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Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai
Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai

Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai - Update for 10th May

chillyflakes Senior Member

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Posted: 10 May 2005 at 10:54am | IP Logged


Decent episode, but nothing infront of Kripa ''Bacardi Breezer Ballet'' of yesterday! See this is what happens after a really good episode, everything falls pheeka infront of it! But yeah, things are getting so complicated for Angad, Kripa, Prithvi and Mishti, with their respective mothers already wedding them to one another, with no one bothering to ask the other party! Oh boy, will our lovely couple get a shock when they get to know what has been going behind their backs! Prithvi is such a lovable idiot, wonder how he will get himself out of this mess and yes, pull Kripa and Angad out of it too! Naina is a perfect case of Thaali Ka Baingan, I don't think I want to waste words describing what a perfectly nasty mother Angad has! Ani''Tah'' should just start wearing loser clothes, frankly the amount of cellulite she has is just gross! Overall good performances by the lead cast, Angad is as usual, naturally charming and effortless (and that body….Gawd….Dinky, how do you even take your eyes off him?) Kripa was cute, carrying on from her improvement yesterday, she was very good in the scene where she was trying to deny her attraction towards Angad! Mishti looked beautiful today, she is really pretty and acts very, very well! I just hope Ekta does not make a complete fool out of her in the coming episodes! Prithvi was as usual his innocent, lost self….poor thing, will get such a rude shock from Kripa! Harshini, lol…..beechari, ek hi shaam mein, Saiyyan seedhe Jeejai bangaye! She is going to wrangle Kripa's neck surely!

Mere Bhaiya banenge Dulhe Raja (Mishti, Prithvi and Damini having a tete-a-tete on Prithvi and Kripa's ''love-story''

In continuation from yesterday's episode, Damini is at first surprised and then elated to know of Prithvi and Kripa's ''supposed love affair'' and grandly announces that she will speak to Kripa on their Marriage (???) Mishti is very happy for brother dearest and wishes him, Prithvi obviously in his own sweet world thinks that as soon as Kripa is back, he will ask her for a date and then tell her in person how much he loves her!

Begaani shaadi mein Abdullah Diwaana (Damini planning and announcing Prithvi and Kripa's Wedding to Naina and Anita!)

Naina, Anita and Damini are in a meeting, where Naina is just about to tell Damini that they have to remove Kripa from the show, when Damini suddenly announces that Prithvi and Kripa are in love, and she wants Kripa to become the bahu of the Bose Khandaan, much to Anita's dismay and Naina's shock. Naina immediately recovers and congratulates Damini and says that Kripa is like her own daughter (this woman, I tell you!) and  that she will personally speak to Kripa's parents on this. Naina thinks to herself that as long as Kripa stays away from Angad's life, she does not care whether she performs with Angad or not and her marriage to Prithvi will ensure that Kripa will not be involved with Angad on any level. Naina then asks Damini whether she has spoken to Misthi about Angad and her wedding, Damini says that no she hasn't , but she will and probably they can have both the wedding's together! (Sure, sure, keep planning…..)

Mehendi hai rachne waali, hatton mein gehri laali (Mishti agreeing to marry Angad….obviously no one decided to ask Angad!)

Damini goes to Mishti's room and asks her what she thinks of Angad, Mishti causally replies that he is her good friend and he is a nice guy, that is all. Damini says that what does she think of putting the stamp of marriage on their relationship, Mishti is taken aback and says that she has never thought about it, Damini says that she is under no pressure and that if she does not want to get married to Angad, she can always refuse Naina for the same. Mishti then smiles to herself and thinks about all the moments she had with Angad and then very smartly says that she wouldn't really mind getting married to Angad after all. Damini is elated and tells her that she has already spoken to Naina about Prithvi and Kripa and now she will be in the seventh heaven if she comes to know that Mishti has agreed to marry Angad, they can have both the marriages on the same day!

Maang bharo sajna (Kripa giving sermon on the power of Sindoor vs the charm of lipstick to a disinterested Angad!)

