Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

Live Telecast Discussion 16 : Update Pg 1

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This is about spoilers and LIVE Streaming of BB.

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Originally posted by -ChillMahaul-

Delu's like come on baby let's play the game of nomination.. waaoao she has taken it quite seriously..

i think everyone else moved to some secret thread ROFL 

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Now this is LUF16

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Originally posted by Autumn.


we were already discussing LT in other thread no. 16D'oh

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BB6 LIVE STREAM UPDATES - 18th (night) to 19th November '12

** Times converted to India Time.
** Bold bits are important
** Red bits are spoilers.

Note: I will NOT be updating for the village house.

Earlier morning updates:
Later day's updates:

Night Updates:
In the main BB house, the housemates received a task of playing hunters and caged animals. There are 3 hunters - Urvashi, Delnaaz and Rajev. And the animals are Sana and Vishal as lions, Sapna and Vrajresh are bears, Karishma is a leopard, Mink is a monkey and Niketan is an elephant and the only animal that is free and chained to a tree. Urvashi was asked by BB to be stern with the animals but the housemates don't seem to be taking the tasks too seriously. Some time in the evening, Rajev and Mink had an argument because his whip supposedly went through the cage bars and hit Mink. Also, Urvashi is annoyed with Rajev for raising his voice against her and with Vishal for not taking the task seriously and not being a good lion nor wearing his costume properly. Rajev and Delnaaz are annoyed with Urvashi because she is being controlling and not letting the animal house mates drink tea nor giving them mattresses nor pillows to sleep. For the night task, one hunter has to be outside looking after the animals at all times. Rajev decides to go first while Delnaaz and Urvashi sleep.

In the village house, Imaam has been talking non-stop since he entered the house and has frustrated Nirahua and Aashka. Aashka is annoyed with Imaam for pushing her while coming into the confession room and when she reminded him of not practising what he preaches, he got offended and started to pack his bags and banging on the main door in order to leave the house. Nirahua and Aashka are unable to sleep because of that and have been discussing what to do with him in the house and acting crazy. Seems Imam got kicked out of the house at night. He had started to break things and took off his clothes. This afternoon (12:30pm) Aashka and Nirahua were discussing he was probably sent to the main house but there's no sign of him there as yet

1:20am - Rajev is outside sleeping/awake on the lounge chair covered in his blanket keeping a watch over the animals. Urvashi and Delnaaz are sleeping.

Missed updates here
9:27am to 10:30am - *by purva* Delu is serving tea to the caged animals. Urvashi giving Niketan coffee.Urva : yeh toh pregnant haathi lag raha hai. *by ablazedmelody* Urva -- Hum kounse angle se shikari lag rahe hai ? Puri tarah se naukaron wala kaam dia hai *by PriyaBB* Mink : servant delnaz, sorry solider delnazLOL yeah shikari shambhu kaam , naukar jayada laag rahe hai *ablazedmelody* Karishma to Rajeev -- Leopard aur cheetah alag hote hai. Nik telling Raj is very sorry to Mink and Karishma. Mink -- Sherni ki shaadi hogayi raat ko ? Honeymoon bhi ? *by ArHi.* Niketan finally got a chance to step out of that costume.

10:37am to 11:30am - *by ArHi.* Mink and Karishma are discussing Niketan. *by purva* raj telling Nik to touch Karishma and chk if she has fever *by ArHi.* Niketan: "Vishal ki to main aisi bajane wala hoon" *by PriyaBB* rajiv is pi*** of with vishal, He is not wearing costume, he said i told sana also aap captain ho bolo vishal ko , delu ne bola wear constume. He is not wearing. vishal nomination ke liyee up hai. *by ArHi.* Rajev: Haathi thodi awaz to nikalo
"Niketan does the funniest sound effect" ROFLKarishma: Yeh cow tha LOL*Niketan shaking his behind Rajev: Mujhe yeh haathi kum, hathni zyada lag raha hai *by Isa_Rehman* rajev said they should kill the lion they have no character *by ArHi.* Karishma asking Mink about how many 48 hour tasks there were Karishma: "Tumne Sunny Leone ko dekha tha pinjare mein aise?" Mink talking about random tasks from previous seasons "Haathi, aapko leopard tang to nahi kar raha?" Rajev. Mink asks for tea again.

