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                   CHAPTER 23

AADHI - wen is he is going around jaigad he is so happy . He finds all OLd construction and find village people in different dresses . Everything is new for him . He just loves it .

UDAY - he can see da happiness and excitement in AADHI , he kisses AADHI Heart

PEOPLE - all welcome their maharaj and Yuvraj in a grand manner and few people accompany uday and AADHI while going around jaigad along wit guards

AAADHI - dad ur taking me to that old Mandir which I could see from here

UDAY - yes baby taking u thereHug

AADHI  - dad this Mandir is so huge , many carvings and stuff's almost like a palace 

UDAY - he takes AADHI inside Mandir ... Both take blessings from PUROHITH 

LADY - she performs some Pooja there and she comes to take PUROHITH blessings 

AADHI - he observes da lady and PUROHITH 

PUROHITH - he tells da lady " don't worry beti this time you will be blessed with a child , your prayers won't go waste ...god will help u ...Bhagwan pe vishwaas keejiye " 

LADY - with a sad face tells " Sleepywords from ur mouh may come true PUROHITH jee " she takes blessings and leave .

AADHI - why da lady is so sad and talking about some child and stuff

UDAY  - she doesn't have a child AADHI , so she came to pray for child 

AADHI - he thinks for a while Day DreamingNthen why can't u help da poor lady dad ???

UDAY - Shocked   How can I help her baby ???!!!

AADHI -  dad u told its ur duty as maharaj to look after ur people rite

UDAY - yes so how is this related to it Day Dreaming

AADHI - dad u pray with that lady and god will give her baby as. U  Did with mom 

UDAY - he is shocked Stern Smile   Shocked   

AADHI -  dad wat happened tell me , u go and help her

UDAY -Geek he didn't know what to tell Day Dreamingand tells AADHI  " junior I can't help her ...only husband and wife can pray together for a child "  I can do only with ur mom baby as she is my wife not with anyone ..

LADY - k so were is her husband and y dint he come ...

UDAY - he will join her u don't worry 

AADHI - k so mom is ur wife , u both prayed together and got me and now my little sister inside mom Tummy hai na dad Smile 

UDAY  - yes baby ur right . K come I'll show u mountain place for u

AADHI - wow we will go then Dancing

UDAY - he thinks inside " my god what a nuclear bomb question he asked me !!!? Shocked Thank god no one heard us  ...he asked me as if iam a sperm donar ... Never mind he is a kid he asked like that LOL " 

AADHI - dad y r u smiling  for urself 

UDAY - nothing baby , got reminded of something Hug

AADHI - till evening 8 he roams all da places and return with uday to place 

MANYATAH - she comes to AADHI and ask  " did u enjoy my boy " 

AADHI - he starts explaing everything what he did and wat he saw to manyatah Smile With full of excitement Tongue  

MANYATAH - she kisses AADHI on cheek and tell " k come I'll give u bath and then u have dinner " 

AADHI - k mom ...he stretches his arms and ask her to lift him 

MANYATAH - she is about to take him into his arms then uday takes AADHI 

UDAY - " princess wat did I tell u ?? Ur in ur 4 th month now don't do it " 

AADHI - he keeps on blabbering all things with uday and manyatah . Uday and AADHI take bath and play in tub for a while and get ready and come down for dinner

MANYATAH - she feeds AADHI ,while uday is telling him some story and holding in his arms to make him eat 

AADHI - dad u told mom she is in her 4 th month ...wat is it ?? 

MANYATHA - dad told that ur sister is 4 months old now 

AADHI  - k Day Dreaming He starts counting wit his fingers and tell " 5 more months for my sister to come out ..DancingParty

UDAY - princess look at him , he is so excited for his sister 


UDAY - he makes AADHI lie between him and manyatah and rub on his chest to make AADHI sleep 

AADHI - he suddenly sits on da bed 

MANYATAH AND UDAY - they get confused at his act Stern Smile

UDAY  - junior kya hua ayisa achanak kyu utgaya beta 

AADHI - dad I suddenly got a doubt Day Dreaming 

UDAY - D'oh K baby now ask it 

AADHI - he looks at manyatah 's tummy and keep finger on his chin and tell " dad how this baby is gonna come out ?? From where Day Dreaming " 


UDAY - Stern Smilehe coughs ...and tell woh beta  

AADHI. - before uday could answer ...he tells " dad even I came out of mom's tummy rite u know from we're I came out Day Dreaming " 

MANYATAH - now wat to tell this vamp ...Sleepy  Censored 

UDAY - they will do operation and take baby out 

AADHI - means wat they do exactly ??? 

UDAY - they cut open stomach and take out da baby 

AADHI - listening to that he gets upset Disapprove And sits in manyatahs lap and hug her Hug

MANYATAH - uday why ur scaring him telling all that 

UDAY - then should I tell him were he came from inside u actuallyCensored...he whispers it in her ears 

MANYATAH - udayy Angry

UDAY - he takes AADHI into his lap and hug him and kiss him on his chest 

AADHI - dad they are gonna cut open moms tummy ??Sleepy Am scared ..I didn't like itDisapprove

UDAY - no baby nothing to worry , doctors will handle it 

AADHI - he looks at manyatah and tell " mom does it pain ?? Disapprove " 

MANYATAH - no baby it doesn't pain ...

AADHI - but how is it possible ??Sleepy 

UDAY - while doing any operation baby ... They give anesthesia which means a pain killer while operating ,da patient doesn't feel any pain works for a day ...later after a day they will have pain  for few days 

AADHI - really dad ...then wat about that pain ?? Will it hurt mom ??Disapprove 

UDAY - doctors will give tablets for that pain also ...don't worry your mom won't have any trouble ...ur dad is there to look after her 

AADHI - dad not only u I'll also take care of mom ...I'll be a good boy ...I won't make her run behind me always Disapprove

MANYATAH - wit tears in her eyes she hugs AADHI and kisses him on cheek 

UDAY - he hugs both AADHI and manyatah ..." beta sleep now " 

AADHI - but dad u told me how Baby comes out ,but how did god put da baby in moms tummy , did he cut open moms tummy and put it ??? Day Dreaming

MANYATAH - she doesn't know wat to speak now Stern Smile Embarrassed 

UDAY - D'oh

AADHI - he shakes uday's hand and tell ," dad tell me " 

UDAY - now ask ur mom ...I donno I didn't see 

MANYTAHA - Shocked Udayy Angry So u really donno  how it came inside my tummy ...ur not involved Angry 

UDAY - princess Disapprove 

AADHI - tell me mom god has put it 

MANYTAAH - shut up AADHI , it's too late ...get some sleep ...I'll tell tomorrow 


AADHI - no tell me now or else I won't sleep 

MANYTAHA - k don't sleep sleeping ...she moves beside uday and tell " UADY now let us sleep ..AADHI will not sleep today he will sit like that only " 

UDAY - he smiles and whispers in her ears " hey shall I tell him from which place I have put da baby Censored "

MANYTAHA - Stern Smile She slaps uday on his shoulder and tell " sleep now Angry " 

UDAY - he makes a puppy face and tell " k baby Disapprove " he looks at AADHI and signal him to sleep 

AADHI - he nods his head telling no

MANAYTAH - uday stop signaling to your son now ...I told u not to talk to him ...sleep now ...she pushes uday onto bed and lie beside him and hug uday and both uday and manyatah sleeps and acts as if they are sleeping  

UDAY - slowly he will open his one of his eye aft 5 min and look sideways wit corner of his eyes at AADHI 

AADHI - wit puppy face he sits like that only on bed and stare at MNAYATAH and uday Disapprove 

UDAY - he scratches manyatah with his hands and tell " pls now let me talk to him ...look at him ...he is sitting idle ... He is feeling bad Sleepy " 

MANYATAH - she pinches uday 

UDAY -  he controls not to scream out  and rub his hands were she pinched 

MANYATAH - dont over pamper him ok ...sometimes we shoul not listen to their demands ...shoul keep him in control ...if u dont do it now ...he will get used to it and becomes adamant ...little rascal not even 4 feet ...see how stubborn he is... 

UDAY - but princess I can't see him like that ...I feel bad Sleepy 

MANYATAH - then ill send u out of room ,  go and sleep in hall ...both son and father will get punishment ..then u dont need to feel bad ...

UDAY -princess !! Sleepy he looks at AADHI wit puppy face and covers his face wit comforter  

MANYATAH -  she speaks out loudly wantedly and tell " uday devils will roam at this time ...u don't worry am wit u sleep now " 

AADHI - he gets scared Nd comes and pushes uday and sleep between manyatah and uday and hug uday tightly 

MANYATAH - she looks at uday and winks Wink 

UDAY - princess !! LOL He hugs AADHI and kisses on his head 

AADHI - dad sleep ...devil will come

UDAY - don't worry it wont come with u ...sleep baby 

AADHI - he raises his head Nd looks at manyatah and tell " see now devil will come and take u mom , ur alone catching dad " 

MANYTAAH - really ...she pushes AADHI a bit aside and keep her head on uday's chest and tell " now we 3 are together so it won't come Smile " 

AADHI - k give me some place ..I'll also sleep on dad move 

MANYTAHA - she hugs uday and tell " he is my husband now I won't let u sleep her e ,  move that side " 

UDAY - princess now wat are u both upto !!???

AADHI - he moves and sleeps on uday on his left right shoulder 

MANYATAH - she smiles at aadhi's reaction 

AADHI - see I slept on top of him ... U won't fit I think 


MANYATAH - who told I won't fit ??? Ask dad Wink

UDAY - he pinches manytah  on her waist   

MANYATAH - k AADHI he is ur dad ,,,sleep on him ...she rests her head on uday's left side of chest and kiss AADHI on his lips 

AADHI - he cups manyatahs face and kiss on her cheeks 

UDAY - he surrounds MANYTAHA by waist and  manyatah kisses uday on his chest 

UDAY - he smiles and carasses her bare waist 

AADHI - he keeps his hand on manyatahs cheek Nd fall asleep 
In 10 min 

MANYTAHA - uday he slept ...put him down in middle , u won't be able to sleep properly 

UDAY  - he puts AADHI aside between them  and carasses his cheeks and gives him kiss on his lips . " princess u really scared him wit that devil thing , u should have looked at his face LOL As soon as he heard it ..he jumped between us " 

MANAYTAHA - I know him very well , after all am his mother 

UDAY - maAnna padega princess " baap aur bte  ko apne control mein rakhthi hu , ek maharaj aur Yuvraj ko  " 

MANYATAH - she smiles Nd now all three fall asleep ... 



