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         CHAPTER 15

MANYATAH - She  wakes up in da morning , she doesn't find uday and AADHI beside her ." we're did they both go ? " 

UDAY - he jus opens door " good morning honey Heart    , so u woke up finally

MANYATAH  - she looks at clock , it's 10 am ...oh my god uday it's 10 , I didn't even realise . She tries to get down da bed in hurry 

UDAY - princess slowly , he comes and holds her and gives a peck on her lips.

MNAYATAH - she doesn't concentrate much on uday , her eyes are searching for her son 

UDAY - AADHI is down , he had breakfast pls atleast look at ur husband who is infront of uOuch

MANYAATH - oh sorry uday , she hugs him 

UDAY - he doesn't hug her back and move her aside , nowadays ur not caring for me princess , beta Jo aagaya pathi ko boolgayaSleepy

MANYATAH - uday , it's not like that . What made u feel so ... It's not that don care ...I love u uday 

UDAY - princess LOL

MANYATAH - uday so u were trying to pull my leg , very bad .Angry

UDAY - I know baby u love me , but at times I get jealous of AADHI ...
MANYATAH - udayy stop behaving like a kid now , ur husband and he is son . Both are equal to me ... 

UDAY - I know it darling , but don u think ur much worried about AADHI these days . Always behind him . Aunty Komal is taking care of him , so u stay cool . Jus take care of my daughter now 

MNAYATAHA - uday , how u can tell that it's a baby girl 

UDAY - after all am da father , I can feel it

MNAYATH - really ..  K let us see

UDAY - see princess , it will be a baby girl and she will be like u , 

MNAYATH - hope so uday , AADHI tho bilkul thumaara jaisa hai . Atleast my 2nd should be like me 

UDAY - yes she will be Hug He kisses her on cheeks and on her tummy  

AADHI - mom , he comes and hugs her 

UDAY - he thinks inside " wrong time junior "  he keeps a puppy face And looks at MANYTAAH


AADHI - seemaji get food inside .mom naani Saheb told to eat it 

UDAY - yes princess finish off ur breakfast 

MANYATAH - kk , I'll 

UDAY - k princess now am going to office have some work . EVVENING we are going to our new restro bar 

MNAYATAH - k uday I'll be ready 

AADHI - dad I'll also come 

MANYATAH - no baby , u can't 

AADHI - y ?Shocked

MANYATAH - because ur so young . Kids  are not allowed to pub 

AADHI - now wat is that ? Y don they allow ? 

MANYAATH - it's a rule baby . That's it 

AADHI - I make rules and break rules , I don follow any rules ...after all it's UDAY RESTRO BAR's dads so I think I can come 

MANYATAH AND UDAY - they are shocked at their sons answer Shocked

MANYATAH - shut up AADHI , ur becoming arrogant . Rule is rule for all . Because ur son of uday u don't have any horns . Ur like any other kid , so need to follow rulesAngry

UDAY - yes baby u need to follow beta ... It's so called discipline

AADHI - k dad sorry . I'll not talk like this next time 

SANJU - AADHI bhai come down soon , am waiting for u ...we will play come soon 

AADHI - k mom am going , sorry mom don be angry wit me . I'll do as u tell me to 

UDAY - k AADHI I'll take u to da evening baby 

AADHI  - really dad love u Silly He kisses both uday n manyatah n leave

MANYATAH - uday now what's that , ur spoiling him . No u have spoiled him ...see how he is speaking ...jus like u KASMAANUKHANA 

UDAY - beta tho baap pe hi jayega na 

MANYATAH - thats true , both are arrogant RAJKUMAR'S 

UDAY - no baby , AADHI is not spoiled . He listened to us n apologized immediately . He is a good boy . He can come wit us , not a problem ...we can manage .. Today pub close ...only we family members n few friends will go 

MANYAATH - I know that , mera beta is a good boy and disciplined . Sometimes he behaves like this that to only because of u , you pamper him a lot 

UDAY - now what to do , I can't help it . I pamper both mother and son Wink After all u both are my weakness

GIRIRAJ - beta uday I need to talk to both u n MANYATH , pls come down 


GIRIRAJ - everyone pls listen , am gonna declare uday as maharaj after 2 days in mahasabha . I'll handover it legally and pass him all rights . After a month we will leave to jaigad for da coronation .

DS - am so happy giriraj ! Uday beta Congrates ..



AADHI - Dadaaji , he jumps over him and both hug each other 

GIRIRAJ - so how r u Yuvraj adhithy veer Singh 

AADHI - wat !!?  Am RAJKUMAR hai na dada Saheb 

GIRIRAJ - in 2  days , u will be Yuvraj as ur dad is gonna be maharaj 

AADHI - he hugs giriraj and kisses  him 

     AFTER 2 days legally uday and manyatah are declared as maharaj and maharani of jaigad . After a month traditional coronation is declared in jaigad .

      After a week at devgad palace . 

MNAYATAH - she runs behind AADHI , she Catches him . Now listen to me and come down , u little rascal 

AADHI - mom , am Yuvraj of jaigad now . So pls don call me a rascal .

MANYATH - really , so am Maharrani now jus obey wat I tell u 

ADHI - k maharani ji , they both come down 

SANJU - AADHI bhai I don't have a blue frock , today I  have friends birthday , she told me to wear blue one 

UNNATHI  - Sanju  I ordered a dress baby , it will be in 10 min 

AADHI - bhua I think Sanju can wear j Maasi dress , she has a blue dress . After all Maasi wears short dresses like Sanju only 

EVERYONE - they laugh at aadhi's words ROFL

J - u little vamp wait am coming for u ...she runs behind AADHI 

AADHI - he runs to BRIJRAJ  and hold him , " NANAJI  save me " 

J - she catches aadhi's ear , wat did u tell u little rascal

UNNATHI  - j leave his ear 

J - oh I forgot yeh uday ka beta isliye yeh SAB bolra ha , she storms away from there 


UDAY - k AADHI come wit me , will go up 

AADHI - k dad come let us go n c wat her highness ,sorry our maharani ji is doing 

UDAY - he smilesLOL

MNAYATAH - so both came finally 

UDAY - he is still laughing at that J's incident 

AADHI - mom y j Maasi wears her childhood dresses , can't she buy new dresses 

MNAYATH  AND UDAY - they laugh like hellLOL

AADHI - mom y r u both laughing 

MNAYATH - no baby , those are not her childhood dresses . She wears such kind of short dresses 

AADHI - they y don't u wear such dresses mom 

UDAY - Shocked   Beta mom likes these type of dresses ( jeans , sarees ,salwars)  so she wears like these dresses

AADHI - k ... Dad  we shall play now , u both go n hide I'll catch u both 

UDAY - k I'll play but mom won't 

MANYATAH - uday I'll also fine ...still am a 3 weeks pregnent so I can ...pls don give me patient feeling 

UDAY - k baby but be carefull , AADHI jus don jump on mom or take her wit force 

AADHI - k dad , now go n hide 

UDAY AND MANYATH - they hide behind curtain 

UDAY - he slowly kisses MAnyaths back , place his hands inside her bare waist n start kissing on her neck

MNAYATH - uday stop it wat if AADHI comes 

UDAY - pls princess jus let me , He hugs her from behind tightly and gives a love bite on her shoulder Heart

MANAYATH - she pushes uday , AADHI comes and catches them 

AADHI - dad n mom I caught u both , he jumpsClap

UDAY - Junior now come  and sleep , it's time to sleep . 

AADHI - AADHI lies between MANYATH and uday  , he sleeps on MANYAATH 

UDAY - he drags AADHI 

AADHI - dad I wanna sleep wit mom , pls let me . U always kiss mom n sleep wit her ...I don't like it ..she is my mom , I don't like anyone kissing her , even u dad 

UDAY - Shocked AADHI !!!

AADHI - dad i saw u kissing mom behind that curtain wen u were hiding ,and mom pushed u because she know that I doesn't like it n only AADHI can kiss his mom , now dad move away and sleep that  side , or else I'll tell Dadaaji 

MNAYATHA - she laughs and looks at udayLOL

UDAY - really AADHI , if she is ur mom then she is my wif e. I can kiss her 

AADHI - no not at all , he hugs manyatah and tell uday " no she is only my mom " 

UDAY  - AADHI she is ur mom , ur right ,also my wife ...before she is ur mother she became my wife

AADHI - mom c how dad is telling , mom tell him u like me more than dad 

MANYATH - UADY y ur fighting wit. Kid ... AADHI I like u more Than uday , she kisses him 

UDAY - she is lying AADHI , she loves me more than u 

AADHI - he gets irritated 

MNAYATH - k AADHI I like u both equally , k baby " mamma love u n pappa a lot " she kisses AADHI on his lips n kisses uday on his hands 

AADHI - k dad now u can kiss mom then 

UDAY - he close aadhi's eyes n kiss MANYATH on lips 

AADHI - dad y r u closing my eyes 

UDAY - AADHI sleep now 

AADHI - he hugs manyatah and puts his head on her chest n keep legs on uday and sleep 

UDAY - princess this rascal is becoming pain in my ass these days 


UDAY - k sleep now , he kisses AADHI and manyatah on forehead and all sleep .
 MANAYTAH  - She wakes up in da morning and wakes up AADHI  and uday ,SHE TAKES AADHI and gets him ready for school 

AADHI - he takes a file from manyatah and starts running , I like da colour mom ...nice blue

MNAYATH - AADHI give it to me , I'll give u blue colour file Give  that to me , she runs behind him for file 

AADHI - he hides behind sofa and watch her 

MNAYATHA - she bumps into Uday , ahaa 

UDAY - princess !! Y r u running like this , ur not suppose toStern Smile

MNAYATH - she moves away from  uday and start running for AADHI 

UDAY - oh my god look at her , how she is running " princess ur giving me heart attack " 

MANYATAH - she finds AADHI and take file  from him . She lifts him and puts him on table and catch his both hands " wait ur becoming naughty , am gonna send u to hostel " 

AADHI - sorry mo. I won do it 

UDAY - princess did u know how crazily u were running , 

MANYATH - that was an important file uday , see this rascal now is he smiling wickedly . She sits in sofa and is panting 

UDAY - he gives her some water , I'll take care of it now . Pls u sit here . He takes file from AADHI and send him to school .

MANYATAH  - finally thoofan chalagaya 

UDAY  - ya successfully , oh my god he is becoming so naughty princess . Pls u stop running behind him , let it be a riyasath file or anything jus don run like that . Nothing is important for me more than u n da baby , he tells touching her tummy and kissing her on cheek . 


