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This is for Neha who inspired me with her broken button OS for this OS. Hug

            After grand wedding reception in Kesarbhag Anandi & Shiv are return back to Jeaitsar. Now their official married life start now. For past 15 days they were busy in wedding, Pre & post wedding rituals. They stayed back Kesarbhag for 6 days after reception spends quality time with family. Reception was attending by singh family too. They were happy to see Anandi's new sasural giving her same love respect as they gave her. Now their life begins with new relationship.

Shiv & Anandi start early morning from Kesarbhag to Jeaitsar, since shiv has meeting to attend. Family members were emotional while sending them off. But since Shiv got some important work in office they can't go for their Honeymoon so family decided to stay back in Kesarbhag so that newly wedded couple can have some privacy. Anandi took blessing from elders. She asked everyone come to Jeaitsar as soon as possible. Mahi & Sanchi teased them.

Shiv & Anandi reached CH in early afternoon. They entered in CH. Shiv hurriedly grab his files & left for office as he is getting late. Anandi asked him for tea but he refuses.

Aap chai lenge main jaldi bana loongi.

Nahi abhi nahi. Office mein lee loonga. Jaldi hain. Aap aaram keejeyeh. Hum shaam ko milate hain. Bye shiv said.

Jee'.Aaramse jayega.

Shiv smiled. Ji'''Sarpanch Ji.

Anandi giggled.

Anandi looked around at her new home. Though she is familiar with home but now it's officially her home now. She smiled at herself. She started unpack bags. Ira & Meenu sends many things with her. She took things out from bag. She put her clothes in one of closet which was specially bought for her by Shiv. She arranges Shiv's clothes too.  While touching his shirts she gets some strange feeling.

Now they are married but there some awkwardness/hesitation is still there. On SR Shiv made her clear he will not force his emotions on her. Whenever she is ready to take their relationship further till then he will wait. They will remain best friends as he promised her before wedding. Shiv is making her comfortable all the time.

But till now they were surrounded by family members but they will alone here in CH. Anandi is very happy with her new family. They adore her. Mahi & Sanchi are like friends for her. They teased her, made her smile all the time. Giving her some stupid advice & telling her Shiv's wired school/college day stories. She enjoyed their company. She loved them too but still in her mind she is eagerly waiting to go back Jeaitsar in CH where they will be alone.

 In her mind she was looking forward to spend time with Shiv. She is not completely love with him, but some strange attraction begins. She remembered while during Haldi when news comes that Police took Shiv for primary interrogation her heart stopped beating. In her deep mind she was scared but did not showed her emotions. She remains quite & strong. Shiv is successfully comes out this mess. She was so relieved that she cried at night when she was alone in her room. She was so worried for him & fears losing him.

 It's not just out of respect it was something else but she can't recognize her own emotions. Whenever he accidently touches her she gets shiver in her body. During wedding rituals too she gets this experience. These days she blushed whenever he made eye contact with her. She remembers one incident after reception very next day she wakes before Shiv. She gets ready & went to kitchen. Ira & Meenu send her back with tea to their room. Meanwhile Shiv wakes up & gets ready too. He was combing his hair in front of huge mirror wearing vest & towel around his waist. Anandi comes with tea in room. Anandi gets embarrassed to see him she turns around & left without let him know. Her heart was beating fast even today while remembering this incident.

In evening she called Shiv in office.

Ji aap kab tak aane wale hain?

Mujhe thodi der hoo jayegi. Kyun kuch kaam tha?

Nahi main sooch rahe thi ki main Haveli chali jaun sabse milane.

Ji jaroor iss mein poochne wali konsi baat hain. Main aapko lene wahin aa jata hunn.

Ji. Rakhati hunn.  

She comes to Haveli. Everyone was happy to see her. Sumitra gets emotional.  Dadisa asked her about Shekhar family. Anandi is happy to meet her family after long time. Dadisa asked about shiv. Anandi told her he will pick her. Dadisa asked her join for Dinner. Anandi gets puzzled. She wanted to spend quite dinner with Shiv. She gets confused.

Ji dadi sa '.jaroor ruk jate lekin Collector sahab ka thoda kaam baki hain. Phir kabhi aa jayenge.

Lekin chori safar se thak aaye hoo ruk jaa khaane ke liye dadisa insists.

Anandi was bit reluctant. Sumitra & Ghehna understood her & giggled. Sumitra signaled Bhairon to interfere. Bhairon assured her.

Ma sa jaane deejyeh. Waise bhi dono yahin par hain. Kabhi bhi aa sakte hain. Tu jaa beta.

Lekin Bhairon kitane dinno ke baad chori ghar aaye hain aur damad bhi aaya hain.

