Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

Live Telecast Discussion 13 : Update Pg 1, 152

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sapna is not evicted.. LOL i can see her.. D'oh
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BB6 LIVE STREAM UPDATES - 16th November '12

** Times being converted to India Time
** Bold bits are important
** Red bits are spoilers.

Morning-Afternoon updates are here:

Spoilers - Aashka has been evicted and Karishma has entered the house.

4:40pm - Everyone is asking Karishma where in the confession room did she enter from. She said she doesn't know because they blindfold her. Urva said she can't tell but there are two rooms in the confession room. 

Karishma in pink:

4:43pm - Vrajesh asked Urva to cut some onions. Then he said leave it so Urva said, don't overact with me. He says he only wants one piece. Urva telling Karishma that now there are also mice in the house. the mouse runs there and it was in Sidhu's show. Niketan says it wasn't a mouse. It was a rodent. Urva says English k teacher. Niketan saying that the difference between a mouse and rodent is that of a cat and a tiger. Confused Urva says Ab next kaunse janwar ke baare main seekhon? Yah kaunse amphibian ke baare main?

4:47pm - Mink talking to Vrajesh and now asking how many pieces I ate during diwali. 

4:55pm - Rajev asking Urvashi to play dumb sharades. Urva says, yes bolna is not my task so Mink starts saying yes, yes sir. Then Vishal is asked and says he will play dumb sharades.

4:59pm - Niketan walks outside of the house. Mink saying kitchen counter cleaning is Delnaaz and Vrajesh.

5:02pm - Mink asking who will have tea, Rajev says yes. Mink says but I'll make it my way. Rajev is like sure. Now Sana, Rajev and Vishal left sitting at the dining table. Vishal saying maza aaya, sense of humor sahi hai. Sana says that people do get that way when talking to Salman. I don't know what I was saying. He made fun of the storeroom situation. Seems Sana and Vishal are holding hands and Rajev commenting that aur badnaam main hota hoon. Nail polish laga raha hai ladka. Vishal saying bakwaas nail polish laga ke rakhi hai. Karishma comes to the table and Rajev says, yeh dekho Karishma kya ho raha hai aur badnaam main hota hoon. BB switches cam to entrance. Then Karishma seen walking towards entrance so again back to dining table and Rajev saying see, karta kaun hai, yeh, mere haat idhar hain aur badnaam hota hoon main. Mink laughing like a mad person looking at the nail polish being applied by Vishal. Rajev still going on about badnaami. Confused

5:10pm - Sana and Urva are sitting next to each other and talking to Rajev and Vishal. Delnaaz cleaning the kitchen counter. Mink finishing up tea.

5:11pm - Urvashi saying that you won't know people even in a courship until you live with each other. Vishal saying fights to hoti hi hain. Delnaaz saying, please make a half cup for me if you are making (to Urva). Mink came and sat at the dining table with Sana, Vishal, Rajev. Shocked Del saying she's very sleepy. Sana asking Del to pass sugar free.

5:16pm - Mink says that Rajev you look a little like SRK and Rajev says that SRK looks a little like me. Mink says two stars resemble you. Urva - Del behosh ho gayi. Rajev saying SRK doesn't look that good. Sana says he looks very good looking. Rajev telling saying "aaj agar bottles aayeinge to jo bhi tumhe chahiye". Now again they are all talking about McDonalds meals and that they gave the order to Salman. Mink says "kareinge itna to BB kareinge". Delnaaz says I think they forgot. Rajev saying, haan, ek to itna lamba order liya.

5:22pm - Rajev singing "din dhal jaye, pavan jalaye, agan jagaye" and Urva dancing and saying to ask Karishma if they showed her mujra that she did to keep herself awake and keep those 2 asleep. Rajev and Vishal singing diye jalte hain, phool khilte hain. Mink headed outsde. Delnaaz washing some dishes. Urvashi giving Delnaaz her tea. Urvashi saying that Vajesh is going to take a sip out of everyone's tea without a doubt. Dead Now Vishal headed outside and Rajev and Sana sitting and talking (muted). Del still in the kitchen Urva is gone to the bedroom and is retouching her make up.

5:30pm - Del and Sana talking. Del saying how quickly things change. Sana saying she's feeling strange in the house now. Sana crying and Del asking what happened? I know what you are going through but don't do what Aashu became. Sana gets up and grabs a tissue. Del says if you can't understand what's going on then for a while just go with the flow and answers will come to you. Can't hear what Sana is saying. Ouch Del saying dont take anyone so seriously. Cam shifted to Urvashi in the bedroom still doing make up. Now she's applying cream on her feet and massaging them.

