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Tarey ff (on current track) updated Part 5

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The dance ban is on. Tani has shown AVP d video of dance ban by mistake..

In classroom:
Peon enters he has a sheet in his hands.
Peon: Rey, Swayam, Vicky, Amar, Bharat, Nil,Rinni,Simmi,Neha,Ashi ko AVP ke office mein aana hai abhi..

In AVP's Office
Tani is already standing der, nervously.
AVP: Aap sabh meri warnings ke baad bhi college campus mein dance kar rahe thhe??!! Kya aap sabko dance ban ki seriousness samajh mein nahi aati?? N aap sabki punishment mein akeli nahi declare kar sakti bcoz VP sir college mein nahi hai. To meine aapko yahan ye bataane ke liye bulaya hai ki college se gayab hone ki hoshish mat karna
Rey: But maam hame apne aap ko defend karne kaa ek mauka toe milna chaahiye!
AVP: All of u can leave now.

In Canteen
Vicky walks to Rey. The whole gang is der including Tani.
Vicky: Ye sab teri vajah se huaa hai! Kyunki ham sab ne teri baat maankar rules break kiye.Ab patanahi vo AVP kya karegi. Tu jo chahta tha vo toe ho gaya..
Rey: Toe tujhe lagta hi ki ye meri galti hai?
Vicky: Haan!
Rey walks away.. Every1 is 2 shocked to react. 
Tani: Unke frnds unke against ho pata nai vo kaise manage karenge..muje pata hai va kaha gaye honge..
Tani walks out of d canteen n every1 stares her go..
Rinni: (in a low voice simmi is beside her) Ise kya hua??
Simmi: Idk..
Swayam: Vicky tujhe aisa nahi bolna chahiye tha vobhi Rey ko, jo hamesha apne frnds ki itni help karta hai.
Neha: Right Swayam is.

In fire escape
Rey is der in a very angry mood. Tani open the door n walks in.
Rey: (shouts) Tum yahaan? 
Tani: haan.. vo
Rey interrupts her: (shouts) Tum yahan kyun aayi ho? Tumhari vajah se mere frnds mere against hai!
Tani: vo.. main jaanti hun ki ye sab meri galti hai.. main ye bhi jaanti hun ki is vakt aap upset hai..
Rey interrupts: Tum janti ho toe yahan kyu ho??
Tani: (in her mind) main janti hun ki jab apne hi against ho to kaisa feel hota hai. Is liye Rey se baat karne aayi thi..
Rey: Y Tani??Jaao!! Leave!! Just leave!!
Tears start rolling down Tani's cheek.She runs from the ffire escape. Rey hits his arm on the wall n thinks ye maine kya kar diya??

In Canteen
Tani  is bck 2 the canteen after wiping her tears. Every1 is very silent. Rey enters den.
Vicky to Rey: I'm sorry. main guse mein tha aur kuch bhi bakta gaya.. mujhe maaf karde..
Rey: Its Ok..
Before he completes peon enters.
Peon: AVP ne aap sab ko office mein bulaya hai.

Precap: Tarey in fire escape. Gang in corridoor except swayam.
Dis is my first ff so m ready for negative views Wink Tell me if i shud continue.. d next part is gonna be better from wat I hve planned..

Time for an update hope u guys like it Wink

In AVPs Office
The gang is der includin Tani all r very scared abt der punishment.
AVP: I think u all r lucky dat VP sir aaj college hi nahi aa paye. Mein aaplogon ko personally inform karna chahti thi kal aap sab college time par aa jaein. And jobhi aapne kiya.. it was simply ridiculous.. such rulebreaking will not be accepted atall n especially by d student representatives (glances 2wards swayam) like our ACS.
AVP walks 2 Rey.
AVP: And u. I am sure dat u have been the center of all this. And seeing ur past behaviour as GS and acadmic record, I will make sure dat u get a special punishment...
She is interrupted by Tani.
Tani: Maam aap toe ye bhi nahi janti ki kya hua tha, infact aapke paas koi proof nahi hai ki rey ne ye sab plan kiya hai! Aap rey ko koi special punishment past events ke basis par nahi dey sakti!
Every1 is shocked at tani's words. Infact, Tani herself was shocked bcoz she wasnt d one who usually standed against d authorities. Rey's expression wasnt readable. He wasn't angry, he was confused.
AVP: U r no  one i need 2 answer to. U all may leave now.
Gang walks out of d office.

