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     INDEX -: 

CHAPTER  39 -- pg 9

CHAPTER 40 ~ pg 11 

CHAPTER  41 ~ pg 15

CHAPTER 42 ~ pg 22

CHAPTER 43 ~ pg 24

CHAPTER 44 ~ pg 30 

CHAPTER 45 ~ pg 36

CHAPTER 46 ~ pg 41

CHAPTER 47 ~ pg 47 

CHAPTER 48 ~ pg 52

CHAPTER 49 ~ pg 58

CHAPTER 50 ~ pg 65 

CHAPTER 51 ~ pg 70

CHAPTER 52 ~ pg 75 

CHAPTER 53 ~ pg 81 
CHAPTER 54  ~  pg 85

PROMO   ~.  Pg 96(character sketch) imp *** 

CHAPTER 55 ~ pg 97 
CHAPTER 56 -  Pg 106

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   Everything is same as shown in deka ek kwaab serial.all the character sketch is same. Story starts from where it ended in dekha ek kwaab. It starts wit jai returning the crown to manyata and asks for apology. And everyone one hugging as shown in the serial.

                Chapter 1 

J - sorry jiji for all the things I hav done. I know Mai maafi ki laayak nahi hu. This crown belongs to you.

MANYATHA - I forgive u j . Past is past leave it. Come my younger sister give me a warm hug. J n manyatah hug each other.

      All vijay manyatah unnathi j and uday hug each other forgetting all the things. Meanwhile Komal and brijraj enter mahal.

KOMAL - wit Teary eyes Bhagwan ka laak shukar hai .aaj hamaara pariwar poori hogaya ...she hugs everyone and congrats uday and manyatha.

BRIJRAJ - he hugs both j and manyatha and feels  his both daughters love. He feels happy for uday that he is back to his normal health

GIRIRAJ - he arrives from London. He feels so happy to c his son k . Next minute he shouts at manyatah telling that she was responsible for all da mess . Later aft 2 days he realizes da situation and forgives manyatha and j . He blesse both manyatah and uday.
RAJ PUROHITH - he arrives and tells that there is a nice muhurath after 10 days

BRIJRAJ AND GIRIRAJ - then final it guriji. We want to get them married as soon as possible . 

UDAY AND MANYATHA - both share an eye lock. Manyatha blushes and goes away from there.

                          AFTER TWO YEARS

       Jaigad mahal is fully decorated and all the arrangements are going on for unnathi and vijay engagement . That day night is vijay's and unnathi's engagement.

KOMAL - beta unnathi aap ka dress perfect haina koi alteration ki zaroorath nahi haina .

UNNATHI - nahi aunts ,now it's perfect . Everything is ok aunty. Bahabisa got everything done perfectly . 

KOMAL - k beta wear da dress and come I'll help u wit da jewellary. I'll help u to get ready. 

UNNATHI - nahi aunty I'll get ready myself I think u should go and help manyatha to get ready. U know na aunty these days she is weak .

MENAKA - no unnathi beta Komal Bahabisa aap ki madad karegi aur hum Jatakar manyatha ki madad karengi .

KOMAL - haa menaka he geek rahega ... Chalo ab baathe bandh karo unnathi . Hum aapko  Thayar karungi 

UDAY - is everything perfect .. Did u check all the arrangements? 

MANAGER - everything is perfect sir.  All the arrangements are rechecked . I'll take ur leave sir 

UDAY - k u can leave now . Uday goes to check if unnathi is ready . He finds Komal helping unnathi. 

KOMAL - uday beta I'll take care of unnathi . She is almost ready . I'll get her down in time .arey menaka aap ithni Jaldi  aagayi . Manyatah ko Thayar kiya aapne 

MENAKA - Bahabisa manyatha already got ready when I went to c her. 

KOMAL - doc ne manyatha ko rest karneko kaha aur yeh ladki kudh ready hogaya... Then where is she now ...I'll go and check her out

MENAKA - shaanth hojaayiye Bahabisa . Manyatha kudh nahi ready hua . She looks at uday and tellsWink koi Iska madad kiya ... I think she went down to c some paper work I think . She got a call from pa.

UDAY - what!!!  Uday gets so tensed and tells Aunty y did u allow her to go down  . I asked her not to move out without anyone. K aunty I'll get back . Unnathi ur looking great my baby doll. Saying this he comes down wit worried expression and gets relieved aft he finds manyatah wit j beside and talking to PA 

PA - gud evening sir... I know I must b not here at this time. Sir but it's an urgent riyasath work so came to take yuvrani's signatures. I called u on to ur mobile sir but its unreachable sir.  I apologise 

UDAY - it's k mr varun ... So done wit ur work ... K u can leave.
Manyatha y did u come down . I told u to not move without me . As usual u don listen to me

MANYATHA - oh my god uday ...mera peecha Karna da way j was wit me... I came wit ur happy now... K common j v will go up and c unnathi

UDAY - princess!!!!! Unnathi will come down in a while. Then u can c her. Pls now u sit here only wit j. 

MANAYATHA - uday pls am not gonna listen to u. Am so eager to c unnathi . No one can stop me so pls move ...

UDAY - ye Yuvraj ka aadesh hai ..aap nahi jaavungi uupar

MANYATHA - halkat Veda kasmaanukane thum muje aadesh derahahe . Mien bhi dekthi ki kaun yuvrani manyatah udayveer Singh ko  kaun rokega . ha nahi tho!!!! 

           Meanwhile Komal and unnathi are coming down .everyone looks at them .uday gives a sign of relief expression and looks at manyatha . Then he goes to get unnathi down asking j to b wit manyatha. 

UDAY -  unnathi ur looking like an angel . Meri choti badi hogayi .everyone leave to the party hall. Uday takes manyatha along wit him to receive guests .

VIJAY - he is already at the party place waiting for unnathi . They announce and they exchange their rings. Party is going on so well.

UDAY - princess I'll receive and talk to remaining guests . Pls u come wit me ,I'll drop u near Komal aunty.

MANYATHA - no uday am fine . I don like to sit . From past 15 days am tired of taking rest . Now am perfectly ok. Even doctor told that. Doc even told that I can even dance ,that perfect iam . So pls don make me feel sick all da time. Stop eying on me and concentrate on ur guests. I'll go and talk to them . 

UDAY - unwillingly he agrees because he doesn't want to disappoint his princess. But his eyes were always on manyatah. Yes he is greeting all his guests and talking to them but every now and then he is looking manyatha and checking out. He couldn't take his eyes off manyatha.

             Finally the party ends. It was one of da best party in thAt year. Everyone goes to their respective rooms and take rest. Komal takes manyatha and goes . Uday speaks to some guests and then return backs to his room.

UDAY - he opens da door and finds manyatha sleeping in her pink night dress. He looks at his sleeping beauty awfully and kisses her on her forehead and covers her wit comforter. He takes care that she doesn't get disturbed and slowly freshes up and slips up into his night dress . Comes and lies down beside manyatah.

MANYATHA - she turns around and puts her hand around uday's waist and keeps her head on uday's chest and asks " uday ithna der kyu kiya ,I was waiting for u "

UDAY - prinncess u dint sleep!!! Sorry baby ...there were some guests ,so I got late.

MANYATHA - did I sleep without u anytime idiot !!! U ask all silly questions. 

UDAY - yes my darling I know that u can't sleep without me. It's too late now v can talk tomorrow . Jus close ur eyes and sleep . Ur tired today common get some sleep. He tells this and caresses her hairs and plants a kiss on her forehead. Soon manyatha falls asleep in his arms . Uday looks at her and conforms that she is sleeping and holds her at waist n get her closer and kiss her on her cheek and tell "I love u princess, ur my life" and pulls comforter over them .
             Now it's in d morning .sunrays fall on uday . He wakes up and finds his princess sleeping peacefully on his chest .uday looks at alert MSG in his cell .today he has meeting wit foreign delegates .its already 9 now . He wants to get ready soon but he is worried if manyatah gets up if he moves her aside . Slowly he hugs manyatha turns around and slowly place her on da other side and release her so carefully . He plans to go out for bath but he withdraw da idea an put a hand around manyatah and lie beside her . " if I get up princess will also get up soon .. " he looks at her and meanwhile due to some car sound from garrage manyatha wakes up. 

MANYATHA - uday ur already awake !! Y dint u wake me up honey ... Saying this she gets up from da bed and reminds uday about meeting .soon they both get ready and go down for breakfast . 

UDAY - k princess am going to office take care baby . I'll call u ... Telling this he gives a peck on her lips . Aunty Komal I know I need not say but please be wit manyatah aunty . U know my junglee billy very well so .

MANYATHA - she pinches uday on his arms ... Halkat Veda !! Mein jungle billi hu kya ... Go to office now ...ur already late ...

KOMAL - she laughs and take manyatha and go to unnathi's room . Vijay and j also join them . They all discuss about da party and pull each other legs and have fun . Gossip goes on and finally they realize it's lunch time when  seemaji comes and calls them down .

BRIJRAJ   AND GIRIRAJ -  even they come and join them for lunch . They inform all at the dining table that uday's meeting went good and they got an international project .

      Everyone is so happy to hear it .meanwhile uday also comes and join them . Everyone congratulates him ... Brijraj and giriraj tell they are proud of uday . 

 UNNATHI - k dada let us go outside . It's been a long time since v all went out together. Bahabisa Also needs a change I think.

UDAY - yes choti good idea v all will go out for some movie .

MANYATHA - yes a movie ...that's great ...k I'll go and get ready .everyone goes to get ready.

UDAY - u won congratulate ur husband princess ?..?

MANYATHA - I think I hav already congratulated uday don u remember 

UDAY - naa baby ..u congratulated a Yuvraj ...not a husband 

MANYATHA - kya !!!! 

UDAY - he keeps his arms across his chest and smirks and leans towards and tells manyatha " koi apne pathi ko aise handshake karke wish kartha kya " 

MANYATHA - she blushes and says udayyy!!! 

UDAY - I want a ... He says and captures her lips.. He gives her a mild passionate kiss. Realizes she is going out of breath and releases her. Both look at each other and smile and hug each other. " princess I love u " 

MANYATHA - halkat I love u too .they get ready and go down . All together go to a movie .then do some shopping and are returning 

           All da media came and surrounded uday and manyatah .all flashes were going on was too crowded.Uday holds manyatah protectively and almost hides her from flashes by covering her wit his body. She places her head on his chest due to those flashes.

