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Sira SS/OS - The Rock-star's Back (Part 3-Pg 14)

-Nimmi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 10:13am | IP Logged
Hello EveryoneHug

So I am here with my first OS. And my 2nd writing on Sira. And i'm very glad that this is one is also on Sira.Embarrassed
Well I never wrote before. But Sira just motivated me to write of course with the encouragement of proton [utpol] and other writers here.Smile Thanks to everyone else who encouraged me through their lovely comments on my FF due to which I was able to come up with this.Smile

This SS/OS is about how Raghav is going to come back Wink
(This was actually supposed to be OS but it went longer and longer as I wrote so  its now SS i guessLOL)
That's all I can say for nowTongue Well I won't waste much time with my bakwas.LOLHere it goes.Smile

The Rockstar's Back
Part - 1

The whole of Elite school was silent and calm as the golden rays of the sun swept across the ground & walls of Elite. The sun had raised early today. After all the sun was very excited about today.But it was still slightly dark. All the students were under their sheets fully asleep. Some twirling round the bed. Some dreaming about their loved ones. Some dreaming about their music career, some about getting a rank in hindi, some dreaming about plans to Paris and London, some dreaming about their crush and some dreaming about their next hacking and so on. 

Meanwhile, a dark shadow moved with ease around the school. The dark shadow came to an halt suddenly. It stood near the wall where a graffiti was made. It then moved towards the canteen and went behind the desk. The shadow moved to various places in the school campus. Then sun rose up filling the grounds and rooms with glowing light.

Slowly one by one woke up and everyone were surprised as soon as they got up. Everywhere in the hostel there was sound like a room filled with bees. Every voice found surprise in it. Slowly Sia too woke up,

"Ye itne awaaz kyun hai. Ye log aise kya itna baat kar rahe hai, woh bhi subah subah." She could see students discussing something like they are surprised. She noticed that it was brighter today. Little does she know why sun is so bright today, and why even the sun is excited today.

"Itni bright hai. Kahi mein aaj late to nahi ut gayi!!!" She turns her head to her left to see the time in the clock. 
"Nahi ye to meri roz utne ki time hai." She turns back.

"To aaj kya..."she stopped, realizing like she had missed something. She stares at nothing for a moment and she immediately turned back not to see that the clock had stopped but to see there was something unusual on her table. There was a red paper which was in small folds. A red rose was placed beside the letter. 

"Yeh kya hai?" saying she reached out to the folded paper. She opened it slowly not knowing what to expect. Such kind of things used to happen once upon a time. Yes it is once upon a time to Sia. It was like ages for Sia now. That was the time when the one whom she loved, who loved her back, who irritated her, who cared for her, who did anything to make her smile, was there. It was none other than Raghav Oberoi. He was a guy who loved to surprise people. He always surprised Sia by his actions and words.

When she opened the paper, words were staring out at her in white. It read

Labz na nikle phir b awaaz hoti hai
Kuch lamho ki bath bahut khas hoti hai
Par yeh baat hamesha sach hai 
Aap hamesha dil ki paas hoti hai

Love You, my Love

With love
Your Love ;)

As Sia read this her heart thumped faster against her ribs. She immediately looked up saw around if Raghav was there somewhere. She then gasped

"To iska matlab..."she paused trying to take it in. Letting it sink in, that whatever happened last night was reality and not a dream.
"...iska matlab Raghav sach mein yaha aya tha. Woh meri sapna nahi tha."


Sia was slightly awaken by a small thud sound, which she had not heard consciously but heard it due to the conscious inner senses. Slowly her eyelashes gave way to her eyeballs to see. She barely opened her eyes. But she could see movement, framed by the window a dark shade, the person was wearing a black jacket which blended with the dark and his white shirt glowed in the dark. As the shade moved towards her his face was filled with light from the corridor light through the window, giving away his recognity. 

Sia was overwhelmed, before she realized that, it was only a dream like she got everyday and all the excitement instantly disappeared from her face. 