GIRL - she falls on uday and kiss him 



MANYATH - shut up uday jus don talk 

UDAY - princess listen 

MNAYATH - jus don't talk u jerk , she holds AADHI and leaves da place 

UDAY  - pls listen to me manyatah 

MANYATH  - leave my way uday , she holds his collar and cries n tells " u cheat , I hate u " ...she leaves wit AADHI 

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                       CHAPTER 16

UDAY - he goes to office as usual , his main office will be in uday nivas 

YUVRAJ ABHINAV SINGH - he is yuvraj of rathnagiri . he is rival of uday , he hates uday to core . He wants to become head of mahasabha , but giriraj becomes head of it ,also in business also uday tops ...uday gets best industrialist award last year .he doesn't find any way to defeat uday in anything . He knows his weakness is his wife MANAYATH and his son . He wants to ruin uday's name and top mahasabha .so he makes a plan to get uday into trouble

VIVEK - he is uday's personal assistant (pa) from past 5 Years . Now ABHINAV Singh somehow manages uday's assistant Vivek to ruin uday's reputation and get him into troubles .he bribes Vivek to execute his evil plan in getting uday into trouble 

ABHINAV SINGH - " so maharaj udayveer Singh , u will have bad days from now . Ur weakness is yuvrani MANAYATH of devgad , ur dear wife right I'll see that u both get separated and it becomes big issue in mahasabha .ill spoil ur reputation " Angry

VIVEK - that day in the afternoon he mixes some sleeping pill in uday's food . Uday will have his lunch in his uday nivas , daily in his personal suit . 

UDAY - as usual today also he goes to have his lunch , he finishes it . He feels dizzy and calls Vivek 

VIVEK - sir pls u lie down on bed , I'll get doctor ,he goes out n gives evil smileThumbs Up

UDAY - he sleeps on da bed , sleeping pills work now . He goes into deep sleep not in his senses .

VIVEK - as per his plan he gets a girl and make her lie beside UADY , he removes uday shirt make him lie on the bed beside her , now he thinks to take pics but he stops as he gets call that manyatah is coming up , he runs away from da room and calls and informs ABHINAV .

AABHINAV - " oh shit this MANAYATH y did she come now  , even this is good for us . Instead of seeing pics she will see love show . Now misunderstandings will arise . Both will fight and end up wit a mess . Die to this jaigad and devgad will become weak in mahasabha and I can become head of it " , he gives an evil smileEvil Smile 

UDAY - he gets up and sits on da bed . His head is spinning and it's pAining . He looks at himself " what !?  Where is my shirt Day Dreaming, " he looks aside and gets horrified Shocked , a girl lies beside him nude under blanket . he gets shocked 

MANYATH - she opens door and gets shocked at da sight Shocked , she shouts " udayyy Cry , ". She starts crying Broken Heart

UDAY - he sees MNAYATAH infront of him , he slowly gets up . Still he feels dizzy . But slowly he comes to MNAYATHA who is weeping .princess listen to me I donno wat happened 

MANYATH - she shouts at top of her voice " uday shut up , u donno wat happened ? " she points at his bare chest were lipstick marks are left , also on his neck were love bytes are given .

UDAY - he looks shocked at them Shocked, princess trust me 

MANYATAH  - jus don talk uday , till now I did that only . I trusted u uday Cry , she catches his hands  cries and ask " uday how can u do this to me ?"  she sits down on da floor and hides her head in between her legs and start crying babdly 

UDAY  - he couldn't see her in that state , he is feeling bad and his heart is almost bleeding . " what is this ? What happened "  he is unable to understand what happened , also he is a bit drowsy 

GIRL (who slept beside uday ) - she gets up from bed and tell " sorry uday I don't know ur wife would come at this time " . She wraps herself in blanket and go to washroom and change her dress and leave room fastly 

UDAY - princess pls listen to me , don cry ...I really donno wat is all this , I donno exactly wat happened ...u know I love u a lot manyatah ...

MANYATH  - now pls stop it uday , don't lie . CryIf u really love me u wouldn't  sleep wit other girl Cry

UDAY - princess Broken Heart Shocked , he gets tears in his eyes

MNAYATH - she gets up and leaves from da place 

UDAY - he goes behind her but he feels a bit dizzy and sits in a sofa in da lounge For sometime . After sometime he gets up and comes into all senses, he recollects what all happened . He finds out from maid that manyathA is at home and he rushes to jaigad palace . 

MANYATAH  - it s 7pm in da evening , she is packing her luggage 

UDAY  - he rushes into his bedroom and finds manyatah packing her luggage . Manatyath what r u doing ? 

MANYATAH - she doesn't answer him , she keeps on packing her dresses 

UDAY - he comes to manyatah and holds her hands tightly and tell " MANYATAHA am talking to u dammit answer me "  , he realises he is hurting her and leaves .

MANYATH - tears are flowing from her eyes continuously , she is calm Cry

UDAY - princess if u get angry scold me , he takes her palms and hits his face , " beat me princess , but pls don stay calm like this , it's piercing my heart princessCry

MANYATH - she tells " am leaving UADY , now u can enjoy ur life as u like , no one will be there to stop u " 

UDAY - princess pls trust me I really donno wat happened , pls don leave . I can't live without u , let me explain 

MANYATH - she shouts at top of her voice " no udayyy I dont wanna listen anymore " 

AADHI - mom wat happened y r u shouting 

MNAYATH - miss rosy pls keep this luggage in car 

AADHI - r we going somewhere mom , u dint tell me 

MANYATH - AADHI jus keep quiet for a while . Not a word now Angry

AADHI - papa Sleepy

UDAY - princess wat did AADHI do? Y r u shouting at him? 

MANYATH - now don't teach me how to behave wit my son , stay away from him 

UDAY  - ur son Shocked    Princess now ur very angry , jus listen to me . Don't make any decisions in haste 

MNAYATH - she takes AADHI into her arms And starts moving 

UDAY - princess pls listen 

MANYATHA - uday pls leave my way , let me go 

UDAY - wit tears in his eyes " MANYAATH pls jus give me. Chance , I can prove it that am innocent " 

MANYATH - she catches uday collar and tell " u cheat , I hate u "  I don't need to know anything , I have seen everything wit my own eyes 

UDAY - pls listen manyatAh , he tries to take AADHI from her 

MNAYATHA - now dont touch my son udayy 

UDAY - he is my son too MNAYATAH , u jus can't take him away from me 

AADHI - he starts crying " mom and dad y r u both shouting at each other , am scared Cry

MNAYATH - she takes AADHI and starts walking  " no baby don't cry , we are not fighting baby ...don't cry " , she wipes aadhi's tears . She hears a sound of a broken crystal and turns back 

UDAY - he hits a crystal statue in anger , his hand starts bleeding 

MANAYATH - she puts  AADHI down and takes first aid box and rushes to uday . She holds his hand . Uday pushes her hand but she holds it tightly and dresses his wound and bandages his hand wit tears flowing continuously from her eyes 

UDAY - he too has tears in his eyes and looks at ,anything wen she was dressing his wound . He hugs her and tells " pls don leave manyatah , I can't stay without u both ..pls " 

MANYATH - he pushes him away, " it's over Uday " 

 UDAY - he looks shocked at her Shocked

MANYTAHA - she takes AADHI and leaves 

ADHI - mom were are we going ? Why is daddy not coming . He shouts " daddy come wit us , y ur not coming ?    Papa papa " 

UDAY - Adhi's voice calling for him hurts uday a lot . His heart is broken into million pieces .


AADHI -  it's nigh time , both AADHI and manyatah are ready to sleep . Wen MANAYATHA is in washroom AADHI calls uday . He sobs and talks to uday " dad am missing u , pls come to me ...what happened dad y mom is so angry wit u Cry " 

UDAY - hearing all this from his son he gets teary , he controls himself and tells " beta don worry everything will be ok , jus 2 days baby ..don't u trust ur dad ? " 

AADHI - I trust u dad , I love u 

UDAY - love u baby , listen to whatever mom tells . Be a good boy baby , don give stress to mom . 

AADHI - k dad I'll be a good boy .he finds MANAYATH out of washroom and keeps phone aside

UDAY - beta hello hello , he is about to cut phone but hears MNAYATHAs voice and holds it back 

MANYATH - AADHI u dint sleep Yet baby 

AADHI - no mom am waiting for u , mo. Wat happened r u ok? 

UDAY - now listening to it he gets worried 

MNAYATH  - am fine baby , she is coming near da bed , all of at sudden she feels giddy and collapse to da ground 

AADHI - he shouts " momShocked " he runs towards MANYATH " mom wat happened open ur eyes mamma , seemaji Maasi someone come mom fell down " 

UDAY - hearing aadhi's voice uday gets worrie d, he calls to brijraj immediately and start to devgad palace 

BRIJRAJ - he come and puts MANYATH On bed and call doctor 

DOCTOR - he along wit a lady doctor checks manyatah and come out . By da time uday comes there

UDAY - wat happened ? Unhappy    Is she ok ? 

DOCTOR - sheiks fine now , she is tripped . She is so weak ..her blood pressure rised , she is under stress . 