     REPORTER 1 - it's been almost a month since u came out manyatah ji ... How r u feeling now...aft that incident? 

 Reporter 2 - u got international project it sims Yuvraj ji ... Wat do u tell about ur success? Also how u feel about ur upcoming ----****---

REPORTER 3 (lady) - yuvrani ji if u turn this side I wanna take ur pic . Can u pls . 

UDAY  - pls give us way . We will answer u later. Pls I request u all . I'll talk to u all in a press meet tomorrow . I promise u pls .

REPORTER 3 - Yuvraj ji we even want yuvrani ji in da press meet . Also a photo shoot if possible pls. V wanna take a pic of her in her----******-----------

 UDAY - v will think about it now pls give us way. All da guards surround uday and manyatha and try to take them out. Uday almost covers manyatha and takes her carefully

REPORTER 4 - sir u dint even allow media for ur sisters engagement and made it a complete private party. Y sir? 

UDAY - because it's  a personal family party . On the other side media is behind the new couple that is unnathi and vijay asking many questions.

REPORTER 3 - sir pls can we take a pic of yuvrani ji pls sir ask her to turn around...we could only see her face ...we want to take a full pic of hers .so that v can -----******-------
            Guards come and almost surround uday and manyatha that no one could see them and take them to car . Finally everyone gets into their car and are on da way to mahal .

UDAY - princess are u ok

MANYATHA - uday jus don worry am perfectly ok ... Relax baby ... 

UDAY - drink some water manyatha . I donno how this media got to know about our outing . Nowadays v maintain our schedule as highly secret n private. Donno how they got to know . They r jus impossible .

MANYATHA - that is so called media uday ...anything is possible... Also v came to a movie so obviously now it's a public thinng.that lady reporter uday she was all concentrating on me to click my full size pic... I donno y ppl r so crazy to take pics of me now ... Oh my god that's so embarrassing

UDAY - he smiles. It's common manyatah v r public figures , celebrities . So they try to catch our pics And news at all stages . As of now ur in a very special stage that's obvious that all try to get ur pic... All news papers reporters think that they should be da first news paper to release da pic... Seriously they r crazy ... From now onwards v should be carefully they started falling on us...I think v both should attend da press meet 2 mrw ... So that next time they won fall on us if I allow them to take ur pic... I have a doubt manyatha y ur -------****------      


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                                          CHAPTER 2

KOMAL - manyatah r u ok beta ...I was watching in tv...I was so worried for u all. 

BRIJRAJ AND GIRIRAJ - uday beta v decided that u both should attend da press tomorrow manyatah is also perfectly ok v think it's time for a photoshoot ...v got request from DC Newspaper MD and few other papers ...wat do u say beta? 

UDAY - even I was thinking about it uncle brijraj and dad u say ...v both r gonna attend da press meet tomorrow.

KOMAL - beta go to ur room and sleep its already night .tomorrow morning u shoul even attend press meet.

MANYATHA - k am tired even tired . She says gn to everyone and leave.

UDAY - he goes to room . Both manyatah and uday fresh up and lie on bed together.

MANYATHA - am observing now a days ur getting worried about me a lot ... Now am k uday pls don be in a tension mood always. I can't c u like this. I promise u that I'll b more carefully.

UDAY - I can't help it princess . After that incident I can't even imagine to leave u for a minute. That day my world turned upside down. I can't leave withou u ,I'll die . I cannot c u in pain ,my heart breaks . I love u princess, ur my life. I cannot even imagine anything which causes u pain, it will pierce my heart . 

             " FLASHBACK - ( A MONTH AGO )"

         Manyatha is 3 months pregnant . Everyone is happy . Both devgad and jaigad family . Uday has no bounds for his happiness. He was out of world . Manyatha was so happy . 

         They arranged a Pooja for da health of mother and baby as said by PUROHITH's their family tradition . Pooja started and it ended very well . Everyone blessed manyatha and uday  and their upcoming baby . Uday and manyatah were very happy . Everyone was busy wit guests n stuff . Manyatah went to her room for some work and she is coming down.

 MANYATHA - she is coming down da steps. She was almost at da end of da steps. She missed few steps ,lost her control and fell down. Everyone looks and gets shocked.

UDAY - he looks at this incident from glass in ds office . His heart almost stopped beating . His eyes became teary and he rushed towards manyatha .

MANYATHA - while falling down in order to prevent her stomach hitting ground she somehow managed wit her elbows hitting ground on her knees kneeling down . Her total balance was on elbows and luckily it didn't hurt her stomach .due to shock she went unconscious. 

UDAY AND EVERYONE - they immediately took manyatah to hospital. 

UDAY - he was waiting outside da room .wlalking in da corridor. Unnathi came n consoled him. It's of no use .he broke down. He was on his knees and had tears in his eyes. Giriraj came and hugged his son and made him sit . Uday told " y did it happen dad ...y me always , I can't live without my princess" 

EVERYONE - they come to uday and console him ant tell that nothing will happen to manyatah . B strong ur a Yuvraj . Beta don worry she will b fine ... Meanwhile doctor comes out and everyone went to him 

DOCTOR - nothing to worry Yuvraj ji ... Luckily she didn't hurt her stomach . Both mother n baby r fine. But she had a jerk due to which position of baby slightly changed. V kept her under observation to observe baby moments. 

UDAY - doc is she k r u sure ... Pls doc do something I can't see her in pain 

DOCTOR - Yuvraj ji ur wife is perfectly ok ...nothing to worry ... Luckily ur wife and baby both r fine . Only da thing is she needs a week bed rest for da baby to get back to da position . U can take her home aft 4 hours . 

UDAY - thank u doctor . He went inside manyatha's room . She was tripped . He looks at her and cries his heart out and holds her hand and tell " u scared me to death princess ,I can't leave without u " 

MANYATHA - uday stop crying like kid ...look at me v both are fine. Don forget that ur Yuvraj udayveer sing 

UDAY - am not any Yuvraj ... Am a husband and a father now ... Thank got u both r safe ur not gonna move ...a week bed rest for u . I'll b wit u ...don dare to move . 

MANYATHA - ji Yuvraj ji ... Everyone comes and visits manyatha. She is taken back to mahal . 1 week passed . She was on complete bed rest n uday was wit her throughout da week . Beside her all da time .

DOCTOR - doctor came for check up and told that she is perfectly fine and da baby is back to position. Everyone is happy to hear it.

UDAY - following next week also uday dint allow manyatah to move and was always beside her. Sometime he used to get up in da middle of night and used to check her .manyatha knew this. She used to assure him that everything is k and will always b ok. 

             Unnathi and vijay engagent is fixed aft 15 days .  Doctor comes for regular check up and tells manyatha and uday that manyatha can even dance ,she is that perfect and bed rest is not required and have to b more carefully . 

                             " FLASHBACK ENDS " 

MANYATHA - I know uday . Forget it now . C da baby is also getting worried looking at his worried father face 

UDAY - really princess!! He touches her tummy and tells " oh my baby don worry is wit u , hum rajwade hai beta v r not supposed to get worried "  . daddy is happy now . 

MANYTHA - uday b happy like this very time . Love u uday . Both hug each other .

UDAY - love u too princess, love u too baby . He tells this and kisses on her forehead and tummy . " come soon baby daddy can't wait more to take u into hands.

MANYATHA - uday u hav to wait for 5 more months for it ...ha nahi tho !!! 

UDAY - princess I have a doubt . He moves manyatha's shirt upwards and places his hand on her bare stomach and tell " ur 4 months pregnant now but ur stomach dint come out yet's just a little bump " 

MANYATHA - uday it comes out in 5 th month it sims . Mom told me. Even I got da same doubt . But u know uday my dresses are not fitting , I mean they became tight now.

UDAY - oh princess it's not an issue . V will go for shopping and get all new wardrobe . After all ur moti nowWink u will need a new wardrobe

MANYATHA - she makes a puppy face and tell  udayyySleepy

UDAY - jus kidding baby ...k catch some sleep now. Tomorrow v will have hectic schedule . I don't want my junior sing to take stress, so sleep honey . Telling this he places her head on his chest and kisses on her forehead and pulls comforter over them 

MANYATHA - both get ready in da morning for press meet and photo shoot .manyatha is standing I front of mirror and combing her hair. Uday comes from behind and catches her from her waist and places his chin on her shoulders.

UDAY - ur looking gorgeous princess ...kisses on her cheek . He looks at her tummy in mirror and tell " wat is this manyatha over night it came out 3 more inches out kya "

MANYATHA - she laughs and turns around and places her hands around uday's neck and tells " uday it's not like that ,since this is a body hugging dress ur able to c da bump clearly coming out .its same as yesterday , its all da dress and cloth effect " 

UDAY - whatever I like it like this...he bends down ,touches her stomach and tell " my baby!!! He is growing here ...common baby everyone is waiting down to get ur first pic ...u know this photoshoot is specially for u my child ... Give good poses like dad "

MANYATHA - she laughs at uday's conversation . Both hug each other and they have breakfast in their room . Now they go down for da shoot and press meet

          As they come down Hand in hand ,hall is filled out wit flashes .all da cameras are making sounds wit flashes. The press meet is done and also photo shoot . They took manyatha's pregnancy pics in all angles . Finally they took both raajpariwaar photos together .

UDAY - princess aaj kal hum dhono se zyada  hamaara junior ka demand bohuth hogaya ... Najaane baahar aane ek baad logonko kithna crazy karvayega ye 

MANYATHA -  Aakir baby kiska ...  Smile

UDAY - Yuvraj udayveer sing ka ...a charming child like his father

MANYATHA - makes puppy face and tell " even my baby too uday " 

UDAY - he smiles and tell ...hamaara bacha smile darling 

VIJAY - love birds agar aap ka never ending romance katham hogay tho chale . Everyone starts laughing at vijay's statement . Manyatha gets a bit embarrassed . 

UNNATHI - Bahabisa it's been 2 years since u both got married and ur blushing like a new bride ...

UDAY - now stop pulling our legs ... K common let us go ... In manyatha j unnathi go up . Uday and vijay leave for office

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                                    CHAPTER 3

KOMAL - beta wer r u all 3 girls going? 

MANYATHA J AND UNNATHI - v all r going for parlor and from their for shopping .avanthika's boutique , she told some new arrivals came. 

