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Arhi FF - "FOR YOU FOREVER" THREAD 1 thd2 link page 1 (Page 102)

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Originally posted by harhem


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waiting eagerlyDay Dreaming

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luv_arshi Goldie

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Loved Loved loovveeedd da updtteee <3 <3

hehe the starting part was funny.. all of 'em thinking smething or da othr as to wht happnd to deir boss LOL

aayee hayee.. he did wanted to leavee haaan Wink

Lavanya.. why u do likee diizz!! *sob sob*

currently she is da villain for me haha

aww i liked wen anji was pulling his legg Wink

Arnav's chat wid her family member was lovely <3 

for sure now no1 has any doubt on how da guy is.. 

nd den comes da main part of da updte.. i was just dieing for this 1 for a long timee Tongue

but dt was such a short convo between Arshi Cry

i want moooreee LOL

hayyee khushii blushing and all *uff*

cud soo imagine dt whole scenee <3

reading ur updte juz made me realise how fun a arrange marriage can be.. provided if its da same way LOL

Awesomee walaa updteee harhem :)

and thanks for the pm

puhlleeaazee doo updtee soon.. *prreetty pleease* Wink

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jaden1369 Senior Member

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awesome update...update soon...

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luckyarnav Senior Member

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This was fantastic, lovely dear.

But i am scared hope Lavanya doesnt create a rift

No nanhe ji in this partCry  plz write about him and tell us fast what is history b/w him and Lavanya.

Write soon , loved anjali and Arshi

Thank u 

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Crazy_soul IF-Rockerz

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Update pileej

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verisimilitude IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 6

An unknown joy crept in Arnav's mind after the conversation. It was short, sweet, cute but unforgettable first words. "I am going to be hers and she is going to be mine forever"the feeling is beyond words. He moved towards his door with a smile to look at who had rung the bell. Abhay, with a beautiful bouquet in hand, a cheesy smile in his face stretching his one arm, bending down on his knees – "Arnie… I am sorry…"

Arnav when opened the door was spellbound to see his friend in this posture. He could say only one word that too emitting with a high velocity :

"WHAT THE???".

His face turned from shock to irritation to anger. Abhay who was anticipating this reaction from his friend pretended to be not affected or scared, stood up.

Abhay:  "Arnie.. I am sorry man.. I know  I have done wrong. I repent for it truly.Please understand.. It was you who made me a little responsible to my family. I have been with you since the age of five. We have fought several times and I have asked sorry many times too. Why are you adamant on this matter Arnie ? Do you want to just wash off my friendship just like that? I never wanted to get separated from you that's why I too accompanied you to US. We have seen the best and the worst together. I apologize for all my sins and promise you that I wont repeat this again."

Abhay's emotional blackmail was slowly working for him.

Arnav was a little emotional thinking abt his past. Both of them were true friends.Though Abhay was a prankster and a  mischievous boy Arnav usually cover up all his faults by convincing his family and relatives. It was Abhay and his family who gave support and strength to  Arnav and his family at their difficult times. More than Abhay, Arnav was the son of their family. They always wanted Abhay to take model of Arnav. But he was too careless in life. Arnav could shout at him, slap him, spit at him, hit him with a stick and even put him under the hot oven for committing such mistakes but he cant just  forget or hate him.

Arnav : " Ok promises are meant to be followed Mr.Abhay Sinha. Its just fake to hear that word from your mouth. I am hearing this for the umpteenth time.Well as always I forgive you hoping to see my friend turn to a saint soon.. But what was this flower bouquet for? You make a wrong impression buddy. We are friends ONLY… Don't make others assume something else.. "

Abhay : " Who are they to assume? You are my friend, guide, brother, philosopher, father, mother, sister and I love you… who will talk nonsense? Do you mean they will mistake us as gay ?"

Arnav:  " Stop it idiot.. Come in.. By the way you didn't answer me on this flowers?"

 Abhay : "Ah… yea.. Take this brother.. Hearty Congratulations. I had called Anjali Di, she told me about your marriage being fixed.. So got your Soulmate? Hows my would be bhabhi?  Did u talk to her?" Abhay winked as Arnav got a small blush and smiled….

 Arnav  : " oh well thank you for the flowers. Your Bhabi is fine too."

 Abhay : :"Oyye.. u like her… wow.. my friend also got trapped.. Lovely!!!"

