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Arhi FF - "FOR YOU FOREVER" THREAD 1 thd2 link page 1 (Page 25)


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This one seems pretty interesting...

Lavanya-Khushi head-on collision... one down and i guess many more to come :)
Thank for the PM... Update soon

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fab... excellent start.wiating to read more 

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Part 1

As soon as he reached the door, his curiosity bugged him to call his sister. Anjali's face lit up and she merrily picked up the call with all the family members around her anticipating his phone call.

Arnav: "Hello di.. how are you.. Hows my baby pie? Hws nani, mamaji, mamiji, Akash ,Lav and my Jeeju? I miss you all a lot..."

Anjali :"Chotte.. First you tell me how are you ? Its been  5 days  since you called. Don't  you ever repeat that again. we were worried about you so much. Are you still stressing yourself on work still? "

By the time she finished her words her daughter snatched the phone and spoke to him sweetly:
"Mamu.. when are u coming?  You dont call me everyday now. Do you know I have 2 more kittens now.. Its so much fun to play with them.. When are you coming to see me and my kittens?"

Arnav: "Aww.. sweety .. LOve you so much dear.. I will come soon and we can play with the new arrival "kittens" through out my vacation. Hws my baby doing there? Are you still fighting with La bua?

Shyam got the phone and spoke :"Saale saab what s happening man? No news for a long time. seems like you have no idea of coming back ? Any plan of settlement there with some American Chick? JUst tell me. I am there for your support. I can even go against your di for this! "
This statement resulted in a smack from Anjali to which Arnav could giggle as he could visualize what repercussions his Jeejaji would have faced for that statement.

Akash could get hold of the phone as jijiaji  was trying to escape the second missile smack from di. "Hey Bhai. whats up?Hows your new project? seems like you are being stuck into this and no turn back to India for one more year?"

Arnav: "Hey Aki... I was just hung up with the review part. It will be done sooner. Expecting this to finish faster and planning to travel as soon as I finish this.Okay how is your love story proceeding? Hws Payal doing Are you both angry on me for delaying your marriage? Tell her as soon as I reach there I will disclose to nani, mama and mami abt your love story and she can dream about her wedding from now on. "

Akash: "Bhai ... pls.. no one knows this matter except you and I have great trust in you as mom and dad wont never go against your word. Its just tht your marriage has to happen first then only we both will agree to our marriage. By the way.. take care of DI, something is cooking up between her and nani. I saw the marriage broker yesterday at our house with a big file .. You are Going to get trapped Bhai.. Be careful... "

These words were heard by Anjali who gave a sharp hit on his head and grabbed the phone and informed her chotte:

"Dont worry chotte. I have already entered into my Bhabhi search mission.And I am sure I will find a suitable one for you soon. ..."

She was talking to him while Lav who was fuming and entering inside threw her bag on the hall and started to break things out of anger. Akash held her hand from breaking more things.But she was mad at  someone and continued her attack without uttering any word.Anjali startled with the noise informed Arnav what was happening. She and Akash tried to convince her but the attempts were futile THe only one force that could stop her was her Bhai Arnav.He can understand the behaviour and changes in reaction of each of his family members from far off. He had to pacify his little sister before things could get worse.  He asked Anjali to pass the phone.. and spoke to her :

"Hey .. what happend Chutki??Why are you so angry? Did anyone tell you something at college?"

Lavanya got tears in her eyes as soon as she heard his voice and started sobbing. she spilled out  the whole story which happened in the college. Arnav understood her. It was not her fault. It was his fault that he didnt want to show her how tough life is. He just provided a bit more freedom and luxury to the extent  that she could posess whatever she wanted within no time. THough they were a well off family it was during his school days that they lost all their property and was under a big debt. From then on he strived to achieve success and helped this family to reach a considerable position.Even though the family name and fame were sustained he couldnt gain the teenage life which he had not enjoyed  like other boys. He wanted to give his siblings more freedom and enjoy their life to the fullest which he had missed. Now since they have regained their position in the society  they have held their heads high back with pride especially Lavanya who would boast about the prestige of her family in front of her friends. .