KOMAL - is she ok now doctor

DOCTOR - as of now she is ok maharani ji , u know recently she met wit an accident , so her blood levels are a bit low . Pls u must see that she is out of stress or else its not only harmful to da baby , it is even harmfull to MANYAATH Sleepy

UDAY - we will take care of it doctor ji , " I'll be wit MANATH pls EVRYONE go now " he goes inside 

MANYATH - she is sleeping , not in her conscious . She is tripped 

UDAY - he comes and sits near her and looks at her wit eyes full of sorrow . He wipes traces of tears below her eyes " princess pls get well soon , I can't see u like this " . He gets Tears in his eyes . " I promise u , I'll make everything well so soon , I'll find da person behind it " 


UDAY - he is shocked to see MNAYATH in his cabin , that to she came running into his cabin 

MANYATH - udayyy _________*********____________


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                          CHAPTER 17

MNAYATH - in the morning she wakes up an finds  uday beside her in da chair , sleeping in da chair itself and holding her hand 

UDAY - he is sleeping in his chair , he wakes up as manyatah leaves his hand and tries to get up , princess careful . He holds her and helps her to get up

MNAYATAH - pls uday I can manage , I don't need ur help . Am not that weak Sleepy  

UDAY - princess if ur angry wit me , punish me . Don stress urself , now see what happened .am not gonna listen to u . I'll help u now, after coming u can beat or hit me wit anything so that ur anger will be satisfied , but pls what did da baby do ? Y r u punishing da babyBroken Heart ? See how weak u became , ? Pls take care of u n da baby princess Sleepy  Telling this he liftes her in his arms and takes her to washroom


UDAY - he smirks , aft a long time again u started darling 

MANYATAH - am not ur darling , leave me

UDAY  - wiffyyy pls don start aging , pls keep quiet honey . Don waste ur energy . He puts her in bath tub and tell " I'll wait outside , now get ready " 

MANYATAH  - khasmaanukana Angry

UDAY - he smirks again Silly

MANYATH - she gets ready and comes out 

UDAY - wow u look hot in wet hair , very beautifull wen ur angry . He runs his hand through her hair

MANYATAH - now don't touch me UADY , stay away 

UDAY - really princess , do u think u can resist ur husband . He leans in and pins her to da wall and runs his hand across her face 

MNAYATH - she closes her eyes , and breathes heavily 

UDAY - he kisses on her cheeks and now gives a peck on her lips 

MNAYATH  - she pushes him suddenly and tell " what are u trying to do wit me ? " 

UDAY - pls now don't tell that am trying to flirt wit my own wife ,Winkmother of my child 

MNAYATH - HALKAT VEDA  , stop blabbering now . Go out of my room .seemaji comes in wit food 

UDAY  - k  baby I'll leave only if u eat 

MANYATH - soon takes her food and eat , now leave 

AADHI - mom , he comes and hugs her 

MANYATH - she kisses him and tells " did u have ur breakfast baby " 

ADHI - yes mom , naani Saheb fed me . Am so happy that u n dad are together again , now I don't need to feel sad . He hugs her and kisses . He goes to uday And hugs him

MANYATH - she thinks " y sould AADHI not talk to his father ? Wat did he do ? Let him play wit uday , he is kid , he can't understand it now . I don want my son to be sad , for him and for others I'll act as if we are normal even maharani now , I should not let this media especially to know about it " 

UDAY - k manyatah sleep now , I'll take AADHI down 

MNAYATH  - suddenly she holds uday's hand wit tears in her eyes . SHE REALISES it and suddenly leaves and asks him to leave 

UDAY - he feels bad , he feels like caressing her but couldn't . His heart is sinking . He leaves wit sadness .

     AFTER 3 days manyatah becomes completely fine . Uday and manyatah are acting as everything is normal in front of AADHI and family members . Manyatah stops talking to uday . UADY doesn't argue or explain her as she is not ready to listen . Uday doesn't want her to take stress on her health so he keeps quiet 

MNAYATH - she takes Bath and comes out of her washroom in her night gown 

UDAY - he is doing some work on his study table , he looks at manyatah and gets mesmerized . AADHI is sleeping wit j today as they were playing .

MNAYATH - she comes and lies on her bed 

UDAY - he slowly lies beside her and puts his hand around her waist 

MANYATH - she pushes him aside and tries to sleep 

UDAY - he slowly comes near her and touch her waist 

MNAYATH  - uday don touch me

UDAY - am touching my baby ,not u k 

MNAYATH - halkat Veda , she can't help it so she keeps quiet now 

UDAY - he starts caressing her waist by moving her night gown up and starts kissing her bare waist 

MNAYATH - she gets lost wit uday's touch an is completely carried away 

UDAY - slowly he moves up and explore her body parts wit his lips . Slowly both get cozy wit each other . Now THIER dresses are on da floor . Lights go off , both uday and manyatah ended up making a passionate love to each other . They became one that night . 

MANAYTAH -  In da morning , she is sleeping on uday's chest 

UDAY - he wakes up first and finds her on him . He smiles and gives peck on her lips 

MNAYATH - she realises wat she did Shockedand suddenly she gets up and holding a blanket covering her body , she stares at him D'oh

UDAY - he smirks at her Heart

MANYATH - udayy , what is this now ? Angry

UDAY - princess even ur involved , pls don blame me for this 

MANYATH - even that's true , I donno what happens to me ... Always loose myself to u ,  in ur presence . She catches her head and sits in the bed with irrittated expression 

UDAY - princess don't behave as if I raped u.  LOL

PRINCESS - shut up uday , it's a marital rape now ...she tries to get off da bed

UDAY  - he drags her onto da bed " do u exactly know what do u mean by rape and how it will be ? " Broken Heart Am ur husband dammit 

MNAYTAH - she realises that she has hurt him , she can see da hurt eyes filled wit sorrow of her husband . Udayy " am sorry , she hugs him " 

UDAY - he hugs her back 

MANYATH - she pushes him back , halkat kya jaadu karthe muj par ...she wraps blanket and leaves to washroom 

UDAY - princess only 2 more days all misunderstandings will be cleared , I almost reached da culprit I jus need a proof .abhinav will be behind bars soon . He gets ready and leave for office 

MANYATAH - she finds uday file on his table . " he forgot his file , it's an important file can't even send wit others , k il go and give it .also I have some work in da office " she leaves to office 

UDAY - he is in his cabin busy wit his work 

MANYATH  - she is walking through corridor , she drops da file down . While collecting da file she hears viveks voice and stands there to listen conversation since she heard her name and uday's from his mouth 

VIVEK -he is on phone talking like this "  sir our plan succeeded , we got udayveer Singh into trouble . Now his wife is misunderstanding him , he looks disturbed these days  " . He narrates all wat he did and boasts about his skills in getting uday into that mess Evil Smile . Yuvraj ABHINAV sing now no can stop u from becoming head of mahasabha 

MANYATH - tears are flowing out of her eyes after hearing this Broken Heart

GIRL ( girl who slept beside uday that day) - she talks to Vivek " sir am leaving today , I need some more money "

VIVEK - y did u come here . I asked u not to come here again , jus leave now . I'll meet u in da EVVENING at mk road . She leaves 

MANYATH - now she is really shocked " udayyCry it's a bloody political game and I got into to da trap , I doubted my uday , I hurt him Cry" . She rushes to uday cabin all da way running and opens his door 

UDAY - he looks at da door and shocked to see MNAYATAH , that to she came running and all in tears . He  gets up and goes to her . " princess what happened ? Why are u crying ?Sleepy

MNAYATAH -  she hugs him and cries a lot 

UDAY - he is really getting worried now , we're is junior MANATH , y did u come here ? Y r u crying , tell me

MANYATH  - crying she tells " AADHI is at home , he is fine " 

UDAY  - he cups her face " princess don cry , I can't see u in tears . Why r u crying ? " 

MANYATH - am sorry  uday. Cry    ,  have hurt u 

UDAY - he makes her sit and gives her water . " stop crying now , u can't hurt me baby " 

MNAYATH - she bends down on her knees on fa floor and catch her ears and tell " am sorry UADY Cry I know I don even have right to do this , I misunderstood u . I got to know da truth . Am a fool not to trust u . How did I do it wit u uday , am sorry Broken Heart Am really a bad wife , I don't deserve a husband like u , I don't worth u " 

UDAY  - shhh princess !!!  He makes her stand on her legs and hugs her . It's k baby pls don cry 

MANYATAH - ur not angry wit me uday , didn't I hurt u ? 

UDAY  - I can never be angry wit u my love , ur my life how can u hurt me . I felt bad seeing u getting hurt because of me . Pls don be sorry now , anyone in ur position would have reacted like that ...situation was like that , it's a time factor . No one can help it . Ur da worlds best wife my jungle billy 

MANYATH - she hugs him tightly " I'll not do it again uday , till my last breath ,I promise u" 

UDAY - he keeps finger on her mouth , no baby ...he hugs her and kisses all over her face 

MANYATAH - she tells him all about Vivek and his plan wit ABHINAV Singh , what all she heard 

UDAY - I know it , I need a proof and now I got it . So princess they are meeting on mk road in da evening ? R u sure ? 

MANYATAH - yes uday 

UDAY - now their game ends . He calls COMMISIONER and tells them to follow and get da proof . They do it and all Vivek ABHINAV and da girl are caught and put in da jail 


AADHI - he comes and hugs MNAYATH . Mom I wanna see BAAL hanuman movie today pls 

MANYATH - kk I'll keep it 

AADHI - ill watch it wit Maasi mom 

MANYTAH - no baby , stay wit me today 

UDAY - k baby u can watch it wit Maasi . He whispers in MAnyaths ear " princess let him go , I wanna make love to u " 

MNAYATH - K  AADHI but sleep soon , don't irritate Maasi 

ADHI. - k mom , he kisses both uday and MANAYATH and leaveS

MANYATH  - thum kithna besharam ho uday 

UDAY - watever u say princess , sirf  thumaari  Saamne Wink , pls I don't wanna waste time  now 

MNAYATH - no u have to wait , I have work wit mom will be back in 10 min 

UADY - princess , he holds her hand and asks if it's that important Day Dreaming

MANYATH - she leaves his hand and tell " yes uday " and runs from there 

UDAY - he waits for her and manyatah returns 

MANYATH - uday I'll change my dress and come

UDAY - no that's k , u won't need a dress anyways . Also I feel comfortable wit ur Saree so that I can touch ur Censored Parts 

MANYATH  - chi UADY Embarrassed

UDAY - princess now pls don call it a rape in da morning 

MNAYATH - am sorry uday , Cry

UDAY - he cups her face and whipes her tears and tell " no more tears only time for love Heart" . He lifts her in his arms and keep her on bed . Light goes off . The night passes blissfully with their love making . 

MNAYATH - she wakes up in da morning as she hears AADHI shouting to open door 

UDAY - oh my god princess make it fast little rascal has come . He will soon wear his tracks 

MANYATH - she gets up from da bed and stops walking due to pain in her stomach . Ahaaa 

UDAY - princess r u ok ? Wat happened ? 

MNAYATH - am fine uday , a bit of pain in stomach 

UDAY - sorry princess l was I hard on u ?Sleepy Always loose my control wit u on bed and end up causing u pain 

MNAYATH - no UADY that was k , but u loved me four times yesterday , overdose Wink

UDAY - sorry I was carried away , I didn't realise Sleepy He carries her into washroom 

MANYATH - that's fine baby , I'll be ok .  

UDAY - k u get ready and come out , we will go to doctor once 

MNAYATH - not necessary 

UDAY - no we will go  , safe side baby 

MNAYATH - k now go , AADHI will wake whole da house wit his voice , all will get to know 

UDAY - kk , hey am leaving my mobile here , call me I'll come . Don't get up and take stress ...take care bye . He opens door

AADHI - dad y did u take this much time ? He comes in " what is this y moms Saree is on floor " we're is mom 

UDAY - first he gets embarrassed , he takes AADHI into arms and kiss him . " nothing mom is taking bath , she will be back , baby now u go and get ready " 

AADHI - no dad u give me bath today 

UDAY - no baby Maasi will do it for u today , I have to help mom 

AADHI - what!!? We're is mom? What will u help about? 