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                        CHAPTER 24 

MANYATAH - she wakes up in da morning and finds both AADHI and uday sleeping . AADHI is towards uday and sleeping on uday's shoulder . She feels something uncomfortable near her breast part and removes her comfortor and opens her eyes wide looking at it Stern Smile.

         She finds uday's hand on of her breast and his fingers on her nipple .. She checks out her blouse and finds that side zip is opened . She looks at uday and blushes Embarrassed " uday Neendh mein bhi thum "  she slowly removes uday's hand 

UDAY - he wakes up at her touch and gives her a wicked smile Smile 

MANYTAHA - she smiles back at uday and tell " kya tha yeh SAB ...uday AADHI is here ..u don't even realise it ..."  TELLING THIS she turns her face from uday and tries to set her blouse

UDAY - he reaches her blouse and close da zip and smile Heart  See now I closed it ...I rectified my mistake ...he tells with a puppy face 

MANYATAH - she slaps on uday's hand and tell " Haath nikaalo uday , bade besharam banrahe hai aaj kal ...naa bte  ka Kayal na kisi aur ka ...Kabi bi aur kahi bi shuru  ho jaathi ho " 

UDAY - wit a puppy face he looks at manyatah . He gets a call 

AADHI - he wakes up due to da phone ring and sits on da bed and gets into MNAYATAH's lap 

MANAYTAH - she hugs AADHI Nd carasses his hair 

AADHI - he leans on manyatha's chest .he finds a love bite on MANYTAHAs neck and on a collar bone .

         He screams " dad !!!!!  Devil has bitten mom Disapprove " 

MANYATAH - Stern Smile

UDAY  - what !!!? Shocked 

AADHI - he jumps out on manyatah's lap and tell uday " dad look on moms neck , vampire has sucked moms's blood left a red mark " 

MANYATAH - she looks at her love bytes and blush Embarrassed

UDAY - he couldn't control himself from breaking into laughter at aadhi's words ROFL

AADHI - dad am not joking , see da red mark ...he touches manyatah on her neck and tell " mom is it pAining Disapprove  , y dint u wake me up wen da devil has bitten u ...I would screw that vampire " 

UDAY.  - Stern Smile Oh my god , so am that vampire . He titled me vampire from maharaj LOL

MANYATAH - Big smile She controls her self from smiling and tell " it doesn't pain baby ...devil dint come and it's not any vampire bite . I had a skin rash baby ...due to water change " 

AADHI - really mom , I was worried . K did u keep any ointment ...wait I'll get from nani Saheb ...telling this he rushes out of da room 

MANYATAH - she tells uday  " so vampire who was that on phone , ithni subhah " 

UDAY - he gets her close and tell , so u call me vampire princess ...I'll really suck u now ...this time not da same place ...I'll on this place ...he points his hands towards her breasts Nd tell it Heart Wink 

MANYATHA - chii udayy Embarrassed , she hides her face in his chest 

UDAY - princess AADHI tho too much , " oh my god he thought some devil has bitten u , I must say u scared him last night and he thought its true "LOL 

UDAY AND MANYATAH - both catch THIER stomachs and laugh at their son 's  acts and words ROFL

       They stop laughing  as soon as they see AADHI coming into room .

AADHI - he comes wit ointment and sit between manveer 

MANYATAH - baby that was not necessary , I'll be fine 

AADHI - u donno anything mom , jus wait ...first let me apply it . Oh I donno to do it . Dad instead of staring at both of us can u pls apply this to mom Day Dreaming

UDAY - Stern Smile  Jee yuvraj Ji , jo aap ka hukum 


AADHI - sorry dad was I rude ?? Day Dreaming

UDAY - no baby not at all , it's fine . Other than u who would dare to talk to me like that . After all ur my natkhat Yuvraj hai... He kisses AADHI on his Lips 

          He applies da ointment on manyatah . While applying he runs his hands here and ther e

MANYATAH - she smiles Blushing 

AADHI  - dad so today ur gonna show me remaining parts of jaigad.

MANYATAH - no AADHI dad has got work today tomorrow 

AADHI - mom I think u know jaigad ... We shall go then with naani Saheb 

UDAY - no baby ...not with mom 

MANAYTAH - uday it's a good idea ...we will go ...pls uday 

UDAY - but princess , without me u guys never go out even in Mumbai ... U know very well I don't feel it safe .

MANAYTAH - uday we have double security now , pls let us 

AADHI - dad pls 

UDAY - princess try to understand I feel u guys safe only in my presence ... Pls I can't permit u for this 

MANYATH - UADY plsss udayyy 

AADHI - dad pls , he pulls his hand " pls dad " 

MANYATAH - udayy I donno we will go that's it 

UDAY - dont argue wit me maharani , his voice changes now . He tells it in a voice of a maharaj with an angry tone . It's an order . Don't dare to ask about it . AADHI keep quiet 

AADHI - he gets a bit scared At his fathers new angle ...he leaves uday's hand and jumps on manyatah . He hides his face in MAnyath's chest .

UDAY - he realises what he did looking at scared AADHI and repents for his behaviour 

MANYtha - she looks at uday wit a sad face Sleepy 

UDAY - he tries to take AADHI from manyatah but AADHI catches his mom tightly .

       From his childhood AADHI has never seen his fathers angry face . This is for da first time .so he gets scared .

AADHI - out of fear he tells " sorry dad I'll listen to u , even mom will ...pls don't punish us " 

UDAY - he is shocked At aadhi's words Shocked . " baby I won't punish u or mom ...why would I do it ???!! Look at me 

MANAYTAH -  " AADHI see look at me ,  y ur so scared ...he is ur dad , y will he punish u... " 

AADHI - he looks at MNAYATAH and tell " mom I didn't like it , now he cries out Cry Dad scared me " 

UDAY - he goes down da bed Nd kneel down on his legs and tell " AADHI look at me " 

AADHI - he looks at  uday Cry

UDAY - he catches his ears Sleepy And tells " am so sorry ADITHY sing , I'll never shout again like that sorry ..." he smiles and stretches his hands 

AADHI - he smiles Nd runs towards uday and hug him 

UDAY - he hugs him Back with a sign of relief and few tears in his eyes ... " sorry baby , I didn't mean it " 

AADHI  -  he kisses uday on his cheek " I like my dad like this , not like that u were jus before 10 min " 

UDAY - he wipes traces of Tears on aadhi's face and kiss him on his cheeks and forehead . He twirls AADHI around . Both father and son enjoy da moment and giggle LOL 

MANAYTAH - she stares at both of them happily Smile

UDAY - he puts AADHI aside Nd tell sorry to manyatah 

MANAYTAH - she ignores uday Nd tell AADHI " baby come I'll give u bath " 

AADHI - dad its not that easy to apologise mom ...he giggles 

MANYATAH - dad ki chamcha thum Chalo 

AADHI - he winks at uday 

UDAY - he understands wat AADHI meant 

AADHI AND UDAY - they stArt tickling  manyatha 

MANAYTAH - wat r u both idiots doing !!? Stop it , she laughs due to ticklings LOL 

UDAY - he catches his ears Nd tell " sorry princess pls , I can't stand ur calmness ...pls " 

MANAYTAH -  she smiles and hugs uday 

UDAY - ill never shout again , sorry . He cups her face and kisses her in forehead . They are in each others embrace from 3 min 

AADHI - he looks At them Day Dreaming . He drags uday's shirt 

UDAY - he is busy wit rubbing his jaw against MNAYATHA s cheeks and caressing her bare waist . He is so lost in it that he can't feel AADHI pulling his shirt 

MANAYTAH - she closes her eyes and feels uday's hands on her bare waist ...uday is rubbing his chest against her breasts ... Making manyatah loose her senses Embarrassed

AADHI - he gets super irritated now ...he stamps his foot on floor 
 He slaps uday on his bum 

UDAY - he jerks with his slap and find aadhi with his both hands on his hips looking angrily at both of them Angry 

AADHI - from past 5 min am trying to pull u ... Ur not even caring for me I saw u manya times ... Wen mom is around u ignore me sometimes Disapprove I don't like it dad Angry 

         I don't like u loving mom more than me ... Ur my dad u should love me more than mom . Nana Saheb will love mom 

UDAY - LOL He  takes AADHI into his arms and tell " k baby I'll love u more than mom ... I love u " he kisses AADHI on his cheeks . 

AADHI - mom now u go ...I'll get ready with dad and come down 

MANYTAH - y shoul I leave ...I won't 

AADHI - he is my dad ,, u pls  go now ... After he goes out u come here 

MANYTAH - really ... He is my husband before he is ur father ...Sony go out now 

UDAY - Stern Smile Princess !!!!

AADHI - dad tell mom that ur my father before becoming her husband Disapprove

UDAY - yes AADHI am ur father ... Princess am his father before becoming ur husband Sleepy  Ouch 

MANYATAH - really uday , so is AADHI born to us before marriage that u became his father before my husband  

UDAY.  - princess. Confused Disapprove  D'oh

AADHI - he drags uday inside washroom and lock ...slightly he opens door and smile at MNAYATAH and keep his tongue out Dancing

UDAY - both UADY and AADHI take bath and come down For break fast 

AADHI - soon he drags a chair beside uday and catch his hand a nd sit " dad don't allow mom to sit beside u " 

UDAY - k baby ..l..

MANYATAH  - she  SMILES AT AADHI ..." beta don't worry , he is ur father only not gonna take him away from u chill " . Uday likes AADHI more than manyatah ...happy now 

AADHI - he leaves uday's hand and eats


AADHI - he hugs vijay unnathi Sanju and all and tell " I missed u a lot " . He runs up with Sanju 

MANYATAHA - AADHI were r u going ? 

AADHI - today ill stay here with Sanju mom  . I'll come to jaigad mansion tomorrow 

UDAY - but AADHI listen 

KOMAL - don't worry beta we will take care of him 

UNNATHI - ha daada , we all are here just don't worry .

