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                             CHAPTER 8 

UDAY  - princess push

DOCTOR - common MANAYATH baby is almost there , pls push 

UDAY - common baby a little more 

MNAYTAH - shut up Uday , do u think am dancing here . Am trying 

UDAY - I know princess , it's tough job . 2 min more baby will be out

MNAYATH - really , did u push last time 

UDAY - princess !!!!Shocked

MNAYATHA - uday shut up , am gonna kill u ...she screams out ahaaaCry      Ahaaa 

DOCTOR - here the baby has come out mr Singh 

MNAYATH - she gets unconscious .

DOCTOR - its a boy Yuvraj sa 

UDAY. - he has tears in his eyes , he goes near da baby 

DOCTOR - we will give him sun bath and get him 

UDAY - k I'll wait doctor . MANYTHa, is she ok doctor 

DOCTOR - nothing to worry she will come to conscious in 2 hours 

UDAY. - he goes near MANAYATH and kisses her on forehead , princess our baby came into this world . It's a boy as per ur wish .

DOCTOR - he gets baby inside , uday slowly takes him into his hands . Keeps him near his chest . Tears Are falling down his cheeks . " my baby , my boy ...junior so finally came into papa's hands ..I was waiting for this from a long time beta . Love u ,he kisses on his forehead . " 


BRIJRAJ AND KOMAL - uday Congrates beta , he is so cute . Looks like udAy .

MANAYTH - she wakes up . Uday will help her to sit n give baby . She takes him into hands wit tears And kiss him , uday it's a boy .Both uday and MNAYATH hug each other .

UNNATHI - dada baby is like doll , oh my god see how he is looking . So tiny ...he looks much like u dada 

J - pls give me , I'll take him into hands 

UDAY - not now j , I'll give him later . He just came out .let him be wit his dad for some time 

J - ur so mean uday , wait I'll look after u later 

GIRIRAJ. - he comes and takes baby into his hands And bless da boy . Mera waaris aagaya 

DS - she takes da baby and blesses . ADITHY VEER SINGH how r u feeling ? 

VIJAY - Iska mathalab chotu ka naam hoga ADITHY veer sing 

UNNATHI and J. - nice name ds 

DS - since he got light into our lives his name is given ADITHY , which means light ..sun god .

UDAY AND MANAYTH - its really a nice name ds 

BRIJRAJ - one more good news everyone , giriraj is elected as mahasabha head 

Everyone is so happy to hear it and all congratulate each other .

GIRIRAJ - he takes ADITHY into hands and tell " my Child ur lucky for me " . Thanks manyatah beta ,u have given us such a wonderfull gift . 

     AFTER 2 days manyatha is discharged from hospital and they leave to jaigad palace with the child . That is obvious that media chased them for baby pics . But uday managed not to reveal his baby's face .


UDAY - oh my god MANAYATH look at him , so cute . Tiny fingers and tiny legs .

MNAYTAH - yes uday he is so cute , baby cries 

UDAY - princess what happened , why is my junior crying 

MANYATH - uday shut up now , he is baby ...he must be hungry . Wait let me feed him .

UDAY - k make it fast I don't want my junior to shed tears for any reason . 

MNAYATH. - babies means they will cry , don't act dumb uday 

UDAY - it's not applicable for Yuvraj udayveer sings son . Did u get it now darling 

MANYATHA - ur turning crazy these days uday . K help me now 

UDAY - pls don tell me to feed him now , which I can't Wink

MANYAATAH - udayyyAngry

UDAY - sorry baby I was kidding , so how can I help my wife ?

MNAYATH - ill hold aadi u change his diaper 

UDAY - k , let us do it . He slowly changes da nappy . He takes aadi into his hands . Olaa baby sleep now , he kisses on his forehead

AADI - he sleeps in his fathers arms 


Everyone who sees aadi started telling that he is fathers child and looks like his father .

J - she holds aadi and sings a rhyme , jingle bell jingle bell jingle all da 

AADI - he laughs at his Maasi and listens to her lori 

UNNATHI -   she gets a milk bottle and feed aadi 

UDAY - he returns from office wit his friend Karan 

KARAN - oh my god uday he is so cute , adorable . He looks like u a lot 

MANYATAH - she doesn't like da comment 

UNNATHI - yes Karan bhaai , I'll show u dada pics wen he was a child , u will tell its aadi and not uday 

UDAY - he observes manyathas expression and tells " but some were he looks like manyatah also , don u think so choti . Look at. His chin wen he smiles , he sounds like  manyatha" . He winks at unnathi 

UNNATHI AND VIJAY - yes uday your right , when he smiles he looks like MANYATHA

MANAYATH - her face lits up and she starts looking at aadi . Uday smiles at his wife's innocence 

J - u guys feel so , I don't find any feature of jiji in aadi seriously . Unnathi  stamps on J's feet and wink her 

MANYATHA  - she looks at stamping scene . Guys u need not lie now , I know he is like uday . So don try to make me happy telling all such stories . 

UDAY - no princess it's true

MANYATH - udayyy  I know it now pls . Whatever he is very cute , my son . Telling this she takes him into her arms . 

J - uday plan flop Wink

VIJAY - obviously in J's presence that's an expected thing , j bhai ur a spoil sport 

J - how mean vijay bhai 

UNNATHI - guys pls stop fighting now , aadi is sleeping . Unnathi takes aadi and leaves .

J,uday ,manyatah ,karan and vijay  have coffe and snacks together . Now Karan leaves .

        At night in da manveer bedroom 

AADI - he is sleeping in his cradle , MANYATH is standing and looking through window . 

UDAY - he finishes up his works and comes into room . He looks MANYATH from back in Saree . He comes and hugs her from behind. 

MANYATH - so done wit ur project work uday . Is da deal gone okay ? 

UDAY - it was a successful deal 

MANYATH - so nice . Congrates halkat 

UDAY - wen did junior sleep 

MNAYATH - wow now it's 8th wonder , without meeting ur junior u came to me huhhh Uday 

UDAY - what to do u distracted me wit ur sexy back , ur a child's mother now . Still manage to look so hot princess !!??

MANYATha - udayyy

UDAY - seriously princess ur driving me crazy , telling this he turns her around her gets her close to his body 

MANYATHA - she is glued to uday and breathing heavily 

UDAY - he carcasses her bare waist and presses it , runs his down her cheeks 

MANYATHA - she closes her eyes 

UDAY - he lifts her in his arms And take her onto bed 

UDAY AND MANYATH - both get cozy with each other , their clothes were on da floor .

UDAY - he enters MANYTAH wit a jerk 

MANYATH - she can feel him inside her 

UDAY - he was almost at climax , he is half way through , aadi starts crying . Uday gets up suddenly in a speed motion . " junior wrong time beta "Wink

MANYATH - she wraps a night gown , uday gets into his track in seconds and rush to aadi 

UDAY - oh beta don cry what happened , he puts milk bottle in his mouth and slowly take him into his arms . 

MANYATH - MANYATH takes aadi after he drinks milk and keeps him in her lap and makes him sleep . 

AADI - he sleeps peacefully in his mothers lap 

UDAY - so beta apni baap se koi dushmani hai kya , kisii Baath se naaraz ho kya ? 

MNAYATH - what r u telling uday ???

UDAY - I think he is angry wit me honey . Taking his face close to aadi and caressing hi cheek uday tells " wen u were in stomach you used to not allow me to hug ur mamma , now u don't allow me to ******. Wit my wife  " 

MANYATHA - she bursts out laughing LOL Seriously what a timing uday 


NOW AADI IS 5 months baby . They arrange a Party for cradle ceremony at devgads palace . Party goes well and it ends .

      Media takes all da pics of adii , adii wit his dad and mom . All da family pictures . 

        Everyone is happy and da days are passing wit aadi growing big . MANYATH doesn't get much time for riyasaths work because of aadi . Uday manages all da work wit da help of vijay .



UDAY - he is sleeping on bed wit aadi over him . Aadi is completely on his fathers body . He slept on uday last night and they both slept off like that only .

MANYATHA - she comes beside uday , sits there and look at both of them wit a cute smile on her lips . Uday wakes up as water drops fell on his face from manyatha's wet hair .

UDAY - he looks at  manyatha staring at them , he keeps fingers in her hair and brings her head down and  gives a peck on her lips and tell " good morning honey " 

MANYATH - uday stop it aadi will get up . 

AADI - he wakes up and lifts  his face from his fathers chest and looks at his mother bending towards them . 5 min mamma , pls . 

MANYATAH - no your getting late to school beta get up 

UDAY - let him sleep manyatah , he is a kid 

MANAYATHA - oh really uday , it will be better if u keep quiet for some time , she lifts aadi And takes him into her arms 

AADI - he sleeps on his mothers shoulders 

UDAY - he gets up from the bed and goes behind manyatha to look at aadi . Utaadiyana mera junior ko , look at him he is half asleep 

MANAYTH - ill go and give him bath and get him ready for school . Uday dad called u down , get ready and come quickly 

UDAY - he kisses aadi on his lips from back as he is lying on manyatahs shoulders and sleeping . He kisses MAnyaths bare back 

MANYATH - she shivers At that act , she turns around and gives him a death glare 

UDAY - he gives flying kiss , grabs his towel and goes into bathroom .Wink

MANYATHA - she takes aadi and goes to his room . She puts him in his bath tub and wakes him up 

AADI - he gets up . Mom should I go to school today , can't I bunk and sleep for some more time .

MANYATH - that's y I tell u to sleep early . U never listen keep  on playing . Till late night . Yesterday I told u to sleep , u n uday both dint listen to me And watched Tom And Jerry show till 12 in da night .

AADI - he opens his eyes . Waking him is a problem . Once he gets up , he becomes active . We must tell super active infact .he splashes water at manyatha's face And laugh ,squeezes paste and rubs it on MAnyaths hands .

MANYATH - lo poori tharah se utgaya mera shaithaan bacha , shuru kiya ab thumare nakre subha subha 

AADI - mom y do u scold urself in da morning 

MANYATHA - what !!?? 

