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Sunshinegirll Goldie

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 10:59pm | IP Logged
hey puggy congrats on your second threadSmileSmile
continue soonSmile

sorry yet to comment on the previous chapters.. got busy with wrkOuch

i'll comment in detail later..
b4 dat i wna tell u i love your work..
and read them regularly even if i have few mins i check for updates on this forumSmile

puggyy Goldie

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 11:24pm | IP Logged
    CHAPTER 39

MANYATAH -  omg !!!    Wat did u do j Ouch Y u accepted da challenge ? 

UNNATHI - yes j Sleepy 

J - chill girls ... U know  me and unnathi are good players snookers don't worry ...and that side only uday is good at that game here we are  two ...don't worry 

UNNATHI - still j ...dada ko janthe nahi 

J - they lost in cricket with us ...can u just imagine that ...Party ...we don't even play cricket well ...still we managed chill Maar ...snookers bhi hum jeeth jayenge not and issue ...


UDAY - so guys now jus stop looking at each other ...go on with ur wife's Wink Don't look at others while doing it ...k 

VIJAY - surely no one of us will look at each other ...only concentrate on our work Wink

JAGATH - k done Thumbs Up

AADHI - dad am joining ur team ...but pls win ...diya also came pls don't let me down in front of her 


UDAY - K baby don't worry .." hi  diya , how r u ?? " 

DIYA - am fine uncle ...where  is sunshine ...I wanna see her ...AADHI told me a lot about her 

AADHI - hey come with me I'll show her...hey diya it's my Maama vijay and Jagath 

VIJAY JAGATH - Hii diya 

VIJAY - uday banna thumaara beta tho  from now only play boy nikhla

JAGATH - seriously udayy ...look at him ...he is flirting with da girl ...asking us not to let him down infront of her ...thumaara hi beta hai father like son 

DIYA - she runs to manyatah and ask her to show sunshine 

AADHI - mom she is diya my club friend ...diya she is my mom .." isn't  she pretty ??Tongue " 

UDAY - Stern Smile

DIYA - yes she is ...just as u told me snow white ..." aunty u look so beautifull " 

MANYATAH - thanks beta ...

AADHI - now look at my sister she will be like angel ...Cinderella ...

DIYA - she looks at sunshine " Hii sunshine , am ur brothers friend ...yes AADHI she is so CUTEEE ...just like Barbie doll " 

AADHI - I know ...AADHI ka sister hai after all ...

UDAY - princess !! Dekha thumaara bte  ko ... He is flirting with da girl ...

MANYATAH - thumaara beta hai Jo ...genetics kaha jayega father Ouch

UDAY - princess Ouch Am not that now ,...u know I only love u Ouch

MANYATAH - k ...I know change ur expression ...all may think am scolding u pls ...

UDAY - princess u have become so chaalu Masthi  ...wat was that u doing wen I was batting ? TongueU were trying to distract me right ...

MANYATAH - Embarrassed Aisa kuch nahi 

UDAY - don't tell me now ...I know u very well ...I know that it's j kameeni's plan 

MNAYATAH - o really !!  Then being a maharaj how did u get distracted uday veer sing ...learn to control ur self ...She leaves

UDAY - Wacko Omg!!! 


VIJAY - he gives thumbs up to uday and Thumbs Up

UDAY JAGATH - u to vijay Thumbs Up


J - she takes the stick and aims at a ball ...Jagath comes from behind and rub his hand on her bum and pinch Shocked 

     She jerks and misses da ball 

UNNATHI. - now its her turn ...

VIJAY - he rubs his feet on unnathi's legs and run his hands on her back from behind ...

UNNATHI  - she shivers and misses da ball ...

UDAY - he keeps his cell on da other end on table it's manyatahs turn 

MANYATAH - wen she is about to hit ball 

UDAY -" hey jus a min ...let me take my cell phone. " . He wantedly bends and takes his cell ...he bends over manyatah and crush her brest with his chest and take da cell and pass wicked smile ...Wink

MNAYATAH - she becomes a weak ...but  gains her senses and try to aim at the ball 

UDAY - from down he starts pressing MNAYATAH's waist ...

MANYATAH - she gets goosebums and looses grip on stick and hits wrong ball ...

BOYS TEAM - they win ...yippee ...they hug each othe rDancing

BOYS - cheating sirf thume hi nahi girls HAME bhi aatha hai carefull dont play tricks with us ...Wink U can't stand us carefull darlings Heart

GIRLS - Ouch

AADHI - yes we won !!!PartyDancing  Dad u rock !!Thumbs Up

DIYA - she jumps Clap Wow AADHI ...she kisses him on cheek out of excitement 

MNAVEER - Shocked Wacko

J JAGTAH unnu VIJAY - they laugh at kids LOL

AADHI -  diya many time should I tell ...don't kiss on my cheeks

DIYA - sorry AADHI I forgot ...k am leaving ...bye is waiting for me 

AADHI - k dear , bye ...

VIJAY - AADHI y u don't like diya to kiss on ur cheek Day Dreaming

AADHI - that's a big story Maama short ...if sejal finds diya kissing me ...she will scold me and won't talk to me ...also diya and segal keeps fighting ...I don't wanna upset segal for any reason ...u know she is my best friend ...

UDAY - junior !! He takes him into arms and kisses him 

MNAYATAH - AADHI ...don't allow any girl to kiss's bad ...

AADHI - wat ??!! But y mom ...I like segal ...she can kiss me and I can kiss her 

MANYATAH - listen to wat I say ...don't act smart aadhiAngry

UDAY - princess !! Stop it ...he is still a kid ...