Arnav : " Just shut up… I have some cleaning work.. since you have come home on a Sunday, just help me out in cleaning the house."

 Abhay : "Damn, I shouldn't have come on a Sunday.. I could have spent quality time with my girlfriends… than cleaning this mess"

 Arnav : " Excuse me…Did u call this a mess? Its far better than your chaotic ruined good for nothing accomodation. I am at peace here when I came out of that dungeon. If you wanna stay here join me in the cleaning stuff or else leave.. "

 Abhay couldn't surpass his friend's order..He joined in cleaning the flat talking about the marriage and family.Abhay was relieved to have sorted out the new issue and reconciled with Arnav.. wondering when the next problem will knock his door.


 Akash  and Payal sitting face to face on the half broken bench in the middle of a garden, eyes meeting, hands touching, feelings  sharing.

(What is so passionate about this love -  for sitting hours and hours looking at each other's face without uttering one word, creating a shrug on the onlookers who are jealous of not having proper time for such stuff? One answer universally accepted is.. "This is called Love..".)

After Payal felt she had enough of her eye getting strained because of this staring she started..

Payal : "Akash How long are you planning to continue this?"

Akash : "Till we feel enough looking at our eyes."

Payal  stopped her staring exercise.. Got irritated by his answer…

Payal : "Akaash..  I am asking you about our secret meeting not this eye lock."

Akash: "Oh.. Our secret meeting will continue till we get married and that happens only after my bhai marries, now since his marriage is fixed, our route is clear."

Payal : "accha.. then why cant u start the talk with your family?"

 Akash : "Don't be stupid Payal. How can I go and tell my family that I am in love and I want to get married to her as soon as possible as I am reserving my place next after my bhai for marriage. Doesn't that sound a bit ridiculous?"

Payal got furious "You fool… why I ever fell in love with a dumb head like you? You find my love ridiculous? You are concerned about you, your bhai and your family. Then why the hell did you love me …….?

 The next five minutes was like a "reservoir of curses and abuses" had broken down on Akash's ears leading to his tympanum rupture. He just gasped after she finished her praises.

Akash :  "Enough Payal. I have heard enough for a life time. Give it a break. I understand what you are pointing out. I will surely talk to my bhai who is the only anchor of my "Love ship". I will call him today itself to talk to di and thereby proceed it with my parents and the most importantly Nani .. One brownie point we have is you are Khushi's bhabhi's good friend.So I can easily seek her help too."


Payal  :"Akash.. why do you need others to decide or talk for you? Why cant you straight away ask your Nani ?"


Akash : "What me talking to Nani? No way!"


Payal :  "Why do you behave so spineless  Akash. I could have talked to your bhai directly about this matter. Let me talk to Khushi first. Atleast they will understand me better than you!"


Akash :"Wow that's a nice idea. I think we wasted our time in fighting over it. The solution is so simple you see.."


Payal : "This is not a solution. This is just a path towards the solution ! wonder if we reach till the end or not. Or else be ready to grow a beard and buy a nice present for my marriage which will happen soon."


Akash some how convinced her and they decide to talk this to Arnav and Khushi who are the saviors for them to present their marriage matter to the family.


Lavanya was watching her mobile for long as if awaiting a call from someone. Her friends were watching her nervous face with the biting nails and frequent looks at the mobile screen.

Kritika : "Hey La.. why are u so tensed ? Are you waiting for someone's call?"

Lavanya : "No.. nothing.."

 Sneha : " See can we go for movie now? I heard they are screening Jab Tak Hain Jaan  in the nearby theater."

 Lavanya : "I am not interested. You all can move"

 Rohan: " Hey babe what happened?"

 Lavanya ( shouting ) : " Can you all leave me alone please…."

 She  got up from her seat and moved near the stairs. She got a call in her mobile.Her face got relieved but anger was at its peak.


Lavanya: "Where are you Kishore ? I have been calling you for the past two days.Why cant you pick up the call"


Kishore : "Just forget everything La. I have better things to do in my life. Just put a full stop to our relationship. Better you also just move on.I am not in a mood to talk to you. Bye"

 Lavanya called him again..