Arnav knows to cheer up her .His words made her smile. "Bhai its been 3 years you visited us.. wont you like to see all of us? Why do you always put the blame on your work?

Arnav; :"Chutki, I promise you I will be there this year. By Novemeber my project will be done and I will fly as soon as possible .Now dont think abt competitions. You are always the best dancer. But you should not have talked so rude to anyone. If you ever come across that girl again just apologize to her hope you would listen to my words?"

Lavanya frowned at that thought but had to agree to her brother. She gave the phone to Nani and then passed on to her parents who also had an extended talk with him.

Arnav could not erase his family's thoughts from his mind. All those memories of his parents, nani, di and his cousins their happy and contented life passed through his mind giving a greener tinch of thoughts which made him doze of on the couch itself. Memories can never fade.It just gets greener the more you think about it.


Khushi's excitement and her friend's wish dragged her to give them a small treat for winning the competition. She rushed inside her house happily hugging her amma from behind. Garima was shocked with her sudden hug. Khushi was surprised to see her mom making Jalebi. She pressed her mom expressing her delight.

Garima: "Oh oh Kushi.. Leave me. You are squeezing me.. What happened?"

Khushi :"Amma.. You know I won the dance competiotion. I was selected the best performer.. I am so happy today and to top it all you are making my favoruite delicious jalebis. Love you mom."

She kissed her cheeks and took out one jalebi to relish the taste of victory.
Garima: "Khushi.. Do you think your father will like this ?He just nodded yes to your request to see the smile in your face. Don't trouble him with such requests later."

Khushi :"Amma.. please this is my last year in college. I don't know whether I can enjoy like this later in my life. I wanted to show my talent to prove myself that I can do something with confidence. I promise you mom I wont do anything of that sort which hurts you or papa the most. "

Those words brought Garima's face lit in happiness as she knew her daughter loved them so much as they did. The mom 'daughter conversation was interrupted by the greatest prankster of the house NK aka Nandkishore who just pulled Khushi's hair from behind.

NK : "Hey choti.. Whats happening here? You behave as if you are crowned as the Miss Universe. Chill baby its just a dance competition"

Khushi got angry for pulling her hair and started to hit him.

Khushi : "Stop it NK. If you touch my hair henceforth I m gonna kill you. Anyways Im better off than you. You were just stumbling to pass a bachelors Degree and still searching for jobs? What else you do other than flirting with girls ? Better you can go and continue your cricket with your friends sorry .. Roadside romeos."

NK started to chase her and run around the house for hitting her. Garima was happy to see both the kids fighting and playing. She wished the happiness and joy stayed in their life forever.
Sashi came in which made the brother and sister stop their cat fight. Khushi was looking down when Sashi came and talked to them
Sashi : " beta.. I heard you won the competition. But make sure this would be the last time I agree for such a requst .I dont like to see my kid dancing infront of such a big crowd anymore. We have gained much respect in this society than money.We should not lose it at any cost."
Khushi nodded and Sashi went inside his room leaving behind his kids let out a sigh of relief.


Temple :

Nani and mamiji were attending a satsang that's when Mamiji caught up with her old friend and started gossiping. After the satsang Nani's friends also joined with them and enquired about the news of any Raizada marriage soon. Nani nodded in affirmative.

"Yes we plan to get Chotte married soon. Since he is still busy in his work it might take time till the end of the year to fix it. We are looking out for proposals."

All her friends were just chatting on the happening of Raizada marriage as there has not been any funtion  after Anjali's. They were looking forward for that. Mami remembered that they had to attend a Godhbarai ceremony of one of her friends' daughter in law. They were discussing about the ceremony. One friend suggested them :

"Devayani ji I know one very good family who is also looking out for proposals. I will bring the details in the function.The girl would be a perfect match for your grandson.Actually they have two daughters. We can fix the marriage for your other grandson also which would mean a double delight in one day"

Mami was excited but she put forth a condition that they are looking out for some well off family as they were more intrersted in the status and prestige. Nani just glared at her for such a remark and told them

"Its ok Maya ji. Please give us the details we can surely proceed if the horoscope matches".

