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16/11:Dragon Club : The silence of truth (Page 17)

jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 11:28am | IP Logged
My short take ..

A filler episode which focussed mainly on Aarti's dilemma whether to tell the truth to Yash or not .. whether to further break Yash's trust by taking Ansh to Dubeys or not ... Aarti was in double mind and the whole episode focussed on this but what I liked was Aarti dint say yes to Dubeys here and dint manipulate Yash by asking him to keep Ansh with Dubeys only .. So I m glad Aarti is silently thinking but not taking any wrong decision yet Thumbs Up

So Yash is send to court with brothers for that Paridi case as per Bua's manipulations because she does not want Yash to spend time with Aarti  Ouch and there Yash will ask Aarti to take Ansh to hospital alone  for that vaccinbation tika for kids Ouch while Dubeys r waiting like vultures in same hospital to take Ansh for bone marrow  operation AngryAngry..

Now  Aarti will go to hospital to get vaccination tika for Ansh but then Dubeys will try to snatch Ansh for bone marrow operation and I wont b shocked if that time Bua sends Yash to hospital to create a misunderstanding OuchOuch

This budhha Dubey na  Angry.. In precap he is almost like either Aarti comes in with Ansh to hospital for bone marrow operation or I m going to Yash to tell him all Shocked .. woww direct blackmail Angry

I dont think Aarti will allow it .. Aarti knows  Ansh is scared of hospitals since even in last scene Ansh was like I hate hospitals and we know Aarti cannot see Ansh in pain and she has not said yes or no to Dubeys either  Ermm... Aarti was in terrible dilemma today because on one hand she just cannot break Yash's trust by taking Ansh for this operation without telling Yash and on the other hand she cannot face Dubeys either when their son is on the verge of dieing and is almost begging in front of her for their son's life OuchOuch ..

I think when  Aarti will take Ansh to hospital for vaccination that time Dubeys will think Aarti came for bone marrow operation Ouch We might see a war of words between Aarti and Dubeys there over Ansh Ermm .. If Yash somehow comes to that same hospital after sorting out all the court work then  misunderstanding will happen for sure as Yash will feel Aarti came here for bone marrow thing  but i guess somewhere the main priority will remain how to save Ansh there from this operation ... Ermm

In short there might b a reason why Ansh's vaccination tika and bone marrow operation r suppose to happen at same time in same hospital na ... So its clear that Yash will find out the truth in this hospital itself where Aarti will take Ansh for vaccination but Dubeys will want Ansh for this bone marrow operation and Yash will reach there on time to give his final verdict after he gets to know the truth LOLLOLLOL...So a hospital fiasco on the cards for sure OuchOuch...

I liked Yash's dialogues today while he was taking that necklace off Aarti's neck .. quite a seductive scene Embarrassed..He could see something is suffocating Aarti and she is not able to take off her necklace and so he himself offers to take off her necklace and then tell her that whatever uljhan she has , it can b sorted out only when she will share it with him EmbarrassedEmbarrassed... Yash's dialogue is what the "Yeh dil hai" song is all about  EmbarrassedEmbarrassed.. "har uljhan ko suljhaye..kasak meethi si jagaye... akhir yeh dil hai" EmbarrassedEmbarrassed.. So Yash is indirectly trying to tell Aarti that he is her Dil and he will solve all her uljhan(problems) only if she shares it with her heart and thats him EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

I can understand why Aarti is not able to tell anything to Yash yet ... Dubeys hv put tremendous pressure on her mind and she is in double mind , dunno which way to go because her only guide Shobha too has left her all alone in this dilemma of truth vs lie Ouch... If she tells it all to Yash and then Yash says no for Ansh's bone marrow and Prashant dies , she will end up takiung all curse of Dubeys  Ouch and if she does not tell it all to Yash and goes ahead with Ansh's bone marrow operation , then she is almost snatching away the rights of a father from Yash and breaking all promises of a punarvivah too Ouch ... So from both ends , she is loosing something here  OuchOuch...

