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Arshi SS- I Bet,I Love You...Thread III (Page 30)

..MorningStar.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 11:48pm | IP Logged
This Update is for all those people who wanted to bang my head for all the twists I was throwing their way...Yes.The Puzzle is falling into place.

Disclaimer: The reader is advised to Please keep a hand on his/her heart while reading because morning_star is not responsible for the heart attacks which will happen after this..

Chapter 23- The Puzzle

Arnav's POV

The ride back home was very quiet.

Khushi was sleeping comfortably on the passenger seat oblivious to the drama unfolding in her life.

The way her eye-lashes curled on her skin was so mesmerizing.

I don't know how I had the heart to bet on the innocence of this angel.

I am calling off this bet with Aakash.

I dont know why Aakash placed the bet in the first place when He actually knew that Khushi is his sister.

I have to talk to Ananya Aunty...

This was totally unexpected.

At Aakash's House

I drove the car into the driveway.

Khushi was still sleeping while her soft breathing made me feel peaceful.

"Khushi.." I whispered in an attempt to wake her up.


"Khushi..." I whispered again.

Fail again.

"Khushi..." I said while patting her cheeks softly.

Her eyes fluttered open adjusting to the light.

"Uhhuh..We reached home?" Khushi questioned groggily.

"Yes...And Kookie I really want to apologise to You for everything I might have said which broke your heart." I said earnestly turning around to face her.

Khushi gave me  a weird look,"What's wrong Arnie?"

"Nothing is wrong.I will make everything right for You." I promised.

"Arnie...You are freaking me out with Your behavior..Please tell me what is wrong with You all? Why are You behaving strangely with me?" Khushi pleaded while her eyes welled up with tears.

"Ssshhh...Kookie.No one is behaving with You strangely...And nothing is wrong." I said comforting the hand on her lap.

"OK...I am trusting your words, Arnie...Please don't break my trust." Khushi said looking directly in my eyes.

"I will never break Your trust." I said promising Khushi.

Khushi's POV

"I will never break Your trust." Arnav said it with such conviction that my heart wanted to  believe him.

Arnav can never be trusted.

He is being nice to Me for the Bet.

"Arnie...I want to go inside.Let's go.." I said while removing the seat belt.

"Wait a second..Before You go..I want to give You this first..." Arnav said.

"What do Yo-" I was cut off.

Arnav leaned forward from his seat and kissed my cheek making me falter on my words.

"Arnav,W..What are You..doing? I said finally finding my voice.

"What?" Arnav shrugged while opening the door.

"You can't just kiss anyone without their permission...!" I said.

"Ok...Thank You for informing..I will ask your permission next time." Arnav winked and
continued,"By the way this was my reply to the kiss near the pool."

Leaving Me open-mouthed, Arnav made his way into the house.


My mind was working in over-drive.

'I have to payback'...My mind screamed.

Arnav's POV

Khushi does not deserve the emotional baggage that is attached to her life.

I have to talk to Ananya Aunty before everything becomes viral.

"Dude...Where were You guys?..We came back like 15 minutes ago..." Aakash said while opening the door,"Where is Khushi?"

"Khushi is coming...Aakash." I said while keeping our bags near the door.

"Is She Okay?...Did You tell her something? Does She know any of the-" Aakash rambled.

"Aakash...Aakash..Calm down.Khushi is totally fine.I have not told her anything.I first need to talk to Ananya Aunty and You..Then only I can concentrate on what to do next!" I explained.

"OK...Yes.We will talk to Mom after dinner when everyone goes to sleep." Aakash whispered.

"Hey Aakash..." Khushi said suddenly appearing in the doorway.

"Khushi...Had a nice trip?" Aakash questioned.

"Yeah...Slept like a log..." Khushi explained while going towards the living room.

"OK.Arnav,now you freshen up for dinner.Then We will talk to Mom...She will tell us everything." Aakash said as we were entering the empty kitchen.

"OK..But what about NK,Lavanya and Payal?" I questioned realizing about them.

"Payal knows everything...I told her yesterday night.NK and Lavanya are my cousins too,So..." Aakash faltered but continued looking at my shocked face,"Yes...Yes...Kalpana Aunty,My Mom and NK's Dad are real siblings"


"AAKASH...I am skipping dinner...I want to talk to Aunty RIGHT NOW!...I am going crazy with all these relations springing up from God-knows-where?" I growled.

"Arnav...Calm down.We can't create a scene here..We can't tell Khushi everything.You know half the truth and We know What just happened...We just have to mix the two and get the full story from Mom..." Aakash explained pouring me a glass of water.

"Okay...Fine.I will wait till dinner." I said.

After Dinner

"Girls...Have You finished?" Ananya Aunty questioned cheerfully while piling the plates.

"YES" The three girls squealed.

"Okay...I am suggesting that You girls can sleep in Khushi's room tonight." Ananya Aunty suggested.

"OK..Aunty.Thank You." Payal said while clearing the table.

"Yeah...And We guys are going to sleep now.
..Arnav & I have Basket Ball practice tomorrow." Aakash said faking a yawn.

Khushi turned to give Aakash an  Are-You-Sure-? look,who in return smiled brightly.

"Ok...Aunty.Then We girls are going to my room.Good Night." Khushi said while gathering her things.