AADI - y do u think ur self as a devil , ur not that bad as j Maasi mamma. So ur not a shaithaan , so am not a shaithaan ka bacha 

MANYATAH - now stop blabbering and brush . Chalo take bath . 
She gives him body wash and wraps him in towel and come out .MANYATHA WALKS towards cubboard to take his uniform ,

AADI - he remembers something and runs out of da room 

MANYATHA - oh my god aadi now were are u going . She runs behind him . But aadi is too fast .

AADI - he goes And hits uday  on da way 

MANYATHA - uday catch hold of him 

AADI -  aadi escapes from da gap between uday's  legs and start running towards his dada sahib's room .

MANYATAH - she stands wit hands on her hips ,she is panting , uday I'll be in room . Get him now 

UDAY - he laughs at looking exhausted manyatha , and goes to girirajs room to get his son 

                     THANK YOU 





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                             CHAPTER 9
note - j and Jagath r engaged.

GIRIRAJ - good morning mera RAJKUMAR 

AADHI - good morning Dadaaji , sorry am 5 min late . Everyday morning aadi will go to giriraj's bedroom . Daily giriraj  will have his bed coffe , AADHI will sit beside him and have his milk . Both talk for 10 min . Then aadi goes and get ready for school . This is their routine .today aadi is 5 min late , so he came running as he doesn't like to get late 

UDAY - good morning dad , junior come wit me , mom is waiting for u in room .

AADHI - k dad I'll be there in 5 min , am talking to daada Saheb 

UDAY - k beta come soon 

MANAYTHA - where is aadi uday , u came alone 

AADHI - he comes from back , am here mom 

MANAYTHA - k wear this uniform now , come 

AADHI - mom I asked u to get spiderman dress , did u get it

MANYATHA - I got it beta 

AADHI - show me then 

MANYATHA - not now aadi , come down for breakfast . I'll show u after u come from school.

AADHI - no mom first u show me ,then I'll come down . He sits there on da bed 

MNAYATHA - u have become so stubborn these days , jus come down not gonna listen to u aadi 

UDAY - princess show him , he will come down .

MANYTAHA - now you don't take his side uday , ur spoiling him . That's y he is not listening . See how he is sitting there wit angry face . No uday today am not gonna listen to u both . Both come down 

AADHI - k am gonna sit here only 

MANYATAH - k sit here , I'll see what u will do today . She drags uday wit her hand out of room , and take him out

UDAY - princess , u should have shown it to him . He is a kid , don be so rude wit him baby 

MANYATH - no uday , he is getting used to All this . We should not listen to him always . Or else he will become a spoilt brat . 

UDAY - princess don't u think too much .k I forgot my mobile ill get it

MANYATHA - I know about u ,  stay here . I'll ask maid to get it .

UDAY - kConfused

AADHI - he comes down after sometime , sits on da breakfast table wit puppy face .

MNAYATH - she ignores him , and will be having breakfast . Seemaji AADHI ko juice laana 

AADHI - he finishes his breakfast quietly and is ready to go to school 

MANYATHA - AADHI come here . He comes near her . She takes spider man dress and show him 

AADHI - he jumps out of excitement and kisses MANYTAHA . " love u mamma , I knew it . " 

UDAY - he smiles at both of them . He takes AADHI into his arms and kiss him . Both wave bye to manyatha an leave . AADHI to school and uday to office .

      AADHI returns from school . Uday picks him up while coming home . Now AADHI at home .

AADHI  - aadi comes and jumps over Manyatha , am back mom . So today can I play for a long time since tomorrow is Sunday .

MANAYATH - k baby u can , now in da evening Sanju , vijay mama , bhua ...naani ,nana ji , Maasi and Jagath Maama are coming home 

AADHI - really mom , I should go and get ready soon . I have to show my spider man dress to Sanju . Dad see u in a while , bye 

MNAYATHA - calls her maid rosy , take RAJKUMAR and get him ready soon .and get him down 

UDAY AND MANYATH - they are in their bedroom .uday got fresh up and had his coffee .

UDAY - so princess how was ur day baby ? 

MANYATAH  - till now am fine . Donno now what happens . Thumare shaithaan beta Jo aagaya . 

UDAY - haha LOL  , he comes close to MANYATH and kisses her on cheek . He moves her shirt up and holds her bare waist and get her closer . So ur free to night baby ? 

MANYATHA - now that depends on ur son . Donno when he sleeps 

UDAY - even that's true , it's been almost 3 months baby since I made love to you . All thanks to my junior .


UDAY - hmm laugh laugh , I'll see u to night wait . He comes near her lips to kiss ...

AADI - he suddenly comes inside shouting " dad am ready , we're is Sanju , didn't come yet "

UDAY - lo aagaya , " wrong time again junior " 

MANYATHA - LOL She laughs . They will be in 10 min aadi , I have jus called  naani 


BRIJRAJ AND KOMAL - aadi , how r u my child .he jumps on their grandparents 

Aadi - he goes and touches DS feet and take blessings .he goes and hugs Sanju 

SANJU - aadi bhai , I missed u 

AADHI - I missed u to angel . He kisses on her cheeks , u sit here I'll come in 5 min 

UNNATHI AND VIJAY - Hi AADHI  beta u won wish us 

AADHI - he goes n hugs both of them . He goes up and comes down in spider man dress n surprise Sanju 

SANJU - spider man !!! Mera bhai spider man hai , she jumps in excitement 

ADHI - dad were is that angels magic stick which I got for Sanju 

UDAY - it's there on my study table junior 

ADI - he gets it n gives to Sanju , along wit flowers and chocolates 

SANJU - love u bhaai , she kisses him on cheek and starts opening chocolates Nd they both eat 

DS - look at da kids , how happy they are together 

BRIJRAJ - jee maa Saheb , they are so cute 

KOMAL - MANAYTAH now I think it's time for aadi to play wit his younger brother or sister 

MANYATH - no mom pls not again . Am dying wit aadi , I can't even imagine about another child now .

UDAY - he smiles at da conversation 


BRIJRAJ - uday beta can I have look of that new project file 

UDAY  - ya surely I'll get it . It's in my study room . I'll be back 

          On the other side unnathi , manyatha , Komal and ds sat together .they are also having their conversations . To go to his study room , uday have to pass through da way where they sat .he overhears their conversation 

KOMAL - MANYATH I have been telling u from past 5 months beta 

UNNATHI - yes Bahabisa aunty Komal is right , I think it's high time now 

MANYATH - pls unnathi and mom , am not ready for 2 nd child now . Y u guys are literally behind me 

DS - because we need a heir 

MANYATAH - I didn't get u ds , in that case I think we have AADHI 

DS - that's true we have aadi , but he is jaigad's heir . 

KOMAL - in short now we need a heir for devgad 

UNNATHI - that's true manyatha , according to razzwade  first child will be heir to jaigad , so ADI is heir to jaigad . We have even pressures from mahasabha about devgads heir

MANAYTAH - what , no one told about this to me !!?

DS - UADY told us not to tell u beta 

MANYATHA - what !?uday knows ??!!!! 

KOMAL - yes beta , we are given a time limit of 2 years . 

MNAYATH - k then I'll see to it . U all don worry , we still have time . 2 years to go 

DS - should be on safe side beta , think about it 

UDAY - oh my god now princess will kill me for not telling that to her . DS AAPNE HAME MARVAYA 


SANJU AND AADHI - hi Maasi n Jagath Maama 

JAGATH AND J - they take kids into their arms and kiss them 

MANYATH - still that mahasabha thing is going in her mind . Uday observes her .

AADHI  - j  Maasi where  is my remote car?

J - she gives him da car and a teddy bear to Sanju 

SANJU - thanks bhuaa 

AADHI - thanks sexy 


MANYATHA - aadi what was that ? Apologise Maasi 

UNNATHI - jus wait MANYATH , beta aadi why did u call her so 

AADI - sorry did I tell anything wrong 

UDAY - no beta , y did u tell so 

ADI - once I heard Jagath Maama telling that to j Maasi , so I thought its nice and decided to call her like that 

J AND JAGATH - they get embarrassed to da core 

UDAY -  it's k beta , don't call her like that from next time . K junior 

AADHI - k papa , I won't . Everyone in da hall smile at da incident .


ADHI - Maasi u promised me that u will stay with me at this weekend wit me in jaigad palace 

J - I do remember baby , am gonna get my bag from car 

AADHI - k we can enjoy a lot . Come I'll show u my new toys and paintings 

J - jiji enjoy to night Wink I'll be wit aadi 

UDAY - he smiles at her statement and looks at his file in his hand 

   In manveer bedroom 

MANYATH - uday y dint u tell me about that 

UDAY - princess I didn't want u to take tension . Moreover ur not ready mentally for 2 nd child . So I didn't like to give mental stress for u . I thought of telling u but u got to know somehow 

MANYATHA - now what's this mahasabha people , y r they behind devgad 

UDAY - it's all politics MANYTAHA , now we are da two powerfully ki gdoms in mahasabha . So now they wanna create some prob for us . So came this way . U need not worry about it . If ur not ready for it ,I dont want to put any pressure on u . I can manage 

MANAYATH - thanks uday , I love u .

UDAY - anything for u darling 

MNAYATHA - but uday., am thinking about it . Even ds is right . Someday we should have 2nd child , that's for sure , y not now 

UDAY - princess are u sure , see there is no pressure . Jus think about it . U need time I think. Baby . 

MANAYATH - uday I have decided , that's final 

UDAY - k then I'll wait for u in dA room 

MANYATH - what ?!! 

UDAY  - u told u want a baby Wink Come inside I'll help u regarding that 

MNAYATHA - chii udayyy

UDAY - it's been really a long time , come wit me before my junior comes again 

MNAAYTAHA - uday I jus wanna check j n aadi and come once , donno if j will b able to manage him all alone . U know him very well , he screws her up

UDAY - he lifts her in his arms . " princess nowadays i Hear only one  name from ur mouth and that is AADHI , ur always behind him . Now it's my day pls " 

MANAYTH - she blushes , and soon both leave to their room. 

 Lights go off . Both have each other . The night ends blissfully . 

UDAY -  he wakes up in da morning and looks at manyatha . He carasses her cheeks ,she is sleeping peacefully .