VIJAY - uday banna aap kyo AADHI lo leke pareshaan hai ...we are here don't worry 

UDAY - vijay banna am not worried about him , I know u all are there to take care of him . I trust u all . Am worried about you  people  


MANYATAH - uday stop it ... He is good boy . Dont blame him 

UDAY - mini nuclear bomb ...aaj devgad mansion ki dajji uda denga ...good luck vijay ... See u soon 


VIJAY - uday banna ur right aap ka beta tho Kamaal ka sawaal karthe ...u know wat he asked me Sleepy

UDAY - wat did he do vijay banna Day Dreaming

VIJAY - morning in bathroom he poured shampoo down which made me to loose balance . I fell down Sleepy 
          Night we all were arching tv , he heard a word gay and asked me da meaning . I tried to tell something . Morning he called me gay infront of staff Disapprove I dint even know wat to do 


J - UADY he made my friends k and l to run away ..., he got a plastic lizard and put it on our bed . They shouted and out of fear ran away . 

UNNATHI - dada plastic lizard ko dekhar vijay tho created nuiscense and ran around mahal ...all servants were behind da lizard and finally found it to be a plastic one 

DS - UADY beta ... U were naughty in childhood ...but not as naughty as AADHI beta ... He came and asked me to colour my hair . 

UDAY - he feels like laughing but controls infront of ds ...sorry ds I'll talk to AADHI 

BRIJARAJ - don't tell AADHI anything uday ...he is still a kid ...

UNNATHI - infact we enjoy is presence and nuaghtyness 

J -  seriously uday I donno how jiji manages him all alone in jaigad mansion 

UNNATHI  _ yes dada we all are here and found it a bit difficult to manage him ...there MNAYATHA will b  all alone ...I really wonder how she manages 

DS - whatever it is uday ...I must tell he is so well mannered ...though he is naughty he listens to elders and respects them 

BRIJRAJ - yes uday ...he grasps everything so fast ...he is intelligent ...he will be a good Yuvraj in future

VIJAY - aakhir baap pe Jo Gaye hai AADHI 

KOMAL - pls everyone don't discuss about my AADHI now ... He is so cute and innocent kid 

J - mom pls don't tell it ...I'll fall down now ...he is vampire 

UDAY - jjj ...don't call my son like that 

UNNATHI - dada leave him here for 2 days ...even manyatah will get time to take rest 

J -  she whispers in udays ears " u guys can even go for outings and enjoy nights Wink " 

UDAY - Stern Smile ... He moves away from j 

AADHI - " dad wen did u come , " he jumps on uday and hugs him Hug

UDAY - I missed u too baby Heart He kisses him on cheeks 

VIJAY - yes uday unnathi is right leave him here . He will have good time with Sanju . I'll also have good time wit himWink 

DS - yes beta vijay is rite

UDAY -  sorry ds , I don't feel like staying without him . Ghar soona soona lagtha hai AADHI ke bina . I feel something missing and bored without AADHI at home . 

DS - she smiles at uday 

VIJAY - he tells uday tho ab family man bangaya , Poora father material 

EVERYONE - they laugh at VIJAY'S statement LOL 

AADHI - dad come let us leave now , I have got some work at home . 

UDAY - k AADHI we shall 

AADHI - j Maasi pls come wit us to jaigad mansion ...we can play together 

J - k AADHI anything for u ,Moshe kisses him and hugs him 

AADHI - then a sleepover ...we can have fun 

KOMAL - she laughs at a aadhi's words 

AADHI - Maasi go and get ur small small dresses Wink 

J. - AADHI ...she runs behind him to catch 



 PRECAP is same as promo 

Promo on pg 87 ...


                   THANK YOU Smile




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         CHAPTER 25

UDAY - AADHI apologise vijay mAama now 

VIJAY - that's k uday , he is kid

AADHI - y dad ?Day Dreaming Did I do anything wrong ?

UDAY - yes baby I'll tell u later ...first apologise vijay Maama 

BRIJRAJ - uday leave it 

AADHI - he catches his ears Nd tell " sorry uday Maama " 

VIJAY - that's k sweetu , he hugs AADHI 

DS - dekha Komal , AADHI uday ka baath  kaisa mantha hai 

J - yes ds , he dint even ask uday da reason for it ...he just obeyed his dad

UNNATHI - after all jaigad ka waaris hai , disciplined hi hoga

VIJAY - pls apne maayke ka  praising bandh kijiye 

J - haa UNNTAHI , hamaara jiji ka beta hai ...devgad yuvrani ki beta he is well brought up 


EVERYONE - they laugh LOL 

UDAY - he takes AADHI and j to jaigad mansion 

MANYATH - she is sleeping on da couch and watching a movie

AADHI - " mom I came ..." he jumps on manyatah 

UDAY  - beta don't jump on mom like that 

MANYATHA - udayy that's k ... 

UDAY - no MANYTAAH it's not ... AADHI did I tell u already about it ?? 

AADHI - sorry dad I forgot Disapprove Next time I won't do it 

UDAY - AADHI y did u scare maasi's friends ???? 

AADHI - dad that was sanju's plan infact 

UDAY - what ???Geek

AADHI - Sanju told me that da other day j Maasi's friends scared her with a devil mask we avenged it 


UDAY - j wats wrong wit u ???? Did he crack some joke are wat ...?Angry   Ur laughing like hell

J - she holds her stomach and tell " uday actually my friends k and l dint wear any devil mask ...they kept a face pack which is in green colour .. Sanju saw them in my room ..she got scared and ran away ...we laughed at Sanju then 

AADHI - see dad they fooled Sanju ...that's y we did it

MNAYATAH - AADHI come baby , she kisses him . Uday my son doesn't do anything without any reason . He is a good boy though he is naughty pls stop giving lecture now ... 

UDAY - princess Stern Smile

J - jiji thum bhi na AADHI ko zyada laad karthi ho 

UDAY - k leave it now ... AADHI y did u call vijay Maama gay ?

J AND MANYATAH - opens their mouths wide Stern Smile Wat??LOL

UDAY - he looks  Seriously at j and manyatah . It's not funny speaking to him just be quiet both of u 

J  - she whispers in MANYTAH's ear " a strict father " 

MANYATAH - she giggles 

AADHI - I called dad ...vijay Maama told those whose skin is soft and who are lean we call them gay vijay maaama skin is soft and he is lean so I called him so ...

J AND MANYTAH - they control themselves from laughing ...and try to be serious 

UDAY - AADHI tell me clearly ... Wat did uday Maama tell u wen u asked him da meaning of gay 

AADHI - I asked wat does gay mean? Vijay Maama told its between girl and guy ...I asked him wat it means ? He told that a guy who's skin is soft and who looks lean is a gay 


UDAY - K AADHI go to ur room with nanny .ill come in few min 

           he turns to both j and MANYTAH and tell " tumhara bhaii ko bache ke sawaal ka jawaab dhena bhi teek se nahi aatha kya " 

J - don't tell it uday ...thumaara beta koi Aisa waisa simple questions bhi nahi poochthe

MANYTAAH - haa uday vijay bhai must have got amused at his question and might be he dint know wat to answer as he is not prepared for such a question . So he must have told whatever came to his mind . U know about AADHI he asks all hypothetical questions 

UDAY - woh tho such hai ...Bhagwan ne muje bte  ke place mein ek question bank diya 

       AFTER TWO MONTHS (now MANYTAH is 5 months pregnent .j and Jagath marriage is fixed after 2 weeks ) 


UDAY - he helps manyatah to get ready and get her down . As there is Pooja in devgad palace that day .

ADHI - he plays with Sanju and comes to manveer 

SANJU - hey AADHI bhai look at MANYTAHA bhua ...she is so fat ...her belly is big


AADHI - no Sanju , there is a baby girl like u inside mom's tummy . That's y da belly is big . Dad told me . 

VIJAY AND UNNATHI - They smile At kids conversation 

SANJU - AADHI bhai won't u play with me like this as we do now after u get ur own new sister 

AADHI - no Sanju I'll play with u always . He cups her face and tells " ur my first sister and she is gonna be my 2 nd sister ...I'll love u both equally mom and dad are gonna love me and my baby sister equally " Hug

SANJU - I love u AADHI bhai ...she hugs him and both kiss each other

EVERYONE - they feel happy looking at kids affection and understanding and their brother sister bond 

VIJAY - uday banna aapka beta tho badaa samajdaar hai 

UDAY - he smiles . Inside he feels proud of his son . Thumbs Up

MANYATAH - after Pooja she goes upstairs to her room as she feels dizzy 

UDAY - he notices MANYATH leaving alone Nd follows her 

MANYATAH - she is walking in da passage corridor ...she feels dizzy and  is about to collapse to da ground 

UDAY - he comes at right time and holds manyatha " princess!! Disapprove "  he takes her in his arms and put her on bed Nd calls doctor uncle 

DOCTOR UNCLE - he checks her thoroughly and tell " nothing to worry uday , a casual weakness in pregnancy ...everything is normal ..let her take rest " 

UDAY - K uncle I'll stay here ...pls dont tell anyone about it ...all will get worried ...down all guests are there , I don't want any issues .

DOCTOR - k beta as u wish 

UDAY - uncle can I take her home after she wakes up ?? 

DOCTOR - surely ...she is completely alright 

UDAY - he carasses her cheeks and kiss her on her forehead 

MANYATAH   - she WAKES UP AFTER 30 minutes  

UDAY - he helps her to sit down 

MANYATAH - she realises wat happened 

UDAY - how many times should I tell u princess not to go aloneDisapprove ...can u just imagine wat would have happened if I  wouldn't have come at right time  .. Ur no lesser tahn AADHI ... U scare me at times with such acts MNAYATAH ... Pls don't do it princess,I love u baby  Heart...I just can't imagine something hurting u ...y don't u understand princess Disapprove

MANYATA -  sorry UADY Sleepy . She looks da pain and fear in uday's eyes and tell " I won't do it next time ...pls smile UADY " . She hugs him 

UDAY - he starts laughing LOL 

MANYATAH - uday kya hua Stern Smile

UDAY - princess I can't hug u properly , he points at her tummy . See my little princess inside ur tummy  is coming in between ...

AADHI - he shouts mom and comes from corridor 

UDAY - lo bacha number 1 bhi aagaya 


AADHI - mom and dad wat r u doing here ? I have been searching for u both ...

UDAY - AADHI mom is not well , let her take rest .. We will leave to our place AFTER some time k 

AADHI  - k dad .. " mom wat happened ur ok now ? Day Dreaming

MANYATAH - am fine AADHI ... Did u eat anything ...u dint eat from morning ...

AADHI - yes mom j Maasi fed me ...I had lunch 

UDAY - k u go and play wit SAMAY and SULABH with ur new play station ...

