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Mine to keep, love and protect

RIYA'S POV-              
She was shattered for inside and she kept crying clutching cushion near to chest, her eyes was swollen because of continues crying and sobbing made her throat heavy. Was this supposed to end like this? This question keeps buzzing her mind but he was not always like this she is his childhood friend, they both did their schooling and collage together and they were best friends ever since their bond was unbreakable.

He is her first and last love, she used to take care of every single thing about him; his like dislikes and so many time she gotten scold because of him but she never complain, she thought someday he might feel her love for him and will accept her.

Then Roshni came into his life she indeed was charming beautiful and instantly he fell for her, Roshni was so different from her; bold and confident whole collage wanted to be with her. Arjun keep talking about Roshni all the time and even when she is with him. once Roshni teased her on her simple looks whole collage laugh on her but she keep it as secret as didn't want him, she want to see him happy girl like Roshni couldn't make him happy. She wipes her tears looked for her phone dialled number, only words she could have able to murmured within all those sobbing was 'sameer bhai'

Sameer her brother after her parents died he was the one who look after her ever since, fulfilled her each need and he worked hard to send her here in USA in NEW YORK UNIVERISTY for masters degree.

"What happened Riya? Why are you crying?" he asked her in concern voice.

"i want to come to India bhai, i can't live here anymore; please bhai I'm coming home" she said in one breath, she know that he sacrificed his too much to afford her these studies.

"just calm down Riya, I know something is very wrong out there  but running is option to anything just face the problem its only way to get rid of it anyways you have arjun with you who'll always be on your side" he console her.

Hearing arjun's name made her heart ache "bhai if someone you loved the most is going to make big mistake which is going to hurt him what should we do?" she asked in heavy voice.

"do what you can do protect that one from getting hurt, even if he got hurt now but it'll save him from misery of lifetime, go and save your ARJUN" he replied in clam and composed voice.

She was surprised that he know that she was talking about arjun "how do you I'm talking about arjun bhai?" she asked in faint voice.

He gave her small laugh "you think that i don't know that you love him, that guy is fool can't take single step without you; now stop crying like some old time heroine" he said in playful voice. 

"ok bhai thanks, this time I'll tell him what i feel about him; its night out in India good night bhai" she said and hung up on phone.

She stepped towards her wardrobe and took out her most beautiful dress, promised herself that today she'll tell him everything.

He just enters in his room which was messy as always today is shree's birthday party so he took responsibility to make it a great one. He was exhausted in those entire preparation want take some rest he changed his cloth into vest and track pants; jumped on bed resting his head on cushion. His phone buzzed it was Roshni he made face and didn't picked it, his phone keep buzzing and finally stop.

Then again beeped once it was message from her that he has to wear something in white colour so that they will look couple in party.

He was sick of her like hell she was rich spoil brat self proclaim beauty queen that much amount of makeup can anyone beautiful. He deleted that massage while switching off the phone his eyes fell on phone wallpaper it was Riya with him when they went to outing with friends that smile on her innocent face takes his breath away. They were childhood friends she knows him more than himself the way she looks at him is just picture perfect, she looks like beautiful goddess all the time without even trying. Her brother passes her responsibility to him when they come here. He didn't realise that he loved her till he feel jealous when any boy talks to her. She is very delicate one can hurt easily so he started protecting her from everyone at collage, he feel relieved when she is around him. He doesn't even want to flick his eyes when she is in front of him fear that he will lose her. One day some boys wear teasing her he loosed his cooled and hit them hard after that she hugged him tightly clinging to his shirt; he don't know how but his hands too moved around her slim waist and buried his head in her silky hair, her rose fragrances made him intoxicated. After that day everything changed he knew that when she is around him he is not able to resist his love for her so he added Roshni in his life to keep Riya away from him. He know that this going to hurt her but she was too good for him she deserve someone better. This is not easy for him too but any price he has to pay doesn't matter when it comes to her happiness.

He looked at clock it was getting late for party, shree must be started panicking.

Party venue

Poor shree was scolding and screaming on event manager he wanted his birthday party to be most happening party of year.

"shree cool down buddy they are doing fine besides why this party matters so much to you?" arjun asked him with smirk.  

"What do you know about being not popular in collage? You are most popular handsome and playboy of collage, but this party is my chance to enter in popular club" he answered in all frustration.

Room started getting crowed as time passed arjun was standing alone in corning he was wearing black suite looking most dashing some girls asked him to dance with him. But he had no interest in party he know that Riya don't like such parties so she is surely not coming and he have no in any other girl except her.

'jun' he heard familiar husky voice he look back in that direction hoping that it's not whom he think is. But his luck fails it was roshni she was wearing bloody red cocktail dress with corner slit till her middle thigh; she applied so much make-up on her face that it's impossible to find her real face underneath it. Boys in party keep staring at her but him instantly repel her, she march towards him but kept her palm on rim of his suit caressing it.