Ma sa''kaam bhi toh jaroori hain. Waise bhi kafi chooti ho gaye hain Shiv ki Bhairon defend.

Anandi felt bit shy in front of them. Suddenly Shiv showed up there. He took blessing form Dadisa & rest of family. They were equally happy to meet him.

Jee dekho Shiv bhi aa gayo hain. Aaj raat khaana khake jana ab'''  

Shiv gets equally tensed. He also planned same thing like Anandi. Sumitra & Ghehna notices his expression & smiled.

Ma sa Anandi ne kaha na Shiv ko kaam hain aaj. Phir kabhi aa jayenge bharion interupts.

Shiv was happy to know Anandi doesn't want to stay there either.  He looked at her but Anandi was looking down. He nodded his head.

Ji dadi ji aaj nahi ruk sakte'''..mujhe thoda kaam hain. Phir kabhi fursat mein.  Waise bhi Ma sa aur Tai Ji ke hath ka khaana khaye zamana hoo gaya.

Everyone laughed. Sumitra gave Anandi dabba without letting know Dadisa. Isse ghar jake khaana dono.

Anandi hugged her. They left for CH. They entered in CH both started laughing while looking at each other. Anandi felt bit shy. She walks towards kitchen. Shiv goes to bedroom for change. At dinner time Shiv surprised to see food.

Aap yeh khaana kab banaya? Mujhe bula liya hota main aapki madat kar deta. Sorry main jara files dekne mein busy hoo gaya.

Ji maine nahi banya hain. Ma ne diya.

Oh''.iska matlab Ma sa ne sab samjhe liya.

Anandi blushed. Ji    mujhe bhi yahi lagata hain.

Anandi Ji aaj hum uss din ki tarah ek hee plate khaana khaye?

Anandi agreed. They spend some quality time together. They chatted about everything. After dinner Shiv helped her with kitchen work. Anandi was bit hesitant.  

Aap rehne deejeyeh. Main kar loongi. Waise bhi jayda kuch nahi hain.

Nahi aap thak gaye hongi. Main madat karunga toh jaldi hoo jayega. Waise bhi mujhe koi kaam nahi hain.

After they finished their kitchen work Shiv asked her for walk. They walked together in CH lawn.

Toh kaisa lag raha hain wapass aa kar? I am sure aapne Jeaitsar ko kafi miss kiya hoga.

Ji accha lag raha hain. Miss kiya bhi aur nahi bhi.


Kesarbhag mein mujhe ghar jaisa hee laga. Sabne itana pyar diya ki main bhool gaye ki main kahin bahar hunn. Sach mein bahot naseebwali hunn main.

Aap hain isi layak. Aap ko dekhate hee koi bhi aapse pyar karne lage.

Anandi felt bit shy. Ab chalen thand lag rahe hain.

Chaleyeh Shiv said.

Anandi is making bed. Shiv was reading some papers. He saw her making bed , he thinks something.

Anandi Ji aap wahan aaram se soo jaye. Main study room mein soo jata hunn.

Ji kyun?

Aapko comfortable lagega.

Lekin Kesarbahg mein toh hum ek hee bistar pe soye the. Ab kyun nahi.

Ji wahan kafi bada bed tha. Yeh bed shayad...

Koi baat nahi. Itana bhi chota nahi hain. Waise aap wahan study mein soyenge toh mujhe accha nahi lagega. Main bilkul thik hunn. Aap yahin soo jaye.


He lay down on bed. Aanndi took off her earrings & necklace. She about to take off her pallu but stopped. Shiv was watching this from her behind. He realized her shyness he turns on his left. Anandi turns around & smiled. She took off her pallu & slide down. She turns on her right side. She was smiling. They greet each other with Good Night & slept peacefully.   

Their routine was going smooth. Early morning they used to go for walk. They eat breakfast together. Shiv used to drop her school. Anandi came from school makes lunch for him & sends it to his office. Sometimes she joined him in office for lunch. Afternoon she gets busy with Panchayat. In evening she waits for Shiv in CH. Dinner time was their special time. They used chat about many things, life. Shiv shares his experience with her & asked her opinion too. Sometimes they spend time with Singh family. Shiv took her to Belaria too.

One day Shiv came home early. Anandi was reading something & making notes. She heard jeep's horn.

Collector sahab itani jaldi aa gaye?  She gets up & goes towards to hall.

Anandi ji'..

Ji aa rahe hunn. Aap chai lenge?

Ji jaroor. Aur kuch khaane ko bhi.

Ji abhi laye.

She came with tea & snacks. Shiv took tray from her. Chaliyeh baithiyeh.

Ji'..aap chai lejeyeh.

Haan. Mujhe aapko kuch batana hain.

Haan. Batayeh''..koi jaroori baat hain?

Yes. Mujhe parso Delhi jana hain.

