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16/11:Dragon Club : The silence of truth (Page 24)

saf24 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 9:09pm | IP Logged

When someone loves you they don't have to say it, you can tell by the way they treat you.

Yash has never been outright in telling Aarti that he loves her but his actions convey that message to her as seen in the way he tries to change his relationship with the Dubeys by becoming their son rather than son in law and asking them to come live with them at Scindia mansion. He respects and admires the relationship between his wife and them and understands their loneliness as it reflects in the love they shower on Ansh and so to ease that pain he makes them an offer that they refuse citing that it would be inappropriate to live at their daughter's house. He then takes their leave with his wife and son in tow, stating that he will take care of Ansh, who is due for a vaccination.

When they arrive at home and are greeted with taunts by Bua, he does not run away as he has done in the past. Instead he stands by her side and listens with a slight disapproval at all that was being said to her. When they get to their room, he comes with the news of Ansh's appointment for the next day but she is too lost in her own thoughts that she does not realise his presence until his gentle tap on her shoulder brings her back to reality and she holds her head making it seem as though she is not feeling well so he asks her to change and rest. He can sense something is bothering her but she is not willing to share it with him so he goes to change but before doing so, he observes her struggling with the clasp on her necklace and his feet automatically start moving in her direction until he reaches her and assists in getting the clasp open much to her shock and also showing how much more comfortable they are around each other. After taking off the necklace, he does not just stop there, he sits on the bed, places it in her hand with his over hers and again attempts to get her to open up to him by saying that burdens are usually lighter when they are shared and no problem is too big for both of them if it handled together.


Problems cannot be solved with the same thinking that was used to create them.

Aarti is once again standing at crossroads in her life where she doesn't know where to go. On one hand she has to think of the Dubeys who are the root cause of this problem and on the other hand there is her husband who wants to be her main support system but fear of his reaction to her truth is keeping her back. She wishes to tell him her troubles but is scared knowing how much he trusts her  and this fear is overtaking her so much that she realises the need to be normal around him so that he can't pick up on it. The Dubeys however are not making it an easy task for her as their words keep ringing in her mind and they even call her to confirm that she is bringing Ansh to the hospital for the bone marrow transplant.

People only rain on your parade because they are jealous of your sun and tired of their shade.

This statement is typical of Bua, who pounces on Aarti as soon as she arrives for leaving to go to the Dubeys house during KC celebrations at the Scindia's. The good thing with this scene was the fact that Bua chose to send Ansh to Palak and Payal before she has her say. She even tells Aarti she felt ashamed but SP interrupts saying that she did not look ashamed and she should leave this talk to Gayatri, who will make Aarti understand. This reprimand does not stop her as she makes another attempt at separating Yash and Aarti by asking Yash why he was not going to court with Pankaj and Prateek, when he was one of the main persons to get Paridhi out of jail. Yash politely tells  her that he needs to take Ansh to the hospital for his vaccination but Bua does not like that and tells him that Aarti is capable of doing that on her own, causing Yash to give in.



  •          The Aarti-Ansh scene towards the end was really cute.


Looking forward to next week's episodes.


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Deepti1808 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 9:23pm | IP Logged
hi everyone. was forced to stay away from dc by forces beyond my control.
great week in pvland story poised nicely for some high drama.
my only complain why did they not use ankhon ki gustakiyaan bg in monday's episode.
plus why does yash get sidetracked so easily?
aarti was trying to tell him a secret and pari thing happened then aarti escaped nicely by not promising during the kc thing.
for the sake of drama they r making his character so dumb that's a shame.

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InduG64 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 10:06pm | IP Logged
Good morning All!!

