Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

Daily Discussion Thread : 16th Nov

Autumn. IF-Sizzlerz

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Day 40

Hello Everyone :)
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DDT: This DDT is for daily episode discussion wherein everyone who is watching the show can post the happenings, incidents etc from the day's show and then discussions ensue on these happenings.
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 All such posts will be deleted. Every day episode starts @ 9 pm I.S.T.

A humble request to all members not to chit chat in this DDT thread as many members like to read about members views on the episode and sometime they find it hard reading about it if there is lot of general chit chat across the pages. Hope you all understand.

About the show: The recordings of a couple of days are edited and encapsulated into an entertainment package. Hence what we get to see may be discontinuous and incomplete truth.

Every day the DDT will be posted before the episode begins by BB6 DT. Have patience, if and when it is late by few mins. Embarrassed

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Enjoy & Have Fun!!!
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16th Nov: Simpypurple

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simplypurple IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 8:25am | IP Logged
Live Stream Updates:

15th Nov:

16th Nov:

Friday - Aakhri Salaam:

Dance performance on "roop salona tera sona lagda dupatta tera nau rang da" with Salman.

Salman telling the dancers bahaut pose maar liye ab ghar jao. Yeh hai jumme ki raat mere raat jaha Niketan, Vrajesh, Aashka aur Sapna main se koi aayega mere paas. Salman saying people are making the house's name roshan as well as rashan since they have lost their luxury budget.


Salman  says wish you all a very happy diwala because of your 0 luxury budget. 

Salman saying Sana you must have been a brilliant student. I couldn't calculate my own marks in maths. Since Vishal came I wont flirt with you and you went in the store room with him and you only kept looking at him. You had so much understanding that you came out with so much food? What happened to the coffee that everyone is always fighting over? How did you miss that? Vishal says, Coffee, was sitting behind the pickle and had a tape around it so I couldn't see it. Salman asks and bread? The whole of India was screaming BREAD! What are you people doing? Sana saying the time limit made it difficult.

Sana, you had to be Vishal's shadow and in the episode I saw that you were on the bed and crying that he was not coming after you but the task was the other way around. Sana makes a sad face. 

Mink, did you feel you'd become thin this week? Mink says I was a little sad since coffee didn't come. 

Rajev, you are looking good. He thanks Salman and says last time you were looking good and I was wearing a jacket so I thought this time I will look like a shahenshah while you are dressed normally. 

Salman says, Sob sob are you there? Salman asks Aashka you were saying you want to go home and if you are safe then would you leave instead of them. She said yes.  Salman asks, Which of the 3? She says anyone. Deepak ki bahaut yaad aa rahi hai? No rohit bakshi. Salman asks who he is. She says, He's my relative. Bhai? Cousin? Friend? No, wo mera wo hai. Driver? Nahiii. She shows him her ring finger's ring. Jeweller? No! Mangetar? Not yet. He's my boyfriend. Mom and dad allows it? Yes. Not yours. his? Yes. So Salman says India has become very modern. So who will you go instead of if you are safe. She says Anyone!

Back to audience. Salman saying that even though aashka promised to never cry, she cries. I have experienced to never say never because I end up doing that only. Always say yes, There was a task to always say yes, lets watch.

Day 40
1:30pm - Vrajesh reading a task that Vishal and Mink have to say yes to all the housemates whenever they ask them anything or they'll be nominated for not doing so. Niketan says to Mink what a disgusting thing. Mink yes. Niketan - Mink will you hug Vrajesh? Mink yes. Vrajesh tells Vishal and Mink to get into the pool and clean it. Then he asks Mink if she has an issue with it, she says Yes. He says, Say yes 5 times loudly. YES YES YES YES YES. Rajev makes Vishal to give him a back massage. He asks if he is in love with a girl. Yes. Is she in the house. YES. Do you love Urvashi. YES. Is sapna your bf? YES.

5:30pm - BB wants Vishal and Mink to come to the confession room. Mink nahiii yes sir. Dobara cake. Cry They go in the confession room and there are 3 jars labelled egg, karela and amla. BB asks if Mink would like to give Vishal a drink of amla juice. He drinks it and says horrible. 

BB asks, Mink, you want Vishal to try Karela juice? She says yes. She pours it and he drinks. Mink hiding her face.  BB asks if the juice was tasty and he says yes. BB asks if he'd like to give Mink a taste and he says yes. He pours a glass and Mink is saying oi bas. She is closing her nose and drinking. She makes a face. 

BB - the 3rd glass also has something will you give Vishal a taste?  Vishal tells her to stop pouring. He says jai mata di and drinks it. Mink making faces. He vomits it out almost immediately. Dead Vishal says, while coughing, this is funny? Mink says mazaak banake rakha hai humara. BB gives them permission to leave.

Salman says Mink baal bal bhi nahi bach payi.