5:37pm - Urva finally went out of the room. Rajev, Vishal, Niketan and Mink sitting and talking. Rajev saying what she did, I'm very proud and Niketan saying chod na yaar. Vishal saying Salman took it very seriously. Niketan asking who will go next? Not very audible. Sapna chalegayi...Vishal saying 3 or 4 votes to be nominated. Niketan saying baitne se kya hota hai. Vindoo har baat nominate hota tha. Vishal - jo kuch na kare wo niklega. Nik saying vrajesh was ready to get out till yesterday. Vishal saying he said it in anger.

5:41pm - Sana and Del sitting n talking. Del saying, she'll become very happy. Sana saying she is happy, not that she'll become. Sana saying that if everyone gets up and says I want to go then show will get over. Sana saying that Sapna gives a lot of entertainment and does a lot. When Mink said my mom will beat me after seeing my hair. Sapna saying She'll beat you for your hair and not for what you are doing in the house. Sana saying if I stay the same with masti mazaak then I'll be happy and if not then I'll be disappointed that I couldn't show what I was really like. Sometimes you say something in stubborness that you regret later. Del saying you should stay positive. Sana saying that BB is in my life first and last time and I can do 10 dance shows but no one knows my face in Bombay I came to get my face value and more than people know the real me and I want work in Bombay.

5:45pm - Urvashi planning to make dosa tomorrow with Mink. Urva asking if the boys will have masala dosa masala. Urva saying there is no bread or poha for breakfast. Only eggs. Niketan asking what will be in breakfast? Urva saying drink 1 1 glass milk. Mink saying genuinely there's nothing. Urva - nothing. Mink daal chawal is only left. Aaloo paratha is brunch. Niketan saying pancakes. Rajev saying lets order from McDonalds its nearby. They decide apple and a glass of milk in the morning. Niketan says Lassi. Rajev saying please unko bolo to send something. Now everyone is complaining that there's no food and these people couldn't get food in budget.

5:49pm - Lights come on. Mink saying 4 tomatoes are left. Rajev asking BB to send some veggies. Niketan saying it's cold today. Del and Sana seen talking. Sana saying being a newcomer don't know if my requests will be fulfilled. Now I couldn't sleep before coming and I didn't feel like going because I couldn't take my phone and the girl came to my house directly. Del saying even the guy who came to take me reached 2 hrs before. I said call time is 11, u came at 9, u'll have to wait but he was very sweet. Sana saying my friend came, then I went met Salman and my stomach was making noises out of stress. She had read Sidhu's name and Vrajesha s well. She had left from 5am so she didnt even see the morning news paper. She gave performances, ate a little and then got a little energy. performances were prerecorded not in front of Salman. When she came she hadnt slept for even 24hrs. She couldn't sleep anywhere. She was meeting her friend also the last time. When they blindfolded her she got so scared like they were going to shoot her. She went in first then came Sidhu who was looking at the ghad cam. Vrajesh entered 45mins later after she entered. Then Sampat entered in 30 mins. Then after a long came Urvashi and immediately Aashka and after that no one was coming and we were requesting BB for food. BB muted. Ouch

6pm - Rajev and Sana talking in the red bedroom. Sana saying that whoever you nominate, do it properly. SAna saying Aashka gave her a band before she went. SApna came over to Sana. Sana saying there's so much of Aashka's. Sana tells Rajev they should go walk outside. Sana going outside. Sapna sweeping and Delu saying leave it, don't do it. Now Sapna saying that Niketan denied that he said that "tu hi bachi hai and then he denied it and now KArishma said he did do it and they showed it". She's saying ki bahar jaoge to bhanda to phootega hi. Sapna sweeping. Delnaaz and Vrajesh went out. Muted.

