Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Happy Birthday ~ A i s h u ~ Our Angel <3

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Please read with patience and a little bit of love for its only with understanding that this story can be understood. If you're not the dangerous trio then all I can say is good luck because it's difficult to make sense out of stories which aren't yours in the first place.

 Kushal:  Oh My Gosh, Aishu is HOT. Blushing

@One Direction Academy

Zayn: Okay go away Kushal; you know that Aishu loves me the most.

Niall: Zayn you have a girlfriend remember? You can't ditch Preeti (not Perrie ROFL), you love her.

Zayn: But it's Aishu's birthday. Ouch

Harry: Dream on Zayn, Aishu's mine. Day Dreaming

Louis: I like girls who eat carrots. LOL

Liam: Aishu likes carrots' well I think she does. Tongue

Louis: I like Aishu whether she eats carrots or not. Embarrassed

Zayn: Back off, Aishu's mine and I'm Aishu's. Blushing

Preeti: Nahhiii!! Zayn you are mineBroken Heart

Zayn: But it's Aishu's birthday Preeti. Unhappy

Preeti: Fine then *sobs.* Cry

Zayn: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I love you. Heart

Preeti: I love you too and Louis don't forget Eleanor. Embarrassed

Louis: Yeah Ermm good point. Ermm

Preeti: And Liam, you know how much you love Danielle, you'll be back together, don't worry. Smile

Liam: I really hope so. Day Dreaming

Niall: YES! That means Aishu is mine. Big smile

Harry: No she is not. Tongue

Niall: She's not yours either. Evil Smile

Zayn: That means she is mine! Big smile

Preeti: Zayn? *sobs* Broken Heart

Aishu: It's my birthday Preeti, please. Star

Preeti: Nope. Zayn is mine. Evil Smile

Sruthi: Oh stop all this 1D business you two. Censored

Preeti: No. Zayn is only Preeti's. Evil Smile

@Aishu's House

Aishu: We're really going to have to do something about Preeti. She's not giving me Zayn even though it's my birthday.

Sruthi: Are you thinking what I'm thinking Twin 1? Confused

Aishu: I think I am Twin 2. Wink

Sruthi and Aishu: Let's kidnap Preeti so she can't meet Zayn. Tongue

Sruthi: But you know what? Ermm

Aishu: What? Ermm

Sruthi: I feel like watching some of SOTY first.  Embarrassed

Aishu: Same. Let's watch it! Big smile

Aishu and Sruthi get too occupied in watching Sid and Varun that they forget kidnapping Preeti. A little while later Preeti comes in.

Preeti: You are NOT watching SOTY again. Censored

Aishu: We are, for the one hundredth and forty third time. Big smile

Preeti: *sighs* Sleepy

Sruthi: *in whispers* Let's kidnap her now Aishu. Cool

Preeti: Good try Sruthi but that's not happening. Don ko pakarnaa mushkil hi nahi na mumkin hai. Big smile

Aishu: You really love SRK don't you? Embarrassed

Preeti: Yeah. Embarrassed But I love you guys more. Heart

Sruthi: Same here. Heart

Aishu: Same here. Heart

Sruthi: You know Preeti, I would ditch Sid for you. Big smile

Aishu: And I would ditch Varun, he's nothing compared to you. Big smile

*Yep Ermm I'm good at boasting about myself* ROFL

Preeti: Nawww, but I wouldn't ditch Zayn for you. ROFL

AiSru wack Preeti and then the Dangerous Trio hug. Hug

PreeThiShu: Watch out, we're coming to make heads turn. The Dangerous Trio is BACK. Evil Smile

