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Swaron OS "living a happy life after marriage"

DanCing_DiVa_SK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 11:54pm | IP Logged

Swaron OS "living a happy life after marriage

Guys I have written another OS'.hope u'll like it and I will surely update my FF update by tomorrow or if I can  I will try and update it soon.Smile

6 years later after marriage.
In Swayam's and Sharon's room, Sharon and Swayam were sleeping peacefully in each other's arms. Sharon's head was resting on Swayam's chest and Swayam had his arms around Sharon. Suddenly the alarm started to ring and Sharon woke up and stopped the alarm from ringing so that her sweetheart hubby doesn't get disturb. Sharon was admiring Swayam's angelic face and running her fingers through his soft and silky hair.

Sharon: (in mind) He looks so cute, god mein shaadi se pehle college mein use itna ladti kaise thi, itne cute insaan se koi lad bhi sakta hai kyaa'. I mean mein bagwan ka jitna thank you bolu utna kum hai I mean itna perfect, loving and caring husband diya hai toh aur kya chaiye.
Sharon: ( to herself) chalo me Swayam ko utta'nahi nahi agar isse pehle utaya toh toh mein Shanya ko uta hi nahi paungi kyunki jabi mein Swayam ko uthati hoon toh uska romance karne ka mood hota hai isliye pehle Shanya ko utathi hoon baad mein Swayam ko.

Saying this Sharon kisses Swayam on his forehead and gets off the bed and walks out of the room.
She enters another room which was baby pink colour and had lots and lots of teddies all around the room.
Sharon goes near the bed, a small five year old kid was sleeping peacefully like an angel.
SHAroN + swaYAm = SHANYA
Sharon: c'mon tweety waky waky time ( kisses her on her forehead)
Shanya: ( half sleepy) Mommy please'. I want to sleep more'. (cute baby voice)
Sharon: baby it's school time'.. hurry up.
Shanya: please Mommy
Sharon: no come get up (Sharon carries Shanya to The bathroom.)
She gives her a bath and makes her ready to go to school in her school uniform.
Sharon and Shanya walks downstairs.

Sharon: c'mon baby drink milk.
Shanya: ewww milkkk no ways mommmy.
Sharon: please sweetheart.
Shaya: ok but add chocolate powder then only I will drink milk.
Sharon: ok ( she adds chocolate powder and stirs it)
Shanya: mommmyy
Sharon: yesss
Shanya: can't I stay at home pleaseee
Sharon: no dear you have to go to school you want to be successful like your mommy and daddy na??
Shanya: yaa, but how to be s'suc'successful??
Sharon: (Smiles at her baby's sweet talks) you have to study hard dear.
Shanya: ok mommy
Sharon: ok drink the milk fast now.
Driver enters:
Driver: maam shall I take her it's getting late.
Sharon: ok ok ( to Tanya) baby go now bye tweety.
Shanya: bye mommy (gives her a hug and Sharon kisses her on her cheek)

Sharon walked back to her room and Shaya was walking towards the door with the driver.
Shanya: driver uncle you wait here I'll come in 2 minutes.
Driver: ok dear'.
Shanya rums upstairs and goes into her mommy and daddy's room, Sharon was in the bathroom and Swayam was still sleeping. Shanya climbs the bed.
Shanya: daddy daddy waky waky'
Swayam: (wakes up hearing her cute little princess voice) good morning princess'
Shanya: good morning daddyyy'.
Swayam: so my princess got ready to go to school .
Shanya: yes daddyyy
Swayam: ( gives her a peck on her cheeks and forehead)
Swayam carries her  and takes her to the car.
Swayam: bye princess
Shanya: bye daddy
Swayam and Shanya hug each other'..then the driver drove the car off to the school.