KOMAL - so nice girls , carry on .n manyatah jus b carefull beta . Unnathi n j pls take care of her

GIRLS - k bye mommm n aunty Smile

MANYATHA - unnathi n j v will even check out da other boutiques today , it will b helpfull for unnathi's wedding , v will get idea.

J AnD UNNATHI - k ur highness !!! 

MANYATHA - ha nahi tho !!!!!!

UDAY - he is in office , he returns home and find out that all da girls went out . It's already 7 pm . He needs to attend an official  business party , so he leaves off without manyatah as he thinks manyatah will get tired by da time she comes home.

MANYATHA  J  UNNATHI - they come home , show all their dresses to Komal and have gossip . All have dinner and go to their rooms.

UDAY - he calls manyatah and tell that he would b late as he met some old friends.

MANYATHA - she will b doing some riyasath work . Without her sense she falls asleep . 

UDAY - Karan pls I had enough , no more drinks.

KARAN - common uv v almost met after an year , pls . All da others also force . So he takes .( uday doesn't take more then 2 pegs generally , today he had 5 )

UDAY - he reaches home and change into night dress without disturbing manyatah .he looks at manyatha . She is in Saree , he looks at her so passionately . She was looking hot in her black Saree . He can c her bare neck and her waist . Also he is drunk now , he undergoes diff kind of feelings. 

MANYATHA - due to da heavy wind da window bangs . So manyatha gets up. She sees uday and ask how was da party n all and go to close window.

UDAY - from back will come and hug manyatah . He starts kissing her neck leaving all wet kisses . He turns her around kisses her on her shoulders , cheeks and lips. 

MANYATHA - she is enjoying it n both get involved in a deep smooch 

UDAY - window shuts again , he realises wat he is doing (he doesnt like to give pain to his princess) and closes da window. Princess it's already late common let us sleep.

MANYATHA - yes tomorrow I think ur even going for jaigad campaign . K common let us sleep.

UDAY - he makes her lie down on bed  and pulls comfortor over and avoids looking at her and tell good night n walks towards couch.

MANYATHA - uday y r u sleeping in da couch . 

UDAY - I hav some work to finish , my laptop light will disturb u . So I'll do it n come

MANYATHA - now don tell me that uday . Ur drunk!!!! Ur wobbling and ur telling ur gonna do work . Uday nivas close karne ka iraada hai kya. Don mess up uday , no work . It's an order come n sleep.

UDAY - he tries to convince her but manyatah doesn't agree because of his condition .k princess now I'll tell u truth

MANYATHA - he gets up and sits " wat truth uday ????? "

UDAY - am unable to control my feelings baby , moreover am drunk so pls let me 

MANYATHA - wat all about ur talking ????

UDAY - princess common u know me very well wat I do wen I get over drunk . And how super crazy I go on bed . Almost wild banging u . 

MANYATHA - nothing will happen jus come n sleep after all ur udayveer Singh . U hav control over u 

UDAY - in ur matter am only uday , who always become weak in front of u . Always out of control  .what if I loose control and end up manking love to u , I can't take risk. 

MANYATHA - k die there am sleeping . She tells it wit an angry and sad face

UDAY - he can't c his princess sad so he comes and lies down beside her

MANYATHA - she  hugged uday and placed her head on his chest 

UDAY - now its hard time for uday . Also he is not in full senses due to da drink , he rolls over manyatha . Looks at her face wit love and passion.he tugs her hair behind her ears.

           He is getting lost in manyatha , he kisses her cheeks and eyes. He reaches her shoulder and start kissing . Slowly removes her pallu ,then da lights go off. Now he is totally lost and becomes a bit wild .

MANYATHA - first it was k for manyatha now it becomes hard for her as uday is totally lost and enters her wit a jerk . Also a  bit wild . Still it doesn't hurt her . Causes a slight pain. 
           Da night ended . Uday was super mad that night . 

UDAY - he wakes up in da morning , hangover . Catches his head and realises that he is naked and looks aside  ,same wit manyatah
 Now he remembers a bit of his craziness last night . 

MANYATHA - she wakes up meanwhile

UDAY - princess !!!! R u ok . He catches his head, wat da bloody hell did I do

MANYATHA - uday that's k am perfectly fine . Don overreact pls 

UDAY - r u sure? Do u hav any pain in stomach ? 

MANYATHA - u were a bit hard on me ...but now am double perfect 

UDAY - sorry manyatha for causing u pain , wit tears in his eyes

MANYATHA - no uday am ok . Pls don b sorry u can never cause me pain . It was only ur mad love for meWink  Uday I enjoyed it ... So now stop worrying . 
UDAY - am happy that ur fine . Also sad 

MANYATHA - wat ???!!!!

UDAY - u enjoyed manyatha , but I don even remember it properly except that sudden jerk ... 

MANYATHA - uday ur just impossible 

UDAY - no its possible , if u agreeWink

MANYATHA - seriously uday now I jus can't 

UDAY - princess am kidding ...he kisses her cheek and about to take her lips manyatha's phone rings

KOMAL - beta sorry for disturbing but it's already 10.30. I think u should hav ur breakfast by now . Am sending it to ur room in 10 min

MANYATHA - k mom thanks . Both uday and manyatha look at clock and smile at each other.

UDAY - princess take ur clothes , and he wears his . Both gets dressed n hav their breakfast. Uday observes manyatha carefully and becomes sure that she is really fine . " princess till junior comes out I won have drink " 

MANYATHA - that's k uday . Anyways it's a good decision .

UDAY - uday keeps hand on her tummy  and tell " baby papa is going for bath  n will come in a while "
      They both get ready and go down .uday goes to jaigad campaign.

RAJPUROHITH - he comes and gives da date of unnathi's wedding . He tells it's exactly aft a month.

UNNATHI - she starts blushing . Everyone tries to pull her leg and have some fun. She goes to vijay's room to inform it. She finds him in towel wrapped around his waist.

VIJAY - o my god unnathi can't u knock da door? He tries to cover himself

UNNATHI - she advances toward him wit a killer look

VIJAY - pls unnathi don come near me 

UNNATHI - she goes near vijay and he closes his eyes . But she hands him a shirt.

VIJAY - he was shocked at her action but now got relieved ...

UNNATHI - don worry vijay am not gonna rape u

VIJAY - huh unnathi!!!!

UNNATHI - then u were literally behaving like that . O god actually this is guy's work but am doing it as this vijay is dumbo and so shy.
She tells about wat she came for. Both hug each other

VIJAY - he hols unnathi on her waist wit one hand and keep his another hand behind her hair and give a smooch

UNNATHI - she was almost shocked ... Also blushed

J - o my god vijay bhai 

UNNATHI - she runs away from their getting embarresed.

VIJAY - he doesn't know wat to do and gets into bathroom. J laughs and leaves

J and MANYATHA - they both r sitting n looking at some devgads industries  files.

J -  she looks at manyatha's shoulder wer she finds a red mark , also on her neck . So love bytes jiji

MANYATHA - wat ?!!! J will show it to her .manyatah blushes

J - seriously jiji uday tho... Ur 4 months pregnant ...

MANYATHA - jjj     

J - k let us go n give these files to dad . Jiji so how was ur last night ?    

MANYATHA - j concentrate on work pls...she blushes 

                      Thank u 

Thanks everyone for ur prescious comments . Am not happy wit this update. Next one I'll try to make it good.

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                           CHAPTER 4

J - k jiji now I won't irritate u 

BRIJRAJ - beta did u go through da files, I want u both to attend this meeting as I'll b leaving for London for 10 days . Other one I have handed it to vijay .

J AND MANYATHA - yes dad v have gone throug .if v have any doubts v will call u .

BRIJRAJ - k  then am getting late ,should catch my flight. He kisses his both daughters .j take care of manyatha . Always b wit her like a shadow.

J - yes dad I'll surely . J whispers in manyatha ear " so jiji I'll b wit u in ur bedroom also, after all am ur shadow "

MANYATHA - jjj ... J and manyatah tell bye to their dad . Brijraj leaves .

DIVYA - she comes wit her family and stays at uday nivas . It's been 3 days since she came there. But dint c uday as he was busy wit jaigad campaign from 3 days n dint come to uday nivas.

UDAY - he returns home after 3 days from jaigad .greets everyone and goes into his room for manyatha. He doesn't find her. He was about to move from his room, then he hears bathroom door sound from where manyatah comes out wit a pink towel wrapped around.

MANYATHA - she doesn't c uday and go to her ward robe to take a dress .

UDAY - he couldn't take his eyes off manyatah . " it's been 2 years since I got married, still this girl has da same effect on me . Princess ur killing me "

MANYATHA - she takes da dress . Suddenly someone hugs her from behind. She gets scared first but uday tells its him.

UDAY - iraada kya hai princess ?!! R u trying to kill me

MANYATHA - udayyy ... K wen did u come ? U dint even inform me

UDAY - if I informed u I would miss this scene darling , I must say u look hot in this towel.

MANYATHA - k uday which dress should I wear in these two .

UDAY - princess I prefer u wit no clothes

MANYATHA - uday thum Kabi nahi sudroge

UDAY - I don't even want to.. Princess  anything will look good on u

MANYATHA - actually am going for a meeting uday , so which one is more formal .?

UDAY - k baby it riyasath work? 

MANYATHA - no uday's a business deal . Dad's friend arun copra

UDAY - ya I heard da name ...I think from past 3 years uncle brijraj is doing business wit him . Uncle told me about it that he came India wit his family from Australia.

MANYATHA - ya actually they r from Delhi . As most of their business is here they wanna settle down in Mumbai .

UDAY - ki ...he slowly pulls manyatha towards him. He runs his hand across her cheeks , kiss her cheeks and then reaches her lips. Princess missed u a lot . He bends down n touches her tummy n tell " baby how r u? Papa missed u a lot , c papa jus came n mamma is leaving to office . She is jealous of u n me . Taking u away from me "

MANYATHA - nahi beta balki papa ne hame 3 din chodkar chalagaya

UDAY - princess u know I can't take u to jaigad .u can't travel now baby . It will a stress for u n my junior . 

MANYATHA - uday I know it . They both hug each other . Uday goes n fresh ups and come out.

UDAY-  princess ur meeting is in uday nivas only na , pa told me . Let us go together . Its been 3 days since I went . Have to check out accounts . Also don feel like leaving u darling...