@Sruthi's House

Sruthi: Preeti? Ermm

Preeti: Yeah? Ermm

Sruthi: It's Aishu's birthday. Confused

Preeti: And you think I don't know that? Ermm Confused

Sruthi: I know you do Preetz. Unhappy

Preeti: Then why the long face? Ermm

Sruthi: Because we need to do something for her! Embarrassed Duh! Pinch

*Jes Di comes to the rescue!*

Jes Di: Let's make a birthday thread! Big smile

Preeti and Sruthi: You are a legend Di. Hug

Jes Di: I know. Wink But my little ones I have exams so I won't be able to help out. Unhappy

Shivu: And I'm outta town. Ouch

SruThi: Awww. Ouch

Deepz: Don't worry, main hoon na. Wink

Preetha: And me! Tongue

Simar: And me! Embarrassed

Preeti: Let's do this girls. Big smile

Sruthi: Let's make the best birthday thread in the world. Party

Preeti: We'll try. Wink But no matter how much effort we put in, the thread won't be as beautiful as Aishu herself. Embarrassed

Sruthi, Deepz, Preetha and Simar: That's so true. Big smile

Sruthi, Deepz, Preetha, Simar and Preeti: We love you Aishu. Heart

Preeti: Just saying, the party's at my house. LOL

Sruthi, Deepz, Preetha and Simar: NOOO!! Cry

Preeti: Too late. Tongue


@The Birthday Bash

Welcome to the birthday bash of none other than the very beautiful, sweet, talented, adorable and friendly '

*drum roll*

Who's birthday is it? Let's have a countdown to find out!





































Status   Aishu_VirMaStatus 


Angel Embarrassed

I ntelligent Smile

Supportive Heart

Helpful Tongue

Welcoming Hug

Appreciative Star

R espectful Thumbs Up

Young @14 Wink

Apple of my eye Cool






Now it's time for a little story.

14 years ago a little baby opened her eyes on planet Earth. Everyone smiled at her birth; the stars, the moon, the sun, the sky, the clouds, the birds...even homework smiled...and that's a first. Wink

That's right, Aishu is a girl who can make everyone smile no matter what situation they are in. She is beautiful not only from the outside but also inside her heart.

To sum it all up, she is an angel, an angel born to fill everyone's hearts with joy and pureness.

13 years after her birth Aishu was like yeah, I've had enough of school, time to create an account on India-Forums. So that's what she did. She came online to IF and somehow made friends with me Ermm and Sruthi Ermm and Preetha Ermm and Deepz Ermm and Jes Di Ermm and Shivu Ermm and Simar Ermm and basically everybody else.

Yeah, you get the message, she's popular. Wink

The transfer from the 13th year of her life to the 14th year was quite a quick one, at least for Sruthi and Preeti. PreeThiShu never realized that amount of talking The Dangerous Trio did with each other. That was until homework came in the way and started planning to murder us all. Yet, it hasn't succeeded and here we all are wishing our angel Aishu the best birthday she could ever wish for!

Have a fantastic, fabulous and fruitful fourteenth Birthday Girl!

*In the tune of Sexy and I Know It:* 

We love you and you know that. Heart

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Songtrocthe party:

1. Oath - Cher Lloyd

2. Live While We're Young -1D

3. Heart Attack - 1D

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What's a birthday without gifts, messages and cards? Here are some wishes for our angel Aishu!
 ...especially for our angel Aishwarya...

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Preeti's Wish

May you have the most amazayn, fabulouis, phenominiall, brilliam, extraordinharry and varuntastic birthday you could wish for Aishu. Have an extremely fruitful and prosperous year ahead; may all your dreams and wishes come true hunn. 

Love you. Heart

A birthday without gifts from Preeti is a big no-no in Aishu's dictionary, right? Ermm Preeti apni chottu ko gifts na de? Ermm Ho hi nahi sakta! Wink I know you're a VirMan fanatic like me so here's your gift for this birthday:


Don't worry, I do have more for you, I haven't forgotten that it is my sister's birthday. Embarrassed 


I know that creativity and I are worst enemies but still, that was a little go to gift my Aishu the best birthday that could ever exist from my side.

