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FF:Jo Hua Usey Bhool Ja:Ch13(Epilogue)Pg:78,Question Pg83 (Page 78)

deepali.rock IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 January 2013 at 12:43am | IP Logged


Hi aazeen,

This chapter as you said yourself was a complete musical update, and it must have required extra hardwork, as in putting in the right song sequences at the right time in sync with the whole chapter. I applaud you for that.

-Nidhi's gudguddi reaction was hilarious. Learnt a new formula that,
Nervousness + Excitement=Gudguddi. That was just too too good. Ashu truly says that Nidhi is priceless, aaj to prove bhi ho gya. From where did you get this scene??

-Ashuji wants to be called as Ashutosh by Nidhi, not bad haan, infact very good. Was actually waiting for this scene to unfold.

-The partners in life, being equals part was superb. Loved it. Just a small word but such a huge impact. Mutual respect was equally important aspect. Kudos to u yaar. Abhi ke liye to ashutosh, but try and include a sweet name in epilogue.

-The beauty sleep and dark circles part was cute. Ashu is a sweetheart.

-The haldi ceremony came and went by very smoothly. It actually holds a lot of importance, as i had seen during my sister's wedding.

-Mehendi ceremony has always been my personal favourite but agreed that it causes lots of exhaustion.

-Nidhi writing Ashu's name in her mehendi was such a sweet and lovely act. Her mehendi must have come out really dark na??

-Anji feeding Nidhi with her own hands was such a sisterly act. More than friends, they are sisters to each other na. You brought in anji's presence very well. These tits and bits that you add, add on to the special touch of your FF.

-Aah, the sangeet ceremony. Dancing and all is my all time favourite. Sangeet is the dhamaal part of every wedding.

-Musical chair style sangeet was something new. It was just fantastic. Loved it. Also the host mandali were really good. The jodi's were just great. Ye musical chairs khelne ka idea kahan se aaya?? All in all really enjoyed the sangeet sandhya. And must say gave equal screen presence to everyone in here.

-Nazar utaarna part was just fab. Kya kya scenes likhti hain aap aazeen begum, ekdum mashallah. Ashu ji bade acche lage humein is scene mein.

-Your description of ashu and nidhi's wedding attires were just fab. Dono qayaamat dha rahe hain. Such a droolsome couple.

-Wedding rituals being performed amidst the hulla bulla. Enjoyed it. Especially the jaimala. The mangulsutra and sindoor were the completion. Finally both are married.

Their marital life is waiting for them. Thank you for such a heartwarming update.

I know that i am very late, and i hope that you are not angry   anymore.

Love ya.

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ssss97 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 January 2013 at 2:03am | IP Logged
hi when is the epilogue coming? waiting for it

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Aazeen02 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2013 at 4:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sss97

hi when is the epilogue coming? waiting for it
Bas updating in few mins...

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deepali.rock IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2013 at 4:38am | IP Logged
Great, bring it on. Madam mere review ka reply bhi kar dena.Big smile

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aru29 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2013 at 4:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Aazeen02

Originally posted by sss97

hi when is the epilogue coming? waiting for it
Bas updating in few mins...

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Aazeen02 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2013 at 4:44am | IP Logged
Hi friends... I very well know, the entire forum is in solemn mood, coz of Doc's deteriorating health... Even, I'm totally shattered knowing that... But, I'm kind of helpless... I may not be able to come up with my lappy, in the near future... Thus, updating the epilogue... Although, this time, No request of any likes n comments, understanding the grief in the hearts of u forumites... My sincere prayers for Doc, may the Lord Almighty bless her with HIS healing power on her n bestow his strength to her, n her family... Aameen!
So here goes the chap...






Ashni lying in their bed:-

A: Kya baat hai Nidhi? Itni restless kyu ho rahi ho? ( she starts to sit on the bed) Kya hua? Baithna hai? Wait... I'll help you...


And he himself sits behind her spreading his legs wide apart, to make space for her to sit & makes her sit, leaning her back to his chest for comfort... both their hands reach on to the 'Ready to deliver' protruded tummy...


N: Ashutosh...

A: hmmm...

N: Aapko kya lagta hai, iss baar bhi beta hoga, or for a change, beti hogi...


