Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Insecurities make him real, human...

munnihyderabad Cool Viewbie

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 10:36am | IP Logged
hello ji Hug

.. another offbeat topic, well out of my comfort zone...lets see how it goes ...

Viren's is one of those PERFECTLY PERFECT characters on TV .. there was not a bit of human flaws in his character... but today his first pangs of insecurity showed the human side of him... which i am glad to see, these insecurities make his character real and human ,. had he not displayed these pangs of insecurities .. then i would be Shocked

-aaahh now Swamini bua showers all her love on her own son  Karan...poor Viren..??
-Vanshika mom's life and her priorities are Virat. she never cared for Viren? huh really 
-Swamini bua, now that she has got her own son, she is no more concerned or cares for  Viren?
-poor Viren .. is desolate with no one to love him or support him?? he will feel terrible 
-Is Swamini bua wrong on showing her love for Karan, who is her blood and whom she is seeing for the first time ever..?
-Is Swamini bua to be blamed for Viren's insecurity ..

these are some statements which need to be discussed or written about 

- so here i go on with my ramble ..


Swamini Bua, Viren, Vanshika Mom:

What we have witnessed in Viren, in the mandir,  is just a fleeting emotion of disappointment and taken back .. may be first pangs of insecurity ... which is common, as it happens in every relation where a third person enters.. Vanshika mom displayed the same emotion when she saw Virat skipping his gym for Maanvi..SB initially had the same pangs of insecurity .,, when Jeevika came in Viren's life.. the only difference is that time it was mom, a woman, who was going through the phase of insecurity and the lead pairs are happily married ... 

I wonder, why we care naught  for the mother who goes through this phase when her son is married.. why every insecurity of hers is deemed as jealousy and envy..why should people say that she does not like her bahu,, why people complain that she might meddle with her her son and his wife... and simply  call her a TV serial saas and what not... 

but when a son, a lead character  is going through the pangs of insecurity,because of a third person invading between him and his mom .. that worries people to no end... just because the male lead is sidelined or he is hurt and that he is going through insecurity because of an addition to a relation ..I know women are emotionally much more stronger than men, but that doesn't mean we should label these women and moms as  jealous and envious and label the male lead as ohh poor boy..

If we are worried and  concerned for Viren .. then where is the same concern,.. for Vanshika mom and SB back then.. I have seen people saying Vashika mom is jealous.. If the first pangs of insecurity mean jealousy .. should we call Viren jealous... - HELL ..  i trash this whole idea of how each relation in the show is scrutinized in a different angle ... all three SB., Vanshika, VIren .. passed or passing through the same phase,.,,why special sympathy for Viren .. because he is the lead - huh .. really ,,

Why should we be delusional in analyzing and sympathizing with Viren and antagonizing SB and Vanshika mom . Why can't we be open to see their insecurities as well... this brings the point that .. we take women especially moms on TV are taken for granted ..oh now she has got a bahu,.. she will be jealous of her :( sad but true)... and obviously this is the first time we have seen a SON being shown as insecure .. so it is a bit tough to accept .. 

and then does SB showering more love and adoration on Karan, mean her love for Viren is subsided.. and if it is .. then that is not a mom's love.. when Maanvi was Married to Virat .. Virat made extra efforts and took a bit extra time to be with Maanvi .. does that mean he does not love Vanshika mom or his love for Vanshika mom subsided after his marriage .. then forget it .same here.. Karan's entry will make Viren insecure.. which is very very very natural and human, and had they not shown those fleeting emotions of insecurity .. then I would have surely used Rapunzel's fry pan to smack my head,... 

. SB loves Viren as much as she used to before.. now that she has got her son .. has she no right to shower her love on karan ' is this not what  Viren and Virat did for Jeevika and Maanvi .. 


Viren and Swamini Bua: 

SB's love, her affection, her admiration, her concern and her worry have come a long way since the start.. and so is Viren's love, concern, respect and admiration for SB - this relation is something to cherish with all our hearts..because this is not a relation of blood.. it is just the relation of hearts. of love and of affection .. which is why SB and Viren relation will always be special to watch and read about...

now i will write about SBs statement with Vanshika mom :

she said.. "had it been her own blood . he would never doubt her" we remember SB's dialogue.. that she always was yearning for her own son .. does that simple line hold such a huge meaning to it...i guess not..

When emotions are high, . people utter those words which hurt others ... Viren said the same thing to SB in the mandap.. he was emotional and he said those words, he doubted SB..  which he should never have done...and what SB said to Vanshika maa was also in emotional state which should not have been said..but we loose the control on words when emotions are comes to the fore.. now SB and Viren have sorted out their issues .. . they are back.. i don';t think any of those statement are valid here..and the words of  those who are close to heart will inflict you deeper... same happened here.. and that definitely does not mean SB never cared for Viren or she yearned for her own son. 

and going forward If at all she has to choose between either of them in future. that is when a mother has to be well above the blood relation and stuff and think who is RIGHT and who is WRONG ,., and make a fair and unbiased decision  between both her kids..,.lets see how it goes on from here...