To anyone else who is stalking this message, DO NOT use that avatar or those siggies (I doubt that you would want to anyway Ermm), they are only for my angel. Yep Ermm that's me on your birthday Aishu ' I damn care about the rest of the world. Wink

Right, I'm not very good with emotional stuff but I'm going to give this crap a good go today because I feel like I need to. Aishu, the word is like a feeling in my heart. A feeling which means joy, happiness and pride. When I say your name, or even write it happiness fills me and that's because you are my happiness. Happiness starts at you, ends at you. You are the angel of happiness in my life. Even if I have homework, you make me smile and trust me, that is not the only reason I love. I love you because you are 'friendship personified' for me. The girl that knows how to please upside down, inside out. But you don't please me for credit, you please me for my happiness and that's why you make me feel so loved and special. You are undoubtedly the sweetest and bubbliest girl I have ever met. You do have your *crazy and adorable* differentiation between moods but you know what, I love you no matter what mood you are in because you are my Aishu and I understand you every step of the day. May god bless you through and through on your birthday Aishu. I wish you all the success in the world... all the success you could ever wish for. Always stay the same because I became friends with Aishu, THE AISHU, the one that you are now. Be yourself and I assure that you'll marry One Direction ROFL, you get the message, right? Embarrassed Okay I'm going back into talking nonsense mode so I'm going to stop now. But before I leave, once again Aishu, have a very, and I mean this, very happy birthday. God bless! Xx

PS-Aishu, the 300th episode of EHMMBH's celebration thread is DONE. It's right here in front of your eyes. ROFL And don't judge this post, because it may be utter nonsense and I can't be stuffed proof reading. ROFL

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Sruthi's Wish

From Preeti: I just read Sruthi's message and I cried. Good luck Aish.

The Message (Sruthi):

On the 18th day of the month of July, my eyes came across this girl's message. She was a complete newbie to the forum.

"Hi Sruthi!
I see your posts a lot and I love them too (But lately you've not been posting..hope everything's ok)...
Even though we're buddies I just wanted to ask you..Mujhse Dosti Karogi?

I've even had a doubt..How do I put a picture signature?? I mean i can only write in my signature box...but Ive seen many many people having 'Picture signatures' like you for example..Please can you tell me the solution

Ive send many people my problem but no-one has been replying back..donno why..but I hope you will reply..


P.S- Can I call you Sruthi?"

This was Aishu. She was a girl who hesitated to even call me by my name! LOL

I'll probably weep if laughter if I read through all those PMs and scraps.
Our conversations never had a start or end. It would go on and on, like a never ending brook. Heart

Our friendship took off to such great heights in no time. I grew more closer to her, every time we talked.
Each and every conversation pulled us closer, and closer.

With time, we even realised that our day was incomplete, if we hadn't talked for even a few minutes. We realised, how close we had become to each other!

From absolute strangers, we started turning into the closest of friends.
We would laugh at the randomest things, and enjoy every bit of the time we laughed or talked together.

Giving strange names was another "fashion" of the two of us.
Being VirManians, we decided we could call each other names which Virat and Manvi had given to each other! ROFL

Ah! God knows what all we have laughed our heads off about. LOL

Slowly, we even realised how similar we are to each other. Our likes and dislikes were matching somewhere or the other.
Exception: I like Sid Malhotra and she likes Varun Dhawan. LOL

But most of the times, our thoughts have always matched. Heart
We both really feel, that we were meant to evoke friends, probably because we hadn't been born as twin sisters.

Friends? I don't think we're friends.
We're twin sisters. Heart

Destiny ought to make us meet one day. Like we both know, that day won't be far away.
Some day or the other, we'll see each other, face to face. Heart

And the day we meet will be a riot. I don't know what'll happen.
It's just going to blow away this world. LOL

I can't believe 4 months flew away, and made our friendship turn so strong.

And now my little Aishi, is turning a year older. I can't believe it!

