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          CHAPTER 30 
UDAY - AADHI u liked her baby 

AADHI - yes dad she is so cute , I was waiting for her from such a long time ...I love her ...he kisses baby on her cheek Heart

MANYATAH - she gets conscious and tries to get up 

UDAY - he gives baby to unnathi n help manyatah to sit , ur k princess ...shall I call doctor ??

MANAYTAH - uday am fine ...we're is da baby ?? 

J - she gives baby to MNAYTAHA 

MANYATH - before taking baby she calls AADHI and hugs him and kisses him

AADHI - mom u know I was so scared about u , ur feeling well now ?Disapprove It sims doctor have done some operation for u ...I heard naani telling it Day Dreaming

MANAYTAH - am fine AADHI ... Now she takes  da baby and feels so happy .. 

AADHI - mom she is like angel ...

SANJU - like snow white bhua ...

J - she is like u jiji ...

UNNATHI - she looks like u ...

UDAY - he kisses manyatah on cheeks " she is so cute jus like u , another princess . My little princess Heart " he hugs both MANYTAH n baby n AADHI 

MNAYTAAH - she looks at da baby for 5 minutes ...suddenly she screams " oh no ..Sleepy Uday her lips n forehead is like u ...see she looks like u wen she laughs Disapprove , not againnn UADY Ouch "

UNNATHI AND J - LOL Still she looks like u , don't u think so 

VIJAY - yes m bhai 80% she looks like u 

UDAY - yes princess only 20% like me Smile

J - I think it's negligible LOL

MANYATAH - but AADHI looks 100% like uday ...y not da baby girl  look like me 100% Confused   , y few features like uday again ???? Sleepy

KOMAL - LOL Manyatah stop it now ...we can't do anything about it now beta me she is mothers baby 

MANYATAH - hmm k ...ya she is ...she kisses baby on her cheek " baby u look like ur mom ..." Heart

UDAY - he smiles at his wife's  childishness ...

AADHI - mom she is milky white just like u

SANJU - she is snow white 

AADHI - he holds her cheeks and tell " my little princess ,snow white " he kisses on her cheeks 


UDAY - he kisses manyatah on her lips n tell " thank u princess , u gave me da worlds best gift precious 2nd gift " 

AADHI - he is busy staring his baby sister  in da cradle ..." wow how sweet she is Tongue So tiny ... Hey angel u become big soon like Sanju ...I'll play with u Heart , u know am ur brother ...elder brother .." 

MANYATAH - uday look at AADHI ...he is so happy 

UDAY - see how he is talking to his sister as if she can understand his words Smile

BABY - she starts crying 

AADHI - he gets worried , " dad she is crying Disapprove , don't cry sister ..." 

UDAY - don't worry AADHI she will be fine . Uday takes da baby into his arms and tell " manyatah I think she is hungry , I think u should feed her " 

MNAYATAH - YES  uday ...give her to me 

AADHI -  she is hungry !!!! dad I'll get something for her to eat ... 

UDAY - no AADHI ...small babies won't eat ...they only drink milk 

AADHI - k come we will go and get it 

UDAY - now he doesn't know wat to answer AADHI ..." oh my god now wat should I tell him " 

SANJU - AADHI bhaii come wit me once , I'll show u something 

AADHI - k dad I'll be back ...bye baBy sister 

UDAY - he sits beside MNAYATHA n give baby to her for breast feeding ...he helps MNAYATAH to sit n feed her ...

MNAYATAH - thank god uday Sanju came At right time or else AADHI would kill us with his doubts 

UDAY - yes princess ...he would ask all questions like never ending ...but we have to think about it ...we should give him convincing answer ...he won't leave me Sleepy

MANYATAH - LOL K u think about it ...  

UDAY - ur done princess ? 

MANYATAH - ya  almost ...she is sleeping 

UDAY - he carasses his daughters cheeks " she is so beautifull ...angel ... Daddy's little princess " he kisses her on her palms ...he takes her and put her in cradle ...

DOCTOR - so mrs singh how r u feeling now ? 

MNAYTAAH - am fine doctor  ...wen can I go home ??? 

DOCTOR - u can go home tomorrow but only if u promise to take bed rest for atleast 15 days ...u have to be carefull for 2 months manyatahaa ,as u lost pretty good amount of blood ..ur weak 

UDAY - ill take care of it doctor ... 

DOCTOR - k mr Singh ... I have arranged 2 nurses for both ur wife and daughter 

UDAY - thank u doctor  . Doctor leaves 

MANYATAH - udayy ab yeh nurse ka chakkar kya hai 

UDAY - princess now u have to listen to me running here and there ..only bed rest ...also 2 nurses will be with u and little princess all the time ...till 3 months ... That's final  , don't worry about AADHI ...he is my responsibility ... " now sleep princess , take rest ..." 

MANYATAH - uday I have been doing that only till now I think ... Send AADHI inside ...I'll talk to him for sometime 

UDAY - no princess I'll send AADHI wit aunty Komal to devgad palace for today ... I think u won't be able to handle him today ...u know it very well .. U can't feed her wit AADHI around ...he keeps on asking never ending doubts ...

MANYATAH - k uday ...atleast send him for 15 min 

UDAY - k I can do that baby ... Heart

AFTER 20 days in devgad palace 

UDAY - he doesnt allow manyatah to get up from bed for 15 days ...he used to be with her aways and help her with da baby . He even managed  AADHI. ...UNNTAHI assisted uday in riyasath works 

MANYTAH - now after 20 days ...she started walking n roaming around ...she became better ...

AADHI - mom ...wat is sunshine doing ??? 

UDAY - sunshine ??? !!!Stern Smile

AADHI - dad am talking about my sister ...she is sunshine 

MANYATAH - AADHI y r u calling her like that baby 

SANJU - because she looks bright like sunlight , so fair 

AADHI - yes mom ...she shines like that ...I read about in my rhyme am calling her ..." hey sunshine how r u ? U missed me wen I went to shool Heart " 

SANJU - hey sunshine look at me , ur sister Sanju ... We came to play with u 

MANVEER - they look at each other and smile at kids 

UDAY - princess now we have to give her a name 

AADHI - dad we will call her sunshine 

Uday - AADHI we can't give such name baby ... We have to think about it 

AADHI - k dad ...but I'll call her sunshine only 

SANJU - even ill call her like that only uday Maama 

UDAY - k both of u can as u wish ...

SANJU AND AADHI - they are busy looking at little baby and talking to each other ... 

MNAYATAH - k uday pls go out for sometime 

UDAY - y ??? 

MANYAAH - I should feed her uday so pls

UDAY - princess now don't tell me u don't wanna do it infront of me ...for ur kind information I have seen u many times doing it don't ask me to go out now 

MANYATAH - D'oh Uday try to understand ... These both kids won't move out now u tell them something and take them out ...meanwhile I'll feed ur daughter ...did u get it my duffer pathi 

UDAY - duffer ?? Stern Smile!!! Princess u will have to pay for it ...k I'll take them out ...see u wifyy Silly . He tells them some story and take both Sanju n AADHI outside ...

MNAYATAH - she feeds her and da baby sleeps . She Gets up and goes for wash and come out 

UDAY - he comes inside and will be looking at his sleeping daughter , he looks at MNAYATAH and goes and hugs her 

MANYATAH - uday pls check if u have locked door ...I don't want a mess again 

UDAY - udayveer won't do da mistake again , I locked it 

MANYATAH - wow udayveer is so great ... I appreciate u for ur great common sense

UDAY - princess ... Disapprove

MANYATAH - oh Buraa maangyaa mera pathi devWink

UDAY - he drags her near , crushing her chest with his ... " do u think so honey Heart " 

MANYATAH - she keeps her one hand on uday's chest and rubs it there on his chest and with other hand she carasses his cheeks and kisses him on his chest and lips 

UDAY - princess stop it , ur turning me on  ...

MNAYATAH - really udayy ... She moves her hands over his body seductively and kiss on his neck 

UDAY - he closes his eyes and try to control his feelings with his fists folded

MNAYATAH - she removes uday's shirt buttons and starts kissing him on his chest and  hugs him tightly 

UDAY - he nods his head " uday control , don't do it ..." he moves MANYATAHA aside ... Princess stay away for some time so high 

MNAYATAH  - k then go out like a good boy 

UDAY - princess ur really so naughty , u turned me on knowing that I can't resist u ...u even know that we can't have physical contact for 2 months ...still u provoke me ... U will pay for it manyatha Kumari Wink 

MNAYATAH - really uday veer pls I want to see wat ur gonna do ...telling this she comes near uday and kisses him on lips and moves her hands seductively over uday ...she carasses his waist from inside his shirt ... and leaves wet kisses on his neck ...

UDAY - he couldn't take it anymore ...he holds MANYTAAH by her arms and move her aside and close his eyes for 2 minutes and without turning Back he runs  away from da room with a puppy face . ..Unhappy

MANYATAH - she laughs at her husband ROFL  

UDAY  - he stops at da door and looks at MNAYATHA laughing and tell " princess thume tho mein Baaad  mein dekh loonga ... Ur enjoying my situation na ...wait u will pay for it " 

MNAYATAH - ab tho jaa uday baad mein dekhlena ...LOL

AADHI - dad come  with me I'll show u my new game 

J - udayy kya hua ...  Khoi khoi se hu...jiji has sent u out of room Kya Wink     LOL

UDAY - j y don't u concentrate on Jagath instead of me 

J - poor baby ... She runs her hands on his cheeks Smile

UDAY - he removes her hand and goes away with AADHI 

J - oh my god uday ... Uday veer sing ...LOL   Kya haal hua bechara ka , jiji u rock ...LOL

UDAY - he gets a call from COMMISIONER . " what ??!Angry  K I'll talk u again mr tiwari " . He asks AADHI to leave and play in othe floor 

VIJAY -Uday banna wat happened ??!! U look so serious 

UDAY - this bloody ABHINAV. Singh got bail ...I have to send him to jail very soon 

VIJAY - dont worry uday banna we will collect evidence about his illegal business and send him permanently to jail 

UDAY - he calls out for his security head ...jeeth Singh 

JEETH - jee maharaj sa

UDAY - today onwards triple da security family member should go out alone without informing me ...arrange a special force for AADHI n Sanju carefull with da kids ...

JEETH - jee maharaj  sa , I'll be like their shadow ...I'll talk to commissioner and arrange it by tomorrow

UDAY - he calls all da working staff and gives them instructions 

VIJAY - uday banna pls relax ...we all are there ...everything will be ok ...we will be carefull 

AADHI - dad come let us have dinner now ...even mom came down with sunshine 

UDAY - ill come in a while beta ...u go 

AADHI - k dad come soon ...he leaves 

UDAY - he looks at AADHI ,MNAYATAH and his daughter from his office room .. Aadi is playing with his sister 

MANYATAH -  she  is laughing at her both kids and playing with them happily ... 

UDAY - " I wish my family will be happy like this always , hope no one harms them . No one can do it . Am there to protect them ... " thinking this he is lost in his thoughts Sleepy

MANYATAH - she comes to his office room and snap her fingers infront of him " hey hero kaha khogaya ho "  telling this she sits on his table , right infront of him.

UDAY -  woh woh , kuch nahi  manyatah ...some official work ...

MANYATAH - which work ? Tell me ...even am getting bored sitting at home ...give me some files uday ...I'll help u 

UDAY - he looks at manyatah intensely ...stares at her 

MNAYATHA -uday kaha khogaya ho ...she moves like that only from table and lands up in his lap .. " uday kya hua ...ithna kyu sochrahe ho everything ok ? " 

UDAY - he hugs her from behind she sat on uday he surrounds her waist with his hands . " nothing princess am just thinking about a project " 

MANYATAH - k then think About it later come for dinner ..she turns sideways and hold his head n give him a kiss on his cheek Heart

UDAY - he hugs her tightly  " love u baby " he kisses on her shoulder 

AADHI - baam he opens da door ..." mom y r u sitting on dad ??Day Dreaming"

UDAY - Shocked , he looses grip on manyatah ...

MANYATAH - Stern Smileshe suddenly moves Embarrassedand in tension to get off him soon she falls down on da floor 

UDAY - princess!!! He makes her get up ... Ur k ?? 

MNAYATAH - her bum aches a lot Confused As AADHI is there she couldn't tell it out ok uday ..

AADHI - mom ur k ?? 


AADHI - y were u sitting on dad mom ?? Tongue

UDAY - woh beta ..she didn't sit ...we were looking at file n mom slipped on me by mistake ...

AADHI - k like she fell down just now ..." mon be carefull , don't fall like that " 


MANYATAH - ji Yuvraj ji Kayal rakhongi LOL

UNNATHI - Bahabisa baby is crying 

MNAYATAH - she rushes out to check da baby

UDAY - even he rushes behind manyatah 

AADHI - mom y is she crying ??? 

MANYATAH - she must be hungry , she leaves to her room 

AADHI - he  goes and gets a glass of milk and take to manveer bed room 



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         CHAPTER 31 

MANYATHA -  she comes to her room and starts feeding da baby 

UDAY - is she k ?? Y did she cry Ouch

MNAYATAH - she is fine uday  ...was hungry ...

UDAY - she is so cute princess Heart Adorable tiny...princess even AADHI was so tiny wen he was born ...and now look at him ...he has become a nuclear bomb 

MANYATAH - udayy ...

UDAY - he plays with his daughter ...he kisses her hands and touches her tiny legs 

MNAYATAH -  udayyy ...wait play wit her laterSmile ...let me feed her properly ...ur keeping on moving her ...

UDAY - " oh my little princess ur hungry , k u have ur milk Smile...pappa will play wit u later ."  He kisses her on her cheeks ...

MNAYATAH - she is still feeding her 

AADHI - he reaches manveer room with milk glass ...since he is holding with his two hands ...he calls out " dad can u pls open da door " 

UDAY - princess hurry up AADHI has come 

MANAYTAHA - shut up uday how can I hurry up ...she is still drinking milk ...

UDAY - even that's true u can't do anything .Ouch " AADHI 2 min am opening baby ..." 

AADHI - k dad make it fast Tongue

UDAY - princess proper ur dress Am opening da door 

MNAYATHA - she keeps baby  aside on da bed and buttons her blouse and sets her Saree 

AADHI -  dad y did u take much time  to open doorDay Dreaming

UDAY - woh beta sister is having milk 

AADHI - wat ??!! See I got her milk da way I don't find any milk glass in this room did she drink milk dad ??Day Dreaming

UDAY - woh aadi D'ohOuch  

MNAYATA - oh my god ab kya Kahu isse Confused

AADHI - he comes near his siter and tell " Hii sunshine see I got chocolate milk for u ...u drink it " 

UDAY - oh nooo..Shocked AADHI stop it ...u can't give her milk in glass like that ...she is so little she can't drink ...

