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boys r soo clever...aadi k to kya kehne...h hi vo to laajawaab...bus apne gens dikhaye :p

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Originally posted by sweet_gargi

Wow that was a fabulous update..Loved it like usual and what can I say..M A DIE HARD FAN OF YOUR SS!!Monkey Winks...

Ofcourse Congratulations for your 2nd thread..May more threads be on its way!Smile

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                    CHAPTER 40

AADHI - he sits between manveer in car in da back seat ...Tongue " mom Sanju told she has seen ducks and puppies in da farm Last time ...are they still there??Day Dreaming

MANYATAH - yes AADHI they are there ...Smile

AADHI - wow Tongue   I'll nicely play with themDancing

UDAY - k junior u can ... Smile

AADHI - dad stop car , see looks at there ...a bike I love it ...we will take it and go ...I'll ride it there SmileTongue

     ( on da way AADHI finds a kids sports bike in a mall in da first floor ...battery bike can ride it ...) 

UDAY -  k baby ...come we will go 

AADHI - love u dad Hug

MANVEER - they take AADHI and go into mall ...

GIRLS - 4 girls they find uday veer singTongue Dancing  They start running towards him and fall on uday 

UDAY - omg!!! Excuse me pls pls 

AADHI - he wondes wats going on Stern Smile  Day Dreaming

GIRLS - wow princy ...they start falling on him ..." sir we are ur fans ...pls a coffees with us Smile " 

UDAY - pls just excuse me , I need to go

GIRL2 - uday veer sing ithni Jaldi bhi kya ...she starts holding uday's shirt Tongue 

GIRL 3 - she kisses uday on cheek , she pushes manyatah aside LOL

UDAY - hey u crazy girl ...leave me ...princess !!! Help Ouch

MANYATAH - she calls guards to come over there 

GIRL 4 - she hugs him and doesn't leave ...other girl strata taking pics with him ...another girl carasses hi hair LOL

AADHI - Hey u girls leave my dad ...Angry He hits a girl from back 

GIRL - omg!!!  Look it's prince ADITHY sing ...uday veer' s son ...she hugs him Hug

AADHI - hey u leave me ...Ouch

GIRL 2 - hey he is so cute ...just like his dad ...she pulls his cheeks Heart

GIRL 3 - wow He is adorable ...looks like uday veer ...junior uday veer hai ..., hailaa baap jaisa hai ..." mera pyaara uday veer ki bte " she tries to kiss himTongue

AADHI - he rushes to uday and holds his pant ..." dad wat are these girls doing?? Save me ...she is gonna kiss me Ouch " 

MANYATAH - she pushes the girl and tell " don't touch my son " 

GIRL - hey queen manyatah !!! She pulls her cheeks ..." wow she is like snow white " Stern Smile

GIRL2 - I thought its make up wen I used to watch her on tv ...but she is a natural beauty yaar ...Tongue 

GIRL 3 - really !!! She comes and rubs on manyatahs cheek and tell " hey that's true ...she doesn't have any make up ...mam ur so CUTEEE " she kisses MANAYATH 

UDAY - omg!! Wacko

AADHI - Day Dreaming

GUARDS - they come and stop da girls and give way to manveer and AADHI 

UDAY - he takes AADHI into arms and hold MANYAATH by waist and take them inside kids store 

MANYATAH. - uday they were so crazy my god !!! Ouch

UDAY. _ yes princess ...they literally screwed me Ouch

AADHI - dad y did da girls fall on us ?? Why were they behaving so strange ? Day Dreaming

UDAY - baby we are celebrities they did like that ...they like us ...

MANAYTAH - she finds a lipstick mark on uday's chest and rub it angrily Angry " crazy girls Angry " 

AADHI - dad I heard a girl telling u " oooh he is so hot "  he touches uday and tell " but ur not hot " Day Dreaming

MANVEER - they laugh ROFL

AADHI - dad  y r u both laughing ...Ouch

UDAY - hot means handsome ...