AADHI - ya it's in j Maasi room ...I'll go and get it and play 

MNAYTAH - aadi don't  eat icecream , weather is so cool ...u will catch cold 

UDAY - princess u stop worrying about him now I'll take care of him . Pls sleep . 

AADHI - I mom I won't eat . Mom ur not well because of this weight in ur tummy 

UDAY - wat ??? !!

AADHI - ur tummy got swollen up mom , won't u feel it heavy 

UDAY - LOL No baby mom won't feel it heavy 

AADHI - dad how do u know ???Day Dreaming Now let mom answer me pls dad 

MANYATAH - I won't feel anything heavy baby ... Am just fine ...ur sister is growing here so my belly is huge 

AADHI - now I understand mom , that's y these days ur walking slowly .he hugs manyatahs waist and kiss on her belly and tell " love u sister ...come soon waiting to play with u ...u know dad and mom are gonna love us both equally " 

UDAY - mera betaa very good boy bangaya ...he kisses on his cheeks 

AADHI - k bye dad I'll be back 

MANYTAH - she sleeps in her bed , uday sits beside her and does some work in his laptop 

AADHI - he goes to J's room to get his play station which he forgot last night in her room . He hears some birds sound and goes near curtains  Nd from window he peeps out and looks at pigeons Tongue

J AND JAGATH - They both come to j room . They doesn't find AADHI as he is behind curtains 

J - he locks da room and pushes j on da bed

AADHI - due to da door sound he turns around Nd finds j and Jagath on bed Day Dreaming " I think they are playing ..Jagath Maama is tickling Maasi I think ,like me and dad play ...I'll also join them Tongue

JAGATH - he starts kissing j on her lips and kisses on her collar bone with his hands caressing her waist 

AADHI - he stares at them Day Dreaming He drops play station 

J AND JAGATH - due to sound they both get up . J finds AADHI Stern Smileand shouts nooo

AADHI - he gets confused y j is shouting and he screams " ahaaa ..." 

JAGATH - oh my god Shocked D'oh

    Their screams are loud enough for everyone in that floor to hear it .komal brijraj ,vijay and UADY and MANYTAHA are on da same floor . All start running to j room as they hear sounds from that room.

MANYATAH  - she jerks and gets up and sits on bed And tell " udayy it's j and AADHI " 

UDAY - he gets worried And holds MANAYATH Carefully and leave room to j and AADHI 

J - she covers aadhi's mouth " pls AADHI don't shout pls I beg u " 

       She hears knocks on her door

BRIJRAJ AND KOMAL - beta kya hua ...kaisi aawaz hai 

UDAY - j open da door

MANYATH - hey r u both ok 

J - AADHI pls I'll listen to whatever u say ...daily ill take u to zoo, movies ... I'll give u chocolates and toys ...pls don't tell wat u saw to anyone ...plsss plsss AADHI 

JAGAH - mein Thera goda bhi banoonga ... I'll get u many games Nd play stations ...pls 

UDAY - j speak up 

J - uday we are fine ...jus a minute 

AADHI - ahaa dad , he screams out 

MANYATHA - she gets worried At aadhi's screams , j open door ...y is AADHI shouting 

JAGATH - he is fine di , don't worry  . He messages uday " help me uday ...ur son saw me kissing j and romancing her " 

BRIJRAJ - j open door or else I'll break it 

UDAY - he finds da MSG and reads it he understands da matter ...all screams Nd all that LOL

BRIJRAJ AND KOMAL - they stare at uday . They wonder y he is laughing Shocked 

MANYTAAH - she catches uday's collar and tell Angry " have u gone nuts uday " 

J - Jagath open door . He leaves to open door meanwhile she begs AADHI not to tell anything and she would explain about it later 

AADHI- he is dilemma and confusion Day Dreaming

EVERYONE - they come inside ...unnathi Nd vijay also come by then ...

BRIJRAJ -  wats happening here ?? R u all ok ? 

MANYTAH  - she goes to AADHI , she checks out if he is fine And gets relieved .

UDAY - he stands near da door And watches da drama " junior aaj thu Sach mein j ka band bajaya ROFL " 

MANYTAHA AND KOMAL - wat happened j ?? AADHI u tell baby 

BRIJRAJ - Jagath speak up 

AADHI - dad u know jus now 

J - she covers aadhi's mouth Sleepy 

KOMAL - j leave him , let him tell 

JAGATH - he makes a puppy face Nd look at uday 

UDAY - he hands his cell to unnathi And go to AADHI 

UNNATHI - she reads out da MSG and bursts out laughing LOL

VIJAY AND MANYTAH - they come and look at MSG in unnathi's cell and All together laugh like hell ROFL

BRIJRAJ - he goes mad and shouts " what's happening here??? Can someone tell me ...y r u guys laughing like mad people ...j answer ...leave AADHI 

AADHI - ill tell u NANAJI ...

UDAY -he stops AADHI and tell . " nothing uncle brijraj , they fought for this play station and screamed out like that " 

MANYTAH - yes dad u know about j and AADHI na , they always create some mess together 

VIJAY - They are like Tom and Jerry always fighting nothing new 

UNNATHI - yes uncle ...I think we should  leave now and attend guests now 

KOMAL - she finds something fishy looking at vijay unnathi and all ... The way they are covering matter 

         Maharaj ji pls come we will go down ... We can look after this matter later .

BRIJRAJ - ur rite maharani , come let us leave . He leaves wit a doubtfull expression and a suspicious look 

UDAY - he removes hand on aadhi's mouth now 

VIJAY AND UNNTAHI - they fall on each other and laugh like hell ROFL

J AND JAGATH - they don't understand wat is going on there Stern Smile

ADHI - he won't utter a word " y is everyone laughing , first NANAJI shouted to tell wat happened and now all are laughing like jokers ...even mom and dad ...wats happening ??!!!Day Dreaming

MANYTAH -  she holds her stomach and laughs ROFL

UDAY - he comes and holds MANYTAH to give her support and both laugh ROFL

AADHI - dad let me tell u wat happened ...y r u all laughing confused Disapprove

J - uday nothing u all go , I'll send AADHI in 5 min 

UDAY - j don't cover now ...I know wat happened ...he bursts out laughing LOL 

MANYTAH - she shows MSG to j and laugh ROFL

J - she get embaressed Blushing She gets angry on Jagath for messaging it to UADY Sleepyand bends Jagath down and starts hitting him on backAngry Ouch

JAGATH - baby listen Confused

AADHI - oh my god why is Maasi hitting Jagath Maama . He jumps on uday out of fear that she would even hit him as they were in da same room . He is confusedDay Dreaming

EVERYONE - looking at poor Jagath they laugh ROFL

J - she leaves Jagath and go to MANYTAHa and point hand in aadhi's direction and cry Cry " jiji SAB thumaara bte ki wajah se , ahaa "  she sobs like a kid and look at AADHI 

AADHI - dad y is she crying like that as if someone has snatched her lolly pop from her ...

UDAY - now it heights ...he bursts out laughing like anything looking at j sobbing like a kid and at aadhi's words ROFL

VIJAY - he tries to control laughing and tell " j bhai shaanth honjaye  pls stop crying we can understand it " 

MANYATAH - she stamps on uday's leg Angry" stop laughing , can't u see her crying ...baap bte  dhono doosron ko rulaane mein experts hai "

UDAY - wit a puppy face " princess!! " 

AADHI - wat did we both do mom Day Dreaming ???? 

MANYTAH AND VIJAY - they both try to console j 

UNNATHI - he rests her head on uday's chest and laugh ...oh my god daada AADHI tho nuclear bomb bangaya ...j ka fuses udaadiya ROFL

J - vijay bhai n jiji look at that jaigad family ...they are laughing together Disapprove She tells this pointing at AADHI UADY and unnathi ...she stamps her legs on floor out of irritation and throws a pillow at uday 

UDAY - he catches da pillow

AADHI - good catch dad Thumbs Up

J - she becomes super mad Nd shouts AADHI Angry Am coming wait ...good catch ki bache 

VIJAY - he controls j by holding her ...uday banna aap log jaaye

UDAY. - he takes manyatah And AADHI and leaves . Unnathi also go with them ROFL



          THANK YOU Smile


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              NOTE - 



       U GUYS IMAGINE THAT BOY (small boy in fanna movie)FACE  FOR AADHI'S ROLE .


      I mean imagine that the  boy from fanna is playing aadhi's role Smile

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                       CHAPTER 26 

UDAY - he comes down with AADHI 

MANYATAH  - uday donno wat he is gonna ask us about it Ouch

UDAY - any doubt princess ?? He will screw us  ...I'll get prepared for his all possible ways of questioning 

UNNATHI - haha dada's like exam for u LOL 

UDAY - seriously choti he is pain in my ass

MANYATAH - LOL Stop it uday 

AADHI - he comes to manveer . Dad i should tell u something 

UDAY - not now baby ...all guests are there now u can tell me after going home ...and AADHI don't talk anything infront of anyone ...k baby ...keep quiet n play with ur friends in first floor ..

AADHI - k dad ...Day Dreaming

MANYTAAH - udayy he is so silent , didn't even ask u a question ...

UNNATHI - I really wonder daada 

UDAY. - its like silence before a storm ...Sleepy


VIJAY - yes uday ...he will break like a volcano suddenly .. Ur gonna have a great day with him uday banna Wink 

UDAY - haa vijay banna ...Sleepy 

MNAVEER - it's night 9pm now ...they leave to jaigad palace with AADHI  .

AADHI - on da way he tells all the scene which he has seen in da room ...( in car ) 

UDAY - AADHI I know everything now pls stop giving all details just forget it and don't talk about it to anyone 

MANYATAH - bad boys talk about it ...AADHI is a good boy , I know it . So he won't talk about it again .

AADHI - I mom I won't talk about it ...but y was JAGTAH Maama doing it with Maasi ??? Day Dreaming

UDAY AND MANYATH - D'oh  They dint know wat to tell himEmbarrassed

AADHI - he doesn't ask any question as manveer asked him to forget it but many things go on in his mind Day Dreaming

UDAY - k AADHI now get down ...we reached home 

UDAY - he makes AADHI to wear night dress and get him on bed to sleep ? " sleep now , u must be tired" 

AADHI - no ill watch tv for some time 

MANYATAH - AADHI not now ...sleep beta 

UDAY - k princess let him watch for some time 

AADHI - he hugs uday Hug Love u dad 

UDAY - he kisses AADHI on his cheeks n tell " love u junior " 

MNAYTAAH - suddenly while changing channels ...dhoom2 movie comes that  channel aishwarya rai and hrithik smooch scene is coming 

AADHI - dad look at that that only Jagath mama kissed j Maasi ...