AADHI - then wat does she drink  mom Day Dreaming   ??

MNAYATHA - udayy bathaona Embarrassed Ouch

UDAY - LOL U tell princess , ur good at explanation na it 

MNAYATAH - udayy Angry

UDAY -  k sorry I'll tell him ...AADHI see look at this milk bottle ...

AADHI - wat is this bottle ?? It's so funny

UDAY - small babies drink milk from this bottle ...through this nossile...they drink only baby milk ...not da one which u got 

AADHI - k dad ...give it to me ...I'll keep it in her mouth Tongue

UDAY - not now AADHI ...she just had milk ...later k ...

AADHI - k dad  ...I have a doubt mom ...even I used to drink in such bottle wen I was kid ??Tongue

UDAY - yes junior ...every kid does that ...boy or a girl's same ...

AADHI - k I'll sleep with her now ...

UDAY - he lifts AADHI and kiss him and both lie on da bed beside MANAYTAH and keep da little baby in cradle 

AADHI - dad I want to sleep beside sunshine ...get her on bed

UDAY - no junior we can't do it ...sister is so tiny ...wat if u roll over her in sleep 

AADHI - yes dad I dint think about it Disapprove , I'll play with her in da morning 

MNAYATH - k u sleep now AADHI ...she takes AADHI to her side and rub on his chest to make him sleep 

AADHI - he holds manyatahs hair and play with it and talk for some time and slowly falls asleep 

UDAY - princess did chotA vamp sleep ?Smile 

MANAYATAH - udayy don't call him like that ...

UDAY - kya Karu yeh harkathe kuch Aisa kartha hai ..." wow he looks amazing wen he sleeps cute my junior " . He kisses him on lips ...he hugs both MNAYATAH and AADHI and sleep ...

MNAYTAAH.   - sh turns to other side and looks at baby in da cradle and sleep ...

UDAY - he gets ready in da morning and is leaving to da office 

MNAYATAH - udayy am coming wit u 

UDAY - wat ?!! But princess its not necessary I can manage 

MNAYATAH - uday from long time almost 8 months ur doing it all  .alone ...I know u can manage...she keeps hands on his chest and tell " I don't doubt ur capability ...still uday ...I just want to join back .,...even unnathi needs a break for a time I guess...she has been assisting u from few months in riyasath works ...even I need a change getting bored at home ...Ouch " 

UDAY - k princess ur wish ...u know I can't tell no for u ...he kisses her on her forehead ...

MANYATAH - love u uday Dancing...she kisses him on cheeks "so shall we go " 

UDAY - k Smilewe will drop AADHI at school and leave 

AADHI - mom ur coming wit us ??

UDAY - yes AADHI mom is joining office back ...

AADHI - k mom ... Mom pls I'll come to uday nivas direcly today in da noon from shool ...pls it's been a long time ...

MANAYTAH - k baby ,..I'll tell jeeth to bring u there

AADHI - love u mom ...he kisses her Hug

UDAY - so maa beta two r coming to office today ... " god save me Ouch " 

MANYATAH - udayy Angry Zyaada naatak MATH Karna ...she pinches him from side 

UDAY - ahaaa princess ...sorry 

AADHI - he giggles LOL


ANITHA - she is uday's PA ...SHE COMES inside to give some files

UDAY - thanks ANITHA ...give those files to my wife ...she will look after this project ...,

ANITHA - welcome back mam Smile Here are da files

MANYTAH - thanks ANITHA Smile ...I need some more details 

ANITHA - ill get them mam

MANYATAH - ill come with u ANITHA ...I'll check it out for my self 

ANITHA - yes mam ..,.sir  lawyer has come to meet u 

UDAY - k send him inside 

MNAYTAAH - k uday I'll be back ...

ABHINAV SINGH - he comes to uday nivas to meet his friend who has been staying there ... He happens to look at MNAYATAH ...he had never seen her before and doesn't know that she is MNAYATAH and uday's wife ...

MNAYTAH - as she came to office ...she wore jeans and shirt ...dark blue jeans and a white and pink  stripes t shirt ...she is looking so cute like a doll in that dress...she was passing through lounge wit ANITHA ,talking to her ..Smile

ABHINAV SINGH - wow wat a natural beauty !! Tongue She looks gorgeous ...milky skin ... Her curves are making me go crazy ... I have never seen such a natural beauty ...he calls a working staff guy and point at her and ask who she is Nd give him money 

WORKING STAFF GUY -  he looks at ANITHA and think he is asking about her and tell " sir she is maharaj uday veer's personal assistant sir " 

ABHINAV SINGH - k ...her name ...


ABHINAV  - k u can leave now ...he gives him some more money out of happiness

ANITHA - mam I'll go and get papers ...

MANYATAH - k mean while I'll sit here and check accounts 

ABHINAV - yeh uday veer ko ithna achi beautifull PA milaaAngry ...he must be enjoying with da girl Ouch... I don't think so ...I forgot he is no more a flirt , now he  is one women's man ...he loves his wife a lot ...heard it from many people Smile...still  he has got such a pretty girl in his office ...Tongue

MNAYATAH - she goes to receptionist and checks out everything Nd gets accounts book and sit there ...

ABHINAV - he goes to manyatah and tell " excuse me mamm " 

MNAYATAH - yes ... 

ABHINAV - he keeps staring at her like that only without uttering a word 

MANAYTAAH - excuse ME ...she is about to leave as he is not talking and simply staring At her 

ABHINAV - he regains his senses and tells "  mam can I meet maharaj uday veer sing " 

MNAYATAH - he must be in some meeting ...she points At ANITHA and tell " u should take appointment from her to meet uday ... " she leaves from there 

AABHINAV -  he keeps staring at her when she leaves 

MNAYATAH - she bumps into uday ...

UDAY - he holds her and gives a smile " samalke wiffyyy " 

MANAYTAH - " halkat ur like great wall of china so hard ..." she rubs her head 

UDAY  - don't u know that till now baby Wink 

ABHINAV - he is looking at both manveer from distance ...he doesn't know wat they are talking but finds both of them smiling and talking and burns with anger Angry  " uday tho kameena hai , flirting with her ...after all who will not do with such a beauty , but I didn't like it ...I'll ask her to work in my company " 

AADHI - he comes there and shouts " dad " he jumps on uday Hug

UDAY - Hii baby so u have come ...he hugs and kisses him 

ABHINAV - he hears AADHI shouting dad and understands that he is uday's son ...also he hears from receptionist telling that Yuvraj sa has come ...he is sure that AADHI is uday's son now ...

        Uday ka beta tho bilkul uday jaisa hAi ...same features ...he completely looks like uday's xerox copy ... Still is he is not my enemy's son I would tell he is a charming boy ... " this uday is shameless he is still flirting and talking to his PA infront of his son also " 

UDAY - k princess I have a meeting ...u both have lunch ...I'll have my lunch with my business associates 

MNAYATAH - k uday ...carry on 

UDAY - he pats in manyatahs shoulder and leave ...

ABHINAV -" udayy don't touch her ...Angry I don't like it ...soon she will work for my company ...Smile " he follows MNAYTAAH and AADHI ...he hears their conversation from behind as they both are walking towards restaurant ...

MANYATAH - so Yuvraj ji aap kaisi khaana pasandh karogi 

AADHI - I would like to have Chinese 

MNAYTAH - jee choti sarkaar ...surely we have to go this way then ...

ABHINAV - he follows MANAYTAH and AADHI . " baap ke liye hi nahi ...bte ko bhi assistant bangayi yeh ladki ..." she is taking care of his son also ...

AADHI. - y can't we have food in dad' s personal suit ... U know I like da place ...

MNAYATAH - Jo hukum ...

AADHI - he giggles Smile Come let us go then 

ABHINAV - this little fellow is troubling her ...aakhir baap ka hi beta hai ... He can't follow them further as they are going to uday's personal floor and security doesn't allow him 

MANYATAH - she takes AADHI and leaves to uday's personal suit ...

ABHINAV - oh shit ...I missed da chance of talking to her ...k I'll wait down for her till she returns da time I'll meet my friend and come 

MNAYATAH  - she finishe shed lunch with AADHI and plays with him for some time . She changes his uniform and makes him sleep .she tells nanny and seemaji to stay with AADHI and goes to office to look after her work 

ABHINAV - he finds MNAYATAH coming down ...he excuses his friend and moves in her direction 

UDAY - he comes out of his meeting and meets manyatah 

ABHINAV - seeing uday he stops there and watches both of them 

UDAY - AADHI kahaa hai ...? 

MANYATAH - he is sleeping ...k uday I have some work ...I'll catch u later 

UDAY - ithni Jaldi bhi kya ...he drags her ...

ABHINAV - he boils with anger Angry , he is not even caring for public lounge he is dragging her like that  ek pa ke saath yeh SAB ...uday veer mein tuje dekhloonga ...

MNAYATAH - she tries to come out of uday's grip and moves few steps back and tell him bye and run away 

UDAY - LOL K run ...but u can't escape from me 

ABHINAV  - I think this uday is misbehaving with her ...she somehow escaped from him ... I won't leave u uday ... K now I'll go and talk to that girl ...I'll tell her that she need not work with such a boss and ask her to work in my company ...I'll look after her very well Heart

MANYATAH - she is inside uday's cabin 

ABHINAV - as she is in uday's cabin ...he sits in sofa outside and wait for her RO come out 

MNAYATAH - she comes out of cabin and stand at da door 

UDAY - he is few steps away from cabin talking to his manager 

ABHINAV - he looks at her near da door and about to get up ...

MNAYATAH - udayy 2 min plss 

ABHINAV - oh my god !! Shocked she is calling out uday with his name ...being a PA she is calling Him with name ...that to in public ...Stern Smile She is calling him so informally as if she Is talking to her friend 

UDAY - jus a minute baby I'll be there 

ABHINAV - hearing that from uday he is double shocked now Shocked

MNAYTAH - k make it fast ...I'll wait inside ... She goes into cabin 

ABHINAV - wat is going on between this two ? Do they have affair ??Ouch But I wonder uday is doing it in public everyone know about them ???? Even his wife is aware of it ?? Geek




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                         CHAPTER 32 

UDAY - he goes into cabin and tell " so princess bandha hazir hai " 

MANYATAHA - k uday I have a doubt ...look at this file once 

UDAY - he keeps file aside and hug MNYATAH from behind 

MANYATAH - uday kya karreh ho ...wat did I ask and wat r u doing ??

UDAY - princess ur looking so cute today angel ...he kisses her on her shoulder

MANAYTAH - she blushes Embarrassed K uday pls once look at da file ...I should mail it now asked few details of it ...

UDAY - he doesn't listen to manyatah and start keeping his hands inside her shirt and carasse her bare waist ...

MANYTAAH - udayyy pls ...

UDAY - princess ur tummy became flat so soon ...u lost ur fat ...Tongue

MANYATAH - udayy ... Am not pregnent so obviously it will be flat 

UDAY - still princess 80% of ladies become fat after pregnancy ...but u dint become fat ...u manage to maintain da same curves as before ... I must say u look hot ...being mother of 2 children ...he pinches her bum ...

MANYATAH - ahaa uday ...she turns around and  keeps her hands around his neck an tell " udayy stop flirting with ur wife Wink , kuch nahi hone wala hai ...I know ur trying to avenge for wat I did yesterday night " 

UDAY - lo bangayi poori razzwade ...har baath pe shakhh karthi ho serious baby ...and about yesterday's thing I will take revenge for it , no doubt about it ...but after a month Wink Heart

MNAYTAAH - k leave me ...File ...Stern Smile

UDAY - he gets her more close to him ...holds her tightly on her waist and crush her breasts with his chest and kiss her on her neck 

MANYATAH - Uday pls Embarrassed , yeh office hai ...besharam ...

UDAY - he carasses her cheeks and tucks her strands of hair behind  her ear ...suddenly he looks down her neck  at her Breasts 

MNAYATAH - udayy stop staring there n pls look at this file ...she takes files in her hand

UDAY - he puts file aside and points his fingers at her boobs and tell " this is more interesting than this file "  

MANYATAH -  she opens her eyes wide ...udayy Stern Smile

UDAY - he opens her first button 

MNAYATAH - she holds uday's hand tightly and tell " uday what's wrong wit u ?? Office mein yeh SAB ...Ouch " 

UDAY - he suddenly starts kissing her on her lips and carasse her breast ... And slowly slid his hands inside and play with her nipples 

MANAYATAH - she tries to get off uday but slowly starts responding to him and she kisses him and puts her hands on his back and move it ...

UDAY - he runs his hands down her waist and traces her waist lineTongueand still goes down and traces some of her assets and whisper in her ears " perfect curves, they make me crazy ...Heart " 

MNAYATAH - she feels shy Embarrassed And she hugs him . " uday plss stop it ...file dekna will call again " 

UDAY - he gets call from giriraj ...he moves away from manyatah and talks to him . 

MNAYATAH - meanwhile she puts her  shirt properly ... And takes da files ...

UDAY - " yes dad manyatah told me about it ...we will check it and mail u in ten minutes " . He cuts da phone .

MANAYATAH - ab lo phone bhi aagaya ...k check it ...

UDAY - princess u go and check da project file which is with ANITHA ...I can't work in ur presenceOuch ...and today ur looking hot going mad ... Am getting high wen ur around pls maintain distance wit me ...

MANYATAH - udayy LOL She drags him with collar and gives a peck on his lips ...k bye me leaving ...will be back in an hour 

UDAY - k honey Silly

MNAYATAH - she leaves da cabin 

ABHINAV - he gets up and walks towards her ..." excuse me miss" 

MANAYATHA - see I have already said u ...u have to take appointment from her to meet uday pls

ABHINAV  - pls just listen to me ... U look beautifull mam 

MANYATAH - wat ??!!! Shocked  

ABHINAV - yes u look amazing an angel 

MNAYATAH - excuse me Angry She starts walking away ...

ABHINAV - jus listen to me ...pls don't mind's just a compliment 

MANYATAH - " oh my god I think this guy must be crazy Wacko! , " ...hey mr pls mind ur work ...just don't bother me ...did u get it Angry

ABHINAV - hello miss do u know whom ur talking to ...

