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OS:Ke dil kare haye! 'End Part' pg.13 (30/11/12) (Page 3)

saniya9919 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 10:27pm | IP Logged
Thank you so much everyone for your precious comments & liking it.Hug
As said earlier the next part will be depend on your comments.LOL Embarrassed
I will try to update it today.

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lovelysakshi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 November 2012 at 1:01am | IP Logged
2 polar bears sleeping together
update soon

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dil_deewana Senior Member

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Posted: 19 November 2012 at 3:13am | IP Logged
Nice update..thanks for pm..

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jineejiggs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 November 2012 at 9:09am | IP Logged
That was so real, I luved it, update it ASAP
Mani-RK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 November 2012 at 9:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by saniya9919

Thank you so much everyone for your precious comments & liking it.Hug
As said earlier the next part will be depend on your comments.LOL Embarrassed
I will try to update it today.
today khatam hone ko aa rahe hain ji update plz

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haribol79 Goldie

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Posted: 19 November 2012 at 10:52am | IP Logged
yeh dil mange MORE...: )
you are always good dear... update soon

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saniya9919 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by ramsakshiroxxx

Originally posted by saniya9919

Thank you so much everyone for your precious comments & liking it.Hug
As said earlier the next part will be depend on your comments.LOL Embarrassed
I will try to update it today.
today khatam hone ko aa rahe hain ji update plz
I am sorry dear...Cry complete nahi hua.
saniya9919 IF-Dazzler

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Priya leaves from there with Peehu. Meanwhile she starts doing her morning cores & gets Peehu ready for school. Though Ram looked happy with spending time with Peehu she observes Ram's uneasiness as if he is suffering from some pain. She senses his irritation while answering the phone calls. He calls Bansi Kaka to get his cloths & tablets. She understands something is wrong. Priya calls Ram & Peehu for breakfast & starts to serve alu parathas.

Ram: Alu paratha who bhi Priya kay haath ka. Itnay saalo baad.  

Peehu giggles looking at Ram's excitement. While serving Priya's hand accidentally touches Ram's hand. She feels his temperature more than average body temperature. Thinking that maybe he has got a fever; her hand goes to his forehead to check a temperature.

Priya: Aapko toh bukhaar hai!

Ram: Bukhar nahi thodi acidity ho gayi hai.

 Priya: Kamal hai, aap ka sir tap raha hai aur aap maanne ko tayyar nahi hai (Worriedly)

Ram: Bukhar ho ya acidity…You don't have to worry about me (Speaks out then realizes Peehu is there) Matlab meinne Bansi kaka ko Gopal kay saath tablets bhej denay ko kahein diya hai (Pretending laugh looks at Peehu)

Priya: Aap jungle mein nahi ho, Gopal kay aaney tak wait karney kay liye.

She runs to the bedroom to get the thermometer.Peehu touches his hand.

Peehu: Mumma! Papa ekdam 'hot' ho gaye hai. Laggta hai aapko unkay liye 'kaadha' banana hoga.

Ram: Rockstar! Who kya hai na, tumhare papa born-hot hai.

Priya: Who toh mumma ko acche se pata hai na baby! Kitnay hot (she means hot-tempered)hai.

Priya waits for Ram to finish his breakfast. When he came & sits on the sofa, looked bit exhausted.

Priya: Please Ram! Baccho ki tarah zidd mat kijiye.

She hands over a thermometer to him. He places the thermometer in between his lips to check the temperature while Priya keeps looking at the clock. Peehu watches her parents.

As Priya takes away the thermometer she shouts looking at the temperature.

Priya: 102 degree! Aap ko toh bahot tez bukhar hai (Touches Ram's forehead by her hand)

He remains perplexed looking at her. He doesn't expect the things to happen like these rather which started happening like since yesterday night…after KC night. He once again shook her hand off.

Ram: Tum kyon pareshaan ho rahi ho? I will manage. Waise bhi peechle paanch saalonse mein khud…( Again realizes Peehu is there)

Peehu: Papa please mumma jaise kaheti hai, waise kijiye na…Aap ekdam theek ho jaayengay.