UDAY - " oh know wat did I say ".     " nothing AADHI , I have got some important work , pls baby not today . Mom and I'll come down in 30 min . U be ready and wait down " 

AADHI - k dad I'll be there , bye 

UDAY - he locks door and both uday and MANYATH take Bath together  and he helps MNAYATAH to get ready and go down 

AADHI - mom !! , he comes  and hugs her . See am ready 

J - oh my god jij he played wit me in washroom , put all paste over my head and splashed water on my dress, I must say u and uday really have patience wit this little devil

UDAY - j  dont blame my son , he is so innocent 

J - pls uday don tell he is innocent ,I'll get heart attack now 

AADHI - dad u know till midnight she was talking to Jagath Maama on phone 

J - she puts hand on aadhi's mouthEmbarrassed

AADHI - he removes and tells " mom always she tells I love u and gives kisses " 

J  - aadhiii !!! , she gets embarrassed to core Embarrassed    D'oh


MANYATAH -  AADHI stop it , go and play wit Sanju . She is waiting for u 

J - jiji a serious doubt 

UDAY - he is looking a file and listening to both j and manyatahs conversation 

MANYATH - j wat is ur doubt now ? 

J - she points at MNAYTAHAs tummy and tells " jiji how did this happen , wit AADHI around U guys " 

UDAY - Shocked

MNAYATAH - shut up j 

J - no jiji , he wil be always wit u n top of it u have seen him jus now what he did , I must say uday rocks . He manged his evil son and got u pregnent again . " uday great job I say " 

UDAY - he gets shocked  and thinks inside " what u know about my problems j , that was really a difficult job ... Wat to  do , AADHI ko manage Karna padtha " 

MNAYATH - j stop it , besharam . U will know it soon wen u get married and have kids 

J - pls jiji spare me ...bye Sleepy

UDAY - princess I can imagine this j wit her kids LOL Finally boothni gone 

MANYATH - udayyy don tell her like that 

UDAY -  then y she is always  bothered about all our bedroom topics 

MANYATH - uday it's common between sisters , we share everything . She is knowing from me , even she gets married , she is trying to know

UADY - now don tell me that u share everything wit her , did u tell yesterday's thing also 

MANYATH - shut up UADY not everything ok ...stop  All ur wild guesses

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            CHAPTER 18 

UDAY - he takes manyatha and goes to hospital , For her regular check up . Now she is 7 weeks pregnent 

DOCTOR - she is perfectly fine mr Singh , nothing to worry at all

UDAY - r u sure doctor but  today morning she had a bit pain because we had physical contact , is that ok ???Sleepy

MNAYATH - Shocked She  stamps on uday's leg Embarrassed

DOCTOR - Big smile    Miss Singh that's k , u shouldn't hide anything from doctor and mr Singh is right he has jus told da truth . No issues 

         And mr Singh now the reason for the pain is physical contact as u told , but she is fine now . If u ask y da pain is ...then I must tell it depends upon da pressure u give her Embarrassed...hope u understood 

UDAY - yes doctor I got it

DOCTOR - now let me clear ur doubts , nothing will happen if u have physical contact till her 12 weeks pregnancy . That depends upon her convenience . Nothing to worry .Smile

MANYATAH  AND UDAY - k doctor thank u. BOTH leave to office .

MANYATAH - uday ur really shameless , y did u tell to doctor 

UDAY - beacuse I don wanna take any risk regarding that , now she made it clear . Now pls don tell me shameless , I think even doc knows how u became pregnent ..."obviously because of physical contact wit meWink"

MANYATH  - now pls stop it , bade besharam ho Embarrassed

GIRIRAJ - uday beta u have to go to jaigad for a week , some  land work is there , it's important 

UDAY  - surely dad I'll go 

AADHI -  I heard someone is going to jaigad !!? Sorry Dadaaji and dad but I overheard it 

GIRIRAJ - hello meraa RAJKUMAR 

AADHI - oo Dadaaji ab hum Yuvraj hai 

GIRIRAJ - k Yuvraj ji Hug , now ur going to jaigad depends upon ur dad and mom . Ask them . Beta got some work will catch u later .Silly , he kisse AADHI and leaves

AADHI - dad pls I dint go to jaigad till now , I wanna see

MANYATH - she comes there and hears aadhi's last sentence , AADHI u came to jaigad thrice baby

AADHI - really mamma , wen did I ??? 

MANYATH - k I think u don't remember

UDAY - obviously princess , he was a baby boy then could u expect him to remember it 

AADHI - so I went to jaigad wen I was a baby boy , k tell me all da 3 times wen did I go ?Tongue

UDAY - first time wen u were a 8 months baby and second time was on ur first birthday ,..and third time wen u were 2 years old 

AADHI - so pls dad now I wanna come 

UDAY - but junior it's for a week baby , u can't stay without ur mom ... U won't stay even for a day without ur mamma 

AADHI - he goes and hugs MANYATH and makes a puppy face and tell " dad who told u that am planning to come wit u all alone without mom , we will take mom also...I can't stay without mamma Hug"

MANYTAH - k beta we shall go

UDAY  - but princess ,in this condition 

MNAYATHA - common uday , am fine . Even doctor told that . I think we can , pls don be a spoilsport now 

UDAY - k as u both mother and son wish Thumbs Up

AADHI - wow am going to jaigad Dancing , I should inform Sanju and come ,  Also my friends . He runs from there

MANYATAH - uday look at him , he is so excited .

UDAY  - woh tho hamesha usii mode mein rehtha hai , aakhir beta kiska 

MNAYATHa - k uday now tell me wen will be leaving to jaigad 

UDAY - day after tomorrow darling 

MANYATHA - k I should pack aadhi's luggage , u know him very well . If I forget something he will create a big scene over it 

UDAY  - ya I know , little rascal ... Bahuth ziddi hai 

MNAYTAH - like father 

UDAY - really baby , he pulls her towards him 

VIJAY - ahem ahem , so love birds this is hall 

MNAYTAAH  - Embarrassed vijay  BHAI , wen did u come ?

VIJAY - don worry m bhai I didn't see anything ...k uday banana I want u to sign these papers . Both uday and vijay leave to office 

AADHI - he is so excited about jaigad's trip and tells EVRYONE and  keeps all his toys ready to pack 


DS - uday beta aunty Komal will be coming to jaigad wit u 3 , it will be helpful for manyatah as she can't take care of AADHI alone in this haalath 

UDAY  - thanks ds ...actually I was about to ask it and u told about it 

AADHI - hey Sanju u know I have a sister in moms tummy 

SANJU - really AADHI bhai . She goes to MANYATH and tell " Bhua u hav a baby in ur stomach , AADHI told "

MNAYATHA - yes baby .sanju touches her tummy 

AADHI - Sanju don't touch mom's tummy , my sister is sleeping she will get disturbed Disapprove

EVERYONE - they smile at da kids conversation and especially at aadhi's last words LOL

AADHI - u know Sanju even I came out of mom's tummy , I even saw da pics of mom wen I was in her stomach . I'll show u them 

SANJU - really bhai , so even I came from mom's stomach 

UNNATHI - yes baby u came from my tummy 

SANJU - yes mom everyone tells I look like u , so that's true I came out from ur stomach . But mom AADHI bhai came out of MNAYTAHA bhua's tummy but y does he look like uday Maama , everyone tell so na mom Day Dreaming


VIJAY - because uday Maama is aadhi's dad he looks like  his father 

SANJU - but dad I thought for a minute might be he must have come out of uday maama's stomach 


UDAY - Shocked


ADHI - hey Sanju that's true , I didn't think about it . He runs to uday " dad so did I come out of ur stomach " 

UDAY - no baby , only girls can give birth . So any baby will come out of THIER mom's stomach only 

AADHI - k dad Smile  But dad then I should be like mom , why am like u ? Day Dreaming

UDAY - he gets embarrassed " junior kyu muje SAB ke saamne embaress karraha hai beta , now wat to tell ?D'oh " 

MANYATHA - Embarrassed

SANJU - because he is ur dad ...jus now my dad told ..don u remember bhai 

AADHI - yes , I forgot ...k dad we are going up to play ...bye 

      Now everyone leave to their rooms .

UDAY - princess aaj kal yeh junior bhi na kuch zyada sawaal karraha hai , all weird doubts 

MNAYATH - that too most of them areCensored

UDAY - patha nahi aur kya kya nakre sehna padega Hamein 

AADHI - dad , he comes and jumps on uday . I have almost packed my luggage , kept all my toys 

UDAY  - so nice baby . He kisses him . He gets a call from office and leaves to his office room in da down floor on some work 

AADHI - he waits for uday to return and falls asleep in MANYTAHAs arms 

MANYTAH - she is sitting on sofa wit AADHI in her lap and his head resting on her chest 

UDAY - he comes to room and look at his son sleeping 

MANYATAH - he waited for u till now and jus slept 

UDAY - he looks so cute and adorable wen he sleeps 

MNAYATH - she removes her kaajal and keep aadhi and tell " mere BTE  ko nazar math lagaana uday " 

UDAY - really princess ... Baap ka nazar Kabi nahi lagthi ...also he got his looks from me so he looks cute ...He kisses AADHI on his lips and as AADHI is resting his head on manyatha's chest , uday kisses MANYTAHA on her chest also 

MANYAATH - Shocked  Udayyy 

 AADHI -     Next day AADHI goes to school and returns back to home . He looks so dull Sleepy

UDAY - he notices it and goes to his son and checks out his temperature if he is k or not . " he is ok , no fever . But y is he dull??? K I'll ask him . Beta y r u dull ? "

AADHI - he doesn't answer uday , looks at him wit a dull faceDisapprove ... He finds MANYTAH coming to him and runs towards her and hugs her

MNAYATH - hi baby , so u came back home . AADHI y r u so dull baby 

UDAY - beta did anyone hurt u baby Sleepy He is so worried about AADHI , as his son never looks dull and alway be in hyper excited mode . 

