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OS-Teri yaad Aati hai Epilogue-Page35 (Page 21)

saibanu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 10:26pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by vidyasabde

loving it Sai. Recent Amnesia is a good track to take up. Ashu is falling in love all over again. waiting for the beautiful romance btn the two.
pl update soon dear.

Thank you Vidya , Yes next chapter ..I am writing some more romance , Will be posting today evening Smile

saibanu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 10:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kurup

Saii...I have no words to express how beautifully you have written this chapter..The way u wrote made me feel as if a person whom u know (god forbid) is reallly suffering through this and u just penned down that to us...
The burst out from nidhi, I loved it, coz it was necessary, coz she is also suffering equally like Ashu...If ashu lost a part of his life even nidhi lost it, coz those were the days which ashu and nidhi were together and now nidhi is no where in his existence...Ashni ek doosre ke jeene ke behane the, ek doosre kaa imaan thaa, wajoood thaa, and now the most important person in her life does not remember her and the moments they spent together, she nowhere exists for him in his past tohhh dil toh toot hee jayegaa naaa...and had nidhi not expressed what she is going through, how would ashu say that he wanted to b alone, how would nidhi feel sad and move to anjie's place and how would she miss the taxi and two drunkards follow her and how would ashu come to save her and ask her to b in his embrace and to let him feel her for somemore time...alll this happened just coz of nidhi's outburst...
Saiii very well done...the way u r moving the story is perfectly awesome...I am mesmerized and spellbound with ur talent...goood going dear...

Thank you Sumeet for such wonderful comments , Yes true ...they both are sufering , its not only ashu who lost ...but also nidhi !
But I will not put them in any more misery ...So I will make ashu little stronger and make him move forward ...Wink

Thank you once again Big smile

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saibanu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 November 2012 at 2:49am | IP Logged
Chapter 6:

Nidhi came rushing to him and laid her head against his collarbone and he kissed her temples 'to her shock, she felt shudder roll through his body about the same time she sensed his tears'.She started to turn around when she registered his grip tightened around her shoulder crushing her in bear hug '..And he whispered in choking voice "stay 'just let me hold you '.let me hold you for some more time '." And she let him hold her, take her in his arms by wrapping her arms pulling him closer ' After a while, he let go of her  and looked at her furiously" Nidhi 'what made you walk alone at this time '.couldn't  you just called someone '?"

Nidhi: I thought of calling someone...but then!

"Then what?" he shouted at her '..She backed off and suddenly tears welled up in her eyes '" Nidhi, I am sorry...I did not mean that way '.." and he took her hand '." Thank god that I came on time'.. What if something happened to you! What I will do then '."

She looked down and mumbled ..." I am sorry Ashuthosh '.sorry for everything '."

He stared at her '." I am sorry  for not understanding your situation '.I ..I just love you so much 'and when you asked me to leave you '.I got scared 'I can't live ..without you '."

She wiped her tears and looked at him '." Now , I will not ask anything from you 'I just ..Just want tell you ..that I want to be there for you in between all this ''I will be there !"

He felt strange mixture of happiness and sadness, when he heard her say "she is there for him"'may be this is what he is been looking for 'someone who will hold on to him and not let go irrespective of situation but same time it pricked him to see her in this situation, he so much want to help her and help himself but don't know how and from where he should start 'this girl  , who seems to be his wife ,about whom he don't have any memories ,who is more like a stranger yet he felt he know her all through his life'they both stood in those crossroads of their life where vast darkness enveloped them in its embrace '.he can see her struggle and so his desperate attempt to build his broken life '.to pick up those pieces of his memories to fill void of his heart '.He wished , it was only him who is lost not her but strangely 'she is also lost just like him !

Ashu gazed at her and came to her side "you don't have to be sorry for anything Nidhi, in the end we both lost 'lost something beautiful'you lost the person who loved you 'and I lost memories of those moments where I loved '.be loved '..All I am asking is 'time...to restart my life 'I know I am asking too much from you 'but!"

Nidhi shook her head '" I don't have any complaints with you Ashuthosh and I know 'I understand , so that is fine with me '.."

After a while he let go of her "are you fine 'Nidhi?"

Nidhi nodded her head'.Ashu took her hand "you can't even lie properly '..Come, let me clean this wound  ..." and he led her towards car...He took first aid box and started cleaning the wound, after putting antibiotic, he started bandaging...

Nidhi, who was looking at his face all through this jumped of her reverie when he spoke "So, I believe raja titli story is our story 'the one you were telling to those kids"

Nidhi looked at him in stunned disbelief  ..." '.how you know '?"

 "I remember...The story 'I remembered standing there listening to your story 'not so long back!"'