Ram: Ok..rockstar. Aap jaisa chahti ho waise he hoga.

Priya: Ram aap yahan se kahi nahi jaa rahain ho jab tak aapka bukhaar kam nahi hota. Mein abhi doctor ko call karti hun.

Peehu: Haa papa, you are not keeping well!  Aap aaj office nahi jaa saktey, mein bhi school nahi gayi thi jab bemar thi.

Ram: Ok…ok par tumhe school chhodna hoga.

Priya: Aap iss baat ki tension mat lijiye. Peehu aaj Natasha bua kay saath school jaayegi.

After he made some phone calls, she took him into the bedroom. He lay down on the bed; she pulled a comforter over him. Peehu sat near him & kept on talking. Priya comes & sits there, starts keeping the cotton cloth strips soaked in salt water on his forehead to lower his fever. The doorbell rings, Natasha comes to take Peehu to school.

Before saying goodbye to her parents,

Peehu: Papa, promise me! meray aaney tak aap mumma ki  sab baat sunogay?

Ram: Haa…rockstar!

As Peehu & Natasha left from there, some tension fills in the room. Priya once again checks his temperature.

Ram: Abhi kuch der mein Gopal aayega. Phir mein office chala jaunga.

Priya: Meine doctor ko call kar diya hai aur aap kahi nahi jaa rahain ho.

Ram: Tum yeh sab kyon kar rahi ho?

Priya: (Keeps a finger on his lips) Aapko zyaada baat nahi karni chahiye.

The door bell rings, this time the doctor arrives.

Doctor: Tell me…( Doctor starts doing Ram's  check-up)

Priya: Bahot tez bukhar tha. 102 degree! Abhi thoda kam hua hai.

Doctor: Aur kuch problem hai?

Ram: Subahse thodi acidity huyi hai, headache, chest pain hai.

Doctor: Kya aapne bahot saara khana ekdam kha liya? I think after staying empty stomach for hours you had suddenly ate a lot.

Ram: Actually yesterday I skipped breakfast, lunch & directly had my dinner.

She couldn't believe on her ears. She thinks wondering that 'How could he manage to stay empty stomach the whole day? Why did he do that? Yesterday was Karwa Chouth! Did he observe the fast?'

Doctor: That's why!

Ram: Par peechley paanch saalon mein yeh problem kabhi nahi huyi thi. Saal mein ek baar to Karwa Chouth aata hai. (Blurts out realizing what he said, lowers his eyes)

Priya stands awestruck after hearing it, 'Ramne 'Karwa Chouth' ka vrath kiya tha. ' Priya in huge shock.

Doctor: Aapne khaali pet kuch medicines khayi hogi.

Ram: Haa kal mujhe dinbhar thodi headache thi iss liye 2-4 tablets khayi thi.

Doctor: Ok! Don't worry. Baaki sab toh theek hai par bukhar aur acidity dono bahot zyaada hai. You have to take an injection.

Ram's face pales on hearing 'injection thing'.

Ram: Please doctor! beena injection kay kaam nahi ho sakta? (Makes a sad face)

Priya: Please Mr. Kapoor! (Takes his hand in hers)

When the doctor gets ready with the syringe in hand, Ram closes his eyes. As doctor cleanses Ram's skin with disinfectant Ram holds Priya's hand tightly by his hand until the doctor is done with the injection.

Priya: Open your eyes Mr. Kapoor! Ho gaya.

Ram: Ha. Ha. Pata hai mujhe! (Gives her an angry look)

After giving the prescription the doctor left. After some time Priya comes with some fruits, makes him eat before giving him the medicine & water. Soon he fell asleep under the influence of medication. She observes his face sitting beside him, tears rolling down on her face. He has been fasting on Karwa Chouth day since last five years for whom? For his dead wife! Her hand goes towards his head to caress it. Her heart urges to take him in her embrace but she feels helpless.


