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Arshi SS- I Bet,I Love You...Thread III (Page 90)

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Posted: 23 November 2012 at 9:27pm | IP Logged

This Update is for Harshita[chinnuvyas] and Nisha[Nichuss] because they did not fall in to the trap of my previous Updates twist.!

And all of the remaining Readers...God! You Guys are so vulnerable!

The twist is revealed in this Update...So dont scratch Your brain...And also read the note after the precap.:] Please don't peek there before reading the Update...WinkWinkWink

Chapter 28- The Drama

Arnav's POV

"Arnav...I Love You too..." Khushi whispered while snuggling closer to me.

I was stunned.

"Arnie..." Khushi whispered again.

"Yeah...Kookie...?" I said holding her closer if that was even possible.

"Arnie..." Khushi whispered for the third time.

"Yeah..I know my name sounds beautiful from your mouth but..." I said  looking in her eyes.

"Arnav..." Khushi whispered again.

Okay..Now that is definitely weird.

"ARNAV...YOU BETTER GET UP...YOU ARE FREAKING SLEEPING ON THE PATIENT'S BED!!!" Payal's scream made me jump from the seat I had been relaxing on.

"Uh..uh..Oh..What is happening?Where is Khushi?" I exclaimed squinting my eyes and looking everywhere for her.

"What do You mean by Where is Khushi? Khushi has already gone home with Aakash.She has been discharged." Payal said smacking my head.

"Khushi was here 1 second ago." I said groggily looking at my arms.

"Oooh...Looks like Lover Boy was having a solid dream.Interesting." Payal teased while wiping the stray hair off my forehead.

Damn..That was one hell of a beautiful dream!

"Shut up...Payal.I am serious.How can She go home without Me?" I said.

"Arnav...Khushi has said before going home that She never wants to see You again.She wants to stay away from You." Payal said apologetically.

Somewhere, I can feel my heart sink to my stomach.

"Payal...Does Khushi not feel that I am in Love with her?" I questioned looking at Payal.

"Arnav..Please try to understand.Khushi is having a hard time coping with her own life.You have broken her heart and that will take a hell lot of time to heal." Payal comforted me.

"I am really sorry for all the hurt I have inflicted up on Khushi..I just need a chance to make Khushi understand that I am really sorry and will do anything to make her feel comfortable." A lone tear escaped my eye while Payal hugged me in a comforting hug.

Khushi's POV

Aakash helped me settle in my bed back in my 'Home'.

"Khushi..You don't need to get up from all." Aakash instructed while adjusting the pillows behind my back.

I want answers from my 'Brother'.

"Aakash..I want to talk to You now." I said stiffly.

"Khushi..I think You are not yet alright.We will talk later." Aakash said while trying to dodge the topic.

"What is the use of calling me Your Sister when You are going to have secrets from me?" I questioned while holding his hand in mine.

"Okay.Fine..Let me confess something...Me & Arnav have this thing from High School...We place a bet between us.And then when One of the two fails to do it..We give a punishment.I won for the first time...I had to get back at Arnav for all those bets He had won." Aakash explained and halted while scanning my face for any emotion.

"OK...Go on..I am fascinated." I said rolling my eyes.

"We had placed our bet on a Basket-Ball match.The one who wins can make the other do whatever He feels like.Fortunately for the first time,I won that day.I decided to make Arnav stand on the canteen table and scream that 'Aakash Mehra has won the Basket Ball match against Arnav Singh Raizada'!" Aakash said smiling at the thought.

"What did Arnav do?" I questioned curiously.

"You know how arrogant Arnav is? He refused point-blank to do that and lost his bet.So he had to do his punishment which was way worse than the bet itself." Aakash explained.

"What was the punishment?" I questioned.

"The Punishment was to date a girl of my choice for a month and then propose to her.She should say Yes.Then tell her that this was just a  game and that He really did not love her and was just completing his punishment."

"Ok..Then why did You chose me?" I glared at him.

"Khushi...6 months before the Bet, Our father had passed away and I had come to know the dark past of our lives.I wanted to bring You back in this house rightfully as my sister.I wanted to ask for forgiveness for my Father's mistakes.But I did not know the right way." Aakash said while tears welled up in his eyes.

"So?" I said calmly comforting his shoulders.

"So...I did the next best thing of pairing my Best friend with my Sister who I knew was crushing on Arnav." Aakash said rolling his eyes.

"What do You mean by I was crushing on Arnav? Who told You this?" I questioned incredulously.

"Who do You think?" Aakash asked wriggling his eyebrows.

"I don't k-...Payal?!? Payal said this to You ?" I questioned while killing Payal mentally.

"Yes...Payal told me this juicy bit of information." Aakash smirked.

"But of all the people why would Payal tell everything specifically to You?" I questioned in confusion.

"Khushi...I am dating Payal..!!! Don't You get it?" Aakash confessed abruptly and continued looking at my stunned face," Yes..Yes..Shocking! I know...But isn't it a bit obvious?"

"Aakash...I think Your initial plan of not telling me any secrets was good..Because all these secrets are really burning my head." I said  while trying to get my head around all these secrets.