All I want to say is, may God give you all the happiness in life. May you live with a smile on your face throughout.

"I wish, I wish, with all my heart, that all your wishes come true tonight."

God bless this wonderful girl, Aishwarya.

A very happy birthday, to my best friend, my twin sister, my soul sister, Aishu!

Your most loving friend,

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Happy Birthday, Aishu! We haven't spoken much, but I hope you have a wonderful day and a fun-filled year ahead! Wishing you a year full of health, wealth, luck, and love Hug
                                                  Wish you a very happy birthday. God bless. :)


 Happy BirthDay Aishu Party
                                                              Arrosha Smile


                                                     You are such a special Friend, 
                                                      Who deserves a special day, 
                                                       For being who you are and 
                                                        Bringing joy in every way. 
                                                    You make us smile and laugh, 
                                                        With everything you do, 
                                                So today we get to send a special 
                                                          Birthday wish to you.


                                 sending u some sweets. m sure u wud like this more than a cake



Many more happy returns of the day Aishu...SmileHave a fun filled year with lots of success and happiness in your life...Have a blast dear...



                            'Hey Aishu, happy birthday! Hope you have a lovely day! :)' 


                                            Many many happy returns of day...

                                    Wish u a  Very Very Happy Birthday Aishu...

                                              May all ur wishes come true...


Who's going to celebrate a birthday? You're gonna celebrate. Who's going to blow out the candles? You're going to blow out the candles. Who's going to have fun? You're going to have fun.
Glitter Text Generator
Glitter Text Generator
Glitter Text Generator

Aishu, my darling! Hug

Wish you happy wala birthday. 

Today, is your day. Enjoy it to the fullest. 

May God bless you with all the happiness. And may you get whatever you wish for. 

I hope your birthday is as awesome as you are. 

May your birthday be filled with many happy hours and your life with many happy birthdays. 

You are one crazy,awesome,weird and freaky girl. Wink And it is totally awesome that way. Stay the way you are. You have to grow older but you don't have to grow up. Wink

A cake from my side. :D


Enjoy! xx

Many Many Happy Returns of the day <3

1 year older huh. Now u r 14. Not bad.

I am so sorry. I may not be able to wish you on ur B'day. I am out of town. I am feeling so guilty that I am not able to help all in the thread. I wished i could be able to post the wishes but..this was so sudden. Thankfully, i have deeps number.

Now that u r 14.. u have more years to go. But.. even in the following times..never forget us and anyone. Lol..lets not get emotional!!! Its ur B'day.!


Take Care n njoy the fullest..

Wait..the party is still on

Happy Birthday.

Cut the cake darling.

Blow the candle.

Balloons everywhere.

Now.. let a balloon flow and pray for happiness.

Gift time.

A "Happy  Birthday" cookie.

Some girly stuff.


Teddy bear saying "ILY" imagine ME in the place of teddy

Huge jelly ice-cream. Yum!

Lastly, a special gift.

How is it? 


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lovelife. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 2:34am | IP Logged

Glitter Graphics


Chocolate cake for my choti

Few chocolates

Few Gifts

Aishu, remember the prank I played? LOL

Have a wonderful year ahead and party hard Hug


Sunitha: Sunitha_Swayam

Aishu, Meri bachi I used to call you like this? I'm so lucky to have a friend like you, REALLY! and this is your special day. Enjoy meri jaan and have a lots of fun, Eat alot of cakes and save some for me I love you ENDLESS! <3

I made something for you. Hope you liked the gift: <3

Happiest Birthday Aishu *hugs*


Aisha: Aisho.

A very happy birthday to my little Aishu!!!
Look look look! here's a cake for you just from my side...don't start stuffing!

Now, since you're my fellow Scorpion sis, this one is exclusively from me to you...