MANYATHA - manyatha catches uday shirt n make a puppy face n tell " even I missed u baby , and kisses on his lips"

UDAY - shall I make my suit in uday nivas ready Wink 

MANYATHA - uday shut up . Ur even becoming a father and bachpana choda nahi 

UDAY - am not childish man so -----

SERVANT - knocks door . Yuvrani ji u got call .

MANYATHA - k tell them I'll b there in an hour. Uday and manyatah leave to uday nivas

UDAY - he tell manaytah bye and goes into his cabin .

MANYATHA - she goes and have a business talks wit arun copra and sign some papers.

ARUN CHOPRA - father of divya CHOPRA. Nice meeting u yuvrani manyatha . I think v will make a good business deal . So can I meet u tomorrow for further proceedings.

MANYATHA - yes mr CHOPRA u can come and meet me in jaigad office tomorrow . Before that pls meet j nandini . 

ARUN - k thank u , I'll take ur leave .

MANYATHA - nice meeting u mr CHOPRA . C u tommorow
Manyatah gets a call from uday asking her to come to his personal suit for lunch .

DIVYA - she will be in da lounge , suddenly sees uday coming out of his cabin . She runs behind him but stopped by a guard

GUARD - without appointment u cant meet Yuvraj sa ... 

DIVYA - no I should meet him , he is my friend . 

GUARD - mam u wait out of that cabin . Yuvraj ji went for lunch . He will b back in a while . Go and meet his pa for appointment 

DIVYA - now divya gets to know that uday nivas owner is none other than uday. She meets his pa and take appointment and waits in da lounge for him for 2 hours.

UDAY AND MANYATHA - uday and manyatha r having lunch in his personal suit .its been almost 2 hours . They have casual talks and also some riyasath n business talks

UDAY - manyatahs this will b ur last project

MANYATHA - what?!! 

UDAY - I don think u should take all this stress now . I'll look after all these aft uncle brijraj returns . Pls as of now ur work is to take care of my junior

MANYATHA - uday now am only 4 months pregnent . I think I can work for 2 more months . Am even getting bored at home . Pls don say no ...I promise u I'll be carefully . Plus uday

UDAY - princess !! K ur wish is my command .

MANYATHA - thank u uday love u . She hugs him n gives a peck on his lips.

UDAY - one condition princess ..

MANYATHA - now wat is it baby?

 UDAY - u should b always wit me or j or vijay banana ... Not alone anytime n I don wanna listen anything regarding this .

MANYATHA - k done . They both come down . Manyatha is wearing a purple shirt and white jeans .black blazer . Manaytah started wearing western wear also but not like j . Decent ones. She gets a call and excuses uday . She needs to send. Mail so she gets into uday's cabin for laptop. Uday will b talking to his manager

UDAY - so manager everything is k , am happy . U managed very well . Pa comes n tells uday that divya CHOPRA wants to meet him . As he listens her name he gets shocked, all his past flashes out . He comes to his senses and tell pa to send her.I'll b in da other cabin in 2nd floor. Inform yuvranisa that I'll b in her cabin in 30 min 

DIVYA - she comes inside and hugs uday . " uday how r u "

UDAY - he doesn't hug her back and slowly pushes her out of hug and tell he is good. How r u divya? It's been a long time . So wat r u doing now?

DIVYA - uday I was in Australia . Now am gonna join dads business here. 

UDAY - well that's good so nice to hear . Divya am sorry for what had happened in da past ... I really apologise u . U know am not wrong because I was clear before it ...still am apologizing because u were hurt .

DIVYA - I know uday ...u told me before clearly . U were not at fault at all. It was my fault .

UDAY -  k divya now I jus don wanna discuss all that . Ur here?

DIVYA - she narrates him da whole story .

UDAY - so nice that ur doing well . So ur arun chopra's daughter . 

DIVYA - u know my dad uday 

UDAY - ya ...ur dad does business wit my uncle. Heard about him. Donno him in person.he gets a call.

DIVYA - she doesn't know that he got married and all that and at some corner she still loves him and has a hope.

MANYATHA - she suddenly comes into uday cabin .obviously she doesn't knock .divya and manyatha look at each other .

UDAY - he is on phone . He turns back.

MANYATHA - she thinks some business meet is going on and looks at divya and tells sorry and will turn to go out.

UDAY - baby wer r u going ? 

MANYATHA - sorry uday I didn't know that ur At work . I jus came to 

UDAY - princess u need not give me reason ... This is ur place ...u can come anywhere here . And anytime 

DIVYA - she looks at uday . She finds some change in him ." he is not that old stubborn n arrogant uday he have changed a lot . Also something is different in his eyes wen he is talking to that girl . I can c da care and affection in his eyes "

UDAY - princess she is my classmate divya CHOPRA , v studied together in Oxford , also daughter of arun CHOPRA . Divya she is my ...he gets a call

MANYATHA - hi divya ... So ur daughter of arun am gonna work wit u

DIVYA. - wat???

MANYATHA - she tells her everything.

DIVYA - ya uday was telling about it that his uncle knows my dad. So ur mr brijrajs daughter? Miss ... N looks at her

MANYATHA - o sorry forgot to tell my name

UDAY - manyatha uday veer sing ... My wify ...he tells it n comes near manyatha and places his hand around her waist 

DIVYA - she gets shocked n all of at sudden her face becomes pale. Manaytah notices it but she doesn't know da reason .

UDAY - divya divya ...wer r u?

DIVYA - oh sorry ...she regains her senses ... " hi manyatha ,so nice to meet u "

MANYATHA - even me divya . Uday u know am gonna do next project wit her . V just finalized it . Even j is gonna join it .

UDAY - he is not happy to hear it . But still plasters a fake smile n tells " nive to hear it baby , good luck both of u " manyatAh observes it that he is faking but ignores it thinking that he is worried about her working in pregnancy.

MANYATHA - divy y don u join us for coffee?

DIVYA - sorry manyatah I need to go . Next time v can 

MANYATHA - by mistake her phone falls down. She puts her hand on tummy and tries to bend down wit difficulty

DIVYA - now she clearly notices manyatah . While holding her tummy divya could see a bump at manyatha's tummy indicating that she is pregnent . She is bewildered. Almost getting shattered. Something is pricking her.

UDAY - princess!!! He stops her and bends down n gives her cell back . What were u doing princess ?!!! How many times should I tell u manyatha . 

MANYATHA - uday pls now stop it I won repeat it ...sorry ..telling this she holds her ear wit a puppy face

UDAY - he smiles n hugs her from side n kisses on her forehead . U always scare me ...

DIVYA - she thinks " I never saw uday like . Never he was so caring about anyone .i can clearly see da love for her in his eyes . Da concern and fear in his eyes. First time I saw his worried face .he became weak for a moment . Is he da same Yuvraj udayveer sing"

MANYATHA and UDAY - k divya see u then

DIVYA - k bye both of u . Divya looks at manyAtha and uday wen they r leaving like a statue trying to come out of her was almost a double shock for her ,first thing uday getting married n second thing he is gonna become father soon.
   She sees both of them walking Hand in hand.

                        AFTER 2 WEEKS :

UDAY AND MANYATHA - they both go to hospital for manyatha' s regular check up 

DOCTOR - ur wife is perfectly ok u need not worry Yuvraj. Common ill take u to sonography room. She keeps da cam kind of equipment part on manyatha's stomach. 

UDAY AND MANYATHA - they could c their baby's movements on da screen . They were so happy . They even heard baby's heart beat . They both had tears in their eyes. Uday was almost out of world so excited . Doctor leaves da room to give them privacy

UDAY - princess I love u ...this is da beautifull gift I hav ever got ...he kisses her forehead. Keeps hand on her tummy " baby so ur moving here and there, like ur momWink I love u baby ,jus can't wait pls come soon into this world. " he kisses on her tummy

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              CHAPTER 5

GEETHA CHOPRA  -  DIVYA wat happened beta, ur looking disturbed from 2 weeks . Ur so depressed y beta

DIVYA - She doesn't tell her mom da reason. Mom am fine , nothing new place na trying to adjust 

GEETHA - it doesn't look so beta . If u tell then it's ok . She kisses her forehead. She knows about uday and divya but have never seen uday . Also she knows his name as uv . She doesn't know that it's uday .

UDAY - unnathi knows about divya and uday's past. So uday goes to unnathi n tells about wat all happened. He tells " choti I want to tell MANYTAH but couldn't , donno how she reacts . Also she is pregnent now . I don't wanna give her emotional stress .

UNNATHI - don't worry dada . I understand it . U did good thing not telling it to manyatha. Iss haalath mein teek nahi rahega ..

MANYTAH - she was passing through da room and over hears da conversation .uday doesn't see her and leave da room . 

UNNATHI - she is shocked to c manyatha 

MANYTAH - pls tell me truth unnathi , I wanna know about divya 

UNNATHI - now its no use of hiding . So unnathi narrates da whole past

MANYATHA - she listens silently 

UNNATHI - trust me manyatha now dada is totally changed . He loves u a lot and cannot leave without u . Ur in his every breath manyatha.

MANYATHA - unnathi don worry I know about it . I know my uday very well . He loves me a lot . I have got nothing to do wit his past.

UNNATHI - she hugs MANYTAH . Thanks MANYTAH ur da best . Pls keep my dada happy through out da life . Trust him like this only in every situation . Be with him. He cannot live without u Bahabisa .

MANAYTAH - don worry unnathi , I'll always b wit uday . He is my life . She leaves.

UDAY - he is in da office room 

MANYTAH - she goes to uday and looks at him 

UDAY - u should have made a call princess  . Y did u come down . Am coming 5  min .

MANYATHA - I need to talk to u uday 

UDAY - he looks at her . Now he is worried , wat manyatha tell me 

MNAYTAH - not here uday . I'll wait in our room . Jus come there .

 UDAY - after Attending da call he goes to room . Manyatha is near da window lost in deep thoughts .he comes and hugs her from behind and place his chin on her shoulders . Princess now tell me .

MANYATHA - she turns around , " uday r u k wit me working wit divya " 

UDAY - princess y ur asking about it all of at sudden

MANYATHA - uday I know everything about u and divya

 UDAY - he gets shocked . Princess!!! 


BRIJRAJ - beta how r u ? He hugs her . She hugs him back and tell am good dad . He goes to uday and hugs. But uday's total concentration was on manyatah .