6:05pm - Karishma talking to Vishal and Vrajesh. Vishal saying it's now 5:40 and days have grown short and by 6 - 6:30pm it's dark. Delnaaz in the bathroom with Sana and she's telling Sana that Karishma saying they showed it outside. Sana saying that I heard it. And Sapna never lies. They walk out of the bathroom. Rajev meets them ans says "mink saying sana showed greatness for u and aashka left saying she's 24 ..." and muted. Sana saying that just because Aashka is saying that just because someone says that they want to go home, dont nominate them because everyone wants to go home. Rajev saying that someone made a mistake. Del saying I never said anything to Urvashi. Del saying Mink is playing a very smart game. Rajev saying that Vrajesh gave vote against me and then came out and is swearing at me and Vrajesh saying he wanted Sana to become captain so everyone would give it to her. Sana said that my life changing event is not to becoming captain. Rajev saying who is supporting you (sana) to become captain next? Rajev, Del, Sapna, you, Vishal, I dont know about Karishma. Del saying Karishma just revealed Niketan did say that to Sapna. Rajev saying that he will tell to Niketan that I owe Sana a captainship and he will listen and Sana saying I dont want to be. I was taking it as a joke then but I didn't know vrajesh wanted ko meri band bajani thi. Scene shifted to Sapna doing work and changing batteries.

6:14pm - Rajev saying that ... Sana saying that Aashka was taking out for her depression. Rajev saying that if she sits in a corner all day even I get depressed but I dont sit in a corner. Sapna joins them. They thank her for getting batteries. Sana saying that Sapna did you know Niketan said that next is you?

6:16pm - Urvashi, Mink and Niketan talking in yellow bedroom. Niketan saying maybe I did something that these people have a problem with. Urvashi says correct. Mink saying someone said that they dont like her because she talks to Niketan. Niketan telling Rajev that I'm not your friend, are we in kindergarten. Urvashi saying that Niketan never spoke rudely nor he screamed at anything but everyone is against him and I asked everyone to change their mindset at least for a bit and see. And then I didn't see anything bad in Niketan. Niketan saying who said they were against me coz Del was always exercising with me and still she was against me.. BB shifts to outdoor cam where Vishal is lying and smiling at Karishma, Rajev, Vrajesh, Del, Sana talking in a group. No sound except for Vishal singing. Vishal saying itni fakeness kyun? Log itni acting kyun karte hai. Samajh nahi aata. Salmna ne sahi kaha tha ki extreme conditions main sab ka true character bahar aata hai aur wo dikh raha hai. LOL Kuch paiso ke liye and ek game show ko jeetne ke liye aur log kisi bhi cheez pe compromise karne ke liye tyaar hai chahe values, beliefs, etc. very very fun.LOL

6:21pm - Niketan comes out and talks to Karishma separately. Now he is goes to the bathroom. Karishma and del walking together. Sana and Sapna checking on a drying bedsheet. Vrajesh and Rajev talking.

6:22pm - Sana goes over to Vishal and says I think our saat saat task will only get out when I get eliminated. Vishal saying, we all know I was a topper in maths in 12th. BB has muted their mic and highlighted Rajev who is reciting some poetry to himself. Now he's singing "kahin door jab din dhal jaye". Now he's talking to Niketan ki gade murde ukhadna and Karishma told Sapna and Sapna said I'm right and talked to Del. And Del talked with Sana. Vishal talking to Sana and saying how much will you do for a game. Vishal telling Sana, fine be serious. And be sad.

*my stream is getting stuck. Have to stop updates for now*

General updates:
Rajeev was walking up and down the path outside saying thank you to God and talking to himself. Then Vishal comes out heading to the toilet and says to Rajev that now everyone is busy discussing and I dont want to get into a discussion with anyone. Tomorrow when everyone is divided into 2 or 3 groups then I'll see. Rajev says that Vrajesh baar baar mere paas aa raha hain.

7:25pm - Urvashi, Niketan and Mink have slept in the yellow bedroom. Confused

7:28pm - BB playing jago jago jago subha hogayi and muted. Urvashi talking to Niketan but they don't seem to care. BB makes an announcement. Muted. Mink, Urva and Niketan are talking. Urva saying "tera naam kahan se aaya". Niketan saying nominations. Mink saying BB coffee ke bina sad so jayegein is ghar main. Aur captain? Dhai din ka captain. Outside Del is saying we shouldn't have discussions about nominations and Vishal saying I asked yesterday and he said every one discusses. Now Karishma, Sana, Vrajesh and Sapna are all talking. Sapna saying Karishma and I have an understanding. Niketan in yellow bedroom saying I'm not getting into this they can do whatever they want. Urvashi going to the bathroom. Niketan saying that Rajev discuss kar raha tha in dono (vishal and someone) se to usko dand mil raha hai ki wo captaincy se hate.Shocked Outside Vishal saying that's why I asked if we can discuss and they said yes you can. Vrajesh coming out of bathroom saying - isi waqt barkhaast karte hain. Vishal saying ab isko pata nahi chal raha captain ban ke yeh kare kya? Sana is captain!Shocked Urvashi talking to them and Vishal saying I asked them and we were discussing and MUTED.