MNAYATAH - really so r u prime ministers son kya ??? Day Dreaming

AVHINAV - after all a PA And ur behaving like da owner ... Ur beautifull but arrogant

MANYATAH - wat PA ?!!!! Whatever  mr xyz jus leave or else I'll call guards and they will throw u out ...Angry  Telling this she leaves da place 

ABHINAV - oh my god ...this girl is so tough ...uday veer ka attitude uske  PA  ko bhi chadgaya ...ithnaaa ghamandd ...still I don't get angry on her crazy ..." don't worry baby u will fall for me so soon " Evil Smile

FRIEND - hey ABHINAV ur still here ? ...

ABHINAV - hey Sanjay u go ..I have small work 

UDAY - he comes out and finds ABHINAV 

ABHINAV - hello mr udayveer Singh 

UDAY - Hii ABHINAV Singh so how was ur jail trip ?? Smile

ABHINAV - Angry  Now am out uday ...see wat I'll do to u 

UDAY - really , oh my god am scared LOL ...don't forget ur standing in my place 

ABHINAV - he boils with anger and tell " I'll see u udayveer " Angry

UDAY - r u a gay ??? LOL What will u see me ?? Ur doing that from collage days ...I mean so called seeing LOL

ABHINAV - he gets angry ... " bete ko bahuth pyaar karthe hai na uday veer ...ab usse dekhloonga " 

UDAY - he immediately catches abhinavs collar Angry And tell " don't even dare To look at my son ...I'll take out ur eyes "  he jerks him and pushes him ...

MNAYATAH - udayy what's happening ?? And u dint go still ...she shouts for guards 

ABHINAV - hey beautifull was waiting to tell bye for u I didn't go 

UDAY - he slaps ABHINAV ..." mind ur language u rascal " Angry

MNAYATAH - udayy pls stop it ...she holds his hands and keep her hands on his chest 

ABHINAV - his mouth starts bleeding ...he whipes it and goes and catches uday collar 

UDAY - he moves MNAYATAH aside and punches ABHINAV 

ABHINAV - he fights with uday 

GUARDS - they come and catch ABHINAV 

ABHINAV - u coward u called guards ...come and fight with me like a man ...

UDAY - guards leave him ...

MNAYATAH - uday pls ...she starts getting scared ...Cry ...she holds his shirt 

ABHINAV - he doesn't  understand why MNYATAH is stopping uday and so close to him  and y is she so worried ...he moves towards uday to fight 

MANAYTAHA - she is still holding uday and not leaving him Ouch

UDAY - leave me and u stay aside 

MANYATAH - no I won't ...stop it now ..." excuse me mr pls stop it ...and just leave " 

ABHINAV - k I'll do it if u tell to ...don't get worried I can't look at such a worried expression on such a angelic face ...

MANYATAH - Shocked 

UDAY - Angry He slaps ABHINAV again and tell " u bloody dog stop talking to her like that and just leave or else u will die in my hands " 

ABHINAV - what's ur problem if I talk to her like that ...I like her man ...what will u do ?? Angry Hey girl I like u , ur  so beautifull like Greek goddess 

UDAY - he punches him on his face  ...don't u dare tell that again ...

ABHINAV - he hits uday with a flower wase 

UDAY - his hand starts bleeding 

GUARDS - they don't come forward as uday ordered them not to involve in da fight 

MNAYTAH - she cries and shouts " UADY stop it " Cry She comes and catches his hand which is bleeding and cleans it with handkerchief ...Guards pls take him away ...she hugs uday ...

ABHINAV - he is shocked at manyatahs behaviour with uday ...

GUARDS - but ur highness ...maharaj asked us not to deal with it 

MANYATAH - do wat I said ...

GUARDS - Jo hukum maharani sa 

ABHINAV - he gets shocked now Stern Smile Shocked ..." wat she is uday's wife ?? " 

UDAY - guards leave him ...I'll look after him ..." princess u stay here " he moves her aside and walk to ABHINAV 

ABHNAV - she is ur wife ??? Shocked 

UDAY - he gets surprised at his foolish question Shocked " wat ??!! " 

ABHINAV - he points at MNAYATAH and tell " is she ur wife ...MANYTAH devgad ki yuvrani " 

UDAY - Yuvraj ABHINAV Singh are u drunk ?? Angry

MANYATAH - Stern Smilenow she understands who is he and y uday is fighting with him like that ,...

ABHINAV - he stares at MNAYATAH 

UDAY -he goes near ABHINAV and whispers in his ears " basted stop staring at my wife " 

ABHINAV - now he understands y uday got so serious 

UDAY - he punches him in stomach and slaps him 

ABHINAV - he whispers in udays ears " can't help it man ...she is so hot...driving me crazy " 

UDAY - that was more than enough for uday to turn him wild ...he holds ABHINAV and starts hitting him 

ABHINAV - he also hits uday ...both roll on da floor on each other and fight crazily 

MNYATAH - looking a drop of blood on uday s forehead she comes forward  " udayy Cry " 

UDAY - he looks manyatah with a serious expression signaling her not to move from her place and not to come for him ...

MANYATAH - she understands da meaning of her husbands serious look  and stays there 

ABHINAV - he tells uday In his ears " I liked her wen I didn't know that she is ur wife ,...after knowing it I like her more ...I'll get her on my bed " 

UDAY - he gets angry and hits him hard and thrashes him black and blue ...

ABHINAV - he starts bleeding badly  .uday is on top oh ABHINAV hitting him 

MNAYATAHH -  she comes and drags uday and tell " pls uday if u beat him more he will die ...leave him ...uday pls ..." 

UDAY - he still hits ABHINAV out of anger 

MNAYATAH - she cries and tells " uday he even lost his conscious ...pls leave him ...guards come and take him away hospital " 

GUARDS - they take ABHINAV to hospital . They carry him as he is unconscious 

MNYATAH  - she takes uday into his cabin and dress his wound on his forehead and keep ointment for scratches on his hands ...with Tears flowing down her cheeks continuously ...

UDAY - now he becomes a bit okay and looks at manyatah ..." princess  stop crying Disapprove " he cups her face and hugs her 

MNAYATAH - uday I was so scared ...y did u get so angry like that ...u were about to kill him ...did u even realise it ...u were blinded with ur anger ...

UDAY - he whipes mAnytahas tears And hugs her and rubs his hands on her back and tell " don't worry , it's over .." 

MANYATAH - but udayy ...

UDAY - he keeps finger on her lips . He gives water for her ...

AADHI - he comes into cabin ..." dad wat happened ??? Shocked " 

UDAY - nothing AADHI ...

AADHI - y that bandage on ur forehead Nd all scratches on ur hands ...y mom is crying ??  He comes and looks at uday's hand and cry Cry

UDAY - nothing baby a small accident ...don't cry AADHI ...Yuvraj is not supposed to cry 

AADHI - he wipes his tears and tell " is it pAining dad Ouch ? "

UDAY - it's a small thing baby's not pAining ... See mom applied ointment it  doesn't pain ...

MNAYATAHH - she feels so weak and dizzy ...she drops onto da floor suddenly 

UDAY - princess !!Disapprove He takes her in his arms and take to his suit and call for a doctor

AADHI - he is so worried about his mom now Disapprove

DOCTOR - nothing to worry mr Singh ...her blood pressure raised all of at sudden due to stress and felt dizzy due to that ...also she is weak she fell down ...nothing to worry at all ...I gave her an injection ...she wil get up in a while ...

 UDAY.  - k doctor ... " AADHI vijay Maama is coming to pick u up ...u go with him , I'll come with mom to home by night " 

AADHI - ill also stay dad ...wat happened to mom ?? Unhappy

UDAY - nothing baby she is fine ... Ur a good boy right ...pls listen to me beta ...

AADHI - k dad am leaving ...bye 

UDAY - he hugs and kisses AADHI and send him away 

       Thank u everyone for ur comments . Sorry for da mistakes .

Hit da like button and post comments if u like ...thank u 

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                   CHAPTER 33

UDAY - he carasses  manyatah Heart and sits down on da floor holding her hand 

MNAYAATH - she wakes up after 2 hours's 7.30 pm now...she finds uday sleeping on da bed with his head on da bed and himself sitting on da floor holding her hand .she strokes his hair

UDAY - he wakes  up ..." princess ur fine " 

MNAYATH - yes am perfectly fine ... We're Is AADHI ? Disapprove

UDAY - don't worry he is at ur home ...

MNAYTAH - uday it's late ,..I think we should leave will find it difficulty with both AADHI and sunshine 

UDAY - sunshine!! Even ur calling her with that name ...

MANYATAH - I got used to  it  AADHI ...sorry uday ...

UDAY - LOL Princess kya hua ... AADHI uday kehraha hai ...

MNAYATAH -  she moves out of bed and grab a towel and is about to go to washroom 

UDAY - ill also join baby Heart

MANYATAH - let me think ...

UDAY - he takes her in arms and put her in tub u think ...

MNAYATAH - with hand shower she flashes water against his face 

UDAY - he gets into tub and take shower from her and splash water on her 

MANYATAH - she enjoys da shower , soon both take bath

UDAY - he takes a towel and put  it around MNAYTAhs body then he takes a towel for him 

MANYATAH - she comes out with towel wrapped around her body and goes to cubboard to take her clothes ...

UDAY - he simply looks at her " wow wat a golden skin tone ... Sexy thighs ...she is looking like a doll ... Smoking hot will she look if she wears dresses like j ..." Day Dreaming 

MNAYATAH - uday can u pls help me to take that dress unable to reach it ...

UDAY - he comes and gives her dress ... He stares at her while she is putting on her clothes ... He looks at all her body parts awfully Tongue And admires it ..." her cheeks are so pink ... Flawless skin !! Heart Her belly is so thin and cute ...also tempting ...she is same as I saw it on my first wedding night ,nothing changed ..." 

MANYATAH - udayy y r u standing like that ...go and wear ur dress ...before that pls put my zip ...she turns back 

UDAY - he closes her zip...DIL kyu hai meraa shor Kare ...idhar nahi udhar nahi ...Teri ore chele Heart

MANYATAH - she shakes uday " kya hogaya ...kahi chot ki waje Se dhimaak tho karaab nahi hua ..Stern Smile...wear dress ...ur nude " 

UDAY - he smooches her 

MNAYATH - it's been 4 minutes ...she goes out of breath and pushes uday ...she pants and tell " udayy muje Maarne ka plan BANAYA hai kya ..." she breathes heavily ...

UDAY  - sorry baby ...I didn't know ...k I'll get ready in 2 min ...he gets ready 

MANYATAH - she is combing her hair ...

UDAY - he takes comb from her and combs her hair ..." u look so cute princess " 

MNAAYTAH - ur telling it from morning UADY bored ...tell something new ...

UDAY - really I go listen ...ur face looks like angel ...ur neck looks very tempting and slender ...ur collar bone is sexy , ur boobs have got good mass and I love them ...Heart.infact a sexy asset ...coming to ur belly's my favorite part's so lean and so soft like velvet ...feel like biting it ...

MNAYATAH - uday pls stop it Embarrassed...ooy hero stop it

UDAY - noo , and ur hips ...I just love then baby adrenalin levels rush up looking at ur hips ...thin frame ...ur thighs are just awesome ...very silky ...feel like moving hands there ...coming to ur p*****y it's ...

MANYATAH - she puts hand on uday's mouth ...Blushingpls stop it ...

UDAY - he removes her hand and tell " bad move princess ur not supposed to close my mouth like that ..I want u to do it in other wayWinkor else ...I won't stop ...ur feminine part is so tempting and makes me crazy " 

MANYATAH - she immediately captures his lips to stop him talking further  and start kissing him ... 

UDAY - not bad princess ... That was a worthy one Wink So shall we go ...he slaps on her bum and tell " sexy ass " 

MNAYATH  - udayy Stern Smile

UDAY - LOL K come ... They both leave to palace 

AADHI - he hugs manveer 

MANYATAH - she takes her baby girl and feeds her and all have dinner and sleep 

 AFTER 3 MONTHS ( baby's naamakaran ) 

MNAYATAH - uday pls tell me da name na ...pls 

UDAY - no ways darling ...wait for 15 min ...u will know it wen I announce 

MNAYATAH - udayy if u won't tell ...u will pay for it  carefull Wink

UDAY - uepr trying to intimidate maharaj udayveer sing ways ...I'll see wat u can do Wink

MANYATAH - then its a promise ...see wat am gonna do ...

UDAY - really ...all da best wiffyy 

GIRIRAJ - he thanks everyone for Attending da party and gives mike to uday to announce da baby's name 

UDAY - so my daughters name is ... HE STOPS for a minute ...everyone looks at him Anxiously 

VIJAY - uday banna pls tell dying out of curiosity 

MNAYATAH - udayy Angry

UDAY - he looks at MNAYATAH and announces " PRINCESS ADITHI  UDAY VEER SING " 

EVRYONE - they give a big round of applause ...

MNAYATAH - wow nice name ...ADITHI 

UNNATHI - adhithy and bhaabhisa it rhymes cute

VIJAY - yes m bhai sweet ...BOTH brother and sister ...names are familiar 

AADHI - wow dad I loved it ...adhithy and adithi ...he kisses his siter 

MANYATAH  - k uday give adithi to me ...u go and attend guests

AADHI - dad pls give her to me

UDAY - no baby I'll give her to u only after she becomes an year old ...not now ...u can't hold her baby 

AADHI - k dad ..." sunshine I have to wait for some more days "Ouch

MNAYATAH - she tries to take baby but da baby cries out ...

UDAY - let her be princess 

MANYATAH  - no UADY u won't be able to handle her along with guests , she takes her  ...

ADITHI - she cries out loudly catching uday's sleeve ...

UDAY - he immediately snatches da  baby from manyatahs hand and tell " my angel ...little princess dont cry .." 

ADITHI - she becomes quiet ... And smiles at uday 

UDAY - he kisses her on her cheeks . Princess pls don't  make my daughter cry ...Disapprove I don't like it ...I can bear it MNAYATHA ..

MNAYTAHA - oh my god UADY ...thum dhono ka drama mujse nahi dekha jaaraha hai ...nowadays she is sticking to u ...not going to anyone ...not even me ...her own mother 

UDAY - LOL Adithi dekho mom is jealous of us both 

MANYATAH - very funny uday ... Now both of u leave ...AADHI come with me beta ...

UDAY - princess!! Thum bhi na bacche paida kiya ...Phir bhi bacho Jaise behave karthe ho ...

MANYATAH - uday ek tho AADHI is completely like u ...adithi is like me but she likes u a lot and always sticks to u ...Disapprove


UDAY - wat?!!! I didn't get u 

VIJAY -  uday banna beewi Se baad mein baath Karna ...don't worry she is gonna stay with u at ur home only pls chief minister is waiting for u ...los time to meet guests 

J - seriously uday ...even after 2 kids ur always around jiji ...atleast on occasions and parties ...leave her pallu ...biwi ki gulaam 

MNAYATH - Embarrassed

UNNATHI - pls u both stop bullying my brother ...