MANYATH - AADHI speak up beta , answerr daddy  now 

AADHI - he looks at UADY and tell " dad ur not gonna look after me after sister comes out of mom's tummy , u both r not gonna love me like before Disapprove

UDAY AND MANYATHA - They both get dam shocked and worried at THIER son's question Stern Smile  Shocked 

UDAY - no baby , y did u feel so . Ur my son AADHI , am gonna love you forever baby , dad loves u a lot . I cannot stay without u my boy Sleepy

MNAYTAAH -  yes AADHI we love u a lot , even after ur siter comes we are gonna love u like this . There won't be any change .who told u all this baby 

AADHI - mom u know my friend aurav na , he told me . He got his new sister few months back . His dad will be busy wit his work always it sims . And his mom will be always wit his siter and now nanny takes care of it sims . He told me that after his siter came , his parents stopped caring about him and left him to nanny . He told me all this wen I told that am gonna  get a sister 

UDAY - no baby nothing like that is gonna happen . He takes AADHI into his arms and hug him and kiss him wit Tears in his eyes .

MANYATHA - might be aurav's father is busy wit his work and his mom takes care of his sister because she is a months baby and requires more attention ,it's not that  she doesn't like aurav anymore . 

UDAY - yes beta mom is right , take my example . Do u think Dadaaji loves unnathi more and neglects me ?? 

AADHI - no dad Dadaaji loves u and bhua equally , infact I think he loves u more because he keeps u at his home and  has sent away bhua to nana sahib's house to vijay Maama .
          That means ur gonna love me more than my sister and keep me always wit u Dancing

MANYTAAH - no AADHI , Dadaaji loves both dad and bhua equally , because bhua got married to vijay Maama she went to devgad palace  . Like I came to jaigad palace after i got married to dad .dont u think naanaji loves me and Maasi equally ???? 

AADHI - yes mom nani Saheb and NANAJI likes u and Maasi , also take care of me a lot . That means u both are  gonna love me forever , am happyDancing

UDAY - yes AADHI , we are gonna love u both equally . Never think again like this and don't listen to anyone . If u feel anything is wrong jus come and talk to dad and share everything . I promise u beta I'll be there for u anytime , always wit u u my junior . He kisses and hugs him Hug

MANYATHA - yes AADHI never say like that again . We love u a lot baby Heart

AADHI - he hugs both his mom and dad and kiss them . He keeps his tiny hands on manyatha's  cheeks and tell " sorry mom , I love u " 

MANYATAH - she takes his tiny palms and kisses them Cry

AADHI - he comes down from his fathers arms and hug manyatah and keep his head on her tummy and tell " sorry sister I thought ur gonna be a bad sister , But I was wrong sorry and dad are gonna love both of us equally " . Saying this he kisses on her tummy 

UDAY - he gives a sign of relief and smiles  at his son's conversation wit his sister . " k AADHI get ready now , we are leaving to jaigad " 

AADHI - wow dad Dancing   ,I'll be ready in 10 min . He runs to his room wit Komal . Komal jus comes over there and take him 

MANYATH - she looks with a worried expression at her son Sleepy

UDAY - princess don worry kids will be like this only , I read an article . They jus feel insecured about such things . Dont worry now he is a good boy , he understood it now 

MANYATHA - but UADAY wat if he feels like that ...uday interrupts her 

UDAY - jus don worry princess , I can handle him . Trust me , am much like a friend to him than father . So he will share everything wit me ...jus don worry ...he is a Kid  still 

MANYAATH - ur right uday , she hugs him .




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                        CHAPTER 19

AADHI - he gets ready and come down ...he is so excited about jaigad trip 

SAMAY - SULABH SAMAY and three girls ( aadi classmates ) come to devgad palace to tell bye to AADHI 

MANYATH - she got ready wit all luggage and she wore a Saree as she is going to jaigad 

UDAY - so maharani ji aap Thayar hogayi , he comes and hugs her from behing 

MANYATAH - uday let me comb my hair ...

UDAY - k baby , he kisses her on shoulder and take comb from her and start combing her hair 

MANYATH -   Udayy Embarrassed   

UDAY - princess I enjoy pampering u ... He kisses her on forehead 

MANYATAH - were is AADHI ...did he get ready

UDAY - he got ready and waiting for u down ...his friends came to meet him ...princess shall we go down ? Both come down hand in hand 

AADHI - he is talking to his friends . He finds his parents coming down and tell his friends " k guys see u then ..., it's time now ..I'll leave " 

3 GIRLS - they come and hug AADHI and kiss him on cheeks 

AADHI - he doesn't kiss back all da girls but kisses one girl on her cheek and tell " baby am gonna miss u Silly"

MANYATAH - Shockedbshe looks shocked at her son antics 

UDAY - aadi tho bilkul mera jaisa behave karre , I used to do it wen I was a kidLOL

MANYATAH -  shut up uday ... Ur feeling proud of him ...Angry   I dont want my son to become a playboy 

UDAY - princess !! Baath kaha se kaha lejaathi thum , he is still a kid

MANYATAH - I know ... Still this brat ...she goes and takes AADHI into her arms tell bye to ur friends , we r leaving now 

SAMAY AND ALL - bye AADHI and aunty 

J - udayy aadi is behaving like u wen u were kid ...

UNNATHI - junior udayy 

UDAY - pls guys now don't tell it , princess will come and scold me 

VIJAY - oh my god!!!! Is that maharaj uday veer sing telling pls and getting scared

J - yes vijay bhai Shaadi ke baad uday is no more da old uday 

UNNATHI - beewi ka gulaam bangaya daada 

UDAY - choti Stern Smile

UNNATHI - sorry dada was jus kidding 

MANYATH A - so what's going on here everyone 

EVERYONE - nothing !!!!!! They shout 

MANYATAH - she closes her ears Nd tell " what's wrong wit u all " can't u tell it slowly ...uday come wit me 

UDAY - k princess 

EVERYONE - they look at uday And laugh LOL

VIJAY - were ever u go my net work follows princess's Wink    Hai na udayyy LOL  All smile at VIJAY'S statement ...

UDAY - vijay bananaaa Sleepy

AADHI - dad common let us leave ..he drags uday 

EVERYONE - they tell bye for them . Uday and MANYATAH and AADHI n Komal leave to jaigad

IN CAR - Uday sits in front seat . AADHI manyatah and Komal sit in back seat ... They are on da way to jaigad 

AADHI - dad still how much time 

MANYTAH - be patient AADHI 2 more hours ...u sleep now 

UDAY - come her sit on me 

AADHI - k I'll go infront to dad 

MANAYTAH - no u sleep here ...udayy he will disturb u , u complete ur work on phone then I'll send him 

AADHI - k am hungry now ...naani I want something to eat 

KOMAL - wat u want ? Chips , chocolates or muffins 

AADHI - he is thinking Day Dreaming He finds a dhaaba on da way and shouts " driver stop car " 

UDAY - kyu beta 

AADHI - dad see dhaaba there , I never ate in dhaaba pls dad I wanna eat 

UDAY - k baby ...did dad tell u no for anything 

KOMAL - but beta security !!

MANYATH - yes uday , security problem 

UDAY - dont worry about security ...everything is arranged ...we have extra security ...n dont u think uday veer sing is enough to tajpke care of his family 

KOMAL - Hume aap par Poora bharosa hai 

AADHI - k let us go mom ... 

MANYATH - uday ur spoiling him ...y did u tell him yes ...

UDAY - princess common don worry . They all go and sit in dhaaba 

SECURITY - they are alert only royal family is in dhaaba ...they managed to send All and dint allow Anyone to enter

AADHI - he is so excited to see a new place ...he is running all over wit excitement 

MANYTAH - beta  kya  karre Sleepy   She is about to get up . Uday puts hand on her hand and nod his head telling that he would take care of him 

AADHI - he runs and stand at a corner between two guards . Guards why are u always behind me pls let me go there

GUARDS - sorry yuvrajsa hum aapko akela nahi chod saktha 

AADHI - it's my order 

UDAY - he comes there and tell guards to leave . " AADHI beta u should be always wit security , ur too young to protect urself " 

AADHI - k dad ... Call them back 

UDAY - that's k baby now am wit u don worry ...but do remember never be alone and never go to strangers if they call u ...leave about strangers except our family members u should not go wit anyone . Not even my friends 

AADHI - k dad I'll remember it pls we will go there 

UDAY - k come ... Let us go 

MANYTAH - she gets worried looking at both father and son leaving without guards and gets up in a hurry 

KOMAL - manyatah pls sit down ...uday can manage ...he knows self defense ...also we are wit security ...once look around ...this area is surrounded wit black cats ( security ) one can come inside 

MANYTAH - unwillingly she will sit there Sleepy And looks at both of them every now and then 

AADHI - he finds a duck and small babies there ...he is so excited ...he shouts " mom come here I'll show u something " 

UDAY - he smiles at his baby son's excitement And feels happy looking at his son 

MANYATAH - she comes there 

ADHI - he touches da duck and tries to catch it ... By mistake that duck beak scratches aadi's  hand and he cries out in pain 

MANYTAH -  she gets worrie and catches his hand and tell " don cry baby , come her will put medicine " she takes him in her arms and take near da table 

UDAY - he gets first aid box and dresses it's a small scratch 

MANYTAH - she is gonna put dettol 

UDAY  - stop it MANYTAH  ...don't put dettol will pain he will cry

MANYTAH - she looks at uday and tell " but it's required uday , antiseptic " 

AADHI - he looks wit puppy face 

UDAY - junior it will pain a little now k 

MANYTAH - udayy stop scaring him now ... Bache Jaise behave karre ... 

UDAY - he closes aadhi's eyes and closes his eyes and tell " princess do it now " 

KOMAL - she laughs at uday's antics ...a worried father  who can't even see a small scratch on his son, he himself being  a mighty guy and a maharaj and a successful business man 

MANYAHH - she puts it now 

AADHI AND UDAY - they stream out " ahaaa " 

MANYATH - she hits uday on his cheat wit her hands ant tell " hogaya ab pls stop shouting like a kid " ... AADHI it's over baby ...she kisses him 

       They all finish eating and get into car and leave to jaigad 

UDAY - he takes AADHI on his lap and shows everything wen they enter jaigad and explains everything about it 

AADHI - he listens carefully ...and knows his ancestral history of da place 

        Now they reach da jaigad haweli

DHAAI MA - She waits there wit AARTHI in her hand 

AADHI - he is super excited ... He tries to go in 

UDAY - beta wait let her takes AARTHI and keep thilak then u can go around is yours ...