"Ananya Aunty,We can talk in Aakash's room or the poolside.I have told Payal to alert me if Khushi is moving around the house." I said urgently when all three girls were out of ear-shot.

"OK..Lets Go to the poolside.Aakash's room is very near to Khushi's room." Ananya Aunty said.

Khushi's POV

I dont know What is cooking between Arnav & Aakash...

They are making my life miserable with this Bet.

I think I should just put a stop to this by revealing that I know about it.

But I don't want to lose Arnav's friendship.

Arnav knows everything about Me more than Payal does.

I can see Payal snoring on the bed next to Lavanya.

I picked up my blanket and walked towards the poolside.

The poolside is empty and the water is lapping in the moonlight.


I make myself comfortable near the stairs from where I can see the stars clearly but No one can see me.

Yes...I use this as my personal space to talk to 'Shyam'.

I can hear whispers and scraping of feet approaching the poolside.

Oh No...I dont want to be seen by them.

It must be the guys..

But what I see next stuns me in my position.

Ananya Aunty followed by the three of them settle down near the pool.

What is going on???

I have to be quiet and listen to the conversation.

Arnav's POV

"Ananya Aunty...Please tell us the truth about our lives which is now creating a havoc due to the secrets." I pleaded while sitting in between NK and Aakash.

"Ok...Aashish[Aakash's Dad], Akshay [Arnav's Dad], Nikhil [NK's Dad], Kalpana [Khushi's Mom] &  Me were the best of friends in college.We were inseparable.We wished to be together all our lives."

A lone tear fell from Ananya Aunty's eyes.

"Although Nikhil,Kalpana & I were real siblings...We never fought with each other at all...We were the best siblings You could ever meet.Everything was good until last year of graduation." Ananya Aunty continued.

"Aashish and Kalpana were dating each other but No one knew about it...Yes,Not even us.They never revealed it to us.And we never doubted them."

"Things started getting worse when Akshay started falling for Kalpana...Then all hell broke loose...Kalpana was in love with Aashish but Akshay was obsessively in love with Kalpana."

At this point, I glanced at Aakash who was rooted to the spot.

"Akshay and Aashish became rivals in everything...All the friends fell apart and there was No friendship left between us all.We three siblings remained together inspite of all the storm."

"After graduation.Akshay was hell bent on marrying Kalpana.He had in fact threatened Kalpana in marrying him.But Kalpana still had her heart set in marrying Aashish."

"At this point Nikhil intervened and told Aashish to run away with Kalpana...All hell broke loose again when Aashish and Kalpana were not to be found the next day.Our parents were distraught and thought that Kalpana had gone alone somewhere...They did not know it was Aashish who had gone with her."

A lone tear escaped the edge of my eyes.

Ananya Aunty continued,"One day,Aashish came back without Kalpana.He came directly to my parents and asked my hand in marriage.I was shocked.Nikhil asked him about Kalpana's where about.Aashish said that Kalpana did not want to come Home and did not want to marry him."

"I was stunned beyond belief but then Kalpana called me one day.She said that She was fine wherever She was and would be very happy if I would marry Aashish.I loved my sister and could not disagree so I got married to Aashish 2 months later."

"When Aakash was 2 months old...There was a call from an old lady who claimed that Kalpana had given birth to Khushi and had died in child birth."

"Kalpana Aunty died in child birth???" I questioned hoarsely.

"Yes...Kalpana gave the world the symbol of her love for Aashish and left us distraught.Aashish was furious on this news and He decided that Khushi is not his child."

"I was heart broken but I could not be weak so I personally went to Lucknow from where the old lady had called and took Khushi from her.I was very happy that Khushi was with me but I was also scared that Aashish will not accept her."

"But Dad did not tell You what happened between Him and Kalpana Aunty?" Aakash questioned.

"No...It is a mystery which He took to his grave." Ananya Aunty said while her face resembled a waterfall.

"Then what happened Aunty?" NK urged keeping his hand on Aunty's hand.

"I brought Khushi back home.Aashish warned me to chose between Him and Khushi.I could not possibly leave my husband and son so I requested my college friend Garima Gupta to take care of Khushi till the time Aashish cools down."

"But Aashish did not cool down.And one day He died and left us all. That day I decided to bring Khushi back to her house.It was her rightful place. And then I told Aakash the story of our horrible life."

"When were You planning to tell Me,Aunty?" Khushi's hoarse voice boomed across the pool making a shiver run through my spine.


Precap- Arnav v/s Khushi : 'Confessions'

Next-Chapter 24- The Confession

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rati123 Goldie

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Posted: 19 November 2012 at 12:31am | IP Logged
Awsome update. The story surely has twists and turns.
..FallAndFly.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 November 2012 at 12:56am | IP Logged

AWW POOR KHUSHI...feeling sad for her...awesome update yaara

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silvia1999 IF-Sizzlerz

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Theepthidevi Goldie

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Posted: 19 November 2012 at 2:18am | IP Logged
Nice update. Felt very bad for khushi. Because of her parents she has suffered a lot.
divvk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 November 2012 at 2:21am | IP Logged
amazing update yaar.. cleared all confusion.. wow.. arhi confession coming up next!!! waiting eagerly for that!!! Big smile

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anjs IF-Sizzlerz

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this is really interesting now

what if khushi is kalpana and akshay's child... that makes her arnav's step sister

hira2050 IF-Dazzler

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Awesome update:)loved it

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