7:38pm - Sapna is wearing a sweater in the red bedroom and Rajev in captain's bedroom and he is taking out his things from the captain's bedroomShocked

7:40pm - outside view, overhead cam and muted. Vrajesh asking Sana tum hi bata do kaun kisko karne wale the nominate. Everyone laughs. Sana says Rajev will only tell you. Delnaaz asks Sana to sit down coz she's shaking. Urvashi comes out asking what happened. Sana comes out. Vrajesh saying I come late even to my family reunions. Now they are saying we ate food at 3am. Sana has a shawl around her and saying she looks like a dacoit. Vishal says yeah a dacoit who people will rob.

7:46pm - Del saying that Sana's hands have gone cold. And muted.

7:47pm - Vishal singing. Urvashi coming back from the bathroom and she sits listening to the outside discussions between Del, Sana, Vishal, Sapna and Vrajesh. They are discussing tea, house duties, etc.

7:53pm - Everyone goes inside. They want Vishal to make tea. Vishal saying to Rajev maybe "phas gaye aap. koi baat nahi." Rajev saying main koi safai nahi de raha, galti hui hai. Now Sana is moving into the captain's room.They are deciding to only take a few clothes and not the entire bag. Del saying I only took a few clothes like nightwear, etc. Boys can be heard talking. 

7:57pm - Rajev and Vishal in kitchen. Vishal making tea saying Sana to banayegi nahi. Vishal saying to Rajev, kahani ulti ho gayi thodi si. Rajev saying honestly discussions nahi kar sakte. Vishal says galti hui hai and don't take tension. You haven't been requested to leave the Indian cricket team captaincy. You are a positive soul. Rajev saying "aap barkhast captain". Vishal giggling. Rajev saying it was unexpected Vishal singing and giggling and saying BB ne googly maari hai yeh waali. Vishal saying I didn't discuss nominations. Sana ne bhi nahi kiya.

8:01pm - Delnaaz in bedroom and saying I didn't believe her from the last 3 - 4 days and if today she stayed behind then she would have stayed back in a very bad state. In kitchen again, Rajev saying everything happens for the best. Rajev saying I'm feeling bad because that thing got taken away. Vishal says dont worry I'm with you and we can be friends outside. Rajev says these things aren't in our hand. Rest what he's saying is inaudible. "sab cheeze aas paas chal rahi hoti hain right?" Vishal going on giggling. Vishal saying this will be shown as coming up ki aap ko captaincy se barkhast kiya jaata hai. And MUTED. LOL

8:14pm - Finally unmuted. Rajev pacing up and down and singing "ab se main poocha karoonga ki mopping ka kaam mil gaya...". "Ek warning?". Now singing "jeene ke hain chaar din". Vrajesh comes out and Rajev says that I'm very sad yaar. Vrajesh says that darkhast bhi nahi seedha barkhast kar diya. LOL Rajev BB ki to chaal hi badal gayi. BB muted. Now showing yellow bedroom through red and muted. Niketan is walking around.

8:20pm - Sana and Sapna in the bathroom. Sapna washing clothes. And saying they got contest for the whole week. Sana saying when Aashka sees this episode, she'll go mad. And MUTED.

8:25pm - Showing an empty red bedroom.

8:27pm - Outside Rajev walks up to Delnaaz and says something about swearing and Delnaaz screams "why are you saying such things, why are you accusing me? tum jaante ho" and muted. Sana and Sapna come out of bathroom. Rajev now starts pacing outside.

8:30pm - Rajev pacing and talking to himself and saying that he wont say anything any more and people can nominate and vote for whoever they want. Thank you God. I know whatever happens is for the best. I won't get upset. Maybe I made a mistake as did everyone but as a captain I shouldn't have done it. I expected that maybe you (Delnaaz) will talk to me but what have you done that I shall expect something from you Delnaaz ji. He starts singing to himself.

8:43pm - Rajev singing saying "maine kyun galti ki main pal do pal do pal ka captain do pal ki captaincy main barkhast hua and meri ki do wajah hai ek vishal aur ek niketan hai. Ek hasta ek manipulate? karta tha. BB ne bhi warning nahi di. Sab nominations discuss karte the...Delnaaz ke man main sympathy nahi. Kisi ko nahi dard hai, amin bhi dard nahi dikhaooga." ROFL

8:46pm - Delnaaz, Sana and Vishal talking about random things.