Outside AVP's Office
(Rey n Swayam r standing behind him other boys, n den Rinni, Simmi n Aashi, n den Neha n Tani) 
Every1 is very quite no1 is in d mood to talk. Swayams phone rings it Sharon calling. He walks away with d phone. Rey sees him go n makes his way to reach Tani.
Rey to Tani: I need to talk to u.
Every1 could hear Rey due to the silence. Every1 turned 2wards dem. Rey doesnt wait for Tani 2 reply instead he takes her hang to take her from der.
Tani: Rey.. Aap Mujhe kahan le ke jaa rahe hai?
Rey: Vahein
D gang stared dem as Rey n tani made der way through d corridoor.

In corridoor
 every1 is staring at Tarey. Finally, dey reach d fire escape.

In Fire Escape
Rey: Kyun Tani? Tumne aaj AVP ke saamne mujhe defend kyun kiya? Vo bhi hamari fi8 ke baad!
Tani: Bcoz aap firse meri wajah se problem mein tthe!
Rey: Mein sirf aaj ki baat nahi kar raha! Campaigne ke time par bhi, jabki tumhe mere against hona chahiye tha! Aur aaj AVP ne sab ko kuch kaha, especially swayam ko, par tumne unhe defend kiya! Kyun Tani?
Tani: Rey mein janti hun ki aapke liye mein sirf swayam ki behn hun aur kuch nahi par mein ab bhi aapke liye kuch feel karti hun.. maine apne aap ko control karne ki koshish ki par..
Tani closes her eyes 
Tani: Par mein apne aap ko apni feeling ko control kar lungi.. Time lagega par mein puri koshish karungi.. Aap sab bhul jaaeeye, Rey.
Rey: Yes I will.. just one thing
Rey bends and kisses Tani. Tani puts her hands in his hair and kisses him back. Rey moves his hands to her waist.
Finally dey break d kiss.
Tani felt dat d world was spinning around her. She was feeling was happy n confused at d same time. She runs out of d fire escape.

Part over hope u guys like it.. Pls temme hows it!!

Time for a update Wink

Part 3

In Reys house
The question which troubled Rey d most- y did Tani run away from der? Was she upset.. but she looked happy. A sentece kept rollin in his mind, 'wo swayam ki behen hai..' Wat if Tani ne swayam ko bata diya??  Rey was overwhelmed it was d best moment of his life. But it left more questions in his mind, if tani had feelings for him all dis time den y had she been with Shivam? N der was d dance ban, wich made him scared. Kal kya hoga? He really wanted to talk to s1 abt all dis. Ofcourse not the kiss, but d rest of it.
*Bell rings*
rey opens d door n sees d gang except Tani. He immediately looks for Tani but doesnt find her. He had a mixed feelin he wasnt ready to confront her but he wanted to c her, talk 2 her. 
D gang occupy d chairs. Swayam is sittin beside Rey.
Neha: Wooried we all r. Kal kyaa hoga??
Nil: Kahin college se nikaal toe nahi denge??
Rey: Positive soch..
Bharat: Vaise Rey tu aaj college se jaldi kyun aa gaya? AVP se milne ke baad toe tu dikha hi nahi..
Rey: Mujhe kuch kaam tha
** usually boys wud hve teased him but now dey wer too gloomy to do so**
Swayam: (only to Rey) I kno tu itna pareshan kyun hai..
Rey: (in mind) O freak! ab mein kya karun!? tani ne swayam ko bataya!..
Rey: Dekh swayam, Agar Tani ne tujhe
Swayam: Tani?? 
Rey understands dat tani hasnt told him n gets relieved.
Rey: vo main puch raha tha ki vo upset toe nahi hai, she showed avp d video n all..
Swayam: Oh dat! Idk.. We came here from college so i havnt talked to her yet...

