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|- Happy Birthday Fariha 'urf - Fairy -|

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Before we begin, ahm ahem - a silent humsafar moment

[our birthday threads are incomplete without these two ]

Many Many Many...centuries ago, a pretty as pink fairy fell from the sky, and ever since then the whole world has been in a chaos. Let's go back to the exact date she landed upon this earth, 17th November and some million trillion years ago. Yes, she is OLD! Ermm  She was a very noisy fairy, causing ruckus everywhere she went. However it was the sweet kind of annoyance. So, the whole kingdom still loved her. Tolerated her ROFL And today is that adorably sweet fairy's birthday.

So back to defining Fariha...Her friends, her family, her jane wale's - LOL I mean, just ask anyone, to describe Fariha - And they would go... Oh!, yes at loss of words to describe this enigma. Trust me, even i have tried, but how do you explain thy Fariha? Urf, Fairy? So, one day i sat before the window, watching the rain tumble down notoriously. And then it hit me - You cannot describe, what is meant to be felt. And friendship, is usually never in need of words. Oh, man i am turning sappy now :P But just hear me out, how do you describe someone so selfless and giving as Fairy.

We could say, she is;

But i am going to hand over this easy but very daunting task to my fellow's who have almost done a PhD in Fairyology. [Oh, look we are making up new words!]

But before they come up on stage, Let me give you an introduction to Fairyology

Without further adieu, let us meet the fellow PhD's

Saraa: Hello Hii no bye bye.Big smile

Hinna: Aaj hum sab yahan kyun hain? What's the occasion?Shocked

Amna: *dhinka chika dhinka chikaaa*Dancing Kuch to hai aaj...par kya?

Hinna: Mujhe lagta hai kisi ki birthday haiShocked

Areena: MERIII!Big smile

Hinna: Yeah right. Batao na kiski hai?

Shiza: Mahira kiTongue

Aanchal: Mahira ki birthday? Phir to yahan bohat hotties aaye honge.Day Dreaming

Saraa: Did I hear HOTTIES?! Fawad, Barun, Sid, Varun...auuurrr...Day Dreaming

Hinna: Ab thora serious ho jaye?Smile

Iqra: Yes, everyone is dying to know who's birthday it is. So lets start with some clues.

Shiza: Okay, she is a very special person. She has won over our hearts with her sweet and loving nature. She is a very responsible and mature girl.

Amna: Yes, that's why she is also a Viewbie.

Saraa: Shiza stole my linesStern Smile so I'll have to think of something else to say!

Aanchal: She loves the colour purple.Tongue

Areena: I am her Khirad and she is my Asher. Heart

Iqra: She loves Karan Tacker, Barun Sobti, Fawad Khan and I am sure there are many others but her latest crush is Varun!Day Dreaming

Saraa: Yes, she is our hope... our ONE and ONLY hope!Star

Hinna: They said it is our our one of a kind, our fairy, our angel, Fariha AKA OnlyHope!Hug

Shiza: We wish you a very happy birthday Fari!Hug

Amna: Badhai ho!Party

Saraa: 10000 saal jiyo, LIKE A BOSS!Cool

Hinna: With lots of bachas..LIKE A BOSS!Cool

Areena: And always stay the way you are <3

Iqra: Remember us on your birthday and alwaysEmbarrassed

Aanchal: Otherwise we shall come after youEvil Smile

*Yes, you must have concluded by now, we are NO PhD's, smajhdaar ko ishara hi kaafi haiROFL*

Oh but wait, Fairy has made an entrance...Welcome!

Well, she is still getting ready. And it must be said, she looks scrumptious LOL as always. Well, since we are done with wonderfuuull introduction of this beautifuuulll Fairy, shall we move on to the party? And look who we have invited here, it is none other than Karan Tacker!

