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OS-Teri yaad Aati hai Epilogue-Page35 (Page 5)

saibanu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 11:36am | IP Logged
Chapter 2:

He felt pain, the abundant pain...Rising from deep within, scorching his inside. The pain which he felt right now so raw and so real?he felt nothing else but intense ache and kind of nothingness ?he got up from where he is sitting...Stumbling, trembling with sheer force of absurdity ...And when he stood, memories came, Memories of her, his Nidhi's!...Flashes of it, in figments, in bits and pieces... Shimmering, flaming with intensity... He heard her giggle, reverberating through his conscience, her blissful whispers, her joyous squeals?he remembered her lips twitching, stretching to form huge grin...Her nose turning around in most adorable way ?he heard her calling out for him ..His name...Murmuring in her sleep?Just like she always do!

He stood there drenched in rain ?giving him, letting the pain reach very corner of his brain, letting those memories to crash over him once for all ?And then slowly he ran his fingers in his thick black hair to find something sticking to his finger ?.he hold his hand in bright light to see blood dripping from his head, mingled with rain..Forming delicate stain on his back collar. And then as if something wiped out, something dissolved out of his existence fusing with the rain ..He felt it left him ?a part of him evaporated in thin air! ?.a part of his memories, most cherished ones...Left him, dissolving in pouring rain?..

He turned around and looked to find  darkness creeping from every corner ...just for a second and then he collapsed on hard floor as never ending emptiness crept in his heart ?.!

Nidhi tossed in her bed...she got up and moved towards window hoping to see his car ?.once again she picked up her cell phone to call him ..She heard it ringing for some time and getting disconnected. Worriedly she wandered in her bedroom ?.twice she called KGH but both times they informed the same thing that he already left ,that currently he is not in KGH

With each passing second, she was turning a nervous wreck and also she was getting so much angry And frustrated ?it was pouring heavily outside ,looking outside she muttered to herself..."Why can't he just call and inform if he is going out to attend emergency "?. She made a mental note to whip him out once he comes back?it is just a second, next moment she ended up praying for his safety...Hoping that he is safe

She looked at clock to find it's already 12 ?. Felt a sudden panic from the pit of her stomach as If something is not right ?mere thought that he might be hurt sent chill through her bone ?She wondered , pondered ..What to do? Should she tell BB and HK that he is still not home or she should wait? Contemplating her next action she rambled ?.

She was about to go out, when her cell phone buzzed...To see the call is from Dr Ranganath. She picked it up immediately ?..She heard him gasping, searching for words to speak and then slowly she heard him speak" Dr Nidhi ?.there is a bad news "

That's all she heard as she collapsed on bed ?she felt too weak to hear next sentence ?.her hands trembled ?.her knees stammered and kind of void filled her heart ?for few second unsure of her surrounding , she sat like that holding her mobile close to her heart ..And then as she heard Dr Rangnath's voice calling her name, she picked her mobile carefully pressing it to her ear ?.muttering to no one in particular "what happened ..?"

Dr Ranganath breathed in and slowly muttered  ..." its Dr Ashuthosh, someone tried to kill him?..Hmm?he is hospitalized ?."

Did she heard it correctly ?who will try to kill him and why? ?.suddenly she clutched her mobile and spoke "How he is now ?..he?he is fine right ? Tell me please "

He felt bad when he heard nidhi's words ...how many times she has to go through this ?.after few seconds slowly he mumbled " not sure nidhi, he is till in ER ?.."

Nidhi managed to reply that she is coming straight away as she ran outside??!

When Dr Ashuthosh bought to KGH, he was in pretty bad shape ?.With one look, Dr ranganath understood the severity of situation.. Quickly they took him to ER and Dr ranganath called Dr Yadav, nuero surgeon who was on duty at that time ?. Quickly , Dr yadav took situation under control ?it was clear that there is concussion in head and may be few fractures too?.so immediately  he took him for CT scan and other preliminary test which needs to be done?

Mean time, Dr ranganath went outside to meet inspector , whole incident was so fuzzy and unclear that inspector presumed , it will good if they keep whole thing on hold till Dr ashuthosh get better ?.But before going , they asked Dr ranganath to come to police station to lodge  complaint ?

After sometime, Dr Yadav came outside and informed that Dr Ashuthosh is out of danger but still they have to wait for CT scan and other test they done to see how it is impacted on his brain?.Meanwhile Dr Ranganath made necessary arrangement to shift him to special ward ?.

Nidhi came rushing towards ER ,  suddenly she remembered that In hurry and all this confusion , she forgot to inform BB and hK that ashu is hospitalized ?She smacked her head in frustration and made a mental note to inform them once she see Ashuthosh in real ?after making sure he is fine ?

When she came, She was informed that he is been shifted to ward and he is out of danger ?She felt as if something big burden slipped out of her heart ?..she felt so light headed and relaxed after hearing that Ashuthosh is fine and not in danger ?well that 's all she wanted , his safety  and nothing else !

Dr ranganath came to her when he saw her searching for him ?.After informing her about the whole situation..He led her to ward where ashu is sleeping?.

She felt so much pain to see him like this, his head heavily bandaged and tubes attached to his frail body ..Dr ranganath squeezed her shoulder in reassuring ay and left her alone.