12:15pm - Sapna bear escaped and the hunters were looking for her. She had been sitting near the monkeys. They took her to the toilet. Karishma talking to the audience that we've been turned from humans to animals. Niketan elephant is lazy so someone says coz he's a baby so he makes groaning noises. He's lying next to Mink monkey. He's still trying to keep his trunk up.

12:20pm - Mink is saying looking at this she's remembering a very funny story of her life. Del and Rajev have brought her back from the toilet and taking her to her cage. They said she should go in as she came out so she crawls back in. Karishma leopard is smiling as she is lying down.

*back to village*

12:50pm - Sana and Vishal lion in their cage. Vishal is lying down with his feet up. Now he lies in the opposite direction. Vrajesh bear is making sounds and Urvashi yelling at him.

*back to village*

12:55pm - Niketan elephant sitting near the 3 monkey statues. Niketan saying Mink Mink, she's coming. Seems they are up to something.

*back to village*

1:01pm - All animals lying down and looking terribly bored.

*back to village*

1:07pm - Rajev is saying to Del that we should feed all the animals with our hands one one niwala. And he's talking to her about lunch. Rajev saying that any twist will come at any time. Rajev is discussing about the contestants and he's trying to get Delnaaz to become the captain. Vishal, Karishma, Urvashi, Niketan or you - who will be a better captain for the house? Del says yes, I can handle it. Rajev saying Vishal is new. Del is saying but he wants to be. Rajev is saying who will vote for him? You or him coz he's crying about the task and he didn't even total the food better. Rajev saying will Urvashi be a good captain? I don't think so. Either Niketan or Karishma. Those who had a problem with Sana being captain, she was equally intelligent or dumb. Del - mujhe nahi lagta *muted* Ouch Outside Urvashi is sitting and looking exhausted and bored and digging her nose. She's falling asleep. Overheard a helicipter can be heard. Vrajesh is looking at the camera and saying something and sticking out his tongue. OuchUrva says bhaaloo vrajesh, come  and talk to him. Vrajesh sits up and makes noises. Urvashi and he start laughing. Urva says haati Niketan get up and make two rounds. Vrajesh saying "haati mara bhi to sava lakh ka, usko goli maaro. cheeta lag raha hai ki ICU main rakha hai, pinjre main nahi.LOL Aur sher ice age ke sher hain". Urvashi - haati niketan uto! Back to kitchen, Rajev saying this task looks simple but the irritation level... del asking him to take the 3 cups outside. Rajev saying when he picked up a dish it hurt and he yelled in pain. Del saying dont do it. He said that its not hurting in washing. Only in picked up. Del says give to Niketan, Mink and the least level to Vrajesh. Vishal doesn't want right? Rajev says no. Rajev saying something so sugar. Del says no one can demand about sugar. Rajev saying Niketan wants laung. Del saying I HAVE PUTTT! Rajev says ok ok. Rajev saying Vishal and Urva don't want. So Rajev now carrying the tray of tea in mugs out. Del asking if Urva will drink a little tea out of her cup.

1:18pm - Urvashi complaining that the task is a fail because of Vishal and Sapna. Del discussing lunch and dinner with Urvashi. Urvashi saying due to the heat, there will be more consumption. Vishal is saying that put a blanket over the cage and Sana is saying nothing even though she's in the same cage. And Vishal has removed his gloves. We are feeling the most heat in the sun. Del saying the whole task's performance is up to them not on us. We just have to take care of them and we require most physical effort so they need to be creative. Del gives her her tea and walks out. Urvashi saying we should have only let them drink tea if they performed. Like bhaaloo and monkey did well so they deserved it. Del comes out and says whoever wants evening tea needs to perform well or they wont get any tea. Del goes to Niketan and tells him to drink his tea. He says he's waiting to go to the toilet. Del saying, we won't give tea and maybe not even food if you guys dont perform. Del says yes I know you are serious. Mink drinking her tea and laughing. She's talking to Karishma. Mink saying we should plan an animal escape. Inside Del and Urva in the kitchen discussing food again. Urva saying no need to make too much effort. Give them salt/pepper paratha. They need to reciprocate with efforts. No one is doing anything. Del saying and we cant even force them. Urvashi agrees. We keep scrubbing their dishes and feed them. And they eat and sleep. Bhaloo is planning so I said dont give them tea. Del saying that we wont get anything. Urva saying then why should we make an effort? Del saying we told them before also not to take it personally and no cage has their name on it so whatever cage they went in, they went in. Urva saying that they called me inside and said the task had started and there was no buzzer so I came and told them to go in their cages. Urvashi taking Rajev his tea outside. She's laughing that they wont do any tricks, we only will end up doing tricks. She tells Rajev sitting next to Niketan not to talk to him. It's not allowed so he gets up and walks away a bit but continues whispering with him. Del in kitchen washing dishes.