UDAY - he leaves with adithi to meet guests 


ADITHI - she develops a strange habit of sticking to her father . Uday goes to office wen she is in another room . If she finds her father leaving in front of her , she starts crying ...wen UADY is not around she stays with MANYATH and others . 

         Uday also doesn't like his daughter to cry he hides from her and goes to office .. Adithi even cries wen AADHI leaves To school . so both father and son escape from home ...without falling in her eyes ...

MNAYATAH - uday call PUROHITH ...we should  do annprasan for her ...feeding baby for first time with food ...

UDAY - oh my god princess soon baby is so small 

MANYATAH - she is 10 months baby now ...I think we should start giving her food 

AADHI - dad sunshine got one more tooth totally 3 teeth for her 

UDAY - really ..." princess my little angel has become really big more tooth " 

MANAYTAH - uday ur crazy's only tooth ...ur behaving as if ur daughter got some degree ...

UDAY - he plays with AADHI nd his little princess ...

MNAYATAH -  UADY give her to me ...someone has come to meet u 

UDAY - princess u know she will cry ...which I don't like ...let her be ...I'll go and come 

MNAYATAH - but uday ...she will drag files and create mess ...let her cry nothing ...she will get used to or else 

UDAY - princess don't even get such idea in ur brain ...I don't like my daughter crying for any reason ... I won't even spare u if u become da reason ...he leaves with adithi 

MANYATAH  - Stern Smile Oh my god these days uday is getting over protective about adithi ... I must do something ...or he will end up as crazy father Disapprove

VIJAY - trust me m bhai I have never seen this side of uday till now from childhood ...Poora father material bangaya hamaara hard core play boy 

J - seriously jiji ...he is over protective about his kids ...u know jiji ur daughter has become competition for u 

MNAYATAH UNNATHI -  wat ?!!! Shocked 

J - first time I heard uday telling that he won't even spare u jiji 

MANYATAH - Disapprove She leaves from there ...

VIJAY - j bhai .. Wat did u do ?? .. UADY tho Gaya  ab LOL 



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               CHAPTER 34&35

UDAY - he returns with his daughter after meeting his client ...

VIJAY J - they start giggling at uday 

UDAY - what's wrong with u guys ...y r u laughing ? Komal takes adithi from uday as she is sleeping .

UNNTAHI - dada u know wat this j did Ouch 

UDAY - what did she do ?? By da way were is MNAYATAH ...? Not seen 

UNNATHI - I was telling about that only dada ...this j told Bahabisa that u said her that u won't spare her u remember wat u have told ?? 

UDAY - yes unnathi Ouch But I didn't mean it ...j thume tho mein baad mein dekhloongaAngry

J - jijaaji muje baad mein dekhlena , pehle  apne pathni  ko manaalena LOL

VIJAY - ur right j bhai LOL

UDAY - k am going now Sleepy...I'll get back to guys later ...bad move vijay banna 

VIJAY - Sleepy Oh nooo uday ...unnathi save me from ur 6 pack bhaii Ouch

MANAYTAH - she is inside her room ...keeping adhithi clothes in cubboard

UDAY - slowly he enters room and try to be casual with MANYATH 

MNAYATAH - she ignoreS  uday and does her work 

UDAY - princess Disapprove Am sorry 

MANAYTAH - I dont need ur sorry ...pls let me finish off my work u pls go out 

UDAY - he holds her hand and make her sit in his lap 

MANAYTAH. She tries to get up but fails as uday holds her firmly ..." uday leave me ...kya hai yeh barthameezi " 

UDAY - princess am sorry pls ...I'll never tell u again...sorryyy sorryyy sorry Unhappy

MANYATAH - she turns around and tell " uday did I ask u for any sorry , y r u behind me " 

UDAY - obliviously princess  apne beewi  ke peeche nahi tho doosre ki beewi ke peeche jaana hai kya 

MANAYTAH - she pinches uday ...idiot doosre ki beewi ke peeche jaatha hai thu Angry

UDAY - ahaaa sorry honey ...he catches his ears and make puppy face Ouch Day Dreaming

MANYATAH - she smiles ...k uday ...but pls don't behave crazily uday 

UDAY - wat did I do ??? 

MANYATAH - the other day u heard ur daughter crying in phone , and u rushed home from office . Small babies cry very often u know that uday ...u have arranged for sound proof roof in her room beacuse ur daughter is gonna get disturbed because of crackers as its deewali ...

UDAY - but princess ... Manyatah interrupts him 

MNAYATAH - let me finish uday ...the other day AADHI fell down and u fired that guard and his nanny ...that day u created a scene and took whole house on ur head and scolded working staff ...u doubled his security 

UDAY - princess u know I can't see him getting hurt Unhappy

MANYATAH - do u think I enjoy it udayy Angry  

UDAY - k am listening wat u wanna tell me Ouch

MANAYTAH - she moves and surrounds her hands around his neck 

UDAY - he moves her towards him and gets her so close ...he starts touching her collar bone 

MANAYATH - she slaps over his hand ..." uday first listen to me , remove ur hand " 

UDAY - k Ouch He removes his hand 

MNYATH - now listen ...uday pls stop  over caring ur both kids ...give them their space ... Stop roaming around them all da time ...don't forget ur a maharaj now ...and behave like a maharaj ...

UDAY - as u say ...ur highness Smile 

MNAYATAH  - udayy ...ahaaa ...she slaps uday's hand ...uday wat was that ? 

UDAY - I liked it so I jus pressed it ... Sorry was I hard  ...let me check it out ...

MANAYTAH - not necessary fine ...she gets up from his lap ...

UDAY - he pulls her onto bed and lies on top of her ..." it's necessary " ..he pulls her pallu aside and checks her bare waist ..." sorry princess ..Ouch I was really wild Broken became red with my finger prints " 

MANAYTAH - it's k uday ...

UDAY - he starts sucking her bare waist ...da area where it has become red as he pressed her there ... He moves towards her navel and bytes her mildly 

MNAYATAH - she gets all goosebums ...she starts breathing heavily ...

UDAY -  he slowly moves up and kisses her on her cleavage and sucks her upper part of breast .suddenly uday  gets a message

MANYATAH  - she moves uday aside and propers her Saree " I should go down is waiting " 

UDAY - he holds her pallu and tell " pls 5 more minutes ...Heart " 

MANYATAH - noo ways Embarrassed She goes away 

UDAY - he looks at MAnyaths back wen she is leaving " kya sexy back hai Tongue... Princess am not gonna leave u to night Wink " he reads da MSG soon as he reads da MSG he gets angry and throws his cells down Angry



UDAY - after reading this MSG from ABHINAV , uday boils with anger Angry He throws his phone on floor and hit his fist to da wall ..." U BLOODY ABHINAV I'LL SEE UR END ...SOON U WILL BE BEHIND BARS ..." 

KARAN - ( uday's friend and SAMAY SULABH dad ) he calls to land line in MNAVEER bedroom as uday's cell is switched of as he threw it down ..." hey UADY I got few witnesses and proofs against ABHINAV sing will take 5 or 6 days to come out with perfect evidence " 

UDAY - k Karan carefull ...this time that basted should not escape should be a non balable case ...he should be behind bars and never come out ...Angry

KARAN - k uday ...I'll follow up u later cya u in party tomorrow 

MNAYATAH - udayy whom are u talking about ...yeh thumaara cell floor pe kyu hai ...Day Dreaming

UDAY - woh princess nothing it was by mistake Approve

NANNY - she knocks door

UDAY - come in ...

NANNY - she gets adithi into manveer room and give her to MANYATA 

UDAY - miss rosy were Is  Yuvraj 

NANNY - sir Yuvraj friends SAMAY and SULABH came ...he is playing with them 

UDAY - k just keep an eye on him carefull ...

NANNY - jee maharaj sa ...she leaves 

ADITHI - manyatah leaves her on bed ...she crawls and goes to UADY and laugh ...

UDAY - his anger gets vanished as soon as he finds his daughters beautifull and innocent smile ...he takes her into his arms Heart And kiss her Hug

ADITHI - she giggles and start sucking uday's cheek and hit him with her tiny legs and jump on him with excitement Smile ...she puts her tiny hands on his face and starts giggling and playing wit her dad Smile

MNAYATAH - she tries to take adithi but she doesn't go to her mom and holds her dads shirt and makes a puppy face 

UDAY - princess let her be ... 

MNAYATAH - uday I should put a diaper ...or else she will do susu on u ...

ADITHI - meanwhile she does that ...she passes urine on uday's shirt ...

UDAY - he smiles and hugs his little princess " oh meri pyaari pari ...paapa ke shirt pe scent lagaaya Heart " 

MNAYATAH - udayy thum bhi  na. LOL  

UDAY - he changes his shirt and helps manyatah in changing diaper for his daughter ...

ADITHI - she holds uday's shirt and plays with him and ignores manyatah 

MNAYATAH - uday dekho yeh badmaash ko ...she doesn't care for me in ur presence ...wen u go to office she will be around me ...

UDAY - princess !!! Bachii hai abhi 

MNAYATAH - thumaara dhono bache tumhara jaisa hai ...badmaash ,... 

UDAY - adithi ,... He plays with her ...he keeps toys in front of her and plays with her 

MANYATAH - udayy effort is mine and credit is urs 

UDAY - princess u have already told this once ...wat does that mean ??Day Dreaming

MANYATAH  - uday I carried her for 9 months ...I went through pain and delivered her ...look at her, pyaar tho papa Se karthe hai ...AADHI bhi Disapprove

UDAY - LOL Princess !! Bache Se kam nahi thum ...but u know adithi ki papa loves her mom a lot ...than anything in da world Heart.." hai na adithi ...tell mom that dad loves her " 

ADITHI - she giggles and kisses uday ...her saliva falls on his cheeks ...

MANYATAH - muje tho manage par bhi ek  kiss bhi nahi dethi uday ...dekho thume tho  without asking she gave Ouch

UDAY - LOL He kisses manyatah  ..adithi looks at UADY and giggles 

MNAYTAHA - Stern Smile Udayyy 

UDAY. - this is from adithi Wink

MNAYATAH - she hits uday's chest playfully ... " besharam ho thum, see even ur daughter is laughing at u "

ADITHI - she slowly comes to manyatah and keeps her hand on her breasts ...she is asking her to feed 

UDAY - princess I think she is hungry ...she is asking u to feed Smile

MANYTAAH - no I won't ...adithi baby ...jaa apne paapa ke paas ...jus before u dint come to me  inspite of me calling u right ...and u were playing with ur dad na ...go to him he will only feed u 

UDAY - Shocked Princess !! How can I do it ?? Stern Smile     ... 

ADITHI - she makes puppy face and look at MNAYATAH keeping hands on her breast Day Dreaming

UDAY - princess my daughter is waiting ...feed her pls...Ouch

MNAYATAH - LOL She hugs adithi and kisses her and starts feeding her 

UDAY - he is about to get up to get a file ...adithi while drinking milk she drags uday's shirt and smiles at him Tongue Smile

MNAYTAHA - she smiles at her daughters antics 

UDAY - he smiles and kisses her on cheek " k dad is not leaving , he will wait for u till u have ur milk ..." Heart

ADITHI - with her tiny finger she holds uday's finger ...Smile

UDAY - he smiles ..Smile Princess see how she is holding my finger ...

MANYTAH - she wants u to stay with her ...Smile

UDAY - see how cutely she is sucking milk ...princess she looks like angel ...adorable ...he carasses her palms and kisses on her tiny feet ...

MNAYATAH - ahaaa she screams out in pain ...Sleepy

UDAY - princess kya hua !! Disapprove   Did she byte again ...LOL

MNAYATHA - huh UADY Ouch   And u stop laughing now Angry

UDAY - sorry manyatah ... She even got her 3 rd tooth now ...I think feed is not enough for her she started byting...

MNAYATAH - I can't help it's been 10 months since am feeding not any machine ...she is growing now ..she needs more milk ...I can't do it ...u know it won't be sufficient ...

UDAY - I know it honey ... K I think it's time u stop her feeding ... We should make her get used to bottle milk ..." hai na adithi baby Heart " he kisses her n cheek ...

MNAYATHA - she gives baby to uday and get up from bed

ADITTHI - she points her hand at MNAYATAH and shows it to uday and cries ...

UDAY - don't cry angel is coming ...she will get milk for u ...he tries to control her 

MNAYATAH - she gets a baby milk bottle and put it in adithis mouth ...

ADITHI - she doesn't drink from bottle and pushes it aside and cries out badly Cry

UDAY - he tries to control her but in vain Ouch...he couldn't see his daughter crying...Unhappybut he can't even help it ...MANYATH can't feed her as she doesn't have milk for breast feeding and adithi is not drinking from bottle as she is used to breast feeding ...Disapprove Day Dreaming

ADHI - oh my god dadOuch y is she crying so loudly ?? Day Dreaming I could hear it till down floor ..." sunshine don't cry ...Disapprove " 

UDAY - she is hungry junior ...

AADHI - he snatches bottle from MANYTAAHs hand and put it in adithis mouth " sunshine u drink milk ...don't cry Ouch I can't see u crying sunshine Disapprove " 

ADITHI - she stops crying and starts drinking milk from bottle Tongueand  giggles at AADHI Smile ...with her tiny hands she touches AADHI on his cheeks and smile at him 

MANVEER - Stern Smile Thank god she is drinking ...both look at their son and daughter and smile Smile

UDAY - princess she started recognizing her brother ...she is obeying him ...she likes him a  lot ...see how she is smiling at him and happily drinking her milk Heart

MNAYATAH - yes uday...look at AADHI he is behaving like a big boy he is talking and feeding her ...Smile

UDAY - acting like her mother LOL  ...he kisses AADHI on his cheek Heart Smile  Hug


       THIS update is dedicated to "Sirjee" . This update is her birthday gift Smile
( as u asked I made it lengthy ) 




AADHI - with his remote car he makes ABHINAV to slip down and Fall on a plate which has cakeLOL...abhinav's face gets messed up with cake and he looses balance and falls downErmm . Everyone laugh at him ROFL

UDAY - he laughs LOL Dancing

            CHAPTER 35

 UDAY -  princess look at AADHI kithna bada hogaya mera junior 

MNAYATAH  - uday ...ur right ...he is such a loving brother 

AADHI -  dad look at her how she is giggling ...he takes sunshine into his lap and kiss her ...

