Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka


Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka
Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka

FF || Dhoomil Ho Gye Sarey RISHTEY || Part 1 & 2

amul_kn IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 1:25pm | IP Logged

Guys I ws never in favour of Leap and Seperation to tk place in our favourite show so soon bt nothing goes according to the viewers this we all knw very well. one of example is current ongoing track in the show.

So I thought of writing FF after the following assumed situation 
SINAL won the Rohit Murder case and thn thy decided to live happily in thier lives without any MUs btw thm. SINAL got aluminy money frm Thakrals and thy buy a new house in Bandra with tht money.
Kunal bring back Gaurav to chopras house to live with thm so tht whatever diffrences came btw Gaurav & Seema wer thr thy cn get end completely.
Thakral bailed Rohit & Ritcha frm jail becoz thy hv already paid aluminy money to SINAL fr framing thm in fake murder case.
Few Days Later
Everyone ws happy in Chopra Family. Gaurav informs his whole family tht he got a new job in Bandra
Soon Chopras Family shifts to new house in Bandra with SINAL.
Siddhi ws 5 months pregnant and chopras wer excited to  meet SINAL kid.
Four Months Later
Siddhi delievered twins and thn SINAL living happily with their kids with all the chopras in tht SINAL's Flat.
Kunal and Siddhi wer jobless becoz no one wants to appoint such dumb lawyers in their company.
Gaurav ws wrking fr MNC and ws handling whole Chopra family on his alone. He ws happy with Seema in his life with his two daughters.
Raj & Veena wer happy tht their family is one united Family.
Happy United Chopra Family

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amul_kn IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 1:26pm | IP Logged

Nine Years Later...Day Dreaming 

SINAL  on terrace and they both r dancing in rain with anands beside them

BG :

Hum do premi chat ke upr

gali gali anands krein shor shor shor

papa mummy oho papa mummy

oho papa mummy oho papa mummy ...

Suddenly lightening strikes Shocked and both Anands left the place saying that they r going down and then after enjoying Wink some Intense moments

SINAL also cumes down and calls Anands playing outside the flat to cum bck and thn thy both enter thier 4 BHK Shocked flat in Bandra with Anands.

Seema Confused ws cooking food  in kitchen and Gaurav has yet to return. Seema taunts SINAL tht "aa gye do premi gutur gu krke."EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Veena Raj sitting in living room laughsLOL and says tht "rehne de Seema kuch kehne ka faayda nhi hai" thy never listens to us.

Suddenly door bell rings Day Dreaming Ishaani opens the door Gaurav enters returning frm office. He gives choclates to Anand saying tht these chocolates r fr u both kyunki tumhare papa itni mehngi choclates to la hi nhi skte.

AC-Chota taunts gaurav saying tht "Seema Chachi ke saath itna sb kuch krne ke baad papa aapko is ghar mei le aaye wo kya kam hai." AngryCool

AC-Bada LOLROFL laughs so Gaurav leaves frm thr and goes into his room Angry & throws his bag which strikes the mirror and bag returns to gaurav and hits his foreheadD'oh Ouchand he faints.

Hearing to sound of someone fall, Shocked Seema Cry & Kunal Ermm rushed into Gaurav room and tries to get Gaurav in conscious state but their all attempt fails.Cry so thy made Gaurav to rest on the bed and comes out of the room. Disapprove

Veena asks Kunal "kya hua mere bete Gaurav ko" Confused

Kunal answers "Gaurav ko bahut zor se maara hai kisine jiski wajah se wo behosh gya hai."

Veena asks "who the hell was tht who beat my son.. I will nt leave that person." 

Kunal says that "ki use sheeshe ne mara hai kyunki gaurav ne sheeshe ko maarne ki koshish ki thi. isliye self defence mein sheeshe ne ulta gaurav pr vaar kiya hai."