@Zet: Hi there pal!! Thanks...Yup, crazy as it goes...Had a late night...and it's been an unusually busy morning. You go and have a great weekend...Lots of hugs flying your way...Hug

Watched the episode just awhile back. Thank God it was only a filler and no cliff hanger...Actually that's an insult to Dubeyji, who was seen threatening to go to Yash in the precap...as if such empty threats will put fear of Gods in the audience. We all know he won't do any such thing...at the most he might waylay Ansh and Grandkidnap him out of frustration.Ermm

@All: Aarti's reactions through the episode were very revealing. There was a battle waging inside her...between the right and the wrong, between duty and trust, between concealing and disclosing. One thing was clear in the beginning itself...Aarti had started to mentally withdraw from the Dubeys. It was clear she was displeased with their manipulative behavior howsoever desperate they were. Even Yash was taken by surprise at her curt response to the Dubeys when he invited them for a stay over. This reaction of Aarti is a throwback from the postmarriage days when she didn't go for pug pheras and didn't contact the Dubeys because she was upset with them about the deception. At home all the flashbacks had her contemplating over both sides...Shobha's impractically emotional pleas and Yash's repeated words on trust and transparency between them. In the morning she had no outright response to Shobha's call...an indication that she had still not made up her mind. There's going to be a miscommunication regarding the hospital visit...that's for sure...vaccination or BMT? It's pretty evident that if Aarti has spent an whole episode thinking, then she will end up doing the right thing only...and it will only do her good if Mr D contacts Yash out of frustration, cause then he will have to confess his role in the entire lead-up to the marriage...his Debt Threat!!! Aarti won't have to say anything, and after an initial bout of hurt and anger, Yash will understand the reason behind her silence regarding Prashant. He did say that nobody can be angry with her for long because her emotional thinking is misunderstood at first and understanding dawns later. We all fear a backlash for Aarti after the revelation...but this could just turn out to be a moment of glory for her wherein she  will assert herself and prove to her parents that she can no longer be dictated upon.  I would love the roothna-manana between the beauties that might follow this...What I don't want is for Aarti to undergo any physical trauma or any harm to come to her baby!!!Ouch   The Divorce Deception battle will be fought at a larger front: the Family.

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InduG64 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 10:10pm | IP Logged
@Saf: That was as neat as always. Superb quotes!!Clap

@Deepti: Good to see you back.Smile

@Prasadini: Thanks for the article and the poem. Good stuff!!!Clap

@Sanjana: Dramabaaz!!!Tongue Hi...you were missed...Hug

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saf24 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 10:16pm | IP Logged
@ Indu: Thanks Big smile. Hope u have a great day ahead Hug
@ Zet, Pearl, Samana & Jyo: Loved your takes
@ Sanj & Deepti: Welcome back. Missed you both Hug

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lulujjjj IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 10:26pm | IP Logged

This song  "Maalai poluthin mayakkathile"  this song is about a woman saying to her friend about her past  she is a widow  who  lives in the memories of her husband i haven't seen the film but the lyrics  is so appropriate that suits AARTI since beginning g of this show they have showed Mansi as her friend so i have imagined according to the lyrics  AARTI expressing her 
bitter past to her best friend  .

Maalai pozhudhin mayakkathile
In the woozy time of evening

Naan kanavu kanden thozhi
I had a dream friend

Manadhil irundhum vaarthaigalillai
No words issued from my heart

Kaaranam en thozhi?
Why is it friend?

Inbam sila naal thunbam sila naal Endradhu yaar thozhi
Who said pain is for a short time and pleasure is for a short time friend?

Inbam kanavil thunbam edhiril Kanbadhum en ehozhi
Pain in facing me and pleasure is only in dreams Why friend?

Manamudithavar pol arugunile ore vadivu kanden thozhi
I saw someone next to me who liked like he was married to me

Mangay en kayil kungumam thandhaar maalyittar thozhi
He put kumkum (vermillion) in my hand and garlanded me

Vazhi marandheno vandhavar nenjil saayndhu vitten thozhi
Did I forget my way? I rested on the chest of the man who came

Avar maraven maraven endrar udane marandhu vittar thozhi
Parandhuvittar thozhi
He said he will never forget but immediately forgot
And flew away

Kanavinil vandhavar yaarena keeten
I asked the person in my dream Who he was, friend

Kanavar endrar thozhi
He said he was my husband

Kanavar endral avar kanavu mudindhadhum Pirindhadhu En thozhi?
If he was then why did he get separated after the dream, friend?

Ilamai ellam verum kanavu mayam adhil maraindhadhu sila kaalam
Youth is just an empty dreamy state, in which some time disappears

Thelivum ariyadhu mudivum theriyadhu mayangadhu edhir kaalam
Without clarity and without knowing the end stutters the future.