UDAY - be carefull AADHI ...come in da centre of bed ...

AADHI - he comes and sits in da center and play with his little sister .he touches her cheeks and tell " mom she is so soft u only " Tongue  Sunshineee look at me ...say cheese 

UDAY - yes she is like ur mom ...very soft ...from behind he carasses MNAYATAH's  waist ...Wink 

MNAYATAH - through her looks she asks uday not to do it ...Embarrassed

AADHI -  dad nani Saheb was telling that we are attending some mahasabha party tomorrow 

MNAYATH - yes AADHI ... Ur coming with us 

AADHI - mom we will take sunshine also Tongue

MANYATAH - no baby she will be at home with nani Saheb 

AADHI - mom pls ...we will take her also to party Disapprove...she didn't attend any party till now ..." hai na sunshine " Tongue

ADITHI - she giggles and catches aadhi's hair and play ...

UDAY - k junior ...ur sister is also coming ..." now smile my little champion Hug

AADHI - love u dad Dancinghe kisses uday  ...

MNAYATAH - k AADHI come sleep's already 9 ...

AADHI - mom I'll sleep with nanisaheb today ...she promised me to tell Harry potter story 

UDAY - k beta love u ...he kisses Dancing

AADHI - dad y r u getting so excited ...Day Dreaming Am listening to stories from nani Saheb ...not u 

UDAY - woh beta Embarrassed 

MNAYATAH  - nothing AADHI jus like that is gonna miss u baby LOL She looks at uday and smiles .

AADHI - k dad tomorrow I'll watch  Tom and Jerry with u ok ...bye  mom n dad u ...good night ..." good night sunshine " 

MNAYATAH - good night baby ...she kisses him ...

UDAY - chotA bomb shell chalaa Gaya I think it's my night today princess Wink

MANAYTAH - chii uday Embarrassed Besharam ... 

ADITHI - she kicks uday with her legs Nd giggles 

UDAY - princess look at her ...she is kicking me for teasing u 


MANVEER - they laugh LOL

ADITHI - she sleeps and uday puts her in cradle and cover it with comforter " mera pyaari gudiya soraha hai .Heart...kithni pyaari lagraha hai  meri rajkumari ..." he kisses her and keeps kaajal on her palm ...

MANYTAAH - udayy  switch on  da little bad lamp near her cradle ...she may get scared if she wakes up 

UDAY - I know princess ...I have already switched on 

MNAYATH - good ...ur learning things very well 

UDAY - achaaa ...tho aaj mein bhi thume kuch nayaa sikhayenge ...He jumps on bed beside MNAYATAH Wink

MANYTAAH -  udayy ...stop jumping like AADHI ...u scared me ...dumbo 

UDAY - he falls on top of her and switch off da light ...both get cosy with each other ...their clothes are on floor now ...he enters her with a jerk and Censored

MNAYTAH - ahaa uday kya karre ho ... Slowly ...

UDAY - he is in full to wild mode and bangs MNAYTAHA Wink Heart

MNAYATAH - she moans in pleasure ...

UDAY - her moans turn him on and  he gets more wild ...he enters her for da second time again Wink   Blushing  Censored

MNAYATAH - it's was hard for MNAYATAH ...she digs her nails on uday's Back due to da pain uday is thrusting in and out vigorously at high speed...

UDAY - he is so high ...he literally bangs MNAYATAH on bed ...

MNAYTAH - ahaaa udayyy ...omg !!!! It's hurting 

UDAY - now he realises due to her screams and slows down ..." sorry baby " ... He does it slowly  ...and kisses her on forehead..sorry honeyDisapprove ...then he smooches her 

MANYATAH - now she gets a bit relaxed as he slowed down 

UDAY -he reaches his climax ... He hugs her tightly  and kisses her on her cheeks " heyyy I love u Heart " 

MNAYATAYH - she blushes Blushing ... " love u too HLAKAT " she hugs him and kisses on his chest 

MANVEER  - both fall asleep in each other arms Heart


UDAY - he wakes up first ...he looks at MNAYATHA ..." wow she looks beautifull wen she sleeps...girl u still have da same effect on me ...ur killing me "  he gives a peck on her lips 

MNAYATAH - udayy pls let me sleep ...u dint allow me to sleep till late night Disapprove

UDAY - he remembers his last wild night  and blushes Embarrassed ...he finds adithi giggling in da cradle ...he wears his track and goes to adithi ..." my little angel woke up so soon ...r u hungry baby Heart " he kisses her

ADITHI - she  licks uday's cheeks and smile at him innocently SmileTongue

UDAY - oh my baby ...ur so CUTEEE cutypie ...he kisses her ..." wait u sit here in cradle ..papa will get ur milk bottle " Smile

AADHI - he knocks da door " mom " 

MNAYATH - as soon as she hears aadhi's voice ...she sits on bed covering her self with blanket ...

UDAY - manyatah go into washroom ...he throws her dress on bed ..." take it I'll open door " 

MANAYTAH -  she rushes into washroom 

AADHI - he enters room ...

UDAY - junior good morning ...he takes him into arms and kiss him 

AADHI - good morning dad put me down ...I'll go to sunshine ..he goes to adithi and tell " u missed me rite sunshine " Hug

ADITHI - as soon as she sees AADHI she jumps in excitement and claps her hands and gigglesSmileTongue  She catches aadhi's shirt and ask him to take her into his arms ..

UDAY - see junior ...adithi is so excited to see u ...she loves u ...he takes her into his arms Nd sit on bed " junior sit beside me and play with her , u know I won't give her to u to hold as ur young " 

AADHI - I know dad ...put her on bed I'll play give that milk bottle ...I'll feed her ...he feeds his siter Tongue


MANVEER  - they enter party with their kids ...all cameras starts flashing ...all media surround them 

UDAY  - he gives adithi to MNAYATAH and surround MNAYATAH by waist and hold her ...he holds AADHI with another hand ...he covers his daughters face from da flashes " pls excuse us ...pls " 

REPORTER - maharaj ji pls 2 min ...we will take a family pic 

UDAY - on one condition 

REPORTER 2 - pls tell it sir

UDAY - switch of da flash's irritating my daughter ...He tells in stern voice 

REPORTERS - they switch of da flashes and take pics 

ABHINAV - he is already in da party and gives uday a wicked smile Evil Smile

MNAYATH - she reads da MSG in uday's cell  which uday has threw down ...but uday doesn't know about it ... She gives ABHINAV a. Disgusting look and leave 

GIRIRAJ  - he comes and takes adithi WITH HIM to show his friends 

ABHINAV - he comes to giriraj and greets him and talks to him

UDAY - he comes to giriraj and looks at ABHINAV angrily 

ABHINAV - uncle giriraj ur granddaughter is so cute ...she is like angel ...I think she looks like her mom ...he tries to caress her cheek 

UDAY - he boils with anger at his statement Angry But he can't react there as its a public party and media is around. Also he is a responsible maharaj ...he controls his anger . 

ADITHI. - wen ABHINAV is about to touch her cheek...she scratches his hands with her nails and move her head with irritating look ...

ABHINAV - so small and ithna gussa princess...adithi  uday veer sing ...

AADHI - chotA ya bada ho , hai tho ek razzwade da way uncle my sister doesn't like some strangers touching her ...sorry for that pls don't touch her ...

UDAY - he feels proud of his son and gives a death glare to ABHINAV 

ABHINAV - he gets embaressed And leaves from that place ...he looks at AADHI angrily and leave 

AADHI - dad I know u don't like him ...that's y sunshine scratched him LOL

VIJAY - and u screwd him ROFL 

UDAY - he laughs LOL

GIRIRAJ - beta kya hai SAB 

UDAY - sorry dad ...jus don't worry ... I promise u ...I'll control my self 

GIRIRAJ - I know beta ...I trust u carefull VIJAY ...have a look on UADY and control him ...

VIJAY - k uncle giriraj ...I'll take care of it 

ABHINAV - he comes near bar counter and stands beside uday and have a drink ...vijay is also beside uday 

VIJAY - he holds uday's hand 

ABHINAV - he looks at MNAYATHA from there ...

UDAY - he gets angry ...but vijay controls him ...

ADHHI - I think this khadoos is irritating dad ...I'll irritate him now ...wait mr ABHINAV Singh Evil Smile

JAGATH - he looks at ADHI and understands that he is upto something and show him to vijay 

VIJAY - he understands that AADHI is gonna do something and he takes uday with him and go to AADHI 

UDAY - vijay banna uss ABHINAV ko mein dekhloonga 

AADHI - don't worry dad ...mein dekh rahe ho usse 

UDAY VIJAY - wat Shocked !!! 

AADHI - by da time uday and vijay could realise wats happening ...AADHI implements his plan ...he operates his remote car through his remote And  send his car betwwen his legs and make ABHINAV slip down on a cake plate ...

ABHINAV - he falls down on da cake plate and his face gets messed up with da cake gain balance he holds an aunty's Saree 

AUNTY - her pallu tears as ABHINAV holded it ...she slaps him ...baaam 

ABHINAV - he gets a slap and stamps on da step edge and fall down ...

EVERYONE - they look at ABHINAV and laugh like hellROFL

UDAY - beta kya karre Shocked

VIAJAY  - omg !!! AADHI wat if some one finds it u ??Ouch

AADHI - he gives a wicked smile and throws the remote behind da trees and tell " now no one can find proof ...everything is cleared ..vijay Maama chill ...look that idiot now " LOL 

UDAY. VIJAY - they get shocked looking at AADHI Shocked Stern Smile

UDAY - many kids are here no prob they can't find who it is ...vijay change ur expression ...

VIJAY - k Wacko " omg!! AADHI " 

UDAY - he looks at ABHINAV and laugh ROFL

AADHI - he gives hi five to uday and smile LOL   

       THANKS everyone , pls hit like button and post comments if u like . 

NOTE - both updates 34 &35 are for Sirjee ...her birthday gift 

       Hey Sirjee as I promised I updated two parts for u ...lengthy one's ...happy birthday Smile

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         CHAPTER 36

UDAY -  he laughs at ABHINAV LOL

ABHINVAv - he gets up with all his messed up face Ouchand gets embaressed Unhappy...he looks at all ...EVRYONE  laughs at him...he gets angry looking at UADY Angry 

MANYATAH - she comes to uday and holds him and laugh at ABHINAV ROFL

UDAY - omg!!! Princess look at him...haha...LOLhe is like 

MNAYATAHA - clown right ...haha LOL

ABHINAV - he looks angrily at manveer . " laugh uday coming days you will only cry Evil Smile...I'll ruin ur life " . He leaves da place 

ADHI - mom am hungry ...come we will eat 

UDAY - k baby , u go with vijay Maama and me have to meet few guests 

VIJAY - m bhai ...pls send him with unnathi ...he gets scared of AADHI and stand behind manyatah Ouch

MANYTAAH - wats wrong with u vijay bhai ...y r u hiding ? 

VIJAY - am scared of ur son m bhaii Confused

MANYTAH - what ?!! R u crazy ?? Look at my son he is so innocent ...she kisses him ...

VIJAY - wat ??!! Shocked Oh my god!!someone catch me  pls am gonna faint Wacko

UNNATHI - vijay ...yeh kya paagalpan hai ...AADHI ko dekhe kyu hide karre ho 

UDAY - LOL Vijay that's k ...

VIJAY - u know m bhai wat ur son did ...he is so dangerous ...Ouch

MANYATAH - oh pls vijay bhai ...mere bete ke peeche padgaye aap ...AADHI come baby we will go there ...

UNNATHI - come Bahabisa we will leave 

VIJAY - he keeps his hands on his chest and look at AADHI in shock ...Wacko  Confused    Uday banna aap ka beta tho katharnaak Nikla 

UDAY. - LOL Vijay banna pls stop behaving like a kid now ...come 


AADHI - he is sleeping on da bed ...

UDAY - he comes into room and stares at his sleeping son ...ShockedSmile

MANAYTAH - uday kya hua ..Aisa kyu dekh rahe AADHI ko Day Dreaming

UDAY - princess did u know wat this chotA vamp did ?? U will get shocked if u know ...

MANAYATH - uday Aisa kya hua ...vijay bhaii bhi AADHI Se darke chup rahe hai ...wat did he do ??

UDAY - he narrates the whole scenario to manyatah LOL

MANYATHA - wat ?!!Wacko   Omg!!Shocked I jus can't believe it ...stil uday u should have seen that abhinavs face ...he was just like a clown ...haha ROFL

UDAY - yes princess LOL Mera raaja beta ...bahadoor hai ...he kisses AADHI on his lips yuvraj ...Yuvraj ADITHY uday veer Singh ..." princess thanks a lot , u gave me perfect son " 

ADITHI - she starts crying ...

MANAYTAH - lo thumaari beti rorahe hai ...ab iss 2nd vamp ko kya chahiye ...Day Dreaming

UDAY -Princess!! Stop telling my daughter like that ..she is so cute little princess ... he gets her from cradle and plays with her for a while 

MANYATAH -uday give her to give her bath 

UDAY - ill also come ...I'll do it today 

MANYATHA - k do it ...I'll sleep ...even am tired

UDAY - in that case ...u feed her now ...if u sleep again I have to wake u up to feed her ...

MANAYTAH - uday ...give her bottle milk ...I think she should get used to it now ...

UDAY - princess gradually we will do it from now ...not all of at sudden ...20 more days plss...

MANYTAH -  k give  her to me then ...

UDAY - he gives adithi to her ..." princess I got a mail ...I'll be back ...5 min " 

MANYTAH -  k u go ...she feeds adithi ...

UDAY - he comes and takes her and gives bath to her and put her in cradle ...she cries ...he takes her and put her on top of him and sleep in couch ...he falls asleep and wakes up in da morning as adithi starts giggling and licks him ...Tongue

MANYATAH  - UADY yeh kya hai ...u slept in couch only ...k give her to me ...u have meeting today's already 8 ...make it fast ...I'll drop AADHI in school ...

UDAY - k darling ..." my little angel jao mom ke paas ...paapa ko Thayar Hona hai Heart " 

MANYTAH - she sends adithi to Komal with da maid as she has to get AADHI ready for school 

UDAY - princess let him sleep for 10 more min ...bacha hai ...

