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Arhi FF - "FOR YOU FOREVER" THREAD 1 thd2 link page 1 (Page 153)

ranjanatripathi IF-Dazzler

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Simply fabulous...
loved the conversation btween Anjali and Arnav and better still btween Khushi & Arnav...
Loved the mail that he sent her...
would love to see an angry and possessive Khushi...annoyed at her friends for drooling over her fiance...

Originally posted by harhem

Part 7

Arnav shocked to hear the words asked her to continue..

Khushi  : "Arnavji, actually I knew Lavanya before. Last month we had our inter college competition. I had participated in one dance program and after my dance I bumped on to her. I actually didn't see her coming. But there was a small verbal fight with us.  I forgot it that day itself.  I actually wanted to ask apology to her but yesterday the time wasn't right to start the topic.. I feel there is no harm in asking an apology rather than extending this misunderstanding which would remove all the uneasiness among us. "

Arnav now understood that Khushi was the girl whom Lavanya was talking about. But why does she is asking me an apology ' he thought!

Khushi : "I will surely meet Lavanya and ask her a  sorry to make things better between us which I should have done before. Not that she is your sister I would have asked her sorry if she wasn't ur sister too but that might not be so soon. Since I am going to be her sister in law I wish to be friendlier and attached with her. Sorry for creating such a situation unknowingly. I didn't really mean to hurt Lavanya that day."

Arnav was astonished would be a lesser expression. How can she be so kind and caring? She just know me from yesterday.. She didn't talk about how Lavanya behaved with her. Instead of blaming her she covered up La's mistake so smoothly and wants to get into friendly terms with her would be sister in law? I am sure she would be the best person who could change Lavanya without hurting her.  I am indeed lucky..

Khushi : "Arnavji are you listening?"

Arnav: "Yea Khushi' You don't need to ask me sorry ..You don't need to ask Lavanya as well. Just leave this matter to me. I will handle it. And  I know what happened that day. She told me everything.. You were not at fault. It is human nature to get angry at those words and I admire you for talking straight forward to me about the issue rather than concealing it. I can see you emerging as the responsible Sister In law now itself. I am proud of that!"

Khushi became so happy hearing this.She felt she has got a real understanding partner. He took it so lightly, consoled her and moreover admired her. She felt truly blessed.

Khushi: "Thanks Arnavji, that was so kind of you.."

Arnav :  "Reduce the usage of thanks and sorry to me Khushi. You can expect this from now on after all we are going to be living together till the end of our life. Mutual understanding and concern ought to be the part of a good married life. Lets start it from now itself.."

Khushi started smiling.

 Arnav: "Is it getting late Khushi ? I mean its night time there and are you feeling sleepy? I shall call you tomorrow.."

 Khushi: "Its ok Arnavji.. No problem. I m not sleepy. Infact I study for my exams sitting late at night. I am used to it."

 Arnav  (in a naughty tone): " So you won't mind if I trouble you at night?"

 Khushi :"No.. I wont..  Wait (thinking and blushing) ... What did you mean?"

Arnav (with a lop side smile) :" I meant calling you at night. What did you think?"

 Khushi ( blushing) :" I'I' Nothing.. Just nothing.."

 Arnav understood that his words affected her somehow but she was shy. He knew that the comfortable level has raised a bit for both of them to converse. Its easier now to talk things ahead.

 Khushi also felt very happy to have talked to him and felt peaceful after hearing from him that he would solve the issue with Lavanya.

 Arnav :"Ok Khushi.. Its getting late. You take rest. I will call you tomorrow. By the by do you have any email id so that  we can communicate through mails. Or sometimes we can chat as well."

 Khushi : "I do have Arnavji, but I don't use it often."

Arnav took down her email id. "Ok just try to check your mail tomorrow to note down my email.. Take care..Good Night ''"

 Khushi : "Ok Arnavji, Good Night."

 Arnav : "B'y..e'."

 Khushi : "hmm.. Bye.."

 Silence after the bye.. This word has never been so emotional for both of them. Still with the hope of hearing each other's voices for the next day they hung up.

Arnav closed his eyes praying to his mother thanking her for giving him such a life partner as he wished. He could feel his mother's presence through her words. There is nothing more attractive than the love and affection level that a person share. He felt he need to talk to his di for thanking her in finding such a lovely wife.

Arnav : "Di' How are you ? Were you sleeping? Sorry to disturb you.."

Anjali (laughing) : "Chotte' I expected that you wont call me after your long scale conversation with your fianc. But my little brother is so sweet by not forgetting his di and  call her at the middle of the night  to thank for such a wonderful selection."

