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Arshi SS- I Bet,I Love You...Thread III (Page 111)

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...Everyone please relax.!

Aakash Mehra is a figment of my imagination.

The character bashing He suffered Yesterday was way too harsh!

The extent was that my 'Logical Friend' even slapped Him in her comment.[Revealing no names!Wink]

And For the record..You will feel like bashing another character today...

So please criticize the story and not the characters...

Thank You..<3

P.S-Who does not want a Best Friend like Aakash Mehra?

P.P.S- I said there will be drama.From where did You guys think 'Wooing Khushi' came into picture? Romantic much huh?

Chapter 30- The Conflict

Khushi's POV

"Payal...Are We Best Friends?" I questioned.

"Huh? Why Do You ask such an obvious question?" Payal said incredulously.

"Can I tell You a secret then? " I said holding out my pinkie finger.

"OK...It will be like a stone in the depth of a well." Payal promised holding mine with her pinkie finger.

"Aakash has recorded my confession on his phone.I am damn sure He has done it for Arnav's ears." I said smirking brightly.

"Haawww...How do You know?" Payal said with wide eyes.

"I saw him fumble with his phone when I was talking to him and then the light was blinking too..So I deciphered that maybe He must be accumulating proof." I explained.

"Oh..My ...God...Khushi..You devil..You must have said things which will actually jump-start Arnav huh?!?" Payal said face-palming her forehead.

"Yes...I don't want to hurt Arnav and I don't have the courage to see him defeated so I just played along." I confessed.

"Awww...You Guys are So Cute." Payal said flinging her arms around my neck.

"But Aakash does not have any idea that I know So...You have to support me! And Arnav should not know about this ever" I explained.

"But what If Aakash makes Arnav listen to your confession then? " Payal questioned.

"That's what I want them to do...I want Arnav to hear it from my mouth.Aakash will definitely help Arnav. I am damn sure He will support his best friend just like He always does."

"Hmm..So We are not going to lag behind...And You keep up this stubborn act...I will play along."

"Yes...We really have to act indifferent to whatever Arnav plans...I might have given him an easy start but I am going to make this harder for him." I said narrowing my eyes.

"But We have college tomorrow...Actually We had to go today also." Payal shrugged her shoulders.

"Oh..We have to go to college..??!!?? I forgot all about it during all this fiasco!" I said suddenly realizing the thought.

"Yeah.Its Okay.We all have ditched class today because You were not well." Payal explained.

"Okay then We can put our plan into action because I am damn sure Arnav is planning to strike!" I said thinking deeply.

Arnav's POV

"Aakash, Did You realise that You have just broken Your Sister's first promise?" I said after the excitement had finally settled down.

"What promise did I give to Khushi?" Aakash questioned innocently.

"You remember...Your Brother-Sister Secret!" I said dangling his phone in front of his face.

"Oh..That.I know.And You know.But does Khushi know?" Aakash questioned smirking.

"You Nasty devil...One thing which My Khushi asked from you and You have already broken her trust...Tsk Tsk..What Brotherly Love!?!" I teased.

"Ah! I see...Mr.Lover Boy...If I was not her brother there wouldn't be any 'My Khushi'...So You should actually Thank Me." Aakash drawled.

"Yeah.Right.The first time You tried to get Us together...We are now in a state of separation..The next time You get Us together,Khushi will wish I was never born!" I taunted arrogantly.

"Okay.Mr Do-It-Yourself...You are on your own Now!" Aakash huffed while walking out of my bedroom door and banging it close.

I instantly felt like someone had chopped off my right hand.

"Aakash!!!" I yelled running out of my door and half way down the stairs.

The stairs were empty and there was absolutely no noise of anyone leaving the house.

"Are You looking for Me?" I heard a voice calling from behind.

I turned to look at Aakash standing in a care free attitude with his smirk in place.

"Yes...You, Ghost of Best friend..I am looking for You...!" I said while pulling his hand back in to the room.

"What is He doing in my House?" A gruff voice made Me and Aakash halt in our tracks.

