Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

Live Telecast Discussions :14: Update Pg 1, 143, 151

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BB6 LIVE STREAM UPDATES - 17th November '12

Updates of the earlier day:

** Times being converted to India Time,
** Bold bits are important
** Red bits are spoilers.

Spoiler: Sapna - 4 votes. Vrajesh - 4. Vishal 2, Rajev 2, Mink 2, Del 2. Captain Sana saves Delnaaz and Vishal. So nominations are Sapna, Vrajesh, Mink and Rajev.

2:49pm - Rajev outside talking to Sana with Vishal that what Sana did by voting him as captain, he was very touched. And she knows that he wanted her to become. Sana saying I'm only a captain for namesake. Sana telling Del to hug. Del says why? Coz I'm leaving? Sana says my wish. Vishal singing haan maine bhi pyaar kiya hai and Delnaaz says achcha? I never knew. Rajev saying BB please clean the fish tank please. He gives Delnaaz his seat. Sana says if I win, please sponsor me a world tour and laughs. Rajev says you know you wont laugh. Vishal says she laughs at her own joke coz no one will. Delnaaz saying "sab rishte naate" and Sana starts singing. Rajev saying near bathroom, then he came to gym area to where vishal and Sana are sitting. And then he and Vishal were talking in sign language and showing Sana and Delnaaz. Sana and Delnaaz saying they didn't understand. Delnaaz saying dont say, didn't you understand till now. Rajev says the whole conversations was in your reference. Rajev saying that they were discussing that Vishal would take one vote and Sana would get one vote and Rajev saying that this conversation was what resulted in Sana becoming captain in this week as well. Sana saying after she finishes her captaincy then tell me. Vishal keeps saying that they were saying you take a vote so that Sana can become captain. And they were getting me nominated. Meri bali chada rahe the.

2:59pm - Sana and Delnaaz saying that his reasoning to vote Sapna and the way he said it was very hurtful. Rajev says fine this is your opinion. Karishma walks upto them so scene changes to kitchen. Sapna asking Urvashi about this tv actor what she said exactly. That's why Rajev today also sternly spoke of it. And Sapna saying what I said even I don;t know. Niketan asking if you want coffee. Sapna says yo and walks off. Niketan tells Urvashi saying that at the right time I will talk to Vishal? Urvashi saying I am not answerable to her. Sapna is back so now Urvashi is talking about dish washing. 

3:06pm - BB announces for all the housemates to gather in the living area. Everyone is going and sitting down on the sofa. MutedCry

3:11pm - Everyone getting up. Delnaaz walking out with a very serious expression and Vrajesh follows her out. Niketan asking Rajev what he'll sing when he's eliminated this week. Urvashi trying to calm Sana and she's saying she had 4 friends in that. Don't shake. It's okay. Niketan is saying you did what you had to do. I doubt anyone will say anything to you.  Muted. Niketan walks out and Vrajesh is there.

3:14pm - Mink walking out of the bathroom.

3:15pm - Niketan tells Mink sh';s nominated along with 2 - 3 people and asking Mink if she enjoyed her stay and what her favourite moments are? Muted. Rajev walks out of the bathroom dancing. Sapna in kitchen making tea along with looking over pots of water boiling. Niketan walks in with a bucket and pouring the hot water into the bucket. Now Niketan pours the second dish of hot water and carries the bucket out. Rajev singing in the background. Muted.

3:19pm - Red bedroom. Karishma seems to be lying in bed.

3:20pm - Mink walks in and asks why Karishma is alone. Karishma asking Mink if her dad realized that she loved him and Mink says it's not about the show. Mink says some people you become close to and then she tells Mink not to go. In yellow bedroom, Nik telling Rajev that Urvashi (Urva walks in). He's telling Urvashi that Vishal told Rajev the tv actors wali baat. Sapna has joined Karishma and Minka nd discussing the nominations and Mink knew 4 names would definitely nominate her and she didn;t cut her hair coz of that. Muted. Outside overhead cam Vishal, Delnaaz, Sana seem to be outside. Mink telling Sapna that even Vishal said that you spoke about tv actor. And Sapna saying I have no idea what I said.If I just said I'm not  Tv actors and everyone else is. If I said everyone else is bad and I dont know what's wrong. If I said something wrong tell me. But in this house everyone talks behind their back. Mink is saying that I told Del that her reasoning was wrong. Karishma saying everyone has to give some reason. And every needs to find one or two people and its unnatural to be close to all. Sapna saying my friends are the same from day 1. I haven't gone here and there. Mink saying that whoever talks nicely to you, you'll also talk to them. Karishma saying and you;ll save people close to you. Mink saying that everyone is saying that it seems Sapna you said something about TV so you should ask Rajev. Karishma asks who she nominates and muted. Ouch

3:28pm - Outside view. Sana, Vishal, Del and maybe Rajev still talking outside. All muted.