MNAYATHA - she is beside uday . Sleeping peacefully like a child 

UDAY - he kisses her on her lips . He gives a peck on her bare shoulders 

MNAYATHA - uday lemme sleep don disturb , it's till 6.30 only 

UDAY - wake up baby aadi will wake up at 7 only , u know he will rush into our room as soon as he gets up 

MANYATH - pls uday let me sleep now , u dint allow me to sleep till 4 in da morning . Am tired pls 

UDAY - he smiles at her statement . Hey princess are u ok 

MANAYTH - she wakes up now , wraps blanket around her and sit up on da bed . " why what happened to me , am good ..perfectly fine " 

UDAY - because I was super crazy last night. So Am jus enquiring if I was very hard ? 

MANAYTH - no , that was perfectWink

UDAY - ofcouse am that I know 

AADHI - mamma , papa open door 

MANYATH - she jumps from bed wit blanket wrapped around and rushes into bathroom 

UDAY - soon he gets into his tracks and wears shirt and open door

AADHI - dad I was shouting from 5 min , y did u take much time .telling this he barges in and searches for  MNAYATH 

UDAY - sorry beta was in deep sleep , dint hear da door sound .he takes his son into his arms And kisses him on his cheeks .

MANYATH - she comes out of bathroom 

ADI - he rushes to her and hugs her . Mamma I missed u . He asks her to take him into her arms 

MANAYTAH - I missed u to beta , she lifts him and kisses him 

UDAY - where is Maasi 

AADI - now don ask me dad , u know her right . It's 7 now ...Maasi gets up at 9 minimum

MANYATH - betaa 

AADHI - mom ttomorrow it's SAMAY and SULABH 's birthday . Let us go out and get a gift for them 

UDAY - k junior v will 



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                        CHAPTER 10 

UDAY - so beta go and get ready , after breakfast v all will go for shopping 

AADHI - k papa , love u . He will kiss and go 

MANYAATH - k beta don disturb Maasi , let her sleep

AADHI - k mom , Maama is that true that ur gonna get me a new brother or sister 

UDAY - what !!? 

MNAYATHA - who told u beta 

AADHI - Maasi told me yesterday , mamma tell me now .

MANYATAHA - she gets embarrassed , she doesn't know what to tell 

UDAY - yes that's true , beta so do u want a brother or sister 

MNAYATHA - she looks at uday wit a surprised expression 

AADHI - dad I love , am so excited . K I want a brother so that I can play wit him a lot . Like SAMAY and SULABH play always . Already I have a sister (Sanju) rite . So a brother .

UDAY - k baby done . Soon u will get a brother . He turns to manyatah and  tells " wat say princess ,so r we gonna try  regularly for it ? " 

MNAYATH - she says udayyy , atleast not in front of aadi , she whispers this in his ear 

AADHI - k dad , so wen he is gonna come . I'll get many toys for him . 2 days or 3 days ?

UDAY AND MANYATH - they laugh at his question 

UDAY - beta he can't come so soon , it takes 9 months for ur bro to come 

AADHI - but y dad , can't we get him soon . I want to play wit him

MANYATAH - beta it's like that only now , u can't understand . Ur so young now . K now jus leave d topic now . Go and get ready 

         All have breakfast together and leave for shopping wit j also . They buy gifts for SAMAY mad SULABH and return home .

J - so how was ur night yesterday jiji ? 

MANYATHA - j ur becoming so shameless , u even told AADHI that we r gonna get a brother for him ,is that fa way to talk to kids 

J - common jiji grow up , u should prepare ur babies about their upcoming ciblings . I read it in a article so I thought of making AADHI mentally prepared for that 

UDAY - he jus comes into that room . Yes princess j is right . Life mein kuch Akal waala  kaam kiya j 

J - udayAngry 

UDAY - k now both of u get ready , we r getting late for party 

       All go to party . In party all kids are playing .

AADHI - all girls surround him and give flowers and chocolates . They fight to play wit AADHI 

MANYATHA AND UDAY - they look at their son and da girls trying to impress him , they laugh 

J - looking at that scene j tells "uday  he is really ur son "

UDAY - u dint know that till now j , he is my son . 

J - I got it now , that's y u call him junior . Oh my god look at him , how is he flirting wit girls

UDAY - no ur wrong , he is not flirting . Girls are running behind him . Note that j 

J - seriously uday not only looks wise , character wise also 

MANAYTH - nahi mera beta abhi chotA hai , he is jus playing wit his class girls . U guys jus don't make it an issue pls 

J - really jiji , tho aapko ye lagtha hai ki aapka pathi aur beta dhono innocent hai .

MANATHA - uday ka tho patha nahi , beta tho bilkull innocent hai 

J -  pls jiji don't tell it , I must say ur innocent now . Both son n father are same . 

AADHI - mamma mamma , can I have icecream 

MANYATH - k but only one baby , or else u will catch cold 

AADHI - k mamma 

J - I must say jiji 

MANYATH - what ?!!

J - both baap beta jithna bhi kamina ho , they are under ur control . C how he is coming and taking permission from u to have icecream .pls give me tips how to keep husband and son in control 

MANAYTAH - nothing like that j , jus love them 

J - that's true . 


REPORTER1 - is that true that mahasabha has put devgad under pressure for heir

UDAY - no comments pls 

REPORTER2  - so yuvrani ji what is ur next step ? R u planning for a new baby 

MNAYATH - she gets embarresed to answer da question 

UDAY - pls can u excuse us 

REPORTER3 - we heard that ur leaving for London wit yuvrani for 15 days 

UDAY - yes we have some riyasath work 

REPORTER1 - is that a riyasath work or ur 2nd honeymoon Yuvraj ji ? 

REPORTER 2 - so that's true that Yuvraj uday and yuvrani are planning for their 2nd baby . So they are leaving for london 

UDAY - no comments pls , somehow they escape from press

MANYATH - seriously UADY , what's their bloody problem . Y r they much bothered about all this stuff

UDAY - even am shocked at their questions . I donno from where they get all such questions . They are thinking that we r going to London jus to make a baby . Can u jus imagine that . God seriously we don have our personal life only . If we give. Chance this media will come into our bedrooms and shoot our love making and make it a sensational news and even take our interview and ask doubts

MANYATH - chi UADY , k let us leave . AADHI must be feeling sleepy 

UDAY - princess today wit me pls 

MNAYATH - shut up uday , not today . Aadhi will be there

UDAY - ask j to stay at our place for 2 more days wit AADHI baby 

MANYATAH - u tell j uday , seriously if I ask her . She will make it an issue and torture me pulling my leg 

UDAY - even that's true princess , she is such a big drama queen 

SAMAY - MANAYTAHA aunty , is that true that u and uday uncle are gonna get AADHI a little brother

MANAYATH - yes bEta 

SAMAY - that's so nice AADHI then we all can play wit him 

UDAY - he whispers in her ears " princess atleast for AADHI' s wish of having a brother u have to b wit me for 2 more days , do something .ask j to stay somehow "

MANYATAH - I can't help it honey 

UDAY - k Confused    

AADHI - he come running to manyatah , mamma am sleepy . 

MANYATHA - k beta come here , she takes him into her arms and aadi falls asleep

J and BRIJRAJ - k manyatha we are leaving . Oh AADHI slept . They kiss AADHI and they leave 

MANYATHA - she calls uday  " Uday if u finished meeting ur friends can u come soon , AADHI slept " 

UDAY - ill be there in 5 min 

MANYATH - she finds difficult to hold AADHI after 10 min , so she goes into parking to get into car 

UDAY - he finishes talking to all his friends and comes, he doesn't find manyatah and AADHI . He calls her , but her phone is unavailable 

MANAYTH - she reached da parking lot and few steps away from da car , she even doesn't inform or get security wit her 

UDAY - he gets a call from some unknown person , he lifts da call

PERSON - searching for ur wife and child 

UDAY - he gets tensed , who are you ? 

PERSON -  find who a I am later on but go and save ur wife and son now . Their lives are in danger .

UDAY - hello hello , da call is cut . His heart beat stops for a whole , he is so worried and searches for them in da party Nd goes out and searches all over . Even guards tell that they doesn't know . He gets a message 

PERSON  - he sends message to UADY . The MSG is " ur wife and son are in parking lot , don be late . You may loose them " 

UDAY - he shivers after reading da MSG . He feels helpless and as if the world is gonna end . He rushes to da parking lot immediately 


MANYATAH - she doesn't know what to do , she goes and hides behind a car holding AADHI . She starts crying and holds AADHI tightly . 




UDAY -  wit tears in his eyes " AADHI !!!! " 

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                        CHAPTER 11

MANYATAH - she is in parking lot almost near car ,she feels as if someone is following her and turns back . She finds 2 guys following her .she gets tensed up and moves fast . 2 more guys come from front and all surround her 

GUNDA - so highness do u have any last wish

GUNDA 2 - give me da baby , he tries to drag AADHI 

MANYAATH - don't u dare to touch my kid ,stay away Cry

GUNDA - Am not ur servant to obey u

AADHI - he  wakes up due  to da noise and  see da situation 

GUNDA2 - hey I must say this yuvrani is so beautifull , see her skin tone . Milky white 

GUNDA 3 - now I don feel like killing such a beautifull lady 

AADHI - u guys shut up and leave our way , do u know who we are ?

