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Dance Ban and Tarey SS- Backstabber? "Completed" (Page 8)

--taareylove--- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 5:32am | IP Logged
superb yar waiting for next part

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.PixieBunnie. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 5:38am | IP Logged all waiting for the confession...

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...Natasha... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 5:46am | IP Logged
Aashna once again u did a superb job. I wish cvs can read your OS can take some ideas from u. U write it in such a calm and understanding way. I love how Rey totally forget everything he plan to say to Taani once he saw her lol. And the apology was so sweet he control his anger and I love that. I love two parts. Aaw Taani apology was so cute too she holding her ears. Plz update the next part soon.

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taanisfanno1 Groupbie

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 6:13am | IP Logged
Update soon!!! n pls pm me.. u ve written vry well Wink 

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-CussTheWorldUp IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 6:46am | IP Logged
this was awesome...!!! I mean seriously luv u for these updates... U write amazingly...!! I could understand n imagine each n every scene.. N luvd their convo about shivam in the fire escape..!! Update sooonn... Like u always do..!! Plzzz...!!!!

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Amitz.Gibbore IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 7:40am | IP Logged
wow dr you are awesum!!!

these much updates in one day and each one was perfect!! enjoyed TR completely!!!!

loved the updates a lott!!so intense!!Heart update soon

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raddhi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 7:43am | IP Logged
nice prt luv it 
plzzz put nxt prt soon n thanks for PM n
PM me d nxt prt plzzz

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ShivTRSS IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 8:02am | IP Logged
They entered the class together laughing. The whole team was there having fun as usual and when they entered they were met by stares and pin drop silence.
Vicky, Amar, Bharat and Nil looked at each other and did their CHEMISTRY sign.
Swayam was looking at both of them with horrified expression.
Girls were smiling at them.
Sharon was smirking at Rey. She was filled in already by Neha, Simmi and Rinni about Taani and Rey's ongoing lukachupi etc.
Rey looked caught and Taani looked completely oblivious. She had no idea about what they all were thinking about.

It was a used to thing now.
Okay, short thingy now
The fun part was there.
They all enjoyed dance and college everyday. That friend feeling was there.
Taani and Rey were best of the best friends now. They both were with each other so much time. Always talking, playing msg, msg, having fun etc. Rey's feelings for Taani were getting stronger and he now realised that he loved her. Taani was happy with the friendship with Rey and no hard feelings between them. Though still she didn't know that Rey ... loved her.
Sharon and Swayam were together. Their lovestory had caught speed like ruk ruk ke chalne wali gadi se they had a transfer in a Ferrari. Sharon had realised her feelings for Swayam and they had had a umm... all in all second time confession. It was the happiest day in Swaron's life. Swayam was so happy and Tarey were happy for Swaron. Their relationship was official now and the whole college knew about it.
Rimar were together. They were a couple.
Simmi had realised her feelings for Nil and they both were on a phase that only proposal was required.
Neha and Vicky were back to Kagu babu and deewani deewane. They were together.
Bharat had found a new love interest and their love luka chupi was ongoing.
And Aashi? Aashi had found someone special for her too. He was the academics master. Her crush on Swayam had ended.
Only Tarey remained. Rey and Taani's relationship had gotten stronger, but the confession was not there yet. Rey wanted to confess, but how to? The boys were more excited about him and Taani then he himself was. He wanted to. And he wanted it to be special. And the opportunity came. Taani still had no idea about Rey's feelings.

They had gone to Vicky's farm house for celebrating Rey's birthday. Vicky had invited everyone. Rey was planning to propose Taani today. They had fun. It was weekend so they were staying their for the night.
No problem with Swayam as Sharon was there to take care of it.
They all enjoyed the party and everything. They had a cake fight and special dances for Rey by all the couples.Everyone gave gifts to Rey. Taani and Swayam gave a joint gift to Rey of a watch.
It was the most fun day they had after the fun part was back.
Rey and Taani got some alone time that day for so many times and Rey even mentioned to her that he wanted to talk to her about something important, but everytime they were either distracted by the team members or Rey would get stammering.