Anokhi Ishaani comes to Siddhi with Anands and asks for her some time becoz thy want to discuss with her abt sumthing.   Siddhi Sleepy says tht "abhi mujhe kaam karne do warna.. Maa bolegi Siddhi ne kam bigad diya.. to mai apne aap ko control nhi kr paungi!! aur mere haathon ek aur hatya ho jayegi AngryAngry. isliye mujhe 1 hr ka samay do mai uske bad tum chaaron se baat krungi."

Hearing to this Ishaani leaves from there to study in her room...Anokhi in living room calls her frnd to talk with her..

Bada - AC in SINAL room starts singing song

"Papa kehte hai bada naam krega Beta hamara aisa kaam karega.."

& Chota - AC in SINAL room dancing on the tune of song Silly

"ohh mummy mummy ohh daddy jisse meri shaadi hogi aaj maine wo ladki dhund li hai."

Kunal seeing tht all r busy with their works brings a bottle of Whisky and starts drinking it sitting in living room saying to Veena & Raj tht ki SmileTongue "aaj mei bahut khush hun isliye mei aaj do peg peeunga."

Raj says that "waise tujhe peene ke liye kisi khushi ki kya jarrorat hai tu toh waise bhi peeta hi rhta hai."

Kunal laughs hearing this and says "thank u papa." SillyPartyDancing

Veena calls her childhood frnd Sulekha and asks her "Sulli kaisi hai tu toh phone nhi krti ab."Smile

Sulekha answers "abhay ki parvarish kr rhi thi isliye time nahi mil paya tu suna kaisi hai. Veena says tht mai to thik hun jindagi kat rhi hun ek bojh k saath."

Seema throws a knife towards Veena to kill that mosquito which was going to bite Veena. The knife cuts down mosquito in 10 pieces

and Siddhi standing beside Seema Big smile says that "nice shot bhabhi." ClapClapClapClap

Kunal says to "Seema bravo - jawaan lage rho."StarStar

Veena luking to that cuts the call and says to Raj tht Seema tried to kill her Angry .

Raj informs her tht Seema saved her from tht mosquito otherwise she wud hv been got dengue due to tht mosquito. Confused Veena looks towards Seema and says tht

"Seema tune meri jaan bachayi teri jaisi bahu mujhe har janam mei mile."

Again door bell rings Day Dreaming Anokhi goes to open the door and then a long man enters SINAL house he hs long legs like Chopras Anand use to have, he was having face cut as like Rohit use to hv and even body ws like Rohit only. he ws wearing rounded hat and black goggles .  he was dressed like a international don .


Mujhko pehchan lo mai hun kaun...

he asks Anokhi fr Kunal Chopra. Kunal cumes out of his room and Siddhi cumes behind him.Confused
 Kunal asks
"who the hell r u ????????"

Tht unknown man answers "log mujhe Chota Don bulate hai kyunki mere intezar 5.5 deshon ki police kr rhi kyunki bade don ka interzar 11 deshon ki police kr rhi hai." 

Kunal asks " mere yahan kyun aye ho???????????"AngryAngry


Kunal says to Chota Don - "teri himmat kaise hui yeh kehne ki mai tujhe jaan se mar dunga."

Why Kunal says this ...


To be Continued...
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amul_kn IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 2:37pm | IP Logged

Kunal asks Chota Don "mere yahan kyun aye ho???????????"

Chota Don says to Kunal "Mai to yahan VEENA ji se milne aya hun. veena ji namste kaisi hai aap pehchana mujhe.. mai wohi hun wohi jisse aap raaton rat akele mein milne ati thi Embarrassed. yad aya kuch?????"Smile

Kunal says to Chota Don - " teri himmat kaise hui yeh kehne ki mai tujhe jaan se mar dunga."

Chota Don pushes kunal Shocked and says to him tht ki "mai chota don hun agli bar ye galti ki to aisi jagah pahuncha dunga jahan se sirf tu hi dekh payega apni fmaily ko teri family tuje nhi dekh payegi."

Kunal says "kya kar lega tu mera Chota Don" AngryAngry

Chota Don takes out his gun "abe mein bhagwan ke pas pahunchane ki bat kr rha tha. trailer dun kya ??????????"AngryAngryAngryAngry

siddhi Cry cumes in between and says tht "yeh aise hi hai aap yahan kyun aye hai kisse milna hai aapko."