Best option is let Yah reach hospital and find out all truths on his own and take the final decision .. But in the meantime I m hoping Aarti wont agree for Ansh's bone marrow operation but will take him to hospital only for vaccination so that at least Aarti's character dont come under scanner for betraying Yash's trust here Ermm

Overall nothing much happened in the episode and its all left for next week which I feel is going to b a decider for AarYa relationship Smile

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cynthiagem1HappyGrldarrishdoratalkaish96pal_2010Pooja_11Eva JQkriti07nirmalac99ZetterAlamelusaf24ssroomanijikky_84gcluvanoneepickachu

doratalk Senior Member

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 11:31am | IP Logged
Jyoti- welcome back! It's good to see you back! HugHugHug
Nice take- as always!

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Alamelu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 11:41am | IP Logged
Watching today's episode made me feel terrible for Arti.  

She is looking so lost, no wonder yash keeps asking her if she is okay.  He once again told her that sharing problems makes things easier and that she is not alone, he is with her at all times.  Poor arthi, she really wants to talk to yash and share everything with him, but due to majboori...grrr she cannot.  How much more comfortable can yash make arti feel so that she does not feel alone and share things with him.

I can also understand shoba's pov. In the precap dubey was saying that if arti does not bring ansh, then he will tell yash everything, then why did they stop arti from telling yash y'day. I dont understand this oscillation with telling yash and not telling yash

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Pooja_11 Goldie

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 11:43am | IP Logged
Jyoti ji nice Take...Clap
I can Clearly see that Dubey will Snatch Ansh from Aarti for BMT. for Sure..and then Aarti will feel more stressed and she may fall down then Yash will come to know this and he will come to the hospital and will find the Truth...Hopefully He Will get to Know How Dubeys have Manipulated and snatched the Ansh for BMT...

K What Ever May be Next Week As you said Decides the Aarya relationship Status...

Good Nght all...Have a Very Happy Weekend...

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 11:47am | IP Logged
Sorry everyone for not being there to open DC, and thanks a lot Jyo! I am so glad you were here. 

I have been having a crazy week, and believe it or not, I overslept! Tongue I woke up and it was 11:57, which is 10:27 India time and went into a blind panic, but luckily Jyo was there to save the day and the DC! 

Anyway, just watched the episode but I have to go for a meeting now so I will be back to discuss it a bit later. My gut tells me though, that Aarti is not going to go through with the BMT. They are playing it so that the whole situation is perfectly convenient for Aarti to just take Ansh for the BMT, without anyone in Scindia house knowing, since they know he is already going to the hospital anyway, but she is not going to do it. I think it is going to be a shining moment for Aarti.

Either the Dubeys are going to steal Ansh while Aarti is signing some forms or something, or Ansh is going to say he is not going to the hospital without Yash... something of the sort, where Aarti will actually be honest but Yash will mistake her because of the circumstances... it is a win-win for no character butchering of Aarti, and drama factor at the same time. 

I knew Yash wasn't going to know this week. They are not going to give away two big revelations in one week, and this one was dedicated to Aarti finding out about Prashant's cancer. Next week will be when Yash finds out and I won't be surprised if we get a really big promo for that over the weekend.

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

Joined: 30 December 2006
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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 11:50am | IP Logged
Bua is the one who might send Yash to hospital if she smells something fishy here Ermm.. its better actually if Yash goes to hospital and finds it all on his own LOL...

IBN7 segment where GC's interview was taken had Yash in this same black t-shirt na .. there he said he finds out the truth .. so this means , in hospital itself truth will b out .. Ermm...

I hope truth comes out before Ansh's operation is done because if it comes out later once bone marrow is already given to Prashant , then Yash will never forgive Aarti Ouch

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Pearl_27 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 January 2011
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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 11:53am | IP Logged
Today's episode was good,although it did not move the story forward.Once again CV's are building details and this will be the Dhamaka of the 200th episode,The Divorcee Truth.Coming to today's episode,I was so glad that Ansh went with the Yash and Aarthi and didn't stay with the Dubeys.Ansh's vaccination and as Yash mentioned that after that he is going to get fever and if Aarti goes with the BMT and not tell anything to Yash,then he'll not even get to know it because since he'll think that these are the side effects of vaccination.After,today's episode,I am ready to believe that this all build up is going to lead to one big misunderstanding and Yash is going to think that Aarthi hid the whole truth from him,including the BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant)if Yash's past can take 5 months then Aarthi's past will surely not take less than that.But I don't think that'll happen,either Dubeys will steal Ansh,while Aarthi goes somewhere,and this is going to happen in the same hospital.