"Forget all the secrets Khushi...I just want to tell You that Arnav really loves You a lot and He will never break Your trust.I will assure You, that He is an excellent guy for You...And trust me this time." Aakash said while clasping my hands tightly in his.

"Trust You..Again?" I said rolling my eyes.

"Yes...Because I had put this Bet with the intention that Arnav will start loving You and will forget all about this Bet and we will finally have a 'Happy Ending'!" Aakash said.

"Aakash..I really need the time to assess all the newness in my life..If our love is strong then it will pass the test of time easily." I explained.

"Ooo..Did someone just say 'Our love'??" Aakash teased.

"Yes...Keep this a secret for me...A Brother-Sister Secret.!" I confirmed.

Arnav's POV

"Arnav.. I am requesting You that please keep Your temper cool...We are not going to fight with our parents.OK?" Payal said clutching my hand in hers outside our House's main door.

"Fine." I grunted shortly before ringing the bell.

"Oh...My babies have come back...So happy to see You..." Mom  cooed appearing at the Door.

"Hey...Mom." I said while she hugged me.

"Arnav...You look very weak...Have You not been looking after Yourself?" Mom said scanning my face with concerned eyes.

"Mom. I am fine. " I said while trudging inside the door towards my room.

"Arnav...We need to talk." Dad said from the living room doorway.

How can I forget?

Akshay Singh Raizada has decided to stay with us after all!

"Fine.Lets talk.And now that We are talking please try to inform us of the duration of Your stay this time? You know We really get worried if You stay here too long..!" I said gritting my teeth hard.

"Arnav...Till when are You going to rub that in my face? I am extremely sorry to all of You...I kno-" I cut him off.

"Are You looking for an apology...? Then we should also start enlisting your crimes...This is a better time to apologize when all the crimes have started revealing themselves." I said remembering Khushi's frail body which was sprawled on the flooded road.

"OK..Fine.I will give an explanation to all my crimes...And then You decide if You should forgive me or not." Dad reasoned with me.

"Fine..Lets start." I said while settling myself on the living room couch.

"Okay...Before We start, I want to know...Your friend Aakash is Aashish Mehra's son?" Dad questioned skeptically.


"Yeah.He is Aashish Mehra's Son.." I replied while staring at Payal who was settled on the chair near the door.

"Who is Aakash's mother? I mean what's her name?" Dad questioned again scanning my face.

"Ananya Mehra." I replied shortly.

"Oh...I see...Aakash does not have a sibling or something?" Dad questioned.

Ah! Now I see what He is getting at..

"Yeah.Actually the girl whom we rescued today is Aakash's Sister." I said while looking straight at his face for any changing emotions.

"Arnav..I don't want You to hang out with Aakash and His family at all.Even Payal." Dad warned looking at the two of Us.

"No way...I chose my own friends.And You, of all people, have no right to chose my best friend for me." I yelled getting up on my feet.

"Arnav..I am saying this for Your own good." Dad said calmly.

"Give me one good reason I should not hang out with Aakash or Khushi.?" I screamed making Payal flinch in her seat.

"I don't know...Aakash does not seem the right guy You should be hanging out with." Dad reasoned lamely not letting the truth resurface.

"1] Aakash is my best friend and there is no right or wrong in friendship  2] 'I dont know' does not sound a very solid reason from you." I said while starting to walk away.

"Arnav.Wait.Our discussion is not yet over." Dad said getting up from his seat.

"Yeah...Right.Because I have not yet burst Your bubble by saying that Khushi is Aashish Uncle and Kalpana Aunty's Daughter.Khushi is Aakash's half-sister." I said while witnessing Dad's rapidly falling face.

"What??? Khushi is Aashish and Kalpana's daughter?" Dad said almost in a disturbed whisper.

"Yes...And this house's future Daughter-in-Law because I am totally in Love with Her whether You like it or not. Now,The discussion is definitely over." I said walking away to my room.

Precap- The past can't hurt you anymore, not unless you let it.

Note: You Guys really thought I would make Khushi's confession that easy...ha!

Nisha[Nichuss]:You were the one who doubted the confession to be 'unexpected.'

Harshita- You deserve that bar of Chocolate from your sister now...Embarrassed

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Big smile i know i knowEmbarrassed but someone reassured me. So...
      aha..i totally fell for that..but im glad that u didnt make Khushi's confession easy...loved every bit of the conversation between ASR Sr and Jr especailly the part wher he said Khushi is the house's future daughter in law.i can imagine that scene so well..hope THAT wasnt a dreamLOL Seriously gal, u are doing a great job with this one..i already want to read the next update..btw tanks for the pmSmile

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tanvia IF-Dazzler

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This ws awesome...loved it

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KSG_luv IF-Rockerz

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Wow Big smile
coolflora Goldie

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love it
Srivi01 Goldie

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Ha loved t way he spoke to his dad bout Kushi
-Xpress- IF-Stunnerz

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OMG kushi's confession was just a dream... nooo... awesome update and looking forward to the next part
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great update Big smile
and jus loved it!! Smile
thnx 4 the Pm Tongue

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