Swayam walks back to his room.
He sees Sharon standing near the window. He goes and hugs her from the back.
Sharon turns and keeps her hands on Swayam's chest and Swayam's hand around her waist.
Swayam: good morning ..
Sharon: good morning baby'.
Swayam: kya dekh rahi thi??
Sharon: dekh rahi thi princess aur daddy ka pyaar.
Swayam: ohhh (Smiles)
Sharon: waise aaj bohot jaldi utt gaye??
Swayam: haan who meri princess me mujhe uthaya aur mein na uthu aisa kabhi ho sakta hai kya'
Sharon: haan haan jaanti hoon'..waise get ready we have to leave'..
Sharon turns to leave'.But Swayam holds her wrist and pulls her back and envelops into a hug.
Sharon: (smiles)
Swayam: waise tum aaj kuch miss nahi kar rahi ho??
Sharon: ( breaking the hug) really kya??(pretending)
Swayam:  acha toh tume pata nahi hai??
Sharon: nahi bilkul nahi
Swayam: bohot smart ban rahi ho??
Sharon: arrey mein'.
Swayam without giving her to complete her sentence Swayam places his lips on hers, Sharon running her fingers through his hair started responding, the kiss lasted for a long period of time, then they broke apart for the basic need of oxygen.

Sharon: (blushing)
Swayam: oyyy hoyyy
Sharon: chalo lets go get ready fast (pushing him towards the bathroom)
They both get ready and head towards the car.
They both were choreographers they had their own dance academy ''Swaronsha academy''  First it was ''Swaron academy'' but after Shanya was born they changed it to '' Swaronsha academy'' ( SWAyam + shaRON + SHAnya = ''SWARONSHA'')
Viha and Nimmi also helped them in choreographing.

Swaron entered the academy.
Vicky: Yaar tum dono humesha late,tum dono ka kuch nahi hosakta  tum dono kya karte kya ho ?? (teasingly questioning)
Nilesh: arrey yaar inlogo ko romance ke alawa kuch ata hai kya?? (teasing tone)
Neha: haan acha hai na'.naki tumlogo ki tarah bhul toh nahi gaye na yeh log romance karna shaadi ke baad.
Simmi: exactly.

Swayam and Sharon: calm down guys hum log traffic mein fass gaye the. ( making excuses)
Viha and Nimmi: ok ok lets start the choreography??
Swaron: ok lets start.
Swayam: aaj Nilesh tu hip hop choreograph kar ,Simmi tum belly dancing choreograph karo, neha aur Vicky bollywood dance ki  choreography karo aur me and Sharon will do salsa.

All: ok
Sharon: ( to Swayam) Hum salsa kyun??
Swayam: kyunki remember humara trial relation mein first dance after  humne salsa kiya tha RH mein.
Sharon: (blushing) haan aur sab ne hume pakad liya tha.
Swayam: haan par tumare wajese.
Sharon: really now??
Swayam: haan
Sharon: aur woh  kaise??
Swayam: kyunki tumnhe mujhe challenge kiya tha remember.
Sharon: haan toh??
Swayam: toh??
Sharon: toh'.kuch nahi come lets get back to work.
Swayam: arrey par abhi tak salsa students aye nahi.
Sharon: haan toh yahi betkar wait karte hai'
Viha: guys hum bollywood RH mein chalte hai ok'
Nilesh: mein bhi hip hop RH mein chaltha hoon.
Simmi: me too guys
Swaron: ok bye guys see you later.
Viha and Nimmi leaves.
Sharon: toh hum yahi wait karte hai cum lets sit.
Swayam: arrey aise kaise hum time kyun waste karenge...
Sharon: no Swayam not here, yaha hume koyi dekhlenga toh'
Swayam: dekhna hai toh dekhne do yaar hum husband wife hai'
Sharon: par Swa'.
Swayam without listening to her he started placing trail of kisses on her neck and shoulder.
Sharon couldn't control herself, she akso gave in started kissing kim aswell. Their lips were about to meet, a boy and a girl entered.
Girl and Boy: ahem ahem ( clearing their troats)
Sharon and Swayam straightens themselves all embarrassed.
Girl: gudmorning sir
Swayam: gudmorning tina and mujhe sir maat bulayo kitni baar kaha hai tumse.
Tina: ok ok
Boy: gud morning Swayam and Sharon
Swaron: gud morning Rohan
Rohan: toh aap logo ka romance katam hogaya toh lets start please.
Swayam: haan haan chalo ab bakwas band kar lets start.
Swayam and Sharon were choreographing Tina and Rohan.
They finished at 6:30 pm
Tina and Rohan left. Viha and Nimmi also left.
Sharon: Baby chalo lets go Shanya caretaker ko bohot tang kar rahi hogi.
Swayam: haan Sweety lets go.
They both sat in the car and drove the car back to their home.
Sharon and Swayam entered the house.
Shanya comes running
Shanya : mommmy daadyyy mommy dadddyyy
Caretaker: Tanya don't  run dear please.
Swayam picks Shanya  in his arms.
Caretaker: ok sir I should leave and please feed her because she did'nt eat'.bye maam bye sir.
Swaron: ok bye gudnite
Caretaker: gudnite
Caretaker leaves.