Chota Don says "abe kya khandan hai veena ji se milne aya hun koi pooch rha hai kisse milna hai koi mera girewan pakad rha hai kya jokeron ka khandaan hai?????????????"

joker ka naam sun kr gaurav ke ankhein khuli wo bahar aya aur kehta kisne joker bulaya and hits chota don frm back side and chota throws gaurav outside the house using his one finger.Big smileStar

Veena says tht "no one will cum in btw nw let her talk with him."Evil Smile

veena says to chota don tht "tum yahan kyun aaye ho"Shocked

Chota Don - "mera beta kiske pas hai??"Angry

Veena answers "Sulekha ke pas."Approve

Chota don asks her to call sulekha and call her with his son. Confused

Kunal calls sulekha and sulekha enters alone without Abhay and tells veena tht she doesnt have any of her child and now she does not want to lose abhay nw. Sleepy

Chota Don says "Abhay wht a name of my son jisse kisiko dar naa lage he will b bada don one day aur 22 deshon ki police uska intezar kregi."TongueCool

Gaurav ws listening to whole conversation and seeing all this happening standing on main door.Ouch

Suddenly Sulekha slaps  chota don

and says tht "mai use kahi nhi jane dungi."Cry

Chota Don takes out his gun and shoots a bullet from it it hits the main door of flat. the door closes on gaurav face he again falls down and faints.OuchOuchOuch

Everyone sees this and veena slaps Chota Don "hw dare u do tht goli lag jati tho mera beta hai wo."Angry

Chota don hit gun back side on Veena head and blood came out frm thr. D'oh

Abhay enters holding gaurav in his handsStar. he leave gaurav in SINAL room and cumes out. Abhay says "kaun keh rha tha ki wo mera baap hai aur uska paap hun."Pinch

Chota Don slaps Abhay"abe tu kaun hai be" Shocked

Abhay in returns slap Chota Don "mera naam abhay diwan hai tu kaun hai." Cool

Chota Don says to abhay tht "hw dare he slaps him"Angry

Sulekha interrupts and says tht "Chota don ye tumhara hi beta hai abhay diwan."Confused

Bg music: "chnada hai tu mera suraj hai tu oh meri ankhon ka tara hai tu."

Abhay hugs Chota Don and in return Abhay slaps Chota don "tu itne dino tk tha kahan be. Chota don answers success achieve krne gya tha." Angry

Sulekha ws crying seeing all thtCry.

Veena ws happy Big smile tht due to her abhay gets his father.Tongue

par Veena ko kya pata tha ki us ke sir pe pahad girne wala hai. LOL

Sulekha will interupt in between and says that we shud go home.

Aabhay asks Chota Don tht"why did he left his mother sulekha. he gain slaps him asking hw dare he do tht??????" CryConfused

PRECAP : "Siddhi meri beti hai"

who said this ki Siddhi uski beti hai???????????ShockedShocked

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Musiquelover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 2:40pm | IP Logged
OMG Amul tooo good yar ... my mind is totally blocked to write anything creative... these days ... i m on different spree since a week...ROFL
but your FF is tooo goood man

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Gayathri_MSK IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 4:15am | IP Logged

It was so wonderful that I couldn't help but laugh Continuously..

Specially Gaurav part...  Kya mirror badla Vaar kiya????
& And Seema killing Mosquito part

Its too Hillarious man.. ClapClap

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i.ambharoMalarkodieshi.nlKarthiN90 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 4:40am | IP Logged
very nice FF

couldn't stop laughing
knife scene is tooo goodROFLROFLROFLROFL...chopra khandan ls like Adam's familyLOLLOL

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Malarkodi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 5:39am | IP Logged
This is too hilarious ...

Specially. Knife scene mindblowing...

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-apoorvas Goldie

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 5:45am | IP Logged
I can't stop myself LOL LOL LOL
Super duper mind-blowing amul... Clap Clap Clap
Thank u dear..

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