MANYTAAH - now dont give me ideas ...go and do it in ur meeting 

UDAY - he goes to AADHI and hug him and kiss himHeart

AADHI -  dad Tongue Come sleep with me

MANYATAH - AADHI now wake up 

AADHI - pls mom 5 min ...Disapprove

UDAY - he sleeps beside AADHI and hugs him and tell ...manyatah 5 min ...pls let us sleep 

MANYATAH - thum dhono ki dhono idiots hai ...k sleep ...I'll come in 5 min 

UDAY AADHI - thanks ur highness LOL

UDAY - he leaves to office 

MNAYATH - she drops AADHI at school and is returning

ABHINAV - somehow he manages  security ...and with the help of MANYTAAHs  car driver ...he makes da caar to go out of track without security

SECURITY -  head of security cals MANYTAHA but she doesn't lift as her phone is in silent mode he calls to driver 

DRIVER - he lifts phone 

SECURITY HEAD - y did u take car in that way ...all our cars are behind and u turned it Nd rushed  away from signal ...

MNAYATH  - she is busy reading magazine and doesn't concentrate much on drivers conversation ...also songs are played in car she doesn't bother ...

DRIVER - sir ...maharani ji ke aadesh par hum kiya ...she asked not to disturb her for some time ...she told she woul be back by evening ...

SECURITY - k ...but once give phone to mam

DRIVER - she is busy with files ...if u want I'll give ...but u know she may get angry 

SECURITY - k no problem ...I'll call her my self after some time 

DRIVER - slowly he takes car to some other place

Manyatah - driver yeh kya hai ...we're r u going ???

DRIVER - woh mam ...uday sir asked u to come to gk building ...even security called to inform u but u dint lift so he called me and told me

MANYATAH - k ...she looks at her phone and finds missed call from security ...

UDAY - he forgets an important file at home he calls mNyTahh to send it with some maid 

MNAYATH  - she lifts phone ..." k uday I'll send da file after I go home ...but y did u call me to gk building ??? Security ..." driver snatches phone from her 

DRIVER - he snatches phone from MANYTAH  and stops car . Phone is still on , uday could hear their voices 

MANYTAAH - driver Angry Yeh kya barthameezi hai ...give my phone back 

DRIVER - sorry mam new boss doesn't like it 

MANAYTAH - wat ??AngryShocked  She tries to get down da car ...

UDAY - he could hear all da conversation and he gets tensed up ..." princess r u der ...speak up Disapprove " 

ABHINAV - he comes and sits in car beside MANYTAH ...

MANYATAH - thum !!!!Shocked  Nikal jao u moron dare u to get into my car 

ABHINAV - wow ...gusse mein tho aur khoobsoorath  dikthi  ho Heart

MANYATAH - Angry Securityyy she shouts 

ABHINAV - don't shout baby one can hear u ...look back 

MNAYATAH - she gets shocked wen she finds that her security is not there ...she gets tensed and starts crying Cry She tries to get down but ABHNAV holds her hand 

UDAY - he could hear all this conversation ...Disapprovehe from the other phone finds out the matter from security Unhappy...he orders security to find MNAYATAH ...he informs commissioner 

ABHINAV - he takes phone from driver " hello uday veer.  How r u ???Evil Smile " 

UDAY - he boils with anger " u basted I'll kill u Angry " 

MANYATAH - she snatches phone from ABHINAV and talk to uday ...she tells " udayy udayy Cry " 

UDAY - princess ...Cry

ABHINAV - he snatches phone from her and holds her two hands with his one hand ...

MANAYTAH  - ahaaa leave me ...u jerk moron ...udayyy Cry

UDAY - he gets worried listening to her screams and tears start flowing down his cheeks ...

ABHINAV - uday yesterday u were laughing na see u won't laugh again in life ...u love ur wife so much na ...see wat I'll do to her ...Angry

UDAY - he gets angry Angry , but controls and tells Disapprove " pls ABHINAV u have enemity with me ...pls do anything to me ...pls leave my wifeCry...I'll give u anything which u want ...I'll give u my mahasabha seat also ...I promise u ...Disapprove " 

ABHINAV - haha LOL Great uday veer Singh ke voice mein fear and pain ...I enjoy it ...but I want u to cry uday ...I hate u ...see wat I'll do to ur wife ...Evil Smile He cuts phone

UDAY - ABHINAV listen ...shit ...he throws his cell down ...he immediately takes cops and try to find mAnyatah ...they trace her location with da help of her phone ...he gets so worried ...

MNAYATAH - were did u get me u idiot ...leave me Cry

ABHINAV - he gets MNAYATAH to his friends farm house in city outskirts ..." baby chill don't worry ...u will enjoy with me to night Wink Trust me uday ke bharaabar hu mein Wink Tongue

MANAYTAH - she gets angry and slaps him ...u bloody dog...I'll kill u ...leave me

UDAY - he reaches da place were he got call from MANYTAH but they doesn't find her ...they keep on searching ...

COMMISIONER - maharaj ji we don't find da location 

UDAY - shame on u's been 2 hours ...since my wife is missing ...I want her ...find her ...u dammm 

COMMISIONER - sir she doesn't even have cell with her can we trace her

VIJAY - uday banna do u remember that day u gifted MNAYATAH a watch ...we can locate it through satellite has got a micro chip in it

UDAY - thanks vijay banna da intelligence and make it fast ...they try to locate it ...STILL how much time r u gonna take ...Angry

OFFICER - we are tracking ur highness ...2o min more

UDAY - he gets a call from ABHINAV 

ABHINAV - uday ...don't try u cannot find we're ur wife is ...don't worry I'll send her tomorrow morning ...after a beautifull night with her on my bed

UDAY -  u bloody Angry Don't even dare to touch her ...I'll rip u apart ...into pieces ...I'll kill u basted ends .Ouch

ABHINAV - uday u can't do anything ...haha Evil Smile

UDAY - do it man ...Sleepy

OFFICER - ur highness we found it's in da outskirts ...east valley house

UDAY - vijay banna u come with security leaving 

VIJAY - k take care ...Ouch

UDAY - he is in car da back seat ...he gets a call from ABHINAV 

ABHINAV - uday veer now look at this video u will enjoy ...abhinav fixes his phone on table ...he will start nearing manyatah 

UDAY - he is watching da video ...he could see that ABHINAV nearing manyatah and manyatah crying for help ...his blood boils Angry Hot tears start flowing down his cheeks ..." am sorry princess am not there wen u needed me Cry Don't worry am coming .."  UDAY COULD see everything happening there in video . He makes his heart stubborn and look at it ...with Tears flowing down his eyes continuously ...Cry

MANAYTAH  - as ABHINAV is nearing she throws pillows at him 

ABHINAV - he catches da pillow and smiles at her ...u look beautifull wen u cry baby 

UDAY - he folds his fist and closes his eyes tightly looking at that 

MANYATAH - she moves back and hits to wall

ABHINAV - he comes and catches her hand ...Evil Smile

MANAYTAH - u  idiot leave me ...she shouts ...she pushes him and tries to run Cry

ABHINAV - he holds her with her hair 

MNAYATAH - she screams out in pain ..."ahaaa udayyy Cry " 

ABHINAV - shout ...shout more loudly ...ur husband is listening Evil Smile

UDAY - he gets angry and hits da glass ...his hand starts bleeding 

MANYATAH.  - pls leave me ... Take whatever u want ...just leave me ... 

ABHINAV - I want to have u baby ...not anything ...he smirks a devilish manner

MNAYATAH - she scratches his hand and runs 

ABHINAV - he drags her and slaps her on her face 

UDAY - he closes his eyes tightly " princess Cry " 

MANAYTAH - her cheek becomes red And few drops of blood drop from corner of her lips Sleepy

ABHINAV - he tries to kiss her ...

MNAYATH - she doesn't allow him to do and beat him and try to run. She kicks him and pushes him .he falls down ...she is about to run

ABHINAV -  he drags her leg ...

MNAYATAH - she looses balance and fall down 

ABHINAV - he falls on top of her and try to kiss on her lips 

MANAYATH - she cries out top of her lungs " udayyy udayy " 

UDAY - he couldn't take it ...Cryhe hits da glass again ... His hand bleeds ..." u basted leave her ...I'll kill u ...don't touch her " Angry

ABHINAV - he pins her hands on da floor and bytes on her neck 

MANYATAH - she screams out in pain and cries badly .." leave me leave me Cry " 

ABHINAV - he tears her sleeve ...he keeps hand inside her shirt and press her waist 

UDAY - he closes his eyes Nd cries " princess !!! Cry " he gets mad with anger ...his heart starts sinking ...

MNAYATAH - udayyy ...udayyy ...she cries out badly ...

ABHINAV - he scratches her on her waist ...

MANYATAH - she screams out of pain ...blood oozes out of da scratches ...she tries to push him and move up ...

UDAY - he couldn't utter a word ...Cryhe gets frozen looking all that in video ...his heart almost stops beating ..." MANYATAHA " 

ABHINAV - he is on top of her and presses her thighs hardely ...

MANYATAH - ahaaa udayyy ...she moves her hand and finds bed lamp and beats him on da head ...push him and starts running 

ABHINAV - u bitch am not gonna leave u ...see u will pay for it 

MANYATAH - she open door and runs 

ABHINAV - he chases her ...

UDAY - he couldn't see them as they both run out of room ...and da phone is left there 5 min he reaches da farm house and searches for MNAYATAH 

MANYTAH - she goes and hides in da lawn ... Behind a tree ...

UDAY - he calls out " princess ...MANYATAHA "  but he couldn't find  her 

ABHINAV - he finds manyatah behind tree and run towards her 

MANYATAH - she starts running 

ABHINAV - he catches her and pushes her down 

MNAYATAH - u basted leave me ...she kicks him in his centre point ( near his manhood) 

ABHINAV -  he gets angry with pain and falls on top of her and squeeze her breast and start kissing on her collar bone 

MNAYATAH - she shouts on top of her voice udayyy udayyy Cry  



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          CHAPTER 37

UDAY - listening to manyatha's. Screams he will come outside to that tree place and find ABHINAV on top of MNAYTAHA trying to kiss her ...he boils with anger Angry 

MANAYTAAH - u basted leave me Cry, ahaa udayyy Cry

ABHINAV - now no one is gonna stop me from kissing uEvil Smile he is about to touch her lips 

UDAY - he come and hits his face and make him get up with his collarAngry ...he punches him in his stomach . ABHINAV falls down ...uady Angrystamps hard on his chest ...

MANYATAH - she sits there and cries Cry Looking at uday 

ABHINAV - he is on da floor unable to get up as already manyatah has kicked him in sensitive place and uday has punched him hard

UDAY - he  immediately goes to MAYTAH ...he cups her face " princess ur ok ??Cry " 

MNAYATAH - she cries bitterly holding uday's shirt ...she doesn't answer anything and only cries 

UDAY - he hugs her and he could feel da pain and fear she went through ...

MANAYTAH - she hugs him tightly ...

UDAY - he breaks hug and tell " sory princess ...u faced a lot ...I was not a there for u ..." Broken Heart

MANYATAH - she hugs uday and cries Cry Uday I was so scared ...he tried to ...

UDAY - pls not a word ...Cryhe looks at marks on her hands ...all da scratches ..Broken Heart...while holding her hands he could feel something warm ...he looks at her shirt ...her waist is with blood ...blood coming out of  those intense scratches CryBroken Heart

         He gets angry and Angry Move towards ABHINAV  AND DRAGS HIM WITH his collar ...and take him out of da lawn ,...

VIJAY - he come an and holds MNAYATAH .she hugs vijay and cry . Vijay consoles her . She rests on his shoulder .

UDAY - all through da steps he drags ABHINAV on da floor and get him in to da centre of da lawn ..." u bloody dog how dare u to hurt my princessAngry I won't leave u alive ..." he makes him get up and hit him on his face a blow on his nose

ABHINAV - his nose starts bleeding ...pls uday leave me ...

UDAY - he catches his collar and tells with tears Cryin his eyes " if u have enemity with me u should have fought with. Me u basted ...not do that with my wife ...u have done a wrong thing ...u don't have right to leave " Angry He kicks him in his stomach with his leg

ABHINAV - he falls down holding his stomach in pain 

UDAY - he holds his hand and tell " u touched my wife with these hands right Angry " he twists it very hard to other side and break his hand

ABHINAV - he cries out in pain ...he shouts loudly ...ahaaa 

MANYATH - hearing that she come with vijay to that place 

UDAY - he stamps on his leg and twists it ...Angry He takes out his gun and keep it on his head

MNAYATAH - she comes and holds uday " pls Cry Don't do it , don't get ur hands filthy ...remember u have a family ...pls uday ...for me ...leave him " 

UDAY - he shoots him on his hand...baaam 

ABHINAV - bullet hits his hand ...he cries out in pain ...he touches manyatahs leg and tell " am sorry pls ...sorrry ...tell ur husband not to kill me " 

MANAYTAH - out of fear she moves away and hides behind uday wen he touches her leg

UDAY. - u basted don't touch her Angry He takes his gun and points at his chest 

Vijay - he comes and holds udays gun ..." guards catch ABHINAV and handover him to police " 

MNAYATAH - she holds uday And tell " pls uday I don't want u to kill him and go to jail ...police will take care of him ...pls atleast for ur kids Cry Think about AADHI an  and adithi " 

VIJAY - yes UADY banna ...ur a maharaj ...u have a family ...pls don't do it atleast for ur son and daughters sake Ouch

UDAY - he drops da gun ...,

MANYTAAH - she hugs UADY and hides her head in his chest and cry 

VIJAY - pls uday banna u take m bhai and go home ...I'll look after this basted

COMMISIONER - yes sir we will look after da issue 

UDAY - he makes manyatah sit in da car ...

MANYATAH - in car ...she leans her head on uday s shoulder and jus remain calm like statue without speaking anything 

UDAY - he holds her by waist and keeps his hand in her face ..." sorry princess ...all because of me Cry Am not a good husband " 

MANYATAH - with Tera's flowing down her cheek ..drops fall on uday's chest " no UADY ...ur da best husband anyone could have ...don't talk like that ... U were there for me ...u came...u saved me uday Cry " 

UDAY - he closes his eyes tightly ...tears fall down his cheek ...he holds her waist 

MNAYATAH - she screams in pain as he holds her waist ...ahaa 

UDAY - he looks at her shirt , near da waist part Cry...,he finds da blood ...the shirt with all blood stains there Cry...tears start flowing down his eyes looking at that Broken Heart . " manyatah  ..." he doesn't dare to touch her there and look all over da scratches ...he breaks down ...Cry

UNNATHI  - they reach home ..she opens car door and hold manyatah ... 