She could have easily handled his wrath if this situation had occurred 5 years ago. But the circumstances have changed in the last five years. Yes! Five years ago she wanted him to move on in his life. Though after hearing her pregnancy news she was ready to change her decision but after the phone call to Ram, she felt that Ram had really moved on in his life. She accepted it as her destiny. When she realized Peehu's Golu uncle is none other than Ram, she wanted to tell Ram everything about her & Peehu's whereabouts. On her attempt to meet Ram at party she heard those words 'Mrs. Ayesha --- -----.  Any woman would have died innumerable deaths on realizing that her husband is married to her own sister. She shattered like a fragile glass broken into uncountable pieces by a solid shot. Whether she lost all her courage after hearing 'Mrs. Ayesha ------' thing  to stand there  anymore or she wanted to keep her useless sister's marriage intact with her husband. She changed her decision to face him, preferring to keep away the truth from Ram. Even her mighty heart which stood firmly against every obstacle in life felt like just an organ oozing out the severe pain when stabbed by sharp weapons. But she rose even after that! Her daughter who has been keeping her alive without Ram, her family amongst the completely unknown people, place & situations all these years is her real strength. She never thought that she would meet Ram ever again. Until Peehu introduced her own parents as her mother & Golu Uncle to each other, the moment stood still when they came face to face. For a moment he couldn't believe on his own eyes that his wife is standing in front of him very much alive. The man who lived the most painful 5 years of his life, thinking his wife is dead. The little girl with whom he found unknown bonding at Dubai mall is none other than his own daughter. How come it was possible that he didn't have slightest idea that she is his own child! His head started spinning, heart shattered before he could react, he collapsed on the floor. She realized that she has to stay back for him without bothering much about anything else. Moreover she got many answers when his heart responded positively when Peehu's little hand moved there on his chest. Since, the day he was discharged from the hospital, she was getting his anger, anguish. The hurt feeling through which he is going was evident by his every action, for keeping away the truth of she is alive, the truth of they have a daughter. She knows somewhere; it's natural for him to react the way he is. But whenever she tried to talk with him, he was not ready to listen. She thought he will understand her decisions were out of love for that she tried to be patient with him. Instead of understanding her he has started getting ready to fight for Peehu's custody battle with her. It's hurting her. Somehow she has reached to the conclusion that Ram has dropped her out from his life. Yesterday night's tiff with Ram left her more perplexed. She is hurt by Ram's questioning about her credibility.  

Lost in the thoughts Priya didn't realize when she fell asleep beside him. When she got up with heavy head, she realized its late afternoon.

Priya starts to go get up but stopped by warm touch of Ram's palm on her wrist. Her heart races fast.

Ram: Wait, we need to talk. (He sits facing her leans forward.)

Priya: Mr. Kapoor shayad aap kay sawalon ka jawab aap ko mil gaya hai.

Ram: I think you are hiding something from me. (Looking at her cell phone)

Priya: You don't have any credibility left in me. You will think like that only. (Face turns away in different direction)

Ram: 1st you hid that you are alive, then you hid about my daughter…the list goes on & on.

Priya: Meine sab kuch aap ke liye kiya tha. Please don't start it again.

Ram: Why should I not Priya?

Priya: Kyon ki aap mujhe samjhne ke koshish he nahi karna chahtey.

Ram: Ohh! Don't give me excuses. (Grabs her by arm more closer) I want to know something.

Priya: What do you want to know?

Ram: Tum who mobile. When I got up…tumhare haath mein mobile tha?

Priya: Haa tha…Who mein!  (Doesn't want to tell him about the snoring video she has made)

Ram: Why are you getting so nervous? Tum kuch chhupa rahe ho mujhse? (Looking deeply into her eyes) 

Priya: Aap jaankar kya karengay Mr. Kapoor? Waise bhi hum dono kay beech abb kuch nahi hain. (Tries to avoid his gaze)

At the exact moment Priya's cell phone starts ringing, they keep looking at each other.

He let's go her hand. She picks up the phone. It's Rajat.

Priya: Haa. Rajat sir!

On hearing Rajat's name, Ram's fists clinched in anger.

xxx  The End xxx

Thanks for reading. Sorry guys but RaYa have lots of MUs between them that's why not happy end.


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