AADHI - like sexy gain hot da word we use for handsome , he goes and checks his bike 

MANYATAH - Uday y did u tell like that 

UDAY - dont bother it baby ...then wat shoul I tell him ...those girls dint  even leave AADHI lesbians they were even kissing u LOL

AADHI - he selects bike and they get it and leave mall 

GIRLS - they find manveer and AADHI leaving and shout  " sweet family ...we love u hottie uday veer , beautifull MNAYATAH and sexy little prince ..." 

GIRL 2 - hey little prince ADITHY sing ...ur like dad ...we love u ...u will also be super hot like him ...Uday veer love u ...hottieee love u

MANAYATH - she closes aadhi's ear and takes him away 

UDAY - he smiles at manyatahs antics ..." princess ur trying to keep ur son away fom all this ?? Its highly impossible ...see how da girls were behind our little  prince " 

MNAYATAH - shut up uday .. He is kid ...still da girls don't realize it ...they were crazy ...because he is like u ...they started kissing him madly ...not realizing he is a kid ...donno wat AADHI is gonna ask us about all thi s

UDAY - yes princess Ouch Now he is busy with his bike and excited about farm house ...,donno wat he asks us to night 

MNAVEER - they reach farm house 

SANJU AADHI - they both play with small puppies and run around ...AADHI shows his new bike and ride it ..,he asks Sanju to sit on da bike and both enjoy Party

UNNATHI J - they get busy with teir talks with Jagath vijay and uday 

MANYATAH - she goes to AADHI and checks out often to see wat he is upto ?? 

UDAY - princess ...let him play ...don't go and check him always ...he is surrounded by nearly 24 guards ..,,from all side ...nothing to worry 

MANYAAH - still uday u know ...he will end up with some mess

UDAY - ur not gonna change ...and my son also ...maa bte Dhono ki dhono hai ...ur becoming watch man day by day 

MNAYATAH - udayy ...shut up ...

AADHI - he comes on bike towards manveer ...

MANVEER - they loose balance and fall down on da grass and damp mud ...their clothes get spoiled ...


UNNATHI - both of u stop laughing and help them 

JAGATH - he helps uday and manyatah 

MANVEER - they come out with THIER dirty clothes 

AADHI - sorry mom dad Ouch I didn't know ...instead of brakes I raised accelerater  by mistake ...sorry Ouch

MANAYTAH - udayy Angry She stamps her foot on floor  ...thumaara   Beta  meri Jaan lega ek din ...u have given me both shaithaan  kids Ouch She storms away in irritation 

J UNNATHI - they try to control laughter and look at uday LOL

UDAY - choti !!! Wat did I do ?? Day DreamingOuchD'oh

EVERYONE -  they look at uday's expression and dress with dirt and laugh ROFL

JAGATH - uday come with me , I'll give u my clothes ...u can change 

UDAY - he leaves with Jagath to take bath and wear other clothes 

MNyatah - she goes and takes bath 

J - jiji wear this dress

MANAYTAH - ithna chotA mein nahi pehnoonga ...

J - this is da lengthiest one among all my dresses ...if u want check out and wear 

MANYATAH - k ...she wears the dress ...,it's a jeans short ...short is till her thighs ...and  full sleeve red t  shirt ...

UNNATHI. - wow manyatah u look amazing Shocked

J - wrong word ...u look dead hot jiji Clap

MNAYAAH - stop it j ,,,am getting embarrassed to wear it ...

UDAY - he gets ready and comes out ... Vijay we're is my wiffy 

VIJAY - went inside change dress

UDAY - j' s dress ..., donno now wat she is gonna give princess ...