GUNDA 4 - yes chotuu , we know ur Yuvraj udayveer Singh ka ek lautha laadla beta ,and we are gonna kill u now 

MANAYATHA - see ill give u how much money u want , pls leave us . She cries and tells that

GUNDA - we don need money , give me ur son now 

MNAYATH - she cries out loudly for help . " somebody pls help us" 

UDAY - who is coming down now can hear those cries clearly . He gets tensed up , his body starts shivering . He rushes towards that direction of sound

MANYATH - she pushes da 2 guys and takes AADHI and runs away and hides behind a car . She is crying and hugging AADHI tightly " uday were are u ? "

ADHI - he cleans his mothers tears and tells " mamma don cry , daddy will come " 

MANYATHA - looks at her cute innocent small kid and cries and hugs him . " I have to  save my son now . I should do something soon .it takes no time for them to reach me "

AADHI - he is in his mothers arms looking at all da environment and waiting for his dad to help them 

MNAYATH - " AADHI beta , mamma will jus go there and try to call daddy ok , u be here . Hide urself . Let any noise come jus don move from here beta . K beta "

AADHI - no mamma we're r u going , don leave me ,he cries . They will catch u if u go out 

MANYATH - no beta nothing happens to me . See Am a big girl , I can manage to escape . Ur a small kid so u can't . Am not leaving u beta just stay here . I'll go and get daddy slowly . K beta 

AADHI - k mamma come soon . I'll be waiting 

MANAYATHA - in her mind she thinks "sorry beta I have to this to save u , I'll run now so that their attention falls on me and they chase me , atleast u will be safe . I hope I return to u " she kisses AADHI on his cheeks and forehead , she kisses his hands . " beta be a good boy , listen to dad and take care of him "

AADHI - mamma y r u telling all these , we're r u going 

MANYAATH - no beta am jus telling u . She hugs him And slowly moves him to a corner place and hides him there 

AADHI - he waves bye to his mom and tells to come soon 

MANYATAH - she slowly moves to other side and comes out , 2 gundas watch her and shout at others to follow her . Now she starts running away from that place 

4 gundas - they follow her and run after her

MNAYATH - she wraps her dupatta around a doll and holds it as if she is holding AADHI and misleads them 

GUNDAS - they think it's  aadhi whom manyatha is catching and running

UDAY - he reaches parking lot and shouts " MANYATH , AADHI " 

AADHI - he hears his dad voice and slowly gets up and c . He finds uday now and stands from da hiding place Nd shout " dad am here " 

UDAY - wit Tears in his eyes " AADHI !!!" . He soon reaches his son and hugs him ' kisses his forehead , kisses his both hands . He takes AADHI into his arms and go that side and call for manyatah ." princess come out we're r u ? " 

AADHI - dad mom is not wit u , then how did u come here 

UDAY - wat ???!!!! Beta wat r u talking , u were not wit mom. 

ADHI - no dad I was wit mamma only , she asked me to stay here and told that she is gonn send u to me . She told that daddy would come and take AADHI . I knew it dad u will come . Mom is right 

UDAY - but we're is she beta 

AADHI - dad I know mom is hiding somewhere like she does when we play , wait I'll call her out . " mom I know ur here , come out  am sleepy " 

UDAY - now tears flow from his eyes , beta were did mom go and wht did she tell u 

AADHI - dad mom told me to be a good boy and to listen to whatever u say . Also to take care of u 

UDAY - now he literally starts crying . AADHI where did she go beta in which direction , can u just show me 

AADHI - dad mom took my doll in her hands and covered it with her dupatta and ran in that direction . " don worry dad she told she would come back , I know she is somewhere here , mamma pls come out pls mamma , see even daddy is calling u " 

UDAY - princess!!!? Now he understands why his princess did that , to save their son . He hugs AADHI and cries . He soon starts searching MANYATH wit his guards in all directions , and possible ways 


UNNATHI AND KOMAL - they come and take Adhi home 

BRIJRAJ AND GIRIRAJ - they start  searching for MANYATH in another direction . They take police help now . 

UDAY  AND VIJAY - they are searching together in all possible ways 

UDAY - he is so depressed And all the time tears are coming out of his eyes " pls god am not gonna ask u anything after this , jus save my princess .see that no one harms her . Plsss plss god ,never am gonna ask u anything after this "

VIJAY - he looks at depressed and sobbing uday and tells " uday banana be strong , nothing will happen to M bhai .she will be fine ,jus trust me " 

UDAY - from 2 hours we have been searching her vijay bana .We're did she go ? Kis haalath mein hoga mera princess . Cry

VIJAY - he gets a call . " k we will be there " 

UDAY - what is it vijay 

VIJAY - I jus got information , few people saw manyThA  near that pahadi temple direction , running all dA way 

UDAY -- driver go to that pahadi temple now . He worries through out d way thinking how MANAYATH is and in which condition she would . 

AADHI - he calls uday " daddy were are u ? Y did u and mom leave me and go , come back home soon pls . Tell mom I will listen to whatever she tells me to do , I'll never do Any mischief I'll be a good boy , pls tell her Nd ask her to come soon . She is not lifting her phone papa , mamma is angry wit me that I didn't listen to her in da evening . That's y went somewhere and is not coming . Am sorry dad pls get mom" 

UDAY - he keeps crying more listening to his son' s words . He is loss at words . Doesn't even have courage to answer his son . Donno wat to answer him . jus keeps quiet ,and his voice shivers .

VIJAY - he looks  At breaking uday Nd understands it must be AADHI and takes phone from him and tells " beta we are coming home soon , with mom and dad, k beta now listen to what naani Saheb says And jus sleep "

AADHI - k thanks Maama , I'll wait for u all

KOMAL - she keeps on crying wit j and unnathi beside her 

AADHI - naani and Maasi why r u all so worried Nd crying . I know everything because of me ." Mamma got fed up wit my mischief and left me , now I promised to be a good boy , see she will come "

J - she goes and hugs AADHI ". Yes beta mamma will come " 

UNNATHI - she is trying to console Komal 

KOMAL - unnathi beta look at this little boy , he doesn't even know about d truth that his mom is in his danger . 

UNNATHI - pls control urself aunty , atleast for AADHI . He gets scared if he finds everyone sobbing 

J - but unnathi , looking at AADHI I jus can't control myself . What did this small boy do ? What is his mistake ? Why did this happen ? He is so little , he can't stay without his mom . Hope nothing happens to jiji 

KOMAL - haa j beta nothing happens to MANAYTAH , she should come back Atleast for Adhi 

UNNATHI - yes Aunty Nd j , she will come back . I know dada very well . He will get his princess back 

KOMAL - I know UADY very well , it is he who got my elder daughter to this palace . Now he will even get back his wife safely . I have faith in him .

MNAYATHA -  she runs out of parking lot and runs towards da road. She esacapes from two goons . But da other two goons follow her . She Almost reaches da pahadi Mandir . The 2 goons reach her and try to snatch da kid from her

GOONS - they find that he is not. Kid and a doll , they get angry and slap her . They hear couple of cars sounds .they think they should rush . Other goon takes his knife and stabs MANYTAH 

MANYATAH - that goon stabs her in her stomach . She screams out of pain and pushes him and runs wit all da blood dripping down da road .

GOONS - they go way after hearing da car sounds as they finished their work . They thought to catch and see that see gets killed but they see devgad vehicles and run away . They think that she would die anyway as they stabbed her wit knife in her stomach .

MANYATAHA - she runs runs , now she lost her energy . Everything is going black . She is loosing conscious . Her blood is flowing out and dripping down . She falls down there down 

BRIJARAJ - he stops da car seeing a girl falling on da ground .he got down and turned da girls face . He is shocked to see his own daughter in a pool of blood . Manyatah manyatah beta get up ,he takes her in his arms Nd turn 

UDAY - he reaches da place and gets horrified at da sight . He finds his princess all da bottom of her body with blood in brijrajs arms 

UDAY - he shouts MANAYTAHA and comes to her 

MANYATHA - after hearing uday's voice she jus comes into semi conscious though she couldn't see Nything and her vision almost blanked out she whispers seeing a blurred figure of brijraj .- dad , AADHI ...

BRIJRAJ - he is fine beta 

UDAY - he is fine MANYTAH , hey wake up . Don close ur eyes 

VIJAY - don't let her close eyes uday , do something 

BRIJRAJ - he soon takes her into car , UADY sits wit her and tries to wake her , but in vain 

UDAY - he cries a lot looking manyAtah all in blood . Pls princess open ur eyes jus for my sake pls , 

VIAJY - we will reach hospital in 10 min , keep her awake 

MANAYATH - she is still in semi conscious , she finds uday . She tries to talk but she won't have that energy to talk . Her voice is not coming out .she holds uday's shirt tightly .  She gives a Weak smile  and gets energy and utters " uday  , uday " . Now she is slowly closing her eyes

UDAY - princess no Cry       U can't do this to me , pls wake up , open ur eyes . He hugs her and cries very badly , he is completely broken . Uday is cring like a helpless kid now . 

BRIJRAJ - beta jus control urself , MANAYTAH beta ...brijraj slaps manyatahs face to keep her wake he tries. Lot . They reach hospital and soon take her into operation theatre 

MANYATAHA - while leaving into operation theatre she touches uday's cheeks ...and give a weak smile 

UDAY - come back for me pls , I can't live without u I'll die 

MANYATAH - now doctors take her inside . 

UDAY - he doesn't utter any word , it's been 3 hours now . He jus sits there like A cold statue

UNNATHI - dada tell something dada pls don stay quiet like that 

UDAY - he doesn't respond , he just sits there like a stone without any expression 

ADHI - he comes to hospital wit j after sometime as he insists that he wann go to see his mom 

J - she takes AADHI and shows him MANAYTAHA from da glass 

AADHI - Maasi wat happened to mom . Y is she there , why did we come to hospital . Is doctor giving her injection there . Did mom get fever 

J - she cries , she doesn't reply 

VIJAY - yes beta mom has fever . She will get well soon 

AADHI - k I want go inside to see mom 

VIJAY - no beta they wont allow u , stay here for some time 

AADHI - no I want to now to my mom , I missed her a lot .now no one can stop me . He moves towards da door 

VIJAY - he catches AADHI and tries to get him away from there by forcibly taking AADHI into his arms

AADHI - he cries out loudly , leave. Me Maama , leave me I'll go to my mom 

UDAY - from past 3 hours he is like a statue without uttering anything . Now after hearing his son's crying , he comes into senses and looks towards him

VIJAY - no aadi , listen to me . U r a good boy right 

AADHI - he is still sobbing badly , now he goes out of breath wit continuous crying and gets heecups . 

UDAY - he rushes to his son and takes him into his arms and hide him in his chest 

UNNATHI - she gets water nd gives Adhi to drink but he rejects saying " I don't want anything , I'll go inside to my mom " 

UDAY - he tries to control himself and makes AADHI to drink water . He sits there wit AADHI in his hands 

AADHI - slowly weeping like that he falls asleep in his father's arms 

UDAY - looking at his son weeping like that he breaks down completely 

UNNATHI - dada give AADHI to me , she will try to take Adhi from him

UDAY - he holds AADHI tightly and nods his head at unnathi not to take him 

UNNATHI - but dada , she stops 

UDAY - he holds AADHI in his hands . Hides him in his chest " pls princess , we both can't stay without u , pls stay with us ...don do this to us . Atleast for our little son princess ...pls come back " 

DOCTOR - he comes out and tells that she is out of danger .

