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Arhi FF - "FOR YOU FOREVER" THREAD 1 thd2 link page 1 (Page 68)

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Sorry friends for the late update.  Will make up for this delay by updating the next part soon. Hope you enjoy this for now. Again thanks for the encouragement and support



Sashi : "Devayaniji we are really happy on this proposal. We can proceed further after your grandson also agrees. We have to request you for one important matter. Right now Khushi is studying in college. We were not planning for this so soon. So if you could consider the wedding to be extended for 6 months'"


Nani was a bit thoughtful on this but she just saw her grandaughter's face who agreed smilingly.

Nani :"That's okay Sashiji. I just wanted to have Khushi near by me as soon as possible. I am very much looking forward for this marriage."

Sashi and family was pleased at their generosity. They indulged in a good chat while NK was entering into the hall. He was surprised to see the groom's family and was about to come in the front to get self introduced.

Shocked ! He moved 2 steps backwards when he saw Lavanya sitting on the couch among this family texting to someone. "Gosh Lavanya!" It seemed like a big stone fell on his head when he witnessed her unexpected presence. His heart came out of his mouth. He ran backwards towards the door and got into his room hiding himself from the crowd.


Khushi was really excited and happy to interact with such a nice family and she thanked her devimayya to have got acquaintance with them. Now the only concern was the question raised by Lavanya."Will he agree to this marriage? Will he like me?"

Payal who was trying to avoid Akash's uninterrupted intense glance saw the perplexed face of Khushi. She slowly moved near her ear and asked her"Hey Khushi what happened. Why are you still looking tensed? You are going to be the bahu of such a beautiful family and do you still doubt them?"


Khushi: "Payal. Pls.. don't say that, I m blessed to be even getting an interaction with them I am  worried whether he would like me or not."


Payal just giggled and kissed her cheeks. "Don't worry about that, I am sure he will fall head over heels even a glance at  your picture."

Khushi blushed at the thought of it. Nani and family left the house after having some discussions about the family and their relatives. Nani assured that they would inform them about Arnav's decision and let them know by the end of the day. Nani, Mami and Anjali with Madhu  couldn't move out without hugging Khushi as she had won all their hearts. Akash sent a silent signal to Payal asking a sorry and to be present on their secret meeting place to carry out their discussion. Payal just blushed and Akash got his green signal that she is not angry with him anymore. After they left the house. Payal took Khushi to her room and locked the door.

Payal: "Now open the envelope fast. Let me see how Arnav Jiju looks like?"

Khushi : " No Payal. Lets not open unless he agrees for this marriage. Let us see whether he likes my picture and say ok to this marriage. It is not fair to develop desires and hopes unless we are not sure about the outcome."


Payal was dropping her jaw hearing the strictness of Khushi's moral rules and regulations. She took a pillow from the bed and started hitting Khushi for her so called "principles". Khushi understood her frustration and played along with her like small kids...


Anjali as soon as she reached the house started calling her chottey.She described word by word on what all happened from the start to end. She gave all the details of Khushi and her family. Her excitement knew no bounds and that was clearly audible in her conversation which Arnav could easily guess.


Arnav:  "Di If you all are so happy and satisfied with this proposal, no need to ask me for the consent. I know about your selection and you would always select what is best for me.    I don't need to see the picture even. You can proceed. But I need to tell you that I cant travel for the next six months. I prefer the wedding to be arranged after six months. Can you just convince them on this matter?"


Anjali : "Don't worry chotte. They also needed time for six months as my would be bhabhi is very studious and she wants to complete her studies before marriage."


Arnav was impressed by hearing her interest in studies. Anjali's talks about her behavior, talent and her nature gave slight shake on his heart. He felt a sort of unknown feelings for her even before seeing her picture, even before hearing a word from her. May be this was his girl whom destiny has fixed for him to share this life he thought.


Anjali : "I am so happy for you chotte. Like I wished I m going to see my little brother getting married soon.And I don't want to make you desparate now. I have sent Khushi's photo to your email. Check it. I will inform your acceptance to everyone here. A good news has brought back this house back to its celebration  mood."


Arnav: "Oh thanks di.  I will surely check the mail. What s my cutie baby doing? Is she happy? Is Nani around? Wheres Akash and chutki. What was Mamaji doing I couldnt talk to him last time..."

Anjali : "Chote.. Now don't ask for anyone. Go and check your mail first. I am sure this will be the final time you would be urging to talk to us . From now on you would be in dreamland and will forget us soon"


Arnav ( potuting) : "Di,please don't say that. Our family is my priority."


Anjali : "Bas.. I know. The priorities always changes after marriage Chotey. Okay let me inform this good news to Khushi's family. I need to prepare kheer for all of us to celebrate this. Bye .."