VIJAY - all chotA kapde 


MANYATAH - she comes out in that short dress 

JGATAH VIJAY - good heavens !! Shocked

UDAY - wat happened to both u guys ??Day Dreaming He turns around and find manyatah ..Stern SmileTongue  " princess u look smoking hot !! TongueHeart"Wacko

SANJU - AADHI bhai look at manyatha bhua ...she wore j bhua' s choti wali dress ...she looks pretty 

ADHI - mom u look sexy ...Smile

EVERYONE - Wacko They laugh at aadhi's words LOL

MANYATAH - she feels wierd and embaressed Embarrassed

UDAY - AADHI mamma Se aise nahi bolthe beta ...

AADHI - k dad then ur hot 

UDAY - junior!!! D'oh


MANYATAH -  UADY that's y I told u not to tell him like that ...AADHI listen baby ...ur not supposed to use da words sexy and hot are not supposed to use's bad manners ...

UDAY - especially not with ur mom beta 

AADHI - really !! Sorry mom ...I didn't know ...Ouch u should have told me about it before 

UDAY - even I didn't know that ur mom is so hotTongue ...he bytes his tongue ...

MANYATAH - she stamps on udays foot 

AADHI - wat dad ??Day Dreaming

UDAY - nothing baby just go and play ...

AADHI - k ...he goes and plays with puppies 

MANVEER - they both are aside in da garden da corner ...

MANYATAH - she sits beside uday and plays with a puppy 

UDAY - he looks at her milky white shining thighs Tongue " princess i like d it " 

MANAYTAH - uday even I loved this puppy ...its so cute 

UDAY - princess !! Am talking about this ,not puppy ...he tells it keeping hands on her thighs 

MANYATAH - Embarrassed Uday remove ur hands koi dekhlega 

UDAY - he starts caressing her thighsTongue ...they are so soft like velvet ...shiny Heart

ADHI - he comes and puts his hands on manyatahs thigh and tell " yes dad it's so soft and shiny just like sunshine " Smile

MANAYTAH - Shocked She gets embaressed Embarrassed

UDAY - he bangs his head D'oh Junior!!! U shouldn't speak to ur mom like that ...take off ur hands baby ...

AADHI - but y dad , even ur doing it and told so right Day Dreaming

UDAY - idiot ...she is my wife and  ur mom ...know da difference 

AADHI - wat ??? Yes she is My mom ?? Did I tell urs na Day Dreaming

UDAY - omg !!!! God u have given me a question bank instead of  son 

AADHI - dad Ouch

MANAYTAH -  uday stop it ...he is kid ...that's y I asked u not do it ..." AADHI don't be sad baby ...just do wat dad tells  " she kisses him 

AADHI - mom dad called me an idiot today Ouch

UDAY - sorry baby ... He hugs him and kisses him ...Heart

AADHI - k dad ...I have a doubt ??Day Dreaming

UDAY - he looks at manyatah Ouch  " k AADHI ask now D'oh

AADHI - dad u and bhua are brother and sister u both have same skin colour ...

UDAY - k wat ??? 

AADHI - me and sunshine are brother and sister so we both have same complexin right ?Day Dreaming

MANYATAH -  yes baby ??

AADHI - but mom and dad ...y j Maasi is not same as mom 

UDAY - wat ?? 

AADHI - see dad ...look at mom's thighs and j masi's thighs is fair and massi is brown ...

UDAY - Wackohe doesn't know wat to tell D'ohEmbarrassed

MANYATAH - Shockedomg!! Blushing

AADHI - dad , both mom and j Maasi are sisters right ...then y mom is so fair ...Tongue

UDAY - beta ...if they are sisters or brothers or sister and brother's not that they need to be of same complexion depends ...some ciblings look same and some don't's not a compulsory thing 

AADHI - okay Day Dreaming Dad ...  

UDAY -  k u go and wash ur hands now ...we will have dinner 

AADHI - so soon dad ...are we leaving ? 