"Raghav tum aise roz aake mujhe tang kyun karte ho. Roz sochti hoon ki tum aagay lekin roz sapne ke saath chale jaate ho. Kyun na tum sach mein saamne aa jate. Aur hamesha hamesha ke liye mere paas hi reh jate." Sia says in her sleepy voice and closes her eyes going back to sleep.

Raghav was now sitting beside her. He stroked her hair with his fingers and admired his sleeping beauty. 

"Pushpa mein tumhe kahi baar sothe hue dekhaa hoon, lekin har baar different or beautiful lagthi ho."

"Tum kuch bhi karo, aaj mein nahi fasne wali."

"Pushpa..." Hes stopped stroking her hair,Raghav was confused of what to do now

"Lekin wekin kuch nahi, mein jaanthi hoon tum haqeeqat nahi ho. "

"Nahi Pushpa, mein sach mein yaha hoon. Mein wapas aagaya hoon. Ankhe to khol kar dekho Pushpa"

"Haan haan pata hai..." Raghav felt a bit relieved that she believed that he was back

"Pata hai ki tum natak kar rahe ho, taki meri nind ud jaye. Tum jao subah jaldi utna hai. Sone do mujhe."

"Par Pushpa..."

"Mujhe tumse koi baat nahi karni"

Raghav had come first to Sia's room. He had wanted to meet her badly. Every inch of his body thronged to see her. But when he came here, he could not talk to his Pushpa like he wanted to. He wanted to hold her in his arms. But here the situation was wholly different. Sia wanted him to go away of course she was oblivious to the fact that Raghav was back in reality.

"Chalo koi baat nahi Pushpa mein ja raha hoon abhi ke liye. Atleast tumhe to pehle dekh saka, itne din baad. Yahi kafi hai mujhe" Sia had gone into sleep now.

He tucked the strand of hair behind her ears which were falling on Sia's face. He just gazed at her beautiful face till his eyes were contented to see her after months. Well how much ever he saw her, he always wanted to keep seeing her. He tried hard to takes eyes away from her.

"Love you forever Pushpa"

He then bent down to her face, held one side of her face and kissed her forehead.

"Good night Pushpa. Aagay se mein tumhari neendo mein kabhi tang nahi karoonga," he said with love and concern in his eyes. 

He then pulled the bed sheet towards her. He then turns to leave but then Sia turns to Raghav's side and holds his hand. Raghav turned with his eyes sparkling, expecting her to be awake. He looks at their hands and then at her and realizes that she was still sleeping. 

He then slowly releases her hold without disturbing her sleep. And he dashes towards her window. But before he went out he turned back to see her

"I'm back Pushpa" and he winks.


Sia was angry with herself for having let this happen.

"Tu tab kya soch rahi thi? Agar tum uski baato pe barosa ki hoti to tum Raghav ko tabi mil pati. Use ab bohut dukh hua hoga..."

"Aur tumne kya kaha tha 'jaao' or kya boli thi 'baat nahi karni', "Sia winced
"Use bohut bura laga hoga"

Sia got ready soon. She closed her room door behind her. Sama came rushing towards Sia

"Sia, Sia...jaldi batoa, tumhe kya mila?' 

Sia now only knew that Raghav was back and she had to meet him right now at any cost. Everything else around her she had forgotten. 

"Kya?"Sia was confused. 

"Dekho Sama mein jaldi mein hoon, mein tumse baad mein baaat karthi hoon. Bye." Saying Sia disappears.Sama stood shocked with her mouth half open

"Ye Sia kaha itni jaldi mein hain?"

Sia went searching for Raghav around the school. She went to gym, class, grounds and even their special place. But did not find him anywhere.

At the open auditorium where everyone has to pass while they go from their hostel to school.

Everyone was gathered at a place near a wall. All were looking at the graffiti made. This graffiti was a new one but not on the same place as usual. In fact the old one was still there. The graffiti showed

     "HI ALL" 

and below it was a big cute smiley.

"The smiley is so cute." Tanya said

"Lagtha hai ye kisi aur ne kiya hai" Aliya said.