3:30pm - Back to Sapna, Karishma and Mink. Sapna saying we've been open targets from the beginning. Muted. Back to outside. Delnaaz saying it's definitely a burden on captain. Sana says that one name to nominate was very easy. Vrajesh saying who said life will be made easy for you. Of course what you did was right. Delnaaz saying, Sappy is not upset? Sana saying of course she must be feeling bad. Muted. Sana saying that sapna is getting nominated every week and Vishal said that he told Sapna that if you want to leave keep quiet, If you keep talking no one will let you leave. Del saying that Sapna always says that I'm suffocated. Sana said that Sapna if you say that next time then I will also nominate you. Sana saying that she's full drama and she wont go. Del saying then what is real. Is she doing it for drama. Vishal saying that jaane ke chakkar main jo frustration nikal rahi hai usse nahi nikal rahe hai. Sana saying that if you have decided (Mink) that you will only sit with Urva and Mink and she said hello so many times. Is she Kareena kapoor that i'll keep saying hello. Even Kareena said hello to me in the gym, Mink has given me dirty looks since last 2 weeks. Sana saying to Vishal, you know our relation is different, why did I save you? Rajev is also upset. Vrajesh and Mink ka tie ada hai. Muted.

3:41pm - Del saying to Sana if Mink goes. Sana saying I'll feel very bad. And if they send one more person in then this game is going to go on for 6 months. Muted. Back to Sapna and Mink and Karishma. Karishma asking if the house was different when Sampat left. Sapna saying she didnt like anyone else cooking with her so she was very happy and made delicious food. Karishma saying when I went out I felt like wow I hadnt touched this money for so long. I didn't use this bag for so long. Sapna yeah like time lapse. Karishma saying you have kadr for everything. Something its good to go to a ashram to detach yourself from everything. Mink says yes. Niketan called Mink and he goes out. Sapna and Karishma saying that we kept getting punished and Karishma said I spoke to Aseem and he;s very happy and he doesnt want to go back and he had a lot of work to do. So you gave him a blessing in disguise. Sapna saying I want to know where this thing came from. Karishma saying ask Rajev because he said main sapna ko nominate karna chahta hoon. Muted

*tired. Will continue later*

3:57pm - Del saying that those who are not nominated this week are definitely there till the 30th of November. So she's safe. Sana saying that Del will win and Sana wants to be till the end but Del can win. Vishal saying whoever wins should give a party. I'll give in Olive. Sana saying those who make a good relationship will meet outside and if they are fake then even if you call them, they wont call. They are discussing how many people stay till finale. 5 or 6. They think because this is Alag Che, 6 people may also be there. Vishal saying even if I dont win, at least if I go till the finale. Sapna and Karishma talking. lol. Karishma says they wont mind if I take a 10 mins nap right? Sapna saying sit outside and in the name of sunbathing close your eyes. Sapna saying I'll go investigate outside about the TV actor thing. If I said something, come and tell me. Karishma saying maybe you said something and they took it another way. Sapna saying they are tv actors and I'm the audience. What's there in this. I didnt say that the profession is dirty and I can never ever say anything about any profession otherwise I wouldn't clean toilets since thats the worst. Sapna sayin I asked Niketan and even he doesn't know. Sapna saying, lets fly your mom and brother and then.. karishma says I;ll hug them and then tell them to leave.

4:07pm - Sana telling Vishal look Rajev is feeling bad. He doesn't understand stand that he became my friend inside the house and your are my outside friend so you'll be my priority right? So he should understand. Inside Karishma is asleep.

4:22pm - Karishma crying because of her dad and saying even after his cremation she was calling his phone thinking he'll pick up. Vrajesh consolling her that it is difficult to come back in 18 days but if you think it would be easier outside than inside then you are wrong. It wasn't in your control.

4:26pm - Rajev talking to Niketan about Sana and Vishal and her choosing to save vishal. He's saying he's not  taking it personally. Last time when delu didnt save him he felt bad. And Sana did alot that is worthy of respect. Nik saying that your personal level is low. Rajev saying I'll still be friends.

4:30pm - Niketan telling Mink to do some comedy so she does not go.

General update of the last few hours:
Sana, Vishal were sitting outside talking and inside Niketan, Urvashi, Mink, Vrajesh were talking inside. Karishma, Rajev and Del were moving from inside the red room to outside and back. Rajev and Sana aren't talking because Rajev is feeling offended over not being saved. Sana is upset so she goes and lies down inside on the white sofa. Del comes out of the red room and tells her to go talk to Rajev and so she is now pacing up and down talking to Rajev. All muted. All other conversations were dull. Vishal and Karishma have moved to the red room and Urvashi woke up from her slumber to speak to Delnaaz.

7:35pm - Rajev now walking alone. Everyone else seems to have gone inside.