MANYATHA - so how was ur trip dad ? 

BRIJRAJ - it was good baby . Am happy wit that chopra's deal . Good work beta .uday beta r u ok ? U look disturbed 

UDAY - no uncle brijraj am fine 


DS - she wakes up slowly and slowly opens her eyes and finds everyone around her . She finds Komal menaka unnathi and j in front of her , she finds vijay brijraj and giriraj on her right side . Her eyes are searching for manyatha and uday , now finally she turns to her left side  and finds manyatha and uday standing together .

EVERYONE - everyone is happy and all have happy tears in their eyes .

DOCTOR SAAB - he comes and sees da sight 

DS. - she looks at MANYTAHA and holds her hand tightly . Uday and MANAYATHA both bend down . She places her hand on uday's chin . Her eyes are getting closed now . MANYTAHA starts crying , uday holds her .

DOCTOR SAAB - he comes and checks ds and gives injection . Tells everyone not to worry and she is out of danger. She she came out of coma she is still weak . She will wake up in an hour ,I gave injection.

EVERYONE - all are happy and hug each other and wait for n hour in that room only for ds to open her eyes .

KOMAL AND BRIJRAJ - they come and hug manyatha and j  . All the family members are happy , out of world . Giriraj and brijraj hug each other .unnathi and vijay hug each other . Menaka hugs manyatha .

MANYTAHA   - she is so happy . She hugs uday and places her head on his chest . Uday holds her by waist wit one hand and in da other hand holds her hand .

DS - she wakes up and whispers MANYTAHA MANYTAH 

BRIJRAJ - he rushes to ds and calls maa sahib 

DS - she slowly gets up and sits , Komal helps her to sit . Brijraj and ds hug each other . Komal and menaka hug ds .

VIJAY - nani sahib , v r so happy to c u like this . Telling this he hugs ds.

DS - she calls out for manyatha , everyone looks at manyatha .

MANYTAH - she comes and sits beside ds .they both hug each other and stay like that for 5 min . 

DS - ds breaks hug immediately and wit an confused expression exclaims manyatha !!! Telling this she touches her tummy wit tears in her eyes . Everyone looks so happily at this scene . Manyatha ur ...

KOMAL - huh maa sahib she is pregnent 

DS - now ds clearly looks at MANYTAH , sindhoor in her maang and mangal sutra in her neck , n uday beside her . She feels so happy . She hugs uday and say " am so happy beta , it's da best gift of my life " 

UDAY - we all are happy to see u like this ds . Now pls I think u should take rest now .

EVERYONE - ya u should take rest . U jus came out of coma pls don stress ur self

DS - now anything won't happen to me . Am so happy .

MANYTAH - ds Am so happy . She hugs her again . Pls take rest now . Even doctor uncle is telling u to . 

DS - k ur highness



UDAY - he is waiting for manyatha in his room restlessly , unnathi comes and tells that MANAYTAH is wit Ds and will come in 10 min 

UNNATHI. - what happened dada u look tensed? 

UDAY - he tells everything 

UNNATHI - now she tells what all happened 

UDAY - he is so happy to hear it ang gets relieved .unnathi leaves saying gn

MANYTAHA - she comes inside room . As soon as she comes uday go and hug her .

UDAY - thanks for everything princess . Thanks for understanding. 
He breaks hug and tells " trust me princess ,I thought of telling u but ..." MANYTAH stops him

MANYATHA - u need not give me explanations. I love u uday .am not bothered about ur past . I simply love u uday . I can't leave without u . Ur my life . I trust u more than myself uday .

UDAY - he will get tears in his eyes . MANYTAH wipes them and kisses uday on his forehead .

MANYATHA - am da happiest girl in da world today uday . Ur wit me,my love is wit me . Also ds came out of coma . Am so happy .

UDAY - princess u forgot one thing 

MANYATHA - only me n ds , u forgot junior .telling this he bends down ,touches her tummy . And kisses tummy .

UDAY - he gets up and hugs manyatha tightly

MNAYTAH - uday ahaaa 

UDAY - sorry princess I was so hard . Sorry , he touches her tummy and tell " baby did papa hurt u and mamma , sorry baby .love u so much " sorry princess 

MANYATHA - uday now thats k . 

UDAY - princess I have a doubt

MANYATHA - now wat is it Yuvraj ji ? 

UDAY - in coming days I think I can't hug u 

MNAYTAH - confused ...wat uday !!!? 

UDAY - he looks at her stomach and shows her . 

MANYATHA - obviously uday , stomach will grow n u can't . U should have got it then u would know

UDAY - princess!! How can I baby ?  Funny ... He  takes manyatha in his arms and keeps her on bed and lies beside her .

MANYATHA - they both look at each other .

UDAY -  he places his hand on her tummy " junior so ur not allowing papa to hug mamma . Baby do u know one thing , today ur great grand mother came out of coma after a long time .she came out only for u to c u n play wit u . So pls baby come soon " . He moves her Saree aside and kiss her bare stomach . Love u baby . Love u princess

MANYATHA - love u uday 

UDAY - MANAYTH in this week it came 3 more inches out . Wow it's so cute , I can c my baby growing . Nicely junior is enjoying inside 

MANYATHA - she smiles  at uday and tells " ur acting like a child uday "  I think I have to take care of another kid

UDAY - ya a grown up kidWink



BRIJRAJ - he tells manyatha that they r arranging a party to night for ds' s recovery . Everyone is happy to hear it. 

GIRIRAJ - also 2 days later v all r leaving for jaigad for Pooja . It's our kaandaani Pooja which is for da health of baby And mother .

KOMAL MENAKA - beta uday don't worry now , doctor told that ur princess can travel . So no worries 

        Everyone laughs at their statement . Manyatha gets embarresed and starts blushing .

DIVYA - she starts drinking daily Nd go out of control . She again gets into. Depression .her mother donno exactly reason. Divya thinks about uday only . Unknowingly she gets negative feelings for MANYTAH and starts hating her .

CHOPRA's - they get invitation for da party at devgad palace .

MANYATHA - in her room throwing all dresses on her bed . Uday comes and looks at her

UDAY - princess what is this y r u throwing dresses like this

MANYATAH - because nothing fits me , she catches her head and sits ther son bed 

UDAY - he comes and sits beside her n hugs her and kisses . Ithni is baath hamari princess ko pareshaan karre 

MANYATHA - it's not a simple thing uday . I became fat now c , nothing fits now especially in this region pointing towards her tummy.

UDAY - he smiles at her innocence and tells " my chweetu don worry , jus wait for 5 min ur new ward robe is coming "


MANYATHA - uday  I love u honey . She jumps like a kid and hugs him

UDAY - k princess now select a one from these for da party to night

MANYATHA - u help me out baby 

UDAY - k u wear this long blue and maroon anarkali dress

MANYATHA - wow uday it's so beautiful 

UDAY - I don't accept it

MANYATHA - wat?!!!! 

UDAY - not beautifull than my princess

MANYATHA - udayyy , she hugs him and kisses on his chest . 

UDAY - shall I kiss u back at da same place princessWink

 MANYATHA - chii udayy , besharam ho thum 

UDAY - agar mein besharam nahi hotha na , telling this he places his hand on her tummy and tells " agar mein besharam nahi hotha tho shayad junior yaha nahi aatha thumari stomach ke undhar "

 MANYATHA - she hits uday's chest and tells " ur jus impossible my HALKAT VEDA "

J. -  HA NAHI THO , she comes and tells it from behind.

MANYATHA - she pushes uday and tells " j wen did u come"

J  - wen uday became besharam Wink

MNAYATH - jjj 

J - jiji don worry I didn't c anything .

MANYATHA - k j that's k, she looks relieved . Uday excuses and leaves them .

J - so jiji r u guys making out ?Wink

UDAY - he comes to room to take his cell and hears j telling that and gets shocked and stays there to listen MANYTAHA's reply .now he is standing and hearing their conversation 

MANYATHA - j jus shut up , nothing like that 

J - don tell me jiji , oh god ur blushing . U both are jus impossible , look at u ... Wit this pointing at her stomach , ur making out 

MANYATHA - j now am gonna kill u 

J - k jiji now show me ur dress 

UDAY - he gets shocked and think " seriously girls r crazy, this j tho oh my god , he comes and takes his cell

J  - uday one minute 

UDAY - oh my god wat has she got to talk to me ...regarding make out or what , it didn't even happen and she is behind us

J - ur a Yuvraj , going out wit such shirt  aap ko shobha nahi detha

UDAY - he looks at his shirt , he finds MANYTAHA 's lipstick mark on his shirt n on d chest , he gets embarresed .

J - she excuses and leaves 

UDAY - he looks at manyatha and both burst out laughing.thank god princess if working staff or someone had seen it I would die out of embarrassment 

MANYATHA - that's true uday 



UDAY - divya control ur self and jus leave my shirt 

------------ ***********________________

DIVYA - manyatha I hate u , mera uday ko mujse cheerilya 

MANAYTAH - divya jus try to understand da situation , don make a fool out of u 

DIVYA -  shut up u bitch , u don have right on uday . He can't be urs . U don't have right to be mother of uday's child . I have right on uday , even I have right on da baby in ur womb ,it's mine...I'll take both of them from u ... She drags MANYTAH and trie to push her

MANYATHA - ahaaa 

            THANK YOU


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                           CHAPTER 6


UDAY - he gets ready and comes out of dressing room and tell " princess am ready , wat about ... He stops there and looks at manyatah awfully , she is looking dead gorgeous in her outfit . " princess Hume Marne ka iraada hai kya ? U look beautifull darling ...

MANYTAAH - she blushes n tells thank u, uday can u pls tie my doories , my hands can't reach

UDAY - my pleasure , always at ur service baby . He moves towards MANYTAH  and gets lost at her bare back , he unzips it and starts kissing her bare back .

MANYATHA - udayyy ,!!!  I told u to tie honey not to untie my zip 

UDAY - princess don disturb

MANYTAH - Achaa , she will turn around and say " stop ur romance and finish it off now , we hav to go down . Already we are late . I got MSG From unnathi . So pls " 

UDAY - wit a sad expression " k darling " . He ties her doories .  He takes her kaajal  from eye and puts it behind her ear and puts it near her stomach . Ab burii nazar nahi lagega hamaara princess aur hamaara Bacchae ko ...