Yash taking Ansh for a vaccination,well,this was also a contrast.On one hand,you have your so called father like Prashant,or grandparents like Dubeys,who are ready to take Ansh's bone marrow to save their son without thinking of the pain.On the other hand,you have a father like Yash,who is going to take him for his vaccination and for his own good.Yash is such a loving guy,one can't help but admire him.Aarti was totally in shock today.I love the way she said that let them be,to Yash.I think,she is finally realizing that these are Prashant's parents,not hers.Just like Aarthi,Yash is going to be heart broken when he comes to know that more than Aarthi,it was the Dubey's behind the lie.Aarthi can't bring herself to tell Yash because,Aarthi as an individual is under Dubey's favors,courtesy,Dubey's mahaan speeches about all the favors they did to her and how she,once upon a time their bahu is their daughter now.Aarthi being an orphan always searched for a guide and her only guide Shbobha has left her all alone.Now,she does not know what to really do.

Bua was as always again with her taunts,but one thing that surprised me was she first send Ansh to play,then said anything.What an interesting contrast between Dubeys and Scindhiyas.On the KC day,Ansh was all the while listening to all sensitive matters about Prashnat and Aarthi in the living room.Seems like people with obsessions does not see anything past their own respective obsession. Aarthi's obsession was Ansh,and when she entered in SM,she never thought about anyone other than him until Yash came and gave her his support.This also tells me that she'll not agree for the BMT. Yash's obsession was Arpita,well,that's no secret that Yash couldn't see anything beyond Arpita until Aarhi supported Yash.Now that he is out of his Arpita land,his full attention is on Aarthi,one change in her expressions and he senses that something is wrong.He wants to know what ever she is hiding at any cost.Scindhiya's Obsession was Sulking Yash and they couldn't see anything beyond that,until Aarthi came.and now Dubey's obsession is Prashant and his health,they acnot think beyond that now,so hence these careless mistakes with happened with everybody.SP trusts Aarthi like anything and he is going to be disappointed when the truth comes out.

Yash untangling was symbolic.It started with Yash was doing is work and when Aarthi says why it's not opening then only Yash helps her.This tells me that until and unless Aarthi says something or at least give a hint to Yash,he'll not be able to do anything.I think,now Aarthi will surely call out Yash,not so soon,but when she will,Yash will be the one to sort out that Divorcee truth mess just like he opened Aarthi's chain today or whatever you call,taht was also becoming kinda suffocating for Aarthi just like this lie.and before that he looked at her for a long time,this tells me that first he'll try to understand the situation and then react.He'll finally be able to solve the problem and just like he gave the necklace in Aarthi's hand,he is going to ask Aarthi to give her final decision,whether she wants to go back to Prashant or stay with him.

About the precap Dubey is a coward of the first rate.How many opportunities he got to tell the truth to Yash,but no,he was again there lying.So,I don't think he'll be able to do anything and tell Yash.That's all from me today,gonna start reading from where I left.

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

Joined: 30 December 2006
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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 11:54am | IP Logged
@Samana : I m sensing a big confusion or misunderstanding too .. Aarti's character will b kept intact and even if she takes Ansh to the hospital , it will b only for vaccination but mayb she will b misunderstood by Bua or Yash and they will think Ansh was taken to hospital for bone marrow operation OuchOuch... and I wont b shocked if Dubey in his desperation tries to kidnap Ansh from Aarti in the hospital for this operation thus putting Aarti under further mess Ouch

Its such a irony that Dubeys only gave this punarvivah of Aarti , to give her a new life and today Dubeys only r hell bent to ruin her new found happiness OuchOuch

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