So after the party.
Vicky: (Coming to Rey and sitting on a table) To... kam bana?
Rey: Kaha yar.
Vicky: Kya? (looking in shock at Rey) Nahi bana?
Rey: Nahi. Pata nahi, me usake samne aate hi barfi mod me chala jata hu.
Vicky: (jumping down from the table) Kya? You mean to say... ki hum kabse tuje itani sari opportunities de rahe he, itana kam karake Swayam ko tujse aur Taani se dur rakh rahe he, aur tune ab tak itana chota sa kam bhi nahi kiya.
Rey: Acha? (Smacking him on the head) Tu muje bol raha he? Bhul gaya? Neha ko propose karane me tune ages lagaye the wo. Are yar, ye drama bandh karake muje kuch ideas dena ki me Taani ko kese hamesha ke liye apna kar dun! (giving a little dreamy look)
Vicky and the boys give stupid ideas to Rey and all.
No luck untill the night. But Rey was determined. No matter what, today was the day of confession. He was not nervous or something. He just didn't want ki Taani ki aur usaki relationship affect ho. He wanted it to be special.
At night, everyone went to sleep. Taani was also in one of the guest rooms.
Rey sneaked past the boys and went to her room. Thankfully, she had left the door open. He whispered her name softly, "Taani?"
But No reply.
He looked everywhere, but she was not to be found. He thought that maybe she had gone to Neha or Sharon's room or somewhere, before he saw her.
She was wearing a white bathrobe in the balcony. Enjoying the softness and coldness of night, looking at the beautiful sky, moon and stars. Her hair were wet and it was evident that she had just took a shower.
He just kept looking at her enjoying the soft breathe.
She was looking so beautiful.
No make up, no composure
Only Taani. Just Taani. His Taani.

He just kept looking at her. Not having any thoughts but only the image of her in front of his mind.
His legs went to her unknowingly and he stepped into the balcony besides her, having a little soft smile on his face only feeling his love towards her.
She didn't know though.
Her eyes were closed.
It was like she was not in this world now.
Like she was on meditation.
He felt absolutely peaceful in her presence.
She was his sun.
The brightness of his life.
The most important person of his life.
The love of his life.
His Taani.

"Taani?", He whispered.
She gasped a short breath and looked in surprise at him.
He felt himself just looking into those deep, pure eyes. Inhaling her sweet flowery fragrance.
Their eyes met.
It was the connection of souls.
On that beautiful night, they both looked at each other.
It was like they could see each others souls through their eyes.
Rey saw her soul. So pure, so deep. He could never imagine her doing or wishing wrong for anyone. So nice, so beautiful, So special.
Taani saw his soul. So deep, so proud, so true. He had always been what he was. Doing anything for his friends and families, never pretending, always true to himself, always true to others. A relief for his friends. The most amazing person ever.

Tarey background tune. Eyes met. Souls met. Hearts met.
The pureness of her eyes, the beauty of her eyes, the emotions of her eyes held him there.
The softness of his eyes, the love in his eyes, the deepness of his eyes held her there.
After what seemed like a long time, Taani got back in her senses. She dropped her eyes in hesitation and Rey too recovered.
Taani looked at him again twisting her hair nervously.
Taani: Umm... Aap yaha?
Rey: (recovering) Oh, ummm... yeah. Just...
He still couldn't keep his eyes of her.
She looked like an angel in that beautiful situation.
Taani looked down at his hand. He was holding the watch she and bhai had gifted him.
Taani: (smilingly and looked a bit questioningly at him) Watch achi lagi?
Rey: (Rey met her eyes with soft, love expression) Bahot. (He said in his husky unintentionally romantic tone)
Taani looked at him again and then at a watch with a little sharp but smiling expression.
Taani took the watch from him and made him wear it.
Tieing the knots: Watch hath me pakdne ke liye nahi pehnane ke liye he na?
Rey smiled seeing this. Taani tied the knots.
Rey: Thanks. But you know what? I don't want it.
Taani: Kyun? Abhi to kaha ki aapko pasand aayi watch?
Rey: pasand to aayi, par agar me isake badle kuch aur mangu to.
Taani: (Aap jo chaho) Aur kya?
Rey: (looked into her eyes unsteadily. Not finding the words) (Taani looked at him confused.)
He looked into her eyes. Just feeling her presence. Feeling intoxicated by her mere presence.
He found that there were no words which will explain the feel he felt for her. The emotions he had for her. For what she meant to him?
Taani still was looking at him confused. Waiting for his response.
They were in talking distance. Rey took a hesitant step towards her.