"Haan..."Kabir wondered.

"Ye kisne kiya hoga, mere alawa koi or graffiti nahi banatha hai yaha."

Sama and juno came to that place at the same time

"Kya ho raha hai guys?" Juno moved forward to see. They both have a look at it.

"Juno, tumhe nahi lagtha ye sab linked hai."

"Kya matlab Sama?"

"Dekho subah subah hum sab ko different colors ke letters mile."

"Haan humare gang mein sabko yellow paper mein "Love you buddy" likha tha" Wadda bro said

"Aur baki sab ko blue paper mein "Hi" likha tha" Nikka bro said.

"Aur uske saath ek rose bhi rakah hua tha" Tanya added.

"Sabko nahi. Kuch logo ko black paper mein "I dislike u" likha tha. Kya black roses bhi hote ahi?" Juno corrected. Everyone burst out laughing. Of course everyone knew who they were. Vishal and Saloni who were there heard it and scowled at them.

"Aur hum dono ko sirf roses mile" Aliya said disappointed.

"Shayad agay milega. Wait Sia kaha hai. Hume abhi tak pata nahi hai ki use kya mila hai."

"Wahi to juno, subah mein Sia se poochne ki koshish ki lekin woh jaldi mein thi or bina bataye chali gayi." Sama said

Arjun just nodded wondering where she could have gone.

"Samaji, mujhe bhi lagtha hai ki yeh atoms bonding to form a molecule hai ji."
Everyone where looked at each other. Whatever that he had said now had obvioulsy gone over their heads.

"Gurmeet, tikh se to bataao na."Sama told

"Mera matlab hai ki, ye sab jo ho raha hai na ji, woh ek doosre se jude hue hai."Gurmeet explained..

By the Miss Sen came seeing the crowd.
"Hello students. What is going on here?" She said with her smiling face. The students gave way and she saw the graffiti. 

"Oh another graffiti, but in a new place! Nice! I don't think it is the same person." she said

"Hume pata lagana hai ki ye graffiti kisne kiya" one of them added.

"The new mysterious graffiti maker" amber and akash said together

"Hey wadde, chalo apna magnifier lo. Humara detective work phir se chalu karthe hai. Humare last mission tha pichle saal, jab Raghav tha." Little did they know that again their missions satrted coz Raghav is back

" Bilkul sahi kaha Nikke. Nikke, mein tayyar hoon, tum?"

"Mein bhi tayyar hoon wadde."

They both hold the magnifier and moved closer to the graffiti. There was an arrow sprayed in red towards the canteen. They both saw it together and turned their heads dramatically in the direction of the arrow. Everyone saw this.

"Amber, Akash kya hua? Kuch pata chala."

"Wahan" they both said together and pointed the direction

Everyone's head turned in the direction they were pointing to

"Wahan? kya?" KAbir asked

"Go in that direction. Follow us" wadda bro said.

"Chalo guys chalte hai, dekhte hai kya hai." Juno said and went behind Amber and Akash. Miss Sen too joined them.

They all reached the canteen and everyone's mouth dropped. The canteen was decorated with roses. There were roses on the wall, in the vases kept on the table.

At the center of the wall it was written boldly


The whispers of discussion turned into loud talks. Everyone wondered who could this person be. They had forgotten such surprises. Elite was filled with surprises once upon a time. A time when Raghav Oberoi was in Elite. It had faded later. Some also doubted if Raghav was back.

"Guys aaj ka date kya hai?"Juno called out.

"26th June" Wadda bro said instantly.

"Oh freak!! Aaj Rose day hai guys!!"

"Tabi to itne saare roses hai."Pooja exclaimed.

"Lekin ye sab kiya kisne?" Kabir asked

"Wow. Whoever did this, That person is so romantic" Aliya said.

Meanwhile Sia was still searching for Raghav running in the corridors. She was breathing heavily now because of running. She at last reached the canteen. She had wondered where all her friends were and now she found them all here. She walked to where they were all standing and sat down in one of the chairs.