The only actor, Fairy is true phangurl of -

credit: tumblr
[He is singing, a special song for her :D Listen to the BG and imagine him singing itDay Dreaming]

credit: tumblr
Okay! tone it down fariha, yes we know your phangurl crush on K.T is nothing short of a miracle itself. And since everyone is here, why not cut the cake? Yes, Fairyji? But wait, we didn't yet complete our analogy on Fairy. So, yes, give me a few minutes to describe this girl. [Should i remind you, the cake is chocolate?] Okay...okay, back to describing Fariha urf. Fairy LOL 

Well, how do you try to fit something that is not meant to be caged within a certain limit. She is this beauty who is sensitive, humble, emotional, honest and has a great sense of humour[ Yes fari, shake your head. Disagree, but its the truthStern Smile!!!] That is how this girl is. She is truly special. I know, i am voicing many peoples feelings, when i say these few words. But they are the truth. You are this beautiful person, who brings a ray of shine to our lives whether its through your words, your actions or simply just by listening to us.Embarrassed You always give, and i have never known a person who is as selfless as you. I am saying the truth, a simple NO, does not exist in your dictionary. Which only goes on to describe your sincerity towards others. Not many are able to place others before themselves, but you do that so effortlessly.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed It makes you, who you are.  You are always there for everyone in the good or bad times. When I say this ...i say it from all of us, that WE LOVE YOU!! Truly blessed to have you in our lives. Yes, i know sometimes much can be said without words. But frankly, i think this time, we had to say something back. Because for once you should be on the receiving end.HugHug LY Januuu <33

Areena: Shiza, are we done with the emotional talk! Ermm
Amna: Yeah, i am in the mood for some cake
Iqra: & Tacker Blushing
Fariha: Excuseee moi, it is my birthday cake & My Karan Tacker! *Sighs*




*taliyaannn, bahut saariii*

So, shall we move on to the rest of the parttayyy!!!!Cool Aye hain toh khana khake jaana. There are few sweet and sour delicacies being served right after the caking cutting.

Just look down!

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I don't know how effective this will be, after the previous post LOL. But ahm..ahm.. we are very sincere in this video! Honest!

Wana know about the birthday girl, join us crazies! ROFL


anything taken under offense, is liable to you! No one is forcing you to watch this...

The effects of Fairyology


Want to know  more about the birthday girl, check this! :D


[Fairy, just know we LOVE you. We did this for you ONLY. & No, we will not reveal who is who? But i am sure you can guess LOL]

Gifts - You can never have too much of these!

by reenz :)

by amna <3


Thank you; Amna, Reenz,Aanchal, Iqra, Hinu <3 for helping out with this thread. Seriously, this thread would not have been possible without you guys <33 Thank youuu Lovelies EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ILY!

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s h r r r . . .
there isn't much to say because the world knows that we're made for each other Embarrassed even though you're my hamza, my kashaf but i shall still mukhaatib you as asher Embarrassed cz thats what you really originally are for me... for Khirad... and it shall ALWAYS be this way. I know we were and are so excited about the beautiful coincidence of ZGH... which we read together... discussed together, and now, the fact that its first promo released on MY bday and the 1st epi airs on yours is just BEAUTIFUL! Embarrassed Blushing We simply ARE made for each other! Embarrassed
I promise i havent EVER met a sweeter friend than you are and i am dying for you to come to Dubai Blushing i luverz ju Big smile tehe WE ARE SO COOL. anyways, i just hope and wish that I get the beautifullest and handsomest and sincerestt and caringesttt jeejajii ever, and you settle HAPPILY and then come and dance at my wedding Day Dreaming ROFL OK, i know im talking bullshit but what to do,,, i guess before you got MIA from IF and returned, we did sort of talk n all in 2006 but im not sure, so lets just leave it, but AFTER your return... things just changed for the better Blushing Big smile WE became the best of friends and i hope it stays this way! You've been there hamesha and u shall always be i know, and i promise... its gonna be vice versa! Embarrassed... oh amidst all that... i guess i forgot wishing you ROFL ROFL so... a VERY VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAYY FARIHAAA! :D
ILOVEYOU to the coreee and hope that this goes same way! Approve