I turned behind to witness Dad standing in front of a worried looking Mom.

"Aakash is My Best Friend and He has a right in this House." I grunted.

"My final word was that You are staying away from him and His family." Dad said calmly making Aakash flinch.

"And You must get Your ears checked because my Final word that I chose My own friends did not reach your ears." I growled.

"Arnav...I want to have a word with you...You need to talk to Me...Alone!" Dad said glancing at Aakash and then back at me.

"Fine." I surrendered just to give a final showdown to the whole matter.

"I said...Alone." Dad said looking at Aakash objectively.

"And I said Fine which means You should go and settle in the living room." I said dismissively walking towards my room.

"Arnav...I should probably leave before things here start getting ugly.You take care of matters here.And I will go take care of Khushi." Aakash said while collecting his things in my room.

"Okay..See You tomorrow in College.And Aakash...Make sure Your Sister gets there because tomorrow is the day of College She would surely not want to miss." I winked suggestively.

I walked in to the living room and settled in the couch acquiring a bored look.

"Yeah.Tell me What You have to say because I have more important things to do and I clearly do not have much time to waste." I said.

"Arnav...I have decided that from Now onwards I am going to stay with my own family letting the past be forgotten.We should definitely turn over a new leaf and give a fresh start to life and our family." Dad said in a calm tone while glancing at Mom.

"What Past are You talking about? What is so unexplainable about your past?" I urged him.

"Yes...I have a very guilty past which has become unbearable for me..." Dad said while Mom kept a encouraging hand on his shoulder.

"If You don't want me to become your unbearable present..Can You please narrate Your past?" I said while shrugging my shoulders.

"I was in Love with a girl when I was about Your age without the knowledge that She was in Love with My Best Friend." Dad stopped to gather his thoughts.

I glanced at Mom whose facial features had turned rigid.

"I was a very arrogant guy who would get everything at his feet without any hassle.And I just wanted that girl because She was not available to me.This was a challenge for Me." Dad said while thinking deeply.

I thought back on the arrogant moments of  My own life.

"I threatened the girl for marriage not thinking about her feelings or about my best friend.They both were in Love but I was their roadblock." Dad confessed.

"After some time my threats became unbearable for the girl...And One day She left her house and went away...I was heart broken but I did not breakdown.My family got me married to Your Mom...and I changed.I had lost my heart to that girl and I did not have any heart to give to your Mom." Dad said while looking back at Mom.

"After some 2 months of our marriage, My best friend announced his marriage to Her Sister. I was very Happy that even He could not get Kalpana as his own wife." Dad said looking lost in space.

"Then What happened to Your Best Friend's Life?" I questioned to urge Dad to spill more.

"Exactly 2 months after You were born..I got the news from somewhere that My Best friend too had a son.Everything became normal." Dad explained.

"What about the girl You both loved? There was no news from her?" I questioned to get the dam of information to burst.

"No..After that I never heard what happened to them nor got any other news." Dad confessed.

"So..Its time to fit in the puzzle and give You tiny jolts of shock...The best friend You are talking about is Aashish Mehra and the Girl You both commonly loved is Kalpana Kashyap.Kalpana Aunty left her house the time when You threatened her.Now She is dead." I confessed looking at my Parent's shocked and stunned faces.

"What ?? Kalpana is dead?" Dad questioned finally finding his voice.

"Yes...She died in child-birth.Aashish Uncle married Ananya Kashyap who is the sister of Kalpana Aunty.Aakash is their first-born Son" I said.

"Then How did Khushi come in to picture?" Dad asked in confusion.

"2 months after Aakash was born there was news that Kalpana Aunty died in child birth leaving behind Aashish Mehra's daughter who is Khushi."

"Kalpana died in child birth?? Then How come Khushi is here with Aakash's family?" Dad questioned while moisture had formed in his eyes.

"Ananya Aunty who is Aakash's mother went and claimed Khushi as her own daughter and brought her back home.But Aashish Uncle did not accept Khushi as his own daughter So Ananya Aunty kept Khushi with her college friend ." I said while my heart had become heavier due to grief.