1:32pm - Elephant making sounds and Karishma saying it's okay but it's sounding like a cow. Now Karishma is being being taught by Niketan to make proper cheetah sounds. Urvashi taking Vrajesh back to his cage. Niketan and Mink discussing her nephew whose birthday is today and is now 4. Niketan saying, Karishma - 11 days and 2 tasks and then December will arrive. Niketan and Mink making elephant sounds. Rajev saying come on haati. Haati is opening his own chain. LOL Rajev strapping his neck and then walks towards urvashi to tell her something. He says ek baar bol do. Now he's taking Niketan to the bathroom talking to Niketan and talking about Vishal. He's saying that he's not doing anything because he's saying even the elephant is not doing anything that's why I came and told you to walk. I don't know why he's targetting you. Niketan saying because he and Sana are doing a lot of whispering. I told you not to trust her friendship.Angry Scene changes to inside the house. Urvashi saying that you (del) had a slip disc but still did the training and BB gave the task and the selection was done automatically. We didn't force them. Outside, Mink and Karishma discussing clothes and performances. Karishma saying Sana also... Sana and Vrajesh bears talking about registers and signing in and out and they can fine you on it, RK clause. In the bathroom, Niketan wwearing his costume again. Rajev talking about an ayurvedic oil that turns your hair black from the root of the hair. Niketan asking how to apply the oil and when. Del comes in and says don't talk. And then she says no one will get food tonight since no one is doing anything so Rajev and Niketan are saying that Vishal is the only one who hasn't been wearing his costume. If you sort him out, everyone will be okay. Del saying fine but no one is doing anything. Back to bear cages. Sapna saying that Del becomes so surprised when an animal goes missing. Sapna saying, do one thing, make him bhaaloo make me a sher. Vrajesh saying that cant be done. Sapna saying I'm joking. Seems now they are talking to Vishal about being a sport and acting like a lion. Vrajesh saying to Del and Urva - do you know where the most bhaloo's come from? Bhaloochistaan. Vishal has worn his costume partly. Del now talking to Urva saying that Niketan is saying that Vishal is not doing anything Urvashi saying, why is he not doing anything affecting Niketan. Whoever does stuff, then people will be able to see it. Urvashi saying that I will make everyone come out of the cage and do tricks for 15-15 mins. Now they are talking about the military task performances. Vrajesh and Sana discussing something. 

1:52pm - Urvashi tells Sapna and Vrajesh to stop talking and talk in their language. Then Urvashi and Del announce that in every 10 - 15 mins they will make every animal to come out and do something one by one. Sapna saying okay shikari!

*back to village*

2pm - Haathi Niketan is wobbling around. Mink is in the bathroom. Rajev is saying very good hathi. Urvashi saying yeh pedaishi circus ka haathi hai. Urvashi cribbing about the animals. Rajev saying that whole night he was afraid Vrajesh will do something. Now Sana and Vishal talking about the cage and back rest and then they are talking about the jail last year and secret room. Sana saying 7 weeks are left, they can still do it. Seems Mink is now acting like a monkey and screaming. She's back from the toilet so Sana was laughing looking at her. Urvashi is forcing Niketan to do something and Niketan is lying on his back with his hands, legs and trunk up in the air and moaning. LOL Sana saying that if there's a part 2, please send it. Vishal saying bade bhai. Sana saying her legs are hurting. Now they are just staring at someone. 