Delhi? Kyun?

Railway ministry mein meeting hain. Kaam suru karna hain na jald se jald.

Haan. Main toh bhool hee gaye thi. Kitane dino ke liye?

Ji 3/4 din. Main apani sari files aur kapade aaj jee pack karta hunn. Warna kal bahot jaldbazi hogi.

Ji''meri madat ki jarurat hoot oh bata dee jeeyehga.

Yah. Shiv goes to bedroom.

Anandi was sad. Tin /char din main kaise rahungi she mutters. Nahi agar main udass dekhi toh collector sahab ko dukh hoga aur unka kaam bhi adhura reh jayega. Main kuch nahi kahungi.

At night Shiv & Anandi was laying on bed. Anandi was thinking about his trip.

Anandiji aapko lagega ki main aapko aane ke liye nahi poocha'par baat yeh hain ki mere saath kuch aur log bhi honge. Main wahan busy rahunga toh aap bore hoo jayengi Guest house mein baithe. Aur Delhi mein main aapko aleke ghoome ke liye bhi keh sakata.       

Nahi nahi aap isa kyun keh rahe hain. Aap kaam se jaa rahe hain. Mujhe yahan pe kaam bhi hain. Aap jake aayega. Main aapka intezaar karungi.

Shiv looked at her. She smiled while looking at him.

Main kaam jald se jald nipatne koshish karunga. Waise aap Haveli chali jayega. Sabko accha lagega.

Ji. Dekhati hunn.

Nahi warna aap yahan akeli rahengi toh muhe wahan chinta hoo jayegi. 

Ji thik hai. Chali jaungi.

Day after tomarow Shiv is ready for his trip to Delhi. He had flight form Jaipur. Anandi asked him to take care of himself.  

Aap poochte hee phone karenge na?


Bhool toh nahi jayenge.

Nahi nahi. Nahi bhoolunga. Aap chinta mat kejeyeh main khaane pena ka bhi dhyan rakhunga. Ab chalon warna flight miss hoo jayegi. Aap bhi aapna khayal rakheye.

Ji. Jaldi aaye.


Anandi gets ready too. She goes to school. After school finishes she comes back to CH. She looked around. She went to kitchen cook asked her for menu. She told him he can have leave for 3 days. She will manage. She made something light food. While eating food, she remembered Shiv. She checked her phone. Shiv called her while she was in school as he reached. After that he did not call her.

Shayad busy honge she mutters. She gets busy in some work. In evening Gulli came to CH with some notebooks.

Jiji aap Haveli kab jane wlai hain?

Nahi gulli main nahi jaa rahe hunn.


Arre main akeli thodi na hunn. Madan kaka aur Kajari kaki hain servant quarter mein. Guards bhi hain. Yahan mujhe kya khatara hain.

Jiji par ghar pe aap akeli hain.

Thik hain tu ruk jaa mere saath. Kaki se baat kar lee.

Ji thik hain.

At dinner Anandi didn't had attention towards Gulli's talks. She was thinking something else. Suddenly her cell rings. It was shiv's call. Anandi had bright smile on her face excuse herself.

Ji collector sahab aap guest house aa gaye?

Haan. Abhi pooncha hunn.

Khaana khaya?

Ji khaake hee aaya hunn. Aap ne khaya? Aur Ghar pe sab kaise hain? Nandu toh bada khush hoga?

Ji main CH mein hee hunn.

Kya? Kyun aap gaye nahi?

Ji maine Gulli ko bulaliya hain. Hum dono thoda school ka kaam hain. Kal chali jaungi.

Pakka. Thik hain. Guards hain na wahan.

Ji hain. Aap chinta mat keejeyeh. Ab aap soo jaye thak gaye honge. Kal subah baat karenge.

Good Night.

Good Night. 

Will update next part soon...Hug

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Waiting eagerly for the next one Blushing!

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Yaaar...update toh achaa haiii...but donooon juda judaaa...and tat tooo in their initial days of staying together all alone without any family members...Waise in a sense its nice I think coz sometimes judaiii se hee pyaaar badtha haiii...we come to know how much we miss each other...
great going,,,update soooner the next part...

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Very cute i m eager for next part
and u have dedicated it to sweet ;-)

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Waiting for next update :)

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Cho chweetTongue do continue soon yaar...

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WOW Aditi you've written a new FF...dat's coolDancing now come to your story,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,as usual it's very cute and innocent just like you,,,,,,,,,,,seriously Ioved your storyEmbarrassedClap aur tum ne bhi Ansh ki SR ko delay kar diyaTongue I think I am the only one who wants AnSh SR would happen on exact time warna yahan saab SR ko delay kar rahe haiROFL anyway eagerly waiting for the next part,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and thanx for the PMBig smile

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