MANYTAH - uday these days ur behaving differently , am pregnent and due to hormonal changes I should do that . This is reverse u started behaving like a typical dewaana

UDAY - main hoo Tera awara paagal dewaana , biwi ka gulaam

MANYTAH - uday !!!  Ur really too much . Now come v will go 

UDAY - k dear , both hand in hand walk down , all flashes started , all cameras started clicking . They reached down at da party . Both got busy wit their guests .

VIJAY - he announces that ds is coming down and they are happy for their recovery 

DS - she is coming down wit j , all flashes come out again , a great round of applaud is heard . All da press surround and ask many questions . Finally j and DS  answer them and reach party . All da raaj pariwar is greeting their guests and talking to them .

BRIJRAJ - he receives chopra's family . Now divya is in party wit her parents .

DIVYA - she searches for uday . She finds him talking to some guests . MANYTAH is standing beside him , uday was holding her by waist and both are smiling and talking to their guests . Now divya walks towards them 

UNNATHI - hi divya , how r u ? 

DIVYA - am great unnathi , Congrates  heard that ur engaged .

UNNATHI - thank u , he is my fiance vijay 

VIJAY - nice meeting u divya 

DIVYA - same wit me . Congrates . Now manveer come to divya and greet her .

MANVEER - hi divya , thanks for coming 

DIVYA - it's my pleasure . So how r u manyatha , is everything okay ? 

MANYATHA - ya am perfectly fine . She is my younger sister jai nandini .

DIVYA - nice to meet u princess jai nandini . J wishes her back .

J - uday uncle giriraj is calling u , some ministers have come . They wanna c u . And pls uday now don't take jiji wit u like a luggage . Only ur needed there.

VIJAY - haa uday banana nowadays ur not allowing our m bhai to stay wit us . Always keeping her with u . Pls can u leave her wit us for sometime 

UDAY - u people really act a lot ... K  princess am leaving , pls take care

MNAYTAH - I know , I won't go alone . Will b wit anyone of these 3 . Now Yuvraj ji pls go

UNNATHI - yes dada , v all are here

UDAY - k guys am leaving happy now , bye all of u 

EVERYONE - laugh looking at uday leaving 

VIJAY - I must say M bhai , the great Yuvraj udayveer sing ko joron ka gulaam banadiyya thum

MANYATHA - vijay Bai !!!

UNNATHI - seriously Bahabisa , that's true . Pls can u give me tips 

J - that's true unnathi u need it 

VIJAY - so bad u girls are plotting against me , making a puppy face .all laugh together . Ds is watching them from far and very happy to see her family like this . all her dreams came true . 

DIVYA - she was behind them wit her mother having a drink . Now she is steaming mad with anger . " this manyatha , I don't like this witch " 

BRIJRAJ - he announces for da dance . Now everyone goes to dance floor .vijay and unnathi , j and giriraj , brijraj and Komal go to dance floor.

UDAY - princess common lets go for a dance 

DIVYA - through out da party she is observing uday and MANYTAHA.

MANYATHA - uday do u think I'll be able to dance .  U go and enjoy , am fine here . I'll be spoilsport .

UDAY - common princess , u know I don dance wit other girls at least wen ur around . So pls . Make my day by dancing wit me .

MANYTAH - k , let us go .

UDAY AND MANYATHA - they are on dance floor now .

UADAY - princess stand on my foot 

MANYATHA - wat !!!

UDAY - common princess do it . Manyatha does as told by uday , she stands on his feet now . So princess do u think am gonna allow u to take stress , now jus dance wit me , u need not move ur legs .

MANYATHA - uday , ur so sweet I love u baby . Kithna Kayal rakhtha meri , am da luckiest girl in da world to have a husband like u .

UDAY - am lucky to have you darling . He carcasses her cheek while dancing . Looking at this divya is burning wit anger . 

UDAY and MANYATHA - now manyatha back is against uday's chest , still her feet on his shoes . Uday encircles his hands around her stomach and dance to da music deeply lost to each other . He starts rubbing his face to manytahs neck . 

DIVYA - looking at this she gulps down her drink at a single go

J - she is dancing beside manveer . Jiji ...uday ... U despo's stop public romancing 

UDAY - he comes back to his senses and takes his head away from manyatha .

 J - Uday  your really too much . Not in public at least 

MANAYH - j stop pulling uday's leg . Look at him , he is getting embarrased

J - jiji common  what did I do ? Infact U guys should thank me , that I saved u from media by stopping ur further proceedings . Anyways I have some work , leaving dance floor . Uday Phir se shuruu math honaWink

UDAY - nowadays don't u think this j is almost behind us like a hutch dog , princess

MANYATHA - udayyy , stop telling j like that .

UDAY - something should be done wit this j to keep her way from spying us 

MANYATHA - wat is going in ur mind uday ? 

UDAY - we will get her married soon , wat say ? 

MANYATHA - uday ur so mean . She is only 20 now ... So pls at least 4 years 

UDAY - oh my god princess 4 years !!!  Till then this devil will embarrass me like this only

MANYATHA - she is my sister , halkat don call her wit such names . U should learn to control ur self and stop doing things which lead to ur embarrassment , very simple .

UDAY - which I can never , he smiles . K baby it's more than 30 min ur standing . Come let us leave dance floor . U sit for some time . He leaves manyatha wit unnathi And leave to attend  and talk to some vip's  in da party .

UNNATHI - she meets her old friend and she is talking to her . MANYTAH is feeling uncomfortable as she needs to use washroom .

UDAY - he gets a call , he goes inside da mahal from da lawn as there is sound in da lawn as dance is going on . Divya follows him . He finishes attending his call and turns around . To his horror he finds divya totally drunk .

DIVYA. - uday I can't live without u , I still love u . She hugs him

UDAY - divya leave me .

DIVYA - y uday ur not liking it pls uday let me allow to stay like this 

UDAY - he pushes her . Divya pls stop creating nuescense and leave my way 

DIVYA - so my love looks like nuescense for u uday , she catches hold of his shirt and shouts how can he tell that .

UDAY - leave me divya , ur not in senses . Look at u , ur drunk 

MANYATHA - " y to disturb unnathi , I'll go to washroom and come in 5 min , she won even know " . MANYTAH enters mahal . She finds uday and divya there and All da scene.

DIVYA - I lost my senses because of u , uday I love u and I can't live without u pls uday 

UDAY - stop it divya , I only love MANYTAH . She is my love life , she is in my every breath . Try to understand it divya , now leave .

DIVYA - no u can't do this to me . Uday pls at least sleep wit me to night 

UDAY - divya Angry How can u stoop so low 

DIVYA - I can go to any extent in ur love

UDAY - he pushes her aside And starts leaving , to his surprise he finds manyatha there . Princess ur here 

DIVYA - she turns around , so mrs udayveer sing ,ur here . So as u have witnessed it let me tell u , am ur husbands ex girl friend .

MANYATHA - divya ur drunk , we will talk about it tomorrow 

 DIVYA - no MANYTAH am fine , I slept wit ur husband . U know he is not saint

MANYATHA - pls stop it divya , I know everything . Pls don try to tell something about uday . It was past so just let it be there . Am least bothered about it . I know my uday very well , so pls don try to tell me about him.

DIVYA - wow ur highness , so u know about it . Perfect wife supporting her husband acts . So as ur very broad minded now leave uday wit me to night . Hope u don mind it 

UDAY - he was about to raise hand on divya , MANYTAHA stops him

MANYATHA - uday wat is that ur doing!!? Pls stop it . She is drunk . Not in her senses . I'll talk to her u pls turn around

UADY - but princess

MNAYTAH - pls uday for my sake , he moves few steps away from them and turns around to control his anger .

DIVYA - wah amnyath what a Control u have over uday ??  Like a slave he is obeying u

MANYATHA - pls stop it divya , don make a fool out of ur self

DIVYA. - manyatha I hate u . You bitch I just hate u . U don't have right on uday's love . You don't have any rights on him . U don't even have right to be mother of udays child . Only I hav right on him . Also I have right on da baby in your womb . Both uday and da baby are mine .I have right on  Anything that belongs to uday , so da uday's baby in ur stomach is also mine . I'll take both of them from u 

UDAY - . Uday had enough ..he is few steps away from them , he is about to turn around to take  away manyatha from there

DIVYA - saying all that she drags manyatha wit her hand and pushes her onto da floor

UDAY - princess !!!

MANYATHA - she is about to fall and stopped from falling by a pair of HANDS.

GEETHA CHOPRA - beta are u fine ,she asks holding manyatha .

UDAY - he rushes to manyatha and hugs her , princess R u ok 

MANYATHA -she holds her stomach and breaths out and tell that she is fine 

UDAY - he goes to divya and slaps hard " u bitch how dare u to touch my wife , am gonna kill u now you bloody ...******* 

MANAYTH - pls uday ...pls ...she holds uday's hands 

UDAY - princess leave me I'll see her end , how dare she is to touch u

GEETHA - pls I apologise on behalf of my daughter , she bends on her knees and apologizes

MANYTAH - pls uday stay quietly for some time . She shouts for guards . It's ok aunty pls get up . Take her away from here now .

GEETAH - thank u 

GUARDS - ji yuvrani sa
MANYATHA - guards help this lady to take that girl and drop them at their place and come

UNNATHI AND VIJAY - they both come inside 

UNNATHI - she understands looking at drunk divya leaving . Also looks at angry uday , " I think something happened "

UDAY - are u ok princess , he hugs her tightly

UNNATHI - dada leave her , she is getting crushed by u

UDAY - sorry princess

MANYATHA - am perfectly fine uday . Pls forget it now .let us go outside and attend da party . Pls we Re royals . We are not supposed to look after our personal issues . Pls let us go . Vijay bhai pls take uday 

UDAY - but princess

MNAYTAH - uday am wit unnathi , will go up and come . Pls don worry see how good am . Perfectly fine . Pls u go and attend guests .ill be back to da party in 15 min . 

UDAY - unnathi take care of her . Bye 

MANYATHA - unnathi and MANYTAH go to teir room . MANYTAH uses washroom and comes out . Unnathi gives her some water to drink and make her sit comfortably .

UNNATHI - wat happened manyatha ? 

MANYTAH - she narrates da whole incident

UNNATHI - my god Mnaytha r u ok ... Do u have Any pain , shall I call doc uncle

MANYTAH - am perfectly fine unnathi . Both go down to da party .