"Sia!!!" All her friends gathered around her.

"Sia tum tikh to ho?" Juno asked.

"Sia tum kaha chali gayi thi?" Sama asked.

"Sia kaha se aa rahi ho aise daudke?" Kabir asked.

"Sia kya hua?" Aliya asked.

"Kuch to bolo Sia" Miss Sen said

"Tum sab...mujhe bolne mein kuch bolungi na..."she said taking in fast breaths in between.

"Ok ok. U take some rest."Aliya said. So meanwhile Wadda and Nikka bro started their jasoosi again.

"Feeling better now?"Aliya asked. Sia nodded her head.

"To bataao kya hua?" Juno, Kabir and Miss Sen asked together

Sia looked at all 3 of them n they all laughed.


"MIL GAYA" Amber and Akash called out loud.

"Guys ek aur clue mil gaya." Wadda bro said. Everyone's attentio now shifted to them and they went to see what was there now.

"Ye us taraf nishana kar raha hai." Kabir said and pointed in that direction and everyone's eyes followed his finger pointing to the direction.

"Chalo chalthe hai guys. Sia tum bhi aana." Sama called to Sia.

"Wow this is so exciting!! It is like a treaure hunt in school." Aliya said.

"Ya it is so much fun." Tanya added

"Haan ji bohut maza aa raha hai" Gurmeet also added pushing up his glasses. Sia caught up with them soon. Everyone went in the direction with Juno and Sia in the front.

"Lekin ye sab ho kya raha hai?" sia asked

"Ye to hume bhi nahi pata hai Sia. Hum bas woh kar rahe hai jo humse karwaya ja raha hai." Aliya said and she breifed about what had happened till then.

"Dont' think much Sia. Just go with the flow." Tanya said.

"Mujhe aap sabse kuch kehna hai."Sia said with her face beaming and half blushing.

"Haan bataao Sia."Juno encouraged.


Just then they heard music playing as they went closer to the destination. It lead to the amphi theatre. Everyone's enthusiasm now increased. Sia by now sensed that all this was done by Raghav. She too was excited. Her heart beat raced now as she went closer. As they went closer the music got louder. Juno at once recognized this


Well that's all for now guys. Hope you all liked itSmile 
Do leave your comments both good and bad and hit the like button if you liked it Smile



Part 1 - Page 1
Part 2 - Page 6
Part 3 - Page 14

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                            HugHugHug Nimmi HugHugHug 

Millions Of Hugs Will Fall Short In Front Of Dis SS Of Urs... 

Awesum Start... Clap

Am So So So Happy To Read This Embarrassed

Wow... kya cumback style hn raghav ka... Amazing Amazing And Super Amazing Tongue

Awww I Wanna Read Frthr Abhi Bilkul Abhi Embarrassed

Plz Jaldi Se Update Kar Dena !

PS: I commented First Party

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heyyy honey whats up * hugs*HugHugHugHug

okay this is my first time readying  on Sira stuff i like them but never be through ki i'll read SS or  os on them ...LOL

aww babe i have to say you an amazing writer you writen so well what an kickass come back...:D

very cutee loving it totally :D
oh God i missing all HSL cast ..:(
especial Juno& Miss Sen..:( i like them alottt :)

great start ,i wanna to read more updates plz update fast next one...

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Hey wow wow. Itna sweet, amazing update tha yaar. full of Raghav style...very cute. par maine aur padna tha...Cry plzz jaldi se update karo na...raha nahi jaega., LOL it was looovbely byt the way I love ur attention to details, to Raghav style, and gang's style of dialogues. wish i cld also hv a command like dis. Smile Clap Star

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shruti-love Goldie

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awesome os 
loved it 
cont soon
thanks for pm

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SamaaNoor IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 8:32pm | IP Logged
Awsome Nimmi. It was jst out of dis world. I jst loved it. Plz do continue soon.

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read it Big smile
wonderful update Clap
waiting for ur next update Dancing
nice entry of raghav... in srk style LOL
pls pls pls cont it asap Embarrassed

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