UDAY - thank u doctor , can I see her 

DOCTOR - she is out of danger yuvraj  sa but , he hesitates to tell

UDAY -  what happened ? Is she k ? Speak out man 

DOCTOR - woh yuvrajsa ...

        THANK YOU 


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                            CHAPTER 12

DOCTOR - Yuvraj sa yuvrani is in coma 

UDAY - what !!? 

BRIJRAJ - doctor u jus told she is out of danger 

DOCTOR - yes maharaj ji she is out of danger , due to much blood loss .brain dint get enough oxygen , so she is in coma 

UDAY - so wen will she come out

DOCTOR - now I can't tell it Yuvraj sa , it may take 2 days or 2 years . We can't help it , it's in gods hand now 

UDAY - he collapsed there 

DS - uday beta be strong , she will be fine soon . See she is wit us now , she is out of danger . Slowly she will gain her conscious also very soon 

EVERYONE - they console uday and tell he should be strong atleast for his son 

UDAY - he goes inside icu and see manyatah . Wit tears in his eyes , he kisses her forehead . Sits beside her and holds her hand Nd cries like a small kid . Till morning he will catch her hand like that only and jus lie his head and sleep there .


AADHI - Mamma I missed u , he kisses on her cheek . Y ur sleeping still , get up am hungry . hE tries to jump on her 

UDAY  - no junior !! , stay here , mamma is not well , don jump like that will hurt her .

AADHI - so mamma still have fever daddy , so wen will she wake up 

UDAY - he didn't know wat to answer , his voice is not coming out . " mamma is in long sleep baby , doctor gave her injection ..she will get up in few days . Till then she will take rest .so ur hungry my child ,come I'll feed u 

AADHI - no daddy , U wake up mom I want to talk to her  . I promised to be a good boy if mom comes back . I should tell her now that am no more a naughty boy 

UDAY - he takes AADHI into his lap and tells " AADHI is always a good boy . , I know it . So now have ur breakfast , otherwise mamma will feel bad .do u want that baby ? 

AADHI - no papa I'll eat . Uday feeds him and he eats . 

UDAY - he gets. Call , I'll be back beta . Sit here , don go and jump or don't do anything baby 

AADHI - k dad I'll sit quetly 

UDAY - on phone . " so who is that bloody dog behind it , I want him now , I'll kill da basted . How dare he is to attack my wife and child " 

COMMISIONER - we are trying to find sir , will tell u very soon 

AADHI - he slowly gets up from chair n climb da bed and sleep beside manyatah . He kisses her cheek and holds her hand and sleep beside her .

UDAY - uday who watched all this , couldn't stop himself from crying . He went into washroom to hide his tears from his son .

       IT'S BEEN 40 days now , still MANYATHa is in coma but her wound is completely healed . Her blood levels Are almost normal . Uday used to stay with MANAYTAH always , WENEVER he went out on some riyasath work Komal used to stay with her.

        J took care of AADHI . Mostly uday used to get AADHI ready for school and used to feed him, but WENEVER he is wit MANYATH ...j used to take care of AADHI .

           Uday stopped laughing . He is just living like that for da sake of living . He used to give fake smiles only to cheer up his son AADHI .

AADHI - dad u told mom would get up after few days , but it's been too long now . Wen will she get up , he starts crying a lot .

UDAY - so soon beta , don cry my child . Dad can't see u like this . Pls beta 

AADHI - he is still sobbing , he leaves uday's hand and sleeps beside MANYATAHA and hug her .

UDAY - he jus gives an helpless expression at his son , wit his heart broken into million pieces 

AADHI - mom pls get up , talk to me . I'll never play till late nights . I'll listen to whatever u say . I'll go daily to school . I'll get up early and get ready for myself . I'll drink milk daily .

           I won't eat ice creams and chocolates also mom . Pls get up .he is crying and holding manyatahs cheeks and telling all these 

UDAY - he couldn't take it anymore , he goes near window and cries out ,hiding his sadness from his son .

MNAYATAH - aadhi's tear drop falls on manyatha's cheek . She suddenly gets into. Conscious , but doesn't open her eyes . But she can hear her son sobbing and his talks to her .

AADHI - he stops talking and keeps his head on manyatahs chest and sleep 

MANYATAHAS - she could feel her son at her heart , she slowly opens her eyes . First it was so blurred but slowly she opens her eyes . After 5 min now she can see everything clearly 

AADHI - he lied on her And slept off like that 

MANYATAH - she could see her son on her , she places her hand  on AADHI and carasses his hair . Slowly she sits on da bed and hug her son whole heatedly and feels his warm . She kisses him on his forehead , his cheeks , on his eyes . Tears fall from her eyes . 

          She holds aadhi's hands and kiss them .she kisses her son madly all over and hugs him . " oh my baby I missed u too , sorry baby for making u sad all these days " 

          AADHI is still asleep .She looks aside and finds uday at at da window staring outside lost in deep thoughts .she slowly keeps AADHI aside and gains her strength and gets up from da bed . First she couldn't stand properly . She will hold da wall and stay for 2 min and then walk towards uday .

           She hugs uday from behind tightly 

UDAY - uday who is lost in his own world is now shocked at her touch, hot tears are flowing down from his eyes . He turns around and finds his life standing with tears in her eyes .

         He is unable to speak now , he feels happy . He is loss at words .he felt as if he got his life back . He cupped manyatahs face and hugged her . " princess Cry " he falls down on his knees by holding manyatahs hands and cries loudly , all da sorrow from his heart  which has been buried all these days is coming out like a volcano from his voice .

AADHI - due to that high voice of sobbing by uday , he wakes up and finds his mother standing aside . He jumps out of da bed Nd comes and hugs manyatah around her waist .

MANAYTAH - she stands like that only wit tears in her eyes , her son hugging her and her husband holding her and crying like a kid 

EVERYONE - hearing uday's voice ..all rush into da room . All are very happy to see manyatah standing 

UNNATHI - she gives a relieved look after seeing her brother crying out  . " now I can see da desire to live in my brothers eyes " , all these days he was jus a stone . She is happy for her brother .

UDAY - he gets up and hugs MANYATH , he take AADHI into his arms . Both uday and AADHI hug manyatah .

AADHI - am sorry mamma , now I became. Good boy . I'll listen to u always . Pls don't sleep like this again . He cries and tells " I can't stay without u mamma , pls don't do it again . If u get angry beat me ,punish me ..but don leave me . I cannot stay without talking to u " 

MANYATH - no beta  don cry , she consoles her son . I promise u " I'll stay wit u always , who said ur. Bad boy and I got angry on u so I left day day ...not at all , ur. Good boy , ur da best son in da world " 

AADHI - he hugs her and kisses her . 




AADHI - mom so wen we are leaving for London 

MANYATH - in 2 days beta 

AADHI - did u keep all my toys and dresses . Also my spiderman dress

MANYATAH - yes beta I kept everything 

UDAY - so ur happy now junior 

AADHI - he thinks for. While and tells " dad why can't we take Sanju with us , pls mom" 

MANAYATH - so AADHI can u stay without me and daddy for 15 days beta ? 

AADHI - no mom not at all , impossible . He goes and hugs UADY wit a puppy face 

UDAY - princess y r u scaring my son now , what r u upto? 

MNAYATH - jus wait uday .. So AADHI then how do u expect Sanju to come wit us to London leaving her parents for 2 weeks .even she is younger to u , she can't stay without her parents . Don't u know it beta 

AADHI - even that's true mom , I dint think about it . But am gonna miss her a lot 

UDAY - don worry baby daddy is wit u , u can play wit me ." I'll entertain you through out da day , and ur mom in da night Wink

MANYAATH - she piNches uday from side and looks at him angrily 

AADHI - dad so u will play wit me in da day And play wit mom in da night dad 

UDAY - yes beta , manyatah stamps uday foot 

AADHI - dad pls I'll also join u both in da night . You know how much I love to play , so I'll play wit u both in da night also 

UDAY - what !!!!? Shocked

MANYATAH - k beta u can , she looks at uday and smilesLOL

UDAY - no beta , so tell me one thing .. Do u want a brother or not ? 

MANAYATH - now uday will u place shut ur gutter mouth , what r u gonna tell him now ...chi UADAY 

UDAY - princess jus wait , I know what am doing . I think I should do this 

AADHI - pls u both stop fighting and dad pls tell me . Am excited about my brother . But u told he would come after 10 more months . 


 UDAY - yes beta he will come after 10 months . But  to get him we should do one thing and u should cooperate wit us 

AADHI - I can do anything  for my little brother dad 

UDAY - to get a child first we should pray , so me and mom will pray to god daily for a week to give u brother 

AADHI - so even I'll join u and ask god to give me brother 

UDAY - no baby , listen to me carefully . Only elders should pray that to only mom and dad . No one should be in da room other than mom and me at that time , or else god will get angry 

AADHI - really dad !!? 

UDAY - yes beta , so for few days me and mom will pray in da night together in our room . U should sleep wit naani Saheb for few days . K baby 

AADHI - k daddy , I'll do it .

UDAY - beta this is a top secret . U shouldn't tell or talk about this to any one . K 

AADHI - k dad . It's a secret . He gives hi five to uday . K dad I'll meet SAMAY and SULABH and come 

MANYATHA - k AADHI , Dadaaji will drop u and bhua will pick u up . Ur guards will be with u only . K be carefull

AADHI - k mom bye . He runs out 

MANYATHA - chi uday , kithna besharam ho thum , apne bete  ke saath all these 

UDAY - he drags manyatha into his arms and tell " princess u know it now , what did I tell him . I jus told him jus to make him undersatnd . Did I tell him any vulgar thing , no  na . Also don worry since I told its a secret he won't even talk about it infront of anyone and embarras  us " 

MANYATAH - thum such mein razzwade ho uday , bte  ko ache se samjaakar , made it a secret thing 


MANYATH - ur jus impossible , I feel bad for AADHI . U lied to him 

UDAY - k then we will keep him in our room and do it , he will know truth since u don't like me to lie 

MNAYTAHA - chi uday , how low ur speaking 

UDAY - manyatah , i dont have any other option ,we are left wit less time , we have  Pressure from mahasabha . Also I don want DS  to take stress regarding this . 