Very romantic scene! Angad and Kripa are driving back to Mumbai, where Kripa is trying to put a safety pin in her Kameez (Lady, we have something called Wash-rooms for them, you are not supposed to do such things in public) Kripa tries her best to put it, but is not able to, Angad keeps giving her funny, side-way glances as Kripa struggles with the safety pin. Our dashing hero then brings the Car to a halt and without uttering a single word takes the pin from Kripa and pins her Kameez. Kripa, who is thouroughly embarrassed closes her eyes tightly, while Angad (who seems to have lot of experience buttoning and unbuttoning shirt's tries to appear causal and collected, but is obviously jittery) An awkward drive follows and then suddenly Kripa tells Angad to stop the Car. As soon as Angad does that, Kripa hops from the Car saying that there is a famous Devi Maa Ka temple nearby and she wants to have a darshan (Kripa, baby you have just come from Nainital, how do you know about ''Famous Devi Maa Temples'' in and around Mumbai so well??? You must have been very good with your Geography in school.) A visibly taken-aback Angad first gives a frustrated grunt and then promptly follows Kripa to the temple. A marriage is going on and as Kripa looks on, Angad comes from behind and comments to Kripa that two more people have gotten themselves hanged. Kripa is irritated and replies back that for Angad marriage must mean nothing, but for a girl, it signifies a commitment for life. Angad says that for him there is no difference between someone applying lipstick and someone putting on sindoor, except that one is applied on the lips and the other in your forehead. Kripa says that, when a man fills a woman's forehead with sindoor, he is not just committing himself to her in marriage in front of the society, but also committing his love and protections towards her. Angad says that he does not think so, just look at his parents, they got and stay married because their line of interest and business is the same, they are in the same profession and hence its comfortable and profitable for them to be with each other, where does love come in here. Kripa says that this might be the case with his parents, but she knows that her parents got married not because they think alike or have similar lines of interest, but because they love each other and they are committed in a relation to one another. Kripa tells Angad that for him there would be no difference between putting some sindoor on a girls forehead or signing his name with a lipstick on a girl's back (this scene was good, because Angad realizes that Kripa had seen him that night with his one-night stand) but for her there is a world of difference in these two things, as a tube of lipstick can be brought in a market for some money, but a little bit of sindoor is more valuable than the world's entire wealth put-together. As Kripa goes to do the Puja, Angad is left staggered and wondering about Kripa's words!

Aaj jaane ki zid naa karo…..aaj jaane ki zid na karo (Angad disappointed that Kirpa and his trip has ended and now he back to the hell-hole that is called home!)

As Angad's gleaming red car approaches Mumbai, Kripa gets a bright expression on her face as she watches the myriad of lights dazzle the Queen's necklace (Queen's necklace is a place in Mumbai, if I am not wrong!) She turns to look at Angad, who is lost and thoughtful and she playfully teases him that why isn't he happy that he is back to where he belongs and that he will be getting back home. Angad says that there is nothing to look forward to going back home and that he is kind of disappointed that the trip has ended. Kripa gets a strange expression on her face, as Angad says  that, probably sensing his pain and loneliness amongst his own people.

Chitti aayi hai aayi hai, Chitti aayi hai (Prithvi asking Kripa for a date through a note, but it yet again falling in Harshini's grubby hands!)

Prithvi, the great love-letter writer again foolishly writes a letter asking Kripa for a date, assuming that she hasn't come back from Pune and yet again, does not bother to address it (Ekta's cast should get a short-course in Business Communication, so that they learn how to write a proper letter). As he slips the letter underneath the Outhouse door, its opened by none other than Harshini, grinning like a hyena (how irritating can you get?) and promptly snatches the letter from a dazed Prithvi's hands and grins foolishly! Harshini is very happy thinking that her love-bunny has asked her out for a romantic date! And she promptly shares it with her love-guru, Kripa!

Kya socha tha aur kya paaya (Dumbo Harshini realizing finally that a hunk like Prithvi won't even look at her, leave aside falling in love with her!)

Kripa is coaching Harshini  to say I love you to Prithvi (poor guy, what he do to deserve this!) and Harshini is all anxious and nervous and asks Kripa how does she look (honestly, with a personality like that, even if Harshini looked like Marilyn Monroe, I would still call her a bozo) and Kirpa assures her that she looks lovely. Harshini insists that Kripa has to come with her (for a date???? What is this, a mnage a trios?) Kripa tries her best to excuse herself, but to no avail, Harshini drags her along and they both reach this restaurant in an auto-rickshaw. Prithvi is waiting there like Prince Salim waiting for his Anarkali and as soon as he sees the auto, he readies himself to greet Kripa, and starts practicing his lines (this serial has no shortage of geeks, for sure!) and just imagine his surprise or rather utter disappointment when Harshini appears all teeth and smiles! Prithvi asks her why hasn't Kripa come, but our cluless lady in love still does not get it and says that she wasn't feeling well, that is why she did not come. We then come to know that Prithvi is not as smart as we thought he was, when he thinks to himself what a wonderful woman he has in life, see just because the poor thing could not make it, she sent her friend across, so that he would not be bored (Idiot, have you ever seen or heard of a girl sending her best friend across to her would be boyfriend so that he won't be bored??? Prithvi, do you belong to Earth or Mars?) An awkward looking Prithvi and Harshini are sitting together and doodling, when Prithvi gets up to answer nature's call and excuses himself. Harshini is left alone, weaving her future dreams with her dream-boat. Anita and some really cheap looking friend of her drop by (on an after-thought, I think the cheap looking friend looked much more respectable than Ani''Tah'') and Anita wonders what on earth is Harshini doing with Prithvi! She goes to their table, and asks Harshini what is she doing in such a romantic place (what on earth was Anita doing in this so-called romantic place with a girl? Does she swing both sides or what??? If she does, I won't be surprised!) Harshini utterly pleased with herself today, blushes and says that she is with Prithvi, Anita understands that a major goof-up is going on and plays upon it by saying, ''Oh so you have come on a dinner date with your would-be jeejaji.'' Harshini looks as if the she has just gulped down a bowlful of Hot and Sour Soup and asks Anita what is she talking about. Anita very gleefully tells her that she is surprised that Kripa did not share this good news with her that Prithvi and Kripa are getting married very soon.