First thing I wanna say you is ,I love you lotss Hug Its been one year since we know each other <3 I'm so thank to Humsafar It has given me a friend who is gem <3there a many similar things/like we both have <3 I love to talk to abt anything <3 from serials/makeups LOL J I remember last time I wished you on your b'day :P we wer not so close :P But nw iam so glad very glad that I got to know abt you very much <3 you are one of my BEST Friend <3 You are always been there always for everyone<3 you are soo genuine and soo nice <3 I'm very bad at writing b'day msgs :/ hope you like my shore b'day msg :$ May allah bless you all happiness <3 Have a wonderful year ahead <3

reasons why i Love faru <3

1.She is so calm and never get angry thing I love abt faru most is <3 teaching surah's to kidsEmbarrassed

3.she doesn'tlike doing makeup and me tooLOL

Describe fariha in one sentence- Amazing friend/sis

Fav moment- when ever I talk to you its my  fav moment <3

Hot seat questions-   1.What is your favorite color?

2.    What is your favorite toy?

3.    What is your favorite tv show or movie?

4.    What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?

5.   What is your favorite outfit?

6.    What is your favorite game?

7.    What is your favorite creative activity? 

8.    What is your favorite animal?

9.    What is your favorite song?

10.  Who is your best friend?

11.  What is your favorite thing to do outside?

12.  What is your favorite drink?

13.  What is your favorite holiday?

14.  What do you like to take to bed with you at night?

15.What do you love about yourself?

16.  What's your favorite thing to do with Daddy?

17.  What's your favorite thing to do with Mommy?


Describe Fariha in a sentence: The most awesome, hardworking, amazing person I know from the dark side of the country! ROFL
Favorite memory with Fariha: Man, there are so many! I think we've been through tons of ups and downs, but definitely the random MSN/WA conversations are the best... 
Hot seat questions Evil Smile: Okay, so since I feel your pain and don't wanna add to it, I'll let it go... plus I think I already know all the relevant and important stuff about you Wink

Fairy!!! It's your birthday! I'm sad that I almost forgot it... well I forgot to send in my gift and such but then managed to sneak in at the last moment, so I guess it's okay!
Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Party  Honestly girl, I am so glad we got to know each other so well and work together in EHM and WA... I can honestly say you are one of my closest friends from I-F Hug and I truly cherish our friendship Hug
Alright, I know the sap factor is getting high, so switching gears... I'm gonna say party hard and live it up for sure on your special day... even though I know you won't LOL and will prolly do something mellow with the fam... but whatever makes you happy! 
Sending positive thoughts your way and hope that you get whatever you want this upcoming year! Hug



It's not easy to pick a favorite friend, a best dress,a pair of stilettos or a favorite celebrity. But a sister?
Oh, I could just shut my eyes and take your name.thanx to my mummy(shifali)for giving me the best sister ever!!! Happy Birthday behna <3

Describe Fariha in a sentence - SWEET,AMAZING and BEST behna ever!! 
Favorite memory with Fariha - all the small chit chats with her <3
Hot seat questions - i'll skip this for u behna, its yor birthday! enjoyyy it to the fullest!!

hea's yor gift Big smile

missi Big smile


Describe Fariha in one sentence:

My amazayn B1 who is a TZE.

Favorite memory with Fariha:

Making Fari realize that doesn't dislike One Direction, she just doesn't like them. ROFL

Fari ka birthday! Fari ka birthday! Fari ka Birthday! Heart

*Dances* Dancing


' Fariha ka birthday means party time '


B1 :P You are going to get lots of gifts today but the one which you will truly find the most special is the promise I am just about to make to you.

I will always like your posts, even if they are blank/reserves. Preeti_Shadia will ALWAYS 'like' your posts. Big smile

What an amazing intro to a birthday message. Ermm Yeah, not really. Ermm Oh well. As you would know by now that I'm really bad at written communication. Talking is just my thinking; but of course, writing to each other is the only choice we have so I'm going to have to deal with it. Stern Smile

One important thing before I get further into my message, I am NOT a baby.