MANYATAH - she changes da channel immediately 

UDAY - " oh my god ...kismath karaab hai ..abhi yeh aana tha D'oh

AADHI - mom tell me y is he kissing like that ??? I have even seen in some songs ...that shukaranalla song also ...vijay Maama was watching that song ...even he switched off wen I and Sanju went there 

MANYATHA - baby kids are not supposed to see such things's bad to see such things

AADHI - so are da people bad who does such things???? So j Maasi and Jagath Maama are bad mom?? 

UDAY - AADHI no Maasi is not bad ...Jagath is her to be husband it doesn't matter 

AADHI - I didn't get u dad ...then y mom told me like that 

UDAY - we don't call it bad if a wife and husband does it . U know it's like ...manyatah interrupts him 

MANYATAH - udayy let me answer pls dont tell him all da crap ...y did u tell him like that 

UDAY - k now u enjoy princess , don't ask me to help ..answer him all alone ...even I'll see how ur gonna explain maharani ji 

AADHI - tell me mom 

MANYATAH - no baby I told its bad for kids to watch such things ...ur too young to understand it ...,.ur not supposed to ask some questions...ur not grown up to understand such things ...jus leave them like a good boy  ...u will know it wen u become big

AADHI - how big mom??? Day Dreaming

MANAYTAH - like dad ...

AADHI - k wen I grow up like dad u will tell me about it right 

MANAYTAH - yes baby 

AADHI - k am feeling sleepy ...come mom and dad let us sleep ...he gets a question flashed in his mind Day Dreamingbut couldn't as MNAYATAH tells him 

MANYATAH - AADHI now stop thinking about it and don't ask anything about it ...  Take it out of ur mind a good boy or else mamma will get angry wit u 

AADHI - k mom Disapprove

UDAY - all da three sleep ...AADHI is in between manveer 

AADHI - I can't ask mom ...but I can ask dad I think ...he waits for 15 min till MANAYTAH sleeps ... Slowly he scratches uday 

UDAY - he turns towards his son and is about to ask , AADHI keeps hand on his mouth . Uday gets confused Stern Smile

AADHI - he slowly gets on top of uday on his chest and whispers  in his ears " don't talk loudly will get up and scold me am doing it u to whisper in my ear " 

UDAY - k LOL    " donno wat he will ask now ??? Sleepy " 

AADHI - dad u told wife and husband do it right ...did u kiss mom like that anytime Day Dreaming

UDAY - he gets shocked Shocked 

AADHI - ill sleep on ur chest u whisper me in my ear ...k dad 

UDAY - " oh my god wat a Censored Question ??!!! How should I answer it to u AADHI ... How can I tell it to my son ...god save me Sleepy Ouch " 

AADHI - dad am waiting tell me 

UDAY - no baby I didn't ...nothing like that ...ur a kid ...u won't understand and ur not supposed to ask such things ur mom said a good boy 

AADHI - k dad ...I know u must have not kissed mom ...because I didn't see u doing it anytime ... U both are good I know it ... K dad I won't ask anything now ...I got all clarified ... Bad people do it a good boy...I'll take all that from mind ...good night 

UDAY - good night baby Hug Heart . " thank god somehow I managed ..." 


BRIJRAJ - all da preparation are done properly 

VIJAY - everything is fine uncle just don't worry 

AADHI - mom I dont like this dress

UDAY - today its maasi's SANGEETH  junior ...u will look good in this dress wear it ...even am wearing an indo-western sherwani ...

AADHI - k if ur wearing da same thing I'll also wear 

UDAY - ill get him ready princess , u sit there 

AADHI - he gets ready ...

UDAY - u look sexy AADHI 

MNAYATAH - udayy Angry

UDAY - sorry ...u look very handsome AADHI 

AADHI - he whispers in his ears " dad even u look sexy ...I mean handsome Wink " 

UDAY - Stern Smile " junior Tera grasping power zyada horahahe aaj kal ...come let us go to devgad palace now " 

MANAYATH - u both go down I'll come in 5 min 

UDAY - he sends AADHI down and helps manyatah in draping her Saree and with her jewellary 

MANAYTAH - k now let us go uday 

UDAY - I helped u , I think u owe me a kiss Wink

MANYATAH - really ...I don't think so  . Let us go 

UDAY - princess its just a simple kiss pls 

MANYATAH - k close ur eyes 

UDAY - he closes his eyes Tongue It's been 3 min ...but manyatha doesn't kiss him ...he opens his eyes and gets shocked Shocked

AADHI - he keeps his hands on his hips and tell " dad y r u closing ur eyes and standing like that ??Day Dreaming R u standing and sleeping ?? " 


UDAY - he hears MNAYATAH laughing beside ...he looks at her angrily with a puppy face . " no AADHI am recollecting something " 

AADHI - k dad ...I was waiting down for u both ...since u both dint come ...I came up to check ...k even mom is ready let us leave 

MANYATAH - k AADHI ...pls can u keep this file in dads office room and come to hall . I'll wait for u in hall 

AADHI - surely mom I'll keep it carefully and come ...he runs away 

UDAY - he ignores MANAYATH and takes his car keys and vallet and stuff

MANAYTAH - udayy , she pats on his shoulder

UDAY  - he doesn't reply ... 

MANAYTAH  - she holds uday's collar and start smooching's been 3 min 

UDAY - first he gets shocked at her sudden kissing but later enjoys it . He runs his hands on her bare back and keeps one of his hand on her breasts and squeeze it mildly and give her a passionate kiss

MANYATAH - she slowly keeps her foot on uday's foot and surrounds his neck wit her hands and carasses his hair 

UDAY - he breaks da kiss and tells " princess u look hot in this red Saree " telling this he again starts kissing her on lips ...he moves his hand on her bare Back and other hand on her  bosom and smooch her for 3 more min 

MANYATAH - she pushes uday and pants " I need oxygen uday " 

UDAY - he smiles ... "But ur my oxygen princess , " he kisses her on forehead and tell " I love u princess Heart " Hug Let us leave AADHI must be waiting down 

        Three of them go to devgad place for SANGEETH .


AADHI - first he dances solo on a song ROCKIN ROBIN 

then he dances with Sanju on a song WALKING ON SUNSHINE 

AADHI dances with SAMAY and SULABH on a song TWIST AND SHOUT ... Sanju also joins them in between 

Final song he dances with uday ,vijay and unnathi and j on the song 
" WE ARE FAMILY " . All together rock on da floor ...

UDAY - he takes AADHI and kiss him 

GUEST - oh my god uday ur son is so cute ...adorable ...he danced so well 

GUEST2 -  he is very active ...also well mannered ... He is gonna be a good Yuvraj uday ...

GUEST3 - aadhity Singh is much like a royal ...a perfect royal by his looks and acts 

UDAY - listening all da appreciations about his son from da guests he is on cloud 9 ...he feels proud of his son ... He is elated ... PROUD FATHER 

MANYATAHA - uday pls come down ...stop feeling great about ur son now ...till now he is good  ...donno wat he might do by da end of da party chill honey 

UDAY - ur right princess ...I'll keep an eye on him that he doesn't end up with some mess ...

NOTE -  songs are from kids party express. Kids party dance songs . Listen to them online ...very cute ...then u can imagine AADHI very well .



Small boy who played da son role of kaajal and aamirkhan in fanna movie is playing aadhi's role in SS.u guys must be knowing da small boy from FANAA movie

      So imagine AADHI as the boy from FANAA movie Smile

   Note on pg 101 

            THANK U 

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                          CHAPTER 27

AADHI - j Maasi ...ur looking cute in big dress Smile He tells it in front of guests . (j wears a ghagra as it is her SANGEETH )

UDAY AND VIJAY - they control from laughing LOL Ermm 


J - AADHI Evil Smile 

MANYATAH - in order to prevent AADHI talking something else ...she will take him away saying some cock n bull story to AADHI 

JAGATH - uday thumaara beta ek missile hai ... Oh my god he is chotA dhamaaka 

VIJAY - woh tho hoga aakhir m bhai ka beta Jo hai ... M bhai bhi kuch kum nahi kiya wen she first came to palace LOL

UDAY  - he smiles recollecting all her behaviour ... " I got it now ...AADHI princess pe Gaya  in naughtyness...I didn't ever think about it ..." 


MANYATAH - she keeps HALDI to j ...unnathi Komal menaka also keep her HALDI 

AADHI - dad wat is this HALDI RASAM ...why all are keeping it for j Maasi 

VIJAY - to make ur Maasi fair like ur mom Wink... Kya bolthe hai Uday banna Big smile

UDAY - pls stop it vijay LOL 

AADHI - he runs to Komal and ask her to keep HALDI for him

UNNATHI - y for u AADHI ??Smile

AADHI -- I want to become fair ...I know u all are applying it to Maasi to make her fair like mom ...VIJAY MAAMA told me 


VIJAY - mein tho Gaya Confused 

J - VIJAY' bhaii Angry

VIJAY - he acts as if he got some phone call and leave da place 

MANYATAH  - AADHI go to dad and sit with him ...