"Wow someone is looking hot!" she said pouting her lips.

"Yeah right so hot that i need some cool air, excuse me" he said in irritation while removing her hand from his suit.

 "oh stop it we both know that we don't have any option we are hot couple in collage, don't you love me? " she said seductively.

"i don't think so, you are most selfish girl i ever seen; you don't anybody but yourself, giving rose on rose day didn't mean love. Love means understanding each other without saying any word; you don't need any fancy things to impress a guy you just need to true feeling for him" he raise his voice.

"so mean i'm not good enough for you, i know who is true match for you that behenji riya right. One who keeps her head down while walking and talks to everyone like she is some kind of saint" she barked at him.

Hearing riya's name rise his temper "what know about her haan she is not like you know why? Because is genuine i never meet any girl like her; don't you dare speak about her like that" he roared.

Then riya enter in party its first time when she was attending such party as soon as she enter in hall everyone keep looking at her in awe. She was wearing white dress slightly above her knees her long hairs softly curl falling her shoulder, sliver chain around neck with heart shape pendant; natural make-up on face blush on cheeks and light pink lipstick.

She looks in all room finally spotted arjun in corner with roshni she walks towards them. arjun's eyes land on her she was looking divine

It's like he was dreaming about her. 'RIYA' he said under heavy breath roshni too look at her and that made jealous she looking more beautiful than any girl there. Suddenly some random guys grabbed her arm and pull her on dance floor arjun clench his jaw. Marched towards dance floor arjun gripped riya's hand and boy stopped him saying 'it his turn to dance with her' and he shoot glare at him "don't even think about it in your whole life time or else book a bed in hospital" he said in intense voice.

He took riya outside in corner and leaved her hand, staring at her in anger "what the hell you were thinking  coming here like this, you know it's not safe out here if you want to come then you should have called me" he stabbed.

"Why does it bother to you so much? Why does it matter to you? When any guy came near me it's hurt you" she said looking at him.

He avoid looking in her eyes because he can't lie to her "because sameer gave me your responsibility to keep you safe and happy"

He said shaking tone. She put her hand on his shoulder made him turn towards herself then moved her hand on his cheek "do you think this is making me happy the way you treat me is hurting me. You start dating roshni i thought this will make you happy. Can't you understand your happiness make me happy, there nothing more that i can ask." She said and then closed her eyes as all those saturated emotion stated coming out through eyes as teardrops.

He noticed her face those words made his heart melt; her tears made feel life someone is stabbing knife in his soul. He took she her hand from his cheek sandwiched between his "I LOVE YOU" he said in single breath "i don't know how much i love you. Losing you is just being dead, please don't leave ever." Then he understand what he was saying so he tried covering his words "i'm sorry i was just it's not true" he said in faint tone keeping his gauze on ground. She cupped his in her hand make him look at her "i love you too, you should have said it before" she said. He smiled hearing those words can't believe his destiny. Riya loves him in this whole world she chooses him; he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in hug. She too hugs in same passion they both lost in that moment; the moment of confession their unconditional love.

"i love you" he whispered near ear which made jolt.

"thanks god because I love you too" she said burring her in his chest.

As broke out hug arjun bend down on his knees move his hand forward "Miss riya will you give pleasure dancing with you" he said

"Sure MR Arjun" she said placing her hand in his and kissed him on cheek. He raise eyebrow seeing her gesture "you are not innocent as i thought you are" he said with wink. "Your options are still open want to try some more" she said with grin. "no more options sweet heart you are MINE TO KEEP, LOVE AND PROTECT" he said kissing her back of palm and which made her cheeks turn red.

He stood up they both went inside shree immediately played some soft music. He places his one hand on her waist and she placed her hand on his shoulder and both lost in each other.

Shree walk near roshni who was watching ariya dancing and whispers "i can smell something burning do you?" she passed him agree look and walk out from hall stamping her feet.


Thanks all for reading my First OS. This inspired me to write this one. It's quite different from that one.We have to allow ourselves to be loved by the people who really love us, the people who really matter. Too much of the time, we are blinded by our own pursuits of people to love us, people that don't even matter, while all that time we waste and the people who do love us have to stand on the sidewalk and watch us beg in the streets! It's time to put an end to this. It's time for us to let ourselves be loved.Love is natural and imortal it may vary from heart to heart but true love will always get happy ends despite of all problems. Falling in love is most beautiful design by nature. So spread the LOVE.



PS ' if you want pm on FF / OS update please add me too buddy list. I only send people in my buddy list. Any suggestion and criticisms are always welcome. Story is purely written by me so don't post it on any site without permission.

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beautiful start
update soon n dont forget to pm
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Wow arjun love ria sooo much...waiting to read more

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the style which you choose 
to confess their love was awsum
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Cute one :):)
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Great OS
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cute...romantic...awesome OS...
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