I have wanted to say for a while that it's really weird how you are older than me. When I talk to you I feel as we're are the same age (take that as a complement, please Tongue). I donno, maybe it's just me. I can basically tell you anything, maybe that's why I get that feeling. Ermm Phir apne barre mein shuru hogayi main. Wacko Yeah I know, do you often think I'm the weirdest person you've met? Silly I wouldn't be surprised. Tongue

I'm on the right side baby I was born this way. Tongue

I just realized why I am talking about myself more than I am talking about you. Wondering why? Because seeing that I have been so excited for your birthday, it's more my birthday than it is yours. LOL You've gotta admit that is kinda true. Tongue

Well you must be very upset that you won't see me posting your birthday countdown on your scrapbook anymore. Cry Don't you worry Fari, next year will come. Wink *Fari sighs, Preeti smile evilly.* Evil Smile

You know what, I'm starting to feel really rude now so I am going to start saying something about you otherwise people will think that it really ismy birthday and will start wishing me and I don't want that to happen. Geek Disapprove

Well, let's see. There is so much to say about you that I am lost for words. (Woah, that's really clichd ' anways Wink)

You are such a beautiful person from the inside! Everything thing you say is either sweet or funny (my scrapbook holds evidence). Not only are you a TZE/TZB, but you are also an AMAZAYN Viewbie for our forum, the best we could ever wish for. The efforts you put into making celebration threads  and contest threads and truly commendable and I surely enjoy SPAMMING them (sorry Gun, you have to excuse me; Fari ka birthday hai!). Evil Smile 

It's so exciting that it's your birthday that on this special occasion I think that we should dedicate a song to US. Here is a song from B2 to B1:

One song of 27 seconds? Ermm No. That's not good enough.

Here is a whole episode you MUST watch. It's an whole week worth of episodes about The Banana's Birthday and seeing that it's your birthday, and you are a B1, dekhna tho bantha hai boss! Tongue

^ The banana's will never forget that birthday party that means Fariha that you will never forget this birthday! Good in luck in getting this message, this thread all those lovely wishes your friends are sending you out of your head because I honestly don't think it's possible! Wink

Well, I hope you enjoyed watching that and please do not forget it (I'm sure you won't). I feel very privileged to be B2. I must say that it's nice being friends with B1. Technically speaking, our birthday is supposed to be on the same day but it's not. That's unfortunate. Well Fari, I will requote myself: When Preeti is here, not to fear (I'm not giving Kushal/Virat credit for that line, it's my dialogue from now on Evil Smile)! The solution to this problem that I have come up with is that we are *special* banana's and that's why we are born on different days. Big smile I'm sure you like that idea Fari!

Extremely random but your Creations Shop is like the most amazing thing on Earth. I don't even watch half the shows you make creations but still, I love everything you make and you know that! Heart

Back on topic, lemme just remind you once again that it is your birthday. So on birthdays the thing is that people are supposed to get gifts right? Yeah, well I can't really give you a gift. Well yes I can! I'll give you avirtual gift! Wink Preeti always finds a way around things! Wink

I made some stuff for you. Most of it is on Tacker because I know you love him (so do I)! Hope you like it all Fari (of course these gifts are not amazayn as your creations but they are something). Heart

Hope you liked them but I  wouldn't be surprised if you didn't, my creativity is good for nothing, I swear. LOL

Well I hope you have an amazayn day B1 and remember that B2 loves you! Enjoy every moment to the fullest and make sure you remember that your birthday doesn't deserve you, you deserve your birthday!

Best wishes and lots of love,


PS-Remember the questions you have to answer and I can't remember whether I already wrote this Ermm but sorry for spelling or grammar errors, I hope you can make some sense out of what I just wrote. Ermm Evil Smile

PS2- Sorry, you're probably really sick of me and are wondering why in the world you started talking to me in the first place by now but there's just one more important thing, Zayn's in love with you:

Love you Fari! Hug


May you have all the joy your heart can hold, 
All the smiles a day can bring, All the blessings a life can unfold,
May you get  the World's best in everything.
Wishing u a !!!!Happy Birthday!!!!



