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Arhi SS: Arnav & his seductress Part5: Love? (Page 27)

gayatri_y Senior Member

Joined: 20 October 2011
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Posted: 22 November 2012 at 9:58am | IP Logged
Did she bluff that she is married?

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swatim318 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 November 2012 at 8:28pm | IP Logged
very interesting story... 

anticipating next update soon...

thanks for PM

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JerryTheMouse IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 February 2012
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Posted: 22 November 2012 at 9:38pm | IP Logged
Nice update. 

Thank you! Smile

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dhruvilove Senior Member

Joined: 07 December 2011
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Posted: 22 November 2012 at 10:07pm | IP Logged
interesting concept 
i like arnav n khushi this way 
update soon 

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tishma Senior Member

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Posted: 23 November 2012 at 12:45am | IP Logged
awsum updateEmbarrassed

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suwin IF-Rockerz

Joined: 05 February 2011
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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 10:17am | IP Logged
lovely update
thank you for the pm

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soniyahkhan Senior Member

Joined: 24 March 2012
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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 2:29am | IP Logged
Hi all! thanks for all those comments! They always make my day nd give me a lot of happiness. Sorry for the delay in updating. Had fallen sick cuz of the cold. But as a punishment, i have written a looong updated. Hope u like it! Enjoy
Part 5:

"It's a house-warming dinner from my side, Arnav can't say no!"

Arnav couldn't hear what she said beyond "Arnav Jee"'it was the only word that kept ringing in his ears...she said it ordinarily but he took it differently'

"Okay...sure...then you can tell me about your husband as well"

Khushi eyed him suspiciously...

"What'come have to now...stop creating  a suspence! Listen, I have to be somewhere...till then why don't u make yourself comfortable, I'll come around for dinner, alright?"

"As you there anything to cook here...any food in the house?"

"Yes there is, I told HP to get the kitchen ...okay gotta go..."

"...come soon!"


After cooking the dinner and setting the table, Khushi dropped on the bed of he new room and lazily looked at the clock, it was half past 8 and Arnav Singh Raizada had till not come.

After a while she  came to sit in the lobby when she heard some raindrops...was it raining??? She ran towards the window'sure enough it was raining...
She smiled as she saw the Delhi streets in she loved the she had spent countless nights thinking of walking in the rain with hi...going on a long drive while it is raining...she smirked, those dreams shall remain dreams only...they'll never turn into reality, how she still hoped they would...
She got fed up with her life again and went back to kitchen to make jalebis... it had always been a stress reliever for her and plus she had not yet made any meetha (sweet dish) for Arnav Jee...

When the clock turned 9, she grew anxious and went to take a bath, what was the point in waiting...she would eat the dinner alone...huh

She got dressed and came out, drying her hair with a towel...It was 9:30  "Is he stuck in the traffic because of the rain...?"

10 pm: She decided to call him, but remembered that she didn't have his number...

"Haey re Devi Mayaan'pata nahin woh ayengey bhi k nahin!"

At once, the door bell rang...and Khuhi ran to the door...

"Yeh koi time hai aaney ka??" She enquired angrily?


"Kya kaha tha..ill come around of dinner? Delkhi main dinner aadhi raat ko kartey hain kya?"

Arnav looked at her what the hell? But then his eyes fell on her wet locks...he felt an instant desire to touch them...and the next second he moved inside the house without saying a word...

"Arey aap to bheeg gaye take this towel...or you'll catch a cold..."

 She hurried forward and started drying his head with a towel, on an instinct'

Bheegee see aik raat yeh

lay aayee kyaa saath yeh

Dharkanein jo hamain kehnay lagee hain


Arnav could now feel the sweet smell from her hair...he took a deep breath...

Khamoshee kay darmeyaan

kya chaahee thee baat yeh

Dharkanein jo hamain yeh kehnay lagee hain

Khushi just realized what she was doing...her hands stopped and she looked in fear at Arnav...their eyes met... 

Na kah... na suno

Khamoshee guftugoo honay lagee hai

Zindagee khuwab main khonay lagee hai

She moved back and ran towards the kitchen...what the hell did she just do...what would he think...Kabhi tou apni akal istimaal kar liya kar, Khushi she scolded herself' Now act normal, you fool


On the other hand, Arnav looked towards the kitchen..longing for her to come back'

"Where were you Arnav Jee...I thought you'd not come at all!" She said loudly while heating the food in the kitchen. Arnav could hear her anklet making noise...his mind was still ringing with Aman's revelation about Khushi's husband..he couldn't wait to ask her...

"Why not? Arnav Sngh Raizada remains true to his word, remember that!"

"Acha??? Dekhain gey!"

"Dekh lena but tell me..why didn't you start if you though I wont com'"

"Aisey hi...and look you came'wait never goes wasted!"

"Aha? Is that how you used to wait for your husband when he came from work?"

Khushi who was taking out the Pulao in Arnav's plate...stopped to look at him'then regained her composure.

"Umm...please taste this Pulao na...I'm sure you'll like it...everybody used to love it back in Lukhnow"

"He, as well?"

She sat down frustrated...why does he always bring this topic up...

"No..." she said. Avoiding looking at him, she filled her plate.

"But why not? This tastes heavenly! You are so good at this, you deserve to be a chef at some restaurant Khushi!"

"No, Arnav Jee! I deserve to be happily married!" Again she spoke her min...'.why can't I shut up, what would he think: that I'm so desperate...

"Of course, right you are. When is he calling you back?" He wanted to sound causal.