Meanwhile in Tanis room
Tani was so confused, y had Rey kissed her? N y had she given away her feelings 2 him, again.. n wen she asked him to fget everything he said i will. wat did dat mean? An hour ago he was shouting at her n den he kisses her! wat does dat mean? N dat kiss. She had replayed dat moment a number of times in her mind. Feeling it all again, a pure bliss. N she was woried abt dance ban n 2mro.
Tani: Hey Krishnaji, kal sab theek kardena! Meri galti ki saza dusron ko nahi milni chahiye..
*Bell rings*
Tani opens d doo its Swayam. His expression made her sad again.
*Tayam having dinner*
Tani: M sry bhai.. vo meri vajah se..
Swayam: Tani ab toe tum bas ye prey karo ki sab theek ho jaye.
As dey proceeded with dinner, swaym found it difficult to read Tani, she looked sad, engrossed n a lil happy all at same time.

I kno all Tarey fans luv Tayam scenes n Swayams  bhaigiri so i added it.. Sry no Tarey here but der will be in next part Wink
Temme if its gettin borin or i shud stop..

Time to update!!

Part 4
In AVP's office
Everyone is standing, wen Swayam comes in front.
AVP: Vp sir and I have decided U all r suspended for three days.
Rey: With all ur respect maam can i ask, y do u think dat we r not taking d dance ban seriously?
AVP: Well, if u r asking for proof, i have a video in wich u all r dancing and wen i talked about dis to the security guards one of dem told has heard music and seen u dance. 
Swyam: If dat s d case den y didn't he stop us immediately.
AVP: Unfortunately, he wasnt aware of d dane ban for which our GS is to blame. With GS I am reminded of another very important thing. Shivam informed me yesterday that he had edited a food fight video, because of which u were removed from the post of the GS. So u r the AGS from now.
Rey: I  dont want to be the AGS>
AVP: Dont invite trouble for urself. Plz accept the post, will u.
Rey: yes maam
AVP: Tani get d presentation ready which u were to submit yesterday. I hope dat u will be fast with the help of our new AGS.
Tani: Yes maam.
AVP: U all may leave now.

In computer room
Tarey r getting the presentation ready.
Rey: Tani, kal jo hua, waise toh mein uske baare mein baat nahi karna chahta tha, par shayad vo kabhi naa kabhi toe hona hi tha.
Tani looks down n waits for him to proceed.
Rey: Tani, if u want I will maintain my distance..
Tani: And if I don't
Rey's face lightens up. He was about to reply wen AVP enters..
I kno dis one is really short. I am so sorry Disapprove I was gonna write more but gotta go somewer..
Hope u r likin my work.. 

All ur sweet cments force me 2 update as soon as possible WinkThanku sooo much for liking my work!! Embarrassed Heres d next part!!

Part 5
Tarey move out of the computer room after showing AVP the presentation, and the gang surrounds them immediately.
Neha:  For u  waiting all of us..
All of dem start moving 2wards the canteen as they talk.
Swayam: All of us suspended for three days?? Rey, kuch toe karna padega.
Rey: par jo bhi ho ham apna passion, dancing nahi chodenge, rite!
Simmi: par jo bhi huan uske baad..
Vicky: phirse rule break karna.. no way..
Rey: Par uske illawa hamare paas option kya hai..
Rinni: Ri8 leaving dance is not a option.
Rey: So wen shud we dance..
Tani interrupts him: Rey rule break karna, ye bhi toh koi option nhi hai.
Rey: And I thot, for a change, it wont be a problem if the GS new about our dancing plans.
Tani: (angry) Wat do u mean? Dat m against u?
Rey: I think u r against dancing.
Swayam comes in front to stop the fi8 but Tani holds his hand and signals him not to do anything.
Tani: Jo kuch bhi hua uske baad u want to dance?!
Rey: Dont fget ki jo bhi hua vo tumhari galti thi!
Reys words affected tani so much that instead of angry she felt hurt. Just when she started to feel that he liked  her and things could be fine if not good between them, he had to do this.  
Tani: I know ki meri galti hai! Par mein usse sudharne ki koshish kar rahi hun, Rey.
A tear rolls down tani's cheek. Rey moves his hand up a lil to wipe it away but he sees swayam and moves it down.
Rey:(in his mind) ye maine kya kar diya, not again.
Tani turns and runs away.Swayam is abt to follow wen Rey places a hand on his shoulder.
Rey: Meri galti hai, i will go 2 talk 2 her.
By den Tani has disappeared.
Swym: Pata nahi wo kaha gayi hai.. tu use kaha dhundega. We will talk to her later.
Rey: I think I kno vo kaha hai..
Boys(except swym) ~~Chemistry~~