Swaron kisses Shanya on both her cheeks.
Shanya: dadddyyy I'm hungry.
Sharon: why did'nt you eat food when the caretaker was feeding you.
Shanya: because I wanted to eat with my mommy and daddy.
Sharon: (smiles)
Swayam: awww my loving princesss (kisses her on her cheek)
Sharon: (taking Shanya in her arms) ( to Swayam)  Baby tum fresh hoke aao, I'll make dinner.
Swayam: ok sweetheart.
Shanya: cum soon daddyyy
Swayam: I will Princesss

At the dinner table.
Sharon  was sitting in the middle of Shanya and Swayam and was feeding her loving husband and daughter.
After the dinner they were all watching TV sitting on the couch.
Sharon's head was resting on Swayam shoulder and Shanya's head was Resting on Sharon's lap, Shanya was already asleep.
Sharon: baby I love you ( giving a peck on his neck)
Swayam: I love you too sweety.
Sharon: promise me ki hum humesha aise rahenge.
Swayam: nahi'
Sharon: Nahi matlab??
Swayam: matlab humare aur ek baby ana baki hai.
Sharon: (blushing) hmm'. Par iss baar boy hoga.
Swayam: nahi girl
Sharon: boy
Swayam: girl
Sharon: not fair humare paas Shanya hai girl toh ab boy chahiye.
Swayam: phir bhi girl
Sharon: boy
Swayam: ok ok koyi bhi ho hume kya hoga toh humara hi pyaar ki nishaani na.
Sharon: (blushing) I love you baby'.and will always love you no matter watt'
Swayam: I love you too and will love till the end.t
They hugged each other and both drifted to sleep in each other's arms.

Guys how was it good bad worse'hope you all liked it''please do comment and hit like tab''.hope u all enjoyed it and thnkx for reading guys.Smile

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This was beautiful as u say this was 5 star kit I can not add emotions as I am ol thru mob but I just luvd this Os.

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What a cute and sweet OS. I just loved it. Do PM me wen u write another one.Smile

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 12:02am | IP Logged was beautiful...
such a sweet OS...
just like a dream..
dream of living with ur loved one...
loved the sweet relationship u hv shown...
and the cute shanya was adorable...
loved this OS...keep writing dear

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It was really a really nice OS. Loved Shanya, her cuteness, her innocence. i even loved the relationship all 3 of them shared with each other. A small little family. but still waiting for another one
and i also like the swaron argument in the end regarding the gender of the second child. 
So basically in all, i loved it. would love to read more from ure side. Keep writingSmile

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Originally posted by Karen_sharon

This was beautiful as u say this was 5 star kit I can not add emotions as I am ol thru mob but I just luvd this Os.

Thnkx a lot dear...
_bellaSwan_ IF-Dazzler

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Wow it was nice one dear I loved it . Der pyar after marriage is treat to read Embarrassed Embarrassed

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Originally posted by bhanumathitanha

Wow it was nice one dear I loved it . Der pyar after marriage is treat to read Embarrassed Embarrassed

Thnkx dear...

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