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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
What you thought of the movie, your favourite scenes... all reviews are to be posted in this thread. Other threads will either be merged into this or locked.

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hey guys..Smile
and i gonna share my happiness of the film..
Its the best TWILIGHT film ever!!                         
Its sad Cryand amazing..Star
It the best film ever..its sad and happy.
the storyline is really good..the fight and all..but its all a dream soEmbarrassed
If you want to know what on..if not..don't will give it away.sorry..i don't want to ruin it for anyone guys:.. what happened is..
power is SHILED!..she can shield herself from any trouble and other people!..
Bella loves her vampire life..and its all going good..Smile
BUT..IRINA..reports to the volturi..about renesme being an immortal..and they decide to kill her and the family..alice sees a vison of this!Shocked
the cullons are like..what?..then no.Angry.that cannot happen!
so they gather friends from all over the prove their innocence..
but..then by suprise..ALLICE AND JASPER..leave the cullon family..and leave a goodby note to the family..Cry
everyone is like what..why..why have they left...Confused
everyone is confused..Confused
Bella finds out jacob has imprinted...on her child..and is hyper and mad..he hits him and all.Ouch.
but they all calm down and except it..yeh..
they all train and gather friends..Smile
bella thinks ..why did allice leave..and reads the note she left..and then she figures out..a clue..on the paper that alice had left for her..
she goes to meet this dude..that alice said on the note..Sleepy
and he gives bella to tickets and passports for jusr renesme and jacob..Confused
then it clicks to bella..that..only jocob and renesme will live to the futureCry..and she and edward won't..Dead
thats wat this vision said..alice vison..but she did not say it to anyone..only bella as her mind is safe
bella is sad..Cry
OMG..and CHARLIE FINDS OUT JACOB IS A WOLF!..JACOB TELLS HIM HIMSELF!..Shockedhe turns into a wold infront of him..LOL
AND charlie finds a girl mate for nice..ahhSmile
all of the cullon family and friends go the the war place and reach there..and so do the vultori.Angry
the voluti..are like ..cullons u have done a dare u!
edward gives proof..that not immortal..aro is like..ok.i want to see the girl myself..
renesme..goes to aro..and aro is like omg.Shocked.i never thought i would see this..
he says sory to the cullons..and goes to Irina..and dare you lie to us! this the child you saw..the immortal one?
irina is like..sorry aro..its my mistake.the cullons are innocent...i saw wrong..
the other volturi dude goes..well the punishmet for a lie is death.Dead.and he kills irani.Ouch.the cullons are like no!..but its to late she is dead..
the other friends get really angry.Angry.and run to the they had killed her..but the culons stop them and say..don't..WE WANT TO WAR!
Everyone is calm and is about to leave..but..
aro and the voltri go..stop..this child can still cause harm..and reveal us its best she is dead!Dead
edwrad and bella are like!Angry
out of no where..alice and jasper come and got to aro..everyone is shocked!Shocked
she says to aro..renesme..will be no problem..i have seen it..and she shows the vison to him..but still aro doesn't agree..and wants to kill renesme..
so she kicks aro..Angry
aro goes flying in the air.. but comes back..and goet to kil alice for doing that..Cry
jasper goes noAngry..but people hold him back..
alice is about to dieDead(so sad)..when carlise runs to protect allice..but aro KILLS HIM!
after carlise dies..edwrad is furious!..and all of the rest of the cullon family and friends run to kill the they have just killed CARLISE!.Angry..fight!
everyone is fighting..and bella protects everyone..Smile
while fighting..the volturi KILL JASPER!..ITS SO SAD
everything is going bad for the culluns..Unhappy
they are getting beaten.Dead.the wolfs are dieingCry
but then on of the cullon friends..has a specail power and he punched into the ice floor and it created a massive crack in the battle field..all of the badies fall..Smile
at the botton of the crack their is lave and fire!
a wolf(seth) jumps and saves esmeClap..but falls in the hloe himself..Cry
she is sad..
jane's brother is killed and jane is furoisios!..Angry
alice is really angry cuz jasper is killed so she runs to jane to kill her..and she is sheilded by bella's power..Thumbs Up jane is scared..and runs..she kicks alice..and escaped but then edward and bella kill her..Dead..yes..FINALLY!
this time aro gets really anrgy.Angry.and he attcks bella and edward.Cry
but then..edward kills him and rips of his head..Dead
he is about to burn him..or fire him..and we can see aro eye.Ouch
and the scene zooms in on aro eye..
(this if fab means no one died!..
carlise or jasper did not die!Big smile)
all that fight and war was just a vison alice was showing to aro..of what would happen if he would want to fight.Embarrassed
alice brang an immortal child who is now an adult like renesme..for proof there will be no fight..Angry..or danger
aro knew if he did fight he would he said..ok..there will be no war today..
renesme is not an immortal..lets go..Smile
the vloturi go.Clap
and aro says sorry..there will be no war today and goes..Smile
all of the cullon family are happy.Tongue.and the frinds leave..
bella and edward and jacob and alice are togther with renesme..
all are happy..Party
alice has another vison of the future and everything is good..
renesme is grown up and with jacob and edward and bella are happy..Wink
the film ends fably..Star
with edward and bella in a flower field(like in eclipse)..and they boh are together..Blushing
and bella has a suprise for edward..and she shows him a serios of momest that they spent togtherDay Dreaming
(scenes are shown from all twilight saga film)Dancing
they kiss and its a good ending)Tongue
the film ends on that..
WOW.Star.ITS A FAB FILM..its sad.Cry.but is fab!
please watch..Embarrassed

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 11:19am | IP Logged
they r releasing it here on 23rd have to wait .. !! sad*

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 11:14am | IP Logged
I just came back from the cinemas its amazing 
it was soo funny when charlie finds out about jacob nd i also loved the ending when Alice sees a vision of Jacob nd renessme.the movies fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I was waiting for part 2..