(All Tarey fans kno wers dis scene..)
In Fire escape
Tani was sitting on the steps wen rey comes in.
When Rey enters, He and Tani are lost, the place, reminded them of their kiss it was all they could think about. Then Rey snaps back to reality.
Rey: Tani, I am so sorry.. main hamesha sochta hun ki tumare liye sab theek kar dunga, par pata nahi kyun sab galat kar deta hun..
Tani: Nahi Rey, galti meri hai jo maine aapse kuch expect kiya..
Rey places his hands on her shoulders.
Rey: Tani, I'm so sorry. Mujhe maaf kar doe! Please Tani.
Rey can still see tears rolling down Tani's cheeks. He moved his hands from her shoulders and wiped her tears gently.
Rey: Tani I will never make you cry again. I am sorry. Can u forgive me?
She nodded. Rey felt like the happiest person on the earth. And as for Tani she was touched at Reys concern.
***Tanis phone rings*** 
Rey:(in his mind) Uh! Not again..
Tani picks up her phone.
tani- Hello, bhai..
Swym- Tum theek toe ho naa
tani- Haan bhai
Swym- Kya tum canteen aa sakti ho? Sab yaheen hai..Agar nahi aana ch...
Tani- Bhai mein abhi aa rahi hun!
***Tani leaves the fire escape***

Rey: Oh yaa! I luv her n i cant even have an hours talk.. I luv her! Yes I do! Par agar nein kabhi usse baat kar paun tab toe! ehle AVP n ab swym! Y? 
Then it clicked him
Rey-(in his mind) Bcoz she deserves a special proposal yes she does!

In Canteen
Neha: Tani tum Rey ki baat ka bura mat mana.. Vo bas dance ban ke khilaaf koi step lena chahta tha..
Tani: Nahi, main bura nahi manungi.. par dance ban rules ke khilaaf jaye bina bhi toe appose kiya jaa sakta hai!
Rinni- Matlab?
Tani- Matlab, I have an idea.
**Rey enters into the canteen**

Here I'm done!! PLEASE let me kno hows it??

Part 6

In Canteen

(Scene continues after Rey has entered d canteen)

Rey: Idea?

Tani looks at him. She felt as if her legs wer losing the power to stand as she looked into his eyes.

**Tarey eyelock**

Swayam: Wats d idea?

Tani: 10 kids against d dance ban makes no difference but, 1000 will make a difference.We need more people on our side first. A signature camp will force d college to allow dance. If we can manage to get signatures of trusties n teachers, it may..

Rey: yeh definetly work karega!! ham sab suspended ho class se, par college aa sakte ho so lets start working on it.


In boys locker room

Rey: (In his mind) Tani ke plan se dance ban waali problem shayad solve ho jaye.. par ab mujhe planning karni hogi.. tani ko propose karne ki..

Rey blurts out: Vahi toe problem hai, tani ko propose kaise karun??

**Vicky and Nil enter**

Vicky: (sings) Dost dost naa raha.. Rey tu Tani ko propose karne wala hai, baat yahan tak aa gayi aur tune mujhe bataya nahi..

Nil: Tu toh gals mein expert hai, hamari kya zarwat?

Rey: Par Tani Swayam ki behen hai toh problem..

Vicky: Problem toh hai. Tune dosti ka teesra rule toda hai, best friend ki behen!