Describe Fariha in a sentence :  
FARIHA is really and truly the backbone of  EHMMBH and a great friend! She's there whenever anyone needs anything and always ready with a kind word . She is one of the bestest friends of mine, Always there for me when needed, very helpful and supportive

Favorite memory with Fariha 
We've known each other for almost a year now. I remember having Chat sessions with you and all other members where we cribbed and shared all our views of the show and all other things. But that was so much fun. Its then we got to know each other really well. And you've bcme one of my best buddies since then.

Hot seat questions 

Can you describe your life in a six word sentence?

A simple celebration,
A gathering of friends; 
Here is wishing you great happiness, 
A joy that never ends.
Happy Birthday FarihaHugHug

Wishing you many many happy returns of the day. May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love. Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest. 
Loads of Love,Deepali


hmm hmm aj kya hai are aj kisi ka bdayShocked hai kya kon hai Wink

ek ladki thi dewani si Winkchup chup ke Forum se guzra kerti thiLOL jab bhi mujhse milti thi LOLLOL

yehi kehti thi  mujhe yeh pyar kyun hogaya asher se LOLkyun hogaya LOLROFL

humsafar ki deewani thi veli thi LOL

or Bana diya hum jaise kam choro ke liye ek thakanaLOL khola usne cc nam se kam chor LOLjitne kam chor the sab ne LOLwaha ghar basa liya LOLROFLhaye ek ladki thi dewani si LOLLOL jis ki aj hai saalgiraWink

haha ok m apni nonsense talk stop kerti houn LOL

And now its time to wish hehe LOLHug

Happy birthday to khir oops  D'oh jalebi oops i mean Fairy LOLof the ForumLOL oops are yar i mean farihaWink

Happy bday jani Day Dreaming

Smiles and laughter, joy and cheerDancing

New happiness that stays throughout the year

Hope your birthday brings all these and moreWink

Filling life with surprise and joys galore!Dancing

Wishing you miles of smiles in the coming years.

i am so Thankful to allahHug that i found friend like u :) 

love talking with u ur a lovely person ur always  there whenever i needed u Day Dreaming u always help in my bad times 

thanks a lot for all ur concern and help IT MEANS a lot 2 me Hug

hmm did i foget sumthing oh yes gifts Wink  here are 4 u 

Ur all Time Fav Fawad Day Dreaming

ahem ahem picture abhi baki hai Wink 

sumthing special 4 u Wink

omg omg I am jelous now hehe LOLLOL

Fawad wishing u happy birthday :) Wink

Luv u Fariha jani Hug

 i wish 4rm my bottom of my heart happy bday jan i wish u get lot of success and happiness in UR LIFE Hug

here is ur cake poora mat kha lena mere life bhi  cake rakhnaLOL 

once again Happy bday jani 

Luv Heartbest wishes Hug

Fatima Dure

Describe Fariha in a sentence 
Fariha is Friendly Lovely 
Favorite memory with Fariha 
so many IN cc of kamchor but my fav memory with her 
when 1st time i join her cc and the way she treat me introduce me to every 1 that was Lovely Day Dreaming

My Fav memory when we drool on humsafar specially the scenes  we discuss talk 

Hot seat questions Evil Smile

omg i am not gud in grill LOL u LOLbut i try LOL

 If you could live anywhere, where would it be?Embarrassed
. What would be the one thing you'd change about yourself?Tongue
What would be the one thing you'd change about me ?Tongue
ur first crush Wink
what is ur deepest fear Shocked
if u get a chance to become actress or model  will u forget us Embarrassed

who am i for uDay Dreaming what do u think about me LOL







Hey Fariha,

You are wonderful person,understanding and co-operative.We met in CC and were always busy there chatting LOL and we are management students LOL

I'm happy to meet you and have a great person as my friend Smile

Questions :Would like to know more about you Big smile


Hey fariha
Happy birthday to you.
a cake for u

and flowers


and a lot of wishes

Wishing that your year is filled with friends and fun.

Wishing that you have lots and lots of birthday fun.

On your birthday you are wished all that you hope for, all that you dream of, all that makes you happy.

On your special day I wish you to pick some flowers, have some tea, and spend your time leisurely. 

I wish you luck, happiness and riches today, tomorrow and beyond.