Nidhi: Did you remember... Anything about me '?

Ashu sensed there was edge of desperation in her tone '..He looked down and shook his head '" I 'I just remembered myself ...I saw my face, my memory '..And I remembered your name "

And then he gave her one of his devastatingly intoxicating smile that did unreasonable things to her heart...'.In an impulse She reached out to caresses his cheek , as reality dawned she pulled her hand back '.and looked away trying her best to suppress her distress'.it occurred to her, life is going to be totally different from now on and even though she told him, she does not expect anything from him but somewhere it pricked her, pained her when the person she loved so dearly 'who loved her so immensely changed into complete stranger ...slowly she got down, looking away to hide her distress and mumbled under her breath " I...I think we should go now 'baba must be waiting for us" .In between all this he did not failed to notice sudden change in her mood ,the smile vanished to replace with sorrow'he took her hand in his and came to her side .." are you fine '.?", she looked up at him ..Her face pale and her eyes lost in their darkly shadowed void...And he could see her throat move in faint moon light and in her face, in her eyes...he saw something deep and unhidden 'her heart ache!

Next day morning, Ashuthosh spent most of the day reviewing his patient's file, going through history of treatment 'suddenly he heard faint knock on his door, he turned around to see Dr Yadav standing with cup of coffee '" Hello Dr Ashuthosh , I hope I am not disturbing you "

Ashuthosh got up from his seat and came to greet him '" No, no please come in '"

"So how are you ..?"

Ashu gave faint smile "well, fine 'just trying to get my life back on track"

Dr Yadav looked at him thoughtfully "Good to see that...I know it's not easy for you...all this but I am glad to see you are trying to cope '"

"Yes, its not easy '.. I forgotten major part of my life '.Hmm'I mean 'the moments I spent with Nidhi! "

He nodded his head and got up and moved towards door, before leaving he turned around "not as a doctor but as good old friend wanted to tell you this '.You still have her, to create those moments''Everything is not lost"

And he left'!Ashuthosh sat in his chair, pondering on what Dr yadav just said, He closed his eyes and saw the dark brown eyes... ...Deep and flaming with intense love for him flashed in his mind...he felt her in his mind, in his heart and he felt her face shaping up in his memory 'making him feel wonderful, when everything else in life seems to be obstacle to overcome'.without realizing he felt a new hope shaping up 'a new dream, a new memory of new life '!

And then he got up from his seat, to move towards his home, to Nidhi!

When he came home , he felt strange silence 'he looked around to get a glimpse of her, looking at his lost face HK smiled and told him that Nidhi is in kitchen preparing dinner 'Ashu looked away to hide his flushed face and went inside to change. ..When he came outside to find her still struggling in kitchen to prepare dinner'..He went and stood next to her "Any help you need". She turned suddenly as she heard his voice and shook her head..." I can help you '. "

This time she looked at him in disbelief '" what? No...I mean...I will prepare '..You please rest "

Not sure what to do, he went outside making sad face... Bb and Hk looked at him with amused expression '.just then he heard nidhi 's voice from kitchen 'kaka , aap plate lagwayiye 'khana tayyar hai "

Ashu signaled Hk to stay there and he went inside kitchen and start taking plates out of racks'.


Nidhi who was busy preparing roti for dinner, did not notice Ashuthosh coming to kitchen '

" Kaka , wo fridge main dahi hai ..wo bhi nikaliye ..ashuthosh ko dinner ke baad dahi kaane ki aadat hai na'!"

Ashu smiled and silently took curd out fridge '.." aur kaka , wo Achar bhi ..baba ko pasand hai '"

Suddenly she turned to find ashu standing behind grinning at her '"  and what about you ? mere liye dahi , baba ke liye Achar 'tume ?"

Not sure what to reply...she looked down " baba is waiting outside 'shall we go for dinner ?"

Before he could stop her , she went out and not once looked at his direction all through dinner '..Sitting in his chair , he stared at her 'She confused him, he wondered what made her behave like this? Why she is ignoring him 'and it made him restless and he felt strange kind of irritation '

On other hand Nidhi , who is going through same  'it made her restless to be so indifferent and cold towards him but he confused her '..she wondered why he is behaving like that? And how she should react to it ? it's strange situation where life thrown both of them '. She is stranger to his eyes but for her he is someone more than familiar , her husband , the person she fell in love and got married'someone who know her more than she know herself!

After dinner, she helped HK to clean everything and retired back to her room ''

Ashuthosh wandered in his room , thousands of thoughts ran through his head '.from evening he is trying to talk to her  but she is not giving him single chance 'after a while he thought he cant take it any more , slowly he went up to her room and knocked '

She opened the door and looked at him "Ashuthosh '.you needed anything?"