A: (chuckling) Nidhi... Jab se we got to know abt ur pregnancy, tum har 2 weeks mein mujhse ek hi question karti ho... " Beta hoga ya Beti?" If u had so much curiosity, toh, as a Doc, u would have been told what the baby's gender is... Apne pehle dono bte, Ashwin aur Anshul ke time par bhi toh, u got to know that na... Toh iss baar bhi pata lag jaata... Ab na khud pata lagaati ho, aur na hi mujhe lagwaane deti ho...


N: This is becoz, we had thot of 2 kids... But this,( she lovingly pats her tummy) this is our 'Jackpot Baby'... A complete surprise... So, I want its gender too to be a surprise... Aur waise bhi... This time, it would prove something too...


A: Prove? Kya prove?


N: Yahi ke, whether the father of my babies, carries 'X' chromosome in him or not...


Ashutosh was totally baffled by what she said-


A: Wh...What? Mere kuch samajh nahi aa raha hai... How come, I don't have 'X' chromosome in me?


N: Look! If this time too, I get a son, thats for sure, that u carry 'X' Chromosome... you know, ur 'X' n my 'Y'...


A: What rubbish! I don't believe it...!


N: Being a doc, u don't believe 'X' n 'Y' chromosomes?


A: I believe that silly! I don't believe ur theory... How can it be possible that I... ( and he left the sentence in between)... Leave that... Will get to know in 2 days, as ur delivery is scheduled to be day after tomorrow... Ye bataao, tum so kyu nahin rahi ho? Aaj gogh-bharaayi bhi thi... Tum thaki nahin ho? Or, is my lil one, overexcited inside, that's making u go so restless...?


N: Hmmm... Ashuji, were u an active child in ur childhood days?


A: Haan! I was one football lover...


N: Tabhi! Tabhi, I have hyper-active kids... Coz, main aisi nahin thi... (Then mischeviously) Waise Ashuji, Godh-bharaayi se yaad aaya... (& she lifts her palms & bring them near their faces, to have better vision at them...)


A: What? Ye kya hai? What do u want me to do with ur palms...?


N: Dhoondhiye...


A: Kya? (As understanding dawns over him, he leans his head backward closing his eyes) Again? Iss baar bhi naam dhundhwaogi? Nidhi, humaari shaadi par, mauka nahi hua, ke main tumhari mehendi mein apna naam dhoondh paata... Uska quota tum har baar mehendi lagake, mere liye Hide& Seek game mein poora karti ho... I very well remember, tumne apni pichli dono godh-bharaayi par, phir Anji ki shaadi par bhi yahi kiya tha...


Nidhi got annoyed at his words & withdrew her hands & crossed them to her chest-


N: Theek hai... Mat dhoondhiye... Agli godh-bharaayi se, mehendi hi nahi lagwaungi... Khush?


Ashutosh had a horrified look on his face... And with a hesitant look, asked-


A: Tumhe... Tumhe aur bachhe paida karne hain?


Seeing those looks, Nidhi burst into splits of laughter... Then begab the journey of finding the name, from palms to wrist, to arm, finally near the elbow, but the journey of sweet love continued...




Nidhi sitting on the hospital bed, in a half lying position, leaning to the pillows propped behind her, when Ashutosh brought the little baby in his arms & carefully placed it in her arms...


A: Hmmm... Take it Jaan... The proof of my 'X' Chromosome... Our baby Girl... Our Little Daughter...


A lil 'Awe' escaped Nidhi's mouth, seeing the lil life in her arms...


A little while later 2 little boys came running running in the hospital room of Nidhi with "Mumma" on their lips... Ashutosh picked both his 6 year old son Ashwin n 3 year old Anshul, n brought both of them near their mother, when Both of them placed kisses on either cheeks of their mother... And then Ashu made them sit on the  small space on the bed... When Anshul, totally oblivious to the lil creature in her mumma's arms grumbled-


An: Mumma, aap kahan chali gayi thi? Maine aapko bohot miss kiya...


 Nidhi with her free hand tried n gave an arm hug to her this baby... When Ashwin's eyes caught the lil one & immediately asked-


As: Mumma... Ye baby kaun hai?


Nidhi asked Ashwin to come near her & asked him to sit near her... And then wrapping her free arm around him said-


N: Mumma ne bataaya than a aapko, ke ek chota sa baby aane waala hai aapke paas, khelne ke liye?


As: Oh! Mumma toh ye ab humaare saath khelega?


Ashutosh lovingly put his hand on Ashwin's head n said-


A: Khelega nahi beta... Khelegi...