Rey: Guys tum log meri help nahi kar sakte toh rehne doe.

Nil: dekh tu dar mat swym possessive type ka hai par jab tani aur shivam sath the toh vo cool tha, toe koi problem nahi hai.

Rey: I dont think its d rite time 2 propose.. i'll wait. Abhi dance pe focus karte hai apan.. (in his mind) jaise he dance ki problem solve ho jaygi main tani ko apni feelings ke barey mein bataunga. 

The whole gang works hard over days. Sharon has returned to d college and is workin with them. They hold banners posters themselves with two sides, one against d dance ban and on turning it is about d scholarship program (dey turn it weneva avp or a peon comes by). They try to be really careful of Avp n Vp. dey try to convince each person to sign. (Sorry for no tarey here)


In Reys house

Simmi: 2398 signatures, v r ready to submit this 2 vp sir guys.

She holds a  booklet of papers up in d air.

Tani: 2398 nahi, 2399. (she takes the booklet from Simmi's hands) maine toh abhi tak sign hi nahi kiya.

Neha: We thot ki GS u r so u will not sign..

Tani: Ek signature campaign mein part lena, is not rule breaking aur jaha tak AVP ko ye naa bataane ki baat hai, mujhe aaj pata chala (tani winks Wink) toe main kal unhe bataungi par uske pehle aap ye booklet VP ko submit kar chuke honge!

Tani signs, all of them r excited for the coming day. 

Rey: lets hope dis plan works..

Dey all leave. Swym is walking with Sharon.

Rey: Tani, vo hame VP sir ko reprts deni hai kal, toh lets complete dat.

Tani: Haan..

Swayam: OK den main bhi rukta hun..

Tani: Bhai, aap chale jao.. main ajaungi. (she lowers her voice so dat only swym can hear) sharon bhabi ko bhi drop kar dena Wink

Outside Reys house

Swym: Can I drop u?

Sharon: No, I'll manage

Swym: Plz, dekho mujhe meri behen ne tumhe drop karne ke orders diye hai, so allow me.

Sharon turns around.

Sharon: Oh toh tum mujhe isliye drop kar rahe ho, kyunki tanin ne kaha hai. 

Swyam: Nahi, bcoz I want to.

Sharon: Smile Embarrassed

Dey head to Swyms car n driva away

Meanwhile At Reys house

Tani: toh, reports?

Rey: Vo toh maine bata li. Tani main toh tumse kehna chahta tha ki.. Mujhe laga tha ki tumhara GS banna is wrong n maine tumhe blame kiya. Par still tumne hum sab ki itni help ki. Thank u soo much n maine jis tarah behave kiya uske liye sorry..

Tani was so touched n she kept looking in his eyes.

Tani: Rey, apko sorry bolne ki zarwat nahi hai. Galti meri bhi thi..

Rey: Nahi, Tani.

Tani: Jo ho gaya uspar hum naa hi lade toh achcha hoga rite?

Rey: Rite..

There is a long pause. dey stare into each others eyes for a long time.Tani is lost in the warmth of Rey's eyes. Den she grasps reality again.

tani: Shud I leave?

Rey: Yeah, no.. I mean, Can I drop u?

Tani: No, I'll manage.

Rey: Please?

Tani: Ok..

Dey move out. Wen dey reach reys car, he holds the door for Tani. Tani blushes n moves in.

Outside Sharons house

Swayam:  Bye Sharon.. gud ni8.. I will miss u!

Shrn: I will miss u too.

Swayam: Sharon, I love u, take care.

Shrn closes her eyes.

Shrn: I luv u 2.

She opens her eyes to s Swyms bright face. She went tomato red. Embarrassed 

**Tarey r driving.**

So hows it? Be ready for next part its tareylicious n probably d last part.. n pls add me to buddies so i can pm u easily!!

Guys i kno m updatin really late n i am verrry sry for dat. I hope u all uderstand so her is d last part of my ff.. hope  like it..

Recap: Swaym has dropped sharon n taarey r driving..

Part 7

In Reys Car

tani: Rey.. ye raasta galat hai..