Ashuthosh blabbered " yes ..No ..I mean '"

Nidhi looked at him with amused expression '." I just came to say good night 'sorry , I think I disturbed you '.."

Nidhi stopped him '" no 'I was just going through one of my patients case file !"

Ashu mumbled " Ok " ''Nidhi looked at him strangely as she is not sure what to do next '" are you sure , you don't need anything Ashuthosh ?"

Ashuthosh '" No No 'I will go to sleep 'good night "

Nidhi stopped him once again '" wait one second '.I just prepared file for you 'which contain history of all your patients, all reports, their prescription details '.Hmm'Dr ranagnath told me you were struggling today...so '."

Ashu smiled and took the file from her '" Thank you Nidhi 'very much 'it was very much needed 'Ok'I think I should go now '.."And he turned around '..

He took few steps and stopped in middle 'he know she will be standing there 'he can feel her eyes fixed on his back'slowly he turned around and looked straight into her eyes '.." Nidhi ..I was just wondering '.will you be free tomorrow '.I mean, I want to take you out '.No ..I mean 'yes 'I mean 'Can we go somewhere outside if you don't mind '."

Nidhi looked at him in disbelief; she suppressed her giggle after looking at his funny expression '.sensing her silence, he turned around to go just then nidhi took his hand and stopped him '.." Ashuthosh,'I 'love to go out with you ..I will wait for you '"

All the distress, restlessness which he was feeling till that time just vanished after hearing her response '..When he saw her smile it occurred to him '.yes he lost his memory, but not what he once felt for her '.it occurred to him, it's still there..His love for her, lurking deep down, but it's there '.!



Next day early morning, Nidhi called anjie out of excitement, whole night she barely slept thinking about spending time with Ashuthosh'it felt strange to go out with him on a date after all this 'but she pushed the thought aside and tried to concentrate on brighter side that at least, he is trying to start his life again 'that at least thinking of their relationship '!

Anjie picked her call '.." Nidhi...is everything alright'why you called so early ?"

Nidhi smiled  ..." I was not getting sleep '.so called you!"

Anjie groned  ..." this is not done, Nidhi '..You are not getting sleep, so you decided to disturb me 'hmm"

Nidhi pouted  ..." I wanted to tell you that I am going out with Ashuthosh today '.fine , you sleep ..I won't disturb you "

Anjie jumped out of her bed '" you are going where ?..With whom ..?"

Nidhi smiled " why should I tell you '.you are least interested !"

Anjie groaned  ..." ohh Nidhi...Please now you can't hang up like this '.Tell me exactly  ..."

Nidhi " I am going out for a date with Ashuthosh 'he asked me yesterday night .."

Anjie squealed in joy " I knew this will happen '.I know , jijaji loves you lot 'I knew he cant stay away from you for long 'Ohh finally , I am so happy for both of you '.."

Nidhi giggled hearing anjie's excitement '." So where are you going? '."

Nidhi beamed "I have special place in mind '.."

"Ok call me, tomorrow and believe me, its going to be fine  ...Everything! Just like it's used to be before '."

Nidhi felt so elated after talking to anjie that she snuggled deep in her bed and drifted to undisturbed sleep '!



After finishing his work, he rushed to parking lot where Nidhi said, she will meet him 'his heart made a stupid jump when he saw her coming towards him and he waved at her with his dazzling smile plastered all over his face...

He sensed , he see  a spark  in her eyes whenever he come in front of her , his presence affect her same way it is doing to him '." So where you want to go '" he asked her.

Nidhi got inside his car and looked at him " I will tell you ..go straight from here 'an then right , you will come to know '"

He nodded his head and started the car and drived where she asked him to go '

They reached the place and ashu helped her to get down '.instantly she took his hand in hers, intertwining her fingers with his and led him to a small tea shop!

This time he did not tried to take his hand back like he always did from past few days '.instead he tightened his grip and looked at her smilingly " you wanted to come here ?..."

She barely nodded as her eyes lost, remembering some fond memories of this place .she looked at tea wala " Bhaiyaa 'do chai'"

Chai wala smiled'" haan pata hai 'Adrak wali.."

Nidhi nodded her head as ashu let go of her hand and wandered a bit...Looking around , suddenly he turned to her .." is this where we first met ?"

She shook her head and replied to him smilingly  ..." this where you took me after admitting that you love me '."

He turned away to hide his blush "come here "and she patted a seat next to her  ...Instantly he went up to her and sat next to her '." So tell me how we met first?' ..This put a bright smile on her face "Ohh...Better if you don't ask that '"

Ashu grinned '" I dint knew that it was so bad '."