He looked into her beautiful eyes. Then he looked at her slender hand. He took her hand and put it on his heart.
Taani's heart skipped a bit. She met his eyes for a second and then looked at her hand on his heart with a surprised expression. Rey kept his other hand on Taani's hand on his heart and put their hands on Taani's heart.
Watching her reaction every time.
He did it really slowly with so much love.
There was silence. Just the sound of cold breathe, their hair flowing softly, their eyes filled of love, so much sweetness in their presence. There was no Rey. No Taani. Just two souls which urged to seek each other. Which felt a beautiful unquestionable, unexplainable, divine feeling towards each other. It didn't matter if they were right for each other. It didn't matter if they were created for each other. What mattered was what they felt about each other. What mattered was the love they felt towards each other. What mattered was that they liked each other. A lot. They loved each other's presence.
Taani was surprised. She was blank. Still looking at their hands interwined. Still thinking about nothing in particular but just feeling the gesture Rey did rewinded in her mind over and over again. Trying to make reason out of that gesture. Trying to get the meaning from that gesture. Trying to make herself understand.
It seemed like a long time. Slowly slowly Taani felt the love from Rey. Slowly slowly Rey felt the realisation hit Taani. He was patient. He was looking at her face. She didn't need to express her emotions. He felt them. He felt them like they had a presence of their own. Like they were alive.
Taani slowly realised the feeling. She had the realisation. She slowly raised her eyes to Rey's. Their eyes met. Rey could read all her emotions. Her little surprise, amazement, owe, beauty, love, acceptance, confusion, acceptance, understanding everything. He felt the love. He felt like she was completing him. The space in his heart was completed. A relief, the brightness, a shelter which he always felt in the presence of her was his. Forever.
They communicated silently. Being in the presence of each other. A natural relation. Love.
Rey smiled at her like she was the most special person for him.
Taani smiled at him like he was the most beautiful presence for her.

He felt an urge to tell her. To tell her the three most beautiful words which might have been just created for her.
Rey: Taani? (Feeling a pleasure through his heart as he said her name. That name had the most special meaning to him)
Taani: Rey. (feeling the owe, the respect she felt for him, for her first love)
Rey: I LOVE YOU... (in a whisper, with his husky amazing most beautiful voice of the world.)
Taani remained silent. Silently feeling the pleasure she felt hearing those three words.
Rey said again: I LOVE YOU.
Taani felt her pleasure deepen. Her love deepen. Feeling the hole in his heart, which the pain she felt at the rejection vanish. Like it had never happened. Feeling her whole self again. Feeling him, his presence, his love.
Rey waited. Just looking into those mesmerising warm brown eyes. After what seemed like a long time, he heard the words which gave him immense pleasure.
Taani: Me too.
Rey waited. After what seemed like forever,
Taani whispered with all her feel, her love: I LOVE YOU.
Rey felt a great pleasure. Her words ringing and echoing to him.
Taani: Rey.
Taani: I LOVE YOU.

The moons and stars witnessed the connection of those two most beautiful hearts and the beginning of their divine love together.



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