BB asks Mink and Sapna to come into the confession room. Sapna says, what did I do? And there's a hair cutting chair. BB asks Mink if she wants her hair shorterned 1 inch? Sapna says 1 inch isn't much. Mink says yes.. Sapna drapes a towel around her. Sapna measures 1 inch and SApna cuts. Sapna asks Mink to sing so Mink sings - my name is Minka, Minka ki jawani. Sapna says 1 inch ho gaya. BB asks if she's happy after cutting 1 inch. Yes. You'd like 2 more inches cut right? Mink saying shayad yeh ek sapna hai. Sapna says 2 inches are cut. BB asks if Mink is happy and she says yes. BB ask if she'd like 5 more inches cut. Mink saying it's too much. Sapna saying tell BB, not me. She measures and shows Mink. Sapna saying it's looking good. You are looking 10. Mink saying I'll cry and crimping kar ke maine galti kardi. Sapna says dont worry I'll wet it and it'll become straight. BB tells Sapna to start. Sapna asks Mink to stand. Sapna cuts her hair. She cuts it properly. Mink crying. Sapna saying. Mink dont cry. Look, it'll look good. If you shampoo, look how your hair falls.

BB, Mink are you happy? Yes. BB asks them to leave.

8:30pm - Mink crying. Vishal asks what happened? Niketan goes to check on her. Sapna and Urvashi telling others that her hair was cut and she's crying. Everyone goes to her. Rajev saying you are so beautiful. Mink saying they cut 8 inches. Rajev saying you are the most beautiful girl. Sapna and Delnaaz saying achcha kaate hai. Other girls also saying she looks good. Rajev says you are looking nice.

V-tv - 
Salman asks Mink how do you feel after the hair cut? Mink saying that everyone said I looked good and even Niketan gave me a compliment and I know they'll grow back. Salman teasing her and saying means something is there between you both. Mink saying he said  jatti se modern ho gayi hoon. Salman asking who else he complimented so Niketan says, bechari ro rahi thi. Salman says, "bechari?". Everyone laughs.

Salman asking how Vishal likes the house. Very nice. Salman asking Sana if you know him or only he knows you? Sana says they both know each other. Salman asks How do you like him? Sana saying he's good. Salman imitating her. No one understands me. Cry Who all should I explain? And samne wali is crying as well. He asks Aashka what big sisterly advice she gave to Sana. Aashka says I advised her to mingle with others. Salman saying have you heard of the saying practice what you preach?Aashka - I think differently. Salman saying has Deepak or Anand taught you this? Aashka says no his name is Rohit. Salman - Rohit, come. Aashka in shock. He grabs any guy and says this Rohit is more handsome. He asks if this is Rohit. Aashka says no. Everyone laughs. Salman says go away you aren't Rohit even though your name is Rohit.LOL

Salman asking Rahul how he feels about the 5 lakh bonus. It's very good. Have you ever thought why this was given? Think about it and I'll be back.

*ad break* Ouch 

Salman welcomes the audience back.

Out of the 4, 3 will be leaving and he goes to v-tv.

Vishal, do you know what's next? Eviction? Salman very good! Vishal says - Vodafone call. Urvashi, who is going to get a call? If you are right, you all will get a prize.

Vodafone music. Amrita from Kolkotta. She wants to talk to Sana! Everyone cheering! Especially Urvashi. Salman is like antar yami. Amrita, ask your question "sana what did you think when you went into the captain's room? What qualities do you have to become a captain?" "Good question. Even I dont know what qualities I have.  Delnaaz said I should try and I thought if I become a captain I'll have more fun and if I became captain I could talk to the people I talk less." Salman advising her who she talks less to she could talk outside of captaincy as well. And he'll make her talk to the people she speaks to less right now and then he remembers Amrita. Salman asking if Amrita got her answer and she says yes. She says she became mantr mukt listening to Salman. Salman teases if she's BB's sister. He thanks her and gives calcutta peple his love and BB's love is already with Amrita and laughs. Wink

Salman asks Sana who she voted for? Sana says I voted for Rajev because I had said to him before. Salman tells Rajev to wipe the saliva off his mouth when sana was talking. Rajev saying you've ruined my rep. Salman says I am saving your rep. And you have a big hand in this rep. Everyone laughs. Rajev says that everyone touches while they speak but only my rep is ruined. Sana continues that I had told Rajev that he should become captain. 

Salman asks Urva how her captaincy was. And she says you tell me how you found it. Salman asks, Did you think everyone is scared of you? In between he teases Rajev for leaning too much towards Urvashi. Urva says no whatever people said I said yes and took their opinions into consideration. Salman asks if Rajev can match up to her captaincy. Rajev saying I tried to get the house together and I gave everyone duties of their choice. I gave Sana and Niketan a lot of duties because everyone complains that they have it easy. Niketan saying people say that I dont work. Rajev saying that I want people to stop talking that way so I gave him the most work. Salman asking if Niketan is Rajev's friend. He laughs and says yes. Salman says the laugh was funny and weird. He asks Delnaaz if she is also his friend. Delnaaz is quiet. Rajev says she wants to slap me backhandedly. Salman asks Delnaaz if she has slapped him before and imitates the slap. Delnaaz just smiles.