Slowly she moved towards his bed and sat beside holding his hand ?.slowly she caressed his hair ..kissed his fingers , clutching his hand tightly to her breast she sat ?sometime smiling that he is fine and out of danger and sometime weeping silently that he is still hurt and in pain ?.

Not sure how long she sat like that but suddenly , she felt movement ?.to see him stirring in his bed and then he opened his eyes slowly , groggily and finally he looked at her ?

Ashuthosh felt strange in his head ?.like everything mixed up, leaving him in strange kind of confusion ?..he felt so fussy , confused and Lost ..yes, he felt lost and drained out ! it was not the pain which was making him uncomfortable ?but something else ,  a strange kind of restlessness ?..Restlessness one get after we forget something very important ?something, he wants to remember but he can't ?.

He felt someone holding his hand , he can feel the warm fingers intertwined with his fingers' ?slowly , groggily , he opened his eyes ..Looked up and his side ways and he sensed he is KGH?.and then suddenly he looked at those eyes, the face ?..Which is looking at him so expectantly, with love and relief ?.!

Nidhi smiled broadly and buried her face in his chest ?..Unsure what to do , he curled back ?.and lied back in his bed . She did not expect this! all she wanted to do when he opened his eyes to crash in his arm and cry her out and to tell him how much scared she was ?but when he curled back from her ?..She felt something is wrong?this action of his ..is not because of pain , nor because of exhaustion ?.she tried to take his hand back in his but she sensed it made him uncomfortable ?..it pricked her that her presence can make him so uncomfortable ?she was still looking at him when he spoke finally ?.." ?.can?..can you please call  heeraman kaka ?..or Dr ranaganath ?"

Nidhi : why you need anything Dr Ashuthosh ?.

He looked at her with confused expression ?.and then slowly muttered" Who are you ?"

It came with such a force that she could barely digest ?she found it hard to understand the whole thing and when she understood ?..it was more than she could tackle ?.That he lost all memories of hers as though  part of him robbed away and a part of her slipped away ?..And they both sat looking at each other ?.unsure, confused and in pain!

Any Anda , tamatars in my directionLOL ..As i am not sure whether everyone like this concept ...Let me know, whetehr you liked it or not ...And please do comment Smile

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Cherishh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
Hi dere,

Cool work yaar...loved those cute AshNi moments with overwhelming love of Ashu in his cute, sweet and bold gestures and the bubbly and lovely Nidhi.

With the title I though may be a separation track but at the end of the first chap was guessing it could b memory loss or he might meet with an accident and AshNi cannot meet each other such as he being in coma...but well its memory loss...

Me wondering how Ashu gonna take the fact that he is married and that too Nidhi...with the age factor thing...and of course Baba in his life again...hope these things are same here as in d show.

Most of all, who is that wanted to kill him or hurt him...its just hard to guess and more the reason behind it...

Well eager to know all..so am here waiting already for the next...

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niniborn2rule IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 12:19pm | IP Logged
well i was somehow expecting this...no andas and tamatars provided u reunite them soon and real fast ...jaldi update karo..

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Aazeen02 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 2:20pm | IP Logged
Welcome our ekta kapoor of the ktlk forum- sai... She is really inspiredby her... Hehhaha... Just joking sai... U write really well... The first part of the fic was awesome... Romantic ,lovely... But , ye lo... Kisi ne Ashu ji ko danda maar diya... Kyu? Kahin aisa toh nahi k jo aadmi baarish mein pada tha, wo kisi don ka bhai tha... N jab Ashu ko uske bhai k paas dekha ho toh unhe laga k unke bhai ko Ashu ne maara h, isliye bhai logon ne Ashu ko danda maar diya... Hehe.. Ok.. That was my piece of imagination inspired by phekta... Oops! Sorry, ekta kapoor...
N d the 2nd part... Well, that seemed to expected... I second sayani di, plz... As far as u reunite Ashni quickly, we wont throw any anda-tamatar at u... But delay kiya, toh agley week ka pura ration tayyar kar denge aapke liye ... Hehehaha... Update super soon..

Love ya...

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ariyadasa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 4:31pm | IP Logged
OH my god Ashu lost his memory
But how he can remember only Heeraman KAKA ( bit of confused i think from the next chapter i may able to solve it

you're concept is OK

But re unite them quickly  don't  go for Ektha concept

I know you are talented try to make the rest  differ   likes  to see next CHAP ith a fresh idea


Edited by ariyadasa - 16 November 2012 at 4:37pm

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Veni-Vidi-Vici IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 9:22pm | IP Logged
Tumbha exciting ide ri...bega update madi...

I was dying to read a memory loss wala os or ff...it will be interesting to read about Ashu's reactions ...nidhi's coping tactics and the reaction of the rest of kgh.

how will cv and db react...db will get hyper and say- doctor is now bored with you...zaroor usse koi ladki pasand aa gayi hai aur yeh sab natak ussi ke liye haiWink

please plz update soonStar

Edited by Vidishaa - 16 November 2012 at 9:43pm

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niniborn2rule IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 10:14pm | IP Logged

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jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 10:38pm | IP Logged
wow really well written cont soon

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