Arnav : "Di' How did you know why I called? And by the way this is not just to say thanks but to talk to all of you as well"

 Anjali : "Chotte.. I am your elder sister. I have been watching you from the day you were born. And for that alteration of my statement I disagree. You are well aware that  everyone would have slept by this time and I know you don't like to disturb anyone from their sleep. So take back those words"

Arnav (embarrassed): "Di.. I can deceive anyone but not you.."

Anjali : "So hows my selection uh?"

Arnav : "No words. You are the best di'"

Anjali : "Am I the one who made the selection is the best or the one I selected is the best?"

Arnav : "Gosh!!! You started your claim on your sister's rights from now on? I don't want to see any fight between sister in laws in our house please."

 Anjali : "Excuse me chotte, we sister in laws are very well attached to each other. Better YOU don't come in between us."

 Arnav :"Wow.. so much respect and love she has gained that my di has placed her on the front seat of her heart replacing me.."

 Anjali: "Of course, just wait till the marriage. She is gonna take your place in everyone's heart in our family'"

Arnav ( pouting ):"Poor me.. I am left alone"

Anjali : "No.. You have already confirmed the front seat of her heart by now. We all look out for her love and care but she would be expecting a triple fold love and care from you chotte. She is very nice. I want this marriage to happen fast.."

Arnav: "Yea Di. I know I feel that in her words. Don't worry everything will turn out well."

Anjali :"Accha baba.. Now I have to sleep. I need to wake up early as your Jijaji is travelling tomorrow early morning. If I get late, he will make use of that opportunity to tease me.. Will talk to you later.. Take care."

Arnav hung up the call when Tanish came in his room to call for the meeting he had postponed for 1 hour without any reason. Truly his priorities changed within 2 days.


Sashi and Buaji were talking about the shagun ceremony to be taken place next week. Garima was preparing the list of sweets and the food to be prepared where as Sashi was in discussion with buaji on the things to buy. NK sneaked into the hall not to get noticed by his strict father.

 Sashi : "Nanhe' wait.. where were you yesterday?"

NK: "Papa, voh'. I slept at my friends' place. I called amma and told her yesterday night itself."

 Sashi: "When are you going to be responsible? You have been searching for a job for the past three years still have not caught up with any job. Your sister would be getting married soon. You still plan to roam with your friends throughout your life. Don't you have a little  sense of responsibility in you? I feel my titaliya is too matured than you though she is younger to you"

NK: "Papa please.. I told you I am searching for my desired job and I am sure I will get one soon. Please don't pester me any more with same questions again and again."

Sashi (angrily) : "Oh now u say I am troubling you? Mind you this is my house and  you are still under my shelter. If you have that much Guts, courage and faith in you, prove me that."

 NK: "Fine.. Anyways I wanted to tell you all about this earlier. Now I m clear in my way. I am going to Mumbai tomorrow to search a job and wont return back till I get settled. You seem to be more blaming me now a days and don't have faith in me which I would prove wrong soon. Get ready to see your son in a good position. Amma I am leaving tomorrow. I will go and get my bags ready."

 Buaji  : "Arre Nandkishore. Wait.. why do you both get angry soon? Nandkishore.. don't take any decision in haste. Wait you can search job here also.."

Sashi : "No jiji.. he would lazy around if he is under our shelter. Let him go and search a job of his own .let him feed himself with his own hard earned money. Then he would know the  value of parents, family and relationships. He should also understand the value when  the penny one spends  from his own  pocket becomes  more valuable than spending from other pocket."

 Garima : "But titaliya's marriage is coming up. If he leave now, then he cant attend the all the  functions. He is our only son ji.. He has to be here."

NK: "Amma, don't worry I will try to reach for my sister's marriage. For that I cant bear this humiliation everyday. I know how to gain respect for myself. I wont return back until I show my worth to all of you"

NK left angrily from the hall while Garima and Buaji got sad. Sashi was really shocked to see the sudden realization of responsibility and proving to show his self dependance.But he was satisfied that atleast now his son had that thought to come up in life and felt good at this first step.