 Lavanya: "What do you mean by that? Are you playing with my emotions? Enough of this joke Kishore.( she was getting a bit calm and relaxing..)  I m serious.. Tell me what's the problem? Anything related to your father's business? Or are you still hanging on to that fight which we had earlier. That day I was a bit off because of my dance competition.. Please don't take it seriously. Can we meet today? I am sure I can clear your mood"

Kishore : "I told you La. I don't want to hear anything. I m moving from this country, I am travelling to Canada tomorrow wont be back anytime. Please understand and forget everything. That's all I can say. Just close this chapter from your life and study well .Your family would look for a perfect partner for you and live with him happily. Bye."

Lavanya couldn't control her tears. She cried bitterly sitting on the stairs of her college. She had never expected such a sentence from her lover. Her love started with an attraction when Kishore had confronted her on a busy mall. She mistook him as the one who had misbehaved with her but after she came to know about him she herself apologized. She was attracted by his charming personality and with his looks and style could conclude that he was born with a silver spoon. Further their relationship grew into a very serious affair. But she didn't reveal this even to her only confidant -her bhai. She believed her Kishore who gave her high hopes something which made her trust him more was he appeared to be rich. "Did he ditch me?.. The tears drained but the thoughts didn't. She started questioning herself as if she could get an answer from that. She made sure that she wont let out this secret to any one till her bhai is back .


Khushi came running home after her college. She wanted to finish off all her work before he calls at night.Buaji who was sitting on the couch reading a book was watching her niece between her thick eyed glass.. Khushi rushed into the bathroom got fresh and changed her clothes. Went in to the kitchen to have a snack and a hot tea.. Garima was horrified to see Khushi in the kitchen so quietly after she heard only a "hi amma". She would always know when Khushi  enters with her loud speaker on,  calling amma and her non stop lecture of her her happenings of the day in her college. To her surprise, she saw a Khushi silently gobbling aloo pakode without a word from her mouth. She usually makes a relishing sound eating pakode and jalebi. After her snack she rushes to her room to take out her books and starts writing some assignements. In between they heard some whispers about something. Buaji and Garima wondering what happened to her suddenly. Sashi came in later at night and saw his daughter busy in her assignments. He went near by her caressing her hair.

Khushi : "Hi papa.. what happened? Why are you looking like that?"

 Sashi : " Nothing titaliya.. since your childhood everyday when I return back from my shop u used to come running taking my things inside and talking to me. Today I cant see my titaliya. What happened to you?"

 Khushi got emotional thinking how could she forget all these in the middle of her work. She couldn't bear those small acts which could make her parents feel different in her behavior. She hugged him tight and started talking to them normally. They never liked a silent Khushi as the house would be so dull without her voice and chirping. The moment she started talking smiles appeared with the glowing faces as if the sun rays shining brightly in the morning.

 After the dinner she retired to her room. Awaiting the call a pillow on her lap looking at the clock she was counting seconds, minutes and what not measuring the length of the pendulum too.Too much physics indeed. Smile turning to anxiety then to pouting as he is delaying the call.

The mobile flashes the number waking her senses. The heart goes for its relay race while hearing the ringtone of the mobile. She takes the support of the pillow by pressing it hard as if she can gain strength by squeezing it. Without further delay answers with a little shiver.

Khushi : ""

 Arnav's lips spread across giving a sweet smile to the voice he heard. Something like small balloon burst inside the heart. He didnt want to let this chance waste on thinking what it is rather than proceeding.

Arnav : "Hi Khushi, It s me Arnav.. How are you today? Hows everyone at home?"

 Khushi felt so touching when he enquired abt her family too..


Khushi : "I am fine. All are fine at home too. How are you?"

 Arnav felt very happy for the care shown by his future wife on him after all he is going to be hers soon.

 Arnav :"Yea me doing good. Sorry yesterday I called you too late. Hope papa didnt feel bad."

 Khushi hearing the word papa was shocked and was pleasantly surprised at his affection.

Khushi : "No thats ok..Ummm ... Did di give my number?"

Arnav:  "Yea, she gave me."

 Arnav ( mindvoice ) – Dammit talk something else. Dont beat around the bush. Get into some useful convo..

Khushi : "If you dont mind can I ask you something? How should I call you?"

 Arnav : "Anything you like.. I dont have any special conditions.."

 Khushi : "Shall I call you "Arnavji?""

 Arnav felt he hasnt heard his name being called so sweet and cute. A butterfly running around  evoking the senses..

 Arnav: "Beautiful..  I like that."

 Khushi : "Thanks Arnavji.."