UNNATHI - in order to cheer them up . So dada do u 
Iike a baby boy or a girl

UDAY - anyone is ok , a boy or a girl ... After all  my junior it is

J - wat about u jiji ? 

MANYATHA - she thinks for 2 min . Everyone looks at her . Even uday looks at her .

MANYATHA - I think a boy ... Am sure a boy 

VIJAY - who looks like uday right ? 

MANYATHA - no !! He should look like me after all am his mother . Am carrying him , not uday .

EVERYONE - they laugh at MANYTAHAs statement 

J - jiji ur really naughty 



UDAY - Princess so u like Baby boy ? Nice  interesting ..

MANYTAH - yes I would love to 

UDAY - if it's not a boy then

MANATH - really uday , then it's k

UDAY - I can help u again

MANYATHA - how will u help me if a girl is born

UDAY - simple ,I'll give u chance for  2 nd baby Wink

MANYATHA - oh my god uday . I don have patience . Not so soon

UDAY  - he hugs her and makes her to sit on his lap and tell  "  I was kidding jaan , not so soon . 4 years to go for 2nd child "

MANYATHA - uday !!!? U already have future plans in ur mind . 

UDAY - am Yuvraj udayveer sing hai princess , I'll hav all pre planned . I have clear idea about our future . I create my fate . He opens her zip , slips down her dress down da shoulder and starts leaving wet kisses across her bare shoulders . MANYTAHA is shivering .

MANYTAH - uday I have a Doubt 

UDAY - am listening , carry on chweetu 

MANYATHA - wat if da 2nd child is also a baby girl? 

UDAY - simple . 3rd n 4 th child

MNAYATH - uday !!! Muje marwane ka iraada hai kya . 

UDAY - nahi cricket team bananeke liye plan kar raha hu Wink

MNAYATH - she gets a call from brijraj and she picks it up . She is speaking to him suddenly uday gives a love bite and she screams out , 

BRIJRAJ - wat happened beta ? R u ok

MANYATHA - am fine dad I'll be down in 5 min wit uday 

UDAY - sorry baby 

MANAYATH - uday u always do this . Now leave it , dad called us to speak , let us go down.

UDAY - he kisses her bare back and closes da zip . Manyatha gets up from his lap and both go down .

BRIJRAJ - uday and manyatha I got to know everything from unnathi regarding that divya CHOPRA , so manyatha I'll handle da deal wit CHOPRA . J will assist me

GIRIRAJ - manyatha beta , u unnathi and vijay will handle riyasath matters. Ur going to work only for few days  beta .

MANYATHA - she tells ok to both giriraj and brijraj

DS - so everyone pack ur luggage and get ready for jaigad tomorrow . We will start in da morning .

UDAY - jee ds , I have arranged all da security . Everything is done . 

GIRIRAJ - we are gonna stay 4 days aft Pooja . Unnathi will become bride there , haldi rasam will be done there . After that for sangeeth we will return to Bombay to jaigad palace .

EVERYONE - all are happy to hear it and goes to Thier rooms to pack luggage . Unnathi and vijay are so happy after hearing it.

MANYATHA - unnathi and j I think today we have an appointment for dress trials , so shall we 

J AND UNNATHI - surely , we are ready .

UDAY and VIJAY -  we are also coming wit u girls

J - k extra packages u guys can

UDAY - jai nandini ji , for ur kind information we too have our trials today 

MANYATHA - k don waste time now , let us go .


UDAY - princess what happened , r u ok y did u wake up ?

MANYATHA - am fine . I feel like eating kulfii uday 

UDAY - he smiles and thinks " pregnancy cravings started as I read in that book "

MANYATHA - halkat Veda , reply me . Where have u lost 

UDAY - ur wish is my command princess , come let us go out . 

MANYATHA - she thanks uday . They both go out . Both are in THIER night wears . Both wear tracks and T shirts .

UDAY - he takes to ice cream parlor and gets her a kulfi . She smiles and takes it . Now they both go back home .

MANYATHA - uday I don feel like sleeping now , pls entertain me .

UDAY - princess !!! Now wat should I do ? Confused

MANYATHA - u need not do anything , we will watch a movie k 

UDAY - k baby as u wish , here are da cd's ... Select it

MANYATHA - she selects and both start watching movie .

UDAY - he sits  in his bed wit his legs stretched wide and MANYTAH sits between his legs stretching her legs and leaning on uday's chest . Uday wraps his hands around her stomach and feels his baby. Both are watching movie in this position .

MANYATHA - while watching movie she falls asleep . Uday offs da tv . 

UDAY - he makes her lie on da bed and he lies beside her putting his hands around her waist . He kisses her on her tummy and gives a peck on her lips and both fall asleep .


In morning news paper headlines " Yuvraj udayveer sing and yuvrani MANYTAH at midnight , at icecream parlor . Yuvraj udayveer sing fulfilling his wife pregnancy cravings , apart from a successfully business man and an efficient Yuvraj , he is also a good and loving husband . Hope everyone gets a husband like him " . At da end their pic is printed . Both were in THIER night dresses . Down that there is a caption in da paper " ROYALS IN NIGHT WEARS , CAUGHT" 






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            CHAPTER  7


KOMAL - so manyatha beta , did u like ur kulfi ? 

MANAYTH - she is shocked , mom how did u know ? 

VIJAY - whole city knows it

UDAY - wat !!?

BRIJRAJ - he passes da news paper to uday 

UDAY AND MANYTAHA - they look at paper , it written " Yuvraj udayveer and yuvrani manyatha in da midnight at ice cream parlor . Yuvraj sa is fulfilling his pregnent wife's cravings . Apart from being a successfull business man and an efficient Yuvraj he is also a loving and caring husband , hope everyone gets a husband like him ." down that their photo in the night dresses is printed , down that wit caption " ROYALS CAUGHT IN THEIR NIGHT WEARS " 

           Both uday and manyatha look at each other and smile .

DS - so is everything ready ram Singh 

RAM SING - jee raaj MATHA 


UDAY - opens car door  for manyatha 

MANYATHA - uday , seat is changed . A new one 

UDAY - yes princess  , this is specially designed for da comfort of pregnent women . So I got it changed yesterday .since its a long journey.

MANYATAH -  so sweet of u uday Smile  They both in a car start to jaigad .


DS - am happy to see everyone like this beta . But I think u all should go and sleep now as tomorrow will be a hectic day for u all . Morning there will be a Pooja and all da people will come to meet . 

BRIJRAJ AND GIRIRAJ - maa sahib is right , so children now pls go to ur rooms 

KOMAL - manyatha beta , I'll come and get u ready in da morning . 

MANYATHA - k mom . Uday and manyatha both leave to THIER rooms . Everyone leaves .

UDAY - manveer wake up in da morning . Uday kisses MANYTAH on da cheeks " good morning princess , good morning junior , how how Is  ur first day in ur riyasath beta " 

MNAYATH - baby feels very good uday .  Baby slept so well in jaigad 

UDAY - after all  it's our home place . 

KOMAL - manyatha beta ... She knocks 

UDAY - k manyatha u get ready , I'll be in another room . I'll get ready and come . He kisses on her tummy and tell " junior  now ur gonna spend for 3 more days in ur riyasath , all will come to meet u now ... Don't forget to tell hi to everyone .. I think I should leave ,ur   Naani sahib  is waiting  outside ..I'll miss u n mamma " 

MANYTH - uday now go , mom is waiting . U both can talk later 

KOMAL - she comes and gets MANAYTH ready .

MANAYTH - she wears a lemon yellow Lenga wit a lavender pallu and baby pink blouse . She looks outstanding like a new bride .

UDAY - he enters da room and looks at his wife awfully . " she is looking like a Greek goddess " 

KOMAL - ur looking beautiful beta , she keeps kaajal behind her ear , moves pallu near her tummy and keep kaajal there also .SHE LEAVES . uday and manyatha come down in 10 min 

UDAY - princess u look great in this outfit . He hugs her from behind and kiss on her jawline . K honey now take this juice 

MANAYTH - uday not now , morning morning I don feel like drinking 

UDAY - no darling u have to , Pooja will go for 2 hours . So have this now . Look at my baby , he is hungry 

MNAYTH - really udayyy !!

UDAY - ya baby said me jus now , baby wants to drink orange juice . I think u should obey da future jaigad's heir . Don't u ? 

MANAYATH - aaj kal thum bohuth nakre karne lage uday . K I'll , she takes glass and drinks juice .


UDAY  - all da elders if u don't mind a small request 

ELDER - haa beta pls tell it 

UDAY - pls , MANAYTH and ill sit on da floor . Can u pls all come in a line to us so that manyatha can touch ur feet and take blessings . If she stands and bends I think it's gonna b difficult for her .

MANYATHA - she pinches uday . " uday wat r u doing , stop it . Now don embarras me "

ELDERS - they all laugh together . We know beta . We will do it , after all we don like our beti to take trouble of bending 

UNNATHI - dada !!!

J  - oh my god uday , ur a pakka pathi material .

VIJAY - u hardcore lover boy ... 

MANAYTH AND UDAY - they both take blessings from elders And rajpurohith


UDAY - he comes wit a plate there . 

MANYATHA - what is this uday ? Am not hungry now , after some time .

UDAY - it's time princess  , it's been 5 hours since u dint eat anything 

VIJAY - yes m bhai , I think my neice must be  hungry . Pls eat 

MNAYATH - pls now everyone stop drama . I'll eat . She starts eating . Uday is feeding her .

J - uday even am hungry , feed me also 

UDAY - he takes da spoon and feeds her few spoons . He also feeds unnathi .

VIJAY - uday banana  , pls I'll feed unnathi . Ur feeding all da girls 

EVERYONE - they laugh at vijay , unnathi blushes 

MANYTH - unnathi is now vijay bhai ka responsibility hai. Uday 

UDAY - pls vijay banana , u carry on 

VIJAY - he feeds unnathi 

KOMAL - she comes and takes plate from uday and feeds j 

MANYATHA - daal falls on her pallu , so she will be going up wit a maid to change it .