As: Khelegi? Papa, yeh toh girl hai...


A: Haan toh, girl hai toh kya, hai toh aapki sister na...


As: Par Papa, main girls ke saath nahin khelta... Girls toh doll se khelti hain, aur main toh boy hoon na, main toh ball se khelta hoon...


A: Toh baba, you can share ur ball with ur sister na, like u share with Anshul...


Both the boys agreed to their father, When Ashwin again spoke up, seeing an Oxygen mask on the far end of the table-


As: Mumma, aap  wo lagaao na... Jo mouth par lagaate hain...


Nidhi chuckled seeing the oxygen mask & tried explaining-


N: Betu, Mumma doesn't need it...


A: Par mumma... You need it... ( he looked towards Anshul) Anshul, hai na, apan ne film mein dekha tha na?


His little brother nodded to him in a yes... Nidhi smiled disbelievingly towards Ashu & mumbled to him-


N: Aap kya kam they, jo ye bachhe bhi filmy ho gaye...


Soon Alok, Sudha, CV, DB,n the Solankies joined in the room-


Sudha: Haan toh Nidhi Beta, kya naam socha hai beti ka?


N: Aap bataiye na maa, Ashwin aur Anshul ka bhi aapne suggest kiya tha...


Sudha: No Nidhi... Iss baar tum aur Ashu tayy karo...


Nidhi looked towards Ashu & on his nod said-


N: Nimisha... Nimmi... Nimisha... Kaisa rahega Maa, BB, Baba, Db, Aunty-uncle?


Everybody agreed to the name for the baby...





N: Ashutosh, aapko yaad hai na, aaj humein 'Women's Welfare Assosiation' Ki 10th Anniversery mein jaana hai... Iss baar Europe ke Assosiation se bhi kuch log aa rahe hain... Aapko yaadhai na...


A: Haan Nidhi, yaad toh hai... lekin kids... wo bhi saath chalne ki zidd kar rahe hain...


N: Koi baat nahi hai Ashuji... wo log play-area mein khel lenge... Chalte hain...


After some time, everyone settles on their seats  to attend the program... Ashni too sang for the event...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuFUcfY4SBM Towards the end of teh event, the last performance, as described by compere, was by one, who himself was once an abuser... But, now, realising his mistakes, works for the betterment of the women in Europe.. He sat on one chair of the stage with guitar & sang-



Deir lagi lekin, maine ab hai jeena seekh liya...

Jaise bhi ho din, maine ab hai jeena seekh liya...

Ab maine, yeh jaana hai, khushi hai kya, ghum hai kya...

Dono hi, do pal hi hain rutein, na ye thehre na ye rukein...

Zindagi do rangon se bane, ab roothe ab mane,

Yehi toh hai, yehi toh hai yahan...


Deir lagi lekin maine ab hai jeena seekh liya...

Aansuon ke bin, maine ab hai jeena seekh liya...

Ab maine ye jaana hai, kise kahoon apna hai koi,

Jo ye mujhse keh gaya, yeh tu kahan reh gaya...

Zindagi toh hai jaise kaarwaan, Tu hai tanha kab yahan,

Sabhi toh hain, sabhi toh hain yahan...



Nidhi was horrified to see Jagan singing there... She looked towards Ashu, with a scared face & immediately ran taking Ashu's hand to the play area & hugged all her 3 kids, that were happily playing together... Nimisha was walking with both her hands held by her brothers on her either sides... By the time Ashu n Nidhi reached there, Nidhi hugged them... Jagan had followed them there in the menwhile...


J: Daro mat Nidhi... Main kuch nahin karoonga... Bas main toh tumse aur Bhai se aakhri baar maafi mangne aaya hoon... Specially tumse Nidhi... Jaane maine tumhe kitne dukh diye hain... 10 saal ki sazaa, councellings, sab ne mujhe badal daala... Aur tab jaana ke, maine tumhe kitne dukh diye hain... US mein dubaara se practice start karna namumkin sa tha... Ghar bechkar, aap logon ne mere a/c mein jo paise dale they, ussey main Europe shift ho gaya... And now, just to reduce my guilt, I work as the doc, for these sufferer women...

    Bas jaane se pehle main tumse maafi mangna chata tha...