Nidhi giggled  ..." first time when we met, we both fought standing in middle of road 'Ohh your car banged on my car '!"

Ashu smiled, just then chai wala came with 2 cup of tea '.." tell me some more...I want know 'tell me some good things we did together "

"Why you want to know '.."

Ashu " I want to know Nidhi'.not just because I want to remember you or those moments but also because I want to live those memories again 'you are my only way who can make me live those moments '.Again"

She looked away to hide her tears, she did not missed his desperate attempt to remember his past 'she heard people sometime cribbing because memories don't let them live but this person is so adamant, so desperate for his memoires 'After a while she spoke "there are many 'but there is one which I fondly remember sometime 'you had been to Delhi for medical convention and I was in lucknow and I was missing you so much '.so we both agreed that next day early morning we both will drink adrak wali chai together 'you said you will call me sharp at 7 '.I never get up so early but that day , I got up , prepared my tea and waited for your call'you called me with your adrak wali chai and It's after our marriage you told me how much you struggled to get adrak wali chai that morning '." And she fell silent '

He took her hands and pulled her slowly to him, instantly she laid her head on his shoulder and they sat there like that staring at breezy evening sky '.

After drinking chai and spending sometime sitting there , they left towards home '" didn't your parents objected when they came to know about our relationship'I mean considering our age gap"

Nidhi turned to him and smiled  ..." I was wondering, when you are going to ask this question.. it never mattered to me that we have age gap of 18yr and you felt the same way '..yes my baba objected and took me to kerala 'away from you but you came running behind me '"

Ashu smiled " Did he agreed then ..?"

Nidhi shook her head  ..." No, he did not agreed, but when I left everyone and decided to go to London...you came to me asking not to leave you '..And my baba could not refuse, say no to our relationship...May be that day he saw immense love for me in your eyes  ..." ashu smiled looking at her face '..

Suddenly it started raining and Nidhi cried in joy  ..." I love this rain 'this rain which comes so unexpected..Ashuthosh, please stop the car '" when he stopped , before he could stop her ,she got down and ran in heavy rain drenching and stood in front of his car  spreading her hands both side ..Enjoying, just living the moment '

He smiled and cried out for her to come inside but she ignored him completely as she so immersed enjoying this moment..he sat there looking at her beautiful face , her eyes , her thick black hair '.and her smile spreading all over her face ..And then suddenly as if something flicked inside, it occurred to him 'a memory is coming back.. like flash in bit and pieces ..until finally he got a clear picture ..he remember looking at her ,like this not so long back'.sitting here in this car  and then drenching in rain along with her '.he remember falling in love with her the very moment 'he remember that night , where he fell head over heels in love with his woman 'his Nidhi ! Memories of those night came rushing to him..Linking him part of his lost life , connecting him to place where Nidhi said he lived 'even though bits of it , he remember her ..Her face !

Before he knows what is happening, he found his feet taking him near her and slowly he pulled her to him through her waist..her wet body drenched in rain clinging to his 'the raindrops falling from his forehead on her crimson red cheeks 'looking deep into her eyes , he heard himself murmuring .."I know you '.I remember you...a part of you, a part of me '.I remembered falling in love with you!" She looked up at him and cupped his face  " the night when you led in this rain and the moment I fell in love with you for first time 'I remember "

She kept her gaze on him... her gaze unblinking and he stared right back into her eyes. He moved almost in daze and in the space between a heartbeat his lips touched hers '.drowning, crushing her deep in his arm, clinging to him..She moaned as his lips took her lover lip biting accessing her mouth...he drew back to drag fresh air and then a once again he searched for her lips and she pulled him by collar and gave her lips back ' He kissed her like he can kiss her forever, like he had to kiss her forever 'like he need her to breath and when he opened her eyes and looked into her , he saw immense love for him '.as there is no end , he pulled her back once again and kissed softly on her forehead and murmured one last time 'I know you ..I know you nidhi!

Next chapter , I will give tomorrow if not Friday ..Please do comment Big smile

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Ok sai, me first here...! m gonna read now... aapne mere fic ka naya update padha?

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saibanu IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Aazeen02

Ok sai, me first here...! m gonna read now... aapne mere fic ka naya update padha?

Hey Azeen , I just logged in ...I will read it now Smile

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AKC shop...is this where we met for the first time? That question made me ROFL...It wasn't a joke but donno why it sounded funny.

Some memory is returning and that is a good sign... they kissedWink

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aarundhati Senior Member

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Simply AWESOME....!Clap

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asm no words to say
waiting for next chapter

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