Have a wonderful year ahead Aishu,
With lots & lots of love,

Megha: BornThisWay

On this day, my dear Aishu, wish you all the happiness and cheer,
May you achieve everything in life, without any fear,
Pray this birthday spreads cheer in your life,
May you get everything in life without strife.
Bubbles of happiness from champagne and wine,
Fragrant smell of roses and orchids, oh so divine!
Chocolates bring a smile to your pretty face,
And celebrations to make it an everlasting phase.
Happy Birthday Dear!

I know my sigs are very raw and not very creative, but this is all I have to give to you!
Loadsaaa Love! Yours, Ankita!

Ankita: (..Ankita..)

Happy Birthday My Doll! Hug Hug Hug
U know something I Love U & will always do so! Heart
It's true we don't talk much & often but there is something that is holding us together & that is our Love! Big smile Hug
Many Many Many Happy Returns of the day Darling! Heart
Tu Jeeye Hazaaron Saal yeh Meri hain Arzoo! Smile
God Bless U.May U get everything u want & desire! Heart
Be Happy My Doll always! Hug

Jes Di: ...Jes...

A- Amazing
I- Intelligent
S- Smexy
H- Hawt
U- Unique

Finally, it is the time of the year that you haveeagerly beenwaitng for!
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Have Fun, and Party hard! <33
Love you Loads!! xD

Krupa: forever_young

Happy Birthday Aishu!!!

I can't believe the girl that used to nag me for FF updates
is now a whole year older!! Girl, you better have fun okay?!
And have loads of cake? Okay? LOL



Happy Birthdaaay Aish!!!
May all your wishes come true!
partaaay hard!
xoxo Mini

Mini: DaMiniii

Dear Aishuu,

Happy Birthday!! Ahhh, have the most awesome day and I hope you got everything you wanted! Wishing you a day full of happiness and joy!! So happy that I have come across a fantastic friend like you! Love our chats on scraps, always puts a smile on my face! Keep in touch and happy birthday once again Aishu :')

Love from Salena (Sharna) xx

Salena: XMidNightStarX

May you have all the joy your heart can hold,
All the smiles a day can bring,
All the blessings a life can unfold,
May you get the World's best in everything.
Wishing u a very Happy Birthday dear!!!! Enjoyy!!!! Smile

- Alice Wink

Alice (alicemath)

Happy b'day Aishu , may ur life be filled with masti , mazak like VIRMAN and all smiles that enlightens ur life.!!!

Jessie (jessiekarthik)

Your Birthday might come once every year but this very day is going to come only once in a lifetime. You don't know whether the people who are with you today will be in your birthday party next year or not. Say cheers to life and have a Happy Birthday!

Pooja (Pooja_Ch)

Hey Aishi! xx
Happy Birthday!
Today is one of the most beautiful angel's birthday!

May you get all the Happiness in the world!
May god gives you my share of my Happiness to you too!
May you be loved by everyone in the world!
May you have a wonderful year ahead!

-H-A-P-P-Y- -B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y!!!

Always be Happy and Smile! SmileBig smile

Just Remember! I LOVE YOU THE MOST!! HeartHeart


Many Many Birthday wishes for

you!! SmileSmile


Preetha: niCeline

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-bonbon- IF-Stunnerz

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A big thank you to the following people for helping make this thread what it is!
 Thanks to Sruthi, Preetha, and Simar for helping with the thread in different ways. Jes Di and Shivu wanted to take part in the creation however unfortunately Jes Di had exams and Shivu was out of time but their thoughts for this thread are much appreciated.
 Thanks to Sruthi and Deepz for collecting birthday messages from Aishu's friends and forwarding them on to use for the thread.
 Thanks to Simar for collecting and pasting the messages received by Deepz onto the thread.
  Thanks to Preetha for pasting the messages Sruthi received through PM onto the thread. 
 Thanks to you all for sending through your wishes to make Aishu's day even more special.
 Thanks so much Fari for stickying the thread (before I sent you the link ROFL).

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