smile. Sia was mesmerized like always. And Raghav too loved this smile of hers. They had missed this so much. They had not even smiled like this from the time they had to be separated. 

While he was away, every day he had wondered about Sia. There was not a moment he did not think about her.

"Raghav pata hai tumhare ye smile se poore Elite mein roshni wapas agaya."Sia exclaimed.

"Aur Pushpa tumhe pata hai, tumhare is 100 watt smile se mere dil mein 200 watts ke roshni wapas agaya."he said admiring her.
Blood rushed through her face and of course everyone could notice ita and she blushed even more. 

Sia tried to turn and go but she was stopped by the grip of Raghav's hand on her wrist. This made her collide into his warm chest having a fragrant smell. (Sira BG Tune)
Sia missed this one too. She then hugged him. 

Now she did not care about who was seeing. Of course the whole of Elite had witnessed their confession last year and everyone knew that both loved each other a lot even though they were apart. Raghav hugged her back. Raghav stroked her hair. Raghav took in deep breaths of the fragrance radiating from her smooth staright hair. 
Tears came down Sia's cheeks. She tried to wipe it. She did not want Raghav to see them. She knew this hurted him and she had no plans to hurt him even a bit anymore. He hugged her more tightly. He too got tears in his eyes. He immediately wiped and signalled the ones who saw it to be quiet. They assured with a nod. 

Everyone was happy for them. Yes every student in Elite was happy for them.

Sally had been alone now after Vishal broke up with her. No one wanted to be friends with her. But what did she see here. Everyone was ever ready to get both Raghav and Sia together. She understood if she was good to all, everyone will be nice to her. This whole thing changed her. She realized what she had for Raghav was not love or anything. She just wanted attention then. Had he not been there she would not at all got any attention. She could see that it is not always required to be with famous people to be recognized. If she was nice to all everyone would give attention to her. She too could see that their love was true. She was also happy for them.

The whole school cheered for Raghav and Sia. Aliya and Kabir too joined them. After all they had also realized how true their love was. They had seen the king and how much he loved and cared his queen. They now knew how and why the whole school followed Raghav by his one signal. Everyone adored him. In fact they too liked him. After all Raghav grabs everyone's attention.

"Sia kitni lucky hai ki Raghav jaisa ladka use apni life mein mila hai. Bohut kush naseeb hai Sia."Aliya praised

"Tu sahi keh rahi hai. Raghav ke baare mein suna to tha. Lekin aisa hoga, kabhi nahi socha tha. Now I know how Raghav affected Sia so much. He is easily lovable," he kept looking at Raghav, his smile, his way of interaction with others, his charm, the way he is concerned about Sia.

"Right Kabir..."Arjun said lookin at his best buddy.

"Sab Raghav ko pyar karthe hai aur woh kisiko nahi..."Kabir and Aliya were a bit confused. He did not love others? Then Sia?

"...Sewai ek ki. Woh bas ek ko pyar kartha hai. Aur woh hai Pushpa, sorry I mean Sia. She is his life. Ek pal ke liye bhi usse door nahi reh saktha. Usse baat karne ke liye ya tang karne ko kisi na kisi tareeka doond nikaltha tha. In dono ke ye dooriyan use aur bhi khareeb laya hai. Is se ek doosre ka pyar aur bad gaya hai. Dekho kaise ek doosre ke ankhon mein kho gaye hai. Aur Raghav, Sia ke liye kuch bhi karne ko tayyar rehtha tha. Tum abhi abhi dekha na Sia ko manane ke liye kya kuch nahi kiya. Kitne bhi mushkile paida ho, woh Sia ke liye ladega. Use takleef mein bilkul nahi dekh saktha."


"YEEES!!"came the instant reply from everyone.

All the went back to their classes. Whole day, school was filled with talks of Raghav coming back. The whole school atmosphere had changed. It was like the school which was once black and white now found color in everything . Every face showed joy, enthusiasm. Teachers were also happy. Before the classes were boring for them too. There used to be no one to crack up. Now all classes were fun. Principal Shenoy was also very glad to have Raghav back. He too agreed on the party and had announced for a party at the back of the school.

Coach KV was also glad that Raghav was back. It would help Sia in her boxing. Afterall he had seen how Raghav was helpful for Sia's success in the boxing championship. 

"Hello Raghav" KV said patting Raghav's back who was talking with some students. Raghav got a sudden shock and jumped back facing bulldog.

"Oh freak! Bu...Boxing Coach." Raghav stammered.

"How are you Raghav?"saying he lifted his hand for a light punch. Raghav at once dodged.

"Not bad you are still in form. Good keep it up."Coach appreciated.
Raghav looked to his sides and back. He was shocked that bulldog had said this to him.

"Whom are you searching?" Coach asked looking around.

"No one sir. Thank you."he smiled half shocked.