Nani and Mami left for home. They got ready with the family to attend the function in the evening. Mami wore her precious jewels to show off her pomp and pride. Mama didnt leave chance to tease her for her over make up. They attended the function and was talking with some of the known people.

Khushi, Garima & Sashi entered the venue. They were also invited by the guests as Sashi was close to the girl's father. Garima blessed the girl and joined the ladies for a chit chat. The ladies were stunned to see Khushi looking so gorgeous. They wished to make her their bahu. Khushi was joined by her friend Payal in the function,they both were best friends from childhood though Payal was one year elder to her. They were enjoying the function while one lady came up to Garima  and asked her about Khushi's studies if they have any plan to get her married.

Garima : "No. actually she is doing her final year. Her father wants her to finish the studies first."

LADy :"Don't delay it Garima. Your daughter looks very pretty. And better you proceed for her marriage before any boy snatches her from you people.And don't regret later. "

These words worried Garima and she just felt low when Sashi came to her side.

"What happened Garima ? Why are you looking sad?"

Garima :"Can we think about Khushi's marriage .I mean we can start looking out for proposals by the end of her college we can fix her marriage. After all it's a matter of six months."

Sashi: "I was also thinking about this.. lets see I will talk to the marriage  broker for some proposals but don't tell anything to Khushi now. "

Khushi was hearing this from behind. She was shocked by her parents decision .Scared enough to think about marriage she started munching her favoruite jalebis walking through the hall hit someone hard.

It was none other than Anjali. Anjali was running behind  her daughter Madhu but Khushi caught hold of Madhu and handed over her  to Anjali.

"I am sorry I didn't notice. My daughter is so naughty that she keeps me busy all the time running behind her. "

KHushi : "That's ok.. Your daughter is so sweet and very cute. What is her name ?"

She kissed Madhu on the nose to which Madhu suddenly jerked back saying :

"My name is Madhumita.. Oh no aunty .. why did u kiss on  my nose?  Only my mamu has right to kiss my nose"

"Oh really ? So just add me also in the list from now. I will also kiss you there only".

She got gelled with Madhu and ANjali easily. Khushi spoke about  her family and Anjali also explained her about her family.Anjali was very much impressed and mesmerized with her beauty. She so wished to see her as her bhabhi. Both were called by their family members. Khushi not leaving Madhu without kissing on her nose once again. Madhumita also liked her as she is so sweet like her mamu.


New Jersey 

Arnav was coming back after a long day of work and couldnt find his keys of the flat. He knew his friend Abhay who was sharing his flat had already occupied the bed and would be travelling accross the dream world half way with some hot girls surrounding him and dancing with him. So to purposely disturb his sleep he rang the bell at 12 Midnight to awake him from his sweet slumber and irritate him for destroying his imaginary private moments in sleep.Arnav just gave three times bell ring and suddenly the door opened.

Expecting an irritated Abhay Arnav was ready to defend the attack but to his utter shock he saw a hot and sexy girl opening the door. His smirk soon turned out to a jaw drop which made him think that he has knocked a different flat. But when she was trying to seduce him with her moves, and with Abhay standing on her back, he filled his "anger" fuel and the rage of fire in his eyes made the girl ran away from there. His next target was Abhay of course for using  his share of  flat  for such "dirty cheap" act.Abhay could sense the Volcano eruption in his flat which made him quickly move to his own room and shut the door.

Arnav was damn pissed off with this act of Abhay as he is a man of values who hated such things. The main defect in him was his anger which overpowers himself and that too he is not the person who lose his cool so often. Abhay knowingly had done this and this made Arnav make a decision to move to a new flat.


To be continued

Precap for Part 2 :

Sashi : "Raju bhai.. but I am bit confused whether to proceed with the talks. I mean the boy is in America and we are not aware of his behaviour and culture moreover  we cant find anyone to enquire about his  character."

Raju :"Sashi.. You are just going to talk to them. You are not going to give them word now itself. I can assure you about the boy.He is a Gem of a person and his family is too nice. Dont worry about your daughter. She will be treated as a queen there "


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Memories can never fade.It just gets greener the more you think about it.





Day Dreaming


update sooonHug

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POsted a loong one..
Thanks for the support and encouragement friends

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my place.

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