Rey: I kno. Tani, i wanted 2 talk to u..

Tani: Abt wat??

Rey: Can we get down first..

Dey get out of te car. Tani is surprised to find a lake. Cool air was blowing making her hair fly.

Rey: (In his mind) vo swym ki behen hai toh kya huaa?? its ok..  n usne kaha tha dat sh still fels for me.. par usne ye bhi kaha tha ki mein sab bhuljaun.. watever..

Tani: rey aap kuch bolna chahte the??

Rey: Tani.. mujh pata hai ki tum mere behaviour se confused.. a moment m angry n d next m..(he thinks abt der kiss) watever tani dats me n tani i behave extemely.. acc 2 man people i m  impulsive.. ( he gets down on his knees, eys closd) inspite of all of dese would u like to be my girlfriend?? (He raises his hand and hlds it towards Tani)

Tears start rolling down her cheek.. she knos dat she loves him.. for a moment she thinks abt her love confession.. den she realizes dat she loves him n he luvs her which is all that matters..

rey opens his eyes waiting for a response..

Tani: Yes. (closes her eyes) she places her hand on his.

Tani opens her eyes while rey stood up.

Rey: Tani I love you.

Tani felt so happy. Maybe Rey didnt notice but she did that this was the first time he had told her that he felt for her, that he loved her in so many words.

She hugged Rey. Then she moves back confusd..

Tani: I guess ghar jana chahiye, bhai wait kar rahe honge..

rey: Haan...

Tarey drive quietely. Tani is blushin d whole time.

In front of Tayams house

Rey: Bye tani.. Good ni8.

Tani: Bye..Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed 

Tayams house

Tani rings d door bell n swym opens. Tani is very happy nshe is smiling.

Swym: Sara kaam o gaya??

Tani: EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Haan bhai.

Swym: Chalo dinner karte hain..

Tani: Aap sharon ke saath dinner nahi kar ke aaye??

Swym: Nahi!! kyun??

Tani: Bhai.. Anyways mein dinner banati hun..

In kitchen

**Tani has made d dinnner n Tayam r eating**

Tani is smiling n not eating. She is mostly playing with her food n thinkin abt Rey.

swym: Tani r u ok??

Tani: Haan bhai!! Kyun??

Swym: Tumne namak nahi dala hai... tum bhaut happy dikh rahi ho.. aur khana nahi kh rahi ho..

Tani: vo bhai sory.. main kal ke plan ko leke thoda over excited ho rahi hun..

Swym: Ohkayy..

Tani: mein namak laati hun..

Next morning at college

In front of VPs office

Vp is surprised to c many students standing waiting for her. Rey moves forward n gives her the booklet.

Vp goes through it. The first sheet is a letter redarding d imp of dancin n dance ban 2 be removed, n a request for it to be removed. All the other sheets wer filled with sign, name, persnal view on y dance ban should be removed.

He goes to the office.

An hour later a notice is put up sayin dat after talking to trusties n a lot of discussion d dance ban is removed.

Seeing d notice Ry msgs every1 to come to canteen..

As soon as dey meet dey start dancing!!! Every1s so happy..


Rey takes Tanis hand n takes her to ( guess it my fav place for tarey scenes).. No one but Sharon sees dis n makes a mental note to ask Rey abt..

in d fire escape

Rey: Thanks Tani.. It was ur idea n thanku..

Tani: All d problems r solved.

Rey: Dance ban over, n v luv eachother... Sharon n swym 2gether.. Yeah every problem solved..

Tani: Kya?? Bhai aur sharon bha..

Rey: Oops..

Tani: Its ok no one will kno dat i kno or u told me..

Rey:  now dat all problems r solved n v r a (pauses) couple... n u said dat u dont mind (he is reffering 2 day in computer room n tani knos it) May I ??

Tani: Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Yes

And Reys leans down to kiss her.

****THE END****

Hope u guys liked it... pls leave a cment dey mean a lot to me!! tysm!!

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Swayam's love for Sharon in current episodes

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...Such... 27 8125 26 October 2012 at 5:12am by Dauntless_Diva

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