I hope friends you'll like it.

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Zetter IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 10:29pm | IP Logged
@Indu: Anytime Love! and thank you as well Hug

Yup thank goodness it was a filler and as for Dubey it would be great to see him actually take some actions instead of just talking about doing something but fails to do it *RME* Ermm

As for Aarti, I don't want her to go through any physical harm either but how it be avoided with all the stress she's going through now Ouch...I know that our Yash babu will come through for her despite feeling hurt, he won't let her face anymore trouble or worries.

My heart was breaking for Aarti & Yash last night I just wanted to give them both a BIG Hug especially Aarrti who was dealing with an inner battle CryCry

Hope the rest of your day slows down...Enjoy and good luck *muah* HugHug

@Saf: Beautiful as ever my friend, love the quotes Clap Clap...thank you! 

EDIT: I got a feeling Yash is going to find out cause the Dubeys and Aarti gonna have a fight in the hospital where they would want to take Ansh for the BMT but since Yash didn't give his consent since she didn't get a chance to tell him...Aarti won't allow it and they are going to be angry at her, Yash who will be anxious to be there for his son will come to the hospital and hear their convo.

I really Yash to find out the whole truth from Aarti's mouth and words...Then he can see and hear the turmoil she has been living with for months Ouch

Time to get back to buying my veggies & fruits...Laters!!!! Wink

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AngeloScuro IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 11:06pm | IP Logged

Mummy, I want that puppy!

Here is my take or rant shall I say.

When would Yash come to know that his son Ansh is being mishandled by his grandmother and grandfather! I want him to protect his son from the world as:"There's a lots of ugly things in the world." I would love if he would explain to his son that this and that sometimes his grandparents can become the ugly thing by taking advantage of his innocence. But we all know,"That's impossible!"


Well I'm getting ahead of myself. It's wonderful that he is concerned about the health of his Ansh and it's his number one priority to take him to a doctor for vaccination because he does not want him to get sicker because of negligence.

Shobha stop treating Ansh like you own him! Shobha and Mr Dupey are now worried that Yash is taking Ansh away from them.This reminds me of the kid who wants the neighbors puppy and who throws a temper tantrum!

Bua's concern that Arti ran away to her mother is well placed but the way she goes about it is all wrong me thinks!


She should come down from her high throne. "Who died and made you the queen?" says Cas! No not really but it's good that he stopped her and put her in her place after all Arti is not her daughter in law!

Cas has now told Arti what I've been dying to tell her if I ever met her. That is inform someone when you go out on an errand and this never happens the way we want because we always forget to tell someone even if we intend to tell someone that we are going out. Kudos to CV's for grounding this show in minute details of real life. I loved this part the most crazy as it may sound!

But still Bua has forgotten her place and she is with her divide and conquer tactics! She must have been the Queen of Hearts in another incarnation!off with her head

Two episodes ago she was complaining that the three Bahu's were walking by like three Disney princess!

Ah I was going to state that Yash should somehow finish up on his court date with Paridhi, Pankaj and Prateek and be with Arti and Ansh. Better yet he skip it.

Go ahead reveal the truth. Put all your cards down Mr. Dupey! I'm sure you are not going to come up all aces!

Beware not all 52 cards are aces!  Because this is not possible!

Why am I lecturing a fictional character but I'm sure the drama is going to go the other way if he tells all to Yash and not the way he wants to direct it.

But the part I loved most I saved to say in the last paragraph which is Yash said. "See I can untangle your necklace from your hair and solve your problems too so don't hesitate to share your problems!"   I know I tweaked the statement but it holds the same sentiments. 

I'll end this with these lyrics from Lion King song.

In a perfect world
One we've never known
We would never need to face the world alone

They can have the world
We'll create our own
I may not be brave or strong or smart
But somewhere in my secret heart

I know
Love will find a way
Anywhere I go
I'm home
If you are there beside me

Edit: I'm going to do a little experiment by putting this take in the main forum to see how people react to this!

Also if you are reading this @Sanju or KinSanj, can you do some gifs on the episode, please?Big smile

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