MANYATAH - that's true uday . Ur right 

UDAY - trust me even I didn't like telling that to AADHI . But u know very well he gives wrong time entries . To make a baby I think we should do it without any disturbance I guess, also atleast 4 days continuously .

MANYATH - she downs her head Nd blushes Embarrassed

UDAY - he lifts manyatahs head and kisses her forehead . It's been 8 years since we got married , and u still feel shy wit me princess 

MANYATH - she can't face uday now , she hugs him . 


Manveer and AADHI n Komal in London 

They all roam and enjoy 


they return back to India also 


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I                          CHAPTER 13


UDAY - he is busy wit his riyasath work on da first day . Manyatah and Komal took AADHI outside and they enjoyed and came in da evening to their mansion 

AADHI - uday returns from office . AADHI goes and hugs  uday .dad I enjoyed a lot today ,I have seen big Ben u know .but we missed u papa

UDAY - so nice beta . Even papa missed u my boy . I have work for 3 more days beta , u go wit naani and mom .after 3 days I'll join u all .then we can have fun

AADHI - k dad I know ur a Yuvraj and responsibility comes first , naani Saheb explained me . K dad did u start praying for my bro ,he whispers in uday's ear as he told its secret .

UDAY - not yet babyEmbarrassed    He looks at MNAYATAH ,she is talking on phone

AADHI - dad pls don delay I jus can't wait for him . I wanna play wit him . You know my friends have brothers and sisters , I told them that I would get a one for me wen I return from London .so pls dad

UDAY - k beta did dad say no for u anytime , so don worry I'll look to it Wink

MANYATAH - k AADHI now come I'll give u bath , then wear  your  night dress and have dinner . K

AADHI - ill do it mamma , first u both go and pray 

MANYATH - wat !!? 

UDAY - princess u forgot it baby Wink

MANAYTH - k baby , she takes AADHI and gives bath to him and gets him down 

AADHI - naani Saheb u have to tell me stories today ,am gonna sleep wit u this week . U should tell me robin hood adventures as u promised me

KOMAL - yes beta I do remember , I'll tell u my baby .

UDAY - all have dinner and are going to rooms .good night AADHI ,he kisses on his sons cheeks and forehead 

MNAYATAH - she kisses Adhi's palms and tell good night 


UDAY - as soon as he closes door , he pushes manyatah on bed and lie on her

MNAYATAH - uday now what is this? 

UDAY - u donno wat am upto baby Wink

MNAYATH - thum Kabi nahi sudroge ,can't u jus wait uday 

UDAY - not anymore ... He runs his fingers across her face 

MNAYATH - she shivers , she holds uday's hand

UDAY - wit his other hand he moves manyatha's shirt up and press her waist 

MANYATHA - she gets goosebumps , she loosens her grip on uday's hand 

UDAY - he slowly reaches her stomach part and move her shirt and start kissing her bare stomach sending all shivers down her spine .

MNAYATAH - she closes her eyes and feels uday's lips on her bare waist 

UDAY - he bites her navel 

MNAYATH - ahaa uday 

UDAY - sorry baby , he slowly rubs da area where he has bitten , he moves up and kisses her on her eyes and his hand is moving down her body . Slowly he removes her pant and **** 

MNAYATH - she is completely lost in uday , she looks in his brown eyes and both are involved in a smooch 

UDAY - he removes his shirt and have thrown it down , slowly he got off his pant .he manages to remove manyatha top also 

MNAYATH - she  feels shy Embarrassedand tries to pull. Comforter over them

UDAY - na princess Wink Not today , he throw's da comforter beside 

MNAYAH - she couldn't help it now , she hugs uday 

UDAY - her heat seeped trough his body now , he starts kissing her all over da face 

MNAYATH - she kisses uday on his chest and keeps her hand in his hair and carasses his hair

UDAY - he moves down and explores all her parts of da body and leaves wet kisses 

MANYATH - she becomes so weak going weak in her knees

UDAY - now he reaches his climax , he enters her and thrusts in and out in a speed motion , full off passion 

MNAYATH  and UDAY - both feel like heaven .they are done .they lie on da bed 

UDAY - princess !! Today it was da best of all 

MANYATAH - she smilesEmbarrassed she lies on uday's chest and kiss him

UDAY - he wraps his hands around manyatha and hold her by her waist . They stay like this for few minutes .

MNAYATH - she tries to get up and grabs her dress

UDAY - he stops her , pls princess I don want anything in between us , not even clothes 

MANYATH - udayyy Embarrassed

UDAY -  princess I never get enough of u , always feel like having more . I don't get enough of u shall iWink

MNAYATH - she hits his chest playfully and tell " uday ur a father of a child and u still behave like a teen " 

UDAY - on bed Am always that princess 

      They both sleep in each others arms .

MANYATH - it's 2 pm in da night now , she gets a nightmare . " give me ur son , a guys takes Adhi and runs away " . MANYATH wakes up suddenly all sweating 

UDAY - princess !! Hey baby r u ok ? Ur sweating !! 

MANYATH - she doesn't answer uday , she gets up wears her dress and goes out of room

UDAY - he is shocked at his wifes behavior. " what happend , why MANYATH got up suddenly , now she is going somewhere" . He gets up and wears his track and shirt and follow MANYATH 

MANAYTH - she goes to Komal room and find AADHI beside her . She takes him into her arms 

KOMAL - beta ur at this time

MNAYATH - sorry to disturb u mom , am taking AADHI to my room 

KOMAL - it k baby , I understand . Take him , r u k MANYATH ? U looked tensed 

MANYATAH - no maa , am fine . Jus missed AADHI 

KOMAL - even am a mother , I know it beta . 

MANYATH - good night maa

UDAY - he is watching all this from outside da room 

KOMAL - good night beta 

MNAYATH  - she comes out wit AADHI and finds uday at da door

UDAY - now what's this MANYATH ?! Y ur so worried and rushed here and at this time ur taking AADHI 

MNAYATH - wit tears in her eyes , she hugs uday tightly as if she is frightened . 

UDAY - now he understood that his wife is scared of something very badly . He takes AADHI into his arms and takes both of them into his room . He keeps AADHI on bed and kisses on his forehead .

MNAYATH - she doesn't speak and only keeps staring at her sleeping son wit tears flowing out of her eyes . She kisses AADHI on his chest and now takes him into her lap and hugs him 

UDAY - he doesn't talk anything , jus watching her carefully . Princess , don worry about AADHI . See he is fine , sleeping peacefully . I think u got a bad night mare

MANYATH - yes I think uday , he is sleeping . He looks so cute wen he sleeps . Look at his face . She is caressing his cheeks 

UDAY - ya he is , charming child . I know MANYATH after that incident ur so worried about AADHI . But trust me nothing will happen , I can take care of my son . Don u have faith in me? 

MNAYATH - I trust u more than my self uday . But donno I feel restless if AADHI is not wit me . U know that day day goon tried to snatch AADHI from me , he told ... Uday interrupts her

UDAY - princess  , I know . But trust me no one can even touch my son . After all he is Yuvraj udayveer sing ka beta .also don worry , we got that culprit , he is in jail now . No one will harm AADHI . He cups MANYTAHA's face and kisses on her forehead .

MANYATHA - she gives. Weak smile . 

UDAY - come , now let us sleep's too late . He tries to take AADHI from her 

MNAYATAH - no UADY , let him be . She lies down on da bed with AADHI on top of her . She hugs him and kissed in his head and closes her wyes

UDAY - he looks at his wife and son sleeping and lies beside them and puts his hand on AADHI and MANAYATH . " nothing can happen to both of u till am alive , I'll protect u both..after all u both are my life and am living only for you both " he kisses AADHI and manyatah and 3 of them sleep 

MANYATH - she wakes up in da morning , now AADHI is on top of his father . " yeh tho hamesha Neendh mein bhi uday ke saath chipak jaatha hai , badmaash bacha " she goes and freshes up and comes out , both are still sleeping . She goes down

ADHI - he wakes up and finds his father . Dad !!?

UDAY - he wakes up wit his son's voice 

AADHI - how did I come here . I think I was wit naani Saheb last night 

UDAY - we got u here in da night beta

AADHI - k I was sleeping I think so I didn't know . But y dad? 

UDAY - because we missed u , he gives a peck  on his lips

AADHI - even I missed u and mom , he hugs uday and sleeps on his chest . K dad now sleep for some time , her highness will come and wake up us again 

UDAY - he laughs at his son's words LOL

MANYATAH - what's so funny uday , why ur laughing? She enters room 

AADHI - see , she already came 

MNAYATH  - really AADHI , wait I'll tell u now 

AADHI - he gets up from bed and jumps down . He turns his back towards manyatah and shake his bum at her and keep his tongue out and wave at her and run out of room 

MANYATH - u little brat wait , am coming for u

UDAY - LOL Aadhiii , he gets off his bed and goes into aadhi's room 

AADHI AND MNAYATH - they both are on aadhi's bed rolling all over da bed ,wit all toys on da bed .