2:08pm - Vishal wearing his shoes as he sings. He's talking about night but whispering so inauble. Karishma done in the toilet so wearing her costume. She wear a jacket over her costume and walks out. Del saying she's tired. Urvashi is yelling at the animals that they are doing so much work like donkeys. Vishal saying you come inside and we'll come out. Vishal saying he'll go to the toilet with Rajev and Sana saying if he wants to wait, she'll go to the toilet instead. Elephant sitting on the lounge chair backwards near the pool.

*back to village*

2:20pm - Urvashi talking to Vishal and saying she's been here 40 days and his 10 days are nothing in comparison. Now showing haathi sitting on the lounge chair.

*back to the village*

2:37pm - Haati is relaxing on the lounge chair. Shikaris are discussing about taking a bath and preparing lunch. All the animals are lazying around. Vishal's cage finally has some shade. Both Vishal and Sana are lying down. *muted* Vishal is making snoring growling sounds like a lion. Tongue Haati approaches the shikari  and trumpetting. Delnaaz asking what he wants. Urvashi petting him. He walks back on two legs standing straight almost.


2:46pm - Delnaaz in kitchen preparing lunch. Cutting lauki/doodi. Animals still looking bored. Niketan has slept with his trunk up on his face. Now he started to shake himself. Rajev asleep on the chair outside with his mouth open again. LOL Urvashi in the bathroom taking off her costume from over her clothes and going in for a shower. 


2:49pm - All the animals are sleeping and Delnaaz is cooking.

*back to village*

3:11pm - Rajev talking to Vrajesh saying "main naam ke isiliye bola..." muted. Sana and Vishal's cage has sun again and they seem to be asleep. Kitchen - Del still preparing lunch all alone. 

*taking a break*

General Update - nothing really happened. Delnaaz was cooking, Urvashi came back and found insects in Delnaaz's dal so they started over. And Rajev went for a shower. In the village, they received a task to use cow dung to make cakes and place on the ground in a row. 

4:17pm - Vrajesh, Sapna planning to escape since none of the shikari are around. They are plotting with Niketan and Mink. But Vrajesh saying they'll get very angry and won't give us food. Sapna saying then let's eat and escape after that. We'll have more energy then. Rajev is back and asking Vrajesh to do some acting. Vrajesh saying he's too hungry. He'll eat and get some energy. Rajev saying do some bhuka bhaaloo acting. Mink saying Karishma cheeta is very hungry and haathi will be eating for two. Niketan so bored, he doesn't react. Inside, Urvashi cooking alone, Delnaaz must be showering.


4:26pm - Delnaaz is back. Urvashi still alone in the kitchen asking whether Del will eat rice or roti. Del saying cut some onions since people want it.


4:45pm - Urvashi making rotis. Delnaaz pouring daal in a bowl and taking 3 mugs out. Sleepy Sana telling Rajev she wants to go to the toilet. Rajev saying he has too much work now. Sana saying so what, I;ll tell Urvashi or my Delu will take me. Rajev saying what a good captain you were made. Sana saying she's loving it. Rajev saying, I don't think you need a blanket tonight. Sana saying yeah. Mink and Niketan talking. Mink saying that everyone's energy level is down. And patience is wearing thin. VRajesh has taken off his cap and is dancing like a bear to the song "disco station disco". Inside Urvashi and Delnaaz are eating with roti and Urvashi saying we should eat in front of them to show our strictness. Del gives Rajev his plate and roti outside. Urvashi says if someone asks, we'll say stove is off. Now Urvashi saying Rajev has worked hard for this task. Sometimes his mind works backwards but otherwise... Del saying mhhm. Sapna comes running inside the house, laughing and then goes back out. Rajev is asking the others to come outside. Del and Urvashi taking their time. Delnaaz walks out slowly with a plate in her hand. Urvashi cooking.

4:54pm - Delnaaz comes back and says that Rajev is saying he doesn't want to show everyone he's eating parathas. Urvashi says his wish. She and Delnaaz sit on the dining table and have lunch. Urvashi telling Del that they aren't going to give them anything more now. Del agrees. Del is saying that Vishal was already asking for tea and Rajev said you won't get anything now. Urvashi saying that Rajev himself will change his mind in 2 mins and will ask us to make tea for others. Delnaaz saying you eat and go out, then Rajev will come in eat, help me in dish washing, then I'll come out. Urvashi saying it's wishful thinking because we've said directly and indirectly a lot. Tomorrow sabzi will come but nothing else. Del says aata is over except singhade ka aata. Urvashi saying, what can we do? It's not in our hands. They will send flour for sure but SUnday to Sunday they aren't sending any more so we have to keep that into consideration and every Sunday we get a task. Rashan came last on wednesday. They continue talking about that.