Tumhein ho na ho, mujhko toh itna yakeen, mujhe pyar tumse nahin hain nahin hain (Angad & Kripa denying their attraction to themselves!)

As Kripa is riding back in the auto rickshaw back home, the driver asks her where does she want to go. Kripa very absent-mindedly says that ''Angad Khanna ke ghar.'' The driver is very surprised and asks her does she know Angad, as he is his favourite singer. Kripa is irritated and says that no she does not know him and has no wish to no him. The driver says that he has all albums of Angad and that he listens to his songs everyday! The driver then puts one of Angad's song, and Kripa thinks to herself that Angad does not even leave her alone anywhere (Hello, Earth to Mars, Earth to Mars – Which planet are you in Ms. Sharma?) As Kripa relaxes in the auto, she glances on one of Angad's poster  that is there in the auto and thinks about the moments she shared with him in the trip. Kripa gets very disturbed thinking about Angad and says to herself that she has had enough of Angad and her infatuation for him, and she is leaving for Nainital as soon as possible and forget all about her ''Indian-Idol''.

Meanwhile our sexy hero is boxing his ever growing attraction to Kripa and suddenly a cute, innocent smile escapes his lips as he thinks about Kripa's drunken dance and he stops boxing. Angad then thinks about holding her in his arms, her getting drenched in the rain for him and then he putting a safety pin for her and then gets very disturbed. Angad thinks to himself that why does Kripa's thought keep coming in his mind and the more he tries to avoid it, the more he feels attracted towards her, what is so special about Kripa, that she is not going away from his thoughts? Angad then plunks on his bed and thinks to himself that once she goes to Nainital, he will probably get rid of such silly feelings and even if she does not, how on earth does it matter to him.

Basically in this scene, Kripa and Angad realize that they are madly attracted to each other, probably even in love, but refuse to accept it or even acknowledge it to themselves!

The episode ends on Harshini's stupidified face, as the truth, or rather the half-truth dawns on the lady!


  • Not at all a bad episode, but yeah, the sizzle factor of yesterday's was clearly amiss!
  • Angad and Kripa's scenes are really cute and romantic in a sweet, old-world fashion way! Loved the way Angad buttons Kripa's shirt and the way she closes her eyes tightly!
  • Angad's dismissive look when Kripa is sermonizing, and then his lost, surprised and dazzled look once Kripa finishes her Sindoor vs Lipstick lecture!
  • Performance wise it was good. Kripa is definitely in the improvement circle now, and was pretty good in the scene where she is thinking about her feelings for Angad.
  • Prithvi acted well, but he has started to get on my nerves now……..I mean how could he ever think that Kripa could send Harshini to meet him so that he won't be bored??? Dense, totally I tell you!



romsie Groupbie

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Posted: 10 May 2005 at 10:57am | IP Logged
Thanks for a great update...as usual!! xromax
jas_angad10 Groupbie

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Posted: 10 May 2005 at 10:58am | IP Logged

omggggg chilly didi i swear i luv uuuuu.

thank u u dnt how much this means 2 me Hug thank u


Jots Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2005 at 11:01am | IP Logged

chilly, OMG, its uuuuuuu, u cant imagine what your forum buddies have been upto, especially the pardesis out their Wink, just read our posts!!!! WinkLOL

A BIG THANKYOU for posting the update, i know u said u were in a bit of trouble the past couple of days and the fact that u actually wrote the update for ur forum friends is sooo sweet of you!!! i hope things improve yaar, me has also had a glum week and an even worse one ahead!!!! but u n the rest of the crew r gr8, always makin me laugh!!!! funny how we find happiness in the most unlikely of places!!!!Big smile

thanks once again chilly the STAR, again u mad my day!!!!

Jots!!!!Big smile

kool*kariya* Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2005 at 11:04am | IP Logged

chilly didi thanx...thanx.....thanx...thanx....thanx................

my god i m sooo happy to see this post............and jot, jas we finally got the updates ...HURRAY....HURRAY...............okay i ahve gone insane

wow thanx chilly

kariya!          ;    now i can read ur update after tahking u

lakshmi_maruthi Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2005 at 11:08am | IP Logged
hehehe Chilly... bou have i missed your updates.... awesome.. I have to agree about Prithvi.. what a dumb fellow.... first lesson for youngsters falling in love from their dear Ekta aunty.. write your girlfriends Name damn it.. Angry LOL 
prakriti IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 May 2005 at 11:15am | IP Logged
Aanandaa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 May 2005 at 11:17am | IP Logged
Thanks Chilly....Tongue...Yet another brilliant update...Gosh this Prithvi...another Piyush bandar in making...Angry

Jots,shhh dont tell all that, that we talked about...U see today's is not the last episode right?we need Chilly to update for tommorw and the subsequent episodes also right?Dead

Dinky,You missed the episode...Kya baat hai????I have only one thing to say..."Kaisa ye Pyar Hai???"Wink


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