8:53pm - BB buzzer. Seems they got a task or have nominations?

8:57pm - Everyone sitting at dining table.

*will continue updates after tv telecast*

Mink's late night horror stories:
1. She had signed a new movie and she was leaving the shoot with her mom and some people started telling some ghost stories about some peepal ka ped and about it being haunted. Her mom told them not to say such things as Mink is very young. Then another day again they started these stories and told Mink to tie her hair as ghosts like to get into a person's hair. SO she immediately tied it up. She was driving that day and some guy was also with them in the back seat of the car. So he wanted to stop somewhere and grab something so he asked them to park and he left. Just as she thought why she parked in the car, he came back. So she continued driving towards Juhi and it was night time and the streets were empty. So she was driving when suddenly her mom asked her to stop the car. So she stopped and asked what happened. Her mom asked her if she's okay because she was driving all over the place on the road. And her car was parked on the road also in a weird way. So Mink said I dont know what happened but I feel like laughing so her mom said, okay laugh. So she puts her head back and starts laughing. Then she thought suddenly about what she was doing and got scared and started to cry and her mom said it's ok don't worry. The guy also said yeah maybe you are happy that you signed a new movie. But later her mom said that her laugh was a weird unnatural laugh.

2. She was with a friend and whenever she travels anywhere, she goes with a friend. So they were staying in a hotel and in their room there were two single beds so each slept in their bed. In the morning the curtains were closed and there was a little light. They woke up and while lying in bed were talking to each other. They were quiet for a bit and suddenly heard the sounds of a girl crying or about to sneeze. Suddenly Mink's friend turns to her and asks are you crying? Mink says no and she says I thought you were making that noise. So the friend quickly switches on the light and they were scared. Then a while later Mink started to feel very sick. Her friend told her to go take a shower. After that they went out and someone invited them to a farm so they went there but that girl had to go and told them to stay there itself and Mink can leave for the airport from the farm. There was a man who they all knew who would also be staying there if they needed anything So she and the friend were there. Mink fell asleep thinking while her friend was talking on the phone to her bf. Mink started to dream that she was floating in the air and could see herself lying there and her friend on the phone then she saw herself pick her friend and fling her across the wall. And there was a girl sitting and crying in the middle of the room and the two beds. She woke up and told her friend she saw such a dream and her friend and she called the guy because he always speaks of God. He came and it was 3am and they spoke till 6am. And while they were talking she had started to bend over because she felt someone was sitting on her back. Then at some point she had another dream that her nephew is falling down a hole and she's trying to pull him up and when she pulls him up he's rolling his eyes. She wakes up and calls her mom and her mom says that her nephew really fell and was rolling his eyes. When she got home she prayed alot because she she wanted to get rid of the negative energy. Later her mom told her that someone very close to them had died so she associated that girl crying with the death of the person.

3. She had moved into her current flat with her mom and they were still getting work done on the house during that time. So they used to sleep in the living room, One of her friends came over and asked her to accompany her to buy some feng shui items. Her friend convince her mom to let Mink go with her. They went to this factory time place where a husband wife couple sold those items. Her friend was having problems with her husband so she bought all items related to improving their relationship. The wife asked Mink what she'd like to buy so she said she's just looking. She says she moved into a new house so the ladies gives her 2 candles. Black ones to get rid of negative energy to burn at night and white ones for positive energy. So Mink goes back home and her mom was already asleep. So Mink keeps the bag next to her and goes to sleep. While she's thinking herself to sleep she feels like someone walked over her and is standing at her head and shaking and trying to touch her but cant. She gets very scared and tries to wake up and wake her mom but can't Eventually she gets up and wakes her mom up and doesnt let her sleep. They turn on the TV and watch south indian songs till 6am and only then she goes to sleep. Her mom says that she probably had a bad dream but she said that when she had woken up she still felt that presence. 

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i can hear karishma.. she is sitting next to nikten on dining table. Dancing

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Mink said sirf kiun ke ye gora hai aur vrijesh kala tu is ke liye kuch nai .. I saw Vrijesh ... as soon as he is shown camera angle got change .. mink saying thora ye thora wo ... lol

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Idiots Karishma ki awaz bhi mute karey hein 

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Rajeev saying Karishma agayee

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why doesnt bb mute urvi n mink's laugh Angry

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