Viren will eventually accept Karan and SB relation .. just like SB and Vanshika mom accepted Jeevika and Maanvi.. here it is not about the life partner...it is about a mom ..  you don't let anyone come between you and your spouse..but you cannot stop someone from coming between your mom and you .. Viren will accept and so will SB .,. that is all about relations.. SB will have to go through the dharam sankat .. in this. she will have to face the worst if she had to make a choice of one son over the other.. 


VIREN and his insecurities:

In the end, Viren will accept and accommodate a new relation between him and his badi maa..he will soon enough get over his initial  pangs of insecurity .. he handled himself very well when M was J's top priority .. he gracefully accepted their relation .. he accommodated Maanvi in their relation.. he himself let M come in their life.. with J's whole attention on M...he never complained about it.. . and now i am sure with a little bit of turmoil and  fight within himself.. he will be well over it ,, as this is life.. you can't run away from relation.. you have to accept them and accommodate them  in your life and I am sure Viren will be do that gracefully 

so this was about three points

- SB, Viren, Vanshika mom - why are we different to the insecurities of the ladies and that of Viren..
- SB-Viren -not the biological mom-son relation .. it is a relation of hearts through love, trust and affection... will go through the test of fire
- Viren's character.. how he has to handle himself...

p.s:  sense or fry pans... ?? really pata nahin .. the topic is not what i am used to write 

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munnihyderabad Cool Viewbie

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
posted  :)  leave your likes and comments 

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js1234 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 2:18pm | IP Logged
pata nahi kaise kar lete hai aap!!!

Another spot on post!  I havent watched any episodes this week yet but will catch up soon.  

lets see how they handle if the situation when SB has choose one over the other (which from reading the posts) most likely be sooner rather than later.

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ohsehun. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 3:31pm | IP Logged
res- di, will comment soon, as in tommorow, got to go now...

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..Gowri.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 6:17pm | IP Logged

**Standing Ovation**  Its absolutely Wonderful dii..!


I jus loved the way you brought this gender issue forward. Wen female's exhibit insecurity, they are jealous.. But wen men think on similar lines, people sympathise with him..Doesnt look good in a world thinking of Women empowerment! Even the Nayi Soch seems no different.. Bahu's plotting against each other, Saas disliking the Bahu's..God.. For me, Tulsi & Parvati belonged to a completely different Era. But EHM is a an exception to such time tested tracks. Its perfectly normal to feel insecure wen a third person invades our comfort zone, & wats different in EHM is that they've portrayed the raw feeling as it is..No Saas wud ever think of keeping grudge against the new bahu jus because her son wants to spend time with her.. Vanshika felt a tinge of pain at the moment but she forgot abt it, the very next moment! Its how emotions work.. in the normal scenario..!

On the Viren SB relation, errmm.. The beauty of the relation is that, that they dont hav the Khoon connecting them, yet they feel at ease,at home with each other.. Thats wat makes the bond deeper..Viren may not hav lived in SB's womb fr 9 months, but he has found shelter in her lap fr 28 years.. I guess thats reason enough to think that no one, not even SB's own son can act as a barrier between Krishna & Yashoda..!


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munnihyderabad Cool Viewbie

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 7:09pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by js1234

pata nahi kaise kar lete hai aap!!!

Another spot on post!  I havent watched any episodes this week yet but will catch up soon.  

lets see how they handle if the situation when SB has choose one over the other (which from reading the posts) most likely be sooner rather than later.

thank you jigna,, even before i realize.. it becomes long .. yeah waiting to see how it pans out 

Viren's insecurities and will swamini bua balance her relation between her 2 sons is to be waited for

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lekharani_2k Senior Member

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 12:09am | IP Logged
First let me congratulate u on ur post its really awesome till now i am thinking that u r an virman fan after reading ur post  my decision abt u has changed u r not am virman fan or jeemam fan or other someone fan but  u r an truly ehhmbhian fan usually we watch the serials just like that but i ur case i thought we will watch it with critic manner excellebt yaar i am not getting any words to describe ur skills keep it up and god bless u yaar 

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preetivr Goldie

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 3:32am | IP Logged
dont care how others have taken it, but unlike typical saas bahu dramas what i have liked about ehmmbh is those phases of insecurities.
the best being viren swamini bua. Right from the card game on the occasion of diwali till jeevika leaving the house , there has been a transit gradual yet definite with viren moving away from sb, her well aware of it yet accepting it in the most mature way.
one simple yet beautiful scene was when jeevika apologises on behalf of viren on virat manvi issue, late viren joining i nand telling swamini ji' thats she wil always have the special place in his life. It was worth watching sb's reaction ('oh like i dont know what)
well vanshikas bit was too short so didnt connect with it.
ya i agree if he could stand manvi in his life , he will get through this phase. meanwhile am enjoying watching it.
but what really bothers me is, if he finds the truth of karan to the contrary of what sb believes, will he come out to tell sb the same , knowing very well that it will shatter her

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