I watched it on thursday eve.. Fully sold out.. could not find seat .. had to sit in the front rows.. :)

My review..

First part was a bit slow .. for me its too much closeups which was unnecessary ..
but start loving it when they are gathering all the friends...

As i read the book 5 times.. it was different .. but two amazon friends were totally with my imagination.. loved them.. and loved the character of kate's lover .. he was superb..
They did not show more about alice's sudden leave but its ok..

This time the volturi were awesome..

Ok .. when the first stepped on the snow field.. it showed the differene.. my full hall viewers started laughing .. dont know why :(
I felt like the wolf's entrace could be more prominant.. they should show them a little bigger .. like jackob..

But when they started showing the fight .. OMG.. full audience was overwhelmed screamed sobbed .. i could not bear seeing carlisle die or jasper die ..
This twist was superb .. hats off the screen play writer .. they totally changed it from the book..
because after we know its a future .. full hall went mad clapping and whistling .. i myself almost jumped with joy..

Yap in total for the last parts specially i loved it .. im gonna watch some more times..

and last in the credit they showed all the actors from first three parts it felt really nice..

ill give it 4 out of 5 .. ..

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Posted: 23 November 2012 at 2:14am | IP Logged
i live  in india n the movie is releasing today bt i saw it online 3 days back..i ws waiting soo much fr this movie tht i jst could'nt wait...n i have to  say it ws an amazing movie...totally amazing to watch was the EPIC ENDING ...!!!n gonna see it again n again n once in the theatre for sure...
it ws soo much fun to see bella as a vampire with her powers n her shield..n renessme n jacob...both were beutiful...
i felt soo sad wen carlisle ws killed along with jasper n it ws such a relief it ws all jst the future shown by alice...i actually beleived it...
n the ending oh my god i felt soo sad...renesmee, jacob, bella , edward... happily together...
the extreme last scene ws what made me feel like crying edward n bella n the awsome song "a thousand years" ...i felt tht i lost hope wait for the next part...earlier i knew i'll see them again bt now it jst finished n all the memories from the beginning shown by bella made it much more heartbreaking... Cry

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Fri, 23 Nov 2012 07:32:24 GMT | By IANS

Review: 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2'

Just like the 'Harry Potter' fans, Stephanie Meyers' 'Twilight' book series has its own set of followers who would chew every bit of this film.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Movie Review

Like the earlier 'Twilight' films, which are filled with too much 'dead time' and blank stares, this one starts out pretty much the same way but, luckily, picks up quickly.

'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' is a perfect blend of sci-fi and romantic drama, involving vampires, werewolves and half humans. This specific saga centres on a young couple - Bella (Kristen Stewart), who is now a vampire, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattison) - and their daughter Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy), who is still half human. Renesmee also has werewolf Jacob (Taylor Lautner) as a guardian angel.

Irina, owing to her hatred for Bella, informs the Volturi, the ruling vampire class, that Renesmee is an immortal child. That is when the film gathers momentum. The Cullens gather the other vampire clans in order to protect the child from this false allegation and peril.

As many as 27 vampires from different clans, the Denali, Egyptian, Irish, Amazon and Romanian, to name a few, gather for the great showdown. The battle of the vampires which has not been witnessed for centuries is awaited with anticipated glee. This section drags as we meet and greet new characters with the 'you show me your powers, I'll show you mine' attitude.

Of the 'Twilight' series, this one is good and the battle scene is the saving grace of the movie. Scriptwriter Melissa Rosenberg, who usually sticks to Meyers' plots as if they were holy writ, pulls a clever switch with the climax.

Readers of the novel may not like this, but then, it works for the movie.

The chemistry between Kristen, Robert and Taylor Lautner is natural and real, making the film palpable. But Michael Sheen as the vampire Chief, leading the Volturi, is refreshingly different; his over-acting is definitely praiseworthy and draws a few laughs as well.

The musical score is definitely a high note, capturing the tone and theme of the film well. The entire battle scene when the vampires stand on different ends has an enchanting background score. Unfortunately, Condon overdid the music bit when he layered it over the dialogues, making it difficult to hear the actors.

The cinematography, especially the aerial shots of the massive mountains and hilltops, as well as those of Bella and Edward's scenes, have really highlighted Condon's strengths. He definitely steals a march over 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1'. Perhaps, it took him a while to get them right.

What makes this film look tacky is the weird jump-cuts or edits coupled with the poor quality special effects. The monstrous, digital wolves look bizarre.

'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' is definitely the finest of 'Twilight' series. But that's not saying much.

Watch it if you like to see good-looking vampires with no blood-churning moments.


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i loved the movie! so sad it was the end of the saga. the twist in the end was uncalled for but hats off! i almost cried at the end. it was beautiful

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