Raghav was with Sia for maximum time. But though he was with her always they could not speak properly. Every now and then someone or the other came to speak with Raghav.

As the sky turned pink to a shade of orange to a shade of brown and then finally grey, everyone's excitement increased. Sia had hardly found time to talk to him freely. Sia got ready for the party soon. She did not wear anything classy. She knew Raghav loved her the way she was. So she wore a pretty blue salwar. She left her hair fall over her almost bare shoulders. She wore light make up. She once glanced towards the mirror to see herself how she looked before she left. She smiled at the mirror satisfactorily and left. She got to know that he was not in his room. But she knew exactly where he was.

Sia ran towards the special place 'The Sira Land'. She stopped when she reached the ladder and was still panting. She took in deep breaths and looked up the ladder. She was just a few steps away from her love now. Few steps away and she would be with her love soon..

She hastily climbed the stairs. She reached the last step, she kept her right foot on the last step and lifted her left foot but suddenly her right foot gave away. Sia gasped, she went down one step down in the air but she hanged in the air against the gravity. Something from above pulled her upwards.. She felt strong hold at her wrist. She looked up and found the one whom she came in search of Raghav!! She was very much relieved seeing him. She just kept staring at him, even forgetting that she was still hanging in the air. (Sira BG Tune)

"Aisi hi latki rahegi ya upar bhi aane ka plan hai? Wiase ek baat bolu Pushpa, tumhari aise latke rehne se hum dono ko advantage hai, dono ko exercise jo hoga" saying he winked.

Sia then realized and struggled to come up. Raghav held her tightly and pulled her up. But the force in which he pulled was enough for both the love birds to fall over each other.(Sira BG Tune)Sia was on Raghav, they were again lost. 

They had not been alone together. The feelings that she was going through now were intense. She battled to stop her tears but she couldn't she just put her face sideways on his chest. Raghav then put his both arms around her and closed his eyes. Raghav too had many mixed feelings. But having Sia under his arms he felt it heavenly. He wished this moment froze. Whenever Sia was within his arms reach no one was happier than him coz this assured him that she was safe. He wanted to lock her with his arms so that not even air could trouble her.

They then got up. Raghav wiped away her tears. He shook his head

"No more tears Pushpa. You know I hate tears."

Sia just nodded her head and smiled with trust seen as clear as crytal. They both were the most happy people in the world right now. They knew what the other was feeling. Raghav understood that the tears were out of happiness. Sia knew that what he said meant that Raghav is back and will not let even a drop of tear to be wasted.

"Aisi daudke kyun aa rahi thi?"he asked suddenly

"Tumhe kaise pata?"Sia looked up.

"Tumhe dekh kar hi pata chaltha hai. Abhi abhi tum apni hostel chali thi aur itni jaldi miss karne lagi?"He winked
Sia punched him lightly on his chest 

"Itne din intezaar jo karwaya aur... ab mein zyada dher tumse alag nahi reh sakthi." she complained.

"I'm sorry Pushpa." he held his ears. "Ab mein bhi zyada dher tak tumse alag nahi reh saktha." he said.

"Nahi sorry mat kaho."

"Kya sorry nahi bolu? To iska matlab tumhari ye subah gussa karna sirf ek natak tha!!!"

Raghav saw the mischief twinkling in her eyes. Sia tried to say no but she smiled naughtily.

"Kya!! Pushpa ab tum nahi bachogi" By then Sia had took to her heels. She searched for a place where she could be safe but she did not find any. Raghav caught up and when he was just about to catch her, she bent down and escaped. But raghav began to chase her again and cornered her. He pinned her to the corner wall. There was no way that Sia could escape. They both were very close now that their bodies touched and not even space for air to escape. They both felt each other's ryhtm of breathing. They both could hear the others' heart beat loudly. Their lips were just few inches away.

So guys that's all for now. Hope you all liked it Smile
Do leave in your comments and hit the like button if you have liked itEmbarrassed

PS: The credits for all the pics used in the story goes to R@$ia fOrEvEr FB Fan page

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HugWow nimmi!!Hug
It was just marvelous!!SmileWink
loved it to the core...
the song sequence was amazing and then the hug...awwwEmbarrassed
it was a damn romantic and...Blushing
Beautiful update...ClapEmbarrassed
Can't wait to read more...update soon!!!Smile

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will read all ur updates after march  Smile

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Amazing part nimmi

loved it...

The song was beautifully described...

N raghav
hehe woh nai sudhrega...

Gr8 part

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thanq 4 the pm n its a mind blogging update. continue soon. waiting 4 next part

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Awww dat was an awesum update i loved it 2 d core am so excited 4 Monday want 2 c wat wud b Everybody's reaction on Rags return especially Pushpaaa's
thanx 4 d pm i was so eagerly waiting 4 ur update

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