"Kalpana And Aashish did not marry?" Dad questioned narrowing his eyes.

"The only mystery that remains is that what happened to Kalpana Aunty which made her take the decision of not marrying Aashish Uncle" I explained.

"I have a confession to reveal that mystery too..I can't stay with that much guilt burden on my shoulders." Dad said as tears started welling up in his eyes.

"Now what more crime Do You have to confess to?" I said narrowing my eyes.

"I was the one who created a rift between them unknowingly.One day after my marriage to your Mom,I had gone to Mumbai for a Business Deal...I saw Kalpana standing in the Mall looking like She was waiting for someone.I was stunned on finding her.I went up to her to confront.Kalpana was very scared and was looking around for someone.Then I noticed Aashish standing there looking at Us with a bit of a hurt expression.I think that was what it took for me to break their relationship."

"What??..Dad You are Unbelievable...I have no words to convey what You are." I screamed.

"Oh My God...Arnav...I had no idea my wrath will do so much damage...I am feeling all the more guilty now." Dad said.

"What about Us,Dad...What did We do to deserve Your wrath?" I questioned calmly.

"For that I am very Sorry Arnav...I have made a grave mistake and I am here to rectify my mistake.Please give me a chance.?" Dad pleaded.

"You first will have to apologize to my Mom for wasting her life running behind You, apologize to your Daughter who has wasted innumerable tears for You and then if these two forgive You in the End...Don't come to Me because I do not have any sympathy for You." I declared.

"I am apologizing to You...I know what I have done is wrong...But You have to move On..And make your life.Do You accept my apology?" Dad pleaded again.

"Nah! You have to apologize to the girl who has suffered the wrath and harshness of the hidden truths and secrets of her life...If She is ready to accept Your apology...You are forgiven." I declared.

"Who are You talking about?" Dad questioned narrowing his eyes.

"I am talking about Your daughter-in-law...Khushi." I announced.

Precap- Yes..Yes...Yes...This time no breaking of Heart![Cheesy Romantics Alert!]

P.S Note:My friend Lalaland222 had requested to
share this fan Page with You guys...Trust Me it's awesome!
Arnav and Khushi forever

Chapter 31- The Romantic

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Ab if i  roz roz give bade bade comments toh u will kill me nah 

toh aj ka comment aj ..  
coz aj I m at home .. sweet home ... 

plus i was dying to know ab kya hoga .. what will arnie do to pacify his Khushi... 

diii update soon... waiting... 


aw... pinkie promise.. Its so cute ...
i rember myself going all this things.. 

OMG..OMG..OMG... KhUshi knows about akash recording..
*there goes my jaw.. drop*
I thought she will confess her love .. but nope ... u always plan to SHOCK  us di .. 

OHk...  I love KHUSHI NOW ...  becuase ..
she loves ny arnie .. she loves my arnie ... she cant see him sad .. she cant see him sad ... 

hehe .. bechara arnav .. iski toh band bajne wali hai .. 

Ohk god my Khushi .. MY khushi .. I love to read it this way ... 

huh.. even akash noticed... 

Grh.. akdo senior ASR kahi ka... ek bar besti ki arnav .. nt its still not enuff for him ...  he wants more of it ... rather he needs it .. 

Ohk god... i cant bear this stress between senior ASR n junior ASR ...

di kuch karo..

AND ... the list goes on ...

"...FUTURE BAHU ..."  I love this more than my khushi ...

i envy khushi now ...

p.s. : di such mai i wanna marry akash now ... 

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Oh ...My Darling... Sorry for the delayed comment... I was damn busy whole the day...Ouch

Come to the update... No doubt...Its awesome...Embarrassed

Waiting for the Cheesy one...Day Dreaming

Love you Sabah...  Be my Star forever...Hug.. My sweet Jalebi...Tongue

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gr8 Big smile
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love the updateSmile
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awesome too good
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wow!!! amazing update.. all puzzles solved.. waiting for the romanceLOLLOL

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