Arnav as soon as he hung the call was smiling thinking about the happiness of his family which was solely dependent on his life. He has never compromised when it comes to the contentment of his family. His thoughts were running smoothly when suddenly it hit his brain that Di has sent Khushi's photo. He hurriedly took his laptop and was opening his mail. His anxiety was so obvious that he forgot that he was just wearing a towel as he came running to attend the call half way from his bath. He didn't care about the costume as he thought he had the most important work to do now that is to  see his would be's picture from the email. An email has never been so lucky that Arnav has given the utmost importance than his bath! *****Dhak Dhak..*****  His heart started to pace up when the file was downloading . His thoughts -" why am I getting so desperate ? Its just a picture. But I am going to see my soul mate now. I am going to share my life with this person. Her life would be my responsibility'" All these thoughts made him close his eyes for a second and he opened to witness the most beautiful creation he has ever seen. His eyes forgot its usual exercise of blinking as even the eyelids didn't want to miss the gorgeous figure on the screen. "Jaw drop" was only a phrase which he has heard or read till now but he found himself experiencing this. Not the beauty , not the physique not the structure, not the fairness of her skin but something which attracted him which made him frozen at the spot.  He has seen many girls right from super sexy girls  to ultra modern girls. No one had made an impact by just an appearance. They havent even  made him glance at them for the second time. But the simplicity, the elegance the innocence the chirpiness which was revealing on her milky white face and the caring eyes made him more stern on his decision to get married to this girl. He wished the six months get going faster.


NK was sitting on his room alone as he was aghast to see Lavanya when he entered the house during their visit. He got to know that Lavanya was the groom's little sister. Khushi came near him and snapped her finger when he came back to his senses.


Khushi : "Hey what happened? I thought you were still outside. Didnt see you when they came to our house. Wish you could have met them. They were so lovely family. They all liked me so much"


Her smile and the happiness in her face made NK fake a smile. He could do anything for his sister's smile. He used to fight with her, he usually irritates her but he always considered as his doll. He wanted to tell her what was going through his mind now. But something pulled him from within as he wanted to see that smile stay  on  his little sister's face forever. He was worried about something which Khushi could easily detect from his face.

 Khushi : "Are u ok NK? Where has that joker and the fool  in my  brother gone? Are u not happy with this proposal?"

 NK: "hey no choti. Not that. Now tell me are you happy with the proposal? Did you like Arnav?"

Khushi was about to answer but was intervened by the phone ring. She saw her father picking it up and his face was turning brighter as the seconds passed by. He just called up everyone and informed that Arnav also said "ok" to this marriage and they are going to fix this after 6 months. Garima and Buaji thanked Devimayya went on to kiss Khushi who was in ecstacy. Anjali expressed her desire to talk to Khushi and Sashi passed on the phone receiver to her.


Anjali :"Congrats Khushi. Oops babhi.. I spoke to chottey and he said ok. I m so glad that you are going to be my baabhi soon. Cant wait for six months. Wish the time runs faster."

 Khushi was blushing.  Anjali could sense her blush and to add more redness her cupid mind started to think something naughty to bring them both together.  

 Anjali: "I sent your picture to Arnav. I couldnt hear any response after that. I guess my brother would have fainted seeing your picture." She laughed while Khushi was turning tomato red with the mere mention of him seeing her picture.

 Khushi : "Anjali ji. Pls..."

 Anjali  : " Hey now on wards u should be calling me di as my brother calls me. And did u see his picture? How is it? Did u like him?"

 Khushi couldnt answer this. What would his sister think when she comes to knw that she hasnt even open the envelope to see his face as she wanted an affirmed decision from his end.

 Anjali : "Okay I understand that you are so shy to talk all these infront of your family. If you dont mind can I get your mobile number so that I can talk to you in private without any disturbance?"

 Khushi gave her mobile number and Anjali had to pass the  phone as Nani had pestered her to talk to the would be bahu. After all their conversations she left to her room leaving behind an excited parents and buaji. They were so happy and were discussing about the marriage proceedings which is going to happen 6 months later. But she failed to notice the confused soul her brother who was pondering about something which he couldnt get answers till now.


Khushi ran towards her cupboard where she had hidden her treasure- the photo of her would be husband. She had vowed herself that she wont open until she gets a green signal from all ends. She closed the door and took the envelop in hand. She closed her eyes prayed to her devimayya that she should like him. Her prayers were followed by her hands opening the envelope slowly *****Dhak Dhak.. *****Her heart was pounding faster. "Why am I getting this nervous? I have never been like this till now. But I am going to see the one for whom I would be living  my life till eternity. My soulmate, my better half  might turn out to be the best half. Will I share the same bond which I always had dreamt with  my future husband..."  Her cornea enlarged to get a clearer view of the most hottest man in the world. She has not been affected by any man  till date. His chiseled face, fair skin , his well tonned body didnt strike or leave much impact on her heart.But the eyes which emitted the ocean of affection and warmth, the smile which could kill many hearts and the humbleness on his face. Dignified look with zero percent attitude added the charm. She could easily guess his character as if she could read minds through faces. More than anything there was a magnetic pull towards him which released a different emotion from all the emotions she had till now. She just thanked devimayya for such a blessing on her life. The thoughts  and her imaginations took over the charge in her making her even forget to prepare the assignments for the next day class.


To be continued.



Arnav  : "Hi.. I am Arnav... umm Is that Khushi ?"


Khushi could just keep her hand near her heart as she felt like it could stop any moment after hearing such a husky voice. She just closed her eyelids letting out a prayer to devimayya no to make her embarass at this situatiion. She gained courage and tried to start her convo as he might think that she had no interest in talking to him.


Khushi. .( searching for words) "Hi.. Yea.. Khu... Khu...shi here."


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my plce.
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loved it very interesting story Clap
precap is just awesome Embarrassed
cant wait for next part continue soon please Smile
and thank u for pm me Hug

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Loved it read ... Do continue soon

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Res ( y can't I comment first :/ )

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thank u!!!

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love it so arnav and khushi like each other just by looking at the picture interesting anyways loved it and thanks for the pm

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