AADHI - k mom ...hey j Maasi forgot to tell u .." Dadaaji got me a new series car racing game ...latest Tongue So we shall play it tomorrow ...sleep over ..k " 

J - k AADHI Hug

UNNATHI - kal tho Maasi hamaara Ghar mein nahi rahega ...jagath Maama se Shaadi karke chali jaayega 

AADHI - wat JAGath Maama is gonna take Maasi away from us after marriage tomorrow Disapprove

J - she gets emotional . NOW EVERYONE gets emotional 

AADHI - pls Maasi don't go ...if u go who will play with me n Sanju 

SANJU - bhuaa don't go ...Cry 

KOMAL - she holds j and both get some tears ...Cry

UDAY - AADHI ruladiya na SAB ko

AADHI - but dad wat did I do ?Day Dreaming 

SANJU - uday Maama can't we keep Maasi with us ???Disapprove Day Dreaming

VIJAY - no Sanju and AADHI's our custom ...after marriage girl will leave with her husband to her sasuraal 

AADHI - but Maama see nana Saheb and nani Saheb ...won't they get bored without both mom and Maasi ?Day Dreaming Already mom stays with me and dad at jaigad mansion Maasi will also leave ...Disapprove

KOMAL - listening to AADHI's words she will cry Cry 

AADHI - nani Saheb pls don't cry ...u don't worry ...u wont get bored ...I'll come daily in da evening to devgad palace and play with u

SANJU - yes daadi Saheb ...AADHI bhai and I will play with u 

AADHI - see Sanju will stay with u only ...he wipes Komal tears Disapprove

KOMAL - she hugs AADHI Heart And kisses him on his both palms u beta ...Hug

J - she hugs Sanju and AADHI and later Komal unnathi and MNAYATHa

VIJAY  - j bhai y r u crying ? ...JAGTAH should cry from tomorrow Wink

J - vijay bhaiii...she pinches vijay hard on his hands 

VIJAY - ahaa ...that's like my j bhai stop crying ...Heartboth share a warm hug ... I'll miss u j bhai Cry 

UDAY - he tries to cool environment and tell ... " vijay banna don't worry after j leaves I'll send ur m bhai to maayika ...keep her with u only " Wink

MANYATAH - Stern Smile  She stamps on uday's foot 


J - really udayy !! Smile So devgad ki Ghar jamaaii banne ka iradha hai kya ???Wink

UDAY - what ???  Y would I j ??Stern Smile

UNNATHI J VIJAY - they shout together " because u can't stay without ur princess even for a minute ... Manyatah ka dewaana Jo ho " 

UDAY - he closes his ears ...

VIJAY - hamesha m bhai ke saath chipakthi ho ...

J -   UADY 24 *  7 ...princess princess karthe jiji ke peeche ghoomthe ho ... So obviously if ur sending her to devgad ...I know u will also come with her Wink

MANYATH - she feels shy at their comments Embarrassed

AADHI - nooo Shocked Dad  so u both r planning to shift to devgad palace ... Wat about me ??Disapprove

SANJU - AADHI bhai uday Maama loves u Lot ...he will get u along with u ...we can stay together always Tongue Hug

AADHI - yes Sanju ...we can have fun ...we will even get a new sister to play ...Dancing Party

EVERYONE - they laugh at kids conversation LOL

SAMAY - hey Sanju and AADHI come here . Both Sanju and AADHI run away 


UDAY - AADHI and uday they wear same type and colored sherwanis 

AADHI - dad same pinch ... 

GIRIRAJ - yes both look so cute ...mera chotA RAJKUMAR tho bahuth pyaara lagraha hai ...he lifts AADHI and kisses himHeart

AADHI - Dadaaji not cute , am sexy 

GIRIRAJ - Shocked ... He looks at UADY 

UDAY - out of embarrassment he doesn't face giriraj and look sideways 

GIRIRAJ - he smiles LOL And hugs AADHI Hug " mera waaris , raaj a beta " 

MANYATAH - uday thats y I tell u not to utter such words in front of aadi ...see how frequent he is using it ...

UDAY - take it easy baby ...Winkhe slaps on her bum ...giriraj and AADHI were busy talking to each other and they doesn't see manveer 

MANYATAH - Stern Smile Udayy Embarrassed " besharam ur dad and son r here " 

UDAY - so what ??? Wat did I do ???? Day Dreaming

AADHI - wat dad ??? Day Dreaming

MNAYATH - nothing I'll go and get ready ...seemaji pls come with me 

AADHI - mom u wear choti choti dess like j Maasi ...since these days  She is wearing dresses like u wear daily u wear like her ...Day Dreaming

MANYATAH - Stern Smile

UDAY - LOL " oh my god beta ...u rock ...u asked ur mom  which I didn't dare to  ask   till nowLOL " 

MANAYTAH - udayy yeh SAB thumaara training hai kya Angry...bte  se aise baath karwaathe  hai koi ...

UDAY - princess trust me Disapprove I didn't tell him anything 

AADHI. - mom dad dint tell me it's my idea ... How is it ? Tongue He asks her innocently thinking that he has given her a good idea..

MANATAHA - she gives death glares to Uday 

UDAY - genetics ...after all my DNA princess Wink

MANAYTAH - both of u go to hell leaving bye 

AADHI - ur highness make it fast ...I can't wait for much time 


MNAYATAH - Angry She leaves to get ready ...seemaji and other maids get her ready ... She wears a Meroon Lenga and navy blue dupatta and a red blouse on which blue thread work is done .her Lenga looks exotic ...her attire looks great and excellent with heavy work on it ...

      She looks so beautifull like Greek goddess ...she is about to put her jewellary ...

UDAY  -  he enters room and opens his mouth At da stunning beauty ...that is his own wife who is putting jewellary now 

MAIDS - as they see uday at da door they leave da room 

UDAY - he comes near MANYTAH and stare her from back . " wow she looks like an angel ..." he glances her from top to bottom ...he observes her each and every curve in she looks like Greek goddess" he comes and hugs her from behind

MANYTAAHA - udayy 



   PRECAP - 




UDAY - He slowly he unties her blouse from behind

MANYATHA - udayy , pls ...let me get ready ...

UDAY - he succeeds in untying her blouse ...rubs his hands on her bare back 



AADHI - " y mom and dad dint come yet ? Day Dreaming I'll go and see " 

UDAY - he surrounds MANYTAH's waist with his hands and start kissing on her bare shoulders ...he leaves wet kisses



AADHI. - baaam he opens door of manveer bedroom Shocked Daddd Stern Smile

UDAY - he gets all electrical wibes through out his body Blushing...uskaa waat lagjatha AADHI ke voice sunke ..." god ...Shocked Help me " Embarrassed


MNYATAH - she gets dam shocked . she doesn't even know wat to do ??Confused "Uday  don't move from behind me Back is  bare ,blouse is open Angry " she whispers it to Uday 

UDAY - he starts sweating ...can't move and also can't stand in that position ...Confused Stern Smile

AADHI - Day Dreaming

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                     CHAPTER 28

UDAY -  he slowly comes from Behind and hug manyatah 

MANYATAH -  udayy chodo muje Embarrassed

UDAY - no ways baby Heart HE starts kissing her on neck ...

MNAYATAH - pls udayy Sleepy

UDAY - he doesn't care And moves her hair aside and start kissing her bare back ...he surrounds her waist with his hands and he kisses all over her back and unbuttons her blouse 

MNAYATH - she closes her eyes and carasses uday's palms and holds them 

UDAY  - he is busy kissing his wife madly 

AADHI - " oh my god y mom and dad dint come yet Day Dreaming I'll go and check "  ADHI goes to manveer room ...he is on da way 

UDAY - he is so lost in manyatah n is kissing her on neck and her bare shoulders

MANYATAH - as he unbuttoned her blouse , pallu doesn't stay and it slips down a bit ...MNAYTAH holds it rightly ...udayy 

UDAY - honey leave it ... 

MANYTAH - pls uday ...chodo na Embarrassed

AADHI - he opens door bammm ...daaaddd Stern SmileDay Dreaming

UDAY - he jerks off as he has got some electrical shockStern Smile " god me D'oh?.junior!!!Cry "

MANYATAH - Shocked She holds uday's hands tightly out of tension after hearing her sons voice 

UDAY - he tries to leave MANYATH a

MANYATAH - udayy don't move back is bare ...u unbuttoned my blouse pallu is coming downDisapprove

UDAY - Bhagwan ab mein kyaa Kari ...can't stay and can't move Day DreamingDisapprove

AADHI - dad wat r u doing ?? Y ur behind mom standing like that ...Day Dreaming

MANYATH - AADHI go out for 5 min 

AADHI - mom turn this side wat r u both doing ?? He comes and stands in front of MANYATH  Day Dreaming . He shakes her hand mom 

UDAY - he slowly tries to button her blouse keeping a hand behind her ...he is going mad out of tension 

MNAYTAH - bad manners AADHI ur not supposed come inside wen girls dress up  ...mamma is getting ready ...go out

AADHI - I know mom , but y dad came ?Day Dreaming " dad ur not supposed to come bad manners " 

UDAY - woh beta beta ...I have come to take my cell ...he swallows a lump in his throat out of tension ...he starts sweating ...he is trying to keep button but finds it difficult to do with one hand as he is holding MNAYATAH's pallu with another hand to avoid it from slipping down ...

AADHI - dad move away ...y r u falling on mom ??Day Dreaming He comes near UADY 

UDAY - out of tension he leaves her blouse n pallu 

MNAYATAH - she screams udayyy Stern Smile  , she holds her pallu from front side and shout " both of u get out of room , now " Angry

AADHI - he gets shocked ..." dad come let us go fast " 

UDAY - with a puppy face he leaves da room 

MNAYATH - seemaji can u pls come and help me

SEEMAJI - she comes and buttons her blouse n set pallu ...she smiles as she knew wat happened inside she got manyatha ready her blouse is unbuttoned n her pallu got disturbed 

MAID - she looks at seemaji n both smile at each other ... 

MANYATH - she notices da maids n get embaressed " uday bhi na , even maids got to know Embarrassed " 

AADHI - he looks at uday suspiciously Day Dreaming

UDAY - shaithaan ka bacha y r u looking at me like that ?? Y did u come up ?? Ouch

AADHI - dad I came to check if mom is ready ...what did I do ?? Mom shouted n now ur looking at me angrily Disapprove

UDAY - nothing ...k just sit there will come in 5 min 

AADHI - dad bad manner y did u go inside wen mom is dressing ...that's y mom got angry ...because of u she shouted at me also ...

UDAY - Shocked Aadhiii ... Shaithaan ka bacha 

AADHI - dad ur shaithaan n Am ur son Smile He eats chocolate sitting there 

UDAY -  he stares at AADHI only with puppy face " meraa Poora romance karaabh karke dekha Kaisa chocolate karraha hai , little vamp Angry "  oh my god he scared crap out of me 

AADHI - dad u want chocolate ???Tongue

UDAY - no thanks , u eat nicely...u have to baby eat Disapprove

MANYATAH - she comes down . " k UADY come let us go now "  she looks angrily at UADY 

UDAY - " am dead ...princess is angry with me ...and this vamp nicely eating chocolate ...donno wat doubts he is gonna get ..."