MNAYATAH - She doesn't speak anything ...jus looks frozen a statue she walks with unnathi ... While going with unnathi she leaves uday's hands

UDAY - he  stretches his hand aft she left his hand and jus stay like that for 2 min and stare at her leaving unnathi like a statue ...CryBroken Heart

AADHI - as soon as he finds MNAYATHA  he runs towards her ...he gets shocked looking at her condition Stern Smile?..he hugs her and cries Cry " mamma wat happened to u ? Where we're u  ? I was waiting for u from eveningUnhappy  ...all blood and scratches Shocked Cry " wat happened ?Ouch

MNAYATAH - looking at AADHI and his questions ...Tears start flowing down her cheeks ...she couldn't even utter a word

BRIJRAJ - he comes and hugs MNAYATAH ...

MNAYATAH - she hides her head in her fathers  chest and cry badly 

DS - manyatah beta ...don't cry ...she and Komal takes her inside 

UDAY - only he knows da pain he is going through looking at his wife and her pain ...he is dying looking at that ...

AADHI - he runs behind MANYTAH Cry

UNNATHI - AADHI don't go ...stay here baby ...

AADHI - but wat happenened ? Y is mom crying ?? DisapproveIs it pAining for her ?? Y don't we take her to hospital ??Ouch 

UDAY - he just stands there lost in his thoughts 

UNNATHI - AADHI just a min ...stay her e...vijay Maama will explain u ...she goes to uday 

VIJAY -  baby mom met with an accident uncle is checking her ...pls don't disturb her for a while ...I know ur a good boy ...u won't

UDAY - he hugs unnathi and sobs like a child

UNNATHI - pls daada I can't see u like this ...I know how u must be feeling ...but now everything is fine ...pls don't cry ...u have to be strong and be with MNAYATAH ...look at AADHI how is looking at u ...don't cry infront of ur son atleast daada 

AADHI - dad y r u crying ??Disapprove Don't cry ...he wipes his tears ..." if u cry , I'll also get cry " 

UDAY - he hugs AADHI and kisses him ..." nothing baby am fine " 

AADHI - dad but wat happened ?? Wat were u doing ?? How did mom met with an accident ?? Weren't u there with her ???Ouch

UDAY - his son's words pierce his heart " yes I was not there to help ur mom a bad husband " he starts crying Broken Heart

AADHI - he gets shocked looking at his father breaking down like that ?..for da first time in life he is seeing his mighty father in tears ...he cries Cry " dad am sorry ...don't cry " 

VIJAY - uday pls control ...look at AADHI ...he is getting worried ...

UNNATHI - AADHI u go with vijay Maama ...I'll talk to dad and come in a while 

AADHI - k bhua ...he leavesSleepy

UNNATHI - she makes uday sit and give some water ans console him ...

UDAY - he sits down and puts his head in unnathi's lap ..." I don't have guts  to manyatah choti Cry " 

UNNATHI - she consoles him and gives him moral support and boosts him up ...

UDAY - he goes into manyatah's room ...she is got dressed with all wounds by Komal ... He finds MNAYATAH holding komals hand and sleeping 

KOMAL - as soon as she finds uday at door ...she leaves 

UDAY - he goes and looks at manyatah and cries and holds her hands and tell " am sorry princess Cry ..." 

MANYATAH - she opens her eyes and hugs uday ..." pls uday stop blaming urself hurts me u want me to feel bad ??Cry

UDAY - no princess Cry 

MANYATAHA - UADY ... Ur da best husband ...I love u Cry

UDAY - MNAYATAHA !! He hugs her ... Both fall asleep in each others arms 

MANYATAH - for da next 2 days she is depressed and will be so dull ...vijay unnathi n j and uday try to cheer up 

ADITHI - she starts staying with her mom more and MANAYTAH slowly comes out of it ...and she becomes normal in 3 days ...


UDAY - he comes into room ...he got a new venture and license to open new chains of hotels that is " ADITHY NIWAS " ...all over India ...he is happy and hugs manyatah from behind who is near da window staring outside ...

MANYATAH - she gets scared and jerks off uday ...she pushes him off with force Cry

UDAY - he gets shocked looking at her Shocked , he comes near her and " princess kya hua " ??

MNAYATA - she shouts at uday " don't touch me ...she pushes him away and leaves fa room " she leaves crying .Cry

UDAY -  he gets dam shocked for a while Ouch ...but he understands her problem and thinks " I think she needs time , shoe dint come out of that shock yet Sleepy ...I must Have taken care about it ...sorry princessOuch ...I think I should not go behind her now and give her some time ..." 

MANYATAH - after an hour she realises wat she did  ...she goes to uday his office rom ...

UDAY - manyatah ...come in y r u standing there Smile

MANYAAH - she sits down on her kneels and with tears in her eyes she tells " am sorry uday ...I was so rude to u " Cry

UDAY - he immediately gets up from his chair and makes her get up and whipes her tears and hug her ... " princess pls don't waste ur precious Tears for such a silly thing me u were not rude to me ..I didn't feel bad ...I can understand ...Smile " 

MANAYTAH - sorry UADY ...I didn't know what came over me and y I behaved like that ...I dint mean it ...sorry for hurting u ...woh udayy ...he interrupts her

UDAY - princes!!!  U need not apologise's ok baby ...don't worry ..." u  can never hurt me ...I know ...I can understand u ...I can feel ur feelings and da turmoil ...I can feel ur pain ...I love u and take ur time " Heart

MNAYTAAH - thanks uday Hug

UDAY - I can wait for life time for u ...I  love  u ...I promise u that I'll protect u til my last breath ...never anything can happen to u atleast still am alive ...until my last breath ...

MANYATAH - she hugs uday ... " I love u uday ...I can't live without u " 

AADHI - he jus comes into da room and hugs uday from behind  " I live u mom and dad " 

UDAY - he turns around and lifts AADHI and kisses him Heart

MANYATAH - she is about to kiss AADHI but he moves and by mistake she ends up kissing uday on his cheek 

AADHI - he giggles u kissed dad not me kiss me 

MANYATAH - Embarrassed She kisses AADHI ...

AADHI - he kisses both manyatah and uday ..." mom come , nani Saheb is calling u ...donno y sunshine is not drinking milk from bottle today ...I dono wat u have got to do with that ...nani sahed asked me to call u ...she was telling something mother feed and stuff ...k mom I'll be back ...SAMAY and SULABH is coming ." he leaves

MANYATAH - k uday Ill go ...AADHI don't play in da lawn's so cool today , u wil catch. Cold 

UDAY - k princess u go and feed her ...I'll look after AADHI done with my work also free ...

AADHI  - wow dad come let us play ...


MANYATAH - she becomes perfectly alright . Everything is normal as before ... Uday and manyatah are back to their normal life and romance Wink ...UADY as usual naughty with his wiffy Wink

UDAY - he gets ABHINAV raped with two gays in jail ...LOL Abhinav gets 14 years of imprisonment ... Uday gives all evidences of his illegal business and gets him behind bars forever ...

ABHINAV -  HE IS in jail ...he has only one hand ...his one hand doesn't work as uday broke it ... Also he limps one of his leg got severely injured it's a bye bye to ABHINAV jail ...

UDAY - he already established uday NIWAS hotels ( five star) through out India .  Now he got license to open ADITHY NIWAS HOTELS  IN Mumbai , Delhi and. Bangalore ...Jaipoor ...

VIJAY - wow uday banna Congrates 4 states u got permission for 7 star hotels ...Big smile

UDAY - thanks vijay  banna 

GIRIRAJ - uday I must say our little princess adithi is very lucky for us ...we extended our empire ...Smile

UNNATHI - yes daada ...she is good luck charm 

AADHI -   Dad y r u giving my name ...ADITHY NIWAS ...??

UDAY - beacuse ur my heir u have to handle all this after me it's in ur name Yuvraj ji ...

AADHI - wat about adithi ?? Give few hotels on her name also ...not only me ...she may feel bad  ...she thinks u love only me ...don't u think so mom 


VIJAY - uday banna look at ur naughty son ...he became so matured ...


UDAY - don't worry AADHI ... All the factories and industries which we are gonna start in Delhi and Bombay ...will be named adithi groups of industries ...

AADHI - wow Tongue So nice wat about mom ...wont she feel bad ???Day Dreaming

GIRIRAJ BRIJARAJ KOMAL - they smile at aadhi's questionsLOL

VIJAY - don't worry AADHI ...ur mom has a precious property on her name ...

J - yes AADHI is ...the great .maharaj uday veer Singh ...the property belongs to manyatah Wink

VIJAY. - u know generally we call MNAYATAH udayveer Singh ...but UADY tho thumaara mom ka die heart fan we call him

J - uday veer manyatah singWink

MNAYATAH -  pls will u guys keep quiet Embarrassed

ELDERS - they leave 

J - jiji stop blushing it's not ur suhaag rath LOL

UDAY - Shocked

AADHI - dad wat is suhaag rath ???Day Dreaming

MANYATAH - kuch nahi AADHI ...u go and play 

J - AADHI ask ur dad ...LOL He is expert in that Wink A hardcore play boy ...

MANVEER - j stop it ...pls not infront of AADHI atleast Embarrassed

J - kk chill LOL

AADHI -  even am a play boy like dad because I always play At home many games 

UDAY - omg!!Wacko AADHI  D'ohj am warning u ...

MANYATAH  - jjj plsss.  Embarrassed 

J - haha ...AADHI so ur thinking play boy means who play with toys ???? U know it's different ...ur dad plays with ur mom in bedroom Wink Now this is differnt ...ask ur dad...Wink AADHI u and ur sister were outcome...of da play Wink ...trophies for ur dad 's play (game) ADITHY and adithi ...LOL

MANVEER  -Shocked j Angry  ... R U DRUNK ...

J - she leaves...LOL  ..." Ab tho dhono gayaa chotA vamp ki questions Se ..." DancingROFL

AADHI - dad wat  did  she tell ?? Day Dreaming What did u play and wat trophies did u get ? Y did u name trophies on our names ADITHY n adithi ??Day Dreaming

UDAY - woh beta ...Blushing He doesn't understand wat to tellWacko

AADHI - mom ..tell did dad play with u ??? Wat game ???Day Dreaming

MANYTAH - udayy do something BlushingEmbarrassed D'oh

UDAY - AADHI look at those trophies in that shelf ...I got them for polo...j was telling that ...I got those trophies ...we jus named them ADITHY and adithi ...jus for fun

AADHI - k as u named hotels and factoriesDay Dreaming

UDAY - yes baby ...

AADHI - but she was telling u play something with mom Day Dreaming

MNAYATAH - yes dad taught me how to play polo AADHI ...but I couldn't ...

AADHI - k mom don't worry ...I'll teach u after I become big ...

MNAVEER - so nice Baby 

AADHI - k good night ...samy and SULABH are waiting for me ...

UDAY - k baby ...enjoy sleep over with ur friends ...have fun Hug

AADHI - k dad u to play with mom ...have fun good night Heart He leaves ...

MANVEER - Shocked Omg!!!Wacko

UDAY -  princess ...yeh shayad pehla beta hai Jo baap ko enjoy karne ke liye bolraha hai LOL  So shall we enjoy shuru kare

MANAYTAH - udayy am gonna kill j for this ...thank god some how we manged ...

UDAY - he lifts her And throws her on bed 

MANAYTAH - udayy ...wat r u doing ? 

UDAY - playing poloWink for another trophy Wink

MANYATAH - wat??!!  Another trophy ?!! Stern Smile Pls not again ...2 are more than enough Ouch

UDAY - I was jus kidding darling ...take it easy ...ur done  more babies ...2kids enough 

MANAYTAH - she tries to move from da bed 

UDAY - he holds her hands and falls on top of her ..." let me play Wink N princess  don't try to stop me I wanna play da best game I ever played Heart " 

MANATAH - she blushes Embarrassed ...pls uday remember that I should be able to walk tomorrow wild game pls Blushing

UDAY - now that depends Tongue ...he starts kissing her and in no time their dresses are on floor ...lights go off 

MNAYATAH - he enters her with jerk!!! (as shown in promo but it's uday ..haha )

UDAY - he is too high and goes wild that night ...

MANAYTAH - she moans in pleasure ...thought its a bit painfull for her ...she enjoys it ...

MANVEER - it's like eternity for them 

UDAY - till morning 4 he keeps on doing it ...he ends up making 5 times with MANAYTAH ...

MANAYTAH  - her body becomes tired sore ...she pants and lies aside him ..." UADY pls not anymore done " 

UDAY - he moves on top of her with his half body on her ...he puts his arms aside on bed Nd lie on her without exerting his weight on her as she is already got tired ..." princess it was one of da best game Tongue...hope to play it daily Wink " 

MANAYATH - wat ??!! Shocked Daily !!Stern Smile

UDAY - he captures her lips and start kissing her ... He pulls her on top of him ...he starts sucking her boobs and nipples ...he carasses her thighs ...

MANYATAH - she gets goose bumps and shivers ...

UDAY - he rubs on her bare back ...slowly put her legs around his waist ... His body's  temperature raises with da warmth from manyatah 

MANYATAH - she gets moist at her feminine part as uday is seducing her ... She starts running her hands over his chest ...she could feel his erection 

UDAY - his adrenaline levels rush up ...he enters his manhood Into her p***y  ...he holds her back and gives her support ... And starts thrusting in and out ...

MANYATAH - she moans in pleasure ...she closes her eyes and hugs him tightly ...

UDAY - he rolls over and get manyatah down him and starts squeezing her breast and kisses her belly ... He again rolls and get MNAYATAH on top of him 

MANYATAH - as he is doing it staying inside her ...she gets pain ...but she bears it as uday is enjoying it ...she doesn't want to disappoint him ...

UDAY - he does all crazy and wild  things for a while and both fall asleep at 5 in da morning ...

MANYATAH - she sleeps like that only on uday ... Uday is still inside her ...

MANVEER - both wake up in da morning 10.30

UDAY -  he wakes up first ...sunrays fall on their bed sunlight manyatahs bare back shines like a pearl in da sunrays on da ocean ...he looks her awfully Tongue ... He kisses her on shoulder ...