        As soon as AARTHI is done AADHI runs inside 

MANYTAH - without waiting for a minute ..she runs behind him 

UDAY - D'ohaunty Komal MANYTAH is never gonna change ...always behind AADHI ... I tHink we should leave him for himself sometimes 

KOMAL - yes uday nowadays she is much worried about him ...she is not even Allowing nannies and maids to feed him or get him ready . She is doing it herself ...only allowing me j and unnathi near AADHI ...I think this is all due to pregnancy 

UDAY - Thats true aunty , it's due to pregnancy ...first she used to worry about me AADHI Smile     But it's not necessary ...she is taking stress

KOMAL - yes beta I'll sit and talk to her and explain it 

AADHI -  he tries to go in west wing 

MANYATH - she comes and holds him " beta don't go here and there , tell me were u wanna go I'll take u "  she takes him into her arms and walks ...suddenly she feels pain in her stomach and her expressions change 

UDAY - he looks at MANYATH and come and take AADHI into his arms " princess I said u many times not to lift him , y don't u listen " 

MANYTAH -  but he is running here and there uday ,, what of he falls down 

KOMAL - kids means they will fall down and play's all common ...let him play MNAYATHa ...jus don go behind him always 

UDAY - aunty is right MANYATH ...pls go and take rest , we already had a long journey ...u must be tired 

KOMAL - she takes AADHI and tell " MANYATH I'll take care of him ...pls u both go and take rest ..I won't leave him even for a minute " 

MANYATHA - k mom , she kisses AADHI And leaves wit uday 

AADHI - nani Saheb now pls show me da entire palace 

KOMAL - not now baby , we will take rest and have dinner then I'll show u east wing ...tomorrow I'll show entire palace 

AADHI - k Hug    

MANYATHA - she is a bit tired and walks slowly 

UDAY - he lifts her in his arms Nd walk 

MANYATHA - udayy put me down , wat if someone looks at us 

UDAY - nothing will happen they will think that maharaj loves maharani a lot 

MANYATHA - udayyy  thum Kabi nahi sudroge 

UDAY -  I don't want to even , HE PUTS her on bed ..." now sleep for a while ..pls don't get up " 

MANYATH - let me change my dress atleast uday 

UDAY - not now ...later after u get up pls sleep for an hour ..." close ur eyes " . He carasses her forehead 

MANYATH - she slowly falls asleep 

UDAY - he lies beside her and look at her for few minutes ...kiss her on her forehead and put his arms around her waist and sleep beside her . Both sleep for an hour and get ready and come down for dinner 

MANYTAH - uday were is AADHI , he is not seen anywhere 

UDAY - Phir se shuruu  hogaya thum ...AADHI ka jap maala 

MANYTAAH - udayy stop it ...we're is he 

AADHI - he comes  from behind and hugs MANYTAH 

MANAYTAH - baby ... She kisses him ... R u irritating grani 

AADHI - no mom am a good boy , am listening to her ...

UDAY - really AADHI ur a good boy 

AADHI - dad Angry

UDAY - suddenly he kisses MNAYTHa on cheek to irritate AADHI 

MANYTAH - udayy Embarrassed

AADHI - he gets on sofa and reach MAnyath's cheek and give her two kisses and tell uday " dad I love mom more than u see I gave 2 kisses " 

UDAY - he kisses MANYATH on hands twice and tell 3 over all 

AADHI - he gives two more kisses on her hands and tell 4 ...

UDAY - he gives peck on her lips and nose and tell  5 

MANYATH - Shocked   Udayy Embarrassed

AADHI - he gets irritated and places 3 kisses on MANYTAHA's cheeks ant tell 7 dad Thumbs Up

UDAY - he is about to kiss manyatah then AADHI pushes him 

AADHI - dad Sleepy  Not anymore ,... I like her more than u ...he makes a puppy face and tell " mom come let us go " 

MANYTAH - uday bache ke saath kya hai ye SAB 

AADHI - am not any bacha am  Yuvraj Sleepy   mom 

UDAY - LOL But Yuvraj ji aap ki maharani apne Yuvraj se zyada apne maharaj se pyaar karthi ...telling this he will kiss MNAYTAH on her forehead 

AADHI  - now he boils wit jealousy Angry  Now pls don't touch my mom , he drags MNAYTAH to his side 

MANYATHA  - UADY whats wrong wit u , y r u irritating him 

UDAY - princess jus wait , look at this  littke rascal now Wink

AADHI - mom now tell dad that u love me more than him 

MANYTAH - yes AADHI I love u more than daddy is trying to irritate u ...come baby let us go and have dinner ...she takes him and walks away 

AADHI - while leaving he glares angrily  at uday 

UDAY - LOL  " bahuth Maza Aaya  " oh my god junior ur too possessive about ur mom ... He gets a call and go to office room 


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                          CHAPTER 20

UDAY - now he joins dinner after he completes attending his phone call . He sits beside AADHI 

AADHI - he looks angrily at Angry Uday and eat without looking at him much . He holds manyatah wit one hand and tell " mom u to dont talk to dad , k mom " 

MANAYTAH - k baby Smile

UDAY - he looks both at mother and son and smile to himself and eat Smile Someone comes to meet him so he leaves 

MANAYTAH - both AADHI and MANYTAHA are in their bedroom . AADHI is on manytathas lap now ...sleeping 

UDAY - he enters  room and looks at AADHI and kiss him " my devil looks so cute wen he sleeps " 

MANYATHA - she slaps uday on his hand and tell " uday wat was that u did ? Y were u irritating him ? Besharam bte  ke same muje lip par kiss kaarahe thaa " Pinch

UDAY - oh princess ...I was jus trying to pull his leg...u should have seen his face wen I told u love me more than him LOL    He is too possessive about u ...but wat to do that's true

MANYATHA - udayyy stop it now ...go and change ur dress and come 

UDAY - princess !!! Heart    Y ? So u have any plans to night Wink

MANYATH - udayy Shocked Ur just impossible ... Don't forget that AADHI is here 

UDAY - so what ?? He doesn't wake up ...we can Wink

MANYATHA - chii udayyEmbarrassed

UDAY - dont worry am jus kidding ... He takes AADHI from her lap and makes him lie on da bed . He kisses him on da chest " meraa beta Heart  , my little vamp " he takes his palms and kisses them . 

MANAYTAH - she is in dressing room and removes her pallu ...suddenly uday enters da room 

UDAY -  he comes and hugs her from behind and kiss her on neck 

MANYATAH - uday I told u to stay wit AADHI , y did u come here ? He gets sacred if he wakes up and finds no one beside him 

UDAY - princess don worry he is in deep sleep , also am only few steps away from him ...I'll know if he gets up ...I can see him from here 

MANYATAH - but udayy 

UDAY - princess always only about beta Kabi tho pathi ke baare mein bhi sochna Disapprove After all I have given him to u 

MANYATHA - she turns around and keeps her hands around uday and tell " so pathi dev ab kya sochna hai aap ke baare mein " 

UDAY - he pulls her more near , her chest collides wit his chest . He carasses her hairs and runs down his finger on her cheeks Heart

MANYATAH - she closes her eyes and breathes heavily 

UDAY - he kisses her neck and leaves wet kisses . Now he reaches her collar bone and rub his jaw over that 

MANYATHA -  she gets all goosebums and clutches uday's shirt  tightly 

UDAY - he pins MANYTAH to wall and surround her waist with one hand and place his other hand on her chest and carasse  it 

MANYATAH - udayy pls Embarrassed 

UDAY - he gets turned on with her moans and starts kissing on her cleavage and sucks her upper part of Breast 

MANYATHA - she is going weak in her knees Embarrassed  

UDAY - he slowly hugs her and unties  her blouse bottoms from back 

MANYTAHA - she holds uday's hand to stop him from proceeding further ...

UDAY - as soon as she holds uday's hand he starts kissing her on her bare shoulders making her go weak and slid down her blouse and finally drop it on da floor . He is leaving all wet kisses on her bare shoulders and on.  *********Censored suddenly he gives a love bite on top of her breast 

MANYTAAH - ahaaa udayyy 

UDAY - he rubs that area and sucks it to soothe it Heart   , he unties her Lenga down 

MANAYTAH - now she can't take anymore ...she pushes uday Nd grabs a towel and rush into washroom and try to lock da door

UDAY - he soon runs after her and keep his hand and avoid her from locking and enters washroom and locks it . " not so soon princess Wink  Heart  " 

 MANYATAH - udayy Embarrassed Pls not now ... AADHI 

UDAY - he keeps finger on her mouth and come close to her and capture her lips and give a passionate kisss ... He hugs he and tell " change ur dress and come I'll wait near AADHI , I'll. Check him and cme " TELLING this he leaves da place and go to AADHI 

MANAYTAH  - she blushes and closes da door " udayy u almost killed me " 

UDAY - he goes and finds AADHI sleeping . He kisses him on his lips and lie beside him 

AADHI - in sleep he will roll over and slowly hug uday 

UDAY - he smiles at his son Heart And keeps him on top of him on chest and hug him and kiss on his head " mera pyaara beta u a lot my son " 

MANYATHA - she comes And lies beside uday and kiss AADHI on his cheeks and she catches uday's hand and kisses him on his arms and keep her head on his shoulder and sleep 

UDAY - he surrounds his one hand around her waist and get her nearer and sleep wit his wife in his arms And son on his chest . 

MANYATAH - she wakes up at 9 in d morning and doesn't find her husband and son beside her "  I got up so late , didn't even realise ...I think they both went down " . She gets ready and wear a traditional Saree and go down 

AADHI - he is having his breakfast and looks at his mom and shouts " mamma good morning " 

MANYATHA - good morning baby son became a good boy ...he got ready and having his breakfast 

UDAY - he is few steps away from them giving instructions to security . He finds mAnytAh and thinks inside  " princess HAME Maarne ka iraada hai kya ...what a sexy figure ...I can see her curves clearly in this Saree " he tries to look at her bare waist through da gap and thinks to himself " chi wat am I doing , m looking at my own wife like this , oh my god M going crazy LOL " he gets a call and moves aside to talk . 

AADHI - mom am so excited about my horse ride 

MANYATHA - what !!? Shocked 

UDAY - yes princess from today his horse riding training starts 

MANYATAH - uday ... Don't u thnink he is too young for itDisapprove

UDAY  - princess just don't worry ...even I started to learn horse riding wen I was 4 Years ...

MANYATAH - it's different wit u ...AADHI is kid ...he can't manage it 

UDAY - am not telling him to ride ...just his training starts ...and how is he different from me ...he is my son after all ...he can do it 

MANYATHA - no uday I don't agree ...I don't like to send him 

UDAY - MANYTAH dont forget thAt he is an heir to jaigad . It's our royal duty 

MANAYTAH - no uday  pls ...