ADHI - come dad 

UDAY - AADHI beta mujse kya dushmani hai ...baap ko Aisa kyu pareshaan kartha hai ...bachpan se wrong timing Disapprove

AADHI - dad y r u murmuring ?? Day Dreaming

UDAY - nothing come let us leav e

      All go for marriage . Marriage is going on ..

MNAYATH - she ignores uday in da party 

UDAY - he will take manyatah into corridor n tell " princess sorry ...wat did I do ???Disapprove Talk to me

MANATH. _ shut up uday ...I was telling u not to ...u should have Atleast locked da room's common sense ...thank god AADHI don't understand anything 

UDAY - princess !!Sleepy

MANYATAH - she catches uday's ear . U always end up with mess ...baap bte dhono meri Jaan ki dushman ho 

UDAY - ahaaa ...

SANJU. - AADHI bhai see MNAYTAHA bhua is beating uday Maama 

AADHI - Shocked Wat!!?  Come let us go there

REPORTER - he hears Sanju telling that 

MNAYTAH - she  hits uday playfully on his chest n slaps on his shoulder

ADHI - mom take it easy pls don't beat dad mom ...I'll explain him not to do it next time 

UDAY a Shocked - junior do u know wat I did ??? 

SANJU - yes AADHI bhai told me

MNAYTAH - wat ?? Stern Smile Uday ...she gets angry n slaps uday on his arms and catches his collar n tell " such a foolish act " 

REPORTER - he clicks da pic wen MAnyatha angrily catches uday's shirt 

AADHI - mom pls don't hit dad time he won't come inside room wen ur dressing 

MANYTAAH - so u were talking about this AADHI ...she feels relieved 

UDAY - thank god ...bachgaya 

AADHI - yes mom I know ur angry with dad n me ...I'll tell dad not to do it

SANJU - yes bhua ...uday Maama will be like a good boy ...we will explains him 


UDAY -  princess look at this little rascal ...he will teach his father manners ...

MANYATAH - seriously u need to learn it from him ...nowadays ur doing all blunders and leaves da place 

UDAY - princess !! Disapprove

AADHI - he feels  proud for saving his father . " dad today I saved u ...but pls don't do it again ... " 

UDAY - Shocked He thinks inside " UADY time bad ...Sleepy Am listening all this from my son ...thank god atleast he dint see me romancing " 

J's marriage  is over and all post marital rituals r done and. Bidaii is done. Next day all go to jagaths place for Pooja . They get j and Jagath. To devgad palace 

UNNATHI  - she arranges room for J's wedding night 

J - now its night time . All had dinner . Jagath is waiting for her in her room 

AADHI - Maasi were r u going ? 

UDAY - AADHI let Maasi go 

VIJAY - bechara Jagath must be waiting Wink

AADHI - Maasi tomorrow ur going to Jagath Maama home na with us today ...come we wil do sleepover 

EVERYONE - Shocked


J - she doesn't know how to react Ouch

MNAYATH  - AADHI not today come with me ...JAGTAH Maama will be wit Maasi today 

VIJAY - after all it's their first wedding night Tongue

SANJU - first weeding night ??????Day Dreaming

UNNATHI - vijay shut up now are here 

UDAY - baby let Maasi go ...I'll play with u today ...good boy ..k 

AADHI - k dad ...good night Maasi 

J - she tells good night and leaves 


AADHI - dad wat does this first weeding night mean ??? Bhua decorated that room so much ...y ? 

MANYATAH - Stern Smile

UDAY - nothing baby's jus that they are gonna stay rogether in a single room ..after marriage best friends ...

AADHI - k like u n mom stay in single room ...

UDAY - ya ... Wife n husband stay together in a room 

AADHI - dad even mom and u also had the room decorated on first wedding night ??? Day Dreaming

UDAY - Shocked    He feels awkward 

MANYATAH - " oh my god us " 

AADHI - mom tell me ...

UDAY - yes baby it's a ritual ...

AADHI - k u n mom are best friends 

MANYATH.  - yes baby , now sleep ...

AADHI - k am sleeping ...good night 

UDAY - manyatah ... Am dying with AADHI by day he is asking all new doubts 

MANYATAH - huh uday ... Donno wat to do With this little rascal 

UDAY - u should have seen j face wen he asked for sleepover LOL

MNAYATH - It was funny ROFL

      Afte two months ( MANYTAHA is 7 months pregnent now ) 

        As MANYTAAH is pregnent uday takes care of AADHI more . 

UDAY - he gets most desirable person of India mahasabha keeps a small party for all royals . 

AADHI - dad wen we have ur award party ? 

UDAY - Tomorrow baby 

AADHI - k ...I'll tell Sanju n come 

MANAYTAH - so Congrates uday. 

UDAY - he hugs her n tell " thanks darling " 

     Sorry guys I know its a small I don't feel like working on it ...sorry Sleepy . Next update will be a lengthy one ...I promise ...

Thanks everyone for ur comments .pls hit like button and post comments if. Like it . Thank u 


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                         CHAPTER 29

UDAY - princess tomorrow we have a mahasabha party ...

MANYATAH - I know uday ... U got most desirable person of da party is to honour u ...I heard it wen dad was talking to u...

UDAY - K were is this AADHI ...I have to teach him few things before we attend da party ...

MANYATAH - yes uday ...I already told him how to behave ...still u explain him ...especially to handle that media 

GIRIRAJ - he throws paper on table and ask " uday wat is thi ?? "

UDAY - he looks at da paper Nd gets shocked Stern Smile   MANYTAHA holding uday's collar pic has been printed in paper Shocked

MANYATAH - UADY Ouch   Sleepy , it's written " royal cat fight , jaigad royal couple disputes " 

GIRIRAJ - do handle that uday leaving for a meeting

UDAY - yes dad I'll clear this off

MANAYTAH - uday am sorry ...Sleepy I didn't know 

UDAY - princess its k ...I'll handle it's nothing new for us ...this media is always around us ...he hugs manyatah and tells " ur tummy has become too big ,am finding it difficult to hug u darling " 

MANYTAH -  udayy , 7 th month mein huge hi hoga ...

UDAY - woh tho hai ...I just can't wait for two more months little princess will come out Tongue He kisses on her tummy 

( they came to know its a girl from X-ray uncle revealed it )

AADHI - so dad my sister is gonna come for my next birthday ??Day Dreaming

UDAY - yes AADHI , by da time she will be a two months baby ...

AADHI - wow Party

UDAY - baby I'll tell u three points do remember k 

AADHI - k dad pls tell me

UDAY - he teaches his son three points ...

AADHI - he understands them clearly . " k dad done " 

UDAY  - Smile That's like a good boy ...

MANYATAH - she sits in sofa

AADHI - he lifts her legs and keep on sofa

MANYATAH - AADHI Stern Smile Baby how did u know this ??

ADHI - mom I have seen dad many times helping u to sit n sometimes help to keep ur legs up even I did it 

UDAY - princess deka hamaara Yuvraj ko ...he is becoming responsible 

AADHI - he gets a juice n apple for MANYAATH .." moms it's evening ..ur juice time ...have it " 

UDAY  - he feels proud of his son Thumbs Up,as he is taking care of his mom

MANAYATH - she hugs AADHI n kisses him " love u baby sweet of u Heart " 


AADHI - he plays with all his age RAJKUMAR'S along with Sanju 

UDAY - he receives da award for da polo ...and also da title desirable person of India

MAHASABHA - it's proud to have a maharaj like uday ...a young dashing n intelligent person 

UDAY - he goes on to da stage with AADHI to take his award 

     now music is played and everyone is busy dancing .

MANYAAH  - UADY n MANAYTAH stands near bar counter n speak ...due to sound MNYATAH doesn't hear uday's words

UDAY - so uday bends down n speaks to her in ear

AADHI - while playing he looks at uday ..." god dad is kissing mom ...I won't allow him ... My mom I'll only kiss" he rushes to uday 

VIJAY - uday banna thoofan is coming Wink 

UNNATHI - donno wat doubt he got now ...look at his face ...he looks like ready to attack 

AADHI - dad wat r u doing ???Angry
     Music is off suddenly as someone stamps on da wire aadhi's voice can be heard to everyone 

UDAY - wat ?? 

AADHI - he shouts " don't kiss mom dad ...cheating ur doing it wen am not there " 

EVERYONE - they turn and look at AADHI n uday Shocked

UDAY - junior!!!! D'oh Ouch

MNAYATAH - Embarrassed Confused

UNNATHI - oh my god everyone heard it ...Shocked

VIJAY - he tries to cover da situation n tell " no AADHI as music is loud dad is speaking to mom in ears ...not as ur thinking "

AADHI - really dad???Day Dreaming

UDAY - yes AADHI pls go and play now Ouch

EVERYONE - ROFL They doesn't mind as AADHI is a kid . But uday gets embaressed in front of all mahasabha members 

J - she comes to uday and tell " hero waat lagi ?Wink

VIJAY N JAGATH - LOL  Udayy thumaara beta tho baap se zyada katharnaak Nikla 

J - udayy so u kiss jiji in front of AADHI only ...

UDAY - Angry   Jj

MANYATAH - j stop it now he is kid ...

VIJAY - m bhai look at uday's face LOL 

UDAY - vijay banna pls stop it or else I'll call AADHI n u know wat he will do to u ...shall I ????

VIJAY - noo Confused Pls save me from ur son m bhai Disapprove

JAGATH - y r u scared of AADHI 

J - because he called vijay bhai gay once 

EVERYONE - ROFL Unnathi manyatha j  uday n Jagath laugh 

Guarav  - he is friend  of AADHI ...a RAJKUMAR ...he drags teddy from Sanju 

SANJU - she starts crying " AADHI bhai ...gaurrav snatched my poo " ( teddy -poo ) 

AADHI -  " don't cry Sanju I'll get it " . He goes to gaurrav n catches his collar 

J - uday ..jiji everyone ...look there ...AADHI is beating that guy

UDAY - oh nooo Ouch 

AADHI - how dare u to take my sisters teddy ...u jerk ...he punches him in hi s stomach 

UDAY - AADHI stop it 

UNNATHI - AADHI don't fight 

ADHI - he takes teddy from gaurrav and gives it to Sanju 

GAURAV - AADHI that's mine ...ur  sis took it from me ...she said she won't give it so I snatched it

UNNATHI - Sanju wat is this ?? Angry

MANYATAH - AADHI give back his teddy to him 

AADHI - pls dad mom bhua wait ...just a minute he talks to "listen GAURAV I didn't ask u whose teddy is it ?? Wen my sister wats something she will get it ...I don't mind whose is that ?? Never dare to come around her again u get it ?? I'll send u a new teddy ...dont worry carefull I shoul not find u around Sanju again , I won't spare u ..." 