UDAY - yes baby ...sunshine must be feeling hungry ...we should leave 

AADHI - but dad I want to play for some time ...Ouchnani Saheb will give her milk bottle ...Day Dreaming

UDAY -  no baby mom should feed her 

AADHI - wat ?? Shocked

UDAY - woh beta Ouch Wat I mean to say is ...adithi is small baby right ...she can't stay for much time without her mom ...also babies drink milk only in their mom's presence 

AADHI - yes dad ...she is so tiny ...small baby ...k we shall go ...but dad she even drinks milk wen I put bottle in her mouth right ...ur telling only mom does thatDay Dreaming

UDAY - it depends upon small babies mood junior !!  Sometimes they and sometimes they don't ...

MNAVEER - they take AADHI and everyone have dinner ...all leave to devgad palace 

UDAY - aunty Komal ...we're is adithi 

KOMAL - she is sleeping ...

MNAYATAH - k uday I'll get her ... U go and sit in car 

AADHI - so mom we are leaving to jaigad palace 

UDAY - yes baby ...

AADHI - dad pls I'll stay here with Sanju ...I'll play with her with my new bike 

MNAAYTAH - no AADHI , u have school tomorrow ...ur books are there at our home ...

KOMAL - k MANAYTAH I'll drop him in da morning ...he will take books and from there I'll drop him at school 

AADHI - plsss mom ...he hugs Komal and stand behind her Day Dreaming

MNAYATAH - k stay ,... But sleep soon ... Kisi ko thang math Karna 

UDAY - he hugs AADHI and kisses him

MNAYATAH - she gets adithi and leaves to jaigad palace 

UDAY - he holds adithi and put her in cradle " finally out little devil slept ...she looks so cute and adorable wen she sleeps" 

MANAYTAH - if she wakes up ...u will find a little devil ...uday slowly keep milk bottle in her mouth ...she will drink it in her sleep or else she will irritate me to feed if she wakes up 

UDAY - princess thum bhi na ...meri beti ke saath cheating karre 

MANAYATH - but uday ...she should get used to it ...11 months baby ...after a month she becomes an year old do u expect me To feed her  in public places ...u know how difficult we are finding it unable to stay outside for a long time beacuse of  her 

UDAY - I knw ...ur right ... 

MNAYATAH - k now do it ...I'll go and change my dress

UDAY - he drags her and tells " don't change, I lov e u in shorts ..." he presses her thighs 

MANAYATH - UADY ...stop it .. Pehle adith ko doodh pilaav 

UDAY - ya ...she may get up ...he keeps bottle in her mouth and  adithi drinks it in her sleep 

MANYAATH - as she is tired she lies on bed and fall asleep

UDAY - he finishes feeding adith and comes and sleeps beside MANAYTAH and gets her close to him and surround his hands around her waist and kiss her on her back ...both fall asleep ...


AADHI - he open door and come " good morning dad !! " 

UDAY - good morning junior ...he kisses him 

AADHI - k dad come with me 

UDAY - he is under blanket...he realises that he is nude inside Ouch

AADHI - dad come ...wat happened ?? 

UDAY - he gets mad ..." oh my god " beta jus wait Sleepy

NOTE - sorry I don't pm anyone last time as I was busy with my work . From now onwards I think I won't be able to pm every time wen I update ...sorry for that am busy with work I won't be able to do it ...Ouch  But I'll update very alternate day ...if possible ill update daily ...if possible ill pm 



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Originally posted by cherry.parul0

boys r soo clever...aadi k to kya kehne...h hi vo to laajawaab...bus apne gens dikhaye :p

Ya Smile
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Originally posted by snowdream

great chappy anisha...pls update soon...This Aadhi is becoming a pure Uday material...huhhh feeling pity for MLOL

Thanks Krishna 
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Originally posted by zil1111

Wow that was awesome and addhi and aditti are so cute
Thx for the update
Manveer the best couple

oldveechafan IF-Sizzlerz

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Realli missing manveer alot...

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