UDAY - MANYTAAH now jus don't argue wit me , am taking him 

MANAYTAH - she drags AADHI from uday and tell " am not gonna let u do it uday " 

UDAY - princess do u think am gonna let something happen to my son in my presence Angry 

MANAYTAH - I know uday , pls don't take him 

UDAY - don't forget that he is a Yuvraj manyatah 

MANAYTAH - he is not Any Yuvraj or heir to jaigad ...only my son that's it am taking him ...she takes AADHI in her hands and leaves uday in Shock 

UDAY - princess !!!Shocked

KOMAL - uday beta I'll talk to her and get AADHI 

UDAY  - k aunty komalSleepy  

KOMAL - she goes to MANYTAHA and talks to her for 15 min ...she will make her realise her royal duties and her responsibilities and ask her not to worry much about AADHI 

UDAY - he stands near da door 

KOMAL - she looks at uday and leaves da room 

MANAYTAH - she is lost in deep thoughts Day Dreaming 

UDAY - he comes Nd holds her 

MANYATH - she suddenly comes out of her thoughts " sorry uday I shouldn't have spoke to u like that in front of everyone , am sorryCry . I donno wat happens to me wen it comes to AADHI " 

UDAY - he cups her face And tell " it's ok princess , don worry about AADHI at all ..I'll take care of him " he kisses her on forehead 

MANYATAH - k uday  . Unwillingly she will tell him to take AADHI 

UDAY - hey do u trust me ???

MANAYTAH - a lot uday 

UDAY - do u think ilI allow something to hurt my son  

MANAYTAH - I know u uday ur da best father  , I was so foolish . I know u won't let anything hurt him 

UDAY - he hugs her and tell " he is just learning to ride that to not alone ...trainer will be wit him ...he sits wit trainer on da horse honey " 

MANYATAH - hearing it she gets relieved and kisses uday on his chest 

UDAY -  so your highness shall I take Yuvraj now 

MANAYTAH - surely maharaj ji ...aapka Yuvraj hai Smile

UDAY - he gets up and about to leave da room and stops at da door and turn his head back and tell MANYTAH "  princess do u know who is aadhi's trainer  ?? " 

MANYATHA - she gets up from da bed and ask " who is it uday ??Day Dreaming  , who ???" 

UDAY - he smiles and tells " his father Smile " 

MANYATHA - Smile She feels so happy and come running to uday and hugs him tightly 

UDAY - he hugs her back happily 

MANYTAAH - sorry uday I was really a fool to worry about AADHI in ur presence 

UDAY.   - they are still in a hug ...he kisses on her shoulder and tell " so Did u think am gonna leave my son to some trainer ...never ...I'll personally train him in any aspect ...I'll be like his shadow never gonna leave him to someone to train him . I feel him safe only wit me " 

MANYATAH - she breaks hug and keeps hand on uday's chest and tell " from now onwards I'll not come in between ur duties , I think I need not worry about AADHI now since his dad will be his mentor ...ur getting late ...uday go AADHI is in hall " 

UDAY - he kisses her on forehead And takes AADHI and leave ...they both father and son go on a horse ride . Uday makes AADHI to sit infront of him on horse and teach him about horses 

               THANK YOU 


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                        CHAPTER 21

AADHI - he is so excited about da horse ride . " mom I'll be back Clap! Bye Smile " 

UDAY - he is happy to see his son's excitement . He sits on da horse First then a guard puts AADHI infront of uday on da horse 

AADHI - dad my bum is pAining ...saddle is hardDisapprove

UDAY - LOL Tomorrow I'll ask them to keep a soft one baby , but u will have a better grip wit this seating only . 

AADHI - k dad Smile Dad y r u taking horse slowly , can't u make it run ...we can go fastly 

UDAY - no junior , first u should learn how to sit and how to deal wit da horse and some basics , first of all u should be friendly wit da horse

AADHI - wat !!? This horse is gonna be my friend now 

UDAY - Big smile Yes baby treat it as a friend ...then u will become its master will start listening to u 

AADHI - k as this horse is obeying u now will also obey me right 

UDAY - yes baby ...he kisses on his cheeks . Admires his son's cuteness inside and blushes and feels happy for having such an adorable son . 

AADHI - dad ur big so u have a big horse ...I want. Small baby horse for me

UDAY - u call it pony beta 

AADHI - k pony ... So wen ur gonna get me that 

UDAY - after few days , now u just sit wit me and learn few things later u can go on pony alone ...I can't sit on pony and teach u rite so ur sitting wit me now

AADHI - even that's true dad ...good decision 

UDAY - Shocked " oh my god yeh little vamp is appreciating my decision like a big guy LOL , Aakir mera hi beta hAi " 

       They go on horse ride for an hour and uday teaches few things to his son and AADHI listens carefully . Now they both return back to palace for lunch 

AADHI - he runs towards manyatah " mom I had fun wit that horseClap was very good , y don't u come join us 

MANYATHA - no baby I would but I can't now

AADHI - but y mamma Day Dreaming

UDAY - because mom is pregnent she can't ride horse 

AADHI - now what is this pregnent ???? Wen did u become ??? Y dint u tell me ? Disapprove

MANYATAH - uday y did u tell him that ..u should have told him in another way 

UDAY. - D'oh Princess it jus came out of my mouth in flow ...wait I'll explain him 

AADHI - tell me dad 

MANYATHA - k I'll go to da table ...u both come in 5 min for lunch ...

AADHI - k u go , I'll find it from dad and we will come 

UDAY - he manages to explain AADHI that a baby is in her stomach and stuff so they call it's pregnancy in medical terms . 

AADHI - k hungry dad ...I want pasta 

UDAY  - k I'll ask da maid to do it ...he takes AADHI in his arms and all have lunch 

MANYATHA - AADHI come and sleep for an hour ...u look tired

AADHI - no ill go out wit dad 

MANYATHA - no baby dad is going out on some work ...u can't go with him now 

AADHI - Sleepy  

UDAY - junior pls try to understand baby ...tomorrow I'll take u out and show u entire jaigad ...k 

AADHI - really Tongue K then u can go now pappa Dancing

UDAY - he kisses his son and goes to his room to take some files . He doesn't find a file and shouts for manyatah to help in finding it

MANYTAH - she searches and finds it under da bed 

UDAY - princess how did it go there 

MANYATAH - now don't ask me uday ...u know we have a little devil here

UDAY - so its my juniors workLOL 

MANYATHA - stop taking everything so easy , check da papers once if they are in order

UDAY - he checked it . " princess everything is perfect " 

AADHI - he comes and slaps on MAnyaths back and tell " wat r u doing baby ? " 

UDAY AND MANYTAHA -  ShockedStern Smile  

UDAY - junior is that da way u talk to ur mom 

MANYTAH - now were did u learn this from ? Day Dreaming

AADHI - what did I do dad , then u should tell vijay mama also 

UDAY - what !!!? 

AADHI - once I saw vijay maaama doing it wit unnathi bhua , I even saw j Maasi friend hitting her at back and telling hi baby ... So I did it dad ...


MANYATHA - udayy Angry 

UDAY - k AADHI  u shouldn't do it to ur mom ...u can behave like that wit ur friends or girl friends

MANYATHA - she catches uday's collar and tell " now wats that ur teaching him ??Angry " 

AADHI - dad I have friends but wat is this girl friend ??Day Dreaming

MANYATAH - now answer him uday ...u end up wit some mess always ...AADHI shut up now ... Ur going on asking questions , dad is getting late he should go now 

AADHI - he puts his head down sadly Unhappy

UDAY - princess y r u shouting at my junior ...pls u go to aunty Komal ...I'll explain him ... He takes AADHI into his arms and tell " baby don't feel bad ..I'll wait for u ..I'll tell u and go , il scold mom for it k now " 

AADHI - he smiles Smile K dad first u scold mom for shouting at me

UDAY -D'oh he thinks inside " junior phasadiya diya na muje Shocked

Am dead now Disapprove "

MANYATHA -  k uday ji now scold me Day Dreaming U leave him and go now ...ur over pampering him uday ... AADHI get down now 

AADHI  - dad we will get a new mom ...MANYTAAH is bad , she is shouting at me Sleepy

MANYATAH  AND UDAY - they laugh at their sons talk LOL

MANYATAH - sorry AADHI I won't shout again ... But pls leave dad now ...he has got some work ..she kisses AADHI on his cheeks 

AADHI - k dad I'll talk to u in da evening ...

UDAY - while going he beats MANYTAAH on her back and tell byeSilly

MANYTAH - Shocked 

AADHI - he giggles and tell uday " nice shot dad Thumbs Up " 

UDAY - He smiles at  her and leave Wink  

MANYATAH - oh my god " yeh  baap bte  dhono bhi na , hey Bhagwan " 

AADHI - he slowly sleeps on bed Nd tell " mom sleep wit me otherwise I won't sleep " 

MANYATAH - she lies on bed beside him and slowly both of them fall asleep 

UDAY - he comes Back in da  evening and finds both of them sleeping and  sleep beside them For an hour

GIRIRAJ - he comes to jaigad to haweli 

UDAY - it's 7pm now ...he comes down wit AADHI ..." dad ur here ? " 

GIRIRAJ - he takes AADHI into his arms and hugs him " I missed u my child " ... 

UDAY - dad u dint even tell me that ur coming ...all of at sudden visit 

GIRIRAJ - nothing to worry uday ...I jus missed my grandson ...I couldn't stay without seeing him I came off ...I'll leave tomorrow as I have meeting 

MANYATH - she comes and takes blessings from giriraj 

AADHI - Dadaaji so u came for me Tongue 

GIRIRAJ - yes mera pyaara RAJKUMAR 

AADHI - Dadaaji Disapprove Pls call me Yuvraj now 

          All have dinner together and giriraj takes AADHI wit him .

AADHI - k mom and dad good night , I'll sleep wit Dadaaji 

UDAY. - good night beta 


UDAY.  - he tells MANYTAHA wat AADHI did during horse ride . Both laugh together at their son's naughtiness .