5:02pm - Urvashi heading out and sending Rajev inside. Del complaining that the animals cannot demand every half hour that they want this and that. Mink in the bathroom checking herself in the mirror. She's walking out lazily as slow as possible. Vrajesh lying flat on the floor of the cage.


5:38pm - Bhaloo sapna is running around outside and Delnaaz puts her back in. Urvashi demanding cheetah Karishma to be taken out. Rajev getting her and she's meowing. Cam fixed on Sana and Vishal's expression. Urvashi telling Vrajesh bhaloo to be scared of the cheetah and Vrajesh saying let the cheetah come first. Mink talking to Niketan but can't be heard. Rajev saying the cheetah has an identity crisis and Vishal saying kangaroo. Urvashi telling Karishma to go on all fours. Rajev saying hiran lag raha hai aur ab milli ban gaya hai. Karishma meowing and banging on the table. Urvashi saying to take the cheetah back. Urvashi demanding sherni Sana. Urvashi saying dikhado ki tumhe cheetah ki tarah identity crisis nahi hai. LOL Sana crawling under the table and scratching Urvashi and Rajev.  Urvashi screaming disqualified. Sana crawling back to cage. Urvashi calling her back and Rajev saying that yeh lungi pehenke ghoom rahi hai. Sana is saying she doesn't know how to do more. Rajev telling her to growl like a sher. Urvashi calling both sherni and cheetah useless and Rajev put her back in her cage. Someone said sher ko bulao. Uvashi thinks and calls Mink. Del has gone to bring her. Cam on Sana's expression. Now on Vishal's expression. Mink is dancing. Now rolling on the ground. Urvashi is saying do it here in front of me. Mink wants a time out so Urvashi says out karo is bandariya ko. She's telling Rajev to call Vrajesh bhaloo. Vishal smiling. Vishal has a topi and over that he has his costume cap on it. LOL Elephant Niketan sitting and posed. He looks highly bored. Vrajesh seems to be making motor cycle and vomiting noises. He's flipping a plate and putting it on his butt. Urvashi is very impressed. Niketan calls him a joker. Delnaaz puts him in the cage. Vishal's turn he's growling and going to Urvashi and saying mommy. After a minute he goes in and Urvashi calls Bhaloo Sapna. Suddenly Sana is screaming. Vrajesh's uhh uhh noises are heard but cam fixed on Niketan. Sapna is crawling on the ground. Vrajesh is is singing gah ooh ah ah. And singing to the tune of hum bane tum bane ek dooje ke liye and Sapna dancing.

5:48pm - Sana is brought out again and she's crawling on all fours staring at the shikari. Now cam on Vrajesh who has taken off his costume partially. Now it's Niketan haati's turn. He's gets up lazily and dips his trunk in the pool and then slowly goes to them and sprays it on them. He sounds like a crying cow.

*back to village*

6:10pm - Mink is called to dance around. After her performance she goes and jumps on Niketan. Vishal is called to perform and he lifts Rajev up and is about to throw him in the pool when everyone says mic mic! Sana is like phek ke aao! Vishal comes back and Rajev brings his ears and Sana says you've left your tail in the cage, I'm turning it into a flag. Urvashi yelling disqualified! Then they consider calling cheetah Karishma again.

*back to village*

6:23pm - Niketan waving Vishal's tail around. Urvashi talking to Niketan but hard to hear. Cam focused on Vishal and Sana. Rajev telling Sana her performance was very bad and is calling her tommy. Sapna lying in cage. Urvashi saying something about pehla haati jo taango pe chalta hai.

*back to village*

6:31pm - Rajev and Del discussing something.

6:36pm - Del washing dishes. Rajev saying that Karishma, Vishal and Sana want tea. Rajev saying he hasn't taken a bath, hasn't slept at night. You people are working continuously. These people don't realize.


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what is going on in Village House!! 

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