Khushi and her friends were attending the Literature class. Half of the students get bored and they skip the class. She was very attentive and would never compromise her classes even if she had any dance practices. Kavya while yawning saw her friend immersed in her dream land thinking about her prince in the pretense of listening to the class. She felt so jealous of her for enjoying a love affair with parent's permission and she badly wanted to enjoy that curiosity and feelings. Unable to control her jealousy she pinched Khushi on her elbows hardly which resulted in a high pitch "ouch" sound waking up the sleeping babies of the class.The noise startled the Professor who was deeply engrossed in depicting Julius Ceasar conspiracy  scene shouted "Who is that ...Brutus?"The whole class rolled in laughter for the spontaneous wit. Khushi tried to hide herself under the desk out of embarrassment. Shreya  trying to divert Mam's attention  "Madam its Cassius not Brutus..The next line was from Cassius." The professor continued while Khushi made herself comfortable after an angry  look at Kavya waiting to hit her head for shaking her attention from her dreamland and making her howl in front of the professor.

 After the classes girls had to witness a chasing hitting session of Khushi on Kavya for her unforgivable act in the class which made them happy to see their friend enjoying. Khushi made some negotiations with Kavya that she wont be anymore disturbed during her dream sequence.

 Khushi : "Hey Shreya.. I need to check my mail urgently . Can I come to your house today?"

 All together : "Mails?

 Swetha : "Khushi when did u start checking your mails? You are the one who advised us not to browse too much as it would lead to addiction inturn affecting studies. You were adamant on not opening a mail id.. And we had to forcefully open one for you..Now why this change?"

Divya : "Arre yaar.. She is going to marry a software engineer.. If she doesnt know how to open a simple mail box then its an insult to the IT professional's wife."

Shreya "Hey Is jiju trying to  send you any mails? IS that what you wanted to check?"

Khushi ( blushing) :"Yea.. Shreya.. He asked me to check the mail.. I dont know why.."

They all got excited and ran to Shreya's house for checking the mail. Khushi was blushing so hard to open the mail with her friends surrounding her. They were more curious than her. She wished they moved from that place so that she could see what he had sent her, with peace. Shreya understood Khushi's uncomfortableness. She took the others by asking them to take some snacks from downstairs. As soon as they left Khushi couldnt keep controlling her anxiety, opened the mail. A mail from Arnav Raizada.. Seeing the word itself she got goose bumps. A name with such a power and a person who is so sweet and kind. Her thoughts were given a break when she read the mail..

 Hey Khushi..

 Hope you are fine today. Hows everyone at home?How was the college? Did you enroll for the culturals?

 It was very nice talking to you. First I had some hesitation as you would like me or not. Your reply gave me courage to proceed.. After talking to you I had really appreciated my di's selection. To be frank I liked you when we first talked. I know its too early to judge an opinion but my judgment at the first go will never go wrong. Hope I also satisfied your expectation level or else just tell me  I can improve.

You dont have to worry about anything. Be Happy always.. I will take care of everything.

It was not fair on my part to not come and meet you in person. I wanted to send you my recent photo as I know my di would have had only my old photos win formals which should be taken years back. I am attaching some of the recent photos. Hope you like it. I need your comment on those. I am ready to compensate that mistake by video chats. Dont worry I will ask papa's permission and would arrange for that as well when you are free.

Hope to get a reply from you..Take care

With Love



Khushi's happiness turned tears. She didnt expect him to be so considerate of her. She thanked devimayya. She was stunned to see a hotter Arnav in those pics all of them in casuals and denims. She was stunned to see the smirky Arnav with his goggles dressed in Black T shirt and Blue jeans. She was admiring her fiance while she could hear some strange sounds from behind... Her friends drooling over her "Would be"..


A question to the readers ' What would be Khushi's reaction to her friends and to Arnav's mail?

To be continued...

Thanks for the awesome response and love.. Heart

Sorry for the lazy update today as I had some unavoidable work... Ouch





destiny_on_fire Newbie

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AWESOME. that was amazing. I absolutly loved it, can't wait to read more . You are one fabulous writer. I admire your style of writing, it's quite intriguing.
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Hi Harhem,
I'm really enjoying your FF, been following it keenly from the start, but sorry I have not commented on it.
I think the concept is really good and hats off to your great writing skills.
I wonder how the story is going to unfold further? Will Lavanya find out that the guy she loves is Khushi's brother NK? Lets see what happens...
Thank you soo much for always giving me a great read. Hope you can continue soon and keep up the good work!!!!

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i know the comment is really late but i just sort of found out the basics; i joined IF earlier this month but read you updates before and loved them!!!! please do pm me when you update something

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@harhem: Awesum n fantastic thread!!!!Smile

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amandadsouza95 IF-Stunnerz

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Nyc story n nyc thread!!!!Smile

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just start reading this ff
really interesting
like it

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