MANAYTAH - she talks in sleep " uday bas karo ...mujse nahi hoga ... She hugs him and sleeps " 

UDAY - kya nahi hoga princess !!!  Nothing is left to do ...alredy am inside u from past 6 hours ...HeartOnce look at ur position Wink

MANYATAH - she wakes up and sits on UADY  ...her legs are around his waist Shocked She finds that he is still inside her ...Stern Smile " oh my god ...get off me uday ... First u get off me ...Stern Smile

UDAY - hello miss HA NAHI THO!! Look who is on top of me ...first u get up 

MNAYATAH - HALKAT SHUT UP am getting up ...she tries to remove her leg ...but she gets  a muscle catch as she was in that position for a long time  ...ahaaa UADY my leg is aching I can't do it 

UDAY - very nice .Tongue...we will sleep for some more time .Heart...I love to stay inside u Wink

MANYATAH - she hits on his chest " KHASMAANUKHANA My leg is aching ...also it's painfull there Censored , come out udayy Ouch " 

UDAY - sorry baby ...I'll do it ...he rolls on her and put her down ...he stretches her legs straight and slowly takes out his manhood out from *****

MANYATAH - she tightly closes her eyes due to pain ...and scratches on his chest unknowingly due  da pain 

UDAY - he could see that ...he kisses on her forehead " sorry baby ...I was so hard on u ...sorry ...Ouch Love u Heart " 

MNAYATAH - it's k UADY ... Omg!! Wat came over u UADY ...u were so crazy last night ...u literally killed me

UDAY - hey ur ok ?? OuchWas it very wild ?? It's pAining ??Sleepy

MANYATAH - ya  it was painfull ...u know I enjoyed it Wink Yeh wala side tho Kabi dekha hi nahi Tongue

UDAY - now that's interesting !!Wink So mrs uday veer Singh loved it ...she wants her husband to be wild ...then I'll be that always

MANYATAH - not always pls ...

UDAY - chill ...I know baby ...I won't hurt u ...ya I was a bit wild causing u pain ...u know sometimes I can't help it ...u drive me crazy princess Ouch It's ur fault 

AADHI -  mom dad it's 11 wat r u guys doing ??????? ... 

UDAY - he immediately jumps from da bed ...omg!!!! Aagaya thoofan ...D'oh

            Thanks everyone for ur WONDERFULL comments . Pls hit like button and post comments if u like it ...THANK YOU Smile

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                       CHAPTER 38

UDAY - princess fast ...wear ur night gown ...Confused

AADHI - dad r u still playing ??? I want to join pls ...u promised me u would play with me on sunday 

MANVEER - Shocked Junior!! Don't shout Stern Smile...we will open door 5 min ...everyone will hear ...Blushing

AADHI - k am waiting ...Day Dreaming

UDAY - he opens door ..." good morning love ..." he hugs and kisses him 

AADHI - dad its 11 ...actually in da morning 8 I was coming to ur room but Dadaaji took me to club ...u know we enjoyed playing tennis at club ...he runs to manyatah " mom !! " Hug

MANAYTAH - mom u know I met a new friend in club today ...her name is diya ...I like her a lot Tongue

UDAY - from now only n all thatWink

MANYATAH - she pinches uday " plss he is a kid ...he doesn't know all that " 

AADHI - dad today is Sunday 

UDAY - I remember my promise ...full day for u ...but give me an hour ...I'll just attend a small meeting down and come 

     Baby listen one thing carefully , never come and shout out of room like that ...jus knock da door twice and then call to my cell's bad manners to speak in loud voice from outside da room ...Yuvraj Aisa nahi karthe 

AADHI - k dad ... I wont do it next time ...sorry dad wat did u play with mom??

UDAY - woh Embarrassed We played chess Baby ...

AADHI - k am not interested in that game much ...

MAID - she gets adithi 

UDAY - mera rajkumari aagaya ...he hugs and kisses her ..Heart

AADHI - Hii sunshine today we can have fun ..." dad we will join sunshine also " 

UDAY - as u wish Yuvraj ji 

ADITHI - she  suddenly gets up and stands and starts to walk ...only a few steps  ..and go to manyatah 

AADHI  - dadStern Smile sunshine is walking PartyDancing

UDAY - wow gudiya ...once again pls ...he feels out of world with happiness ...ClapParty

MNAYATAH - she feels so happy 

UDAY - he gets his cam and take video Tongue  He hugs and kisses his daughterHeart

ADITHI - she kisses uday on his cheek and goes to AADHI and kisses him on lips ...she walks towards MNAYATAH and catches her hands and kiss her on cheek 

MANYATH - oh my little angel ...she kisses her Heart

AADHI - dad in few more days I think she can play with me ...yippee ...Clap . He takes adithi and play with her in da bed ..Dancing

UDAY - he hugs manyatah " wow princess my daughter started walking Dancing " 

MANYATAH - UADY ...our daughter ...Ouch

UDAY - sorry baby ...ya our daughter ...Hug

MNAYATAH - she gets up ...she feels all body pains ..." UADY pls give me da tablet in da desk " 

UDAY - he gives it ..,." sorry  baby I made u to take pain killer " 

MANYATAH - no prob ... Ur daughter started walking and wife stopped Ouch Walking 

UDAY - princess !! Very funny ...ROFL  
          He is so happy that He calls to office and asks his manager to give bonus to employees that month as his daughter started walking ...

MANVEER - they get ready and come down 

KOMAL - she gets breakfast for manyatah 

MANYATAH - mom!!!Stern Smile What are all these ...spinach soup ...pineapple ...and pomegranate juice ...and bread toast ...pls I can't eat this much ...

KOMAL - am not gonna listen to u MNAYATAH ... U have to ...adithi is not getting enough feed ...u have to eat to feed her ...

MANYATAH - but mom ...I don't feel like ...Ouch

KOMAL - ill be back in 30 min ...pls have it MANAYTAH ...I don't want to listen any excuse or argument ...Sleepy She leaves 

UDAY - princess   Aunty is right ...

MANYATAH - she gives plate to uday and tell " right ke bache ...u eat this now u will know Ouch " 

UDAY - I know it darling ...but wat can u do ??Ouch Adithi is not even having cerelac ...she doesn't even drink milk from bottle told us to get her used to it gradually ...a month more pls 

MANAYTAH - even that's true ...this girl is literally killing me ...AADHI was better uday ...I fed him only for 7 months ...he easily got used  to bottle milk and cerelac ...adithi meri Jaan lerahaa hai not even able to go out for long time because of her ...

UDAY - yes it's been a long time since we had been to dinners and outings ...parties ...

ADITHI - she smiles and come to manyatah and  with her tiny hands she hits her on collar bone Tongue And asks her to feed 

MNAYATAH -  lo aagayi ... I didn't even start eating and she came off ...D'oh

ADITHI - she makes a puppy face And looks at uday ...Ouch And looks at manyatah 

UDAY - princess ...feed her ...see how she is looking at us ..." adithi Kay hua meri rajkumari Mamma is not feeding u ...dont worry I'll ask her to ..." 

ADITHI - she giggles and jumps and claps and sit in uday ' s lap ...Tongue She plays with uday's hair ...

UDAY - he plays with adithi ...he tickles her to make her smile Heart

ADITHI - she goes to manyatah and smile ...she keeps hand on her breast and jump ...she screams hee hee ...and giggles ...Tongue

MANYATAH - she takes her and starts feeding 

UDAY - be carefull princess   , she may byte if she doesn't get milk 

MANYATAH - ya I know looking at her expressions soon as it stops ...she gives an irritated look ...

UDAY -LOL   Adithi u have become naughty baby ...mamma ko thang math karo a good girl ...Heart He carasses her cheeks 

ADITHI - as uday is disturbing her wen she is having milk ...she beats uday's hands with her tiny hands and growls heehaaa ...Angry

MNAVEER - they laugh at her antics LOL

MNAYATA - uday don't disturb her ...let her drink ...or else she will literally scratch u ...

UDAY - princess thanks for reminding me ...I'll cut her nails if I do it she won't concentrate or else later she wont allow us to do it ...

ADITHI - she doesn't get milk so she bytes MNAYATAH's nipple ...

MANYTAH - ahaa ...she moves her aside ...omg!! Uday ...she is killing me ...

UDAY - he takes her into his arms and tel " my baby little angel ...don't hurt my wife "  HE KISSES her 

ADITHI - she jumps and with both hands she hits uday playfully and keep his shirt button in her mouth ...

MANYATA  - till now she fed adithi from her left side milk got over ...she is about to start feeding from right breast...

    Uday give her to me ...I'll feed her ...

UDAY - adithi now go and have ur feed ...but baby ...mamma ko thang MATH karo 

ADITHI - she gets so excited for her milk Tongue

MANYATAH - she looks at adithi and tell " raath mein baap thang kartha hai and din mein beti " 

UDAY - princess not fair Ouch

AADHI - baam ...he opens door ...

UDAY - immediately he moves and covers manyatah from front 

MNAYATAH - she covers herself with pallu ...

AADHI - dad come down ...we will play cricket ..." hey sunshine is hereTongue come I'll take u little princess " 

UDAY - AADHI no ...we both will go and sister will come later

AADHI - k il wait ...he goes and sits beside MNYATAH ...he plays with adithi 

MANYATAH - she looks at uday Ouch

UDAY - D'oh Ab mein kyaa Karu Ouch

ADITHI - she starts crying as manyatah stopped feeding Cry

UDAY - beta come we will go and play

AADHI - nooo ...sunshine is crying I'll get bottle for her ...he gets milk bottle and keep in her mouth ...Tongue

ADITHI - she pushes bottle aside And starts crying ,she keeps hand on manyatahs breast and drag her pallu to feed her Cry

UDAY - aadi I'll show u a new game in my phone ...bow n arrow game ...he tries to divert his attention

MANYATAH - she starts feeding adithi 

ADHI - he gets involved in his game 

UDAY - every now and then he looks at manyatah n baby to ensure if they r done ...Ouch

ADITHI - she gets enough feed ... She stops sucking her nipples looks at uday and smile ...Tongue

UDAY - " finally she is done " Smile , he asks manyatah to proper her Saree ...

ADITHI  - she crawls towards  AADHI and hits him on his back and giggles Tongue Smile 

AADHI - he leaves phone and tell " Hii sunshine ...u have come come we will go down Tongue  Will play " 

MANYATAH - she slowly closes her blouse button Nd propers her pallu 

UDAY - he looks at manyatah and finds she is done and all go down to play cricket 

AADHI - he plays with uday JAGTAH SAMAY SULABH and karan ( samy sulabhs dad and uday's friend ) giriraj and brijraj also join them ( boys team )

GIRLS TEAM - j  , manyatah unnathi ...menaka ...Sanju and Komal play ...they join seemaji also to balance the boys count 

UDAY - he does batting and is not getting out from 30 min ...

J - jiji we have to do cheating now ...disturb uday Wink

MANYATH - but how ?? Day Dreaming

UNNATHI - u don't even know that bhaabisa ...dada ka dhyaan hataana...distract him Wink

J - she whispers in her ears " reveal ur censor parts  " Wink 

MANYAAH - chi j Embarrassed

UNNATHI - pls MNAYATAH we have to win ...Vijay ko mein dekhloonga EmbarrassedWink

J - aur Jagath ko mein dekhloonga ...we will tell mom to disturb dad LOL

UNNATHI - she goes for bowling ...UADY is batting now 

MANYATAH - she looses her pallu  and downs her lenga and  makes sure that uday could see her  bare waist and she wantedly speak loudly to draw attention ...

UDAY -  he looks at manyatah 

MANYAATH - she tries to tie her hair ...she raises her hands ...

UDAY - air blows and he could see her waist ...milky white and shining in sun like diamond ...with a small navel ...also as she lifts her hands to tie hair ...he could see her breasts also clearly ...Tongue

J - she signals to manyatah with thumb up Thumbs Up And winks at her Wink

UDAY - he looks at j and understands their plan da time ...unnathi uskaa wicket udaadiya ...wicket out ...batting over ..." bad move princess , guys I don't accept's cheating " 

UNNATHI - wat cheating daada ...ur out...wicket out..

VIJAY - yes uday banna ur out Day Dreaming

UDAY - but it's cheating vijay banna ...u donno wat they did Ouch

MANYATAH - oh really wat did we do ...pls uday accept defeat ...leave bat and give it to vijay bhai ...

UDAY - woh woh ...lEmbarrassed  Nothing ...


VIJAY - LOL Thum bhi na uday banna ...accept defeat ...give me bat 

UDAY - really Big smile Now go u will know ...Jaana champion 

VIJAY - uday stop behaving like a's k ...we will win ...I'll do nice batting 


UDAY - he thinks inside " u will become bakraa now go " he looks at j angrily  ...he goes and sits and drinks water ...Ouch

MANYATAH - she goes for bowling

UNNATHI - she does da same as manyatah did ...vijay gets distracted and gets out ...wicket gone ...LOL ...

J  MANYAATH UNNATHI - they give hi fives Thumbs Upand jump ...yippee Clap They get excited that their score is moreParty

VIJAY - cheating am not out Ouch

GIRIRAJ.  - wats wrong with u men ...playing very bad ...Sleepy 

VIAJY - uncle it's cheating u know 

BRIJRAJ - shut up vijay ...I have seen ...ur out ,...y ur telling like that ...tell me wat cheating ???Day Dreaming

UDAY - he keeps hands on his hips and tell " tell me vijay banna tell me ...Wink " LOL

VIJAY - uday banna ab samaj mein Aaya ki aap kyu out hua ...these girls are really disgusting ...Ouch

JAGATH - stop it ...only bad workman  blames his tools ...both are royals and played badly giving all excuses 

VIJAY UDAY - oh really Jagath ...pls go ...LOLmy super man ...hero of da year ...u will rock ...Thumbs Up

JAGATH - same thing happens with him 

UDAY VIJAY - they sit beside each other and laugh ROFL

JAGATH - he makes a puppy face and come to vijay and uday...slowly sits beside them Ouch HE SITS QUIETLY for 5 min

UDAY VIJAY - they start laughing at him LOLThumbs Down

UDAY - kya hua champion 

VIJAY - udaadiya na Teri wicket ...did u understand now wat happened there

JAGATH - seriously vijay and UADY these girls are too much ...Ouch

GIRLS TEAM - they win ...they celebrate it and jump Dancing

GIRIRAJ - oh my god ...u boys are really ...see they won ...he leaves

UDAY - aap nahi samjega dad Ouch 

VIJAY - uday banna we should  do something ... This is not accepted ...

AADHI - dad , maama's !!! wat is this ...u guys let me down ...boys team lost Ouch

J - hello losers LOL Stop meeting and come for lunch 

UDAY - k j then let us play snookers after lunch ...then we will see who loosers are !! 

MANYATAH - she tries to stop j. But 

J - k done Thumbs Up...we will surely uday veer sing 

UNNATHI - oh nooo j ...

VIJAY - k done 3 pm game starts ...

AADHI - wow ...Clap , this time I'll join winners team mom am on ur side ...

UDAY - but AADHI trust me this time we are gonna win stay with us ...he looks at MANAYTAH and tellWink

       THANKS everyone for ur beautifull comments . Sorry for the mistakes .

    Pls hit like button and post comments if u like it .THANK YOU . 

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