As you look back on yesterday, may your memories be warm ones. As you celebrate today, may your heart be filled with happiness and joy. As you look ahead to tomorrow, may your deepest hopes and dreams come true for you!

Wishing you happiness 
To welcome each morning, 
Wishing you laughter 
To make your heart sing. 
Wishing you friendship 
Sharing and caring, 
And all of the joy 
The birthday can bring!

Happy birthday to u
may u have many more


1. One sentence? That's just impossible. I'd say; Fariha is the best! (because describing her in one sentence is not possible. She's just such a darling!)

Rest, will think and get back to you!
And my gifts are coming too.


Happy Birthdaay Fari!!!!Hug
May all your wishes come true!<3
Partaaay hard! 
Love ya!! <3 

One sentence about Fari: Fari is an amazing and super sweet Viewbie! <3
Fave memory of Fari: The day we met, at the EHM chat club.

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Fariboo, Fariboo, kahan karoon start?
Is larki ne kar liya hai kabza mera heartBlushing
Iske baare mein jitna bhi boloon kam hai
Na ismein gharoor hai, na gusa hai, na gham hai
Hamesha karti hai meethi meethi baateinDay Dreaming
Iske WA ke messages ke beghair adhoori hain meri raatein
Rehti hai mujhse door, par dil ke hai bohat kareeb
Isko milna main samajhti hoon, mera acha naseeb
Mujhe bataati hai achi cheezein, aur hamesha advice deti hai yeh
Jab bhi main kuch galat karoon, to bolti hai "HINNA, NA KARO YEH!"LOL
Hai meri bari behno jaisi, par dost bhi hai meri achi
Samajhdaar hai, naik hai, aur dil ki bohat sachhi
Khud ko mat badalna kabhi Fari, hamesha rehna this way
Meri dua hai ke forever friends we will stay! <3
Aage mujhe samajh nahi a rahi what to say,
To main isko khatam karti hoon, saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY!Hug

^^^ i hope you liked my lame poem! ROFL

FarihaaaHug I don't know what to say about you...I'm getting emotional before I even start ROFL ROFL First of all, before anything else, I must thank Allah... THANK YOU ALLAH, for bringing this girl into my life, just at the time when I needed her the most, to change me, to change my life, make me into a better person and guide me towards the right way! Thank you so much!Embarrassed
Fariha I can't thank you enough, for doing what you have done without even realizing it! Seriously, you don't even understand how much it means to me and how much importance you have in my lifeEmbarrassed I can't put into words what you mean to me, I know nothing in this world is perfect but if someone is close to perfect then that's YOU!Hug The people in your life are so lucky to have you! You are truly special!Embarrassed
Isnt it amazing that we both joined IF on the same day?LOL I remember I got to know you during the KYPH days, we used to chat on MSN and all but we were never that close, then you suddenly stopped coming online and I wondered where you disappeared off toErmm then the beginning of this year, HUMSAFAR reunited us againBig smile I remember I saw your posts in the threads and you seemed familiar, so I asked you and then we figured out how we know each other and the rest is history!LOL im so thankful to HUMSAFAR for reuniting us because now I cant go a day without talking to you and so much has happened since then, all for the better!Embarrassed
I just wanna say I love you Farihaaa, my hopey <3 May Allah always shower his blessings on you and your family and never put you through any tough situations, always stay the way you areee and I hope you had the bestest birthday ever!Hug You have done so much for me, and I know I can never do so much for you because im not as great as you are, but still, if you ever need anything, if you ever need any help, even for the smallest thing, or just need someone to listen to, im always here for you and I promise I will always try to do whatever I can for you!Big smile

PS: I sent you a birthday card...I hope you get it soon!Tongue and I hope youll be able to read my handwriting because I wrote quite a senti message in thereLOL

Love you so muchhh <3

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Res for Areena!
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My Gift

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Sadia Khan  "I'm open to offers from India" Sadia Khan "I'm open to offers from India"  68

Sadia Khan a.k.a Imaan of Pakistani serial "Khuda Aur Mohabbat" ,talks ...

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