When Jagan saw the 3 kids, he brought forward to caress  their cheeks, Nidhi stood in protection of them  n said-


N: Don't u dare touch my children Jagan... It's over... Everything is over... I have no connection with u... One n the only connection I had, that lil baby, that I once had, is also no more... It got killed- Thanx to u... But now, these are NOT YOUR kids... So better stay away from them... Or u better beware of me...


Nidhi had turned into one lioness, that was ferociously protecting her cubs... Ashu was amazed to see this Nidhi... He wanted to caLm Nidhi down, but thought to stay out of it... Maybe this is the last leaf of her sad story, remaining to be unturned... Let her do so...


J: No... no Nidhi... I did not mean to hurt ur kids... Ofcourse they are ur n bhai's kids...

   Nidhi, main tumhaari zindagi mein dubaara nahin lautunga... kabhi bhi tumhe tang nahin karunga... Bas zameer par ek bojh hai... Tumse maafi maangne ka... Please for God's sake, mujhe maaf kar do... ( He knelt down infront of her n folded his hands, & eyes had sincere tears) Please...


N: (very reluctantly) Jagan, puraane zakhm bhula dena itna aasaan nahin hai... Lekin Ashutosh ke saath rehkar maine aaj ko jeena seekha hai... Isliye, main tumhe maaf karti hoon... Now please, u can get up...


J: Thank u Nidhi... Main tumhara ehsaan kabhi nahi bhoolunga... Ab main bhi apni baaki ki zindagi, khushi-khushi guzaarunga... Wo dekho... Wo khadi hai meri patni...


Ashni looked towards her... And this time, it was Ashu, who was shocked... There standing, was Shivika... Ashu slowly uttered her name, to be heard by Nidhi... Now Nidhi was disbelievingly ooking at her... Shivika came n stood infront of Ashutosh, & joined her hands in apology...


Sh: I'm sorry Ashutosh... Aaj main bhi apni galtiyon ki maafi tumse maangna chahti hoon...


A: Shivika tum? Tumne toh uss ladke se shaadi ki thi na?


Sh: Haan! Pata nahin kitno ke dilo ko dukha ke ki thi... Shaayad usi ki sazaa bhugti...Jo ilzaam maine tum par thope they, wo sab usne mere saath kiya...Main bhi DV ki shikaar ho gayi... Phir ek accident mein uski maut ho gayi, aur mera treatment Europe mein start hua... Wahin Jagan mujhe mile, aura b humne shadi kar li... Tab pata chala, ke ye aapke bhai hain... I mean they... Toh humne socha, iss baar sabse maafi maang ke Europe lauta jaaye...  Bas isliye...



Ashutosh too forgave Shivika, & Ashni moved out, with their kids...




It was Pallavi's- Armaan n Avantika's daughter's 13th birthday & also of Vansh- Anji n Rohan's 8 years old son's Birthday party... Both shared their b'day together... The entire family was present there... Armaan n Avantika with their parents, Pallavi n her 9 years old brother-Prateek, Solanki Uncle n Shyaama Aunty, Rohan n his parents with Anji n her kids- Vansh-8 years & Vania- 5 years, Cv n Now looking old Db, Alok Mathur n Sudha, With Ashu n Nidhi, n their 3 kids, Ashwin, Anshul n Nimisha...


The party went on in a happy way... Nidhi was felling way too overwhelmed, seeing everyone together.. On the close of the party, Nidhi sang a song for this entire huge family-


Ae Dil, Laaya hai bahaar,

Apno ka pyaar, kya kehna...

Mile hum, chalak utha,

Khushi ka khumaar,Kya kehna..

Khile-khile chehro se aaj,

Ghar hai mera, Gul hi Gulzaar, kya kehna..


Hum-tum yuhi, milte rahe,

Mehfil yuhi sajti rahe.

Bas pyar ki yahi ek dhun,

Subah-Shaam bajti rahe...

Gale mein mehekta rahe,

Pyar bhari, baahon ka haar, Kya kehna...



With a huge family size, group Photo, hanging on the wall of Ashni, their story continued...

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Aazeen02 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by deepali.rock

Great, bring it on. Madam mere review ka reply bhi kar dena.Big smile
Haan, kar doongi... Lekin a lil later...
deepali.rock IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by Aazeen02

Originally posted by deepali.rock

Great, bring it on. Madam mere review ka reply bhi kar dena.Big smile
Haan, kar doongi... Lekin a lil later...

i understand yaar. Maine to sirf mind divert karne ke liye bola tha. Hum sab ki ek si hi haalat hai. Keep praying dear

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