UDAY MANYTAH UNNATHI VIJAY - they gets dam shocked at aadhi's conversation with GAURAV Shocked

AADHI - he wipes sanju's tears and tell " don't cry for anything Sanju ...if u want anything come and tell me I'll give u " ...Hug

SANJU - thanks bhaii , she hugs himHeart

UNNATHI - AADHI u shouldn't have done that ...that was guaravs teddy ...u should have explained it to Sanju rather then beating GAURAV 

MANVEER - yes beta's not a good thing 

ADHI -  sorry mom dad n bhua ...but am not gonna listen really sorry ... Wen my sister wants something she will get it Any cost ...I don't care for others , I can't tolerate if some moron comes and make my sister cry ...he should have asked her politely and taken it ...but he snatched it ..

UNNATHI -Sanju give teddy back to GAURAV 

SANJU - no mom I won't 

VIJAY - Sanju just give it 

SANJU - she hugs AADHI " bhaii see dad is shouting at me Sleepy " 

AADHI - pls vijay Maama I'll talk to her .." Sanju listen to me " 

UNNATHI - dada he is behaving like u wen u were kid ...u used to fight with others for me Wen we were kids

UDAY - yes choti ... 

AADHI - Sanju give that teddy to GAURAV ...u need not use da second hand piece , I'll get u da best teddy ...

SANJU - k bhaii as u tell me I'll do it ...she gives away da teddy to GAURAV 

AADHI - he points finger  at GAURAV and tell " now leave ...I think u got ur teddy ...don't come in front of me again ...hey u ,tell sorry to my sister and leave " 

GAURAV - sorry Sanju Sleepy He runs away getting scared of AADHI 

MNAYTAAH - yeh kya hai AADHI ur behaving like rowdy ...don't do it ...tell sorry to GAURAV 

AADHI - sorry mom ...u know that fellow doesn't deserve it ...he made my sister cry ...if u want me to ...I'll tell sorry for u ,but I don't like to mom ...

SANJU - bhua I don't want my bhaii to tell sorry to someone ...if u want I'll tell sorry to GAURAV ...not bhaii

UDAY - choti dekho yeh dono 

VIJAY - k u both go and play there 

AADHI AND SANJU - they go and play in da kids zone 

UNNATHI - daada oh my god ...AADHI is so protective and possessive about Sanju 

MANYATAHH - and look at Sanju she is so stubborn ...she doesn't like her brother to apologise to someone ...

VIJAY - another choti n uday ...juniors 

J - yes jiji ... Uday and unnathi were like that wen they were kids . Uday thumaara beta tho bilkul thumaara jaisa ... 

UDAY - he smiles

REPORTERS - they surround AADHI n ask questions 

AADHI - he looks at uday 

UDAY - he has A drink in his hand ...with other hand he shows AADHI his 2nd finger 

AADHI  - he tells media " it's personally issue , I don wanna discuss about it " 

REPORTER - he asks another question 

AADHI - he looks at uday ...

UDAY - he shows his first finger ...its their code language home uday teaches three points ...point 2 he indicated with his 2nd finger  ... Now point one with his first finger

AADHI - he answers after seeing uday's first finger . He tells " am so happy ..I would love to ... "

REPORTES - they ask another question ...uday shows his third finger to AADHI now

AADHI - no comments pls ...I have some work pls excuse me ...thank u Smile

MNAYTAAHH - udayy pinch me once he my son ??? Like a matured guy he is answering media like an expert 

VIJAY - m bhaii  uday signalled AADHI from here ...u dint observe it 

UNNATHI - really daada !!! But he directly dint look at u u guys managed ?? 

VIJAY - unnathi it's maharaj  uday veer sing , I don't think anything is impossible for him

J - and da other side is Yuvraj adhithy sinng , uday ka beta after all ...same blood line ...they can manage 

JAGTAH - born to rule 

AAADHI - dad  " was that k ?? " Tongue

UDAY - perfect beta ...u followed my instructions very well ...Hug

MAHASABHA MEMBERS - giriraj ur grandson is so well mannered and intelligent 

ANOTHER MHARAJ - he is so young and cleverly manged media ...he is very sharp and attractive 

MAHASABHA MEMBER - yes UADY beta ,ur son is so active n adorable ...he acts like a perfect royal .he will prove to be a good Yuvraj ...

GIRIRAJ - he feels proud of AADHI 

MAHASABHA - they are so impressed with AADHI and gives him a title " CHARMING CHILD "  in royal section . 

MANVEER  - they feel very happy n proud of AADHI 

AADHI - he is so excited about his title and da gift 

     Party gets over and all go to devgad palace . 

VIJAY - m bhai ...pathi desirable person n beta charming child ...Congrates

MANYATAH - thanks vijay bhaii 

 Now manyatha  Is 9 months pregnent .
UDAY - he gets AADHI ready for school and is about to leave after breakfast 

MANYATAH - she gets pain in her stomach ...she holds her tummy and sit on da chair Ouch

AADHI - k mom bye am going to school ...he kisses manatah on her cheeks 

UDDAY - k princess I'll leave him in school n go to office ...I'll call u take care 

MANAYTAH - udayy ...Disapprove

UDAY - princess !! R u ok ? Disapprove

MANYATAH - she gets more pain ...she is in labour ...ahaa uday I think it's coming 

UDAY - wat !!!? Shocked

AADHI - mom wats coming ??? Wat happened y ur crying ??Day Dreaming

UDAY - he shouts for maids n take MANYTAAH into arms , princess just bear it ...we will reach hospital in 10 min 

MANYATA - ahaa uday's pAining more ... Like hell ...ahaaa Cry

UDAY - he rushes with manyatah into car ...AADHI follows him ..." AADHI u stay here at palace only ...bhua will come n pick u up " 

AADHI - dad I'll come with u pls ...he cries Cry Mom 

UDAY - beta pls u stay here 

AADHI - he cries badly 

MANYATAH - ahaa uday ...she clutches his shirt ... " let him come " 

UDAY - k AADHI sit in front ...driver soon take da car ...with MANYTAHA uday sits in back seat 

AADHI - on d way in car he finds MANYTAAH dying wit pain ...AADHI gets worried Day Dreaming He turns back and look at MNAYTAH and cry Cry ..." mom don't cry give pain killer to mom ...that day u told me na " 

UDAY - princess in 5 min we will be in hospital sweatshirts worried badly ...looking at MNAYTAAH in pain uday gets tears from his eyes ...

UNNATHI Komal - they wait near hospital , they take AADHI as soon as he comes to hospital 

UDAY - while lifting MANYTAHA he gets shocked , Shocked Tears start flowing down his eyes

MNYATAH - as her water broke and since it's been long time ...she starts bleeding ...her down part is drenched with blood 

UDAY - " princess u should have told me before only wen ur pains started "  he gets worried looking at da blood

AADHI - looking manyatah in blood he  cries " mom" and faints down 

MANYATAYH  - she is in labour  , in pain 

DOCTOR - she takes her inside ...

UDAY - doctor she is bleeding ...Cry 

DOCTOR - dont worry we will do c section she started bleeding we can't wait for her contractions as its harmfull to manyatah 
 PLS sign these papers mr Singh 

UDAY - why ???? 

DOCTOR - its a formality for operation 

MNAYATAH - they take her into operation theatre ...uday also goes along with her ...

DOCTOR - operation is success ...finally little princess come out ..

UDAY - he feels out of world Dancingand goes mad with happiness after seeing his daughterParty

DOCTOR - she gives baby to uday ...

UDAY - he gets tears in his eyes looking at his daughter..." doctor how is my wife ??? Is she ok ??Disapprove " 

DOCTOR - she is fine mr sing ...but due to blood loss she is so weak ...also she had a c section ...she should take bed rest till 2 months ...u have To be very carefull with her ...hope u understood wat am telling about ??? 

UDAY - yes doctor ...we will take care of it 

DOCTOR - mr sing , no physical contact wit ur wife for 2 months ...she is so weak ...

UDAY - surely doctor I won't ... Pls can u send ur highly qualified nurses to jaigad palace for 3 months to take care of my wife and daughter

DOCTOR - surely ...we will 

UDAY - thank u doctor 

MANYATAH - she is given anesthesia so she is still not in conscious 

UDAY - he kisses MANYATA on her forehead 

FAMILY MEMBERS - all come and look da new born and bless both mother and daughter

AADHI - he comes into room wit j 

UDAY - AADHI ...look at ur sister 

AADHI - he gets excited Dancing . He looks at MNAYTAHA . He keeps his hands on her cheeks n tell " mom get up , y ur sleeping " 

UDAY - baby mom will get up in a while ...don't disturb 

AADHI - dad y my sister is so small can I play with her ???Day Dreaming

UNNATHI - she is just born so she is small

AADHI - dad give her to me , I'll catch her

UDAY - no baby ur so young u can't hold her 

AADHI - he makes puppy face Day Dreaming

UDAY - come AADHI sit beside me and see her

AADHI - he sits beside uday Tongue And looks at his siter awfully "  dad she is so cute and tiny , like Barbie doll " 

SANJU - yes AADHI bhai she is like angel fair

AADHI - I think they kept HALDI for her also 


AADHI - he is about to touch her ...uday stops him

UDAY - first take da sanitizer and clean ur hands ...then touch her ...otherwise she will get infection

AADHI - k dad ...he will clean n come ... " dad she is so soft , am scared she is so tiny Nd sensitive how many days to go play with her Day Dreaming " 

UDAY - after an yearLOL

KOMAL - uday she looks like u and manyatah 

J - eyes and nose Are like manyatah 

UNNATHI - forehead and lips are like daada 

GIRIRAJ - yes wen she smiles she looks like uday in da chin part 

VIJAY - but most of da features are like manyatah ...on da whole she looks like MANYTAAH 

J - 80% she looks like  jiji and 20% like uday 

UNNATHI - ya that's true ...

UDAY - thank  god atleast  my 2nd child  looks like princess or else she would kill me

VIJAY - LOL Yes already m bhai is angry that AADHI looks like u ...

J - yes uday ...thum bachgaya ...or else u would try for 3 rd child Wink

UDAY - Embarrassed Jjj




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