MANYATAH - he may get used  to All these ..." AADHI come with me now " she takes him 

VIJAY - UADY banna see m bhai she is so worried about AADHI 

J - SO sad I pity jiji ...aakhir AADHI baap  ka hi beta hai ...unnathi do u remember wen we were kids ...girls used to fight for uday ...

UNATHI - yes j LOL Same as they for AADHI now 

UDAY - pls now don't get into my past and get me screwed with my wife ...pls muje baksh do ...D'oh


JAGATH - k let all of us go to my farm house today ...for coffe and dinner 

SANJU - wow Dancing Let us go ...I'll play with ducks and small puppies in da farm house ...pls dad ...uday Maama pls 

UNNATHI -  k baby we will go 

SANJU - k Clap I'll tell AADHI bhai and come 

VIJAY - Sanju wait ... U  can tell him later ...I think bhua is taking  class to AADHI ...not now ...uday Maama will go 

UDAY - k Sanju I'll get him ready and come down all of u get ready in 15,min 

VIJAY - udayy banna will 15 be enough for m bhai to beat u LOL

UDAY - vijayy Angry 

VIJAY - k sorry 15 min ...done Thumbs Up

UDAY - he goes and informs manyatah and AADHI 

AADHI - yippeeDancing k mom dad bye going to nani Saheb ...I'll get ready and come in 10 min ...

MANYATAH - k don't irritate nani Saheb ...get ur toys also ...

AADHI - k mom ...Hug

UDAY - he plays with adithi ...adithi is in manyatahs lap ...

ADITHI - she giggles and plays with UADY 

MANAYTAH - UADY stop playing with her and get ready...I have to even feed her 

UDAY - k ...he is about to leave adithi holds his hand with a puppy face 

MANYAATH - k u play with her I'll get ready n come ...

UDAY - he plays with his daughter ...meanwhile manyatah will come out ready ...white shirt and brown jeans ...

ADITHI - she asks MANYAATH to feed her 

UDAY - princess u look cool in this dress ...

MANYAta - Embarrassed Thanks 

UDAY - he gets ready and come out shirt and jeans ...he looks sexy ... He finds manyatah feeding adithi ...

ADITHI - she looks at uday and stop sucking milk and giggle at him 

MANYAAH - dad is looking hot hai na adithi ...

UDAY - he smirks .. " so princess shall I ask them to leave and shall we go to uday NIWAS my personal suit Tongue Wink " 

MNAYATAH - pls udayy ...not again ...yesterday was too much for me ...I can't stand u more ...

UDAY - princess not fair ... " adithi u drink milk ...again mom won't be at home to feed u ..." he keeps adithi near MANAYATHA 's breast. And adithi starts sucking her nipples ...

MANAYTAH - so we are not taking adithi uday ...

UDAY - no princess she is months baby ...she won't be able to  adjust for da weather changes ...we will leave her with aunty Komal and go ...

MANYATAH - thumaara bete ko  samjaav pehle ...or else he will ask us to get adithi 

UDAY - I ALREDY told him ...hey princess's shift it ur other side ...I think she is not getting milk ...

MANYATAH - she feeds her with another ...left  side breast adithi starts drinking as she gets her milk from this side ...

ADITHI - she is drinking milk and playing wit uday's hands ...

UNNATHI - she calls uday .." dada we are ready waiting down for u both ...AADHI is with us .." 

UDAY - choti 5 min ...manyatah is feeding adithi ...keep AADHI with u only 

UNNATHI - k dada ...

MNAYATAH - so all of them are ready ...

UDAY - princess adithi Is sleeping ...

MANYATAH - very  good ...she won't find us leaving and won't cry ...". UADY ..did she sleep " 

UDAY - ya almost ...2 more min ... She is so cutely sucking with her tiny mouth  ...and half asleep ...

MANYATAH - take her UADY ...slowly ...

ADITHI - she sleeps while sucking her milk ...

UDAY - he carefully takes adithi..." oh my god she looks so beautifull like angel wen she sleeps ..." Heart He kisses her 

MNAAYTAH -  she propers her shirt Nd buttons he bra ...uday let us go ...

MANVEER - they give adithi to Komal and leave for da farm house 



MNAYATA - coffe fall on her jeans ...she wears j' s dress ...a shortWink

UDAY - he looks at manyatah Shocked 

AADHI - mon u look sexy 

Everyone - Shocked  Wacko





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puggyy Goldie

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Originally posted by Sunshinegirll

hey puggy congrats on your second threadSmileSmile
continue soonSmile

sorry yet to comment on the previous chapters.. got busy with wrkOuch

i'll comment in detail later..
b4 dat i wna tell u i love your work..
and read them regularly even if i have few mins i check for updates on this forumSmile

huma12. IF-Dazzler

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SyedAinah IF-Dazzler

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First of all congrts for second thread n i saw ur reply in first threat,sri was not able to reply u backDisapprove,i m really sry for abt ur update ,i cant say anythng,even i cant use awsum,amazng,beautiful n all that coz these words seem nthng in front of ur writing skilll...praising u with dese words means apki touheen karna coz u deserve much more then dese wordsThumbs Up,so i really dont have words to praise u.i jus love adhiDay Dreaming he is replica of his fatherDay Dreaming ...gosh firting n all thatWink he z a question bankDay Dreaming poor manyata z too worried abt adhiDisapprove ,jus love lil princess n her bonding with her daddy dearestDay Dreaming hahaha boys also cheat on girls was too beautiful...overall it was powerfull,perfect packageThumbs Up

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.maleficent. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 2:13am | IP Logged
anisha firstly congo songo on new thread
and update was really awesome
addhi is copy of uday and manyata always worried about addhi
the gyuzz really are to much they are also cheat like girls hillarious
thanx for pm
and lovely update

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MrsSSO IF-Dazzler

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sirjee IF-Sizzlerz

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Reslly nyc..plz continue soon

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