MANYATH - she is lying on da bed , AADHI beside her lying aside . Manyatah is tickling him , AADHI is laughing out loudly 

AADHI - mamma stop it , I won do it 

MANYATH - she stops and takes aadhi's palms into both her hands and kisses them 

UDAY - he is leaning on da door and watching both of them 

MANYATHA - k baby , come now ...take bath 

ADHI- not so soon , let me play wit my new talking dog and then I'll 

MANYATHA - u can play with later baby , ur a good boy right . So pls now listen to me , fiest bathing then breakfast ,then u can play . K I'll take u to games station baby 

AADHI - really mom , then I'll get ready soon . He finds uday and runs towards him and jump on him . Mama today I'll take bath wit dad , u go . I'll come down 

UDAY - k princess u go down , I'll get my son ready today , he kisses AADHI and takes him into washroom 

MNAYATH - she goes behind them as she knows very well about her naughty son 

AADHI - he sits in his bath tub wit uday , both are in bath tub now . He takes shampoo and squeezes it on uday's head and laugh 

UDAY - oh god u started again AADHI 

MANYATH - that's y I came here now , uday u can't handle this little vampire all alone 

AADHI - mamma I want to watch vampire movie today , dad come soon today 

UDAY - k my boy 

AADHI - he drags MNAYATH into tub , and laughs ,he splashes water on her and puts body wash on her dress and laugh 

MNAYATH - AADHI what is this , I have already taken bath . Now I should again because of u . K baby come wit me now , dad is getting late to office , he will get ready . Come we will go to other room 

UDAY - wen MANYAATH gets up from da tub , he finds her white dress all tranperant and all her back and waist is seen clearly . He drags MNAYATAH into tub. " no AADHI u n mom can stay here , I won't get late to office " 

AADHI - yes mom , we can have fun . All three of them play wit water And have fun , AADHI is playing wit foam . Dad wait I'll get my chocolate favour body wash 

UDAY - he keeps his hands inside MAnyaths shirt , and carasses her waist " hey u look hot in wet clothes , I fell like ******** " 

MANYATH - chi  uday , AADHI is here don forget 

UDAY - I know baby , now he is not so a kiss pls

AADHI -  dad I got a call from SAMAY and SULABH , bye am leaving to naani Saheb room . He rushes out 

MANAYTAH - wait AADHI , she runs behind him

UDAY - he gets up and drags MANAYTAH and locks da room . Takes her into his arms and put her in tub 

MANYATH - udayyy what is this

UDAY - now aunty Komal wil take care of him , u stay wit me . It's been so long since we took bath together .

MNAYATH - udayy 

UDAY - slowly both get off their clothes and end up making  a passionate  love in da bath tub , " princess I think u can leave now , an getting late to office " 

MNAYATH - udayyy thum ek dham kameene ho

UDAY - really, shall I start it again 

MNAYATHA - oh my god pls uday , she takes Towel And  wraps around and run away 



              THANK U


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                     CHAPTER 13.2

UDAY - he gets ready and come down for breakfast 

KOMAL - beta wat would u like to have ? 

UDAY - French toast aunty , we're is junior and manyatha aunty 

KOMAL - juice fell on AADHI by mistake beta , manyatah went to change his dress, u know he wil be doing something or the other and MANAYATH will be behind him all da time 

UDAY - that's true aunty , merraa beta bahuth naughty hai Big smile  Uday goes inside room to tell them bye 

AADHI - he is jumping on bed without clothes and throwing all his dresses down 

MANYATAH - AADHI , stop it . We will go and get a new one beta pls 

AADHI - no I want that dress only , u forgot it in India . I won't wear any dress nowSleepy

MANYATAHA - she sits there with her hand on forehead " uday thum muje ek shaithaan bacha diya " Sleepy

UDAY  -LOL he is looking at all this also hears manyatahs words ...princess now wat did I do Shocked , how am I responsible for his nuaghtyness 

MANYATAH - I donno wat ur gonna do , get him down in 5 min . Bye am leaving . She bangs da door and leaves 

UDAY  - oh my god now it's tough job , now I understood y manyatah is not ready for 2 nd child " meraa junior bahuth hi shaithaan hai , whatever he is so cute meraa raaja beta " . Somehow he manages to get AADHI dressed and brings him down 


AADHI - so dad wen we are leaving to India , am missing Sanju ,Maasi ,bhua ,Dadaaji ,nana ji and all ...hey top of it vijay Maama ko 

UDAY  - we are leaving tomorrow beta 

AADHI - k one that's y mamma was packing all my things in da morning ,I got it now. K dad I'll go and play video game , I left it in da middle 

UDAY - beta were is mom ? 

AADHI - I donno dad , last I have seen her in my room 

UDAY - k baby , u go and play . I'll be back . He searches for manyatah in AADHI room , she is not there . Now he goes to their bedroom , he doesn't find her .he turns to go but hears water sound from washroom ." k she must be in washroom , I need to change my dress" 

MANYATAH - she comes out of washroom wit a weird expression and sit quietly on da bed 

UDAY - manyatah r u ok? What happend , y r u so dull? 

MNAYATAH - she gives a sheet kind of rectangular plastic thing to uday 

UDAY  - he takes it and finds two pink lines on it , now wat is this princess?!! Y did u give me this ? 

MANYAATH - now MNAYATAH gives him da cover of that kit to read 

UDAY - princess now what is this ? He takes Nd reads it and jumps out of bed ... He jumps like a kid and hugs her tightly and kiss all over her face ...

MNAYATH - she doesn't react much 

UDAY - princess are u not happy wit this ? 

MANYATH - no uday it's not like that 

AADHI - he comes inside  da room " mammal see my laptop fell down and broke , I was left in da middle of game , now give me ur mobile ..I'll play wit it . " he jumps on MANAYATH for da phone 

UDAY - beta be carefull , don jump on mamma . He catches AADHI and gives him mobile 

MANYATAH - UADY now u got it y am I worried , she points at AADHI 

UDAY - ur right princess , one more AADHI to come ...u will have 2 shaithans now 

MANYATAH - seriously uday , am unable to tolerate by day he is becoming naughty ...doing something or da other , yesterday he fell down from da steps and broke his. Teeth , u know we need to keep him under eye all da time or else he will end up wit some mess " Sleepy

UDAY - don worry about him , we can manage . We will keep 2 more nannies to look after him .also aunty Komal ,j and unnathi are also there . Jus don worry baby ..he comes and kisses manyatah on her forehead 

AADHI - he comes and pushes uday , don kiss my mom . She is my mom ..only I have right to kiss her , not even u dad . I don't like anyone kissing mom other than me ,he makes puppy face and hugs MANYTAH and kiss her lips . 

UDAY - LOL He whispers in her ears " if AADHI gets to know da truth that I kiss u daily ,he is gonna  kill me Wink ,"

MANYATHA - k uday I should tell this to mom , I'll be back

UDAY - so u dint tell anyone yet 

MNAYATH - now don ask me such obvious questions Uday , without telling u first do u expect me to tell it to everyone Angry

UDAY - chill baby , don get anger's not good for health 

MANYATAH - oh my god uday u started it now  health n stuff , u will literally eat me up now 

UDAY - AADHI beta now am gonna tell u something , listen carefully 

MNAYATH - she went down to inform Komal about this 

KOMAL - really beta , am so happy . She calls India . 

MANYATAH - talks to everyone  and all are happy for her . 

KOMAL - u Just take care of ur self beta , I'll look after AADHI . Don worry I can manage him . I promise u I'll keep him safe

MNAYATAH - maa u need not say it mom I know u will take care of him very well , ur da best mom . Now ur even best grandmother .

UDAY - beta now ur gonna get a brother or sister very soon 

AADHI - really dad Clap , I love u dad . He hugs uday . But dad u promised me a brother , now ur telling a brother or sister 

UDAY - Smile Baby now jus try to understand it , it's a brother or sister we can't know it 

AADHI - but y dad? What is it ur telling ? 

UDAY  - " now how I should explain him"  omg!!!

MANYATHA -  AADHI I'll tell u come 

AADHI - so mamma even u know about this, wen did dad tell u .

UDAY - LOL   I didn't beta , mom told me 

AADHI - wat !!! Mamma katti , I won talk to u . Why dint u tell me about it before 

MANYTAAH - ill explain u , come sit here ... See we prayed to god , he told us that he would send a baby for AADHI to play and have company . But he told it would be a girl or a boy . Who ever it is AADHI will have da best .

AADHI - really mamma , k even I love to have sister also , like Sanju ... So Ill have 2 sisters ... 

UDAY - k AADHI come we will go and have dinner 

AADHI - but dad were is my sis or bro now ... Wen is he coming ... 

UDAY  - after 9 months beta , now he is in mamma' s stomach . He keeps his hands on manyatha's tummy and tell " AADHI baby is here , taking rest " 

AADHI - wat!!!? He will run towards MNAYATAH and touch her tummy . Dad wat r u telling , why is he there now 

UDAY - princess !!! Sleepy Now what I should tell him 

MNAYATH - beta stop questioning now I'll tell u after dinner . K 

AADHI - k then after dinner , I'll go to naani Saheb and tell this  also to SAMAY and SULABH and comeTongue . He runs out of da room 

UDAY - oh my god princess now what we are gonna tell him , he is too young he can't even understand .D'oh

MNAYATH - even I donno uday , he keeps on asking some new questions 

UDAY - like never ending ...Sleepy

MANYATAH - ill ask mom to explain him , I jus can't answer him 

UDAY - he gets up and hugs MANYATH " am so happy princess, now our family will be complete ...thanks for such a wonderfull gift "  he kisses her on her forehead and cheeks . 

MANYATHA - she keeps her hands on his chest  and tell " uday If AADHI finds u kissing me , he will get jealous ..he will kill u " 

UDAY - then ill tell him that without doing all this wit ur mom beta even u wouldn't come into this world , after all it's my love towards ur mom got u into this world and now ur cibling Wink

MANYATHA  - UDAYY Shocked    


REPORTER1 - how was ur trip Yuvraj sa ? 

UDAY - it was good 

REPORTER 2 - yuvrani sa we heard that it was a successful business trip ... It sims devgad got that foreign business deal 

REPORTER2 - Congrates Yuvraj sa N YUVRANI 

UDAY AND MANYATH - THANK U , PLS can u give us way ... We will get back to u later pls 

REPOTER 3 - so is it true that yuvrani manyatah is pregnent now 

MNAYATAH  and UDAY  -Shocked pls no comments 

MANYATAH - uday she whispers in his ears " how did this media get to know now " 

UDAY - it is obvious MNAYATAH , they will . After all we Are celebrities . Everything will a public issue 

REPORTER 3 - yuvrani sa u dint answer , so are u pregnent ? 

UDAY  - pls excuse us , he holds MANYAATHA and slowly move out of airport 


REPORTER - RAJKUMAR adhithy how do u feel about ur upcoming brother or sister ? 