UDAY - he will come and send away da maid . Princess am here to do it 

MANAYTH - uday be careful , see that my MEHINDI doesn't get spoiled

UDAY - k ur highness . He removes her pallu , MANAYTH blushes and turns the other side 

MANAYTH - uday in that cubboard there is a pink pallu , get it 

UDAY - princess now turn this side so that I can put it . I have Already seen everything , so no point of feeling shy in front of me . I know all ur body details babyWink

MNAYATH - chi uday 

UDAY - he comes and drapes that pallu . He tugs da end of da cloth at her waistline . He leaves da cloth , take her face into his hands and kiss her eyes , forehead . Slowly he touches his lips wit her lips And ends it wit a passionate kiss . He rubs his face across her jawline And places few wet kisses across her jawline and  neck . he kisses her shoulder  and starts sucking her top part of da breast near cleavage .

MNAAYTH - she lost her self to uday and moaning in pleasure 

UDAY - he turns her around And kisses her back and slips down da blouse down her shoulders And gives her love bytes . 

MANAYTH - her phone rings . " yes mom , I came to change will be down soon . Am not alone , uday is wit me . K we both are coming .

UDAY - he pins her pallu and gives a peck on her lips 

MNAYATH - uday and manyatha both go down 

 J - she encircles uday and manyatha wit evil smile and tell " so we're did u both guys go , now wat is tht near ur neck MANAYTAH jiji " 

UNNATHI - she starts giggling , MANAYTH excuses And leaves . 

UDAY - he takes his phone and does something as if he is busy and will b about to leave 

J - ithni Jaldi kya hai jiju , uupar kya hua . Bathado na Yuvraj Ji 

UDAY - pls j I have to go , maharaj prithvi is waiting for me . Telling this he rushes out . " this j is literally behind us these days , I should call Jagath . So that she stops eying on us And concentrates on Jagath " 


J - she dances on da song RADHA TERI from " ishq wal love " movie . She dances on this song wit uday Jagath and vijay . J mingles wit Jagath very nicely now .



UDAY - he comes and pushes vijay And keeps his hand And senses da baby kick and smiles and feels happy and hugs MANAYTH 

J - that means jiji baby is also dancing for his Maama and bhua's SANGEETH 

UNNATHI -  HA NAHI THO !!!!  Everyone surround MANAYATH and keep hands and sense baby kicks 

UDAY. - guys pls stop surrounding her , let her breath . He pushes all away 

EVERYONE - udayyy!!!!!!Angry

DS - she feels very happy looking at her happy family like this . Komal I have selected a right guy for manyatha .

KOMAL - jee maa sahib both love each other a lot .

DS - I know uday is born to rule . He is a great Yuvraj and one day he becomes a good king also . I know his efficiency , a successfull young businessman . Responsible person . I never thought he would prove himself as such a loving and caring husband . I must say he is a great lover . In his every heart beat he has manAyth , I can see it in his eyes .

KOMAL - we are lucky to have him as our son in law , they are made for each other .

DS - wo dhono ek doosre se behindha mohabbath karthe hai


UDAY - princess u look like. Bride today , u look gorgeous .

MANYATHA - she blushes 

UDAY  - so ready for first wedding night todayWink

MANAYTAH - ahaaa Shocked

UDAY - now close ur mouth I was jus kidding Barbie doll . He comes near manyatha stands behind her and puts his hands around her tummy and his chin on her shoulders 

MANYATHA - uday what r u doing !!? We r in MANDAP , everyone is looking at  us pls leave me 

UDAY - let them , I don bother . Am wit my wife not wit neighbors wife so y should I leave ?? 

MANYATHA - slowly she will escape from uday's arms And go and stand between j and Komal .

    THE Marrige ends . Now it's bidaii time . Unnathi cries And hugs MANAYTH , UADY and giriraj and wave them bye and leave to devgad palace . THIER they welcome newly married couple and all da post marital rasam's and rituals Are done .

      Next day unnathi makes keer , first time in her sasuraal . Everyone is present at at da dining table . Giriraj ,mAnyath and uday also come that morning and  are present there .all gives her shagoon.

DS. - she gives unnathi a necklace and vijay an envelope . 

VIJAY - he opens envelope . Tickes for Australia fora month . He thanks ds .


UDAY - he catches cold . " princess stay away from me . Or else u will catch cold " 

MANAYTH - that's k uday if I stand at this distance nothing will happen .

UDAY - u go and sleep to night wit aunty Komal . I have severe cold 

MANAYTH - no ways uday , I'll be in this room wit u

UDAY - it's contagious , virus spreads 

MANYTH - silly , after all it's cold . Don't behave so 

KOMAL - UADY is right betA , u can't risk to get cold in pregnancy . U can't take medicine and will become difficult for u . Come wit me 

MANAYTH - mom uday has severe cold , who will look after him

UDAY  - princess I took medicine , I'll be fine by  tomorrow . Am not a kid I can manage .

KOMAL AND MANAYATH - they go to komals room and sleep . MANYTAH feels restless and gets up in da midnight and goes to uday's room .

UDAY - he is sleeping 

MNAYATH - she touches and checks out uday's temperature . He has a light fever . Soon MANAYTH goes and gets tablet and a glass of hot milk to uday .

UDAY - he gets up listening to da plate sound and finds MNAYATH wit a tray . Princess !!!  Wat r u doing here , he switches on light 

MNAYTH - jus don talk for a while uday . Do what I say . Take this tablet , he takes it . Now drink this milk uday . He drinks . Idiot u have fever , u told u can manage and c ur so careless .

UDAY - he smiles . But how did u know princess?

MANYATH - ur in my every heart beat uday , I can sense it .so I came here .

UDAY - wit tears in his eyes he hugs MANAYTH and tells " I love u "   Suddenly he moves away . " princess stay away from me , I have even fever now " now I even took tablet pls go now princess

MNAYATH - I wanna stay back uday 

UDAY - princess pls I don want my junior to suffer . Pls try to understand . Plsss

MANAYTH - k . She leaves

UDAY - next day uday becomes perfectly fine .


UDAY AND MANYATH - they go for check up . They go for sonography . Now they can c THIER baby legs and hands and face , a fully formed baby on da screen . Manveer have tears in THIER eyes .

UDAY - princess only 2 months to go , my baby is coming . " I have seen some videos of this delivery , donno how my princess is gonna face it . She should undergo a hell lot of pain for our baby . Am so worried , I should find out from doctor if there is any painless technique " 

MANYTAH - UADY were r u lost ?

UDAY - nothing princess , he kisses her on forehead and both leave to jaigad palace . Now Komal and j are staying at jaigad palace  since  MANAYTH is in her last months of pregnancy . Sometimes they even stay at devgad palace all together . It depends .



UDAY - he comes home from meeting . " hi my small baby wat r u doing ? Next week ur coming out my junior , papa is so happy " 

MANAYTH - she is lost some where 

UDAY - what happend MANAYTAH ? Ur looking dull . He checks her temperature . R u ok baby ? 

MANYATH -  chill down , am fine . Am scared 

UDAY - y princess !!?

MANYATH - uday will it pain a lot 

UDAY - his expression changes " even Am scared about it princess , am happy that baby is coming , at da same time Am worried About da process . Am getting tensed "

MANAYTH. - she becomes dull 

UDAY  - " what r u doing uday ? Ur scaring her . U should be her strength .am not supposed to scare her . I should act strong ". Don worry princess , am with u . I'll see that u don undergo much pain

MNAAYTH - so r u going to push out baby for ur self udayy 

UDAY - wat !!!!!?

MANAYTH - then uday u can't help me , how can u 

J - u can get a help jiji 

MANAYTH - oh j wen did u come ? ...pls sit 

UADY - what is that ur telling , b clear j

J - am telling it uday , doctor told me that nowadays they are doing painless delivery . They have. Injection called epidural . Which makes da lower part numb , so jiji no pain .

MANVEER - thank u j , u saved us .

J - thanks for da technology not me jiji  and uday . But one thing u should remember , u should immediately go to hospital n take that aft u start off wit pains , if it's late that injection doesn't have effect .


UDAY - the following 5 days uday is always wit MANAYTH and enquiring if she has Any pain .

MANAYTH - uday pls now ur irritating me , if I have a pain I'll let u know . Pls .some minister has come to meet u , pls go down 

UNNATHI - dada I'll stay wit her 

UDAY - k take care 

MNAAYTH - as soon as uday leaves she has some wierd feeling in her stomach , it doesn't even pain . " I need not tell unnathi now , it's not even paining . I think it's morning sickness as usual " 

UNNATHI - Bahabisa r u ok , ur uncomfortable . Moving here and ther e

MANAYTH - now suddenly she feels pain in her stomach and screams out ahaaa

UNNATHI - oh my god I think ur in labour , she calls out servants for help and informs at hospital

MANAYTH - now da pains started increasing , she shouts udayy  out of pain.

UDAY - he is down in da office . He listens da scream and rushes . All da files fall from his lap . people there stare at him .

ASSISTANT - pls the meeting will be continued later 

UDAY -  he starts running toward da bedroom , he finds servants running here and there . Maid informs that yuvrani is in labour pain. He reaches room and looks at MANYATH

MANAYTH - she holds her stomach and screams in pain , unnathi is beside her .

UDAY - princess breath in and out as da doctor said , he takes her in arms and goes down . Baby don worry u will be fine . Jus bear it for 10 min 

MANAYTH - ahaaa uday it's hurting , wit tears flowing out of her eyes

UNNATHI - dada her water broke . God jus rush dada 

UDAY - he finds his shirt and pant wet now as her water broke .He is sweating and worried like hell now . He couldn't see his princess in pain . He got tears in his eyes

MANAYTH - looking at uday she will control her self from screaming . She controls a lot , holds uday shirt And clutches it hard due to pain .

UDAY - now uday can feel her pain , he knows that she is not expressing it . Da way she clutched his shirt ,he can feel her pain .

DOCTOR - he comes  and gives injection . Epidural for painless delivery . Just 5 min yuvrani ji u will b out of pain 

UDAY - pls make it soon doctor 

MANAYTH - after 10 min , she smiles I don have pain now uday 

UDAY - he looks relieved , uday accompanies MANYATH into da operation theatre for her delivery .

MNAAYH - she holds uday hands tightly 

J - seeing MAnyaths pain and screaming she  faints there 

UDAY - princess !!! Do u have Any pain now 

MANAYTH - no UADY I don't , a little but it's negligable 

DOCTOR - baby is on da way Yuvraj ji 


 Manveer baby comes into this world



                               THANK YOU .


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