Salman asks Mink who can be a better captain Rajev or Sana. Mink says now Rajev because he's cordial and talks to everyone. Someone walks behind Salman with a bag full of their diyas. Salman saying that the archaeologist team saw these and thought these were mohan judaro's chai cups. So Salman said the BB aadhi manav made it. Salman asks what is this? Delnaaz says this is my coloured diya. Salman says you are saying so proudly. "Delnaaz ke diye kisi ne nahi liye". It breaks and he calls it kachcha and says dont ever make diyas like these. Even the most corrupt diya wala wont make a diya like these.

Salman says Sana sardar and asks if Sana will choreograph a dance for him. She said I'll dance with you. Salman says choreograph sahi hai. He asks them to play music and Sana and Vishal to dance on " pyaaar ki ek kahani suno, ek ladka tha ek ladki thi". Salman also dancing watching them. Salman yells come on Rajev. Rajev also dancing weirdly. LOL Salman thanks them.

Salman asks Vrajesh about the 48 hr task and why he had a problem with it. Vrajesh says that it was a secret task that I gave to myself because I wanted to sleep and no where it was written that every person had to stay up. Next morning I realized that maybe I felt what I did was wrong. And if I leave today then I feel maybe people felt bad about what I did related to the task. Salman says I dont think so coz you are safe. Salman asks Niketan. He asks if Niketan has learnt to wash dishes and he says yes. And Sana is asked what she says about why Niketan has come and she replies "bartan dhona ka course". Course se tum usko kosti kyun rehti ho.  He tells Niketan is safe and when you learn to wash dishes you'll be out. He adds, Next week.LOL

*ad break*  

Salman welcomes everyone back.

V-tv -
Salman asks Aashka if she wants to come out and he says she's at the border now. Salman asks Sapna if she'll talk. Sapna says if you call me outside then I'll talk alot. Salman asks Sapna that she told people she wants to come out but later when she was nominated she was upset. Sapna says no I wasn't angry. I was upset because Aseem was leaving. Salman says that did you know Aseem got married? Sapna says no. Salman says to a man. Then laughs. Salman asks if you'll be happy if you leave and Sapna says very happy. Urvashi how would you feel? Urvashi I'm a tv actress and my words have no respect. Salman says that she shouldn't feel bad. Urvashi saying because someone said it this way. Salman tells her to let bygones be bygones. Urvashi says I did let it go and I didn't speak further about it and I even explained why I nominated her.

Salman says the person I name now has 2 mins. Rajev. Urvashi says go Rajev. Salman says, I want to see if you laugh like this when I really take your name. Rajev says I'll cry. Salman says you;ll cry tears of joy. Rajev you have 2 mins to pick up... Aashka's bag. Aashka says thank you. Sapna is saying no no and is in disbelief. Delnaaz is putting something on Aashka's finger. Vishal outside talking to Rajev saying till the time audience wont see you how will you win. Sapna was seen the entire time so she's staying. Sapna hugging Aashka and saying I'm jealous of you that's why I'm crying. I really wanted to leave. Aashka saying you stay and do what you have to do. Aashka hugs Urvashi. She tells no one to cry. She says to everyone that Sana is the youngest please also give her a chance to be a captain. She says bye bye and bye Urvashi and the door shuts.

Salman welcomes Aashka.

He asks Aashka if she'll cry and Aashka saying she wont cry today. Not after standing next to such a handsome man. Salman asks her what she's doing tomorrow coz he'll speak to her tomorrow in detail and he bids her farewell and says he'll see her later. 

Salman says I want to share a secret with you about the key Arbaaz gave me last week.

Come and lets open the lock of this key. "bin tale ki jabi lekar.." Salman singing and opens the lock. He introduces a village. He pulls a bucket from a well. aao aur bucket full of water main doob maro, he says. 100% mud houses. This is the bedroom. Totally desi without AC. So that housemates can sleep next to each other and smell each other. There's a juna purana TV and cabinet. This is the kitchen with chula system. Sit and cook like in villages. This house will open tomorrow and we;ll intorduce the housemates tomorrow. Dhal gaya din hogayi shaam. See you tomorrow and enjoy the weekend.

PRECAP - le le maza re - salman dancing. He asks people about the village shown. So he introduces the neighbour number 1. Some weird looking guy.

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Autumn. IF-Sizzlerz

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Salman dancing on Dupatta tera...

Salman teasing Sana and Vishal.

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-Cruiser- IF-Sizzlerz

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Sana has been getting maximum footage in LIVE FEED, in evening episodes and Jumme Ki Raat is no exception...

...atlast Sallu shifts to Mink...she lets lose her hyena laugh!

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-Cruiser- IF-Sizzlerz

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Aashka's make up is absolutely ghastly!

All I can say is Shaitaan Saamri looks more glamorous!!

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throughmysenses IF-Dazzler

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Rajeev ki solid khilli udi

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Autumn. IF-Sizzlerz

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Salman ask Aashka yesterday you said you want to go out. Aash says yes. So Salman says if you are safe then would you give balidan and go out and save others? Aash says yes. Salman says for whom you will say. Aash says all three of them cos it is for myself as I want to go out.

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-Cruiser- IF-Sizzlerz

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Pillu's chipku fantasies come true...manages to hook Vishal into giving him a massage!!Clown

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