 Khushi ( mindvoice ) : It was so sweet of him to accept it. What shall I talk about now? Shall I wait for his question or shall I start conversing. He seems to be liking my talks too. NO.. wait Khushi, dont give a bad impression by your nonstop chatter. He might feel that he is going to marry a FM radio.

 Arnav : "Khushi.. what happend? Are u there?"

 Khushi : "Yea.. I m here. So..."

 Arnav : "SO...

 Khushi : " SO.. did you call your home today ?"

 Arnav just came back to his senses. OMG out of over  curiosity to call Khushi he forgot to call his family. But he knew they would understand him.His would be wife cares about his family too and she has a nice behaviour, he thought.

 Arnav : "No I have to call them after your call. Did u like them? Did you meet all of them?"

 Khushi got excited since the topic was too light to handle.

 Khushi : "yea.. actually I met Anjali di and Madhu in a function. They are very close to me. When they came to meet me I was surprised and I felt very happy that I am going to be their relation. Nani – she is very sweet and caring. I loved her. Shyam jijaji .. he is very jovial like my brother. Mamaji – exactly like my father very affectionate. Mamiji- she is very good in talks. I love to talk with her. Akashji – he is too humble and sweet too. I love your family so much."

 Arnav smiled at the innocence of this child in Khushi.. He understood that though she was very much bonded with the family..

Arnav : SO what do you think about me?

Khushi felt like tremor but that was something very pleasing making her go red.

Khushi : "Arnav..ji...voh..  I ... ( blush!!!! she lost words) .."

 Arnav could sense her embarrassment..He knew how to make her comfortable as he himself was getting little shy on asking the question direct to a girl for the first time. His interactions with any girls have never been so personal and direct from heart.

 Arnav : "Ok .Ok.. I can ask that later since I just started talking to you and we have ample time to talk about that. So hws your studies going?"

 Khushi : "All fine. Studies are good,our sem exams are nearing too. We have our culturals coming up next month."

Arnav : "Thats great. I heard about your interest in studies. SO how good are you at other activities."

Khushi  : "I am quite good at other activities especially dance. I have won several competitions."

Arnav : "Oh then I am opposite to you. I dont dance at all. Actually I dont know how to dance thats the problem.."

Khushi let out a chuckle. " Dont worry I am there to teach you.."


She didnt knw how that spontaneously came out of her mouth. She closed her mouth for the sudden slip but what's wrong in the statement.Don't she have that right.. She thought.

 Arnav ( smirking ) : "ah thank you.. So you are participating in the culturals this time?"

Khushi : "No.. I havent enrolled till now. Actually  I wanted your's and Nani's  permission before doing that."

 Arnav ( surprised)  :"What ? Mine and Nani's why?"

Khushi : "Arnavji, now I am a part of your family too. Whatever I decide will affect you also. I never take up decisions on my own. Its my duty to take up the permission of elders in the family so that I dont go against their wish. And I cant perform without your permission too. I dont know how to explain that.


Arnav ( mindvoice) – How is that possible? She is so matured in her talks than her age, respecting the elders decision.. I wish I could go and hug her tight for that respectfulness.And that straight forward answer.. Damn . I love her!

 Arnav  :" I love your thoughts Khushi..I dont have any qualms in your participation. Infact I would love to see your performance."

Khushi felt excited : "Thanks Arnavji.."

Khushi : "Infact you can ask Nani too. She wont deny .She is conservative but she wont demotivate any talents of her grandchildren. She allows my little sister Lavanya to participate in whatever she likes. Havent you met Lavanya?"


Khushi smile started to fade. She  had decided that she should not take up this grudge anymore now. She didnt want any problem between her and Lavanya as now she is going to be her sister in law. Khushi decided to settle the issue with Lavanya by asking apology. But she wanted to reveal this to Arnav first. Though she didnt knew the consequence she wanted to be clear at this matter as no issues should come up in their life later.


Khushi ( in a low voice) : "Arnavji.. I wanted to tell you something .. I want to ask you sorry first.."

 Arnav shocked to hear the words asked her to continue..

 TO be continued..



 Arnav  (in a naughty tone): " So you won't mind if I trouble you at night?"

 Khushi :"No.. I wont..  Wait  (thinking and blushing) ... What did you mean?"


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Pms will be sent tomorrow..

Thanks for an awsome response...Hug

Some one had pointed out how interesting is arranged marriage.

Trust me guys.. arranged marriage is  thrilling and interesting too.. Wink

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