"Back... you mean to America? No time soon...I'll live here alone...waiting..."

"Don't say that...what if he changes his mind...?"

"He won't...I've heard he's already living with some gori maim...that doesn't leave any scope for me..."

"But he hasn't married her'"

"How do you know? Hey, do you know him" Oh Oh...why did I say that

"I don't...but he can't. He's already married to you, so he can't keep two wives..."

"That doesn't matter...he loves her and he's living with her...that's all what matters"

"But you love him?" Arnav put his fork down and looked at her. She, who had been playing with her food and looking down at her plate all this time, looked up...

"Yes of's been 5 years Mr. Raizaada! I loved him when we used to go to school together...I loved him when he said I meant more than a friend to him..i loved him when we got engaged...I loved him more than myself when we got married...and I couldn't help but still love him when he left mejust three months later..."

So its true what Aman said....but does she know all? Arnav thought

"Oh!" was all he said out loud.

"Yeah...but I'm sorry to bore you with my tragic unsuccessful marriage tale'this should have been a fun dinner in such a nice weather...but hey, you still haven't touched any of the jalebis..." She frowned...

"Yeah..i haven't...I'm diabetic...and I expected you to know that, Miss Kumari Gupta"

"Oops! You are right, I should know my boss's preferences'but a sugar free sweet dish is due on me, ok?"


And the lights went out'

"What the $^&*"

"Haey Devi Mayaan!"

"Oh Shit, I forgot to arrange for a did the lights go anyway'there is supposed to electricity here, all the time"

"I think it's the rain..." Khushi said timidly...

"Khushi, are you okay?"

"Yea...'I'm fine..."

"Oh you scared of darkness?" This brought a smile on his face...thankfully it was dar'...

"Err...just a bit..."

"Hey, take thi..s." He took his mobile phone out and passed it on to her

"Why don't we sit over there'"He pointed towards the sofas.

Arnav called the Power Supply and they said it could take hours...meanwhile Khushi had gone all quiet'he had lit two candles and could see each other...



"Why can't you girls move on faster?"


"I mean in your relationships'?"

"O...'we are loyal and patient...and optimistic" "And serious" she added

"But that's foolish...if you don't mind'"

"Excuse me...we are much better off than you men...don't get me started!"

"Go on..."

"Yeah we are better off...we like to wait for the special one...unlike you guys who change girlfriends like their clothes..."

"So what...we get bored's in our nature..."

"I know and that's ridiculous...we are girls not tissues, for God's sake...if only men knew what our heart is like but..."

"But what?"

"Nothing...enough of my'd think I'm so anti-men just because my marriage failed. So..your turn now!"


"Your turn...have you ever been in love?"

"Uhh..where did that come from?"

"What...u think you can get me to tell you everything and then not say anything in return, no way Mr. Raizada...tit for tat'that's the rule"

"Rules are meant to be broken...but! ASR is in a generous mood today so go on!"

"Aha? Okay so answer it...have you ever been in love?"

"No" He said immediately

"No? Never?"

"No..why did that surprise you?"

"I thought the girl in the photograph was your girlfriend'"

"Oh'that was my sister...who has time for love these days?"

"Your sister!" she sounded disappointed. "But then why did you out her frame down like that?"

"Err'that reminds me'she would be waiting for me'thanks for the dinner Khushi..."

"You are going?" Her voice sounded panicky'

"Yeah...she never sleeps until I return...gotta go..."

"Oh okay...when did they say the electricity will come back?"

Oh that was is it...she felt scared alone...

"They said it could take hours...okay I'll stay until the lights come back...don't worry.."

"Oh no...please don't bother because of me..."

"But you are getting terrified look at you..." he felt like pulling her leg.

"Oh no...ofcourse not!" Arnav felt her blushing in the candle night. She made a bun of her slightly damp hair...he wanted to motion her to let them be the way they were...

"Of course you want me to stay, why don't you accept it!"

"Jee nahin! Humain aap ki madad ki koi zaroorat nahin hai!"

"Think about it...if you don't like my company I can go..."

"Nahin! Ab aap itna force kar rahey are my boss, I can't ask you to leave, can I"

Arnav felt he had never smiled so much in the same evening before...

"You changed the topic, you know?" Khushi folded the legs on the sofa and looked at him with full concentration...

" sister met with an accident a year back...i don't like watching her pic in my reminds me of her pain and I can't work..."

"What happened?"

Arnav didn't reply...

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked..." although she felt he should have answered...

"Why don't you visit her someday, she has grown fond of you already!"

"WHAT? She knows me...???"

"Yeah I told her about your Baba and the circumstancesand it was she who asked me to detach you from his family as soon as possible. That's why I brought you here...I love her so much, I can never deny what she says..."

"Err...that's really sweet of her...I can't believe people can be so concerned about others..."

"She is not like any other, must meet her,you'll understand!"


They kept talking...Arnav didn't feel like Mr. Raizada anymore...Khushi didn't feel like Khushi Kumari Gupta anymore...they had left their wild personalities somewhere in the office today.


Precap: Entry of business Client no.1!!!!

SONGS: My previous readers know that I love writing songs in my whoever comments right after my update (1st spot) gets to choose a song for the next upate. Sooo be ready from Part6!

Please tell me how it was...I want loads and loads of feedback...positive, negative both but please comment. Sooo many views and such less comments...kya baat hai doston?

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tasmine Senior Member

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 3:20am | IP Logged
Wow i gt the 1st placeSmile
Waiting eagerly fr client num 1...

Edited by tasmine - 25 November 2012 at 3:27am

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