7:37pm - Urvashi and Del are on Del's bed and talking. Urvashi is inspecting Delnaaz's nails and saying she has ingrown nails. Urvashi is telling someone that if that person stayed up all night for 2 nights then Urvashi's gift will be pedicure. I believe that was aimed at Vrajesh. LOL

7:39pm - Niketan, Mink, Vrajesh, Vishal, Karishma are sitting in the red bedroom and talking. Sana no where to be seen.

7:50pm - Sana is back. Urvashi still doing manicure for Delnaaz. Karishma is advising Vishal to sleep for 5 mins. He's asking her to sing. All boring conversations. Sleepy They are now discussing London, East London, Alton Towers and Thorpe Park.

7:54pm - BB rang a bell's gong. Perhaps batteries. Outside overhead cam. Muted. Seems they got a task after all. Rajev also is no longer pacing outside.

7:56pm - Rajev is in the kitchen making something. Seems he made egg and is eating. Sana is back and seems Sapna's hair colours came - pink, black and one more. Urvashi saying pink and blue will fade out very fast. Urvashi still doing Delnaaz's nails. I think she's finally done. Vishal and Karishma talking. Karishma saying we are very straightforward. What we show, we are. Vishal saying no double standards. Karishma saying jo hain wohi dikhao. It should be effortless. The older we get the lazier get regarding romance.

8:04pm - Urvashi had sent Niketan to get hot water and Sana sees him coming and saying that he;s getting kaju katli and coffee and basically everything other than the hot water. Delnaaz asking if Niketan is irritated and he says I dont get irritated, I irritate people.

8:06pm - Outside at the dining table, Rajev is sitting and singing "dost dost na raha". LOL Niketan comes and asks if he'll drink green tea. Rajev saying no. Niketan says I've developed a taste for it. Now he's telling Niketan "what I said strongly for Sapna today..." muted and showing pool side. Ouch

8:13pm - Urvashi still working on Delnaaz's nails. One hand soaking in a mug of hot water. Urvashi telling her to put red colour nail polish and she's saying no. Sana was putting nail polish for Sapna. Then asks if she can do this as a captain and Sana says yes. Vrajesh is now on Del's bed. Del thanks Urvashi. Del is putting sun block and then moisturiser on her hands. Now they are discussing nail polishes. Del says transparent nail polish is fine. Sana putting nail polish for Delnaaz.

8:20pm - Urvashi and Mink deciding what to cook for dinner. They settle on daal chawal.

8:45pm - BB has sent a task to be read from the Samsung tablet. Everyone sitting down on the sofa and Vrajesh reading it aloud.

8:50pm - Reading is over. Sapna went to the loo. 3 people went out. Sana on the sofa thinking. Sapna comes back. Rajev in kitchen area singing. Ouch Urvashi cooking. Vishal seems to be washing dishes.

8:58pm - Rajev and Sana singing jane kyun and Rajev ends the song saying, Niketan kameena hai kameena hai kameena rahe ga. ROFL 

8:59pm - Rajev asks Niketan to tell him a song and he'll turn it into a BB song. He says do dil so Rajev sing Do dil lad rahe hai aapne samne. Nominations ho rahe hain magar aapne samne. Sleepy Outside Delnaaz and Karishma talking about the show from outside and Karishma is saying it looks easy from outside. Delnaaz saying that here we come to know of the importance of hot water or coffee or newspaper. The thing she likes the most in the show, you value them a lot more.

*will continue later*

They've started switching back and forth from the village house to the BB house. In BB house, the house mates were given the task (Mink and Niketan) to order others to do things and they have to say yes for everything. Then they switched to the village house where Imaam, Nirahua and Aashka were having their dinner and talking about Sikander. Then they switched to the first house where it seems BB called Vrajesh and said you are giving everyone easy tasks and it has to be as difficult as Mink's hair cutting task. Seems a lot of the house mates, including Rajev, Sana, Vishal, Karishma got upset. (none of this was shown).

*by Jayjaya79*
Ok so from what I saw, I think Vishal and Mink were given a task by BB to give tasks to everbody which are tough. Mink, i think gave Rajev and Delnaz to be together, Sapna to dress up as Barbie,Urvashi to not talk.
So Rajev is talking that he is not liking this task. Rajev saying that he is not going to sleep next to Delnaz bcos he does not want to make her uncomfortable. In between,he also complained about Sapna,that whatever he said during nomination abt Sapna was not wrong. In the morning she said she will not dance and now what is she doing.
Niketan is clarifying to Vrajesh why he nominated him.Vrajesh is agreeing that he screwed up during the task within task.
Mink is saying to Sapna she cant help it if they dont follow what she has said.
NOw back to village house and some nonsense between them which I am not following.

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Originally posted by tanya.91

Originally posted by simplypurple


But seems Be.A.Rebel made one here:

So, not sure which is 13.

Confused  oopsss... didn't recognized it ... I think munna made he thread just 2 mins ago which I never got a chance to see.

Plz disregard this one.

Just ask Autumn to reserve it as the 14th one. Smile

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.
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Yes, checked the timings and rebel is just 2 mins ahead :)) so will make this 14 Smile

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