AADHI - am happy that am gonna get a cibling to play and stay wit me always , he is inside mom's tummy , sleeping ..dady told me 

UDAY  - he bangs his head wit his hand D'oh

MNAYATH AND KOMAL - beta AADHI no , don't answer Sleepy

REPORTER - so its a conformed news that yuvrani manyatah uday veer sing is pregnent , jus now we got confirmation 

REPORTER 2 - so devgad is gonna get its heir , also our little RAJKUMAR ADITHY udayveer sing is so happy for his upcoming cibling 

MANYATAH - after sitting in car she tells uday " how cleverly they asked AADHI uday " 

UDAY  - yes princess , they don even leave a kid to get news . Beta AADHI next time wen media people ask anything u shouldn't answer them , k baby ...jus smile ... If they force tell no comments 

AADHI - k papa , ill tell " pls no comments ".  Jus as u tell always dad LOL

UDAY  - so AADHI ur making fun of ur dad now 

AADHI - no papa , am jus trying to follow u 

UDAY  - he takes Adhi into his lap and hug " mera junior Heart " he kisses him on head 




AADHI - he Jus comes from school . He finds uday in office room .he goes and hugs him ." dad u know today I got first rank in my class " 

UDAY - really baby , am so happy . I know u will ...aakhir beta kiska 

AADHI - he finds MNAYATH in da hall way and rushes towards her 

UDAY - o my god junior is rushing towards MANAYTH , wat if he go and hit her wit force or jumps on her . He runs behind AADHI 

AADHI - he goes and hugs MNAYATAH wit force around her waist 

MANYTAAH - all of At sudden she gets a slight jerk and holds her tummy , ahaaa Sleepy

UNNATHI - she takes AADHI into her arms 

UDAY - princess r u ok? He catches her , Sleepy u have any pain in stomach Disapprove

MANYATAH - no uday am fine , 

UDAY - he makes her sit and give her some water , hey cups her face " r u sure princess ur ok " 

MANYATAH - perfectly uday ...she takes AADHI  into her lap . " so baby you got first place , Congrates . She kisses him on his cheeks " 

UNNATHI - AADHI u should not come and jump on mamma like that ok baby 

AADHI - wat I always do it , why should I not ? ...she is my mom , he hugs her wit a puppy face Unhappy

UDAY - yes baby she is ur mom , but if u jump like that on mom , u may hurt ur brother in mom' s tummy . Mom will get a severe pain baby 

AADHI - wat!!? Sleepy Sorry mom I didn't know " did I hurt u , is it pAining " 

MANYATAH - no baby , u never hurt me . Am fine Hug

UDAY - k AADHI now come wit me I'll change ur dress

AADHI - he keeps hand on manyatahs tummy and tell " sorry bro , I didn't know , did it hurt u ...I'll not do it again " he kisses on her tummy . " I'll take bath and come k bro " , k mom I'll c u come 

UDAY - mera beta  bahuth samajdaar hogaya , AADHI is a good boy . He kisses AADHI on his cheek Hug


              THANK U


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     CHAPTER 14

MANYATAH - AADHI , beta now it's enough . Stop playing ...have ur dinner now

AADHI - no Maama ,am waiting for pappa

MANYATAH - no baby , daddy may come late today . He is in some party 

AADHI - no mamma I'll wait 

MANYATHA - k atleast eat baby , even am hungry . See ur sister is also feeling hungry in my tummy

AADHI - k then come we shall have dinner , both have dinner and MANYTAH takes AADHI into her room 

MANYATHA - she calls uday and finds out that he is on da way to home and will be in 10 min 

AADHI - he  will search for something and find manveer wedding album .mammma what is this? 

MANYATAH - it's mine and daddy's wedding album baby 

AADHIN- really , then I'll see it 

MANYATAH - not now , it's already 11 ...u should sleep . Daddy is coming . So see it tomorrow

AADHI - not at all , am seeing it now 


UDAY - now he comes to room " so mera beta kya kar raha hai , didn't sleep yet " 

MANYATAH - he is waiting for u uday , now look at him he took out our wedding album . Insisting to see it now 


AADHI - oh my god daddy , we're am I  in this album . Am no where daddy Sleepy

UDAY AND MANYTAHA - they look at each otherROFL

UDAY - u were not born by that time baby 

AADHI - y daddy ? Then u should have waited For me . See am no were in this album , I feel bad 

UDAY - LOL     Without getting married we are not supposed to have children baby , that's y u were not there .

AADHI - k daddy 

UDAY - but u were in bhua's marriage baby 

AADHI - really dad , show it pls

MANYATAH - uday pls not now , y did u tell him now

AADHI - mamma pls I wanna c that's it , he sits on bed wit a puppy face Ouch

UDAY - he gets vijay and unnathi's marriage album and shows it to AADHI 

AADHI - but we're am I dad? 

UDAY - see ur inside mom' s tummy 

AADHI - k , as now little bro or sis is inside mom' s tummy . Like that only I was inside at that time . But I don remember it 

UDAY - beta LOL Ur so small to remember it 

AADHI - he gets up and goes to manyatah " mamma I saw in that pic , u were fat I mean ur tummy was big wen am inside but now y it's flat , " 

MANYATAH - uday now explain it  to him 

UDAY - AADHI now ur sis is very small , she will also grow like the one u saw in da pic after 4 months baby 

AADHI - k so da baby will grow inside mom's tummy dad . Mom won't u feel heavy that time 

MANYATAH -  no baby , now close all those And sleep . No more questions now k 

AADHI - k he hugs manyatha , she was about to take AADHI into her arms

UDAY - manyatah no , I'll lift him . Ur not supposed to lift any weight baby . Don't u know that 

AADHI - dad y should not mom lift me Ouch , every night mom will only make me sleep right 

UDAY - now dad will do it beta , see mom has already a baby in her tummy , so she can't lift u baby . It will pain for mom , jus now u asked about it na baby .

AADHI - k daddy , now onwards I won't ask mom to lift me . Soon he jumps on uday 

MANYATAH - now AADHI , keep quiet . Close ur eyes and sleep . Uday put him on bed now 

AADHI - mom last question pls 

UDAY and MANYATAH - now wat is it ?Day Dreaming

AADHI - dad I have a doubt , how did da baby come into mom's tummy Day Dreaming

UDAY - he doesn't know how to answer this Embarrassed     , " princess now how to explain him that stuff "

MANYATAH - shut up uday , I'll tell him 

UDAY - what !!? PrincessShocked

MANYATAH - AADHI , since u wanted a bro for u ,god came and put this baby in my tummy and went away 

AADHI - k I think I was sleeping then , so dint see it 

UDAY - he whispers in her ear " princess, ur too much , see poor AADHI ,he is telling that he didn't see it Wink " 

MANYATAH - she hits in uday stomach wit her elbow . AADHI pls beta sleep now , pls close ur eyes

AADHI - k mom and dad good night 

MANYATAH - oh my god uday , donno how we are going to answer him in future . He really gets All weird doubts . 

UDAY - seriously honey , he asks all Censored   . U know I was dam shockedShocked and dint know what to answer wen he asked how da baby came into ur stomach . U managed very well babyLOL

MANYATAH - so wat did u think , did u think that I was planning to tell him da actual thing LOL Wink

UDAY - ya u should have told him that daddy has put that in ur tummyWink

MANYATAH - chii uday , Embarrassed  U dont have any shame at all 

UDAY - he is hugging MANYATH from behind and kissing on her neck 

AADHI - he doesnt sleep actually , suddenly he sits on bed and tell " so  mamma dad has Put it in ur tummy " 

UDAY and MANYATAH  - BOTH get separated  he leaves MANYATH and stands few steps away D'oh

MANYATAH - u dint sleep AADHI 

AADHI - y did u lie mom , y did u tell it's god wen dad has given it 

MANYATAH - shut up AADHI , jus sleep . 

AADHI - no mom y did u tell me so

UDAY  - no baby that true god has given it , we were talking about some other thing baby . Don't u trust ur dad 

ADHI - k dad I believe u , then wat is it ur talking about it . Wat did u give mom without my  knowing 

MANYATHA - not a word now , if u don sleep now I'll send u to hostel

AADHI - nooo !!!!Shocked , he pulls comfortor n sleeps

UDAY - princess , ur scaring him like this .

MANYATAH - then u handle him from now . U donno uday u will be out all da time . Most of da time I spend wit him , so it's necessary to scare him or else he won listen , little rascal ...she kisses AADHI on his cheeks .

UDAY - my junior " he kisses him on aadhi's chest " uday goes and kisses MANYATH on her tummy " so my little baby girl , ur gonna join us soon ...papa loves u " he kisses MANYATH on forehead . He sees if AADHI is awake and tries to kiss manyatah on her lips

MANYATAH - no uday !!    No risk pls , if AADHI gets up ...u know wat will happen 

UDAY - hmm Ouch They both lie on bed to sleep . AADHI slowly moves towards manyatah in sleep and almost gets on her and sleeps 

MANYATAH - it was in da mid night , now AADHI is on her ...she gets uncomfortable as his weight is causing little pain in her stomach ...she screams in a low voice " ahaaa udayyy " 

UDAY - he wakes up and sits on bed . " oh my god , give him to me " he takes AADHI and puts him on his chest and sleeps . " princess ur fine " 

MANYATAH - I think , I'll be back uday . She holds her mouth and runs into washroom . She throws up and comes out 

UDAY - he keeps AADHI aside on da bed and stands out of washroom . " princess are u k baby " , he will guide manyatah towards bed and make her sit n give some water .

MANYATAH - am fine , a casual sickness in pregnancy 

UDAY - princess bache bade Ajeeb hothe hai , stomach mein pareshaan karthe hai aur baahar aane ke baad . I promise u baby this will be da last time , no more kids .Hug

MANYATAH - but its a wonderfull thing to have a kid like my little rascal , she bends down to AADHI and kiss his palms

UDAY - ya it's beautiful experience , they are gods gifts ... He kisses AADHI on his forehead . Princess he looks so cute wen he sleeps . Adorable , charming child 

MANYATAAH - ya this little devil is looking so cute Heart , she keeps kaajal on his palm and kisses him

UDAY - he gives peck on manyatahs lips , and all da three lie on bed to sleep ,AADHI is on top of uday . 

MNAYATH - she holds both AADHI and uday and sleeps on his shoulder . 








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