MANYAH - uday this little rascal is becoming naughty day by day ...see how is he asking u to get a new mom

UDAY - so should I get him a new mom princessWink 

MANYTAHA - no problem am ok wit it ...if u have guts u can get 

UDAY - Shocked  Princess I was jus kidding baby ...u know I love u a lot 

MANYTAH - she sits on da bed And ignores him and take her ear rings 

UDAY - princess today u were looking hot in this Saree u know ...morning I was trying to look at ur waist 

MANAYTAH - uday thum bhi na 

UDAY - I'll help u baby ...he removes her ear rings and necklace and bangles

MANYTAH - she gets up and is about to go 

UDAY - he drags her " princess were r u going ? " 

MANYTAHA - to change my dress

UDAY - ill do it 

MANYATAH - no uday , pls 

UDAY - he drags her and removes her pallu 

MANYTAHN- she feels shy and stand like that 

UDAY - he comes and kisses her on cheeks ...he kneels down and kiss her on her tummy and tell " so how r u my 2 nd child ??, is mummy taking care of u or always going behind ur bhaai ...u need not worry I'll be there to take care of u always my little princess " telling this he keeps his head on her tummy and hugs her waist 

MANYTAH - she carasses his head 

UDAY - he helps her in changing dress and both fall asleep in each others arms Heart



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                        CHAPTER 22

(hot update,pls below16 don't read )

UDAY - he wakes up in da morning , manyatha is on his chest sleeping peacefully . He doesn't want to disturb her .slowly gets up and puts her aside .

MANYATAH - she starts moving in sleep

UDAY - he immediately puts his chest on her upper body to make her feel  that he is beside her . 

MANAYTAHA - she  sleeps back again wit his warmness

UDAY - he looks at her wit a smile on his lips Heart  Now he could hear tiny foot steps ..." aagaya mera vamp Smile " . He goes and opens door and tell him shhh wit finger on his lips

AADHI - he is confused about y his dad is telling him shhh Day Dreaming

UDAY - he takes him in his arms and kiss him on his cheeks and whisper " good morning Yuvraj ADITHY sing " 

AADHI - he kisses uday on his cheeks and tell " good morning MANYTatha's husband Wink " 

UDAY - so junior ur teasing ur dad ...huh Big smile

AADHI - no dad , Maasi tells u always like that na so even I tried it ...k were is mom ...u told u would show me entire jaigad today 

UDAY  - I do remember beta , I'll take u and mom is sleeping don't disturb her k 

AADHI - k dad , put me down ...have some work 

UDAY - he keeps AADHI down 

AADHI - he will slowly tip toe and walk towards MNAYATAH 

UDAY - he looks at his little son ... " wat is he doing ? "

AADHI - he goes and sleeps beside manyatah and hug her and sleep 

MANYATAH - she is still asleep but she could feel her son beside ...she smiles in her sleep and wraps hand around AADHI 

AADHI - he puts head on MANYTAHAs chest and sleep 

UDAY - he smiles at both of them . " junior tho can't stay without his mom , princess bhi kuch kam nahi always behind AADHI ..and I cant stay with both of them , I'll also join them Heart "  .he comes slowly And hug AADHI and sleep 

AADHI - he turns towards uday And smiles 

UDAY - he carasses his cheeks 

AADHI - he will put one hand in uday's hand and hold it and puts his legs on him and sleep 

UDAY - yeh tho Neendh mein bhi muje pareshaan karre ...god seriously u have given me a right piece ...Thumbs Up Hug

         They sleep and wake up at 10 am . 

MANYATH - she wakes up and looks at clock . " oh my god it's 10 " .she finds AADHI beside her and kisses him on forehead ... She looks at uday and slowly gives peck on his lips and is about to move

UDAY - he drags her and kiss on her lips for almost 3 minutes 

MANYATAH - she looks worried Shocked , wen uday is kissing her ...her eyes were on AADHI 

UDAY - he leaves her and tell " don't worry he is sleeping " 

MANYATAH - still uday ...ur really a shameless father 

UDAY - whatever , I don't mind ... I enjoy kissing u like this 

MANYATAH. - Blushing

UDAY - he slowly signals her towards bathroom door with his hands and facial expressions Heart

MANYTAHA - she nods her head telling no Stern Smile

UDAY - he stamps his leg twice on floor and tell plsss princess ...I want to do it 

MANYATAH - now she looks at his passionate eyes " ab Uday ko Rokhna bhi mushkil hai Sleepy " 

UDAY - he gets up from bed and wraps hand around her waist and pull her closer 

MANYATAH - she points her finger at AADHI 

UDAY - he whispers in her ears " don't worry he is sleeping ,even if he gets up he won get scared as its day time " 

MANYATAH - udayyy Embarrassed 

UDAY - he slowly puts pillow beside AADHI ...and keep his hand on it . He takes MANYTAAH into washroom 

MANYATAH  - she is under shower 

UDAY  - he keeps his hands on walls and MANYTAHA is against da wall ...both are under shower

MANYATAHA - she keeps hand on uday's chest and with other hand she carasses uday's cheek wit her fingers and tell " uday if u want anything u will get it at any cost Smile " 

UDAY - as MANYTAH is is running her fingers on his cheek and her closeness to him makes his adrenaline levels raise due to which his voice shivers . He tells wit shivering voice " princess u know me very well rite , if am determined to do something I'll achieve it " 

MANYATAH - really uday , so now try to resist me 

UDAY  - princess I can't do it ...u have great effect on me ...u know it

MANYTAHA - tho maharaj uday veer sing accepts his defeat 

UDAY - he gets her close such that THIER chests collide and tell " I don't mind loosing wit my wife Wink " 

MANYATAH - she is about to tell something but couldn't as uday starts caressing her shoulders and start unzipping her dress

UDAY - water is dripped down from their both bodies as they are under shower ...he looks at MANYTAAHs body ...Heart

MANYATAH - clothes become transparent as they become wet ... Clothes hung to her body like 2nd skin . She looks at uday scanning her body and feels shy and hides her face in his chestBlushing 

UDAY - he lifts her in his arms and put her in water tub ... While getting into tub uday by mistake makes jasmine shampoo fall in da tub da tub is full of foam and bubbles

MANYATAH - she is inside tub wit her back glued to uday's chest 

UDAY - due to that jasmines smell he gets turned on more ... He slowly slips her dress down and manages to get her undressed and he shrugs off his clothes 

MANYATAH -  she feels shy to face uday ..." thank god atleast this foam saved me to hide my body " 

UDAY - he starts kissing her bare back and down he is caressing her waist wit his hands

MANYATAH - she closes her eyes and feels uday's touch 

UDAY - his phone rings , he switches of it and leaves all wet kisses over her body 

MANYATAH - she hugs uday , and kisses on his chest 

UDAY - he slowly gets on top of her ... He places MAnyaths bottom part between his legs wit his legs kneeling down so that he doesn't put his weight on her , his thighs wrapped around her waist . He is much carefull not to put any weight on her ...

MANYATAH - she  closes her eyes and breaths heavily 

UDAY - he leaves all wet kisses on her bosom a love byte on her neck  and hands 

MANYATAH - she moans in pleasure

UDAY - he gets turned on , now he is ready to reach climax ...he enters her slowly ...he takes care not to put more pressure ...mildly he will thrust in and out 

MANYTAHA - she holds uday tightly 

UDAY - princess !!! Ur ok wit it ...or shall I reduce my speedHeart

MANYATHA - uday stop embarrassing me Blushing  She hugs him 

UDAY -  manyatah ab mujse kya sharmana hai ur husband princess , look at me . He raises her head up ...he is still inside her going deeper

MANYTAAH - she looks at uday , but doesn't dare to look into his eyes Embarrassed

UDAY - princess seriously it's been 8 years since we are doing it ... And ur still da same MANYTAHA as u were  on da first day of wedding ... Now look into my eyes ...  

MANYATAH - she makes a puppy face and tell " udayy Blushing .." she doesn't look into his eyes ...hides her face in his chest and tell " yes it's k ,am fine ...ur not exerting any wieight or pressure on me ...but I think ur knees are gonna ache ...since its been long time since ur in this posture" 

UDAY - princess indirectly r u telling me to come out of u Smile

MANYATAH. - she raises her head and look at uday Stern Smile And tell " no UADY I didn't mean it " 

UDAY - so u want me to stay for some more time inside u Wink 

MANYTAAH - she hits playfully on his chest and tell  " udayy Blushing " 

UDAY - he smiles at her shyness LOL He hugs her  and still go deeper into her ...he is almost reaching climax ...he thrusts in and out with double speed ,taking care not to stress her ... Finally he is done ... He kisses her on her lips and tell " I love u princess Heart " 

MANYATAH - love u to uday ...she hugs him ...

UDAY - now manyatah look into my eyes 

MANYTAH - she knows that her husband is stubborn and won't leave her till she looks into his eyes . She looks at uday Blushing

UDAY - so finally maharani ji aap dekliya apne pathi ko 

MANYATAH - she carasses his cheeks 

UDAY - he kisses on her cheeks and carasses her soft cheeks 

MANYTAH - udayy Disapprove

UDAY - wat happened baby ...he cups her face 

MANYATH - ab tho bahar nikhalna 

UDAY - he is so lost in her angelic face that he doesn't understand wat she meant ..." I didn't get u princess " 

MANYATHA - she looks down showing that he is still inside her 

UDAY - oh sorry I didn't realise it ... He gets off from her 

MANYATAH - ahaaa  udayy  ahaaa 

UDAY - hey ur k !!?Disapprove

MANYTAH - ya am fine ... 

UDAY - he gets worried and ask " r u sure " 

MANYTAAH - yes uday am fine don't have any pain also ...u were for much time inside me wen u got out suddenly I felt a bit of pain there ... Now am perfectly fine 

UDAY - he smiles at her and hugs her ..." I don't get enough of u princess ,regardless how much time  I love u all da way  . I love u a lot ...I can't live without u princess " . 

MANYATAH - she blushes at her husbands statement Embarrassed . " love u too uday " 

          Both take bath and get ready and come out . They find AADHI sleeping peacefully ...

UDAY - he looks at clock's 11.30. " princess wake up AADHI and get him ready .i promised  him to show jaigad .meanwhile I'll attend a business call and come ..bye baby Silly

MANYATAH - she blushes and wakes up AADHI 

AADHI - good morning mamma 

MANYTAH - dad will take u out now , come get ready soon 

AADHI - he gets ready soon and comes down for breakfast 

MANYTAAH - uday can u pls feed him I'll be back 

UDAY. - y ???? 

MANYATAH - she covers her arms and shoulder with her pallu and show uday that 

UDAY - he finds love bytes on her neck , shoulders and on her arms ...since her skin tone is milky white one can easily see it

MANYATAH - she goes and wears full sleeves and high neck blouse and come down 

UDAY - he smiles at her ant tell ..." nice covering honey " 

AADHI - dad come let us go it's already 12 

UDAY - he takes AADHI and leave ...both father and son tell bye to manyatah and leave .


             THANK YOU 


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